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Publisher Description

Since its founding in 1936 as a nonprofit publisher, Rutgers University Press has been dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge to scholars, students, and the general reading public. An integral part of one of the leading public research and teaching universities in the United States, the Press reflects and is essential to the University’s missions of research, instruction, and service. To carry out these goals, we publish books in electronic and print format in a broad array of disciplines across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Fulfilling our mandate to serve the people of New Jersey, we also publish books of scholarly and popular interest on the state and surrounding region. 
Books in JSTOR from Rutgers University Press
1028 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
21st-Century Hollywood: Movies in the Era of Transformation 2011
Abandoning the Black Hero: Sympathy and Privacy in the Postwar African American White-Life Novel 2013
Abject Relations: Everyday Worlds of Anorexia 2010
Abortion in the American Imagination: Before Life and Choice, 1880-1940 2014
Abstinence Cinema: Virginity and the Rhetoric of Sexual Purity in Contemporary Film 2016
Abusing Religion: Literary Persecution, Sex Scandals, and American Minority Religions 2020
Academic Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family 2012
Acting for America: Movie Stars of the 1980s 2010
Acting 2015
Activism and the Olympics: Dissent at the Games in Vancouver and London 2014
Addicted to Rehab: Race, Gender, and Drugs in the Era of Mass Incarceration 2017
Adult Supervision Required: Private Freedom and Public Constraints for Parents and Children 2011
After Authority: Global Art Cinema and Political Transition 2020
After Capitalism: Horizons of Finance, Culture, and Citizenship 2016
After Representation?: The Holocaust, Literature, and Culture 2010
Aftermaths: Exile, Migration, and Diaspora Reconsidered 2009
Aging and Loss: Mourning and Maturity in Contemporary Japan 2014
All Together Now: American Holiday Symbolism Among Children and Adults 2019
An Alternative History of Hyperactivity: Food Additives and the Feingold Diet 2011
Ambivalent Encounters: Childhood, Tourism, and Social Change in Banaras, India OPEN ACCESS 2012
American Catholic Hospitals: A Century of Changing Markets and Missions 2011
American Cinema 1890-1909: Themes and Variations 2009
American Cinema of the 1910s: Themes and Variations 2009
American Cinema of the 1920s: Themes and Variations 2009
American Cinema of the 1930s: Themes and Variations 2007
American Cinema of the 1960s: Themes and Variations 2008
American Cinema of the 1990s: Themes and Variations 2008
American Dictators: Frank Hague, Nucky Johnson, and the Perfection of the Urban Political Machine 2013
American Girls and Global Responsibility: A New Relation to the World during the Early Cold War 2017
American Hybrid Poetics: Gender, Mass Culture, and Form 2014
An American in the Making: The Life Story of an Immigrant 2009
American Labor and the Cold War: Grassroots Politics and Postwar Political Culture 2004
The American New Woman Revisited: A Reader, 1894-1930 2008
American Reform Judaism: An Introduction 2003
America's Healthcare Transformation: Strategies and Innovations 2016
Amigas y Amantes: Sexually Nonconforming Latinas Negotiate Family 2013
Anatomy of a Robot: Literature, Cinema, and the Cultural Work of Artificial People 2014
The Animated Bestiary: Animals, Cartoons, and Culture 2009
Aphrodite's Daughters: Three Modernist Poets of the Harlem Renaissance 2016
Arabs of the Jewish Faith: The Civilizing Mission in Colonial Algeria 2010
Architecture Walks: The Best Outings Near New York City 2010
Armed Forces: Masculinity and Sexuality in the American War Film 2007
Armies of the Young: Child Soldiers in War and Terrorism 2005
Art in the Lives of Immigrant Communities in the United States 2010
Artifacts of Loss: Crafting Survival in Japanese American Concentration Camps 2008
The Artificial Ear: Cochlear Implants and the Culture of Deafness 2010
Asbestos and Fire: Technological Tradeoffs and the Body at Risk 2005
Asian America: Forming New Communities, Expanding Boundaries 2009
Asian American Studies Now: A Critical Reader 2010
At Ansha's: Life in the Spirit Mosque of a Healer in Mozambique 2021
At the Heart of Work and Family: Engaging the Ideas of Arlie Hochschild 2011
At War: The Military and American Culture in the Twentieth Century and Beyond 2018
An Athletic Director’s Story and the Future of College Sports in America 2020
The Autobiography of Citizenship: Assimilation and Resistance in U.S. Education 2015
Awesome Families: The Promise of Healing Relationships in the International Churches of Christ OPEN ACCESS 2005
Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss: A Guide to Prevention and Care 2006
Back in School: How Student Parents Are Transforming College and Family 2019
The Bartonellas and Peruvian Medicine: The Work of Alberto Leonardo Barton 2019
Baseball's Greatest Series: Yankees, Mariners, and the 1995 Matchup That Changed History 2010
The Battle for the Bs: 1950s Hollywood and the Rebirth of Low-Budget Cinema 2012
Battleground New Jersey: Vanderbilt, Hague, and Their Fight for Justice 2014
Be Not Deceived: The Sacred and Sexual Struggles of Gay and Ex-gay Christian Men 2006
Beasts of the Earth: Animals, Humans, and Disease 2005
Beautiful Terrible Ruins: Detroit and the Anxiety of Decline 2015
Becoming Creole: Nature and Race in Belize 2019
Becoming Frum: How Newcomers Learn the Language and Culture of Orthodox Judaism 2012
Becoming Mexipino: Multiethnic Identities and Communities in San Diego 2012
Becoming Rwandan: Education, Reconciliation, and the Making of a Post-Genocide Citizen 2020
Becoming Transnational Youth Workers: Independent Mexican Teenage Migrants and Pathways of Survival and Social Mobility 2019
Being Jewish in the New Germany 2006
Best Years: Going to the Movies, 1945-1946 2009
The Best-Kept Secret: Women Corporate Lobbyists, Policy, and Power in the United States 2007
Between Foreign and Family: Return Migration and Identity Construction among Korean Americans and Korean Chinese 2018
Beyond Globalization: Making New Worlds in Media, Art, and Social Practices 2012
Beyond Health, Beyond Choice: Breastfeeding Constraints and Realities 2012
Beyond Repair?: Mayan Women’s Protagonism in the Aftermath of Genocidal Harm 2019
Beyond Representation in Contemporary Caribbean Art: Space, Politics, and the Public Sphere 2019
Beyond Sun and Sand: Caribbean Environmentalisms 2006
Beyond the Black and White TV: Asian and Latin American Spectacle in Cold War America 2020
Beyond the City and the Bridge: East Asian Immigration in a New Jersey Suburb 2018
Beyond The Foster Care System: The Future for Teens 2006
Big Prisons, Big Dreams: Crime and the Failure of America's Penal System 2007
Biology at Work: Rethinking Sexual Equality 2002
Birthing Fathers: The Transformation of Men in American Rites of Birth 2005
Black and White Cinema: A Short History 2015
Black Athena: Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization; Volume III: The Linguistic Evidence 2006
Black Dogs and Blue Words: Depression and Gender in the Age of Self-Care 2010
Black Female Sexualities 2015
Black Movements: Performance and Cultural Politics 2017
Black Political Organizations in the Post-Civil Rights Era 2002
Black Resonance: Iconic Women Singers and African American Literature 2013
Black Robes, White Coats: The Puzzle of Judicial Policymaking and Scientific Evidence 2008
Black Sexualities: Probing Powers, Passions, Practices, and Policies 2010
The Blacker the Ink: Constructions of Black Identity in Comics and Sequential Art 2015
Blacks, Reds, and Russians: Sojourners in Search of the Soviet Promise 2008
Blaming Teachers: Professionalization Policies and the Failure of Reform in American History 2020
Blaming the Poor: The Long Shadow of the Moynihan Report on Cruel Images about Poverty 2015
Blood on Their Hands: How Greedy Companies, Inept Bureaucracy, and Bad Science Killed Thousands of Hemophiliacs 2017
Blues Music in the Sixties: A Story in Black and White 2010
Bodies in Crisis: Culture, Violence, and Women's Resistance in Neoliberal Argentina 2010
Body Evidence: Intimate Violence against South Asian Women in America 2007
Borderlands Saints: Secular Sanctity in Chicano/a and Mexican Culture 2014
Borrowed Voices: Writing and Racial Ventriloquism in the Jewish American Imagination 2016
Breeding Contempt: The History of Coerced Sterilization in the United States 2008
The Bridges of New Jersey: Portraits of Garden State Crossings 2005
Broadcasting Birth Control: Mass Media and Family Planning 2013
The Bronx: The Ultimate Guide to New York City's Beautiful Borough 2015
The Brooklyn Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Neighborhoods & Noshes, Culture & the Cutting Edge 2016
Building Diaspora: Filipino Cultural Community Formation on the Internet 2005
The Burdens of Disease: Epidemics and Human Response in Western History 2009
The Business of Private Medical Practice: Doctors, Specialization, and Urban Change in Philadelphia, 1900-1940 2014
Carbon Criminals, Climate Crimes 2020
