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Publisher Description

Ubiquity Press is an open access publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals and books, and next-generation institutional repositories. Our flexible publishing model makes open access affordable, and enables researchers around the world to find and access the information they need, without barriers. Ubiquity Press was founded by researchers at University College London (UCL) in 2012. We believe that the aim of academic publishing should be the widest possible dissemination of research, and are therefore 100% open access.

Books in JSTOR from Ubiquity Press
60 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Animal (De)liberation: Should the Consumption of Animal Products Be Banned? OPEN ACCESS 2016
Application of Molecular Methods and Raman Microscopy/Spectroscopy in Agricultural Sciences and Food Technology OPEN ACCESS 2019
Arab Uprisings and Armed Forces: Between Openness and Resistance OPEN ACCESS 2011
The Battle For Open: How openness won and why it doesn't feel like victory OPEN ACCESS 2014
Business and Security Sector Reform: The Case for Corporate Security Responsibility OPEN ACCESS 2015
CLARIN in the Low Countries OPEN ACCESS 2017
Communicating the Past in the Digital Age: Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Methods in Teaching and Learning in Archaeology (12th-13th October 2018) OPEN ACCESS 2020
Conversations with Kenelm: Essays on the Theology of the Commedia OPEN ACCESS 2013
Dangerous Science: Science Policy and Risk Analysis for Scientists and Engineers OPEN ACCESS 2020
Dante and Aquinas: A Study of Nature and Grace in the Comedy OPEN ACCESS 2013
DDR and SSR in War-to-Peace Transition OPEN ACCESS 2016
Dealing with the Past in Security Sector Reform OPEN ACCESS 2013
The "Democratic Soldier": Comparing Concepts and Practices in Europe OPEN ACCESS 2013
Digital Classics Outside the Echo-Chamber: Teaching, Knowledge Exchange & Public Engagement OPEN ACCESS 2016
Doing the Right Thing: A Value Based Economy OPEN ACCESS 2017
Ebooks in Education: Realising the Vision OPEN ACCESS 2014
Educational visions: The lessons from 40 years of innovation OPEN ACCESS 2019
European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information OPEN ACCESS 2016
Garden Learning: A Study on European Botanic Gardens Collaborative Learning Processes OPEN ACCESS 2015
Gouvernance du secteur de la Sécurité: Leçons des expériences ouest-africaines OPEN ACCESS 2015
Högskolans ansvar: Principer för utveckling av den högre utbildningen OPEN ACCESS 2015
Imagining the Future City: London 2062 OPEN ACCESS 2013
Integrating SSR and SALW Programming OPEN ACCESS 2016
International Intervention and the Use of Force: Military and Police Roles OPEN ACCESS 2012
Issues in Open Research Data OPEN ACCESS 2014
Learning from West African Experiences in Security Sector Governance OPEN ACCESS 2015
Linking Mine Action and SSR through Human Security OPEN ACCESS 2016
Mapping and the Citizen Sensor OPEN ACCESS 2017
Mapping Evolving Internal Roles of the Armed Forces OPEN ACCESS 2012
Measuring the Impact of Peacebuilding Interventions on Rule of Law and Security Institutions OPEN ACCESS 2012
Migration of the Ukrainian Population: Economic, Institutional and Sociocultural Factors OPEN ACCESS 2017
Mobile Research Methods: Opportunities and challenges of mobile research methodologies OPEN ACCESS 2015
Money Matters: Addressing the Financial Sustainability of Security Sector Reform OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Multi-Agent Transport Simulation MATSim OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Nexus Between Security Sector Governance/Reform and Sustainable Development Goal-16: An Examination of Conceptual Linkages and Policy Recommendations OPEN ACCESS 2021
Open Source, Free Software E Open Format Nei Processi Di Ricerca Archeologica: Atti del II Workshop (Genova, 11 Maggio 2007) OPEN ACCESS 2007
Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Paradox of Gendarmeries: Between Expansion, Demilitarization and Dissolution OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Past in the Present: A Living Heritage Approach - Meteora, Greece OPEN ACCESS 2014
Production Ergonomics: Designing Work Systems to Support Optimal Human Performance OPEN ACCESS 2017
Pro-ecological Restructuring of Companies: Case Studies OPEN ACCESS 2019
Publishing Addiction Science: A Guide for the Perplexed OPEN ACCESS 2017
Reading with My Eyes Open: Embracing the Critical and the Personal in Language Pedagogy OPEN ACCESS 2013
Reconsidering Cultural Heritage in East Asia OPEN ACCESS 2016
Rethinking Community Policing in International Police Reform: Examples from Asia OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform: Conceptualising a Complex Relationship OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Security Sector Governance–Migration Nexus: Rethinking how Security Sector Governance matters for migrants’ rights OPEN ACCESS 2021
Security Sector Reform and Citizen Security: Experiences from Urban Latin America in Global Perspective OPEN ACCESS 2019
Security Sector Reform: Narrowing the Gap between Theory and Practice OPEN ACCESS 2011
Sharpening the Haze: Visual Essays on Imperial History and Memory OPEN ACCESS 2020
Strindberg and Autobiography OPEN ACCESS 1986
Studies in Strindberg OPEN ACCESS 1998
Thinking Beyond Sectors for Sustainable Development OPEN ACCESS 2015
Thoughts and Ways of Thinking: Source Theory and Its Applications OPEN ACCESS 2017
Towards an International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers: A View from Inside a Multistakeholder Process OPEN ACCESS 2015
Turn on the light on science: A research-based guide to break down popular stereotypes about science and scientists OPEN ACCESS 2017
UN Use of Private Military and Security Companies: Practices and Policies OPEN ACCESS 2011
The Value of the University Armed Service Units OPEN ACCESS 2015
Variance In Approach Toward A ‘Sustainable’ Coffee Industry In Costa Rica: Perspectives from Within; Lessons and Insights OPEN ACCESS 2019
Writing as Material Practice: Substance, Surface and Medium OPEN ACCESS 2013

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