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University of California Press

Publisher Description

Founded in 1893, University of California Press, Journals and Digital Publishing Division, disseminates scholarship of enduring value. One of the largest, most distinguished, and innovative of the university presses today, its collection of print and online journals spans topics in the humanities and social sciences, with concentrations in sociology, musicology, history, religion, cultural and area studies, ornithology, law, and literature. In addition to publishing its own journals, the division also provides traditional and digital publishing services to many client scholarly societies and associations.

Journals in JSTOR from University of California Press
34 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
19th-Century Music 1977 - 2017
The American Biology Teacher 1938 - 2017
Asian Survey 1961 - 2017
Far Eastern Survey 1935 - 1961
Memorandum (Institute of Pacific Relations, American Council) 1932 - 1934
Boom: A Journal of California 2011 - 2016
California History 1978 - 2017
California Historical Quarterly 1971 - 1977
California Historical Society Quarterly 1922 - 1970
California Management Review 1958 - 2015
Classical Antiquity 1982 - 2017
California Studies in Classical Antiquity 1968 - 1979
Communist and Post-Communist Studies 1993 - 2017
Studies in Comparative Communism 1968 - 1992
Communist Affairs 1962 - 1967
Contemporary Arab Affairs 2008 - 2017
Current History 1941 - 2017
Current History & Forum 1940 - 1941
Current History (1916-1940) 1916 - 1940
The New York Times Current History of the European War 1915 - 1916
Departures in Critical Qualitative Research 2014 - 2015
Qualitative Communication Research 2012 - 2013
Federal Sentencing Reporter 1988 - 2017
Feminist Media Histories 2015
Film Quarterly 1958 - 2017
The Quarterly of Film Radio and Television 1951 - 1957
Hollywood Quarterly 1945 - 1951
Gastronomica 2001 - 2017
Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 2008 - 2017
Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences 1986 - 2007
Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences 1969 - 1985
Chymia 1948 - 1967
The Journal of Musicology 1982 - 2017
Journal of Palestine Studies 1971 - 2016
Journal of the American Musicological Society 1948 - 2017
Bulletin of the American Musicological Society 1936 - 1948
Papers of the American Musicological Society 1940 - 1941
Papers Read by Members of the American Musicological Society at the Annual Meeting 1936 - 1939
Bulletin (New York Musicological Society) 1931 - 1933
Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 1945 - 2017
Journal of the American Society of Architectural Historians 1941 - 1944
Journal of Vietnamese Studies 2006 - 2017
Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 1985 - 2017
Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal 1983 - 2017
New Criminal Law Review: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal 2007 - 2017
Buffalo Criminal Law Review 1997 - 2006
Nineteenth-Century Literature 1986 - 2017
Nineteenth-Century Fiction 1949 - 1986
The Trollopian 1945 - 1949
Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions 1997 - 2017
Pacific Historical Review 1932 - 2017
The Public Historian 1978 - 2017
Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation 1991 - 2015
Representations 1983 - 2017
Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric 1983 - 2017
Romance Philology 1947 - 2015
Sociology of Development 2015
Southern California Quarterly 1962 - 2017
The Historical Society of Southern California Quarterly 1949 - 1961
The Quarterly: Historical Society of Southern California 1936 - 1949
Quarterly Publication (Historical Society of Southern California) 1935
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California 1905 - 1934
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California and of the Pioneers of Los Angeles County 1902 - 1904
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California and Pioneer Register, Los Angeles 1897 - 1901
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles 1893 - 1896
Publications of the Historical Society of Southern California 1891
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California (1891) 1891
Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles (1890) 1890
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California (1888) 1888
Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles 1884 - 1887
Books in JSTOR from University of California Press
3102 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1500 California Place Names: Their Origin and Meaning, A Revised version of1000 California Place Namesby Erwin G. Gudde, Third edition 1998
The 1972 Munich Olympics and the Making of Modern Germany 2010
1989: Bob Dylan Didn’t Have This to Sing About 2009
1995: The Year the Future Began 2015
2000 Years of Mayan Literature 2010
The $800 Million Pill: The Truth behind the Cost of New Drugs 2004
Abandoned in the Heartland: Work, Family, and Living in East St. Louis 2011
ABC Sports: The Rise and Fall of Network Sports Television 2018
Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood 1984
Above the Clouds: Status Culture of the Modern Japanese Nobility 1993
Abrazando el Espíritu: Bracero Families Confront the US-Mexico Border 2014
Absolute Music, Mechanical Reproduction 2010
Abstract Video: The Moving Image in Contemporary Art 2015
Abusive Endings: Separation and Divorce Violence against Women 2017
The Accidental History of the U.S. Immigration Courts: War, Fear, and the Roots of Dysfunction 2021
Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America's Clovis Culture 2012
Acting in the Cinema 1988
Acting in the Night: Macbeth and the Places of the Civil War 2010
Activist's Handbook: Winning Social Change in the 21st Century 2013
Acts of Faith: Explaining the Human Side of Religion 2000
Addicted to Christ: Remaking Men in Puerto Rican Pentecostal Drug Ministries 2018
Admonitions on Governing the People: Manual for All Administrators 2010
Advancing Equality: How Constitutional Rights Can Make a Difference Worldwide OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Advent Project: The Later Seventh-Century Creation of the Roman Mass Proper 2000
Adventure Capital: Migration and the Making of an African Hub in Paris 2019
Adventures among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions 2010
Adventures in Yiddishland: Postvernacular Language and Culture 2006
Adventures of a Jazz Age Lawyer: Nathan Burkan and the Making of American Popular Culture 2020
The Adventures of Ibn Battuta: A Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth Century 2012
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: 135th Anniversary Edition 1980
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom Sawyer Abroad, and Tom Sawyer, Detective 1980
Aeroscopics: Media of the Bird's-Eye View 2021
Aesthetic Technologies of Modernity, Subjectivity, and Nature: Opera, Orchestra, Phonograph, Film 2015
Aesthetics and Analysis in Writing on Religion: Modern Fascinations 2003
The Aesthetics of Japanese Fascism 2009
Afghanistan's Islam: From Conversion to the Taliban OPEN ACCESS 2017
After Camp: Portraits in Midcentury Japanese American Life and Politics 2012
After Silence: A History of AIDS through Its Images 2018
After the Gig: How the Sharing Economy Got Hijacked and How to Win It Back 2020
After the Grizzly: Endangered Species and the Politics of Place in California 2013
After the Massacre: Commemoration and Consolation in Ha My and My Lai 2006
Against Demagogues: What Aristophanes Can Teach Us about the Perils of Populism and the Fate of Democracy, New Translations of the Acharnians and the Knights 2020
Against Humanity: Lessons from the Lord's Resistance Army 2018
Against the Law: Labor Protests in China’s Rustbelt and Sunbelt 2007
Age of Coexistence: The Ecumenical Frame and the Making of the Modern Arab World 2019
The Age of Huts (compleat) 2007
The Age of Irreverence: A New History of Laughter in China 2015
Aghor Medicine: Pollution, Death, and Healing in Northern India 2008
Aging in Twentieth-Century Britain 2018
Agnes Varda between Film, Photography, and Art 2018
Agrarian Dreams: The Paradox of Organic Farming in California 2004
Agrarian Dreams: The Paradox of Organic Farming in California 2014
Agrotropolis: Youth, Street, and Nation in the New Urban Guatemala 2021
Ahead of the Curve: David Baltimore's Life in Science 2001
AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame 2006
AIDS and Masculinity in the African City: Privilege, Inequality, and Modern Manhood 2016
Ain't No Trust: How Bosses, Boyfriends, and Bureaucrats Fail Low-Income Mothers and Why It Matters 2013
Alcatraz: The Gangster Years 2009
Alef Is for Allah: Childhood, Emotion, and Visual Culture in Islamic Societies 2018
Alef, Mem, Tau: Kabbalistic Musings on Time, Truth, and Death 2006
Alexander of Macedon, 356–323 B.C.: A Historical Biography 2013
Alexander the Great and the Mystery of the Elephant Medallions 2003
Alexander to Actium: The Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age 1990
Alien Ocean: Anthropological Voyages in Microbial Seas 2009
All I Eat Is Medicine: Going Hungry in Mozambique's AIDS Economy 2021
All in Sync: How Music and Art Are Revitalizing American Religion 2003
All in Your Head: Making Sense of Pediatric Pain 2015
All Poets Welcome: The Lower East Side Poetry Scene in the 1960s, Includes 35-track CD of audio clips of poetry readings 2003
All under Heaven: The Tianxia System for a Possible World Order 2021
Almost Chosen People: Oblique Biographies in the American Grain 1993
Almost Hollywood, Nearly New Orleans: The Lure of the Local Film Economy OPEN ACCESS 2017
Along the Silk Roads in Mongol Eurasia: Generals, Merchants, and Intellectuals 2020
Alt-Right Gangs: A Hazy Shade of White 2020
Amateur Cinema: The Rise of North American Moviemaking, 1923-1960 2015
Amateurs without Borders: The Aspirations and Limits of Global Compassion 2021
The Amazing Bud Powell: Black Genius, Jazz History, and the Challenge of Bebop 2013
Ambrose of Milan: Church and Court in a Christian Capital 1994
American Art to 1900: A Documentary History 2009
American Bison: A Natural History 2002
American Chestnut: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree 2007
American Disruptor: The Scandalous Life of Leland Stanford 2019
American Empire: Roosevelt’s Geographer and the Prelude to Globalization 2003
American Ethnographic Film and Personal Documentary: The Cambridge Turn 2013
American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons 2004
American Health Crisis: One Hundred Years of Panic, Planning, and Politics 2021
American History Unbound: Asians and Pacific Islanders 2015
American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear 2018
American Klezmer: Its Roots and Offshoots 2002
An American Language: The History of Spanish in the United States 2018
American Nightmares: Social Problems in an Anxious World 2018
American Perceptions of Immigrant and Invasive Species: Strangers on the Land 2006
The American Research University from World War II to World Wide Web: Governments, the Private Sector, and the Emerging Meta-University 2007
American Rhone: How Maverick Winemakers Changed the Way Americans Drink 2016
American Roulette: The Social Logic of Death Penalty Sentencing Trials 2020
American Scream: Allen Ginsberg's Howl and the Making of the Beat Generation 2004
American Sensations: Class, Empire, and the Production of Popular Culture 2002
American Sexual Character: Sex, Gender, and National Identity in the Kinsey Reports 2005
American Studies: A User's Guide 2017
American Tuna: The Rise and Fall of an Improbable Food 2012
American Wine Economics: An Exploration of the U.S. Wine Industry 2013
American Workers, Colonial Power: Philippine Seattle and the Transpacific West, 1919-1941 2003
Americanizing the Movies and “Movie-Mad” Audiences, 1910-1914 2006
America's Favorite Holidays: Candid Histories 2015
America's Largest Classroom: What We Learn from Our National Parks 2020
America's Lone Star Constitution: How Supreme Court Cases from Texas Shape the Nation 2018
America's Social Arsonist: Fred Ross and Grassroots Organizing in the Twentieth Century 2016
Among African Apes: Stories and Photos from the Field 2011
Among Murderers: Life after Prison 2013
Amphibian Declines: The Conservation Status of United States Species 2005
Amphibians and Reptiles of Baja California, Including Its Pacific Islands and the Islands in the Sea of Cortés 2002
The Analects: Conclusions and Conversations of Confucius 2020
The Anatomy of Fake News: A Critical News Literacy Education 2020
The Anatomy of Harpo Marx 2012
Anatomy of Sound: Norman Corwin and Media Authorship 2016
Ancestors and Anxiety: Daoism and the Birth of Rebirth in China 2007
Ancestral Leaves: A Family Journey through Chinese History 2011
Ancient Egyptian Literature 2019
Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume I: The Old and Middle Kingdoms 2006
Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume II: The New Kingdom 2006
Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume III: The Late Period 2006
Ancient Greek Epigrams: Major Poets in Verse Translation 2010
Ancient Titicaca: The Evolution of Complex Society in Southern Peru and Northern Bolivia 2003
Andre Bazin's New Media 2014
Animal Ethos: The Morality of Human-Animal Encounters in Experimental Lab Science 2019
The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney 2007
Animation, Plasticity, and Music in Italy, 1770-1830 2017
Anna Halprin: Experience as Dance 2007
Annihilating Difference: The Anthropology of Genocide 2002
Another Politics: Talking across Today's Transformative Movements 2014
Anteparadise, A Bilingual edition 1986
The Anthropology of Catholicism: A Reader 2017
The Anthropology of Sport: Bodies, Borders, Biopolitics 2018
Ants of Africa and Madagascar: A Guide to the Genera 2016
The Ants of Fiji 2012
Ants of North America: A Guide to the Genera 2007
Anxious China: Inner Revolution and Politics of Psychotherapy 2020
Anyuan: Mining China's Revolutionary Tradition 2012
Apocalypse in Rome: Cola di Rienzo and the Politics of the New Age 2003
Appealing to Justice: Prisoner Grievances, Rights, and Carceral Logic 2015
Arab France: Islam and the Making of Modern Europe, 1798-1831 2011
Arab Modernism as World Cinema: The Films of Moumen Smihi 2020
Arbitraging Japan: Dreams of Capitalism at the End of Finance 2013
Archaeologies of Colonialism: Consumption, Entanglement, and Violence in Ancient Mediterranean France 2010
The Archaeology of Ethnogenesis: Race and Sexuality in Colonial San Francisco 2008
The Archaeology of Liberty in an American Capital: Excavations in Annapolis 2005
Archaeology: The Discipline of Things 2012
An Archive of Hope: Harvey Milk's Speeches and Writings 2013
Arctic Shorebirds in North America: A Decade of Monitoring 2012
Are We Ready?: Public Health since 9/11 2006
Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources 2012
Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources, Third and Expanded Edition 2004
Argentina's Missing Bones: Revisiting the History of the Dirty War 2018
The Argonautika: Expanded Edition 2007
Army of Shadows: Palestinian Collaboration with Zionism, 1917–1948 2008
Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor from Warsaw in Postwar Europe 2014
The Art and Films of Lynn Hershman Leeson: Secret Agents, Private I 2005
Art and the Global Economy 2017
The Art of Appreciation: Music and Middlebrow Culture in Modern Britain 2021
The Art of Connection: Risk, Mobility, and the Crafting of Transparency in Coastal Kenya 2017
The Art of Cooking: The First Modern Cookery Book 2005
The Art of Eating Cookbook: Essential Recipes from the First 25 Years 2011
The Art of Fugue: Bach Fugues for Keyboard, 1715-1750 2005
Art of Fugue: Bach Fugues for Keyboard, 1715–1750 OPEN ACCESS 2005
Art of Suppression: Confronting the Nazi Past in Histories of the Visual and Performing Arts 2016
Art of the Gold Rush: (Published in association with the Oakland Museum of California and the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento) 1998
The Art of the Gut: Manhood, Power, and Ethics in Japanese Politics 2010
Art Worlds, 25th Anniversary Edition: 25th Anniversary edition, Updated and Expanded 2008
Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display 2015
Arts, Inc.: How Greed and Neglect Have Destroyed Our Cultural Rights 2008
Aspen and the American Dream: How One Town Manages Inequality in the Era of Supergentrification 2021
Assassination of a Saint: The Plot to Murder Óscar Romero and the Quest to Bring His Killers to Justice 2017
Assimilating Seoul: Japanese Rule and the Politics of Public Space in Colonial Korea, 1910–1945 2014
Assimilation: An Alternative History 2020
Assuming the Burden: Europe and the American Commitment to War in Vietnam 2005
Asylum Denied: A Refugee’s Struggle for Safety in America 2008
At Home in Nature: Modern Homesteading and Spiritual Practice in America 2005
At the Dawn of Modernity: Biology, Culture, and Material Life in Europe after the Year 1000 2001
At the Jazz Band Ball: Sixty Years on the Jazz Scene 2010
Atala and René 1980
Athens and Macedon: Attic Letter-Cutters of 300 to 229 B.C. 2003
Atonement and Forgiveness: A New Model for Black Reparations 2004
Audiotopia: Music, Race, and America 2005
Authentic Wine: Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking 2011
The Authority of Everyday Objects: A Cultural History of West German Industrial Design 2004
Autobiography of Mark Twain: Volume 1, Reader’s Edition 2012
Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1: The Complete and Authoritative Edition 2010
Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2: The Complete and Authoritative Edition 2013
Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 3: The Complete and Authoritative Edition 2015
Autopsy of a Crime Lab: Exposing the Flaws in Forensics 2021
Awangarda: Tradition and Modernity in Postwar Polish Music 2021
Baby Jails: The Fight to End the Incarceration of Refugee Children in America 2020
Bach’s Cycle, Mozart’s Arrow: An Essay on the Origins of Musical Modernity 2007
Backlash 9/11: Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans Respond 2009
Backlash against Welfare Mothers: Past and Present 2005
Backstory 5: Interviews with Screenwriters of the 1990s 2010
Badges without Borders: How Global Counterinsurgency Transformed American Policing 2019
Balancing Acts: Youth Culture in the Global City 2011
Balancing on a Planet: The Future of Food and Agriculture 2014
Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics 2014
Bandage, Sort, and Hustle: Ambulance Crews on the Front Lines of Urban Suffering 2020
The Banjo Clock: Poems 2012
Bans, Walls, Raids, Sanctuary: Understanding U.S. Immigration for the Twenty-First Century 2020
Barbed-Wire Imperialism: Britain's Empire of Camps, 1876-1903 2017
Bargaining for Eden: The Fight for the Last Open Spaces in America 2008
Barnum Brown: The Man Who DiscoveredTyrannosaurus rex 2010
Barolo and Barbaresco: The King and Queen of Italian Wine 2014
Barrio Dreams: Puerto Ricans, Latinos, and the Neoliberal City 2004
Barrio Rising: Urban Popular Politics and the Making of Modern Venezuela 2015
Bartók, Hungary, and the Renewal of Tradition: Case Studies in the Intersection of Modernity and Nationality 2006
A Bat Man in the Tropics: Chasing El Duende 2003
Bathroom Battlegrounds: How Public Restrooms Shape the Gender Order 2020
Beasts of Eden: Walking Whales, Dawn Horses, and Other Enigmas of Mammal Evolution 2004
Beautiful Monsters: Imagining the Classic in Musical Media 2008
Beauty Up: Exploring Contemporary Japanese Body Aesthetics 2006
Becoming Dr. Q: My Journey from Migrant Farm Worker to Brain Surgeon 2011
Becoming Human Again: An Oral History of the Rwanda Genocide against the Tutsi 2020
Becoming Judy Chicago: A Biography of the Artist 2018
Becoming Religious in a Secular Age 2016
Becoming Salmon: Aquaculture and the Domestication of a Fish 2015
Becoming Sinners: Christianity and Moral Torment in a Papua New Guinea Society 2004
Beethoven, A Life 2020
Beethoven after Napoleon: Political Romanticism in the Late Works 2004
Before Taliban: Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad 2002
Before Wilde: Sex between Men in Britain’s Age of Reform 2009
Beginning to End Hunger: Food and the Environment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Beyond 2018
Behavioral Ecology and the Transition to Agriculture 2006
Being Brown: Sonia Sotomayor and the Latino Question 2019
Being Christian in Vandal Africa: The Politics of Orthodoxy in the Post-Imperial West 2018
Being Human: Ethics, Environment, and Our Place in the World 2001
Being There: The Fieldwork Encounter and the Making of Truth 2009
Being-Moved: Rhetoric as the Art of Listening 2020
The Ben Cao Gang Mu: Chinese Edition 2016
Ben Cao Gang Mu, Volume II: Waters, Fires, Soils, Metals, Jades, Stones, Minerals, Salts 2021
Ben Cao Gang Mu, Volume IX: Fowls, Domestic and Wild Animals, Human Substances 2021
Ben Cao Gang Mu, Volume VIII: Clothes, Utensils, Worms, Insects, Amphibians, Animals with Scales, Animals with Shells 2021
Beneath the China Boom: Labor, Citizenship, and the Making of a Rural Land Market 2020
Berenike and the Ancient Maritime Spice Route 2011
Berkeley: A City in History 2008