Caring on the Clock: The Complexities and Contradictions of Paid Care Work 2015
Case Closed: Holocaust Survivors in Postwar America 2007
The Case That Never Dies: The Lindbergh Kidnapping 2004
Cash For Your Trash: Scrap Recycling in America 2005
Catching a Case: Inequality and Fear in New York City's Child Welfare System 2016
Celebrity Chefs of New Jersey: Their Stories, Recipes, and Secrets 2010
Challenges of Diversity: Essays on America 2017
Charles Lee: Self Before Country 2013
Checklist for Change: Making American Higher Education a Sustainable Enterprise 2013
Chiang Yee: The Silent Traveller from the East--A Cultural Biography 2010
Child Soldiers in the Western Imagination: From Patriots to Victims 2015
Child Survivors of the Holocaust: The Youngest Remnant and the American Experience 2018
Childhood in a Sri Lankan Village: Shaping Hierarchy and Desire 2014
Children and Childhood in American Religions 2009
Children and Childhood in World Religions: Primary Sources and Texts 2009
Children and Drug Safety: Balancing Risk and Protection in Twentieth-Century America 2018
Children as Caregivers: The Global Fight Against Tuberculosis and HIV in Zambia OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Children in Child Health: Negotiating Young Lives and Health in New Zealand 2020
Child's Play: Sport in Kids' Worlds 2016
Chinatown Film Culture: The Appearance of Cinema in San Francisco’s Chinese Neighborhood 2020
The Choosing: A Rabbi's Journey from Silent Nights to High Holy Days 2011
Chosen Capital: The Jewish Encounter with American Capitalism 2012
Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit 2008
Chronic Conditions, Fluid States: Chronicity and the Anthropology of Illness 2010
Chronic Failures: Kidneys, Regimes of Care, and the Mexican State 2020
Chronicles of a Radical Criminologist: Working the Margins of Law, Power, and Justice 2020
Churches and Charity in the Immigrant City: Religion, Immigration, and Civic Engagement in Miami 2009
The Churching of America, 1776-2005: Winners and Losers in Our Religious Economy 2005
Cinema Civil Rights: Regulation, Repression, and Race in the Classical Hollywood Era 2015
Cinema Today: A Conversation with Thirty-nine Filmmakers from around the World 2011
Cinematic Canines: Dogs and Their Work in the Fiction Film 2014
The Cinematic Footprint: Lights, Camera, Natural Resources 2012
Cinematography 2014
The Circassian Genocide 2013
Citizenship, Political Engagement, and Belonging: Immigrants in Europe and the United States 2008
City at the Water's Edge: A Natural History of New York 2007
City Kids: Transforming Racial Baggage 2016
City of Industry: Genealogies of Power in Southern California 2009
City That Never Sleeps: New York and the Filmic Imagination 2007
Classrooms and Clinics: Urban Schools and the Protection and Promotion of Child Health, 1870-1930 2013
Cleveland Jews and the Making of a Midwestern Community 2020
Climate Trauma: Foreseeing the Future in Dystopian Film and Fiction 2016
Clinical Trials in Ovarian Cancer OPEN ACCESS 2017
A Clinician's Guide to Progressive Supranuclear Palsy 2019
Coining for Capital: Movies, Marketing, and the Transformation of Childhood 2005
College in Prison: Reading in an Age of Mass Incarceration 2017
College Women In The Nuclear Age: Cultural Literacy and Female Identity, 1940-1960 2012
Comedy: American Style: American Style 2010
Comic Book Movies 2018
Coming of Age in Jewish America: Bar and Bat Mitzvah Reinterpreted 2016
Communities of Health Care Justice 2016
Community Health Centers: A Movement and the People Who Made It Happen 2007
Compassionate Confinement: A Year in the Life of Unit C 2012
Complicated Lives: Girls, Parents, Drugs, and Juvenile Justice 2017
Comprehending Drug Use: Ethnographic Research at the Social Margins 2010
Comrades in Health: U.S. Health Internationalists, Abroad and at Home 2013
Conceiving Cuba: Reproduction, Women, and the State in the Post-Soviet Era 2014
Conditionally Accepted: Christians' Perspectives on Sexuality and Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights 2020
Conjuring Crisis: Racism and Civil Rights in a Southern Military City 2010
Considering Watchmen: Poetics, Property, Politics 2014
Considering Watchmen: Poetics, Property, Politics 2014
Constituting Central American–Americans: Transnational Identities and the Politics of Dislocation 2018
Contesting Childhood: Autobiography, Trauma, and Memory 2010
Contesting Community: The Limits and Potential of Local Organizing 2010
Conversion of a Continent: Contemporary Religious Change in Latin America 2007
The Cool and the Crazy: Pop Fifties Cinema 2015
Corporate Dreams: Big Business in American Democracy from the Great Depression to the Great Recession 2011
Cosmopolitan Publics: Anglophone Print Culture in Semi-Colonial Shanghai 2009
Costume, Makeup, and Hair 2016
Courting Desire: Litigating for Love in North India 2020
Courting Justice: Ten New Jersey Cases That Shook the Nation 2013
Covenant Marriage: The Movement to Reclaim Tradition in America 2008
Covenant of Care: Newark Beth Israel and the Jewish Hospital in America 2007
Crafting Truth: Documentary Form and Meaning 2011
Cranbury: A New Jersey Town from the Colonial Era to the Present 2012
Crime, Punishment, and Mental Illness: Law and the Behavioral Sciences in Conflict 2008
Crimes of Power & States of Impunity: The U.S. Response to Terror 2009
Criminalization/Assimilation: Chinese/Americans and Chinatowns in Classical Hollywood Film 2019
Crisis Leadership in Higher Education: Theory and Practice 2020
Crossing the Hudson: Historic Bridges and Tunnels of the River 2010
Crossing Under the Hudson: The Story of the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels 2011
The Crucible: An Autobiography by Colonel Yay, Filipina American Guerrilla 2010
Crucible For Survival: Environmental Security and Justice in the Indian Ocean Region 2008
Cultivating Health: Los Angeles Women and Public Health Reform 2009
Cultural Anxieties: Managing Migrant Suffering in France 2020
Cultural Genocide 2012
Cultures of War in Graphic Novels: Violence, Trauma, and Memory 2018
CUT LOOSE: (Mostly) Older Women on the End of their (Mostly) Long-Term Relationships 2006
Dads, Kids, and Fitness: A Father's Guide to Family Health 2016
Damsels and Divas: European Stardom in Silent Hollywood 2020
Dance and the Hollywood Latina: Race, Sex, and Stardom 2011
Dangerous Exits: Escaping Abusive Relationships in Rural America 2009
Dangerous Masculinity: Fatherhood, Race, and Security Inside America's Prisons 2019
Dashiell Hammett and the Movies 2014
Daughters and Granddaughters of Farmworkers: Emerging from the Long Shadow of Farm Labor 2013
Day of the Dead in the USA: The Migration and Transformation of a Cultural Phenomenon 2009
The Death of a Disease: A History of the Eradication of Poliomyelitis 2005
Death of the Moguls: The End of Classical Hollywood 2012
Decoding Gender: Law and Practice in Contemporary Mexico 2007
Deconstructing the High Line: Postindustrial Urbanism and the Rise of the Elevated Park 2017
Defining Student Success: The Role of School and Culture 2014
Demanding Justice and Security: Indigenous Women and Legal Pluralities in Latin America 2017
Demographic Angst: Cultural Narratives and American Films of the 1950s 2018
Deportes: The Making of a Sporting Mexican Diaspora 2020
Deserving Desire: Women's Stories of Sexual Evolution 2014
Designing Gardens with Flora of the American East 2010
Designing Sound: Audiovisual Aesthetics in 1970s American Cinema 2016
Destined for Greatness: Passions, Dreams, and Aspirations in a College Music Town 2018
Destructive Desires: Rhythm and Blues Culture and the Politics of Racial Equality 2019
Destructive Sublime: World War II in American Film and Media 2018
Developing Faculty in Liberal Arts Colleges: Aligning Individual Needs and Organizational Goals 2017
Diagnosis, Therapy, and Evidence: Conundrums in Modern American Medicine 2010
The Different Paths of Buddhism: A Narrative-Historical Introduction 2005
Digital Dilemmas: The State, the Individual, and Digital Media in Cuba 2010
Digital Music Videos 2017
Digital Mythologies: The Hidden Complexities of the Internet 2000
Digital Visual Effects in Cinema: The Seduction of Reality 2012
The Dilemma of Federal Mental Health Policy: Radical Reform or Incremental Change? 2006
Directing 2017
Disaster!: Stories of Destruction and Death in Nineteenth-Century New Jersey 2014
Discipline and Indulgence: College Football, Media, and the American Way of Life during the Cold War 2013
Discretionary Justice: Looking Inside a Juvenile Drug Court 2011
Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution 2017
Disenchanting Citizenship: Mexican Migrants and the Boundaries of Belonging 2012
Disney Culture 2017
Displacements and Diasporas: Asians in the Americas 2005
Disrupted Childhoods: Children of Women in Prison 2011
Diversity Regimes: Why Talk Is Not Enough to Fix Racial Inequality at Universities 2020
Do Babies Matter?: Gender and Family in the Ivory Tower 2013
Do Bats Drink Blood?: Fascinating Answers to Questions about Bats 2009
Do Butterflies Bite?: Fascinating Answers to Questions about Butterflies and Moths 2008
Do Fish Sleep?: Fascinating Answers to Questions about Fishes 2011
