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SUN PReSS is an imprint of African Sun Media. Scholarly, professional and reference works are published under this imprint in print and electronic formats.

Books in JSTOR from SUN PReSS
142 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Action Research in South African Education: A Critical Praxis 2019
African Military Geosciences: Military History and the Physical Environment 2018
African perspectives on selected marine, maritime and international trade law topics 2020
Augustinus: n Studie oor die Etiek van 'n Kerkvader uit Afrika 2018
Background to Sans 10160: Basis of structural design and actions for buildings and industrial structures 2009
Beginsels van narkose vir die voorgraadse student 2008
Being a Systems Psychodynamic Scholar 2019
Belhar Confession: The Embracing Confession of Faith for Church and Society 2017
Bible and Theology from the Underside of Empire 2017
Case Studies of Emerging Farmers and Agribusinesses in South Africa 2011
Caught in the Act: Reflections on Continuing Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers in a Collabrative Partnership 2019
Challenging the Apartheids of Knowledge in Higher Education through Social Innovation 2021
Childhood Vulnerabilities in South Africa: Some Ethical Perspectives 2020
Church and Civil Society: German and South African perspectives 2017
Clown of the City 2020
Contemporary Military Geosciences in South Africa 2019
Contested Issues in Training Ministers in South Africa 2015
Contextualised Critical Reflections on Academic Development Practices: Towards professional learning 2021
Covid-19: Interdisciplinary Exlorations of Impacts on Higher Education 2021
Critical Reflections on Physical Culture at the Edges of Empire 2021
Defence Diplomacy and National Security Strategy: Views from the Global South 2020
Delivering an Elusive Dream of Democracy: Lessons from Nelson Mandela Bay 2018
Developing Teaching and Learning in Africa: Decolonising Perspectives 2020
Die Kaapse Helpmekaar c.1916-c.2014: Bemiddelaar in Afrikaner opheffing, selfrespek en respektabiliteit 2018
Die reis gaan inwaarts: Die kuns van sterwe in kreatiewe werke van Karel Schoeman 2017
Die verhaal van die Griekse Taal oor 35 Eeue heen 2017
Durban Dialogues Dissected: An Analysis of Ashwin Singh's Plays 2020
Educating Citizen Designers in South Africa 2018
Education First!: From Martin Luther to Sustainable Development 2017
The Educational Practices and Pathways of South African Students across Power-Marginalised Spaces 2018
The Effects of Race 2018
The Emerging Data Revolution in Africa: Strengthening the Statistics, Policy and Decision-making Chain 2015
Empowering IT & CAT Teachers 2013
Enacting a Public Theology 2019
Encountering Adamastor: South Africa’s founding geographers in time and place 2016
Engaging Schooling Subjectivities Across Post-apartheid Urban Spaces 2015
Ethics and Professionalism: The Battle Against Public Corruption 2004
Evaluation Management in South Africa and Africa 2014
Evoking Transformation: Visual Redress at Stellenbosch University 2021
Exploring decolonising themes in SA sport history: Issues and challenges 2018
Exploring Sustainability Science: A Southern African Perspective 2008
Export Promotion: A Decision Support Model Approach 2012
Fault Lines: A primer on race, science and society 2020
Following Foucault: The Trail of the Fox 2018
Game Farm and Hunting Tourism 2014
Gewone Taal: n Oorsig 2020
The Global Scholar: Implications for postgraduate studies and supervision 2021
The Governance of Transitions – The Transitions of Governance: Cases from Southern Africa 2018
Graad R in Perspektief: ’n Akademiese en Praktykgerigte Handleiding vir Onderrig in Graad R 2015
Grace upon Grace: Reflections on the Meaning of Life 2020
Grade R in Perspective: An Academic and Practice-orientated Manual for Education in Grade R 2015
The Grammar of isiXhosa 2016
A handbook on Legal Languages and the quest for linguistic equality in South Africa and beyond 2021
Health in Transition: Translating developmental origins of health and disease science to improve future health in Africa 2020
Herinneringe & Verlange: Gesprekke oor Mag, Geskiedenis en die Bybel 2019
Higher Education in South Africa: A scholarly look behind the scenes 2009
The History of Geophysics in Southern Africa 2015
A History of the AbaThembu People from Earliest Times to 1920 2020
Human Geographies of Stellenbosch: Transforming Space, Preserving Place? 2020
The Human Spirit: Groundwork 2017
ImiGaqo-ntetho yesiXhosa 2017
The (im)possibility of forgiveness?: An empirical intercultural Bible reading of Matthew 18:15-35 2017
In Different Times: The War for Southern Africa 1966-1989 2019
Inclusive Teaching in South Africa 2016
Indigenous Social Security Systems in Southern and West Africa 2018
Interdisciplinary Reflections on the Interplay between Religion, Film and Youth 2019
Interpreting terminology/ Terminologie van het tolken/ Tolkterminologie/ Mareo a botoloki/ Amatemu okutolika 2018
An Introduction to Sports Tourism and Event Management 2012
The Journey to the South: A parable and five critiques 2019
Kaaps in Fokus 2016
Khaki-clad Springboks: Rugby played by the 6th South African Armoured Division 1943-1946 2017
