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Small Arms Survey

Publisher Description

The Small Arms Survey is a global centre of excellence whose mandate is to generate evidence-based, impartial, and policy-relevant knowledge on all aspects of small arms and armed violence. It is the principal international source of expertise, information, and analysis on small arms and armed violence issues, and acts as a resource for governments, policy-makers, researchers, and civil society. It is located in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.
Research Reports in JSTOR from Small Arms Survey
217 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
2012 and Beyond: Advocacy and Action in the UN Small Arms Process 2012
Accessories for Small Arms and Light Weapons 2013
Ad Hoc Arsenals: PSSM Practices of Selected Non-state Actors 2013
Ammunition Marking: Current Practices and Future Possibilities 2011
Analysis of National Reports: Implementation of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and the International Tracing Instrument in 2009–10 2011
Anti-Materiel Rifles 2011
Anti-tank Guided Weapons 2017
Armed Groups and Guided Light Weapons: 2014 Update with MENA Focus 2014
Armed Groups’ Holdings of Guided Light Weapons 2013
Armed Groups in Libya:: Typology and Roles 2012
Armed Violence:: Spotlight on Lethal Effects 2012
Armed Violence Monitoring Systems 2013
Armes légères et sécurité en Mauritanie: Une perspective nationale et régionale 2010
ARMS CONTROL 2.0: Operationalizing SDG Target 16.4 2017
Arms in and around Mauritania: National and Regional Security Implications 2010
The Arms Trade Treaty:: A Step Forward in Small Arms Control? 2013
An Arms Trade Treaty:: Will It Support or Supplant the PoA? 2012
Assessing Transparency in Small Arms Exports:: The Small Arms Trade Transparency Barometer 2012
At War’s End:: Armed Violence in Nepal 2013
Automatic Grenade Launchers 2015
Balas perdidas:: el impacto del mal uso de armas pequeñas en Centroamérica 2003
Battering, Rape, and Lethal Violence: A Baseline of Information on Physical Threats against Women in Nairobi 2012
Behind a Veil of Secrecy:: Military Small Arms and Light Weapons Production in Western Europe 2005
Behind the Curve: New Technologies, New Control Challenges 2015
BEYOND THE BATTLEFIELD: Towards a Better Assessment of the Human Cost of Armed Conflict 2017
Beyond the Kalashnikov:: Small Arms Production, Exports, and Stockpiles in the Russian Federation 2003
Blowback: Kenya’s Illicit Ammunition Problem in Turkana North District 2008
Buy and Burn: Factoring Demilitarization into Ammunition Procurement 2012
Cambio de perspectiva:: La dinámica de la demanda de armas 2006
CAPITAL OF MILITIAS: Tripoli’s Armed Groups Capture the Libyan State 2018
Chambering the Next Round: Emergent Small-calibre Cartridge Technologies 2016
Changement de perspective:: La dynamique de la demande en armes légères et de petit calibre 2006
Checks and Balances: Securing Small Arms during Peace Operations 2016
Confronting the Don:: The Political Economy of Gang Violence in Jamaica 2010
Countering Improvised Explosive Devices 2014
Counting Casualties: Operationalizing SDG Indicator 16.1.2 in Libya 2018
COVERT CARRIERS: Evolving Methods and Techniques of North Korean Sanctions Evasion 2020
Craft Production of Small Arms 2011
Crisis in Karamoja: Armed Violence and the Failure of Disarmament in Uganda’s Most Deprived Region 2008
DARKENING HORIZONS: Global Violent Deaths Scenarios, 2018—30 2019
Data Sources and the Estimation of Military-owned Small Arms 2013
Demand, Stockpiles, and Social Controls:: Small Arms in Yemen 2003
Demobilization in the DRC: Armed Groups and the Role of Organizational Control 2013
Diversion of Arms and Ammunition in Peace Operations: Observations based on Missions in Sudan and South Sudan 2015
Documenter la présence des armes légères et de petit calibre: Guide des fondamentaux 2015