Do Hummingbirds Hum?: Fascinating Answers to Questions about Hummingbirds 2010
Doctors of Deception: What They Don't Want You to Know about Shock Treatment 2009
Doctors Serving People: Restoring Humanism to Medicine through Student Community Service 2008
Doing Diversity in Higher Education: Faculty Leaders Share Challenges and Strategies 2009
Domestic Negotiations: Gender, Nation, and Self-Fashioning in US Mexicana and Chicana Literature and Art 2013
The Dominican Racial Imaginary: Surveying the Landscape of Race and Nation in Hispaniola 2016
Don't Act, Just Dance: The Metapolitics of Cold War Culture 2015
The Door of Last Resort: Memoirs of a Nurse Practitioner 2013
Dorothy West's Paradise: A Biography of Class and Color 2012
Down to Earth: Satellite Technologies, Industries, and Cultures 2012
Dr. David Murray: Superintendent of Education in the Empire of Japan, 1873-1879 2019
Dr. Mary Walker: An American Radical, 1832-1919 2009
Drawing the Iron Curtain: Jews and the Golden Age of Soviet Animation 2016
Dream Nation: Puerto Rican Culture and the Fictions of Independence 2014
A Dream of Resistance: The Cinema of Kobayashi Masaki 2018
Dreaming in Christianity and Islam: Culture, Conflict, and Creativity 2009
Driven to Darkness: Jewish Emigre Directors and the Rise of Film Noir 2009
Dwelling in Resistance: Living with Alternative Technologies in America 2017
Dying Swans and Madmen: Ballet, the Body, and Narrative Cinema 2008
Earning More and Getting Less: Why Successful Wives Can't Buy Equality 2005
Earth in Our Care: Ecology, Economy, and Sustainability 2009
East of East: The Making of Greater El Monte 2020
Easy Living: The Rise of the Home Office 2020
Eating to Learn, Learning to Eat: The Origins of School Lunch in the United States 2017
EC Comics: Race, Shock, and Social Protest 2019
Editing and Special/Visual Effects 2016
Einstein on Race and Racism 2005
Electronic Iran: The Cultural Politics of an Online Evolution OPEN ACCESS 2013
Embodying Culture: Pregnancy in Japan and Israel 2010
Embodying the Problem: The Persuasive Power of the Teen Mother 2018
Emerging Intersections: Race, Class, and Gender in Theory, Policy, and Practice 2009
Emerging Voices: Experiences of Underrepresented Asian Americans 2008
Emily Dickinson in Love: The Case for Otis Lord 2012
Empire and The Literature of Sensation: An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Popular Fiction 2007
Empires of Entertainment: Media Industries and the Politics of Deregulation, 1980-1996 2011
Empowering Men of Color on Campus: Building Student Community in Higher Education 2018
The End of American Lynching 2012
The End of International Adoption?: An Unraveling Reproductive Market and the Politics of Healthy Babies 2019
Ending Ageism, or How Not to Shoot Old People 2017
Enduring Roots: Encounters with Trees, History, and the American Landscape 1999
Engaged Spirituality: Social Change and American Religion 2006
Entering Cultural Communities: Diversity and Change in the Nonprofit Arts 2008
The Environmental Endgame: Mainstream Economics, Ecological Disaster, and Human Survival 2006
Environmental Policy Analysis and Practice 2007
Envisioning New Jersey: An Illustrated History of the Garden State 2016
Envisioning the Faculty for the Twenty-First Century: Moving to a Mission-Oriented and Learner-Centered Model 2016
Essential Facts in Cardiovascular Medicine: Board Review and Clinical Pearls 2018
Ethnic Historians and the Mainstream: Shaping America's Immigration Story 2013
Ethnic Humor in Multiethnic America 2013
Everyday Desistance: The Transition to Adulthood Among Formerly Incarcerated Youth 2017
Everyday Revolutionaries: Gender, Violence, and Disillusionment in Postwar El Salvador 2011
Exhibiting Atrocity: Memorial Museums and the Politics of Past Violence OPEN ACCESS 2018
Exploring Nature's Bounty: One Hundred Outings Near New York City 2012
The Ex-Prisoner's Dilemma: How Women Negotiate Competing Narratives of Reentry and Desistance 2014
The Extraordinary Image: Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, and the Reimagining of Cinema 2017
Extreme Cinema: The Transgressive Rhetoric of Today's Art Film Culture 2016
The Eye, the Hand, the Mind: 100 Years of the College Art Association 2011
The Eyes Have It: Cinema and the Reality Effect 2013
Facing the Khmer Rouge: A Cambodian Journey 2011
Faith and the Pursuit of Health: Cardiometabolic Disorders in Samoa 2019
Faith, Family, and Filipino American Community Life 2014
A Faith Of Our Own: Second-Generation Spirituality in Korean American Churches 2010
Faithful Education: Madrassahs in South Asia 2008
Falling Back: Incarceration and Transitions to Adulthood among Urban Youth 2013
Family Activism: Immigrant Struggles and the Politics of Noncitizenship 2015
Family Trouble: Middle-Class Parents, Children's Problems, and the Disruption of Everyday Life 2015
Fantasies of Neglect: Imagining the Urban Child in American Film and Fiction 2016
Far from Mecca: Globalizing the Muslim Caribbean 2020
The Fats of Life: Essential Fatty Acids in Health and Disease 2010
Fault Lines of Care: Gender, HIV, and Global Health in Bolivia 2018
The Fear Within: Spies, Commies, and American Democracy on Trial 2011
Feeding the Future: School Lunch Programs as Global Social Policy 2016
Feminism and Popular Culture: Investigating the Postfeminist Mystique 2014
Feminism as Life's Work: Four Modern American Women through Two World Wars 2014
Fictions Inc.: The Corporation in Postmodern Fiction, Film, and Popular Culture 2014
Film Criticism in the Digital Age 2015
Film Festivals: Culture, People, and Power on the Global Screen 2011
Film Talk: Directors at Work 2007
Final Acts: Death, Dying, and the Choices We Make 2010
Finding Faith: The Spiritual Quest of the Post-Boomer Generation 2008
Finding the Right Psychiatrist: A Guide for Discerning Consumers 2014
Fistula Politics: Birthing Injuries and the Quest for Continence in Niger 2019
Fit to Be Tied: Sterilization and Reproductive Rights in America, 1950-1980 2009
Flatlined: Resuscitating American Medicine 2009
Flickers of Desire: Movie Stars of the 1910s 2011
Flickers of Film: Nostalgia in the Time of Digital Cinema 2016
Food Across Borders 2017
For Better or For Worse: Vietnamese International Marriages in the New Global Economy 2008
Forensics Under Fire: Are Bad Science and Dueling Experts Corrupting Criminal Justice? 2008
Forever Suspect: Racialized Surveillance of Muslim Americans in the War on Terror 2018
Forging Arizona: A History of the Peralta Land Grant and Racial Identity in the West 2019
Fractured Communities: Risk, Impacts, and Protest Against Hydraulic Fracking in U.S. Shale Regions 2018
Framing Fat: Competing Constructions in Contemporary Culture 2013
Framing the Rape Victim: Gender and Agency Reconsidered 2014
François Truffaut and Friends: Modernism, Sexuality, and Film Adaptation 2006
Frank Miller's Daredevil and the Ends of Heroism 2016
Frederick Novy and the Development of Bacteriology in Medicine 2017
From Canton Restaurant to Panda Express: A History of Chinese Food in the United States 2015
From Madness to Mental Health: Psychiatric Disorder and Its Treatment in Western Civilization 2010
From Pink to Green: Disease Prevention and the Environmental Breast Cancer Movement 2009
From Single to Serious: Relationships, Gender, and Sexuality on American Evangelical Campuses 2018
From the Edge: Chicana/o Border Literature and the Politics of Print 2016
From Workshop to Waste Magnet: Environmental Inequality in the Philadelphia Region 2016
Fulgencio Batista: The Making of a Dictator 2006
The Future of American Democratic Politics: Principles and Practices 2003
Gangsters to Governors: The New Bosses of Gambling in America 2017
Gay TV and Straight America 2006
Gender and the Science of Difference: Cultural Politics of Contemporary Science and Medicine 2011
Gender and Violence in Haiti: Women's Path from Victims to Agents 2014
Gender Violence in Peace and War: States of Complicity 2016
Genetic Witness: Science, Law, and Controversy in the Making of DNA Profiling 2007
Genetics and the Unsettled Past: The Collision of DNA, Race, and History 2012
Genocide as Social Practice: Reorganizing Society under the Nazis and Argentina's Military Juntas OPEN ACCESS 2014
Gentile New York: The Images of Non-Jews among Jewish Immigrants 2012
The George Washington Bridge: Poetry in Steel 2008
Germany's Nature: Cultural Landscapes and Environmental History 2005
Girlhood: A Global History 2010
Girls in Trouble with the Law 2006
Girls Will Be Boys: Cross-Dressed Women, Lesbians, and American Cinema, 1908-1934 2016
Glamour in a Golden Age: Movie Stars of the 1930s 2011
The Glass Church: Robert H. Schuller, the Crystal Cathedral, and the Strain of Megachurch Ministry 2020
The Glass Slipper: Women and Love Stories 2013
Global Currents: Media and Technology Now 2004
Global Mental Health: Latin America and Spanish-Speaking Populations 2020
The Globalization of Supermax Prisons 2013
God and War: American Civil Religion since 1945 2012
Gods and Goddesses in the Garden: Greco-Roman Mythology and the Scientific Names of Plants 2008
Going Viral: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World 2018
Gothic Pride: The Story of Building a Great Cathedral in Newark 2012