The Berkeley Plato: From Neglected Relic to Ancient Treasure, An Archaeological Detective Story 2009
Berlin Electropolis: Shock, Nerves, and German Modernity 2006
Berlin Psychoanalytic: Psychoanalysis and Culture in Weimar Republic Germany and Beyond 2011
Better Git It in Your Soul: An Interpretive Biography of Charles Mingus 2016
Better Safe Than Sorry: How Consumers Navigate Exposure to Everyday Toxics 2018
Between Arab and White: Race and Ethnicity in the Early Syrian American Diaspora 2009
Between Earth and Sky: Our Intimate Connections to Trees 2008
Between Families and Frankenstein: The Politics of Egg Donation in the United States 2018
Between One and One Another 2012
Between Sundays: Black Women and Everyday Struggles of Faith 2003
Between Two Worlds: The Construction of the Ottoman State 1995
Bewitching Women, Pious Men: Gender and Body Politics in Southeast Asia 1995
Beyond Anne Frank: Hidden Children and Postwar Families in Holland 2007
Beyond Belief: Essays on Religion in a Post-Traditionalist World 1970
Beyond Bioethics: Toward a New Biopolitics 2018
Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History 2005
Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History, Updated Edition, With a New Preface 2008
Beyond Cladistics: The Branching of a Paradigm 2010
Beyond Expectations: Second-Generation Nigerians in the United States and Britain 2017
Beyond Gender Binaries: An Intersectional Orientation to Communication and Identities 2020
Beyond Hawai'i: Native Labor in the Pacific World 2018
Beyond Hummus and Falafel: Social and Political Aspects of Palestinian Food in Israel 2012
Beyond Reason: Wagner contra Nietzsche 2017
Beyond Structural Listening?: Postmodern Modes of Hearing 2004
Beyond the Borderlands: Migration and Belonging in the United States and Mexico 2011
Beyond the Metropolis: Second Cities and Modern Life in Interwar Japan 2013
Beyond the Multiplex: Cinema, New Technologies, and the Home 2006
Beyond the Pale: The Jewish Encounter with Late Imperial Russia 2002
Beyond the Pink Tide: Art and Political Undercurrents in the Americas 2018
Beyond the Second Sophistic: Adventures in Greek Postclassicism 2013
Beyond the Soundtrack: Representing Music in Cinema 2007
Beyond the Vanguard: Everyday Revolutionaries in Allende's Chile 2018
Beyond the Walled City: Colonial Exclusion in Havana 2016
Bible and Poetry in Late Antique Mesopotamia: Ephrem's Hymns on Faith 2019
Big Daddy: Jesse Unruh and the Art of Power Politics 2008
Big Doctoring in America: Profiles in Primary Care 2002
Big Ecology: The Emergence of Ecosystem Science 2010
The Big Gamble: The Migration of Eritreans to Europe OPEN ACCESS 2019
The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging the Persistence of Patriarchy 2017
The Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream 2016
Big Sur: The Making of a Prized California Landscape 2017
Biodiversity Conservation in Costa Rica: Learning the Lessons in a Seasonal Dry Forest 2004
Biodiversity in a Changing Climate: Linking Science and Management in Conservation 2015
Biodiversity Response to Climate Change in the Middle Pleistocene: The Porcupine Cave Fauna from Colorado 2004
Biography of an Empire: Governing Ottomans in an Age of Revolution 2011
The Biography of Ancient Israel: National Narratives in the Bible 2000
The Biology and Ecology of Giant Kelp Forests 2015
The Biology of Chameleons 2014
Biology Unmoored: Melanesian Reflections on Life and Biotechnology 2007
The Biopolitics of Beauty: Cosmetic Citizenship and Affective Capital in Brazil 2017
Birds of the Salton Sea: Status, Biogeography, and Ecology 2003
Birds of the Sierra Nevada: Their Natural History, Status, and Distribution 2013
Birth as an American Rite of Passage: Second Edition, With a New Preface 2003
Birth Control Battles: How Race and Class Divided American Religion 2020
Birth Models That Work 2009
The Birth of the Anthropocene 2016
Birth on the Threshold: Childbirth and Modernity in South India 2003
Birthing a Mother: The Surrogate Body and the Pregnant Self 2010
Birthing the Nation: Strategies of Palestinian Women in Israel 2002
Bishops in Flight: Exile and Displacement in Late Antiquity OPEN ACCESS 2019
Bite Back: People Taking On Corporate Food and Winning 2020
Bitter and Sweet: Food, Meaning, and Modernity in Rural China 2017
Black against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party 2016
Black against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party 2013
Black and Blue: The Origins and Consequences of Medical Racism 2012
Black and Brown in Los Angeles: Beyond Conflict and Coalition 2014
Black, Brown, Yellow, and Left: Radical Activism in Los Angeles 2006
Black Elephants in the Room: The Unexpected Politics of African American Republicans 2016
Black Handsworth: Race in 1980s Britain 2019
Black London: The Imperial Metropolis and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century 2015
Black Market Capital: Urban Politics and the Shadow Economy in Mexico City 2018
Black Revolution on Campus 2012
The Blind Decades: Employment and Growth in France, 1974-2014 2015
Blind Injustice: A Former Prosecutor Exposes the Psychology and Politics of Wrongful Convictions 2017
Blind Spot: How Neoliberalism Infiltrated Global Health 2014
Blood and Belief: The Circulation of a Symbol between Jews and Christians 2007
Blood and Water: The Indus River Basin in Modern History 2015
Blood for Thought: The Reinvention of Sacrifice in Early Rabbinic Literature 2017
The Blood of Strangers: Stories from Emergency Medicine 1999
Blood Politics: Race, Culture, and Identity in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma 2002
The Bloody Flag: Mutiny in the Age of Atlantic Revolution 2020
Blowin’ the Blues Away: Performance and Meaning on the New York Jazz Scene 2012
Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes: A Cautionary Tale of Race and Brutality 2021
Blue Jeans: The Art of the Ordinary 2012
The Blue Man and Other Stories of the Skin 2014
Blue-Chip Black: Race, Class, and Status in the New Black Middle Class 2007
The Board of Rites and the Making of Qing China 2019
Boats, Borders, and Bases: Race, the Cold War, and the Rise of Migration Detention in the United States 2018
Boccherini’s Body: An Essay in Carnal Musicology 2006
Bodies of Difference: Experiences of Disability and Institutional Advocacy in the Making of Modern China 2005
The Body and Desire: Gregory of Nyssa's Ascetical Theology 2018
Body Counts: The Vietnam War and Militarized Refugees 2014
Body of Victim, Body of Warrior: Refugee Families and the Making of Kashmiri Jihadists 2013
Body Shots: Early Cinema’s Incarnations 2007
Body Work: Beauty and Self-Image in American Culture 2002
Bohemian Los Angeles: and the Making of Modern Politics 2007
Bole-English-Hausa Dictionary and English-Bole Wordlist 2015
Bombay Anna: The Real Story and Remarkable Adventures of theKing and IGoverness 2008
Bone Histology of Fossil Tetrapods: Advancing Methods, Analysis, and Interpretation 2013
The Book of Yokai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore 2015
Bordeaux/Burgundy: A Vintage Rivalry 2008
Boreal Birds of North America: A Hemispheric View of Their Conservation Links and Significance 2011
Born Again Bodies: Flesh and Spirit in American Christianity 2004
Born in the USA: How a Broken Maternity System Must Be Fixed to Put Women and Children First 2006
Born Out of Place: Migrant Mothers and the Politics of International Labor 2014
Both Sides Now: The Story of School Desegregation’s Graduates 2009
Bottled Up: How the Way We Feed Babies Has Come to Define Motherhood, and Why It Shouldn’t 2012
Bound for Freedom: Black Los Angeles in Jim Crow America 2005
Bounded Rationality and Politics 2010
Boundless Faith: The Global Outreach of American Churches 2009
The Boundless Sea: Self and History 2019
Boycott!: The Academy and Justice for Palestine 2018
Boyle Heights: How a Los Angeles Neighborhood Became the Future of American Democracy 2021
Braided Waters: Environment and Society in Molokai, Hawaii 2018
Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness: Zen Talks on the Sandokai 1999
Brass Diva: The Life and Legends of Ethel Merman 2007
Bread from Stones: The Middle East and the Making of Modern Humanitarianism 2015
Breadlines Knee-Deep in Wheat: Food Assistance in the Great Depression 2014
Breaking Bread: Recipes and Stories from Immigrant Kitchens 2010
Breaking Ranks: Iraq Veterans Speak Out against the War 2010
Breaking Through Concrete: Building an Urban Farm Revival 2012
Breaking Through: Essays, Journals, and Travelogues of Edward F. Ricketts 2006
Brecht at the Opera 2008
Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival 2007
Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival 2014
The Bridge over the Racial Divide: Rising Inequality and Coalition Politics 1999
A Brief History of Fascist Lies 2020
Brief History of Herpetology in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley, with a List of Type Specimens of Recent Amphibians and Reptiles 2003
Bringing the Gods to Mind: Mantra and Ritual in Early Indian Sacrifice 2005
Bringing the War Home: The Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and Revolutionary Violence in the Sixties and Seventies 2004
Brunello di Montalcino: Understanding and Appreciating One of Italy’s Greatest Wines 2012
Buddha Is Hiding: Refugees, Citizenship, the New America 2003
Building Green: Environmental Architects and the Struggle for Sustainability in Mumbai OPEN ACCESS 2018
Building Home: Howard F. Ahmanson and the Politics of the American Dream 2013
Building the Fourth Estate: Democratization and the Rise of a Free Press in Mexico 2002
Buñuel and Mexico: The Crisis of National Cinema 2003
Burning Dislike: Ethnic Violence in High Schools 2016
Burning the Dead: Hindu Nationhood and the Global Construction of Indian Tradition 2021
Burying Uncertainty: Risk and the Case Against Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste 1993
Caesar in the USA 2012
Caesar’s Calendar: Ancient Time and the Beginnings of History 2007
California Amphibian and Reptile Species of Special Concern 2016
California Crackup: How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It 2010
California in the 1930s: The WPA Guide to the Golden State 2013
California Indian Languages 2011
California Indians and Their Environment: An Introduction 2009
California Native Gardening: A Month-by-Month Guide 2012
The California Naturalist Handbook 2013
The California Nitrogen Assessment: Challenges and Solutions for People, Agriculture, and the Environment 2016
California on the Breadlines: Dorothea Lange, Paul Taylor, and the Making of a New Deal Narrative 2010
California Rising: The Life and Times of Pat Brown 2005
California: The Great Exception 1974
The California Wildlife Habitat Garden: How to Attract Bees, Butterflies, Birds, and Other Animals 2012
California’s Fading Wildflowers: Lost Legacy and Biological Invasions 2008
California's Frontier Naturalists 2006
Caligula: A Biography 2011
Called by the Wild: The Autobiography of a Conservationist 2002
Cane Toad Wars 2018
Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany 2013
Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry 2018
Cannibal Talk: The Man-Eating Myth and Human Sacrifice in the South Seas 2005
Can't Catch a Break: Gender, Jail, Drugs, and the Limits of Personal Responsibility 2014
Canyon Cinema: The Life and Times of an Independent Film Distributor 2008
Capitalism: The Future of an Illusion 2018
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A Carafe of Red 2012
Caravan of Martyrs: Sacrifice and Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan 2017
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Card-Carrying Christians: Debt and the Making of Free Market Spirituality in Colombia 2021
Caring: A Relational Approach to Ethics and Moral Education 2013
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Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule 2010
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Cartographies of Youth Resistance: Hip-Hop, Punk, and Urban Autonomy in Mexico 2020
Cartoon Vision: UPA Animation and Postwar Aesthetics 2019
The Caste Question: Dalits and the Politics of Modern India 2009
The Castrato: Reflections on Natures and Kinds 2015
Casualties of Care: Immigration and the Politics of Humanitarianism in France 2011
Categorizing Sound: Genre and Twentieth-Century Popular Music 2016
The Catholic Imagination 2000
The Catholic Revolution: New Wine, Old Wineskins, and the Second Vatican Council 2004
Catholic Vietnam: A Church from Empire to Nation 2012
Caught Up: Girls, Surveillance, and Wraparound Incarceration 2016
The Celestina: A Fifteenth-Century Spanish Novel in Dialogue 2019
Celluloid Symphonies: Texts and Contexts in Film Music History 2011
Championing Science: Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers 2019
Changing Energy: The Transition to a Sustainable Future 2017
Changing Inequality 2011
Changing Planet, Changing Health: How the Climate Crisis Threatens Our Health and What We Can Do about It 2011
Chanteuse in the City: The Realist Singer in French Film 2004
Chanting Down the New Jerusalem: Calypso, Christianity, and Capitalism in the Caribbean 2009
Charles Burnett: A Cinema of Symbolic Knowledge 2017
Charros: How Mexican Cowboys Are Remapping Race and American Identity 2019
Cheap Meat: Flap Food Nations in the Pacific Islands 2010
Cheap on Crime: Recession-Era Politics and the Transformation of American Punishment 2015
Chechnya: Life in a War-Torn Society 2004
A Checklist of Host-Parasite Interactions of the Order Crocodylia 2013
Chianti Classico: The Search for Tuscany's Noblest Wine 2016
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Chinese Visions of Family and State, 1915-1953 2003
Chocolate Cities: The Black Map of American Life 2018
Chokepoints: Global Private Regulation on the Internet 2017
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The Chumash World at European Contact: Power, Trade, and Feasting Among Complex Hunter-Gatherers 2008
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Cinderella's Sisters: A Revisionist History of Footbinding 2005
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Cinema's Military Industrial Complex 2018
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City and Empire in the Age of the Successors: Urbanization and Social Response in the Making of the Hellenistic Kingdoms 2018
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Civil War Wests: Testing the Limits of the United States 2015
The Clarion of Syria: A Patriot's Call against the Civil War of 1860 OPEN ACCESS 2019
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Classifying Christians: Ethnography, Heresiology, and the Limits of Knowledge in Late Antiquity 2016
Cleomedes' Lectures on Astronomy: A Translation of The Heavens 2004
Cleopatra: A Sphinx Revisited 2011
Climate Change in California: Risk and Response 2012
Climate Stewardship: Taking Collective Action to Protect California 2021
Climbin’ Jacob’s Ladder: The Black Freedom Movement Writings of Jack O’Dell 2010
Closely Watched Films: An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique 2014
Closely Watched Films: An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique 2004
Closing the Rights Gap: From Human Rights to Social Transformation 2015
Coastal Sage: Peter Douglas and the Fight to Save California's Shore 2018
Coasts in Crisis: A Global Challenge 2017
Coerced: Work Under Threat of Punishment 2020
Coffee Life in Japan 2012
Coffins on Our Shoulders: The Experience of the Palestinian Citizens of Israel 2005
Cohabitation Nation: Gender, Class, and the Remaking of Relationships 2017
Coincidences: Synchronicity, Verisimilitude, and Storytelling 2021
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Collisions at the Crossroads: How Place and Mobility Make Race 2019
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The Color Line and the Assembly Line: Managing Race in the Ford Empire 2018
Colored White: Transcending the Racial Past 2002
A Comedian and an Activist Walk into a Bar: The Serious Role of Comedy in Social Justice 2020
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The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do to Avoid It 2010
Coming of Age in America: The Transition to Adulthood in the Twenty-First Century 2011
Coming Out to the Streets: LGBTQ Youth Experiencing Homelessness 2020
Coming to Terms with the Nation: Ethnic Classification in Modern China 2011
Common Spiders of North America 2013
Commons 2002
Communist Neo-Traditionalism: Work and Authority in Chinese Industry 1986
Community-Based Archaeology: Research with, by, and for Indigenous and Local Communities 2012
Comparative Biogeography: Discovering and Classifying Biogeographical Patterns of a Dynamic Earth 2009
The Comparative Method: Moving Beyond Qualitative and Quantitative Strategies 1987
The Comparative Method: Moving Beyond Qualitative and Quantitative Strategies 2014
Comparing Futures for the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta 2010
Compassion, Inc.: How Corporate America Blurs the Line between What We Buy, Who We Are, and Those We Help 2012
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The Complete Poetry: A Bilingual Edition 2007
Composing the Citizen: Music as Public Utility in Third Republic France 2009
Composition and Cognition: Reflections on Contemporary Music and the Musical Mind 2020
Compulsive Acts: A Psychiatrist's Tales of Ritual and Obsession 2008
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Consecrating Science: Wonder, Knowledge, and the Natural World 2017
Consensual Violence: Sex, Sports, and the Politics of Injury 2016
The Constant Fire: Beyond the Science vs. Religion Debate 2009
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Contesting Indochina: French Remembrance between Decolonization and Cold War 2016
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Control and Protect: Collaboration, Carceral Protection, and Domestic Sex Trafficking in the United States 2016
Controlling Contested Places: Late Antique Antioch and the Spatial Politics of Religious Controversy 2014
Controlling Corruption 1988
The Convergence of Science and Governance: Research, Health Policy, and American States 2010
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Conversion to Islam in the Premodern Age: A Sourcebook 2020
Converting Words: Maya in the Age of the Cross 2010
Cooking: The Quintessential Art 2008
Cool Conduct: The Culture of Distance in Weimar Germany 2002
The Copernican Question: Prognostication, Skepticism, and Celestial Order 2011
The Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications 2019
The Copyeditor's Workbook: Exercises and Tips for Honing Your Editorial Judgment 2019
Coral Whisperers: Scientists on the Brink 2018
The Cosmic Time of Empire: Modern Britain and World Literature 2011
Cosmopolitans: A Social and Cultural History of the Jews of the San Francisco Bay Area 2009
Counter-Cola: A Multinational History of the Global Corporation 2019
Counterplay: An Anthropologist at the Chessboard 2011
Counting the Dead: The Culture and Politics of Human Rights Activism in Colombia 2007
The Country of Football: Soccer and the Making of Modern Brazil 2014
Courting Conflict: The Israeli Military Court System in the West Bank and Gaza 2005
A Courtship after Marriage: Sexuality and Love in Mexican Transnational Families 2003
Covert Capital: Landscapes of Denial and the Making of U.S. Empire in the Suburbs of Northern Virginia 2013
Cracks in the Pavement: Social Change and Resilience in Poor Neighborhoods 2008
Create, Produce, Consume: New Models for Understanding Music Business 2019
Creating a Common Polity: Religion, Economy, and Politics in the Making of the Greek Koinon 2013
Creating the Intellectual: Chinese Communism and the Rise of a Classification OPEN ACCESS 2019
Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity 2007
Creativity and Copyright: Legal Essentials for Screenwriters and Creative Artists 2019
Creek (Muskogee) Texts 2015
Crime and Punishment in Istanbul: 1700-1800 2010
The Crime of My Very Existence: Nazism and the Myth of Jewish Criminality 2007
The Crime of Nationalism: Britain, Palestine, and Nation-Building on the Fringe of Empire 2017
Crimes against Nature: Squatters, Poachers, Thieves, and the Hidden History of American Conservation 2014
Crimes against Nature: Squatters, Poachers, Thieves, and the Hidden History of American Conservation 2001
Criminal Genius: A Portrait of High-IQ Offenders 2016
Criminology Explains Police Violence 2020
Criminology Explains School Bullying 2020
Crisis of Empire: Doctrine and Dissent at the End of Late Antiquity 2014
Critical Christianity: Translation and Denominational Conflict in Papua New Guinea 2015
A Critical Cinema 5: Interviews with Independent Filmmakers 2006
A Critical History of Early Rome: From Prehistory to the First Punic War 2005
Critical Landscapes: Art, Space, Politics 2015
Critical Thinking: Tools for Evaluating Research 2017
Crossing Confessional Boundaries: Exemplary Lives in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Traditions 2020
Crossing the Kingdom: Portraits of Saudi Arabia 2016
Cross-National Public Opinion about Homosexuality: Examining Attitudes across the Globe 2017
Crowded by Beauty: The Life and Zen of Poet Philip Whalen 2015
Crude Existence: Environment and the Politics of Oil in Northern Angola 2009