Documenting Small Arms and Light Weapons: A Basic Guide 2015
Documenting Weapons in Situations of Armed Conflict: Methods and Trends 2014
Down, but Not Out:: The FDLR in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2016
Dribs and Drabs: The Mechanics of Small Arms Trafficking from the United States 2016
Dynamic Disposal: An Introduction to Mobile and Transportable Industrial Ammunition Demilitarization Equipment 2013
Dynamic Disposal: An Introduction to Mobile and Transportable Industrial Ammunition Demilitarization Equipment 2013
Efficacité des mesures de contrôle des armes légères et rapports nationaux :: Leçons du continent africain 2013
Efficacy of Small Arms Control Measures and National Reporting:: Learning from Africa 2013
El PA:: revisión de los informes nacionales 2011
Enseignements tirés des initiatives de marquage des armes 2013
Estimación de las armas de fuego en posesión de civiles 2011
Estimating Civilian Owned Firearms 2011
Estimating Law Enforcement Firearms 2012
Evolving Traditional Practices: Managing Small Arms in the Horn of Africa and Karamoja Cluster 2014
Excedentes de armas en América del Sur: Estudio 2011
Excess Arms in South Sudan: Security Forces and Surplus Management 2014
Explosiones accidentales en depósitos de municiones 2014
Explosions accidentelles de dépôts de munitions 2014
Facilitating PSSM Assistance in the Sahel and Beyond: Introducing the PSSM Priorities Matrix 2016
Faciliter l’assistance PSSM au Sahel et au-delà: Une introduction à la Matrice des priorités PSSM 2016
Fault lines: Tracking armed violence in Yemen 2010
Feeding the Fire: Illicit Small Arms Ammunition in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia 2014
Femicide:: A Global Problem 2012
Fire and Forget: The Proliferation of Man-portable Air Defence Systems in Syria 2014
Firearm suicides 2014
Firearms and Violence in Honduras 2014
Firearms and Violent Deaths 2016
Floating Armouries in the Indian Ocean 2015
A Fragile Peace:: Guns and Security in Post-conflict Macedonia 2004
From Replica to Real: An Introduction to Firearms Conversions 2015
GAINING PERSPECTIVE: The UN Programme of Action’s Sixth Biennial Meeting 2017
Gangs of Central America:: Causes, Costs, and Interventions 2009
GENDER COUNTS: Assessing Global Armed Violence Datasets for Gender Relevance 2020
A Gendered Analysis of Violent Deaths 2016
Geospatial Technologies and Crime: The Jamaican Experience 2013
Global Development and Production of Self-loading Service Rifles: 1896 to the Present 2017
A Guide to the US Small Arms Market, Industry, and Exports, 1998–2004 2006
Guided Mortar Systems 2015
Haïti: les chemins de la transition: Étude de l’insécurité humaine et des perspectives de désarmement, de démobilisation et de réintégration 2005
Handgun Ownership and Armed Violence in the Western Balkans 2014
HANDMADE AND DEADLY: Craft Production of Small Arms in Nigeria 2018
A Heavy Hand: The Use of Force by India’s Police 2012
Heavy Machine Guns (including anti-aircraft guns) 2011
How Many Weapons Are There in Cambodia? 2006
Humanitarianism Under Threat:: The Humanitarian Impacts of Small Arms and Light Weapons 2001
Implementation in Practice: National Points of Contact in the RECSA Region 2014
In the Shadow of a Cease-fire:: The Impacts of Small Arms Availability and Misuse in Sri Lanka 2003
In Transit: Gangs and Criminal Networks in Guyana 2012
India’s States of Armed Violence: Assessing the Human Cost and Political Priorities 2011
Industrial Demilitarization of Conventional Ammunition 2013
Internal Control: Codes of Conduct within Insurgent Armed Groups 2012
Islands of Safety in a Sea of Guns:: Gun-free Zones in South Africa's Fothane, Diepkloof, and Khayelitsha 2006
Kosovo and the Gun:: A Baseline Assessment of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Kosovo 2003