Governor Tom Kean: From the New Jersey Statehouse to the 911 Commission 2006
The Governors of New Jersey: Biographical Essays 2014
The Grand Gennaro 2009
The Great Industrial War: Framing Class Conflict in the Media, 1865-1950 2010
The Great White Way: Race and the Broadway Musical 2014
The Greatest Ballpark Ever: Ebbets Field and the Story of the Brooklyn Dodgers 2005
Green Planet: How Plants Keep the Earth Alive 2009
The Grind: Black Women and Survival in the Inner City 2018
Growing American Rubber: Strategic Plants and the Politics of National Security 2009
Growing Girls: The Natural Origins of Girls' Organizations in America 2007
A Guide to Native Plants of the New York City Region 2007
Haiti and the Uses of America: Post-U.S. Occupation Promises 2017
Haiti Fights Back: The Life and Legacy of Charlemagne Péralte 2021
Happy Days and Wonder Years: The Fifties and the Sixties in Contemporary Cultural Politics 2004
The Hasheesh Eater: Being Passages from the Life of a Pythagorean 2006
Haskalah: The Romantic Movement in Judaism 2012
Healing the Body Politic: El Salvador's Popular Struggle for Health Rights from Civil War to Neoliberal Peace 2010
The Health Care Safety Net in a Post-Reform World 2012
Health Issues in Latino Males: A Social and Structural Approach 2010
Hearts of Darkness: White Women Write Race 2004
Hebrew Infusion: Language and Community at American Jewish Summer Camps 2020
Hemispheric American Studies 2008
The Hidden 1970s: Histories of Radicalism 2010
Hidden Chicano Cinema: Film Dramas in the Borderlands 2013
Hidden Genocides: Power, Knowledge, Memory 2014
Hidden in Plain Sight: An Archaeology of Magic and the Cinema 2015
Hidden New York: A Guide to Places That Matter 2006
Hidden Victims: The Effects of the Death Penalty on Families of the Accused 2005
The Highlands: Critical Resources, Treasured Landscapes 2011
Hiking the Road to Ruins: Day Trips and Camping Adventures to Iron Mines, Old Military Sites, and Things Abandoned in the New York City Area...and Beyond 2007
Hiking the Road to Ruins: Daytrips and Camping Adventures to Iron Mines, Old Military Sites, and Things Abandoned in the New York City Area...and Beyond 2015
History and Health Policy in the United States: Putting the Past Back In 2006
The History of American Homeopathy: From Rational Medicine to Holistic Health Care 2009
A History of Horror 2010
The History of Modern Japanese Education: Constructing the National School System, 1872-1890 2009
History Walks in New Jersey 2006
Hollywood Diplomacy: Film Regulation, Foreign Relations, and East Asian Representations 2020
Hollywood Exiles in Europe: The Blacklist and Cold War Film Culture 2014
Hollywood Faith: Holiness, Prosperity, and Ambition in a Los Angeles Church 2008
Hollywood on the Hudson: Film and Television in New York from Griffith to Sarnoff 2008
Hollywood Reborn: Movie Stars of the 1970s 2010
Hollywood's African American Films: The Transition to Sound 2011
Hollywood's Hawaii: Race, Nation, and War 2017
Holocaust: An American Understanding 2016
The Holocaust Averted: An Alternate History of American Jewry, 1938-1967 2015
Holocaust Icons: Symbolizing the Shoah in History and Memory 2015
Holocaust Memory Reframed: Museums and the Challenges of Representation 2014
Holy Prayers in a Horse's Ear: A Japanese American Memoir 2008
Home Safe Home: Housing Solutions for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence 2016
Homecoming Queers: Desire and Difference in Chicana Latina Cultural Production 2009
Honor and the Political Economy of Marriage: Violence against Women in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq 2020
Honor Bound: Race and Shame in America 2012
Hoodlum Movies: Seriality and the Outlaw Biker Film Cycle, 1966-1972 2018
Hope for a Heated Planet: How Americans Are Fighting Global Warming and Building a Better Future 2009
Hormones, Heredity, and Race: Spectacular Failure in Interwar Vienna 2013
The Horror Film 2004
Horrors of Slavery: Or, The American Tars in Tripoli 2008
The Horse Who Drank the Sky: Film Experience Beyond Narrative and Theory 2008
How Fast Can A Falcon Dive?: Fascinating Answers to Questions about Birds of Prey 2010
How Newark Became Newark: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American City 2009
How Television Invented New Media 2011
The Hudson: An Illustrated Guide to the Living River 2007
Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti 2016
A Hundred Acres of America: The Geography of Jewish American Literary History 2019
I Call to Remembrance: Toyo Suyemoto's Years of Internment 2007
Iatrogenicity: Causes and Consequences of Iatrogenesis in Cardiovascular Medicine 2018
Ida Lupino, Director: Her Art and Resilience in Times of Transition 2017
Idols of Modernity: Movie Stars of the 1920s 2010
Ignition!: An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants 1972
Imagined Orphans: Poor Families, Child Welfare, and Contested Citizenship in London 2006
Imagining Asia in the Americas 2016
Imperial Affects: Sensational Melodrama and the Attractions of American Cinema 2017
Implementing Inequality: The Invisible Labor of International Development 2020
Impure Migration: Jews and Sex Work in Golden Age Argentina 2019
In Her Father's Eyes: A Childhood Extinguished by the Holocaust 2008
In Lady Liberty's Shadow: The Politics of Race and Immigration in New Jersey 2017
In Plenty and in Time of Need: Popular Culture and the Remapping of Barbadian Identity 2020
In Search of the Mexican Beverly Hills: Latino Suburbanization in Postwar Los Angeles 2018
In Sputnik's Shadow: The President's Science Advisory Committee and Cold War America 2008
In the Godfather Garden: The Long Life and Times of Richie "the Boot" Boiardo 2013
In the Public Interest: Medical Licensing and the Disciplinary Process 2013
Incorrigibles and Innocents: Constructing Childhood and Citizenship in Progressive Era Comics 2019
Incurable and Intolerable: Chronic Disease and Slow Death in Nineteenth-Century France 2009
The Indecent Screen: Regulating Television in the Twenty-First Century 2018
Indian Spectacle: College Mascots and the Anxiety of Modern America 2015
Indian Voices: Listening to Native Americans 2011
Indianizing Film: Decolonization, the Andes, and the Question of Technology 2009
Indigenous Communalism: Belonging, Healthy Communities, and Decolonizing the Collective 2020
Infected Kin: Orphan Care and AIDS in Lesotho 2019
Inheriting the Holocaust: A Second-Generation Memoir 2009
The Insecure City: Space, Power, and Mobility in Beirut OPEN ACCESS 2016
Inside Newark: Decline, Rebellion, and the Search for Transformation 2014
Integrating the Gridiron: Black Civil Rights and American College Football 2010
Interfaith Encounters in America 2007
International Exposure: Perspectives on Modern European Pornography, 1800–2000 2005
The International Jewish Labor Bund after 1945: Toward a Global History 2012
International Surrogacy as Disruptive Industry in Southeast Asia 2019
The Internet of Elsewhere: The Emergent Effects of a Wired World 2011
Intersections of Harm: Narratives of Latina Deviance and Defiance 2015
Intervention Narratives: Afghanistan, the United States, and the Global War on Terror 2020
Into Africa: A Transnational History of Catholic Medical Missions and Social Change 2015
Into Performance: Japanese Women Artists in New York 2005
Inventing Great Neck: Jewish Identity and the American Dream 2006
Inventing Modern Adolescence: The Children of Immigrants in Turn-of-the-Century America 2009
Investigating Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Theory and Practice across Disciplines 2017
Invisible Asians: Korean American Adoptees, Asian American Experiences, and Racial Exceptionalism 2016
In/visible War: The Culture of War in Twenty-first-Century America 2017
Iron Dads: Managing Family, Work, and Endurance Sport Identities 2016
An Island Called Home: Returning to Jewish Cuba 2007
Istanbul: Living with Difference in a Global City 2018
It's Not Your Fault!: Strategies for Solving Toilet Training and Bedwetting Problems 2015
Japanese and Chinese Immigrant Activists: Organizing in American and International Communist Movements, 1919–1933 OPEN ACCESS 2007
Jersey Justice: The Story of the Trenton Six 2011
Jew 2017
Jewish Families 2013
A Jewish Feminine Mystique?: Jewish Women in Postwar America 2010
Jewish Mad Men: Advertising and the Design of the American Jewish Experience 2015
Jewish on Their Own Terms: How Intermarried Couples are Changing American Judaism 2014
Jewish Peoplehood: An American Innovation 2015
Jewish Studies: A Theoretical Introduction 2011
The Jews’ Indian: Colonialism, Pluralism, and Belonging in America 2019
Job Loss, Identity, and Mental Health 2016
Johnny Depp Starts Here 2005
José Vasconcelos: The Prophet of Race 2011
The Journey Before Us: First-Generation Pathways from Middle School to College 2020
Judaism: The Genealogy of a Modern Notion 2019
Junctures in Women's Leadership: The Arts 2018
Just Don't Get Sick: Access to Health Care in the Aftermath of Welfare Reform 2007
Justice and Science: Trials and Triumphs of DNA Evidence 2007
Kabbalistic Revolution: Reimagining Judaism in Medieval Spain 2014
Katrina's Imprint: Race and Vulnerability in America 2010
Kids in the Middle: How Children of Immigrants Negotiate Community Interactions for Their Families 2014