Crude Politics: The California Oil Market, 1900-1940 2005
Crunch Time: How Married Couples Confront Unemployment 2020
Crusading Peace: Christendom, the Muslim World, and Western Political Order 2002
Cuisine and Empire: Cooking in World History 2013
Culinary Ephemera: An Illustrated History 2010
Cultural Moves: African Americans and the Politics of Representation 2005
Cultural Politics in Polybius'sHistories 2004
The Cultural Return 2012
Cultural Trauma and Collective Identity 2004
Culture and the Senses: Bodily Ways of Knowing in an African Community 2002
The Culture Broker: Franklin D. Murphy and the Transformation of Los Angeles 2007
A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America 2003
Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America 2013
Cultures of Solidarity: Consciousness, Action, and Contemporary American Workers 1988
Cumin, Camels, and Caravans: A Spice Odyssey 2014
The Curious Feminist: Searching for Women in a New Age of Empire 2004
The Curious Humanist: Siegfried Kracauer in America 2016
Curried Cultures: Globalization, Food, and South Asia 2012
Cursed Questions: On Music and Its Social Practices 2020
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Customers and Patrons of the Mad-Trade: The Management of Lunacy in Eighteenth-Century London, With the Complete Text of John Monro’s 1766 Case Book 2003
Cut Adrift: Families in Insecure Times 2014
Cut Loose: Jobless and Hopeless in an Unfair Economy 2015
The Cylinder: Kinematics of the Nineteenth Century 2012
Dacha Idylls: Living Organically in Russia's Countryside 2011
Damned Lies and Statistics: Untangling Numbers from the Media, Politicians, and Activists 2012
Dancing with Ghosts: A Critical Biography of Arturo Islas 2005
The Danger of Music: And Other Anti-Utopian Essays 2009
Danger to Self: On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist 2010
Dangerous Digestion: The Politics of American Dietary Advice 2015
Dangerous Games: What the Moral Panic over Role-Playing Games Says about Play, Religion, and Imagined Worlds 2015
Dangerous Intimacy: The Untold Story of Mark Twain’s Final Years 2004
Dangerous Pregnancies: Mothers, Disabilities, and Abortion in Modern America 2010
Dao De Jing: The Book of the Way 2019
Dao De Jing: The Book of the Way 2001
Daring Pairings: A Master Sommelier Matches Distinctive Wines with Recipes from His Favorite Chefs 2010
The Darjeeling Distinction: Labor and Justice on Fair-Trade Tea Plantations in India 2014
Dark Archive 2011
Dark Green Religion: Nature Spirituality and the Planetary Future 2010
The Dark Tree: Jazz and the Community Arts in Los Angeles 2006
Darkness before Daybreak: African Migrants Living on the Margins in Southern Italy Today 2012
Darkness Moves: An Henri Michaux Anthology, 1927-1984 1994
Data Mining for the Social Sciences: An Introduction 2015
The Dating Divide: Race and Desire in the Era of Online Romance 2021
David Brower: The Making of the Environmental Movement 2015
Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work 2015
Dear China: Emigrant Letters and Remittances, 1820–1980 2018
Dear Mark Twain: Letters from His Readers 2013
Death in a Church of Life: Moral Passion during Botswana’s Time of AIDS 2010
Death in the City: Suicide and the Social Imaginary in Modern Mexico 2017
Death Is That Man Taking Names: Intersections of American Medicine, Law, and Culture 2002
Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution 2013
Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution 2002
The Decisive Network: Magnum Photos and the Postwar Image Market 2020
The Decline of Sentiment: American Film in the 1920s 2008
Decoding Albanian Organized Crime: Culture, Politics, and Globalization 2015
Decriminalizing Domestic Violence: A Balanced Policy Approach to Intimate Partner Violence 2018
Deep China: The Moral Life of the Person 2011
Deep History: The Architecture of Past and Present 2011
Deep Things out of Darkness: A History of Natural History 2013
Democracy as Death: The Moral Order of Anti-Liberal Politics in South Africa 2015
Democratic Insecurities: Violence, Trauma, and Intervention in Haiti 2010
Deported to Death: How Drug Violence Is Changing Migration on the US–Mexico Border 2019
Desire and Pleasure in Seventeenth-Century Music 2012
Destination Anthropocene: Science and Tourism in The Bahamas 2019
Destroying Yemen: What Chaos in Arabia Tells Us about the World 2018
A Detroit Story: Urban Decline and the Rise of Property Informality 2021
Deviance Management: Insiders, Outsiders, Hiders, and Drifters 2019
Deviance: Social Constructions and Blurred Boundaries 2017
Deviant Opera: Sex, Power, and Perversion on Stage 2020
The Devil behind the Mirror: Globalization and Politics in the Dominican Republic 2007
The Devil behind the Mirror: Globalization and Politics in the Dominican Republic 2014
Devil in History: Communism, Fascism, and Some Lessons of the Twentieth Century 2012
Devoted to Nature: The Religious Roots of American Environmentalism 2015
A Diagram for Fire: Miracles and Variation in an American Charismatic Movement 2017
The Dialectical Imagination: A History of the Frankfurt School and the Institute of Social Research, 1923-1950 1973
Dialectics without Synthesis: Japanese Film Theory and Realism in a Global Frame 2020
Diaspora Conversions: Black Carib Religion and the Recovery of Africa 2007
Diaspora without Homeland: Being Korean in Japan 2009
Diasporas and Exiles: Varieties of Jewish Identity 2002
Diasporas 2008
Dictee 2001
Dictionary of the Ben cao gang mu, Volume 1: Chinese Historical Illness Terminology 2015
Dictionary of the Ben cao gang mu, Volume 2: Geographical and Administrative Designations 2017
Dictionary of the Ben cao gang mu, Volume 3: Persons and Literary Sources 2018
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Different Drummers: Rhythm and Race in the Americas 2010
A Different Shade of Colonialism: Egypt, Great Britain, and the Mastery of the Sudan 2003
Digging: The Afro-American Soul of American Classical Music 2009
The Digital Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California, Second Edition, Thoroughly Revised and Expanded 2012
Dignity and Defiance: Stories from Bolivia’s Challenge to Globalization 2008
Dinosaur Odyssey: Fossil Threads in the Web of Life 2009
The Dinosauria: Second Edition 2004
Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Reptiles of California 2003
Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations 2012
Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations 2007
A Dirty South Manifesto: Sexual Resistance and Imagination in the New South 2020
Dirty Water: One Man's Fight to Clean Up One of the World's Most Polluted Bays 2010
Disarming Words: Empire and the Seductions of Translation in Egypt 2011
Discipline and Debate: The Language of Violence in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery 2012
Discovering Orson Welles 2007
Discrimination at Work: Comparing European, French, and American Law OPEN ACCESS 2016
Disease and Democracy: The Industrialized World Faces AIDS 2005
Disease Change and the Role of Medicine: The Navajo Experience 1983
Disgraceful Matters: The Politics of Chastity in Eighteenth-Century China 2004
Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy 2012
Dispossessed: How Predatory Bureaucracy Foreclosed on the American Middle Class 2019
Dissimulation and the Culture of Secrecy in Early Modern Europe 2009
Distant Strangers: How Britain Became Modern 2014
Distributing Condoms and Hope: The Racialized Politics of Youth Sexual Health 2020
Distribution Revolution: Conversations about the Digital Future of Film and Television 2014
Diva Nation: Female Icons from Japanese Cultural History 2018
Divided by Borders: Mexican Migrants and Their Children 2010
Divided by the Wall: Progressive and Conservative Immigration Politics at the U.S.-Mexico Border 2020
Divided Rule: Sovereignty and Empire in French Tunisia, 1881–1938 2014
Divided Spirits: Tequila, Mezcal, and the Politics of Production 2015
Dividing Paradise: Rural Inequality and the Diminishing American Dream 2021
Divine Deliverance: Pain and Painlessness in Early Christian Martyr Texts 2017
The Divo and the Duce: Promoting Film Stardom and Political Leadership in 1920s America OPEN ACCESS 2019
DNA: Promise and Peril 2008
The Docks 2011
The Doctor Faustus Dossier: Arnold Schoenberg, Thomas Mann, and Their Contemporaries, 1930-1951 2018
Doctor Mom Chung of the Fair-Haired Bastards: The Life of a Wartime Celebrity 2005
Doctrine and Power: Theological Controversy and Christian Leadership in the Later Roman Empire 2013
Documenting Death: Maternal Mortality and the Ethics of Care in Tanzania OPEN ACCESS 2020
Documenting Domestication: New Genetic and Archaeological Paradigms 2006
Dodging Extinction: Power, Food, Money, and the Future of Life on Earth 2014
Does Policy Analysis Matter?: Exploring Its Effectiveness in Theory and Practice 2017
Dogen's Manuals of Zen Meditation 1988
Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City 2013
Doméstica: Immigrant Workers Cleaning and Caring in the Shadows of Affluence 2007
Domesticating the World: African Consumerism and the Genealogies of Globalization 2008
Dora Bruder 1999
Douglas Hyde: A Maker of Modern Ireland 1991
Down by the Bay: San Francisco's History between the Tides 2013
Down in New Orleans: Reflections from a Drowned City 2007
Downcast Eyes: The Denigration of Vision in Twentieth-Century French Thought 1993
Drama Kings: Players and Publics in the Re-creation of Peking Opera, 1870-1937 2007
Draw the Lightning Down: Benjamin Franklin and Electrical Technology in the Age of Enlightenment 2003
A Dream Denied: Incarceration, Recidivism, and Young Minority Men in America 2016
The Dream Is Over: The Crisis of Clark Kerr's California Idea of Higher Education OPEN ACCESS 2016
Dreamers and Schemers: How an Improbable Bid for the 1932 Olympics Transformed Los Angeles from Dusty Outpost to Global Metropolis 2019
Dreaming with Open Eyes: Opera, Aesthetics, and Perception in Arcadian Rome 2018
Dreams and Nightmares: Immigration Policy, Youth, and Families 2015
Dreams That Matter: Egyptian Landscapes of the Imagination 2011
Drift: Illicit Mobility and Uncertain Knowledge 2018
Driving after Class: Anxious Times in an American Suburb 2015
Driving While Brown: Sheriff Joe Arpaio versus the Latino Resistance 2021
Drone Art: The Everywhere War as Medium 2020
Drop That Knowledge: Youth Radio Stories 2010
The Drunken Monkey: Why We Drink and Abuse Alcohol 2014
Dude, You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School 2012
Dude, You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School 2007
Durable Inequality 1998
Dying on the Vine: How Phylloxera Transformed Wine 2011
Dynamics of the Contemporary University: Growth, Accretion, and Conflict 2013
Early Greek Law 1986
Early Life History of Marine Fishes 2009
Early Mesoamerican Social Transformations: Archaic and Formative Lifeways in the Soconusco Region 2011
Early Tales & Sketches, Vol. 1: 1851-1864 1979
The Early Upper Paleolithic beyond Western Europe 2004
Earning My Degree: Memoirs of an American University President 2005
Earth Sound Earth Signal: Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts 2013
Earth under Fire: How Global Warming Is Changing the World 2009
Earthly Bodies, Magical Selves: Contemporary Pagans and the Search for Community 2000
Earthquake Nation: The Cultural Politics of Japanese Seismicity, 1868-1930 2006
Earth's Insights: A Multicultural Survey of Ecological Ethics from the Mediterranean Basin to the Australian Outback 1994
The Eastern Mediterranean and the Making of Global Radicalism, 1860-1914 2010
Eating Apes 2003
Eating Bitterness: Stories from the Front Lines of China’s Great Urban Migration 2012
Eating Mud Crabs in Kandahar: Stories of Food during Wartime by the World's Leading Correspondents 2011
Eating NAFTA: Trade, Food Policies, and the Destruction of Mexico 2018
Eating Right in the Renaissance 2002
Eating Spring Rice: The Cultural Politics of AIDS in Southwest China 2007
Echoes from Dharamsala: Music in the Life of a Tibetan Refugee Community 2002
Eco-Alchemy: Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism 2018
Ecology: A Pocket Guide, Revised and Expanded 2008
Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Grouse: Published for the Cooper Ornithological Society 2011
Ecology, Conservation, and Restoration of Tidal Marshes: The San Francisco Estuary 2012
Ecology of Freshwater and Estuarine Wetlands 2014
Ecology of Freshwater and Estuarine Wetlands 2006
The Ecology of Marine Fishes: California and Adjacent Waters 2006
Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes 2013
Economics and the Historian 1996
The Economy of the Greek Cities: From the Archaic Period to the Early Roman Empire 2009
Eco-Sonic Media 2015
Ecosystems of California 2016
Edgar G. Ulmer: A Filmmaker at the Margins 2014
Edge of Empire: Atlantic Networks and Revolution in Bourbon Río de la Plata 2015
Edmund Burke and the Conservative Logic of Empire 2016
Education and Society: An Introduction to Key Issues in the Sociology of Education 2019
Education for Empire: American Schools, Race, and the Paths of Good Citizenship 2016
Education in America 2017
Education in Black and White: Myles Horton and the Highlander Center's Vision for Social Justice 2021
Educational Delusions?: Why Choice Can Deepen Inequality and How to Make Schools Fair 2013
Edward Said: A Legacy of Emancipation and Representation 2010
Egypt as a Woman: Nationalism, Gender, and Politics 2005
El Cinco de Mayo: An American Tradition 2012
El Mall: The Spatial and Class Politics of Shopping Malls in Latin America 2016
Electrical Palestine: Capital and Technology from Empire to Nation 2019
Ella Baker's Catalytic Leadership: A Primer on Community Engagement and Communication for Social Justice 2020
The Ellington Century 2012
The Elusive Embryo: How Women and Men Approach New Reproductive Technologies 2000
Email from Ngeti: An Ethnography of Sorcery, Redemption, and Friendship in Global Africa 2014
Emancipation Betrayed: The Hidden History of Black Organizing and White Violence in Florida from Reconstruction to the Bloody Election of 1920 2005
The Emancipation of Writing: German Civil Society in the Making, 1790s–1820s 2003
Emblems of Eloquence: Opera and Women’s Voices in Seventeenth-Century Venice 2003
Embodying Geopolitics: Generations of Women’s Activism in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon 2020
Embryos in Deep Time: The Rock Record of Biological Development 2012
Emergence and Collapse of Early Villages: Models of Central Mesa Verde Archaeology 2012
The Emergence of Modern Hinduism: Religion on the Margins of Colonialism OPEN ACCESS 2019
Emerging Avian Disease: Published for the Cooper Ornithological Society 2012
The Emerging Female Citizen: Gender and Enlightenment in Spain 2006
Emerson: The Mind on Fire 1995
Empire and Revolution: The Americans in Mexico since the Civil War 2002
Empire at the Margins: Culture, Ethnicity, and Frontier in Early Modern China 2006
Empire in Waves: A Political History of Surfing 2014
Empire of Convicts: Indian Penal Labor in Colonial Southeast Asia 2021
Empire's Tracks: Indigenous Nations, Chinese Workers, and the Transcontinental Railroad 2019
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974: A Political History 2004
Enacting the Corporation: An American Mining Firm in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia 2014
Encarnación’s Kitchen: Mexican Recipes from Nineteenth-Century California 2003
Enclosure: Palestinian Landscapes in a Historical Mirror 2017
Encomium of Ptolemy Philadelphus 2003
Encounter: A Novel of Nineteenth-Century Korea 1992
Encountering Correctional Populations: A Practical Guide for Researchers 2018
Encountering Poverty: Thinking and Acting in an Unequal World 2016
Encountering the Sacred: The Debate on Christian Pilgrimage in Late Antiquity 2005
Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions 2011
Encyclopedia of Islands 2009
Encyclopedia of Pasta 2009
Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology 2012
Encyclopedia of Tidepools and Rocky Shores 2007
Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves 2007
Enduring Bonds: Inequality, Marriage, Parenting, and Everything Else That Makes Families Great and Terrible 2018
Enduring Violence: Ladina Women's Lives in Guatemala 2011
Enemy Lines: Warfare, Childhood, and Play in Batticaloa 2007
Energy Islands: Metaphors of Power, Extractivism, and Justice in Puerto Rico 2021
Enforced Marginality: Jewish Narratives on Abandoned Wives 2007
Engaged Anthropology: Politics beyond the Text 2018
Engaged Surrender: African American Women and Islam 2004
Engaging Contradictions: Theory, Politics, and Methods of Activist Scholarship 2008
Engineering Happiness: A New Approach for Building a Joyful Life 2012
English Heart, Hindi Heartland: The Political Life of Literature in India 2012
Entangled Edens: Visions of the Amazon 2002
Entrepreneurial President: Richard Atkinson and the University of California, 1995–2003 2012
The Environment and World History 2009
Environmental Flows: Saving Rivers in the Third Millennium 2012
Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger 2020
The Environmental Legacy of the UC Natural Reserve System 2013
Environmental Winds: Making the Global in Southwest China 2013
Envisioning Howard Finster: The Religion and Art of a Stranger from Another World 2015
Envisioning Power: Ideologies of Dominance and Crisis 1999
Ephemeral Histories: Public Art, Politics, and the Struggle for the Streets in Chile 2016
Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East since1945, Updated Edition, with a Post-9/11 Chapter 2005
Epigenetics: Linking Genotype and Phenotype in Development and Evolution 2011
Epiphanius of Cyprus: A Cultural Biography of Late Antiquity 2016
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Erotic Grotesque Nonsense: The Mass Culture of Japanese Modern Times 2006
Erotic Journeys: Mexican Immigrants and Their Sex Lives 2005
The Erotics of History: An Atlantic African Example OPEN ACCESS 2018
Escape to Prison: Penal Tourism and the Pull of Punishment 2015
Essays on Literature 2020
Essential Dads: The Inequalities and Politics of Fathering 2020
The Essential Mario Savio: Speeches and Writings that Changed America 2014
Essentials of Applied Econometrics 2017
Essentials of Development Economics 2015
Essentials of Development Economics, Third Edition 2020
The Eternal Dissident: Rabbi Leonard I. Beerman and the Radical Imperative to Think and Act OPEN ACCESS 2018
Ethical Eating in the Postsocialist and Socialist World 2014
The Ethics of Sightseeing 2011
The Ethnographic State: France and the Invention of Moroccan Islam 2014
Eugenic Nation: Faults and Frontiers of Better Breeding in Modern America 2016
Eugenic Nation: Faults and Frontiers of Better Breeding in Modern America 2005
Eunuch and Emperor in the Great Age of Qing Rule 2018
Eurasian: Mixed Identities in the United States, China, and Hong Kong, 1842–1943 2013
Europe’s Promise: Why the European Way Is the Best Hope in an Insecure Age 2010
Eva the Fugitive 1990
Even in Sweden: Racisms, Racialized Spaces, and the Popular Geographical Imagination 2000
Everett Ruess: His Short Life, Mysterious Death, and Astonishing Afterlife 2011
Everybody Eats: Communication and the Paths to Food Justice 2021
Everyday America: Cultural Landscape Studies after J. B. Jackson 2003
Everyday Ethics: Voices from the Front Line of Community Psychiatry 2013
Everyday Illegal: When Policies Undermine Immigrant Families 2015
Everyday Movies: Portable Film Projectors and the Transformation of American Culture 2021
Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East 2011
Everyone's a Winner: Life in Our Congratulatory Culture 2011
Everything but the Coffee: Learning about America from Starbucks 2009
The Evolution of Phylogenetic Systematics 2014
Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People 2013
Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People 2009
Evolution's Wedge: Competition and the Origins of Diversity 2012
Excavations at Nemea III: The Coins 2005
Excavations at Nemea IV: The Shrine of Opheltes 2018
Exceptional States: Chinese Immigrants and Taiwanese Sovereignty 2015
Ex-Cinema: From a Theory of Experimental Film and Video 2012
Exit and Voice: The Paradox of Cross-Border Politics in Mexico OPEN ACCESS 2020
Expectations of Modernity: Myths and Meanings of Urban Life on the Zambian Copperbelt 1999
Experiencing Latin American Music 2018
Experimental Approaches to Conservation Biology 2004
Experimental Evolution: Concepts, Methods, and Applications of Selection Experiments 2009
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Exposed Science: Genes, the Environment, and the Politics of Population Health 2013
The Extended Case Method: Four Countries, Four Decades, Four Great Transformations, and One Theoretical Tradition 2009
Extraordinary Conditions: Culture and Experience in Mental Illness 2015
The Exultant Ark: A Pictorial Tour of Animal Pleasure 2011
Fabricating Consumers: The Sewing Machine in Modern Japan 2012
The Face of the Earth: Natural Landscapes, Science, and Culture 2011
Factories in the Field: The Story of Migratory Farm Labor in California 1999
Failure of Empire: Valens and the Roman State in the Fourth Century A.D. 2002
The Failure of Environmental Education (And How We Can Fix It) 2011