La violence non mortelle par armes à feu 2013
Las armas de fuego y la violencia en Honduras 2014
Las organizaciones regionales y el Programa de Acción sobre armas pequeñas de la ONU 2012
LE MONITORING DES ARMES AU SAHEL: Les institutions forensiques nationales 2018
LE MONITORING DES ARMES EN GUINÉE: Les institutions forensiques nationales 2019
Le Traité sur le commerce des armes :: une avancée pour le contrôle des armes légères ? 2013
Legacies of War in the Company of Peace: Firearms in Nepal 2013
Legal Controls on Small Arms and Light Weapons in Southeast Asia 2001
Les détournements d’armes et de munitions dans les opérations de paix: Observations fondées sur des missions au Soudan et au Soudan du Sud 2015
Les organisations régionales et le Programme d’action des Nations unies sur les armes légères 2012
Less-lethal Weapons 2011
Lessons Learned from Weapon-marking Initiatives 2013
L’humanitarisme sous la menace :: impacts humanitaires des armes de petit calibre et des armes légères 2001
LIFE-CYCLE MANAGEMENT OF AMMUNITION (LCMA): Lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018
Making Global Public Policy:: The Case of Small Arms and Light Weapons 2002
MAKING THE ROUNDS: Illicit Ammunition in Ukraine 2021
MANPADS Proliferation Reduction by Design: On Countermeasures and Kill Switches 2015
Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) 2017
Mapping Murder: The Geography of Indian Firearm Fatalities 2011
Marking of Firearms and Ammunition 2013
Measuring Illicit Arms Flows:: SDG Target 16.4 2016
Medición de la circulación de armas ilícitas:: Honduras 2016
The Method behind the Mark: A Review of Firearm Marking Technologies 2010
Military Assault Rifles 2013
The Missing Middle: Examining the Armed Group Phenomenon in Nepal 2013
Modèle de rapport d’incident UEMS 2014
Monitoring Trends in Violent Deaths 2016
Monitoring UN Arms Embargoes: Observations from Panels of Experts 2016
Mortars 2011
National Implementation of the United Nations Small Arms Programme of Action and the International Tracing Instrument:: An Analysis of Reporting in 2009–10 2010
A New Development Agenda:: Bridging the Development–Security Divide 2016
No Other Life: Gangs, Guns, and Governance in Trinidad and Tobago 2009
Non-lethal Firearm Violence 2013
O Modelo de Relatório sobre Incidentes de UEMS 2014
One Meeting after Another: UN Process Update 2015
Parts for Small Arms and Light Weapons 2013
Peace without Security: Violence against Women and Girls in Liberia 2012
Pistols and Revolvers 2012
Plantilla para informes de explosiones accidentales en depósitos de municiones 2014
The PoA:: Review of National Reports 2012
Policing the Periphery: Opportunities and Challenges for Kenya Police Reserves 2013
Political Conflict and Vulnerabilities: Firearms and electoral violence in Kenya 2012
Politics from the Barrel of a Gun:: Small Arms Proliferation and Conflict in the Republic of Georgia (1989–2001) 2002
Pour une meilleure application des sanctions imposées par les Nations unies à la Corée du Nord: GUIDES PRATIQUES 2020
Precedent in the Making: The UN Meeting of Governmental Experts 2012
PREVENTING DIVERSION: Comparing ATT and African measures for importing states 2019
Private Security Companies’ Firearms Stockpiles 2011
Producers of Small Arms, Light Weapons, and Their Ammunition 2014
The Programme of Action Implementation Monitor (Phase 1): Assessing Reported Progress 2012
Reading between the Lines: Crime and Victimization in Liberia 2011
Re-Armament in Sierra Leone:: One Year After the Lomé Peace Agreement 2000
Recoilless Weapons 2015
Reducing Armed Violence, Enabling Development 2012
Reducing Illicit Arms Flows and the New Development Agenda 2015
Regional Organizations and the PoA 2012
Regulating Armed Groups from Within:: A Typology 2012
Removing Small Arms from Society: A Review of Weapons Collection and Destruction Programmes 2001