Killer Fat: Media, Medicine, and Morals in the American "Obesity Epidemic” 2012
Killing Poetry: Blackness and the Making of Slam and Spoken Word Communities 2017
Killing with Kindness: Haiti, International Aid, and NGOs 2012
Knickerbocker: The Myth behind New York 2009
Knowing Global Environments: New Historical Perspectives on the Field Sciences 2011
Knowing What We Know 2005
A Kosher Christmas: 'Tis the Season to be Jewish 2012
Kurdistan on the Global Stage: Kinship, Land, and Community in Iraq 2014
Labor of Love: Gestational Surrogacy and the Work of Making Babies 2016
Ladies' Pages: African American Women's Magazines and the Culture That Made Them 2004
Lady Chatterley's Legacy in the Movies: Sex, Brains, and Body Guys 2010
Lady Lushes: Gender, Alcoholism, and Medicine in Modern America 2017
Land of Smoke and Mirrors: A Cultural History of Los Angeles 2013
Landscapes of Activism: Civil Society, HIV and AIDS Care in Northern Mozambique 2018
Larger Than Life: Movie Stars of the 1950s 2010
The Last Neighborhood Cops: The Rise and Fall of Community Policing in New York Public Housing 2011
Latina/o Sexualities: Probing Powers, Passions, Practices, and Policies 2010
Laughing Mad: The Black Comic Persona in Post-Soul America 2007
Leadership From the Margins: Women and Civil Society Organizations in Argentina, Chile, and El Salvador 2010
The Leading Man: Hollywood and the Presidential Image 2012
Learning Race, Learning Place: Shaping Racial Identities and Ideas in African American Childhoods 2012
Learning the Hard Way: Masculinity, Place, and the Gender Gap in Education 2012
Learning to Be Latino: How Colleges Shape Identity Politics 2018
Legitimating Life: Adoption in the Age of Globalization and Biotechnology 2019
Lesson Plans: The Institutional Demands of Becoming a Teacher 2018
Lessons in Leadership 2016
Lethal Punishment: Lynchings and Legal Executions in the South 2006
Liberal Christianity and Women's Global Activism: The YWCA of the USA and the Maryknoll Sisters 2018
Life after Death Row: Exonerees' Search for Community and Identity 2012
Life after Guns: Reciprocity and Respect among Young Men in Liberia OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Life and Times of Richard J. Hughes: The Politics of Civility 2009
Life in a Cambodian Orphanage: A Childhood Journey for New Opportunities 2021
Life on the Malecón: Children and Youth on the Streets of Santo Domingo 2014
Like a Natural Woman: Spectacular Female Performance in Classical Hollywood 2014
Like Family: Narratives of Fictive Kinship 2020
The Limits of Auteurism: Case Studies in the Critically Constructed New Hollywood 2018
Liquid Relations: Contested Water Rights and Legal Complexity 2005
Literary Sisters: Dorothy West and Her Circle, A Biography of the Harlem Renaissance 2012
A Little Solitaire: John Frankenheimer and American Film 2011
Living Class in Urban India 2016
Living With Cancer: A Practical Guide 2006
Living with Insecurity in a Brazilian Favela: Urban Violence and Daily Life 2014
Local Acts: Community-Based Performance in the United States 2005
Locavore Adventures: One Chef's Slow Food Journey 2012
Look Closer: Suburban Narratives and American Values in Film and Television 2014
Looking Back on the Vietnam War: Twenty-first-Century Perspectives 2016
Lost: Miscarriage in Nineteenth-Century America 2019
The Love Surgeon: A Story of Trust, Harm, and the Limits of Medical Regulation 2020
Loyal Subjects: Bonds of Nation, Race, and Allegiance in Nineteenth-Century America 2010
Made in Newark: Cultivating Industrial Arts and Civic Identity in the Progressive Era 2010
Main Street and Empire: The Fictional Small Town in the Age of Globalization 2012
Make the Connection: Improve Your Communication at Work and at Home 2006
Making a Green Machine: The Infrastructure of Beverage Container Recycling 2011
Making a Promised Land: Harlem in Twentieth-Century Photography and Film 2013
Making Asian American Film and Video: History, Institutions, Movements 2015
Making Believe: Screen Performance and Special Effects in Popular Cinema 2017
Making Care Count: A Century of Gender, Race, and Paid Care Work 2011
The Making of Chicana/o Studies: In the Trenches of Academe 2011
Making Reform Work: The Case for Transforming American Higher Education 2009
Making the American Mouth: Dentists and Public Health in the Twentieth Century 2009
The Malthusian Moment: Global Population Growth and the Birth of American Environmentalism 2012
Managing Ethnic Diversity after 9/11: Integration, Security, and Civil Liberties in Transatlantic Perspective 2010
Managing Madness in the Community: The Challenge of Contemporary Mental Health Care 2014
Manhood Impossible: Men's Struggles to Control and Transform Their Bodies and Work 2018
Manic Minds: Mania's Mad History and Its Neuro-Future 2011
Many Skies: Alternative Histories of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars 2005
Mapping Feminist Anthropology in the Twenty-First Century 2016
Mapping "Race": Critical Approaches to Health Disparities Research 2013
Marketing Dreams, Manufacturing Heroes: The Transnational Labor Brokering of Filipino Workers 2010
Marriage and Health: The Well-Being of Same-Sex Couples 2020
Marriage, Divorce, and Distress in Northeast Brazil: Black Women's Perspectives on Love, Respect, and Kinship 2018
Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq 2010
Mass Destruction: The Men and Giant Mines That Wired America and Scarred the Planet 2009
Matinee Melodrama: Playing with Formula in the Sound Serial 2016
Matters of Choice: Puerto Rican Women's Struggle for Reproductive Freedom 2008
Maximum Movies—Pulp Fictions: Film Culture and the Worlds of Samuel Fuller, Mickey Spillane, and Jim Thompson 2011
Mean Lives, Mean Laws: Oklahoma's Women Prisoners 2014
Mediating the Uprising: Narratives of Gender and Marriage in Syrian Television Drama 2020
Medical Professionalism in the New Information Age 2010
Medical Research for Hire: The Political Economy of Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials 2009
Menopause: A Biocultural Perspective 2006
Mental Health Disorders in Adolescents: A Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Professionals 2011
The Methamphetamine Industry in America: Transnational Cartels and Local Entrepreneurs 2014
Metroburbia, USA 2008
Mexican Hometown Associations in Chicagoacán: From Local to Transnational Civic Engagement 2014
A Mexican State of Mind: New York City and the New Borderlands of Culture 2020
Mexico on Main Street: Transnational Film Culture in Los Angeles before World War II 2015
The Migration of Musical Film: From Ethnic Margins to American Mainstream 2014
Militant Visions: Black Soldiers, Internationalism, and the Transformation of American Cinema 2016
Milking in the Shadows: Migrants and Mobility in America’s Dairyland 2019
Millennial Makeover: MySpace, YouTube, and the Future of American Politics 2008
Millennial Momentum: How a New Generation Is Remaking America 2011
Mining Coal and Undermining Gender: Rhythms of Work and Family in the American West 2014
Misconception: Social Class and Infertility in America 2014
Misframing Men: The Politics of Contemporary Masculinities 2010
Modern Motherhood: An American History 2014
Moment of Action: Riddles of Cinematic Performance 2016
Money Jungle: Imagining the New Times Square 2008
Monstrous Progeny: A History of the Frankenstein Narratives 2016
The Morning After: A History of Emergency Contraception in the United States 2011
The Mosquito Crusades: A History of the American Anti-Mosquito Movement from the Reed Commission to the First Earth Day 2009
Mothering by Degrees: Single Mothers and the Pursuit of Postsecondary Education 2017
Movie Comics: Page to Screen/Screen to Page 2017
Movie Migrations: Transnational Genre Flows and South Korean Cinema 2015
The Movies as a World Force: American Silent Cinema and the Utopian Imagination 2019
Moving Color: Early Film, Mass Culture, Modernism 2012
Moving Performances: Divas, Iconicity, and Remembering the Modern Stage 2016
The Muse in Bronzeville: African American Creative Expression in Chicago, 1932-1950 2011
Muslims in Motion: Islam and National Identity in the Bangladeshi Diaspora 2011
Muslims of Metropolis: The Stories of Three Immigrant Families in the West 2008
My City Highrise Garden 2017
My Fair Ladies: Female Robots, Androids, and Other Artificial Eves 2015
The Naked Truth: Why Hollywood Doesn't Make X-rated Movies 2007
Narrative Landmines: Rumors, Islamist Extremism, and the Struggle for Strategic Influence 2012
Nature's Experts: Science, Politics, and the Environment 2004
Navigating Interracial Borders: Black-White Couples and Their Social Worlds 2005
Negotiating Ethnicity: Second-Generation South Asians Traverse a Transnational World 2005
Negras in Brazil: Re-envisioning Black Women, Citizenship, and the Politics of Identity 2007
Neither Villain nor Victim: Empowerment and Agency among Women Substance Abusers 2008
Neurasthenic Nation: America's Search for Health, Happiness, and Comfort, 1869-1920 2011
Neuropharmacotherapy in Critical Illness 2018
Never Done: A History of Women's Work in Media Production 2016
New African Cinema 2017
The New Anthology of American Poetry: Postmodernisms 1950-Present 2012