The Fall and Rise of the Wetlands of California's Great Central Valley 2011
Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class 2013
Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class 2007
Families in America 2017
Families of the Forest: The Matsigenka Indians of the Peruvian Amazon 2003
The Family of Woman: Lesbian Mothers, Their Children, and the Undoing of Gender 2004
The Family on Trial in Revolutionary France 2004
The Family Silver: Essays on Relationships among Women 1996
A Family Sketch and Other Private Writings 2014
Famished: Eating Disorders and Failed Care in America 2019
Fantasy Islands: Chinese Dreams and Ecological Fears in an Age of Climate Crisis 2015
Farewell to the God of Plague: Chairman Mao’s Campaign to Deworm China 2016
The Farmworkers’ Journey 2007
Fascist Modernities: Italy, 1922-1945 2001
The Fastest Game in the World: Hockey and the Globalization of Sports 2021
Fast-Forward Family: Home, Work, and Relationships in Middle-Class America 2013
The Fate of Place: A Philosophical History 1997
The Faure Song Cycles: Poetry and Music, 1861–1921 2020
The FBI and Religion: Faith and National Security before and after 9/11 2017
The Fear of French Negroes: Transcolonial Collaboration in the Revolutionary Americas 2012
Feeding Iran: Shi`i Families and the Making of the Islamic Republic 2021
Feeding the Crisis: Care and Abandonment in America's Food Safety Net 2020
The Feminist War on Crime: The Unexpected Role of Women's Liberation in Mass Incarceration 2020
Field Days: A Year of Farming, Eating, and Drinking Wine in California 2009
Field Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of California: Revised Edition 2012
Field Guide to Animal Tracks and Scat of California 2012
Field Guide to Beetles of California 2006
Field Guide to Birds of the Northern California Coast 2014
Field Guide to Butterflies of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Valley Regions 2007
Field Guide to California Insects: Second Edition 2020
Field Guide to California Rivers 2012
A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet 2020
Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California: Revised Edition 2006
Field Guide to Grasses of California 2014
Field Guide to Marine Mammals of the Pacific Coast: Baja, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia 2011
Field Guide to Mushrooms of Western North America 2012
Field Guide to Owls of California and the West 2007
Field Guide to Plant Galls of California and Other Western States 2006
Field Guide to the Common Bees of California: Including Bees of the Western United States 2013
Field Guide to the Spiders of California and the Pacific Coast States 2014
The Fifth Beginning: What Six Million Years of Human History Can Tell Us about Our Future 2016
The Fifty-Year Rebellion: How the U.S. Political Crisis Began in Detroit 2017
Fight Pictures: A History of Boxing and Early Cinema 2008
Fighting Words: Religion, Violence, and the Interpretation of Sacred Texts 2012
Film Criticism, the Cold War, and the Blacklist: Reading the Hollywood Reds 2014
Film Manifestos and Global Cinema Cultures: A Critical Anthology 2014
Film Rhythm after Sound: Technology, Music, and Performance 2015
Films for the Colonies: Cinema and the Preservation of the British Empire 2019
The Filth of Progress: Immigrants, Americans, and the Building of Canals and Railroads in the West 2016
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The Final Pagan Generation: Rome's Unexpected Path to Christianity 2015
The Final Victim of the Blacklist: John Howard Lawson, Dean of the Hollywood Ten 2006
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Finding Women in the State: A Socialist Feminist Revolution in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1964 2017
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Fire in California's Ecosystems 2018
Fire in California’s Ecosystems 2006
Fireflies, Honey, and Silk 2009
Fires of Gold: Law, Spirit, and Sacrificial Labor in Ghana 2020
First Cut 2: More Conversations with Film Editors 2012
The First Lady of Hollywood: A Biography of Louella Parsons 2005
First Life: Discovering the Connections between Stars, Cells, and How Life Began 2011
First Peoples in a New World: Colonizing Ice Age America 2009
Fish: An Enthusiast's Guide 1993
The Fish in the Forest: Salmon and the Web of Life 2014
Fishes: A Guide to Their Diversity 2014
The Fishmeal Revolution: The Industrialization of the Humboldt Current Ecosystem 2021
Fit to Be Citizens?: Public Health and Race in Los Angeles, 1879-1939 2006
Five Films by Frederick Wiseman: Titicut Follies, High School, Welfare, High School II, Public Housing 2006
Fixing Men: Sex, Birth Control, and AIDS in Mexico 2007
Flame and Fortune in the American West: Urban Development, Environmental Change, and the Great Oakland Hills Fire 2017
Flatlining: Race, Work, and Health Care in the New Economy 2019
Flavor of the Month: Why Smart People Fall for Fads 2006
Flavors of Empire: Food and the Making of Thai America 2017
Flawless: Understanding Faults in Wine 2018
Flesh and Fish Blood: Postcolonialism, Translation, and the Vernacular 2012
Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery 2003
Floodplains: Processes and Management for Ecosystem Services 2017
The Flower of Anarchy: Selected Poems 2003
Fluid Borders: Latino Power, Identity, and Politics in Los Angeles 2005
The Folk: Music, Modernity, and the Political Imagination 2021
Following the Leader: Ruling China, from Deng Xiaoping to Xi Jinping 2019
Following the Leader: Ruling China, from Deng Xiaoping to Xi Jinping 2014
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Food, Politics, and Society: Social Theory and the Modern Food System 2018
Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health 2013
Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health 2007
For the Rock Record: Geologists on Intelligent Design 2009
For the Wild: Ritual and Commitment in Radical Eco-Activism 2017
Foreigners and Their Food: Constructing Otherness in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Law 2011
The Forge of Vision: A Visual History of Modern Christianity 2015
Forging the Ideal Educated Girl: The Production of Desirable Subjects in Muslim South Asia OPEN ACCESS 2018
Forgotten Peace: Reform, Violence, and the Making of Contemporary Colombia 2017
The Fossil Chronicles: How Two Controversial Discoveries Changed Our View of Human Evolution 2011
Foundational Films: Early Cinema and Modernity in Brazil 2018
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Foundations of Wildlife Diseases 2014
The Fourth Trimester: Understanding, Protecting, and Nurturing an Infant through the First Three Months 2013
A Fourth-Century Daoist Family: The Zhen'gao, or Declarations of the Perfected, Volume 1 2021
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Frame by Frame: A Materialist Aesthetics of Animated Cartoons OPEN ACCESS 2019
Framing the Bride: Globalizing Beauty and Romance in Taiwan’s Bridal Industry 2003
France and the Cult of the Sacred Heart: An Epic Tale for Modern Times 2000
Free for All: Fixing School Food in America 2010
The Free Speech Movement: Reflections on Berkeley in the 1960s 2002
A Free Will: Origins of the Notion in Ancient Thought 2011
French Wine: A History 2016
Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States 2013
Freshwater Mussel Ecology: A Multifactor Approach to Distribution and Abundance 2008
Friends of God: Islamic Images of Piety, Commitment, and Servanthood 2008
Friendship: Development, Ecology, and Evolution of a Relationship 2010
From 1989, or European Music and the Modernist Unconscious 2017
From a Trickle to a Torrent: Education, Migration, and Social Change in a Himalayan Valley of Nepal 2019
From Afro-Cuban Rhythms to Latin Jazz 2006
From Alexander to Jesus 2010
From Chemical Philosophy to Theoretical Chemistry: Dynamics of Matter and Dynamics of Disciplines, 1800-1950 1993
From Cuba with Love: Sex and Money in the Twenty-First Century 2015
From Demon to Darling: A Legal History of Wine in America 2009
From Fascism to Populism in History 2017
From Fascism to Populism in History 2017
From Genesis to Genetics: The Case of Evolution and Creationism 2002
From Grandmother to Granddaughter: Salvadoran Women's Stories 2000
From History to Theory 2011
From Jeremiad to Jihad: Religion, Violence, and America 2012
From Madrigal to Opera: Monteverdi's Staging of the Self 2012
From Mission to Microchip: A History of the California Labor Movement 2016
From Savage to Negro: Anthropology and the Construction of Race, 1896-1954 1998
From the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean: The Global Trade Networks of Armenian Merchants from New Julfa 2011
From the Jaws of Victory: The Triumph and Tragedy of Cesar Chavez and the Farm Worker Movement 2012
From the Soil: The Foundations of Chinese Society 1992
From Village to City: Social Transformation in a Chinese County Seat 2016
Frontier Constitutions: Christianity and Colonial Empire in the Nineteenth-Century Philippines 2009
Frontier Figures: American Music and the Mythology of the American West 2012
The Frontier in American Culture 1994
Frontiers and Ghettos: State Violence in Serbia and Israel 2003
Frozen Earth: The Once and Future Story of Ice Ages 2013
Frozen Earth: The Once and Future Story of Ice Ages 2004
Fruit from the Sands: The Silk Road Origins of the Foods We Eat 2019
The Fruits of Natural Advantage: Making the Industrial Countryside in California 1998
Fruits of the Cross: Passiontide Music Theater in Habsburg Vienna 2019
Fruteros: Street Vending, Illegality, and Ethnic Community in Los Angeles 2020
Fugitive Freedom: The Improbable Lives of Two Impostors in Late Colonial Mexico 2021
Fundamentals of the Stem Cell Debate: The Scientific, Religious, Ethical, and Political Issues 2008
Funky Nassau: Roots, Routes, and Representation in Bahamian Popular Music 2011
Funny Pictures: Animation and Comedy in Studio-Era Hollywood 2011
Funnybooks: The Improbable Glories of the Best American Comic Books 2015
The Future of the Self: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Personhood and Identity in the Digital Age 2020
Gadamer’s Repercussions: Reconsidering Philosophical Hermeneutics 2004
The Galileo Affair: A Documentary History 1989
Galileo on the World Systems: A New Abridged Translation and Guide 1997
Game Changer: Animal Rights and the Fate of Africa’s Wildlife 2012
The Gaon of Vilna: The Man and His Image 2002
The Garden in the Machine: A Field Guide to Independent Films about Place 2001
Gardening with a Wild Heart: Restoring California's Native Landscapes at Home 1999
A Garland of Feminist Reflections: Forty Years of Religious Exploration 2009
A Garland of Forgotten Goddesses: Tales of the Feminine Divine from India and Beyond 2021
Gaslighted: How the Oil and Gas Industry Shortchanges Women Scientists 2021
The Gastronomica Reader 2010
Gastropolitics and the Specter of Race: Stories of Capital, Culture, and Coloniality in Peru 2021
Gatekeepers of the Arab Past: Historians and History Writing in Twentieth-Century Egypt 2009
Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom 2018
Gender and Mission Encounters in Korea: New Women, Old Ways: Seoul-California Series in Korean Studies, Volume 1 2009
Gender and Morality in Anglo-American Culture, 1650–1800 2003
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Gender in Amazonia and Melanesia: An Exploration of the Comparative Method 2001
Gender in the Twenty-First Century: The Stalled Revolution and the Road to Equality 2017
Gender of Memory: Rural Women and China’s Collective Past 2011
The Gender of the Gift: Problems with Women and Problems with Society in Melanesia 1988
Gendered Transitions: Mexican Experiences of Immigration 1994
The General’s Slow Retreat: Chile after Pinochet 2011
Generation Priced Out: Who Gets to Live in the New Urban America 2018
Generation Priced Out: Who Gets to Live in the New Urban America, with a New Preface 2018
Genesis of the Salk Institute: The Epic of Its Founders 2013
Genetic Nature/Culture: Anthropology and Science beyond the Two-Culture Divide 2003
Gentlemen and Amazons: The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory, 1861–1900 2011
The Gentrification of the Internet: How to Reclaim Our Digital Freedom 2021
The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination 2012
Geographies of Identity in Nineteenth-Century Japan 2005
A Geography of Digestion: Biotechnology and the Kellogg Cereal Enterprise 2017
Geology of the San Francisco Bay Region 2006
Geology of the Sierra Nevada: Revised Edition 2006
George Gershwin: His Life and Work 2006
Germ Wars: The Politics of Microbes and America's Landscape of Fear 2017
German Modernism: Music and the Arts 2005
German Voices: Memories of Life during Hitler's Third Reich 2011
The German Worker: Working-Class Autobiographies from the Age of Industrialization 1987
Germany in Transit: Nation and Migration, 1955-2005 2007
Getting It Wrong: Debunking the Greatest Myths in American Journalism 2017
Getting It Wrong: Ten of the Greatest Misreported Stories in American Journalism 2010
Getting Sociology Right: A Half-Century of Reflections 2014
Getting Wrecked: Women, Incarceration, and the American Opioid Crisis 2019
Ghost Dances and Identity: Prophetic Religion and American Indian Ethnogenesis in the Nineteenth Century 2006
Ghosts of Futures Past: Spiritualism and the Cultural Politics of Nineteenth-Century America 2008
The Ghosts of Gombe: A True Story of Love and Death in an African Wilderness 2018
Ghosts of Home: The Afterlife of Czernowitz in Jewish Memory 2010
Giant Pandas: Biology and Conservation 2004
The Gifting Logos: Expertise in the Digital Commons 2020
Gilles Deleuze and the Ruin of Representation 1999
Ginseng and Borderland: Territorial Boundaries and Political Relations Between Qing China and Choson Korea, 1636-1912 OPEN ACCESS 2017
Giraffe Reflections 2013
Giving to God: Islamic Charity in Revolutionary Times 2019
Global Africa: Into the Twenty-First Century 2017
Global Community: The Role of International Organizations in the Making of the Contemporary World 2002
Global East Asia: Into the Twenty-First Century 2021
The Global Edge: Miami in the Twenty-First Century 2018
A Global History of Gold Rushes 2018
A Global History of Runaways: Workers, Mobility, and Capitalism, 1600–1850 2019
A Global History of Sexual Science, 1880–1960 2018
A Global History of War: From Assyria to the Twenty-First Century 2014
Global Latin America: Into the Twenty-First Century 2016
Global Middle East: Into the Twenty-First Century 2021
Global Muslims in the Age of Steam and Print 2014
Global Outlaws: Crime, Money, and Power in the Contemporary World 2007
Global Pentecostalism: The New Face of Christian Social Engagement, Includes DVD 2007
Global Rebellion: Religious Challenges to the Secular State, from Christian Militias to al Qaeda 2008
The Global Turn: Theories, Research Designs, and Methods for Global Studies 2017
Globalization and Human Rights 2002
Globalization: Culture and Education in the New Millennium 2004
The Gnat and Other Minor Poems of Virgil 2011
The Gnu's World: Serengeti Wildebeest Ecology and Life History 2014
Go Nation: Chinese Masculinities and the Game of Weiqi in China 2013
Go West, Young Women!: The Rise of Early Hollywood 2013
God and the Green Divide: Religious Environmentalism in Black and White 2017
God, Humanity, and History: The Hebrew First Crusade Narratives 2000
God in Proof: The Story of a Search from the Ancients to the Internet 2013
God in the Tumult of the Global Square: Religion in Global Civil Society 2015
The God Problem: Expressing Faith and Being Reasonable 2012
Goddesses and the Divine Feminine: A Western Religious History 2005
Godly Republic: A Centrist Blueprint for America’s Faith-Based Future: A Former White House Official Explodes Ten Polarizing Myths about Religion and Government in America Today 2007
God's Agents: Biblical Publicity in Contemporary England 2013
God’s Heart Has No Borders: How Religious Activists Are Working for Immigrant Rights 2008
God's Laboratory: Assisted Reproduction in the Andes 2012
The Gods Left First: The Captivity and Repatriation of Japanese POWs in Northeast Asia, 1945–1956 2013
The Gold and the Blue: A Personal Memoir of the University of California, 1949–1967: Volume Two: Political Turmoil 2003
The Gold Standard and the Logic of Naturalism: American Literature at the Turn of the Century 1987
Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California 2007
Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition 2011
Golden-Silk Smoke: A History of Tobacco in China, 1550–2010 2011
Gone: Poems 2003
Good Arabs: The Israeli Security Agencies and the Israeli Arabs, 1948–1967 2010
Good Catholics: The Battle over Abortion in the Catholic Church 2014
Good Quality: The Routinization of Sperm Banking in China 2018
Good with Their Hands: Boxers, Bluesmen, and Other Characters from the Rust Belt 2002
The Goode Guide to Wine: A Manifesto of Sorts 2020
The Googlization of Everything: (And Why We Should Worry) 2012
The Googlization of Everything: (And Why We Should Worry) 2011
The Gospel of Climate Skepticism: Why Evangelical Christians Oppose Action on Climate Change 2019
The Gothic Enterprise: A Guide to Understanding the Medieval Cathedral 2003
The Gothic Enterprise: A Guide to Understanding the Medieval Cathedral, With a New Preface 2011
A Gothic Sermon: Making a Contract with the Mother of God, Saint Mary of Amiens 2004
Governing Systems: Modernity and the Making of Public Health in England, 1830–1910 2016
Government of Paper: The Materiality of Bureaucracy in Urban Pakistan 2012
Grad School Essentials: A Crash Course in Scholarly Skills 2016
A Grammar of the Seneca Language 2015
Grand Canyon For Sale: Public Lands versus Private Interests in the Era of Climate Change 2017
Grand Opera: The Story of the Met 2014
Grass: In Search of Human Habitat 2010
The Graves of Tarim: Genealogy and Mobility across the Indian Ocean 2006
Gravesend 2012
Gray Divorce: What We Lose and Gain from Mid-Life Splits 2018
The Great Basin: A Natural Prehistory 2011
Great Directors at Work: Stanislavsky, Brecht, Kazan, Brook 1986
The Great Han: Race, Nationalism, and Tradition in China Today 2017
Great Planning Disasters: With a new introduction 1980
The Great Wall of Confinement: The Chinese Prison Camp through Contemporary Fiction and Reportage 2004
The Great War and the Remaking of Palestine 2017
Greater Sage-Grouse: Ecology and Conservation of a Landscape Species and Its Habitats 2011
The Greco-Persian Wars 1996
Greek Gods Abroad: Names, Natures, and Transformations 2017
Greek Poems to the Gods: Hymns from Homer to Proclus 2021
Greeks, Romans, Germans: How the Nazis Usurped Europe's Classical Past 2016
The Green Archipelago: Forestry in Pre-Industrial Japan 1989
Green Criminology: Crime, Justice, and the Environment 2017
Green is the Orator 2010
The Green Leap: A Primer for Conserving Biodiversity in Subdivision Development 2012
Green Thoughts, Green Shades: Essays by Contemporary Poets on the Early Modern Lyric 2002
Green Wars: Conservation and Decolonization in the Maya Forest 2018
Gregory of Nazianzus's Letter Collection: The Complete Translation 2019
Gregory the Great: Perfection in Imperfection 1988
Grit and Hope: A Year with Five Latino Students and the Program That Helped Them Aim for College 2016
The Grit Beneath the Glitter: Tales from the Real Las Vegas 2002
Guantánamo: A Working-Class History between Empire and Revolution 2009
The Guantánamo Effect: Exposing the Consequences of U.S. Detention and Interrogation Practices 2009
Guerrilla USA: The George Jackson Brigade and the Anticapitalist Underground of the 1970s 2010
A Guide to EU Environmental Law 2021
A Guide to U.S. Environmental Law 2021
GUYnecology: The Missing Science of Men's Reproductive Health 2020
Gypsy Law: Romani Legal Traditions and Culture 2001
The Hadza: Hunter-Gatherers of Tanzania 2010
Haiti, History, and the Gods 1995
Haj to Utopia: How the Ghadar Movement Charted Global Radicalism and Attempted to Overthrow the British Empire 2011
The Hakka Cookbook: Chinese Soul Food from around the World 2012
Halakhah in the Making: The Development of Jewish Law from Qumran to the Rabbis 2009
A Half Century of Occupation: Israel, Palestine, and the World's Most Intractable Conflict 2017
Handbook of Citizen Science in Ecology and Conservation 2020
Handbook of Religion and the Asian City: Aspiration and Urbanization in the Twenty-First Century 2015
Hanoi's Road to the Vietnam War, 1954-1965 2013
Happy Singlehood: The Rising Acceptance and Celebration of Solo Living 2019
Harassed: Gender, Bodies, and Ethnographic Research 2019
Hard Choices: How Women Decide About Work, Career and Motherhood 1985
Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom 2013
Hard Work: Remaking the American Labor Movement 2004
Hard-Boiled Hollywood: Crime and Punishment in Postwar Los Angeles 2017
Harm. 2007
Has the Gay Movement Failed? 2018
Haunting Images: A Cultural Account of Selective Reproduction in Vietnam 2014
The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin 1994
Hazardous Metropolis: Flooding and Urban Ecology in Los Angeles 2004
The H.D. Book 2011
Healing Elements: Efficacy and the Social Ecologies of Tibetan Medicine 2012
Healing from Hate: How Young Men Get Into—and Out of—Violent Extremism 2018
Health Care Off the Books: Poverty, Illness, and Strategies for Survival in Urban America 2020