Kromdraai: A Birthplace of Paranthropus in the Cradle of Humankind - A South African Heritage Site 2016
The Language Issue in the Teaching of Mathematics in South Africa: Intermediate Phase research from one province 2020
Law, Religion and Human Flourishing in Africa 2019
Learning to teach in post-apartheid South Africa: Student Teachers' Encounters with Initial Teacher Education 2018
Liber Amicorum: Essays in honour of Professor Edwell Kaseke and Dr Mathias Nyenti 2020
Living in a Hut: in 21st Century South Africa 2015
A Luta Continua: A history of media freedom in South Africa 2020
Masithethisane ngempilo ngesiXhosa: Let's Talk about Health | Kom ons Praat oor Gesondheid | in isiXhosa 2020
Military Psychology for Africa 2016
Modern State Development, Capacity, and Institutions 2017
Morality as a Way of Life: A first introduction to ethical theory 2006
Mother Earth, Mother Africa and Mission 2021
Multilingualism in Ancient Contexts: Perspectives from Ancient Near Eastern and Early Christian Contexts 2021
Music and Identity: Transformation and Negotiation 2007
Near Infrared Technology: Getting the best out of light 2019
Network of the Human Soul: On Identity, Dignity, Maturity and Life Skills 2012
New Frontiers in Forensic Linguistics: Themes and Perspectives in Language and Law in Africa and beyond 2019
Non-racialism in South Africa: The life and times of Neville Alexander 2016
On Record: Popular Afrikaans Music & Society, 1900–2017 2017
The Origin and Growth of Geography as a discipline at South Africa Universities 2016
Persistence of Race 2020
Philosophy of Public Administration – A Holistic Approach: An introduction for undergraduate students 2004
Plate en Politiek: Populêre Afrikaanse Musiek en die Samelewing 1900-2017 2019
Preaching Promise withing the paradoxes of life 2018
Principles of anaesthesia for the undergraduate student 2008
Race in Education 2019
Race Talk in the South African Media 2019
Ratwerke van die Menslike Siel: Oor volwassenheid en lewensvaardighede 2005
Reading Writing Right: Essays presented in honour of Prof Elna Mouton 2018
Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Violence in Africa: Biblical, pastoral and ethical perspectives 2020
Reflections on War: Preparedness and Consequences 2012
Reforming Memory: Essays on South African Church and Theological History 2017
Re-imagining Curriculum: Spaces for Disruption 2019
Religion and State - Development Cooperation: A German-South African dialogue on historical and current challenges 2020
Reports from the Dorsland and other pioneering regions 2020
RE:search ABC 2006
Research Ethics in Africa: A Resource for Research Ethics Committees 2014
Resistance to and Acquiescence in Apartheid: St. Paul’s Theological College, Grahamstown, 1965-92 2018
Scholarly Engagement and Decolonisation: Views from South Africa, The Netherlands and the United States 2020
Scientific Writing Skills: Guidelines for writing theses and dissertations 2007
Searching for Islamic Ethical Agency in Post-Apartheid Cape Town: An Anthology 2019
Select Essays on Governance and Accountability Issues in Public Law 2020
The Semiotics of New Spaces: Languaging and Literacy Practices in one South African Township 2018
Serving Higher Purposes: University Mergers in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2020
Sights, Sounds, Memories: South African Soldier Experiences of the Second World War 2020
Skoolleierskap en die skep van produktiewe leerruimtes in skole 2020
Social Welfare and Social Work in Southern Africa 2021
South Africa and the Case for Renegotiating the Peace 2016
South African Accounting Education Stocktake 2020
STILSPRAAK: Strijdom van der Merwe en Landkuns 2020
Struggle and Hope: Reflections on the recent history of the Transkeian People 2019
Subjects of Modernity: Time-space, disciplines, margins 2017
Sustainable Stellenbosch: Opening dialogues 2012
Systematic Reviews of Research in Basic Education in South Africa 2021
Taalkundige Essays: n Gerf uit die vroegskemer 2017
Ta’arruf as a Philosophy of Muslim Education: Extending Abu Bakr Effendi's Pragmatism 2020
Teacher Education for Transformative Agency: Critical perspectives on design, content and pedagogy 2020
Teaching for Change: Essays on Pedagogy, Gender and Theology in Africa 2019
Teaching In and Beyond Pandemic Times 2021
Teksredaksie 2010
There is no Supreme Constitution: A Critique of Statist-individualist Constitutionalism 2019
Timing Grace: Reflections on the temporality of preaching 2019
Transformational Infrastructure for Development of a Wellbeing Economy in Africa 2019
Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at South African Universities 2018
Twyfelaars wat Glo: n Nederlands- Afrikaanse tweegesprek 2019
Understanding the Other: An Introduction to Christian and Jewish Relations 2017
Unfinished Business: Faith Communities and Reconciliation in a Post TRC Context 2020
Wetenskaplike skryfvaardighede: Riglyne vir die skryf van tesisse en proefskrifte 2004
Whose History Counts: Decolonising African Pre-colonial Historiography 2018
Writing Centres in Higher Education: Working in and across the disciplines 2017
Xhosa and Russian Folktales: A Structural Comparison 2019