New Blood: Third-Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation 2010
New Brunswick, New Jersey: The Decline and Revitalization of Urban America 2016
The New Chinese America: Class, Economy, and Social Hierarchy 2010
New Constellations: Movie Stars of the 1960s 2012
A New Deal for the Humanities: Liberal Arts and the Future of Public Higher Education 2016
New Jersey: A History of the Garden State 2012
A New Jersey Anthology 2010
New Jersey Day Trips: A Guide to Outings in New Jersey and Nearby Areas of New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware 2011
New Jersey for Kids 2012
New Jersey Politics and Government: The Suburbs Come of Age 2008
New Jersey's Environments: Past, Present, and Future 2006
The New Jew in Film: Exploring Jewishness and Judaism in Contemporary Cinema 2012
The New Jewish Diaspora: Russian-Speaking Immigrants in the United States, Israel, and Germany 2016
The New Negro in the Old South 2015
The New Neighborhood Senior Center: Redefining Social and Service Roles for the Baby Boom Generation 2014
New Perspectives on Environmental Justice: Gender, Sexuality, and Activism 2004
New Roots in America's Sacred Ground: Religion, Race, and Ethnicity in Indian America 2006
New Thoughts on the Black Arts Movement 2006
New Urban Development: Looking Back to See Forward 2010
The Newark Teacher Strikes: Hopes on the Line 2002
No Permanent Waves: Recasting Histories of U.S. Feminism 2010
No Slam Dunk: Gender, Sport and the Unevenness of Social Change 2018
Not in Front of the Children: 'Indecency,' Censorship, and the Innocence of Youth 2007
Not Quite a Cancer Vaccine: Selling HPV and Cervical Cancer 2018
Not-So-Nuclear Families: Class, Gender, and Networks of Care 2005
Nursing with a Message: Public Health Demonstration Projects in New York City OPEN ACCESS 2017
Obesity: Cultural and Biocultural Perspectives 2011
Of Forests and Fields: Mexican Labor in the Pacific Northwest 2016
On Duty: Power, Politics, and the History of Nursing in New Jersey 2009
On Racial Icons: Blackness and the Public Imagination 2015
On-Demand Culture: Digital Delivery and the Future of Movies 2013
One People, One Blood: Ethiopian-Israelis and the Return to Judaism 2009
An Open Secret: The History of Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion in Modern Bolivia 2020
Opportunity Denied: Limiting Black Women to Devalued Work 2011
The Other Air Force: U.S. Efforts to Reshape Middle Eastern Media Since 9/11 2016
Others' Milk: The Potential of Exceptional Breastfeeding 2018
Our Caribbean Kin: Race and Nation in the Neoliberal Antilles 2015
Our Marvelous Bodies: An Introduction to the Physiology of Human Health 2008
Out of Sync & Out of Work: History and the Obsolescence of Labor in Contemporary Culture 2018
Outside the Limelight: Basketball in the Ivy League 2009
Overpotential: Fuel Cells, Futurism, and the Making of a Power Panacea 2012
A Paddler's Guide to the Delaware River: Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting, Tubing 2012
Paid to Party: Working Time and Emotion in Direct Home Sales 2012
Papa, PhD: Essays on Fatherhood by Men in the Academy 2011
Parcels: Memories of Salvadoran Migration 2019
Parkour and the City: Risk, Masculinity, and Meaning in a Postmodern Sport 2017
The Patagonian Sublime: The Green Economy and Post-Neoliberal Politics 2018
Pathogenic Policing: Immigration Enforcement and Health in the U.S. South 2019
Patient Citizens, Immigrant Mothers: Mexican Women, Public Prenatal Care, and the Birth Weight Paradox 2011
Patients as Policy Actors: A Century of Changing Markets and Missions 2011
A People's History of the European Court of Human Rights 2007
Perfect Motherhood: Science and Childrearing in America 2006
The Persistence of Violence: Colombian Popular Culture 2020
The Phantom Holocaust: Soviet Cinema and Jewish Catastrophe 2013
Phantom Ladies: Hollywood Horror and the Home Front 2015
Phenomenal Justice: Violence and Morality in Argentina 2020
The Philadelphia Irish: Nation, Culture, and the Rise of a Gaelic Public Sphere 2021
Phonographic Memories: Popular Music and the Contemporary Caribbean Novel 2019
Physics: The First Science 2011
The Physiology of New York Boarding-Houses 2009
A Place at the Multicultural Table: The Development of an American Hinduism 2007
A Place to Be: Brazilian, Guatemalan, and Mexican Immigrants in Florida's New Destinations 2009
Places in the Bone: A Memoir 2005
Planet Auschwitz: Holocaust Representation in Science Fiction and Horror Film and Television 2020
Planning Families in Nepal: Global and Local Projects of Reproduction 2016
Playing Smart: New York Women Writers and Modern Magazine Culture 2010
Playing the Ponies and Other Medical Mysteries Solved 2017
Pleasures and Perils: Girls' Sexuality in a Caribbean Consumer Culture 2009
Poison in the Ivy: Race Relations and the Reproduction of Inequality on Elite College Campuses 2017
Poison in the Well: Radioactive Waste in the Oceans at the Dawn of the Nuclear Age 2008
Police, Power, and the Production of Racial Boundaries 2015
Policy Challenges in Modern Health Care 2005
Political Ecology Across Spaces, Scales, and Social Groups 2005
Politicking Online: The Transformation of Election Campaign Communications 2009
Politics Across the Hudson: The Tappan Zee Megaproject 2015
The Politics of the Female Body: Postcolonial Women Writers 2006
Popular Trauma Culture: Selling the Pain of Others in the Mass Media 2011
Post-Borderlandia: Chicana Literature and Gender Variant Critique 2018
Post-Communist Malaise: Cinematic Responses to European Integration 2020
Postfeminist War: Women in the Media-Military-Industrial Complex 2019
Potential on the Periphery: College Access from the Ground Up 2019
Poultry Science, Chicken Culture: A Partial Alphabet 2011
The Power of Dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians: Stories of Change from the School for Peace 2019
Power Politics: Environmental Activism in South Los Angeles 2009
Power, Protest, and the Public Schools: Jewish and African American Struggles in New York City 2010
The Practice of U.S. Women's History: Narratives, Intersections, and Dialogues 2007
Practice Under Pressure: Primary Care Physicians and Their Medicine in the Twenty-first Century 2010
Precision Medicine Oncology: A Primer 2019
Precision Radiation Oncology 2018
Pretty People: Movie Stars of the 1990s 2012
The Price of Nuclear Power: Uranium Communities and Environmental Justice 2015
Prison and Social Death 2015
Privacy and the Past: Research, Law, Archives, Ethics 2016
Private Practices: Harry Stack Sullivan, the Science of Homosexuality, and American Liberalism 2011
Producing Excellence: The Making of Virtuosos 2015
Producing 2016
A Professor at the End of Time: The Work and Future of the Professoriate 2017
Prohibition Gangsters: The Rise and Fall of a Bad Generation 2013
The Prohibition Hangover: Alcohol in America from Demon Rum to Cult Cabernet 2009
Protecting Home: Class, Race, and Masculinity in Boys' Baseball 2005
Protecting New Jersey's Environment: From Cancer Alley to the New Garden State 2011
Psychiatric Encounters: Madness and Modernity in Yucatan, Mexico 2019
The Psychic Hold of Slavery: Legacies in American Expressive Culture 2016
Public Health: The Development of a Discipline, Twentieth-Century Challenges 2011
Public Interests: Media Advocacy and Struggles over U.S. Television 2016
The Public Life of the Fetal Sonogram: Technology, Consumption, and the Politics of Reproduction 2008
Puerto Ricans in the Empire: Tobacco Growers and U.S. Colonialism 2015
Putting Their Hands on Race: Irish Immigrant and Southern Black Domestic Workers 2020
Pyrrhic Progress: The History of Antibiotics in Anglo-American Food Production OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Queer Aesthetics of Childhood: Asymmetries of Innocence and the Cultural Politics of Child Development 2020
The Queer Fantasies of the American Family Sitcom OPEN ACCESS 2018
Queer Kinship and Family Change in Taiwan 2019
Queering Marriage: Challenging Family Formation in the United States 2014
A Queerly Joyful Noise: Choral Musicking for Social Justice 2017
Querying Consent: Beyond Permission and Refusal 2018
Race among Friends: Exploring Race at a Suburban School 2015
Race and Nation in Puerto Rican Folklore: Franz Boas and John Alden Mason in Porto Rico 2020
Race and Religion Among the Chosen People of Crown Heights 2006
Race and Retail: Consumption across the Color Line 2015
Race, Religion, and Civil Rights: Asian Students on the West Coast, 1900-1968 2015
Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience: Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience, second edition 2006
Rachel Carson and Her Sisters: Extraordinary Women Who Have Shaped America's Environment 2014
Racial Ambiguity in Asian American Culture 2015
Racing Romance: Love, Power, and Desire among Asian American/White Couples 2009
Radio's Second Century: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives 2020
Raised at Rutgers: A President's Story 2014
Raising Your Kids Right: Children's Literature and American Political Conservatism 2010
A Ray of Light in a Sea of Dark Matter 2014
Reading Embodied Citizenship: Disability, Narrative, and the Body Politic 2011