The Health Care Revolution: From Medical Monopoly to Market Competition 2008
The Healthy Skeptic: Cutting through the Hype about Your Health 2008
Hearing Luxe Pop: Glorification, Glamour, and the Middlebrow in American Popular Music 2021
The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office 2009
The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office, With a New Preface 2010
The Hegemony of Heritage: Ritual and the Record in Stone OPEN ACCESS 2018
Hella Town: Oakland's History of Development and Disruption 2021
Hellboy's World: Comics and Monsters on the Margins 2016
The Hellenistic Far East: Archaeology, Language, and Identity in Greek Central Asia 2014
The Hellenistic Settlements in Syria, the Red Sea Basin, and North Africa 2006
The Hellenistic Settlements in the East from Armenia and Mesopotamia to Bactria and India 2013
Hellfire from Paradise Ranch: On the Front Lines of Drone Warfare 2020
Henry Thoreau: A Life of the Mind 1986
Herbert Eugene Bolton: Historian of the American Borderlands 2012
Hermann von Helmholtz and the Foundations of Nineteenth-Century Science 1993
Heroes of Empire: Five Charismatic Men and the Conquest of Africa 2011
Heroes of the Age: Moral Fault Lines on the Afghan Frontier 1996
Hesiod’s Ascra 2004
Hey, Waitress!: The USA from the Other Side of the Tray 2002
Hidden Heritage: The Legacy of the Crypto-Jews 2002
A Hidden History of Film Style: Cinematographers, Directors, and the Collaborative Process 2015
Hidden Talent: The Emergence of Hollywood Agents 2010
Hidden Truth: Young Men Navigating Lives In and Out of Juvenile Prison 2010
Hiding in Plain Sight: The Pursuit of War Criminals from Nuremberg to the War on Terror 2016
Hieroglyphic Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Literature of the Middle Kingdom 2013
High Anxieties: Cultural Studies in Addiction 2002
Himalayan Voices: An Introduction to Modern Nepali Literature 1991
Hindu Goddesses: Visions of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religious Tradition 1986
Hindu Pluralism: Religion and the Public Sphere in Early Modern South India OPEN ACCESS 2017
Hiroshima Traces: Time, Space, and the Dialectics of Memory 1999
Historians across Borders: Writing American History in a Global Age 2014
Historical Biogeography of Neotropical Freshwater Fishes 2011
Historical Fictions and Hellenistic Jewish Identity: Third Maccabees in Its Cultural Context 2004
History and the Testimony of Language 2011
History Derailed: Central and Eastern Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century 2003
A History of Cookbooks: From Kitchen to Page over Seven Centuries 2017
The History of Human Rights: From Ancient Times to the Globalization Era 2008
A History of Infamy: Crime, Truth, and Justice in Mexico 2017
The History of Make-Believe: Tacitus on Imperial Rome 2003
A History of Modern Tibet, volume 2: The Calm before the Storm: 1951-1955 2007
A History of Modern Tibet, Volume 3: The Storm Clouds Descend, 1955–1957 2014
A History of Modern Tibet, Volume 4: In the Eye of the Storm, 1957-1959 2019
The History of Terrorism: From Antiquity to ISIS 2016
The History of the Church: A New Translation 2019
A History of Wine in America: From Prohibition to the Present 2005
A History of Wine in America, Volume 1: From the Beginnings to Prohibition 2005
Hitchcock on Hitchcock, Volume 1: Selected Writings and Interviews 1995
Hitchcock on Hitchcock, Volume 2: Selected Writings and Interviews 2015
"HIV is God's Blessing": Rehabilitating Morality in Neoliberal Russia 2011
Hizmet Means Service: Perspectives on an Alternative Path within Islam 2015
Hokum!: The Early Sound Slapstick Short and Depression-Era Mass Culture OPEN ACCESS 2017
Holding On: Family and Fatherhood during Incarceration and Reentry 2019
Hollowed Out: Why the Economy Doesn't Work without a Strong Middle Class 2015
Hollywood 1938: Motion Pictures' Greatest Year 2012
Hollywood Be Thy Name: African American Religion in American Film, 1929–1949 2007
Hollywood in the Neighborhood: Historical Case Studies of Local Moviegoing 2008
Hollywood Made in China 2017
Hollywood Quarterly: Film Culture in Postwar America, 1945-1957 2002
Hollywood Vault: Film Libraries before Home Video 2014
Holy Bishops in Late Antiquity: The Nature of Christian Leadership in an Age of Transition 2005
Holy Feast and Holy Fast: The Religious Significance of Food to Medieval Women 1987
The Holy Forest: Collected Poems of Robin Blaser, Revised and Expanded Edition. 2006
Holy Harlots: Femininity, Sexuality, and Black Magic in Brazil 2011
Holy Hip Hop in the City of Angels OPEN ACCESS 2017
Holy Hustlers, Schism, and Prophecy: Apostolic Reformation in Botswana 2011
Home Bound: Filipino American Lives across Cultures, Communities, and Countries 2003
Home Lands: How Women Made the West 2010
Homegrown Hate: Why White Nationalists and Militant Islamists Are Waging War against the United States 2021
Homer the Preclassic 2010
Homer the Theologian: Neoplatonist Allegorical Reading and the Growth of the Epic Tradition 1986
The Homeric Hymns: A Translation, with Introduction and Notes 2014
The Homeric Hymns: A Translation, with Introduction and Notes 2004
Homo erectus: Pleistocene Evidence from the Middle Awash, Ethiopia 2008
Homosexuality in Greece and Rome: A Sourcebook of Basic Documents 2003
Honey, Olives, Octopus: Adventures at the Greek Table 2013
Honky 2000
Hoptopia: A World of Agriculture and Beer in Oregon's Willamette Valley 2016
The Horizon: A History of Our Infinite Longing 2011
Hotel Mexico: Dwelling on the '68 Movement 2016
Hound Pound Narrative: Sexual Offender Habilitation and the Anthropology of Therapeutic Intervention 2012
House on Fire: The Fight to Eradicate Smallpox 2011
Houston Bound: Culture and Color in a Jim Crow City 2016
How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics: From Welfare Reform to Foreclosure to Trump 2017
How Big Should Our Government Be? 2016
How Chiefs Became Kings: Divine Kingship and the Rise of Archaic States in Ancient Hawai'i 2010
How Everyday Products Make People Sick: Toxins at Home and in the Workplace 2007
How Forests Think: Toward an Anthropology Beyond the Human 2013
How May I Help You?: An Immigrant's Journey from MBA to Minimum Wage 2017
How Not to Be Eaten: The Insects Fight Back 2012
How Race Is Made in America: Immigration, Citizenship, and the Historical Power of Racial Scripts 2014
How Ten Global Cities Take On Homelessness: Innovations That Work 2021
How the Cows Turned Mad: Unlocking the Mysteries of Mad Cow Disease 2004
How the Other Half Ate: A History of Working-Class Meals at the Turn of the Century 2014
How the Other Half Works: Immigration and the Social Organization of Labor 2003
How the Shopping Cart Explains Global Consumerism 2019
How the West Was Sung: Music in the Westerns of John Ford 2007
How to Read a Protest: The Art of Organizing and Resistance 2018
How to Succeed in Academics, 2nd edition 2010
How Vertebrates Left the Water 2010
How White Men Won the Culture Wars: A History of Veteran America 2021
How Would You Rule?: Legal Puzzles, Brainteasers, and Dilemmas from the Law's Strangest Cases 2016
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Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer among the Indians: And Other Unfinished Stories 1989
The Hudson Primer: The Ecology of an Iconic River 2012
The Hum of the World: A Philosophy of Listening 2018
Human Biogeography 2012
Human Impacts on Ancient Marine Ecosystems: A Global Perspective 2008
Human Impacts on Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters: Integrating Archaeology and Ecology in the Northeast Pacific 2011
The Human Scaffold: How Not to Design Your Way Out of a Climate Crisis 2021
Human Shields: A History of People in the Line of Fire 2020
Humanitarian Reason: A Moral History of the Present 2012
Humanitarianism and Mass Migration: Confronting the World Crisis 2019
Hungry for Revolution: The Politics of Food and the Making of Modern Chile 2021
The Hunt for the Dawn Monkey: Unearthing the Origins of Monkeys, Apes, and Humans 2004
Hurt: Chronicles of the Drug War Generation 2018
Hustle and Gig: Struggling and Surviving in the Sharing Economy 2019
The Huston Smith Reader: Edited, with an Introduction, by Jeffery Paine 2012
Hygienic Modernity: Meanings of Health and Disease in Treaty-Port China 2004
Hymns for the Fallen: Combat Movie Music and Sound after Vietnam 2017
I Did It to Save My Life: Love and Survival in Sierra Leone 2012
I Love Artists: New and Selected Poems 2006
i never knew what time it was 2005
I Too Have Some Dreams: N.M. Rashed and Modernism in Urdu Poetry 2014
Ian Hamilton Finlay: Selections 2012
Icons of Life: A Cultural History of Human Embryos 2009
Identity and Territory: Jewish Perceptions of Space in Antiquity 2019
Iguanas: Biology and Conservation 2004
The Iliad: A New Translation by Peter Green 2015
Illegality, Inc.: Clandestine Migration and the Business of Bordering Europe 2014
Image Brokers: Visualizing World News in the Age of Digital Circulation 2016
The Image of the Jews in Greek Literature: The Hellenistic Period 2010
Imaginary Communities: Utopia, the Nation, and the Spatial Histories of Modernity 2002
Imagined Empires: A History of Revolt in Egypt 2013
Imaging Disaster: Tokyo and the Visual Culture of Japan’s Great Earthquake of 1923 2012
Imagining Karma: Ethical Transformation in Amerindian, Buddhist, and Greek Rebirth 2002
Imagining the Future of Climate Change: World-Making through Science Fiction and Activism 2018
Immanent Visitor: Selected Poems of Jaime Saenz, A Bilingual Edition 2002
Immediate Struggles: People, Power, and Place in Rural Spain 2006
Immigrant America: A Portrait 2014
Immigrant America: A Portrait, Third edition. Revised, Expanded, and Updated 2006
The Immigrant and the University: Peder Sather and Gold Rush California 2012
Imperial Benevolence: U.S. Foreign Policy and American Popular Culture since 9/11 2018
Imperial Connections: India in the Indian Ocean Arena, 1860-1920 2007
Imperial Encore: The Cultural Project of the Late British Empire 2021
Imperial Genus: The Formation and Limits of the Human in Modern Korea and Japan OPEN ACCESS 2016
Imperial Heights: Dalat and the Making and Undoing of French Indochina 2011
Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire 2000
Imperial Matter: Ancient Persia and the Archaeology of Empires OPEN ACCESS 2016
Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin, With a New Preface 2006
Impersonations: The Artifice of Brahmin Masculinity in South Indian Dance OPEN ACCESS 2019
An Impossible Inheritance: Postcolonial Psychiatry and the Work of Memory in a West African Clinic 2019
In Camps: Vietnamese Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Repatriates 2020
In Other Los Angeleses: Multicentric Performance Art 2002
In Pursuit of the Good Life: Aspiration and Suicide in Globalizing South India 2014
In Quest of Justice: Islamic Law and Forensic Medicine in Modern Egypt 2018
In Search of Lost Meaning: The New Eastern Europe 2011
In Search of Our Frontier: Japanese America and Settler Colonialism in the Construction of Japan's Borderless Empire 2019
In Search of Safety: Confronting Inequality in Women's Imprisonment 2017
In Search of Soul: Hip-Hop, Literature, and Religion 2017
In Search of the Lost Decade: Everyday Rights in Post-Dictatorship Argentina 2020
In Stravinsky's Orbit: Responses to Modernism in Russian Paris 2020
In the Bee Latitudes 2012
In the Clutches of the Law: Clarence Darrow's Letters 2013
In the Course of a Lifetime: Tracing Religious Belief, Practice, and Change 2007
In the Field: Life and Work in Cultural Anthropology 2018
In the House of the Law: Gender and Islamic Law in Ottoman Syria and Palestine 1998
In the Image of Origen: Eros, Virtue, and Constraint in the Early Christian Academy 2018
In the Midst of Life: Affect and Ideation in the World of the Tolai 1992
In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa’s Botanical Legacy in the Atlantic World 2009
In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa’s Botanical Legacy in the Atlantic World 2009
In the Studio: Visual Creation and Its Material Environments 2020
In the Vortex of Violence: Lynching, Extralegal Justice, and the State in Post-Revolutionary Mexico 2020
In Your Eyes a Sandstorm: Ways of Being Palestinian 2011
Inalienable Possessions: The Paradox of Keeping-While Giving 1992
Incarcerating the Crisis: Freedom Struggles and the Rise of the Neoliberal State 2016
Incorruptible Bodies: Christology, Society, and Authority in Late Antiquity 2016
India and Pakistan: Continued Conflict or Cooperation? 2010
The Indians in American Society: From the Revolutionary War to the Present 1985
Indians, Missionaries, and Merchants: The Legacy of Colonial Encounters on the California Frontiers 2005
The Indigenous State: Race, Politics, and Performance in Plurinational Bolivia OPEN ACCESS 2017
Indispensable and Other Myths: Why the CEO Pay Experiment Failed and How to Fix It 2014
Industrial-Strength Denial: Eight Stories of Corporations Defending the Indefensible, from the Slave Trade to Climate Change 2020
Inescapable Ecologies: A History of Environment, Disease, and Knowledge 2006
Infections and Inequalities: The Modern Plagues 1999
Infertility around the Globe: New Thinking on Childlessness, Gender, and Reproductive Technologies 2002
Information and Organizations 1990
Inheriting Madness: Professionalization and Psychiatric Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century France 1991
Ink under the Fingernails: Printing Politics in Nineteenth-Century Mexico 2021
Inland Shift: Race, Space, and Capital in Southern California 2018
The Inner Quarters: Marriage and the Lives of Chinese Women in the Sung Period 1993
Insatiable Appetite: The United States and the Ecological Degradation of the Tropical World 2000
The Insecure American: How We Got Here and What We Should Do About It 2010
Inside Ethnography: Researchers Reflect on the Challenges of Reaching Hidden Populations 2019
Inside National Health Reform 2011
Inside Story: How Narratives Drive Mass Harm 2018
Inside the California Food Revolution: Thirty Years That Changed Our Culinary Consciousness 2013
Inside Toyland: Working, Shopping, and Social Inequality 2006
Instant Recess: Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time 2010
Institutions Count: Their Role and Significance in Latin American Development 2012
Instruments for New Music: Sound, Technology, and Modernism OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Insurgent Barricade 2010
Intensive Care: A Doctor's Journal 2000
Intermediate College Korean: Taehak Han'gugo Chunggup 2002
International Migration and Human Rights: The Global Repercussions of U.S. Policy 2009
International Water Scarcity and Variability: Managing Resource Use Across Political Boundaries 2017
Interpreting a Classic: Demosthenes and His Ancient Commentators 2002
Interpreting Music 2011
Interpreting Popular Music: With a new preface by the author 2000
Interpreting the Internet: Feminist and Queer Counterpublics in Latin America 2017
Interrupted Life: Experiences of Incarcerated Women in the United States 2010
The Intertidal Wilderness: A Photographic Journey through Pacific Coast Tidepools, Revised Edition 2002
An Intimate Affair: Women, Lingerie, and Sexuality 2007
Intimate Communities: Wartime Healthcare and the Birth of Modern China, 1937-1945 OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Intimate Economies of Bangkok: Tomboys, Tycoons, and Avon Ladies in the Global City 2004
Intimate Encounters: Filipina Women and the Remaking of Rural Japan 2009
Into the Land of Bones: Alexander the Great in Afghanistan 2005
Into the Land of Bones: Alexander the Great in Afghanistan 2012
Into the Twilight of Sanskrit Court Poetry: The Sena Salon of Bengal and Beyond 2014
Introduction to Air in California 2006
Introduction to Attic Greek: Answer Key 2013
Introduction to Attic Greek 2013
Introduction to California Chaparral 2006
Introduction to Earth, Soil, and Land in California 2010
Introduction to Fire in California: Second Edition 2021
Introduction to Horned Lizards of North America 2003
Introduction to the Geology of Southern California and Its Native Plants 2007
Introduction to Water in California 2016
Introduction to Water in California: Updated with a New Preface 2004
Inventing America's Worst Family: Eugenics, Islam, and the Fall and Rise of the Tribe of Ishmael 2009
Inventing Baby Food: Taste, Health, and the Industrialization of the American Diet 2014
Inventing the Needy: Gender and the Politics of Welfare in Hungary 2002
The Invention and Decline of Israeliness: State, Society, and the Military 2001
The Invention of Judaism: Torah and Jewish Identity from Deuteronomy to Paul 2017
An Invention without a Future: Essays on Cinema 2014
Invisible Families: Gay Identities, Relationships, and Motherhood among Black Women 2011
Invisible Labor: Hidden Work in the Contemporary World 2016
Invisible Nation: Homeless Families in America 2016
Invisible Storytellers: Voice-Over Narration in American Fiction Film 1988
The Iranian Expanse: Transforming Royal Identity through Architecture, Landscape, and the Built Environment, 550 BCE–642 CE 2018
Irving Thalberg: Boy Wonder to Producer Prince 2010
Is He Dead?: A Comedy in Three Acts 2003
Is It Safe?: BPA and the Struggle to Define the Safety of Chemicals 2013
Is Taiwan Chinese?: The Impact of Culture, Power, and Migration on Changing Identities 2004
Is That True?: Critical Thinking for Sociologists 2021
Isami's House: Three Centuries of a Japanese Family 2005
Islam after Communism: Religion and Politics in Central Asia 2014
Islam after Communism: Religion and Politics in Central Asia 2007
Islam and Christianity: Theological Themes in Comparative Perspective 2011
Islamic Shangri-La: Inter-Asian Relations and Lhasa's Muslim Communities, 1600 to 1960 OPEN ACCESS 2018
Islamic Theological Themes: A Primary Source Reader 2014
The Island Chumash: Behavioral Ecology of a Maritime Society 2005
Island of Hope: Migration and Solidarity in the Mediterranean 2021
Island of the Blue Dolphins: The Complete Reader's Edition 2016
Islands in the City: West Indian Migration to New York 2001
Islands in the Street: Gangs and American Urban Society 1991
Israel’s Occupation 2008
Istanbul, City of the Fearless: Urban Activism, Coup d'Etat, and Memory in Turkey 2020
It Did Happen Here: Recollections of Political Repression in America 1989
Italy's Native Wine Grape Terroirs 2019
Ithaca Forever: Penelope Speaks, A Novel 2019
It’s All for the Kids: Gender, Families, and Youth Sports 2009
It’s All True: Orson Welles’s Pan-American Odyssey 2007
It’s go in horizontal: Selected Poems, 1974–2006 2008
It's Madness: The Politics of Mental Health in Colonial Korea 2016
It's Not Like I'm Poor: How Working Families Make Ends Meet in a Post-Welfare World 2015
I've Got the Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition and the Mississippi Freedom Struggle, With a New Preface 2007
Jack Benny and the Golden Age of American Radio Comedy 2017
Jack Johnson, Rebel Sojourner: Boxing in the Shadow of the Global Color Line 2012
Jacked Up and Unjust: Pacific Islander Teens Confront Violent Legacies 2016
The Jail: Managing the Underclass in american society 1985
The Jail: Managing the Underclass in American Society 2013
Jailcare: Finding the Safety Net for Women behind Bars 2017
James Ivory in Conversation: How Merchant Ivory Makes Its Movies 2005
Janitors, Street Vendors, and Activists: The Lives of Mexican Immigrants in Silicon Valley 2006
Japan: History and Culture from Classical to Cool 2018
Japan in Print: Information and Nation in the Early Modern Period 2006
Japanese American Celebration and Conflict: A History of Ethnic Identity and Festival, 1934-1990 2002
Japanese for Sinologists: A Reading Primer with Glossaries and Translations 2017
Japan's Total Empire: Manchuria and the Culture of Wartime Imperialism 1998
The Jazz Bubble: Neoclassical Jazz in Neoliberal Culture 2018
Jazz Cultures 2002
Jazz Diasporas: Race, Music, and Migration in Post-World War II Paris 2016
Jazz Matters: Sound, Place, and Time since Bebop 2010
Jazz Places: How Performance Spaces Shape Jazz History 2021
Jazz, Rock, and Rebels: Cold War Politics and American Culture in a Divided Germany 2000
Jazz/Not Jazz: The Music and Its Boundaries 2012
Jephthah’s Daughter, Sarah’s Son: The Death of Children in Late Antiquity 2019
Jewish Identities: Nationalism, Racism, and Utopianism in Twentieth-Century Music 2008
Jewish Life in Renaissance Italy 1994
Jews in Poland-Lithuania in the Eighteenth Century: A Genealogy of Modernity 2004
The Jews of Britain, 1656 to 2000 2002
The Jews of the United States, 1654 to 2000 2004
Jornalero: Being a Day Laborer in the USA 2015
Journeys: Resilience and Growth for Survivors of Intimate Partner Abuse 2018
Judaisms: A Twenty-First-Century Introduction to Jews and Jewish Identities 2016
A Just Defiance: Bombmakers, Insurgents, and the Treason Trial of the Delmas Four 2012
Just Get on the Pill: The Uneven Burden of Reproductive Politics 2021
Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue: A Life's Work Fighting for a More Perfect Union 2021
Kea, Bird of Paradox: The Evolution and Behavior of a New Zealand Parrot 1999
Kendo: Culture of the Sword 2015
The Key to Newton's Dynamics: The Kepler Problem and the Principia 1995
Keys to Play: Music as a Ludic Medium from Apollo to Nintendo OPEN ACCESS 2016