Risky Business?: Crime and Security Perceptions in the Nepali Private Sector 2013
Rogue Rocketeers: Artillery Rockets and Armed Groups 2014
The Role of Small Arms during the 2003–2004 Conflict in Iraq 2005
Safer Stockpiles: Practitioners’ Experiences with Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM) Assistance Programmes 2011
Scraping the Barrel: The Trade in Surplus Ammunition 2011
Secret Stockpiles: Arms Caches and Disarmament Efforts in Mozambique 2015
Securing Haiti’s Transition:: Reviewing Human Insecurity and the Prospects for Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration 2005
Security provision in Southern Lebanon: Surveying public opinion 2010
Shining a Light on Small Arms Exports:: The Record of State Transparency 2002
Sistemas de supervisión de la violencia armada 2013
Small Arms and Light Weapons Production in Eastern, Central, and Southeast Europe 2004
Small Arms, Armed Violence, and Insecurity in Nigeria:: The Niger Delta in Perspective 2007
Small Arms Availability, Trade and Impacts in the Republic of Congo 2002
Small Arms in Kyrgyzstan: Post-revolutionary Proliferation 2007
Small Arms in the Pacific 2003
Small Arms of the Indian State: A Century of Procurement and Production 2014
Small Arms Transfers:: Importing States 2011
Small Arms Transfers:: Exporting States 2011
South-east European Surplus Arms: State Policies and Practices 2010
STILL NOT THERE: Global Violent Deaths Scenarios, 2019–30 2021
Stray Bullets:: The Impact of Small Arms Misuse in Central America 2002
Supporting Effective Implementation of United Nations Sanctions on North Korea: HOW-TO GUIDES 2020
Surplus Arms in South America: A Survey 2009
Surveying Europe's Production and Procurement of Small Arms and Light Weapons Ammunition: The Cases of Italy, France, and the Russian Federation 2010
Tajikistan's Road to Stability:: Reduction in Small Arms Proliferation and Remaining Challenges 2005
Taking Stock of Excess Stockpiles:: UEMS in South-east Europe 2014
TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: How Algeria Faces the Libyan Conflict 2018
Traçage des armes et opérations de soutien à la paix: Théorie ou pratique ? 2012
TRACKING CONFLICT-RELATED DEATHS: A Preliminary Overview of Monitoring Systems 2017
Tracking National Homicide Rates: Generating Estimates Using Vital Registration Data 2012
TRADE UPDATE 2016: Transfers and Transparency 2016
TRADE UPDATE 2020: An Eye on Ammunition Transfers to Africa 2020
Traditional Military Rifles 2014
Transferencias de armas pequeñas:: estados exportadores 2011
Transferencias de armas pequeñas:: estados importadores 2011
Transparency Counts:: Assessing State Reporting on Small Arms Transfers, 2001–08 2010
Tratado sobre el Comercio de Armas:: ¿un avance en el control de las armas pequeñas? 2013
TRI-BORDER TRANSIT: Trafficking and Smuggling in the Burkina Faso–Côte d’Ivoire–Mali Region 2020
The UEMS Incident Reporting Template (IRT) 2014
Under pressure: Social violence over land and water in Yemen 2010
Unheard and Uncounted: Violence against Women in India 2015
Unplanned Explosions at Munitions Sites 2014
Urban Armed Violence 2012
The US Firearms Industry: Production and Supply 2013
The Use and Perception of Weapons before and after Conflict:: Evidence from Rwanda 2005
The Value of Hospital Data: Understanding and Preventing Intentional Injury in Liberia 2016
Violent Deaths due to Legal Interventions 2015
Voicing Concern: Surveying People’s Priorities in Violent Settings 2015
WAYS FORWARD: Conclusions of the Small Arms Symposia 2018
Weapons Tracing and Peace Support Operations: Theory or Practice? 2012
THE WEST AFRICA—SAHEL CONNECTION: Mapping Cross-border Arms Trafficking 2019
What the National Reports Reveal: Trends in UN PoA and ITI Reporting 2015
WHO IS FIGHTING WHOM IN TRIPOLI?: How the 2019 Civil War is Transforming Libya’s Military Landscape 2019
Women and Gun Ownership 2014