Reading Prisoners: Literature, Literacy, and the Transformation of American Punishment, 1700–1845 2014
Real Gangstas: Legitimacy, Reputation, and Violence in the Intergang Environment 2012
Real Sister: Stereotypes, Respectability, and Black Women in Reality TV 2015
The Reappeared: Argentine Former Political Prisoners 2014
Rebels All!: Rebels All! A Short History of the Conservative Mind in Postwar America 2008
Reclaiming Indigenous Research in Higher Education 2018
Red and Yellow, Black and Brown: Decentering Whiteness in Mixed Race Studies 2017
Redefining Japaneseness: Japanese Americans in the Ancestral Homeland 2017
Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism 2017
Reel Vulnerability: Power, Pain, and Gender in Contemporary American Film and Television 2013
Reformed American Dreams: Welfare Mothers, Higher Education, and Activism 2019
Regional Planning for a Sustainable America: How Creative Programs Are Promoting Prosperity and Saving the Environment 2011
Regulating Difference: Religious Diversity and Nationhood in the Secular West 2020
Reichsrock: The International Web of White-Power and Neo-Nazi Hate Music 2017
Reinventing Cinema: Movies in the Age of Media Convergence 2009
Religion and Social Justice For Immigrants 2007
Religion, Families, and Health: Population-Based Research in the United States 2010
Reluctant Interveners: America's Failed Responses to Genocide from Bosnia to Darfur 2020
Remaking the American University: Market-Smart and Mission-Centered 2005
Rendition to Torture 2012
The Renewal of the Kibbutz: From Reform to Transformation 2013
Reproductive Justice: The Politics of Health Care for Native American Women 2015
Republic on the Wire: Cable Television, Pluralism, and the Politics of New Technologies, 1948-1984 2017
The Resilient Self: Gender, Immigration, and Taiwanese Americans 2017
Rest Uneasy: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Twentieth-­Century America 2018
Rethinking Childhood 2004
Return to Centro Histórico: A Mexican Jew Looks for His Roots 2012
Revolutionizing Romance: Interracial Couples in Contemporary Cuba 2010
Rewriting White: Race, Class, and Cultural Capital in Nineteenth-Century America 2004
A Rhetorical Crime: Genocide in the Geopolitical Discourse of the Cold War 2018
Rights and Wrongs of Children's Work 2010
The Rise of Spanish-Language Filmmaking: Out from Hollywood's Shadow, 1929-1939 2012
The Road 2006
The Romance of Race: Incest, Miscegenation, and Multiculturalism in the United States, 1880-1930 2013
Romancing the Sperm: Shifting Biopolitics and the Making of Modern Families 2019
Running Dry: Essays on Energy, Water, and Environmental Crisis 2015
Rutgers since 1945: A History of the State University of New Jersey 2015
Sacred Assemblies and Civic Engagement: How Religion Matters for America's Newest Immigrants 2007
Sacred Divorce: Religion, Therapeutic Culture, and Ending Life Partnerships 2014
Salmon and Acorns Feed Our People: Colonialism, Nature, and Social Action 2019
Salt Marshes: A Natural and Unnatural History 2009
Salvadoran Imaginaries: Mediated Identities and Cultures of Consumption 2014
Saving Face: The Emotional Costs of the Asian Immigrant Family Myth 2016
Saving Sickly Children: The Tuberculosis Preventorium in American Life, 1909-1970 2008
The Scandal of Reform: The Grand Failures of New York's Political Crusaders and the Death of Nonpartisanship 2009
Scapegoats of September 11th: Hate Crimes & State Crimes in the War on Terror 2006
Scarlet and Black: Slavery and Dispossession in Rutgers History OPEN ACCESS 2016
Schools Under Surveillance: Cultures of Control in Public Education 2010
Science and Technology Policy in the United States: Open Systems in Action 2006
Science by the People: Participation, Power, and the Politics of Environmental Knowledge 2019
Science Talk: Changing Notions of Science in American Culture 2007
Scientific Evidence and Equal Protection of the Law 2006
Searching for Sycorax: Black Women's Hauntings of Contemporary Horror 2018
Second Star to the Right: Peter Pan in the Popular Imagination 2009
Security Disarmed: Critical Perspectives on Gender, Race, and Militarization 2008
The Selected Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: An Awful Hush, 1895 to 1906 2013
The Selected Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: Their Place Inside the Body-Politic, 1887 to 1895 2009
Selling Science: Polio and the Promise of Gamma Globulin 2016
Selling Women's History: Packaging Feminism in Twentieth-Century American Popular Culture 2017
Serial Selves: Identity and Representation in Autobiographical Comics 2019
Serving Our Country: Japanese American Women in the Military during World War II 2003
Sex and the University: Celebrity, Controversy, and a Student Journalism Revolution 2010
Sex Offenders, Stigma, and Social Control 2016
Shades of White Flight: Evangelical Congregations and Urban Departure 2015
Shadow Bodies: Black Women, Ideology, Representation, and Politics 2017
The Shadowed Country: Claude McKay and the Romance of the Victorians 2006
Shadowed Dreams: Women's Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance 2006
Shaky Foundations: The Politics-Patronage-Social Science Nexus in Cold War America 2013
Shaping the Future of African American Film: Color-Coded Economics and the Story Behind the Numbers 2014
Shining in Shadows: Movie Stars of the 2000s 2012
Shipwrecked Identities: Navigating Race on Nicaragua's Mosquito Coast OPEN ACCESS 2006
Shirley Temple and the Performance of Girlhood 2015
Shock Therapy: A History of Electroconvulsive Treatment in Mental Illness 2007
A Short History of Film 2013
Shot on Location: Postwar American Cinema and the Exploration of Real Place 2016
Side Dishes: Latina American Women, Sex, and Cultural Production 2009
Signifying without Specifying: Racial Discourse in the Age of Obama 2012
Siren City: Sound and Source Music in Classic American Noir 2011
Sleep Paralysis: Night-mares, Nocebos, and the Mind-Body Connection 2011
Small Cities USA: Growth, Diversity, and Inequality 2013
Smoking Privileges: Psychiatry, the Mentally Ill, and the Tobacco Industry in America 2015
The Social Life of Biometrics 2020
The Social Life of Scriptures: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Biblicism 2009
Sociology on Film: Postwar Hollywood's Prestige Commodity 2017
Soft Corruption: How Unethical Conduct Undermines Good Government and What To Do About It 2017
Something Old, Something Bold: Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties 2006
Sound: Dialogue, Music, and Effects 2015
Southwest Asia: The Transpacific Geographies of Chicana/o Literature 2016
Sovereign Acts: Performing Race, Space, and Belonging in Panama and the Canal Zone 2017
The Sovereignty of Quiet: Beyond Resistance in Black Culture 2012
Space and Place in Jewish Studies 2012
Sparing Nature: The Conflict between Human Population Growth and Earth's Biodiversity 2003
Specters of War: Hollywood's Engagement with Military Conflict 2012
Sport and the Neoliberal University: Profit, Politics, and Pedagogy 2018
State Crime: Current Perspectives 2011
The Story of N: A Social History of the Nitrogen Cycle and the Challenge of Sustainability 2013
Straight Edge: Clean-Living Youth, Hardcore Punk, and Social Change 2006
Strange Bedfellows: How Late-Night Comedy Turns Democracy into a Joke 2008
Structural Intimacies: Sexual Stories in the Black AIDS Epidemic 2013
Successful Aging as a Contemporary Obsession: Global Perspectives 2017
Suffering For Science: Reason and Sacrifice in Modern America 2005
Suffering in the Land of Sunshine: A Los Angeles Illness Narrative 2006
Superman: The Persistence of an American Icon 2017
Superstorm Sandy: The Inevitable Destruction and Reconstruction of the Jersey Shore 2016
Surgery Junkies: Wellness and Pathology in Cosmetic Culture 2007
Surviving HIV/AIDS in the Inner City: How Resourceful Latinas Beat the Odds 2011
Sustaining Cities: Urban Policies, Practices, and Perceptions 2013
Sweated Work, Weak Bodies: Anti-Sweatshop Campaigns and Languages of Labor 2004
Sweatshop: The History of an American Idea 2004
Tainted Earth: Smelters, Public Health, and the Environment 2014
Take Me to My Paradise: Tourism and Nationalism in the British Virgin Islands 2010
Taking Chances: The Coast after Hurricane Sandy 2016
Taking the Heat: Women Chefs and Gender Inequality in the Professional Kitchen 2015
Talking Therapy: Knowledge and Power in American Psychiatric Nursing 2020
Taste of Control: Food and the Filipino Colonial Mentality Under American Rule 2020
Teacher Education across Minority-Serving Institutions: Programs, Policies, and Social Justice 2017
Technology and Engagement: Making Technology Work for First Generation College Students 2018
Techno-Orientalism: Imagining Asia in Speculative Fiction, History, and Media 2015
Teenage Witches: Magical Youth and the Search for the Self 2007
Television in the Age of Radio: Modernity, Imagination, and the Making of a Medium 2014
Testing Baby: The Transformation of Newborn Screening, Parenting, and Policymaking 2011
Testing for Athlete Citizenship: Regulating Doping and Sex in Sport 2015
Textual Silence: Unreadability and the Holocaust 2017
Theaters of Time and Space: American Planetaria, 1930-1970 2005