Khubilai Khan: His Life and Times, 20th Anniversary Edition, With a New Preface 2009
Killer Tapes and Shattered Screens: Video Spectatorship From VHS to File Sharing 2013
The Killing Consensus: Police, Organized Crime, and the Regulation of Life and Death in Urban Brazil 2015
Killing Your Neighbors: Friendship and Violence in Northern Kenya and Beyond 2017
King and the Other America: The Poor People's Campaign and the Quest for Economic Equality 2018
King of the Court: Bill Russell and the Basketball Revolution 2010
Kitchens: The Culture of Restaurant Work 1996
Knowledge Discovery in the Social Sciences: A Data Mining Approach 2020
The Koreas: The Birth of Two Nations Divided 2020
K-Pop: Popular Music, Cultural Amnesia, and Economic Innovation in South Korea 2015
L.A. City Limits: African American Los Angeles from the Great Depression to the Present 2003
La Cocina Mexicana: Many Cultures, One Cuisine 2012
La Guera Rodriguez: The Life and Legends of a Mexican Independence Heroine 2021
La Llorona's Children: Religion, Life, and Death in the U.S.–Mexican Borderlands 2004
La Lucha for Cuba: Religion and Politics on the Streets of Miami 2003
La Nueva California: Latinos from Pioneers to Post-Millennials 2017
La Nueva California: Latinos in the Golden State 2004
L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema 2015
The La Traviata Affair: Opera in the Age of Apartheid 2018
Labor and Imperial Democracy in Prewar Japan 1991
Labor and Punishment: Work in and out of Prison 2021
Labor and the Locavore: The Making of a Comprehensive Food Ethic 2014
The Labor of Luck: Casino Capitalism in the United States and South Africa 2009
The Labor of Lunch: Why We Need Real Food and Real Jobs in American Public Schools 2019
Ladder of Shadows: Reflecting on Medieval Vestige in Provence and Languedoc 2009
Lakes and Watersheds in the Sierra Nevada of California: Responses to Environmental Change 2021
Land of Blue Helmets: The United Nations and the Arab World 2017
The Land of Open Graves: Living and Dying on the Migrant Trail 2015
Land of the Unconquerable: The Lives of Contemporary Afghan Women 2011
Landscapes, Gender, and Ritual Space: The Ancient Greek Experience 2004
Language and Colonial Power: The Appropriation of Swahili in the Former Belgian Congo 1880-1938 1986
Language between God and the Poets: Ma‘na in the Eleventh Century OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Language of Inquiry 2000
The Language of the Gods in the World of Men: Sanskrit, Culture, and Power in Premodern India 2006
Language of the Snakes: Prakrit, Sanskrit, and the Language Order of Premodern India OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Language War 2000
Languages and Nations: The Dravidian Proof in Colonial Madras 2006
Languages of Community: The Jewish Experience in the Czech Lands 2000
The Last Gasp: The Rise and Fall of the American Gas Chamber 2010
The Last Great Strike: Little Steel, the CIO, and the Struggle for Labor Rights in New Deal America 2016
The Last Titan: A Life of Theodore Dreiser 2005
Last Weapons: Hunger Strikes and Fasts in the British Empire, 1890–1948 2019
Late Ancient Knowing: Explorations in Intellectual History 2015
Late Antique Letter Collections: A Critical Introduction and Reference Guide 2017
Late Godard and the Possibilities of Cinema 2013
Latin American Cinema: A Comparative History 2016
Latin Journey: Cuban and Mexican Immigrants in the United States 1985
Latinos, Inc.: The Marketing and Making of a People 2012
Laughter in Ancient Rome: On Joking, Tickling, and Cracking Up 2014
Laughter Out of Place: Race, Class, Violence, and Sexuality in a Rio Shantytown 2013
Laughter Out of Place: Race, Class, Violence, and Sexuality in a Rio Shantytown 2003
Lavender and Red: Liberation and Solidarity in the Gay and Lesbian Left 2016
Law and Authors: A Legal Handbook for Writers 2020
Law and Justice around the World: A Comparative Approach 2020
Law and Society Today 2019
Laws, Theories, and Patterns in Ecology 2009
The Lawyer's Guide to Writing Well 2016
The Lawyer's Guide to Writing Well: Second Edition 2002
Lawyers, Lawsuits, and Legal Rights: The Battle over Litigation in American Society 2002
Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America's Children 2013
Learned Girls and Male Persuasion: Gender and Reading in Roman Love Elegy 2003
Learning from Each Other: Refining the Practice of Teaching in Higher Education 2018
Learning in the Global Era: International Perspectives on Globalization and Education 2007
Learning Love from a Tiger: Religious Experiences with Nature 2016
Leaving: A Narrative of Assisted Suicide 2019
Lectura Dantis: Inferno: A Canto-by-Canto Commentary 1998
Lectura Dantis: Purgatorio, A Canto-by-Canto Commentary 2008
The Left Coast: California on the Edge 2011
Legal Passing: Navigating Undocumented Life and Local Immigration Law 2019
The Legend of Mar Qardagh: Narrative and Christian Heroism in Late Antique Iraq 2006
Leonard Bernstein: The Political Life of an American Musician 2009
Leopold’s Shack and Ricketts’s Lab: The Emergence of Environmentalism 2010
Lessons from a Dark Time and Other Essays 2018
Let's Ask Marion: What You Need to Know about the Politics of Food, Nutrition, and Health 2020
Let’s Get to the Nitty Gritty: The Autobiography of Horace Silver 2006
Letters from Langston: From the Harlem Renaissance to the Red Scare and Beyond 2016
Lever of Empire: The International Gold Standard and the Crisis of Liberalism in Prewar Japan 2006
Lewis & Clark: Legacies, Memories, and New Perspectives 2004
LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence: Lessons for Policy, Practice, and Research 2017
Liberalism for a New Century 2007
Liberalism in Empire: An Alternative History 2014
Life along the Silk Road: Second Edition 2015
The Life and Times of the Shah 2009
Life and Words: Violence and the Descent into the Ordinary 2007
Life Beside Itself: Imagining Care in the Canadian Arctic 2014
Life Histories of the Dobe !Kung: Food, Fatness, and Well-being over the Life-span 2010
Life in Crisis: The Ethical Journey of Doctors Without Borders 2013
Life in Debt: Times of Care and Violence in Neoliberal Chile 2012
Life in Mexico 1982
Life Lived in Relief: Humanitarian Predicaments and Palestinian Refugee Politics 2018
The Life of a Pest: An Ethnography of Biological Invasion in Mexico 2020
The Life of a Text: Performing theRamcaritmanasof Tulsidas 1991
The Life of Cheese: Crafting Food and Value in America 2013
The Life of Hinduism 2006
The Life of Judaism 2001
The Life of Paper: Letters and a Poetics of Living Beyond Captivity 2018
The Life of the Law: Anthropological Projects 2002
The Life of the Syrian Saint Barsauma: Eulogy of a Hero of the Resistance to the Council of Chalcedon 2020
Life on the Other Border: Farmworkers and Food Justice in Vermont 2019
Life without Lead: Contamination, Crisis, and Hope in Uruguay 2018
LifePlace: Bioregional Thought and Practice 2003
Life's Origin: The Beginnings of Biological Evolution 2002
The Light of the World: Astronomy in al-Andalus 2016
The Likeness: Semblance and Self in Slovene Society 2020
Lines in the Water: Nature and Culture at Lake Titicaca 2002
Lise Meitner: A Life in Physics 1996
Listening as Spiritual Practice in Early Modern Italy 2011
Listening for the Secret: The Grateful Dead and the Politics of Improvisation 2017
Listening in the Silence, Seeing in the Dark: Reconstructing Life after Brain Injury 2002
Listening to Killers: Lessons Learned from My Twenty Years as a Psychological Expert Witness in Murder Cases 2015
Listening to the Sirens: Musical Technologies of Queer Identity from Homer to Hedwig 2006
Literary Cultures in History: Reconstructions from South Asia 2003
Little India: Diaspora, Time, and Ethnolinguistic Belonging in Hindu Mauritius 2006
Livable Cities?: Urban Struggles for Livelihood and Sustainability 2002
Lives in Limbo: Undocumented and Coming of Age in America 2016
Lives in Transit: Violence and Intimacy on the Migrant Journey 2018
Living and Dying in the Contemporary World: A Compendium 2016
Living at the Edges of Capitalism: Adventures in Exile and Mutual Aid 2016
Living Color: The Biological and Social Meaning of Skin Color 2012
Living Faithfully in an Unjust World: Compassionate Care in Russia 2017
Living Letters of the Law: Ideas of the Jew in Medieval Christianity 1999
Living on the Edge in Leonardo’s Florence: Selected Essays 2005
Living with Difference: How to Build Community in a Divided World 2015
Living with Fire: Fire Ecology and Policy for the Twenty-first Century 2008
Living with the Changing California Coast 2005
Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree: Ecology and Adaptive Radiation of Anoles 2009
Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity 2003
Loft Jazz: Improvising New York in the 1970s 2017
Lois Weber in Early Hollywood 2015
A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity 2021
The Longest Night: Polemics and Perspectives on Election 2000 2002
Longing and Belonging: Parents, Children, and Consumer Culture 2009
Lorine Niedecker: Collected Works 2002
The Los Alamos Primer: The First Lectures on How to Build an Atomic Bomb, Updated with a New Introduction by Richard Rhodes 2020
Los Angeles and the Automobile: The Making of the Modern City 1987
Los Angeles Documentary and the Production of Public History, 1958-1977 2018
Los Angeles in the 1930s: The WPA Guide to the City of Angels 2011
Loss: The Politics of Mourning 2003
The Lost Boys of Zeta Psi: A Historical Archaeology of Masculinity at a University Fraternity 2010
Lost Childhoods: Poverty, Trauma, and Violent Crime in the Post-Welfare Era 2018
Lost in a Gallup: Polling Failure in U.S. Presidential Elections 2020
The Lost Land of Lemuria: Fabulous Geographies, Catastrophic Histories 2004
Lost World of the Golden King: In Search of Ancient Afghanistan 2012
Louder and Faster: Pain, Joy, and the Body Politic in Asian American Taiko OPEN ACCESS 2019
Louis XIII, the Just 1989
Love, Inc.: Dating Apps, the Big White Wedding, and Chasing the Happily Neverafter 2019
Love, Money, and HIV: Becoming a Modern African Woman in the Age of AIDS 2014
Love's Body, Reissue of 1966 edition 1996
Love's Next Meeting: The Forgotten History of Homosexuality and the Left in American Culture 2021
Love's Uncertainty: The Politics and Ethics of Child Rearing in Contemporary China 2015
Luigi Russolo, Futurist: Noise, Visual Arts, and the Occult 2012
Lula of Brazil: The Story So Far 2008
Luminous Traitor: The Just and Daring Life of Roger Casement, a Biographical Novel 2019
The Lure of the Beach: A Global History 2021
The Lure of the Edge: Scientific Passions, Religious Beliefs, and the Pursuit of UFOs 2001
The Lure of the Image: Epistemic Fantasies of the Moving Camera 2021
Luxury and Rubble: Civility and Dispossession in the New Saigon OPEN ACCESS 2016
M. F. K. Fisher among the Pots and Pans: Celebrating Her Kitchens 2008
Mabel McKay: Weaving the Dream 2013
Mabiki: Infanticide and Population Growth in Eastern Japan, 1660-1950 2013
The Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales 2019
Made in Baja: The Lives of Farmworkers and Growers behind Mexico's Transnational Agricultural Boom 2019
Made in Britain: Nation and Emigration in Nineteenth-Century America 2020
Madness at Home: The Psychiatrist, the Patient, and the Family in England, 1820-1860 2006
Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western Esotericism 2006
Magic, Monsters, and Make-Believe Heroes: How Myth and Religion Shape Fantasy Culture 2019
A Magic Still Dwells: Comparative Religion in the Postmodern Age 2000
Magician of Sound: Ravel and the Aesthetics of Illusion 2021
The Magna Carta Manifesto: Liberties and Commons for All 2008
Magnetic Mountain: Stalinism as a Civilization 1995
The Maiden of Ludmir: A Jewish Holy Woman and Her World 2003
Maiden Voyage: The Senzaimaru and the Creation of Modern Sino-Japanese Relations 2014
Maiko Masquerade: Crafting Geisha Girlhood in Japan 2021
Mainframe Experimentalism: Early Computing and the Foundations of the Digital Arts 2012
Mainstreaming Black Power 2017
Maize for the Gods: Unearthing the 9,000-Year History of Corn 2015
The Makers of American Wine: A Record of Two Hundred Years 2012
Making a Non-White America: Californians Coloring outside Ethnic Lines, 1925-1955 2008
Making All Black Lives Matter: Reimagining Freedom in the Twenty-First Century 2018
Making Chastity Sexy: The Rhetoric of Evangelical Abstinence Campaigns 2011
Making Christian History: Eusebius of Caesarea and His Readers 2021
Making Global MBAs: The Culture of Business and the Business of Culture 2019
Making Images Move: Handmade Cinema and the Other Arts 2020
Making It Count: The Improvement of Social Research and Theory 1985
Making It Crazy: An Ethnography of Psychiatric Clients in an American Community 1981
Making Japanese Citizens: Civil Society and the Mythology of theShiminin Postwar Japan 2010
Making Los Angeles Home: The Integration of Mexican Immigrants in the United States 2016
Making Modern Meals: How Americans Cook Today 2017
Making Modern Mothers: Ethics and Family Planning in Urban Greece 2004
Making Money, Making Music: History and Core Concepts 2016
Making Music in Los Angeles: Transforming the Popular 2007
Making New Music in Cold War Poland: The Warsaw Autumn Festival, 1956-1968 2017
The Making of a Teenage Service Class: Poverty and Mobility in an American City 2018
The Making of Fornication: Eros, Ethics, and Political Reform in Greek Philosophy and Early Christianity 2003
The Making of Modern Colombia: A Nation in Spite of Itself 1993
The Making of Rehabilitation: A Political Economy of Medical Specialization, 1890-1980 1985
The Making of Revolutionary Paris 2002
The Making of the Modern Mediterranean: Views from the South 2019
Making Roots: A Nation Captivated 2016
Making Sweatshops: The Globalization of the U.S. Apparel Industry 2002
Making the Mexican Diabetic: Race, Science, and the Genetics of Inequality 2011
Making the Scene: Contemporary New York City Big Band Jazz 2007
Making Things Stick: Surveillance Technologies and Mexico's War on Crime OPEN ACCESS 2016
Male Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence: Perspectives from Northern Uganda OPEN ACCESS 2021
Malformed Frogs: The Collapse of Aquatic Ecosystems 2008
Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us 2013
A Malleable Map: Geographies of Restoration in Central Japan, 1600-1912 2010
Man and the Word: The Orations of Himerius 2007
A Man Without Words 2012
The Managed Hand: Race, Gender, and the Body in Beauty Service Work 2010
The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling 2012
The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling, Twentieth Anniversary Edition, With a New Afterword 2003
Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis in California 2007
Managing Women: Disciplining Labor in Modern Japan 2007
The Manchurian Myth: Nationalism, Resistance, and Collaboration in Modern China 2000
Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women's Lives 2000
Manhua Modernity: Chinese Culture and the Pictorial Turn OPEN ACCESS 2020
Manners and Mischief: Gender, Power, and Etiquette in Japan 2011
Manufactured Insecurity: Mobile Home Parks and Americans’ Tenuous Right to Place 2018
Many Middle Passages: Forced Migration and the Making of the Modern World 2007
Mapping Early Modern Japan: Space, Place, and Culture in the Tokugawa Period, 1603-1868 2003
Maps for Time Travelers: How Archaeologists Use Technology to Bring Us Closer to the Past 2020
Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History 2004
Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History 2011
Marching on Washington: The Forging of an American Political Tradition 2002
Margins of the Market: Trafficking and Capitalism across the Arabian Sea 2016
Marianne in the Market: Envisioning Consumer Society in Fin-de-Siècle France 2001
Marijuana Boom: The Rise and Fall of Colombia's First Drug Paradise 2020
Marine Historical Ecology in Conservation: Applying the Past to Manage for the Future 2015
Mark Twain among the Indians and Other Indigenous Peoples 2018
Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens 2010
Mark Twain’s Book of Animals 2010
Mark Twain's Correspondence with Henry Huttleston Rogers, 1893-1909 1969
Mark Twain’s Helpful Hints for Good Living: A Handbook for the Damned Human Race 2004
Mark Twain's Notebooks & Journals, Volume I: (1855-1873) 1975
Mark Twain's "Which Was the Dream?" and Other Symbolic Writings of the Later Years 1966
Markets and States in Tropical Africa: The Political Basis of Agricultural Policies 2014
Martial Law Melodrama: Lino Brocka’s Cinema Politics 2020
Mary Austin and the American West 2008
Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family, and Gender in China 2016
Masters of Light: Conversations with Contemporary Cinematographers 2013
Masters of Light: Conversations with Contemporary Cinematographers 1984
The Maternal Factor: Two Paths to Morality 2010
The Mathers: Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals, 1596–1728 1999
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Medieval Music and the Art of Memory 2005
Mediterranean Anarchy, Interstate War, and the Rise of Rome 2006
Mediterranean Encounters: Trade and Pluralism in Early Modern Galata 2018
Mediterraneans: North Africa and Europe in an Age of Migration, c. 1800–1900 2011
Mediums and Magical Things: Statues, Paintings, and Masks in Asian Places 2021
“Mek Some Noise”: Gospel Music and the Ethics of Style in Trinidad 2007
Melania: Early Christianity through the Life of One Family 2017
Melville’s Bibles 2008
The Memoirs of Alton Augustus Adams, Sr.: First Black Bandmaster of the United States Navy 2008
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The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong: The Autobiographical Writings of a Crown Princess of Eighteenth-Century Korea 2013
Memory for Forgetfulness: August, Beirut, 1982 2013
Memory Work: Anne Truitt and Sculpture 2016
Menus for Movieland: Newspapers and the Emergence of American Film Culture, 1913–1916 2015
Mercury in the Environment: Pattern and Process 2012
Merovingian Mortuary Archaeology and the Making of the Early Middle Ages 2003
The Messiah before Jesus: The Suffering Servant of the Dead Sea Scrolls 2000
Meta-Religion: Religion and Power in World History 2014
Methamphetamine: A Love Story 2016
Method for the One-Keyed Flute 1998
Methods in Forest Canopy Research 2012
Metropole 2011
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Metropolis in the Making: Los Angeles in the 1920s 2001
Metropolitan Migrants: The Migration of Urban Mexicans to the United States 2008
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Mexico: Why a Few Are Rich and the People Poor 2010
Mexico’s Mandarins: Crafting a Power Elite for the Twenty-First Century 2002
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Middlebrow Modernism: Britten’s Operas and the Great Divide OPEN ACCESS 2018
Migra!: A History of the U.S. Border Patrol 2010
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Migrants in Translation: Caring and the Logics of Difference in Contemporary Italy 2014
Migrating into Financial Markets: How Remittances Became a Development Tool OPEN ACCESS 2015
Migrating Tales: The Talmud's Narratives and Their Historical Context 2014
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Migration, Mujercitas, and Medicine Men: Living in Urban Mexico 2002
Miles and Me 2000
Militarized Maternity: Experiencing Pregnancy in the U.S. Armed Forces 2021
Military Waste: The Unexpected Consequences of Permanent War Readiness 2019
Millennial Monsters: Japanese Toys and the Global Imagination 2006
Miller's Children: Why Giving Teenage Killers a Second Chance Matters for All of Us 2018
Mimomania: Music and Gesture in Nineteenth-Century Opera 2004
Minding the Machine: Languages of Class in Early Industrial America 2004
The Mind's Past 1998
Mingus Speaks 2013
Mining Capitalism: The Relationship between Corporations and Their Critics 2014
Mining North America: An Environmental History since 1522 2017
Mining the Home Movie: Excavations in Histories and Memories 2008
The Minsk Ghetto 1941-1943: Jewish Resistance and Soviet Internationalism 2008
Miracle Cures: Saints, Pilgrimage, and the Healing Powers of Belief 2010
Miracles of Book and Body: Buddhist Textual Culture and Medieval Japan 2011
Mirage of Police Reform: Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy OPEN ACCESS 2017
Mirage of the Saracen: Christians and Nomads in the Sinai Peninsula in Late Antiquity 2015
Mirror Lake: Interactions among Air, Land, and Water 2009
Mirrors and Echoes: Women’s Writing in Twentieth-Century Spain 2007
Missionary Stories and the Formation of the Syriac Churches 2015
The Missionary's Curse and Other Tales from a Chinese Catholic Village 2013
Miyazawa Kenji: Selections 2007
M.K. Gandhi, Attorney at Law: The Man before the Mahatma 2013
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The Modern World-System II: Mercantilism and the Consolidation of the European World-Economy, 1600–1750 2011
The Modern World-System III: The Second Era of Great Expansion of the Capitalist World-Economy, 1730s–1840s 2011
The Modern World-System IV: Centrist Liberalism Triumphant, 1789–1914 2011
Modernizing China’s Military: Progress, Problems, and Prospects 2002
Modernizing Composition: Sinhala Song, Poetry, and Politics in Twentieth-Century Sri Lanka OPEN ACCESS 2017
