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Southern African Migration Programme

Publisher Description

One of the critical challenges facing Africa is how to harness the potential of internal and international migration in the interests of development. The Southern African Migration Programme (SAMP) is an international network of organizations founded in 1996 to promote awareness of migration-development linkages in SADC. SAMP conducts applied research on migration and development issues, provides policy advice and expertise, offers training in migration policy and management, and conducts public education campaigns on migration-related issues.

Books in JSTOR from Southern African Migration Programme
23 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Calibrating Informal Cross-Border Trade in Southern Africa 2015
Comparing Refugees and South Africans in the Urban Informal Sector 2017
Competition or Co-operation? South African and Migrant Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg 2017
The Food Insecurities of Zimbabwean Migrants in Urban South Africa 2016
Food Insecurity in Informal Settlements in Lilongwe Malawi 2017
Food Remittances: Migration and Food Security in Africa 2016
Food Security in Africa's Secondary cities: no. 1. Mzuzu, Malawi 2018
Food Security in Africa's Secondary Cities: No: The Oshakati-Ongwediva-Ondangwa Corridor, Namibia 2019
Harnessing Migration for Inclusive Growth and Development in Southern Africa 2017
Informal Entrepreneurship and Cross-Border Trade between Zimbabwe and South Africa 2017
Informal Entrepreneurship and Cross-Border Trade in Maputo, Mozambique 2016
Informal Migrant Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Growth in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique 2015
International Migrants and Refugees in Cape Town's Informal Economy 2015
International Migrants in Johannesburg's Informal Economy 2016
Living With Xenophobia: Zimbabwean Informal Enterprise in South Africa 2017
Mapping the Invisible: The Informal Food Economy of Cape Town, South Africa 2016
Mean Streets: Migration, Xenophobia and Informality in South Africa 2015
Migrant Entrepreneurship Collective Violence and Xenophobia in South Africa 2014
Problematizing the Foreign Shop: Justifications for Restricting the Migrant Spaza Sector in South Africa 2018
Refugee Entrepreneurial Economies in Urban South Africa 2017
Rendering South Africa Undesirable: A Critique of Refugee and Informal Sector Policy 2017
The Return of Food: Poverty and Urban Food Security in Zimbabwe after the Crisis 2016
The Supermarket Revolution and Food Security in Namibia 2017

Southern African Migration Programme
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