Their Time Has Come: Youth with Disabilities on the Cusp of Adulthood 2012
Theorizing Scriptures: New Critical Orientations to a Cultural Phenomenon 2008
Therapeutic Revolutions: Medicine, Psychiatry, and American Culture, 1945-1970 2013
There Has to be a Better Way: Lessons from Former Urban Teachers 2019
There's More to New Jersey than the Sopranos 2009
Thieving Three-Fingered Jack: Transatlantic Tales of a Jamaican Outlaw, 1780-2015 2017
The Things That Fly in the Night: Female Vampires in Literature of the Circum-Caribbean and African Diaspora 2015
Thinking About Dementia: Culture, Loss, and the Anthropology of Senility OPEN ACCESS 2006
Thinking in the Dark: Cinema, Theory, Practice 2016
This Is Our Land: Grassroots Environmentalism in the Late Twentieth Century 2015
The Three Axial Ages: Moral, Material, Mental 2017
Three Centuries of Conflict in East Timor OPEN ACCESS 2015
Through Our Eyes: African American Men's Experiences of Race, Gender, and Violence 2010
Through Soviet Jewish Eyes: Photography, War, and the Holocaust 2011
Through the Crosshairs: War, Visual Culture, and the Weaponized Gaze 2018
Tillie Olsen: One Woman, Many Riddles 2010
To Change the World: My Years in Cuba 2009
To Test or Not To Test: A Guide to Genetic Screening and Risk 2008
Tortilleras Negotiating Intimacy: Love, Friendship, and Sex in Queer Mexico City 2020
Torture Porn in the Wake of 9/11: Horror, Exploitation, and the Cinema of Sensation 2015
Touched Bodies: The Performative Turn in Latin American Art 2019
Tough on Hate?: The Cultural Politics of Hate Crimes 2014
Toxic Exposures: Mustard Gas and the Health Consequences of World War II in the United States 2017
Trafficked Children and Youth in the United States: Reimagining Survivors 2016
The Tragedy of the Commodity: Oceans, Fisheries, and Aquaculture 2015
Trans Studies: The Challenge to Hetero/Homo Normativities 2016
Transatlantic Spectacles of Race: The Tragic Mulatta and the Tragic Muse 2012
The Transatlantic Zombie: Slavery, Rebellion, and Living Death 2015
Transcultural Bodies: Female Genital Cutting in Global Context 2007
Transforming the Academy: Faculty Perspectives on Diversity and Pedagogy 2016
Transitional Justice: Global Mechanisms and Local Realities after Genocide and Mass Violence 2010
Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature of the Transpacific 2018
Translating Childhoods: Immigrant Youth, Language, and Culture 2009
Transnational Aging and Reconfigurations of Kin Work 2017
Transnational Korean Cinema: Cultural Politics, Film Genres, and Digital Technologies 2020
Transplanting Care: Shifting Commitments in Health and Care in the United States 2016
Trapped in a Vice: The Consequences of Confinement for Young People 2017
Trauma Culture: The Politics of Terror and Loss in Media and Literature 2005
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Twelve-Cent Archie 2015
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'Un-American' Hollywood: Politics and Film in the Blacklist Era 2007
Unbecoming Americans: Writing Race and Nation from the Shadows of Citizenship, 1945-1960 2013
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Understanding the Arts and Creative Sector in the United States: Understanding the Arts and Creative Sector in the United States, Revised Edition 2008
Unmanning: How Humans, Machines and Media Perform Drone Warfare 2020
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U.S. Power in International Higher Education 2021
U.S. Women's History: Untangling the Threads of Sisterhood 2017
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Utopia, New Jersey: Travels in the Nearest Eden 2007
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Vanishing Bees: Science, Politics, and Honeybee Health 2017
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Vietnam's Children in a Changing World 2006
Village of Immigrants: Latinos in an Emerging America 2015
Violence against Queer People: Race, Class, Gender, and the Persistence of Anti-LGBT Discrimination 2015
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Visible Writings: Cultures, Forms, Readings 2011
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Visual Encounters in the Study of Rural Childhoods 2018
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Voices of Mental Health: Medicine, Politics, and American Culture, 1970-2000 2017
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Walking on the Wild Side: Long-Distance Hiking on the Appalachian Trail 2016
War and Disease: Biomedical Research on Malaria in the Twentieth Century 2009
War Culture and the Contest of Images 2012
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The War of My Generation: Youth Culture and the War on Terror 2015
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Washed in Blood: Male Sacrifice, Trauma, and the Cinema 2012
Watching While Black: Centering the Television of Black Audiences 2012
Water Wisdom: Preparing the Groundwork for Cooperative and Sustainable Water Management in the Middle East 2010
We Are in This Dance Together: Gender, Power, and Globalization at a Mexican Garment Firm 2012
We Cannot Forget: Interviews with Survivors of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda 2011
We Fight To Win: Inequality and the Politics of Youth Activism 2010
Weighty Problems: Embodied Inequality at a Children’s Weight Loss Camp 2019
What Dreams Were Made Of: Movie Stars of the 1940s 2011
What Freud Didn't Know: A Three-Step Practice for Emotional Well-Being through Neuroscience and Psychology 2009
What Were They Thinking?: Crisis Communication: The Good, the Bad, and the Totally Clueless 2008
When Boys Become Parents: Adolescent Fatherhood in America 2008
When Diversity Drops: Race, Religion, and Affirmative Action in Higher Education 2013
When Good Jobs Go Bad: Globalization, De-unionization, and Declining Job Quality in the North American Auto Industry 2016
When Kids Get Arrested: What Every Adult Should Know 2009
When Riot Cops Are Not Enough: The Policing and Repression of Occupy Oakland 2017
When Sex Changed: Birth Control Politics and Literature between the World Wars 2013
When the Air Became Important: A Social History of the New England and Lancashire Textile Industries 2019
When Women Rule the Court: Gender, Race, and Japanese American Basketball 2017
Where Human Rights Begin 2005
The White Negress: Literature, Minstrelsy, and the Black-Jewish Imaginary 2011
White Scholars/African American Texts 2005
Who Owns Culture?: Appropriation and Authenticity in American Law 2005
Whose Lives Are They Anyway?: The Biopic as Contemporary Film Genre 2010
Why Afterschool Matters 2017
Why Do Bees Buzz?: Fascinating Answers to Questions about Bees 2010
Why Don't Jumbo Jets Flap Their Wings?: Flying Animals, Flying Machines, and How They Are Different 2009
Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails) 2009
Why Public Higher Education Should Be Free: How to Decrease Cost and Increase Quality at American Universities 2013
Why We Harm 2013
Why Would Anyone Do That?: Lifestyle Sport in the Twenty-First Century 2016
Wired TV: Laboring Over an Interactive Future 2014
With All Thine Heart: Love and the Bible 2010
With Shaking Hands: Aging with Parkinson's Disease in America's Heartland 2009
Women and the Animal Rights Movement 2011
Women of Valor: Orthodox Jewish Troll Fighters, Crime Writers, and Rock Stars in Contemporary Literature and Culture 2018
Women on Ice: Methamphetamine Use among Suburban Women 2013
Women on Their Own: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Being Single 2008
Women Together/Women Apart: Portraits of Lesbian Paris 2005
Women's Activism in Latin America and the Caribbean: Engendering Social Justice, Democratizing Citizenship 2010
Women's Labor in the Global Economy: Speaking in Multiple Voices 2007
Wonder Shows: Performing Science, Magic, and Religion in America 2005
Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948 2015
Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948 2015
Worried Sick: How Stress Hurts Us and How to Bounce Back 2014
Wrestling with Starbucks: Conscience, Capital, Cappuccino 2008
The Writers: A History of American Screenwriters and Their Guild 2015
Writing America: Literary Landmarks from Walden Pond to Wounded Knee (A Reader's Companion) 2015
Writing the Ghetto: Class, Authorship, and the Asian American Ethnic Enclave 2010
A Year in White: Cultural Newcomers to Lukumi and Santería in the United States 2015
Yellowface: Creating the Chinese in American Popular Music and Performance, 1850s-1920s 2005
You Are the Brand 2011
You Shall Tell Your Children: Holocaust Memory in American Passover Ritual 2007
'You Should See Yourself': Jewish Identity in Postmodern American Culture 2006
Your Pocket Is What Cures You: The Politics of Health in Senegal 2010
Youth, Crime, and Justice: A Global Inquiry 2008
Youth in Postwar Guatemala: Education and Civic Identity in Transition 2017
You've Always Been There for Me: Understanding the Lives of Grandchildren Raised by Grandparents 2018
Zapotecs on the Move: Cultural, Social, and Political Processes in Transnational Perspective 2013
Zombie Cinema 2017
The Zoom: Drama at the Touch of a Lever 2018
Zora Neale Hurston: Collected Plays 2008
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