Molecular Panbiogeography of the Tropics 2012
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Monk’s Music: Thelonious Monk and Jazz History in the Making 2008
Monster of the Twentieth Century: Kotoku Shusui and Japan's First Anti-Imperialist Movement 2015
The Monster That Is History: History, Violence, and Fictional Writing in Twentieth-Century China 2004
The Monster Within: The Hidden Side of Motherhood 2010
Monteverdi and the End of the Renaissance 1987
Moral Ambition: Mobilization and Social Outreach in Evangelical Megachurches 2011
Moral Fire: Musical Portraits from America's Fin de Siècle 2012
Moral Laboratories: Family Peril and the Struggle for a Good Life 2014
Moral Nation: Modern Japan and Narcotics in Global History 2014
Moral Wages: The Emotional Dilemmas of Victim Advocacy and Counseling 2014
Morality Tales: Law and Gender in the Ottoman Court of Aintab 2003
Morals Not Knowledge: Recasting the Contemporary U.S. Conflict between Religion and Science OPEN ACCESS 2018
More Damned Lies and Statistics: How Numbers Confuse Public Issues 2004
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More than Night: Film Noir in Its Contexts, Updated and Expanded Edition 2008
Mortal Doubt: Transnational Gangs and Social Order in Guatemala City 2018
Moses and Multiculturalism 2010
Mosquito Trails: Ecology, Health, and the Politics of Entanglement 2014
The Mother of the Gods, Athens, and the Tyranny of Asia: A Study of Sovereignty in Ancient Religion 2006
Mothering While Black: Boundaries and Burdens of Middle-Class Parenthood 2019
Motherload: Making It All Better in Insecure Times 2014
Moths of Western North America 2009
Mountain against the Sea: Essays on Palestinian Society and Culture 2009
Mountain Geography: Physical and Human Dimensions 2013
Mountain, Water, Rock, God: Understanding Kedarnath in the Twenty-First Century OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Mountains That Remade America: How Sierra Nevada Geology Impacts Modern Life 2017
Moving by the Spirit: Pentecostal Social Life on the Zambian Copperbelt 2017
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Mozart and Enlightenment Semiotics 2012
Muhammad and the Empires of Faith: The Making of the Prophet of Islam 2020
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Music after the Fall: Modern Composition and Culture since 1989 2017
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Music, Authorship, and the Book in the First Century of Print 2014
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Music Drama at the Paris Odéon, 1824–1828 2002
Music in America's Cold War Diplomacy 2015
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Music of the Renaissance: Imagination and Reality of a Cultural Practice 2019
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Musical Legacy of Wartime France 2013
Musical Meaning: Toward a Critical History 2002
The Mwindo Epic from the Banyanga 2021
My Bombay Kitchen: Traditional and Modern Parsi Home Cooking 2007
My Favorite Burgundies 2013
My Los Angeles: From Urban Restructuring to Regional Urbanization 2014
My Name Is Jody Williams: A Vermont Girl's Winding Path to the Nobel Peace Prize 2013
Myrna Loy: The Only Good Girl in Hollywood 2011
The Myth of Continents: A Critique of Metageography 1997
The Myth of International Protection: War and Survival in Congo 2019
The Myth of Silent Spring: Rethinking the Origins of American Environmentalism 2018
The Myth of the Noble Savage 2001
Nan Jing: The Classic of Difficult Issues 2016
Nan-ching—The Classic of Difficult Issues 1986
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Narrowing the Nation's Power: The Supreme Court Sides with the States 2002
A Nation of Emigrants: How Mexico Manages Its Migration 2009
A Nation of Empire: The Ottoman Legacy of Turkish Modernity 2001
National Insecurity and Human Rights: Democracies Debate Counterterrorism 2007
Native Wine Grapes of Italy 2014
A Natural History of California: Second Edition 2017
Natural History of San Francisco Bay 2011
Natural Security: A Darwinian Approach to a Dangerous World 2008
Natural State: A Literary Anthology of California Nature Writing 1998
The Nature of Race: How Scientists Think and Teach about Human Difference 2011
The Nature of the Beasts: Empire and Exhibition at the Tokyo Imperial Zoo 2013
Nature’s Clocks: How Scientists Measure the Age of Almost Everything 2008
NBC: America’s Network 2007
Neon Wasteland: On Love, Motherhood, and Sex Work in a Rust Belt Town 2011
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Neuropsychedelia: The Revival of Hallucinogen Research since the Decade of the Brain 2013
Never-Ending War on Terror 2021
New Age, Neopagan, and New Religious Movements: Alternative Spirituality in Contemporary America 2015
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The New Food Activism: Opposition, Cooperation, and Collective Action 2017
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A New History of Modern Latin America 2017
The New Latino Studies Reader: A Twenty-First-Century Perspective 2016
The New Mediterranean Jewish Table: Old World Recipes for the Modern Home 2016
The New Noir: Race, Identity, and Diaspora in Black Suburbia 2019
New Orleans Suite: Music and Culture in Transition 2013
New Philadelphia: An Archaeology of Race in the Heartland 2011
The New Public Management: Improving Research and Policy Dialogue 2001
The New World History: A Field Guide for Teachers and Researchers 2016
New York: The Politics of Urban Regional Development 1982
The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century 2011
The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century 2012
Ngoma: Discourses of Healing in Central and Southern Africa 1992
The Nicest Kids in Town: American Bandstand, Rock 'n' Roll, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in 1950s Philadelphia 2012
Nicole Brossard: Selections 2010
The Night Malcolm X Spoke at the Oxford Union: A Transatlantic Story of Antiracist Protest 2014
Nightshift NYC 2008
Nimo’s War, Emma’s War: Making Feminist Sense of the Iraq War 2010
No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger 2003
No Go World: How Fear Is Redrawing Our Maps and Infecting Our Politics 2019
No One Cries for the Dead: Tamil Dirges, Rowdy Songs, and Graveyard Petitions 2005
No One Will Let Her Live: Women's Struggle for Well-Being in a Delhi Slum 2015
No Place Like Home: Locations of Heimat in German Cinema 2005
No Safe Place: Toxic Waste, Leukemia, and Community Action 1997
No There There: Race, Class, and Political Community in Oakland 2004
Noodle Narratives: The Global Rise of an Industrial Food into the Twenty-First Century 2013
Norman Granz: The Man Who Used Jazz for Justice 2011
North American Amphibians: Distribution and Diversity 2013
North American Pinot Noir 2004
Northwest California: A Natural History 2006
Nostalgia for the Future: Luigi Nono's Selected Writings and Interviews 2018
Not by Bread Alone: Social Support in the New Russia 2004
Not by Design: Retiring Darwin’s Watchmaker 2009
Not Even Then: Poems 2004
Not Fit for Our Society: Immigration and Nativism in America 2010
Not Much Left: The Fate of Liberalism in America 2008
Not Yo' Butterfly: My Long Song of Relocation, Race, Love, and Revolution 2021
Notes on a Cellar-Book 2008
Nothing About Us Without Us: Disability Oppression and Empowerment 1998
Nurturing the Nation: The Family Politics of Modernizing, Colonizing, and Liberating Egypt, 1805-1923 2005
Obstacle Course: The Everyday Struggle to Get an Abortion in America 2020
Obstinate Hebrews: Representations of Jews in France, 1715-1815 2003
Ocean Outbreak: Confronting the Rising Tide of Marine Disease 2019
Ocean: Reflections on a Century of Exploration 2009
Oceanic Anglerfishes: Extraordinary Diversity in the Deep Sea 2009
The Odes 2019
The Odyssey: A New Translation by Peter Green 2018
The Odyssey Experience: Physical, Social, Psychological, and Spiritual Journeys 2009
Of Indigo and Saffron: New and Selected Poems 2011
Of Love and Papers: How Immigration Policy Affects Romance and Family OPEN ACCESS 2020
Of Rule and Revenue 1988
Of Sugar and Snow: A History of Ice Cream Making 2009
Of Women, Outcastes, Peasants, and Rebels: A Selection of Bengali Short Stories 1990
Off the Page: Screenwriting in the Era of Media Convergence 2017
Offending Women: Power, Punishment, and the Regulation of Desire 2010
On Becoming a Teen Mom: Life before Pregnancy 2015
On Deep History and the Brain 2008
On Her Own Terms: Annie Montague Alexander and the Rise of Science in the American West 2001
On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History 1993
On Holiday: A History of Vacationing 1999
On Human Nature: A Gathering While Everything Flows, 1967-1984 2003
On My Right Michael, On My Left Gabriel: Angels in Ancient Jewish Culture 2021
On Our Way: The Final Passage through Life and Death 2004
On Pain of Speech: Fantasies of the First Order and the Literary Rant 2010
On Roman Time: The Codex-Calendar of 354 and the Rhythms of Urban Life in Late Antiquity 1990
On Russian Music 2009
On the Cultural Revolution in Tibet: The Nyemo Incident of 1969 2009
On the Line: Slaughterhouse Lives and the Making of the New South 2016
On the Postcolony 2001
On the Road of the Winds: An Archaeological History of the Pacific Islands before European Contact, Revised and Expanded Edition 2017
On Time: Technology and Temporality in Modern Egypt 2013
One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States 2014
One Nation under AARP: The Fight over Medicare, Social Security, and America's Future 2011
Opening the Doors of Wonder: Reflections on Religious Rites of Passage 2006
Opera and Modern Culture: Wagner and Strauss 2004
The Operetta Empire: Music Theater in Early Twentieth-Century Vienna 2021
Oprah: The Gospel of an Icon 2011
Opting Back In: What Really Happens When Mothers Go Back to Work 2019
Opting Out?: Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home 2007
Orange Empire: California and the Fruits of Eden 2005
Orderly Anarchy: Sociopolitical Evolution in Aboriginal California 2015
Orientalist Aesthetics: Art, Colonialism, and French North Africa, 1880-1930 2003
Origins of Democracy in Ancient Greece 2007
The Origins of Indigenism: Human Rights and the Politics of Identity 2003
The Origins of the Lebanese National Idea: 1840–1920 2013
Orthodox by Design: Judaism, Print Politics, and the ArtScroll Revolution 2010
The Other California: Land, Identity, and Politics on the Mexican Borderlands 2017
Other Natures: Environmental Encounters with Ancient Greek Ethnography 2020
Other, Please Specify: Queer Methods in Sociology 2018
The Other Shore: Essays on Writers and Writing 2013
The Other Side of Assimilation: How Immigrants Are Changing American Life 2017
The Other West: Latin America from Invasion to Globalization 2011
Our Bodies Belong to God: Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt 2012
Our Distance from God: Studies of the Divine and the Mundane in Western Art and Music 2008
Our Dying Planet: An Ecologist's View of the Crisis We Face 2011
Our Energy Future: Introduction to Renewable Energy and Biofuels 2016
Our Most Troubling Madness: Case Studies in Schizophrenia across Cultures 2016
Our Nation Unhinged: The Human Consequences of the War on Terror 2009
Our Overweight Children: What Parents, Schools, and Communities Can Do to Control the Fatness Epidemic 2004
Our Parents, Ourselves: How American Health Care Imperils Middle Age and Beyond 2005
Ours 2008
Out of War: Violence, Trauma, and the Political Imagination in Sierra Leone 2018
Outcasts of Empire: Japan's Rule on Taiwan's "Savage Border," 1874-1945 OPEN ACCESS 2018
Owners of the Map: Motorcycle Taxi Drivers, Mobility, and Politics in Bangkok 2018
Pablo Tac, Indigenous Scholar: Writing on Luiseño Language and Colonial History, c.1840 2011
Pacific Connections: The Making of the U.S.-Canadian Borderlands 2012
Pacific Pinot Noir: A Comprehensive Winery Guide for Consumers and Connoisseurs 2008
Pacifying the Homeland: Intelligence Fusion and Mass Supervision 2019
Paisanos Chinos: Transpacific Politics among Chinese Immigrants in Mexico 2017
Palestinian Chicago: Identity in Exile OPEN ACCESS 2020
Palestinian Politics after the Oslo Accords: Resuming Arab Palestine 2003
The Pandemic Perhaps: Dramatic Events in a Public Culture of Danger 2015
Pandemonium and Parade: Japanese Monsters and the Culture of Yokai 2009
The Paper Road: Archive and Experience in the Botanical Exploration of West China and Tibet 2011
Parables of Sun Light: Observations on Psychology, the Arts, and the Rest 1989
Paradise for Sale: A Parable of Nature 2000
Paradise in Ashes: A Guatemalan Journey of Courage, Terror, and Hope 2004
Paradise Transplanted: Migration and the Making of California Gardens 2014
The Paradox of Hope: Journeys through a Clinical Borderland 2010
The Paradox of Preservation: Wilderness and Working Landscapes at Point Reyes National Seashore 2017
Paradoxes of Green: Landscapes of a City-State 2017
Parameters of Disavowal: Colonial Representation in South Korean Cinema OPEN ACCESS 2018
Parasites: Tales of Humanity's Most Unwelcome Guests 2010
The Para-State: An Ethnography of Colombia's Death Squads 2016
Parrots of the Wild: A Natural History of the World's Most Captivating Birds 2015
Parting Ways: New Rituals and Celebrations of Life's Passing 2011
Partner to the Poor: A Paul Farmer Reader 2010
A Party for Lazarus: Six Generations of Ancestral Devotion in a Cuban Town 2020
Passion, Betrayal, and Revolution in Colonial Saigon: The Memoirs of Bao Luong 2010
A Passion for Facts: Social Surveys and the Construction of the Chinese Nation-State, 1900–1949 2011
A Passion for Society: How We Think about Human Suffering 2016
The Passion of Montgomery Clift 2010
The Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas in Late Antiquity 2021
Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits 2002
The Pastoral Clinic: Addiction and Dispossession along the Rio Grande 2010
Pastoralist Landscapes and Social Interaction in Bronze Age Eurasia 2008
Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor 2003
Pathways of Power: Building an Anthropology of the Modern World 2001
Patriarchs on Paper: A Critical History of Medieval Chan Literature 2016
Pattern and Process in Cultural Evolution 2009
Paving the Way: The First American Women Law Professors 2021
Peace Process: American Diplomacy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict since 1967 2005
Peasant and Empire in Christian North Africa 2010
Peasant Pasts: History and Memory in Western India 2007
Pedagogy for Religion: Missionary Education and the Fashioning of Hindus and Muslims in Bengal 2011
People Studying People: The Human Element in Fieldwork 1980
People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising 2013
A People's Guide to Greater Boston 2020
A People's Guide to Los Angeles 2012
A People's Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area 2020
Perfectly Japanese: Making Families in an Era of Upheaval 2002
Performing Ethnomusicology: Teaching and Representation in World Music Ensembles 2004
Performing Piety: Making Space Sacred with the Virgin of Guadalupe 2011
Pericles: A Sourcebook and Reader 2009
Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam 2005
Permissible Dose: A History of Radiation Protection in the Twentieth Century 2000
The Perreaus and Mrs. Rudd: Forgery and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century London 2001
The Persianate World: The Frontiers of a Eurasian Lingua Franca OPEN ACCESS 2019
The Persistence of Sentiment: Display and Feeling in Popular Music of the 1970s 2013
Pests of the Native California Conifers 2003
Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine 2008
Peter Selz: Sketches of a Life in Art 2012
The Peyote Effect: From the Inquisition to the War on Drugs 2018
Pharmageddon 2012
Pheromone Communication in Moths: Evolution, Behavior, and Application 2016
The Philosophy of Food 2012
The Photographic Object 1970 2016
Phylogeography of California: An Introduction 2014
The Pilgrim Art: Cultures of Porcelain in World History 2010
Pilgrim Stories: On and Off the Road to Santiago, Journeys Along an Ancient Way in Modern Spain 1998
Pills, Power, and Policy: The Struggle for Drug Reform in Cold War America and Its Consequences 2012
Pious Passion: The Emergence of Modern Fundamentalism in the United States and Iran 1993
Pirates, Merchants, Settlers, and Slaves: Colonial America and the Indo-Atlantic World 2015
The Pitfalls of Protection: Gender, Violence, and Power in Afghanistan OPEN ACCESS 2017
Pixar and the Aesthetic Imagination: Animation, Storytelling, and Digital Culture 2017
Place of Devotion: Siting and Experiencing Divinity in Bengal-Vaishnavism OPEN ACCESS 2015
Places That Matter: Knowing Your Neighborhood through Data 2018
Placing Empire: Travel and the Social Imagination in Imperial Japan OPEN ACCESS 2017
Plane Queer: Labor, Sexuality, and AIDS in the History of Male Flight Attendants 2013
Plant and Animal Endemism in California 2013
Plant Diversity of an Andean Cloud Forest: Inventory of the Vascular Flora of Maquipucuna, Ecuador 2001
Plant Migration: The Dynamics of Geographic Patterning in Seed Plant Species 1988
Planting Nature: Trees and the Manipulation of Environmental Stewardship in America 2004
Plants of the San Francisco Bay Region: Mendocino to Monterey 2003
Plants on Islands: Diversity and Dynamics on a Continental Archipelago 2006
Plastic Reason: An Anthropology of Brain Science in Embryogenetic Terms 2016
Plato'sParmenides 2003
Playing America's Game: Baseball, Latinos, and the Color Line 2007
Playing the Farmer: Representations of Rural Life in Vergil’s Georgics 2011
Playing to the World’s Biggest Audience: The Globalization of Chinese Film and TV 2007
Playing to Win: Raising Children in a Competitive Culture 2013
Playing War: Children and the Paradoxes of Modern Militarism in Japan 2017
Pleasant Places: The Rustic Landscape from Bruegel to Ruisdael 2000
A Pocket Guide to Analyzing Films 2014
Poems for the Millennium, Volume Four: The University of California Book of North African Literature 2012
Poems for the Millennium, Volume Three: The University of California Book of Romantic & Postromantic Poetry 2009
The Poems of Exile: Tristia and the Black Sea Letters 2005
The Poems of Hesiod: Theogony, Works and Days, and The Shield of Herakles 2017
The Poems of Mao Zedong 2008
The Poetics of Military Occupation: Mzeina Allegories of Bedouin Identity Under Israeli and Egyptian Rule 1990
The Poetics of Rock: Cutting Tracks, Making Records 2001
The Poetics of Slumberland: Animated Spirits and the Animating Spirit 2012
Poetry in Pieces: César Vallejo and Lyric Modernity 2011
A Poet's Revolution: The Life of Denise Levertov 2013
Polemics and Patronage in the City of Victory: Vyasatirtha, Hindu Sectarianism, and the Sixteenth-Century Vijayanagara Court OPEN ACCESS 2016
Police Visibility: Privacy, Surveillance, and the False Promise of Body-Worn Cameras 2021
Policies, Plans, and People: Foreign Aid and Health Development 1986
Policing Cinema: Movies and Censorship in Early-Twentieth-Century America 2004
Policing Iraq: Legitimacy, Democracy, and Empire in a Developing State 2021
Policing Life and Death: Race, Violence, and Resistance in Puerto Rico 2019
The Political Landscape: Constellations of Authority in Early Complex Polities 2003
The Political Lives of Saints: Christian-Muslim Mediation in Egypt 2018
The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez: Crossing Religious Borders 2015
Politicking and Emergent Media: US Presidential Elections of the 1890s 2016
Politics and Theater: The Crisis of Legitimacy in Restoration France, 1815-1830 2000
Politics, Culture, and Class in the French Revolution: Twentieth Anniversary Edition, With a New Preface 2004
The Politics of Gender in Colonial Korea: Education, Labor, and Health, 1910–1945 2008
The Politics of Socratic Humor 2018
Politics of the Womb: Women, Reproduction, and the State in Kenya 2003
Pollution in a Promised Land: An Environmental History of Israel 2002
Polyandry and Wife-Selling in Qing Dynasty China: Survival Strategies and Judicial Interventions 2015
Polyeideia: The Iambi of Callimachus and the Archaic Iambic Tradition 2002
Polymorphous Domesticities: Pets, Bodies, and Desire in Four Modern Writers 2012
Popes, Peasants, and Shepherds: Recipes and Lore from Rome and Lazio 2013
Popular Culture in the Age of White Flight: Fear and Fantasy in Suburban Los Angeles 2004
Popular Music and National Culture in Israel 2004
Popular Theater and Society in Tsarist Russia 2002
Population Demography of Northern Spotted Owls: Published for the Cooper Ornithological Society 2011
Population Health in America 2019
A Portrait of America: The Demographic Perspective 2014
Possessing Nature: Museums, Collecting, and Scientific Culture in Early Modern Italy 1994
Possessors and Possessed: Museums, Archaeology, and the Visualization of History in the Late Ottoman Empire 2003
Postcolonial Disorders 2008
Postindustrial Possibilities: A Critique of Economic Discourse 1990
Postmodern Winemaking: Rethinking the Modern Science of an Ancient Craft 2014
Post-Nationalist American Studies 2000
Postwar Japan as History 1993
Potosi: The Silver City That Changed the World 2019
Poverty in America: A Handbook 2013
Poverty in America: A Handbook 2012
Poverty in America: A Handbook, Second Edition, With a New Preface 2006
The Power of Position: Beijing University, Intellectuals, and Chinese Political Culture, 1898-1929 2004
The Power of the Zoot: Youth Culture and Resistance during World War II 2008
Power Shift: China and Asia’s New Dynamics 2005
The Powerful Ephemeral: Everyday Healing in an Ambiguously Islamic Place 2011
Powering Empire: How Coal Made the Middle East and Sparked Global Carbonization 2020
The Practice of Reproducible Research: Case Studies and Lessons from the Data-Intensive Sciences 2018
Praying and Preying: Christianity in Indigenous Amazonia 2016
Preaching Bondage: John Chrysostom and the Discourse of Slavery in Early Christianity 2015
Preaching Islamic Renewal: Religious Authority and Media in Contemporary Egypt 2016
Precarious Claims: The Promise and Failure of Workplace Protections in the United States OPEN ACCESS 2016
Precarious Creativity: Global Media, Local Labor OPEN ACCESS 2016
Precocious Charms: Stars Performing Girlhood in Classical Hollywood Cinema 2013
The Prehistory of Home 2012
Prematurity in Scientific Discovery: On Resistance and Neglect 2002
The Price of Poverty: Money, Work, and Culture in the Mexican American Barrio 2003
Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model 2011
Prime-Time Families: Television Culture in Post-War America 1989
Primitive Selves: Koreana in the Japanese Colonial Gaze, 1910–1945 2010
The Prince and the Pauper 1983
The Prince and the Pauper 1983
The Principia: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy 1999
The Principia: The Authoritative Translation and Guide: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy 1999
The Principia: The Authoritative Translation: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy 1999
Principles of Data Management and Presentation 2017
Principles of Group Solidarity 1987
Printer's Devil: Mark Twain and the American Publishing Revolution 2006
Printing and Book Culture in Late Imperial China 2005
Prisms of Prejudice: Mediating the Middle East from the United States 2021
The Prison of Democracy: Race, Leavenworth, and the Culture of Law OPEN ACCESS 2019
The Prison School: Educational Inequality and School Discipline in the Age of Mass Incarceration 2017
Prison Truth: The Story of the San Quentin News 2020
Prisoners of Freedom: Human Rights and the African Poor 2006
Proactive Strategies for Protecting Species: Pre-Listing Conservation and the Endangered Species Act 2015
A Problem of Presence: Beyond Scripture in an African Church 2007
The Problem of Women in Early Modern Japan 2016
Producing Desire: Changing Sexual Discourse in the Ottoman Middle East, 1500-1900 2006
Profane: Sacrilegious Expression in a Multicultural Age 2014
Profit and Passion: Transactional Sex in Colonial Mexico 2018
The Promise of Cinema: German Film Theory, 1907–1933 2016
The Promise of the City: Space, Identity, and Politics in Contemporary Social Thought 2001
Promises I Can Keep: Why Poor Women Put Motherhood before Marriage 2011
Promises I Can Keep: Why Poor Women Put Motherhood Before Marriage 2005
Proof through the Night: Music and the Great War 2003
Propertius in Love: The Elegies 2002
A Prophet Has Appeared: The Rise of Islam through Christian and Jewish Eyes, A Sourcebook 2021
Prophets and Patriots: Faith in Democracy across the Political Divide 2017
Protect, Serve, and Deport: The Rise of Policing as Immigration Enforcement OPEN ACCESS 2017
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Psychiatry and Its Discontents 2019
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Public Sociology: Fifteen Eminent Sociologists Debate Politics and the Profession in the Twenty-first Century 2007
The Pueblo Revolt and the Mythology of Conquest: An Indigenous Archaeology of Contact 2009
Punishing Disease: HIV and the Criminalization of Sickness 2018
Punishing Poverty: How Bail and Pretrial Detention Fuel Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System 2019
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Purified by Fire: A History of Cremation in America 2001
Purity, Body, and Self in Early Rabbinic Literature 2014
The Pursuit of Knowledge: Speeches and Papers of Richard C. Atkinson 2007
The Pyrocene: How We Created an Age of Fire, and What Happens Next 2021
The Quality Cure: How Focusing on Health Care Quality Can Save Your Life and Lower Spending Too 2014
The Queen and I: A Story of Dispossessions and Reconnections in Hawai'i 2012
The Queen of Fats: Why Omega-3s Were Removed from the Western Diet and What We Can Do to Replace Them 2006
The Queer Composition of America’s Sound: Gay Modernists, American Music, and National Identity 2004
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The Quiet Hand of God: Faith-Based Activism and the Public Role of Mainline Protestantism 2002
Qusayr ‘Amra: Art and the Umayyad Elite in Late Antique Syria 2004
Rabbinic Drinking: What Beverages Teach Us About Rabbinic Literature 2020
Rabbis, Sorcerers, Kings, and Priests: The Culture of the Talmud in Ancient Iran 2015
Race and America's Long War 2017
Race and Crime: Geographies of Injustice 2018
Race and Ethnicity in America 2017
Race and the Brazilian Body: Blackness, Whiteness, and Everyday Language in Rio de Janeiro 2017
Race and the Invisible Hand: How White Networks Exclude Black Men from Blue-Collar Jobs 2003
Race for Empire: Koreans as Japanese and Japanese as Americans during World War II 2011
Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They Told You: Busting Myths about Human Nature 2012
Race Music: Black Cultures from Bebop to Hip-Hop 2003
Race, Place, and Suburban Policing: Too Close for Comfort 2015
Race Women Internationalists: Activist-Intellectuals and Global Freedom Struggles 2018
Racial Formation in the Twenty-First Century 2012
Racial Propositions: Ballot Initiatives and the Making of Postwar California 2010
Racing the Street: Race, Rhetoric, and Technology in Metropolitan London, 1840-1900 2020
Radical Ambition: C. Wright Mills, the Left, and American Social Thought 2009
Radio: Essays in Bad Reception 2011
Radio Goes to War: The Cultural Politics of Propaganda during World War II 2002
Railtown: The Fight for the Los Angeles Metro Rail and the Future of the City 2014
The Railway Journey: The Industrialization of Time and Space in the Nineteenth Century 2014
Rainbow 1992
Rainbow's End: Irish-Americans and the Dilemmas of Urban Machine Politics, 1840-1985 1988
Raise: What 4-H Teaches Seven Million Kids and How Its Lessons Could Change Food and Farming Forever 2014
Rallying for Immigrant Rights: The Fight for Inclusion in 21st Century America 2011
Rara!: Vodou, Power, and Performance in Haiti and Its Diaspora 2002
Rationalizing Korea: The Rise of the Modern State, 1894–1945 2016
Reading between the Wines 2010
Reading between the Wines: With a New Preface 2011
Real Collaboration: What It Takes for Global Health to Succeed 2010
The Real Environmental Crisis: Why Poverty, Not Affluence, Is the Environment's Number One Enemy 2003
Real Indians: Identity and the Survival of Native America 2003
The Real School Safety Problem: The Long-Term Consequences of Harsh School Punishment 2016
Reason and Revelation in Byzantine Antioch: The Christian Translation Program of Abdallah ibn al-Fadl 2020
Reason to Believe: Cultural Agency in Latin American Evangelicalism 2007
Receptacle of the Sacred: Illustrated Manuscripts and the Buddhist Book Cult in South Asia 2013
Reclaiming Identity: Realist Theory and the Predicament of Postmodernism 2000
Reclaiming Late-Romantic Music: Singing Devils and Distant Sounds 2014
Reconfiguring Modernity: Concepts of Nature in Japanese Political Ideology 2001
Recovering Histories: Life and Labor after Heroin in Reform-Era China 2020
Recreating Japanese Men 2011
Recreating Japanese Women, 1600-1945 1991
Red Round Globe Hot Burning: A Tale at the Crossroads of Commons and Closure, of Love and Terror, of Race and Class, and of Kate and Ned Despard 2019
The Red Sea: In Search of Lost Space 2016
Redacted: The Archives of Censorship in Transwar Japan 2012
Rediscovering America: Japanese Perspectives on the American Century 2011
Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music 2014
Re-Dressing America’s Frontier Past 2011
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Reflections on Fieldwork in Morocco: Thirtieth Anniversary Edition, with a New Preface by the Author 2007
Reflections on the University of California: From the Free Speech Movement to the Global University 2010
Reforming Suburbia: The Planned Communities of Irvine, Columbia, and The Woodlands 2005
Refried Elvis: The Rise of the Mexican Counterculture 1999
Regression Models for Categorical, Count, and Related Variables: An Applied Approach 2016
Regulating Style: Intellectual Property Law and the Business of Fashion in Guatemala 2016
Reimagining Global Health: An Introduction 2013
Reimagining Greek Tragedy on the American Stage 2012
Reintroduction of Fish and Wildlife Populations 2016
Reinventing Britain: Constitutional Change under New Labour 2007
Relational Formations of Race: Theory, Method, and Practice 2019
Religion and Popular Culture in America: Revised Edition 2005
Religion and Popular Culture in America, Third Edition 2017
Religion in America 2020
Religion: Material Dynamics 2018
Religious Experience 1985
The Reluctant Communist: My Desertion, Court-Martial, and Forty-Year Imprisonment in North Korea 2008
Remains of the Everyday: A Century of Recycling in Beijing 2021
Remaking a Life: How Women Living with HIV/AIDS Confront Inequality 2019
Remaking the Modern: Space, Relocation, and the Politics of Identity in a Global Cairo 2002
Remaking the Song: Operatic Visions and Revisions from Handel to Berio 2006
Remix: Changing Conversations in Museums of the Americas 2016
Renaissance Futurities: Science, Art, Invention OPEN ACCESS 2020
Renovating Democracy: Governing in the Age of Globalization and Digital Capitalism 2019
ReORIENT: Global Economy in the Asian Age 1998
Repeating Ourselves: American Minimal Music as Cultural Practice 2005
Replenished Ethnicity: Mexican Americans, Immigration, and Identity 2010
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Reproduction and Sexuality in Marine Fishes: Patterns and Processes 2010
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Reptiles and Amphibians of the Pacific Islands: A Comprehensive Guide 2013
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Republican Jesus: How the Right Has Rewritten the Gospels 2020
Republican Lens: Gender, Visuality, and Experience in the Early Chinese Periodical Press 2015
Restless Dead: Encounters between the Living and the Dead in Ancient Greece 1999
Restless Souls: The Making of American Spirituality 2012
Rethinking American History in a Global Age 2002
Rethinking Home: A Case for Writing Local History 2002
Retrying Galileo, 1633–1992 2005
Return to Aztlan: The Social Process of International Migration from Western Mexico 1987
Return to Sender: The Moral Economy of Peru’s Migrant Remittances 2014
Return to the Sea: The Life and Evolutionary Times of Marine Mammals 2012
Returned: Going and Coming in an Age of Deportation 2016
Reversible Destiny: Mafia, Antimafia, and the Struggle for Palermo 2003
Revising Your Dissertation: Advice from Leading Editors 2008
Revival from Below: The Deoband Movement and Global Islam 2018
Revolution in Development: Mexico and the Governance of the Global Economy 2021
Revolutionary Bodies: Chinese Dance and the Socialist Legacy OPEN ACCESS 2019
Revolutionary Love: A Political Manifesto to Heal and Transform the World 2019
The Rhetoric of Manhood: Masculinity in the Attic Orators 2005
The Rich and the Pure: Philanthropy and the Making of Christian Society in Early Byzantium 2021
Rich Democracies: Political Economy, Public Policy, and Performance 2002
Ride, Boldly Ride: The Evolution of the American Western 2012
Riesling Rediscovered: Bold, Bright, and Dry 2016
Rifle Reports: A Story of Indonesian Independence 2013
Right Here on Our Stage Tonight!: Ed Sullivan's America 2009
Righteous Dopefiend 2009
rimertown: an atlas, poems 2008
Risk and Culture: An Essay on the Selection of Technological and Environmental Dangers 1982
Risk Terrain Modeling: Crime Prediction and Risk Reduction 2016
Risk-Based Policing: Evidence-Based Crime Prevention with Big Data and Spatial Analytics 2018
River of Love in an Age of Pollution: The Yamuna River of Northern India 2011
Rivers of Iron: Railroads and Chinese Power in Southeast Asia 2020
Rivers of the Anthropocene OPEN ACCESS 2018
RKO Radio Pictures: A Titan Is Born 2012
The Road Out: A Teacher's Odyssey in Poor America 2013
The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America 2007
The Road to Resegregation: Northern California and the Failure of Politics 2018
Robert Duncan, The Ambassador from Venus: A Biography 2012
Robert Duncan: The Collected Early Poems and Plays 2012
Robert Duncan: The Collected Later Poems and Plays 2014
Robo sapiens japanicus: Robots, Gender, Family, and the Japanese Nation 2018
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The Romance of Democracy: Compliant Defiance in Contemporary Mexico 2002
Romance on a Global Stage: Pen Pals, Virtual Ethnography, and “Mail Order” Marriages 2003
Romantic Anatomies of Performance 2014
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Rome and the Mysterious Orient: Three Plays by Plautus 2005
Ronald ReaganThe Movie: And Other Episodes in Political Demonology 1987
Ronnie Gilbert: A Radical Life in Song 2015
Roots of Ecology: Antiquity to Haeckel 2012
Rosenzweig and Heidegger: Between Judaism and German Philosophy 2003
Rough and Tumble: Aggression, Hunting, and Human Evolution 2013
Rough-Hewn Land: A Geologic Journey from California to the Rocky Mountains 2011
Roughing It 1995
Roving Revolutionaries: Armenians and the Connected Revolutions in the Russian, Iranian, and Ottoman Worlds 2019
Royal Fever: The British Monarchy in Consumer Culture 2015
R’s Boat 2010
Rule of Experts: Egypt, Techno-Politics, Modernity 2002
Rules of the House: Family Law and Domestic Disputes in Colonial Korea OPEN ACCESS 2019
Runaway Hollywood: Internationalizing Postwar Production and Location Shooting 2019
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Russian Opera and the Symbolist Movement 2002
Russian Opera and the Symbolist Movement, Second Edition 2019
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The Sacred Gaze: Religious Visual Culture in Theory and Practice 2005
The Sacred Self: A Cultural Phenomenology of Charismatic Healing 1994
The Sacrificed Generation: Youth, History, and the Colonized Mind in Madagascar 2002
Sacrificial Limbs: Masculinity, Disability, and Political Violence in Turkey 2020
Sacrificing Soldiers on the National Mall 2013
Safe Enough?: A History of Nuclear Power and Accident Risk 2021
Safe Food: The Politics of Food Safety 2010
The Saga of the Volsungs: The Norse Epic of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer 1990
Said the Prophet of God: Hadith Commentary across a Millennium 2018
The Saint in the Banyan Tree: Christianity and Caste Society in India 2012
Saints and Citizens: Indigenous Histories of Colonial Missions and Mexican California 2014
Sal Si Puedes (Escape If You Can): Cesar Chavez and the New American Revolution 2014
Same Bed, Different Dreams: Managing U.S.- China Relations, 1989-2000 2001
Sameness in Diversity: Food and Globalization in Modern America 2020
Same-Sex Affairs: Constructing and Controlling Homosexuality in the Pacific Northwest 2003
Samuel Johnson: Selected Poetry and Prose 1977
San Diego in the 1930s: The WPA Guide to America's Finest City 2013
San Francisco in the 1930s: The WPA Guide to the City by the Bay 2011
Sand: The Never-Ending Story 2009
Sanitized Sex: Regulating Prostitution, Venereal Disease, and Intimacy in Occupied Japan, 1945-1952 2017
Sappho's Lyre: Archaic Lyric and Women Poets of Ancient Greece 1991
The Sauropods: Evolution and Paleobiology 2005
Savage Dreams: A Journey into the Hidden Wars of the American West 2014
Savage Frontier: Making News and Security on the Argentine Border 2015
Savagism and Civilization: A Study of the Indian and the American Mind 1988
Savannas of Our Birth: People, Wildlife, and Change in East Africa 2012
Saving the Modern Soul: Therapy, Emotions, and the Culture of Self-Help 2008
Scale: Discourse and Dimensions of Social Life OPEN ACCESS 2016
Scandals and Scoundrels: Seven Cases That Shook the Academy 2004
The Scarcity Slot: Excavating Histories of Food Security in Ghana OPEN ACCESS 2020
Scenes of Instruction: The Beginnings of the U.S. Study of Film 2007
Scenting Salvation: Ancient Christianity and the Olfactory Imagination 2006
The Scholar Denied: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Birth of Modern Sociology 2015
The School of History: Athens in the Age of Socrates 2000
The School of Rome: Latin Studies and the Origins of Liberal Education 2011
School's Out: Gay and Lesbian Teachers in the Classroom 2015
Science and Sensibility: Negotiating an Ecology of Place 2016
Science and Values: The Aims of Science and Their Role in Scientific Debate 1984
Scratching Out a Living: Latinos, Race, and Work in the Deep South 2016
Screenwriting for a Global Market: Selling Your Scripts from Hollywood to Hong Kong 2004
Screw Consent: A Better Politics of Sexual Justice 2019
Scripting Death: Stories of Assisted Dying in America 2021
The Scripture on Great Peace: The Taiping jing and the Beginnings of Daoism 2006
A Sea of Glass: Searching for the Blaschkas' Fragile Legacy in an Ocean at Risk 2016
Searching Eyes: Privacy, the State, and Disease Surveillance in America 2007
Searching for Utopia: Universities and Their Histories 2012
Seasonal Carbon Cycling in the Sargasso Sea Near Bermuda 1999
A Seat at the Table: Huston Smith In Conversation with Native Americans on Religious Freedom 2006
The Secret World of Doing Nothing 2010
Secrets from the Greek Kitchen: Cooking, Skill, and Everyday Life on an Aegean Island 2014
The Secular Commedia: Comic Mimesis in Late Eighteenth-Century Music 2014
Secure the Soul: Christian Piety and Gang Prevention in Guatemala 2015
Security and Terror: American Culture and the Long History of Colonial Modernity 2018
Seeing Double: Intercultural Poetics in Ptolemaic Alexandria 2003
Seeing: How Light Tells Us About the World 2017
Seeing Race Again: Countering Colorblindness across the Disciplines 2019
Seeing through Zen: Encounter, Transformation, and Genealogy in Chinese Chan Buddhism 2003
Seeking Good Debate: Religion, Science, and Conflict in American Public Life 2016
Seeking Refuge: Central American Migration to Mexico, the United States, and Canada 2006
The Seer and the City: Religion, Politics, and Colonial Ideology in Ancient Greece 2017
The Seer in Ancient Greece 2007
Selected Correspondence of Charles Ives 2007
Selected Letters 2000
The Selected Letters of Cassiodorus: A Sixth-Century Sourcebook 2020
The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley 2014
The Selected Poems of Ted Berrigan 2011
The Selected Poetry Of Yehuda Amichai 2013
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Selected Works of D.T. Suzuki, Volume II: Pure Land 2015
Selected Works of D.T. Suzuki, Volume III: Comparative Religion 2016
The Self-Help Myth: How Philanthropy Fails to Alleviate Poverty 2016
Self-Portrait in Three Colors: Gregory of Nazianzus's Epistolary Autobiography 2019
Selling Digital Music, Formatting Culture 2015
Selling Women: Prostitution, Markets, and the Household in Early Modern Japan 2012
Sensational Movies: Video, Vision, and Christianity in Ghana 2015
Sensory Biographies: Lives and Deaths among Nepal’s Yolmo Buddhists 2003
Sensory Evolution on the Threshold: Adaptations in Secondarily Aquatic Vertebrates 2008
The Separation Solution?: Single-Sex Education and the New Politics of Gender Equality 2016
Sequence Alignment: Methods, Models, Concepts, and Strategies 2009
Serendipity: An Ecologist's Quest to Understand Nature 2016
Seriously!: Investigating Crashes and Crises as If Women Mattered 2013
Serpentine: The Evolution and Ecology of a Model System 2011
Servants of the Dynasty: Palace Women in World History 2008
Serving a Wired World: London's Telecommunications Workers and the Making of an Information Capital 2010
The Seventy Prepositions: Poems 2004
Sewing Hope: How One Factory Challenges the Apparel Industry's Sweatshops 2017
Sex Cells: The Medical Market for Eggs and Sperm 2011
Sex Panic and the Punitive State 2011
Sexual Inequalities and Social Justice 2007
Sexual Selections: What We Can and Can’t Learn about Sex from Animals 2002
Sexuality and the Unnatural in Colonial Latin America 2016
Shadow Mothers: Nannies, Au Pairs, and the Micropolitics of Mothering 2010
The Shadow of the Parthenon: Studies in Ancient History and Literature 1972
Shady Practices: Agroforestry and Gender Politics in The Gambia 1999
Shakespeare's Metrical Art 1988
Shaking Up the City: Ignorance, Inequality, and the Urban Question 2021
Shameless: The Canine and the Feminine in Ancient Greece 2014
Shanghai Splendor: Economic Sentiments and the Making of Modern China, 1843-1949 2007
Shaped by the West, Volume 1: A History of North America to 1877 2018
Shaped by the West, Volume 2: A History of North America from 1850 2018
Shaping the Sierra: Nature, Culture, and Conflict in the Changing West 1999
Sharia Transformations: Cultural Politics and the Rebranding of an Islamic Judiciary 2020
Shari'ah on Trial: Northern Nigeria's Islamic Revolution 2017
Sharks, Rays, and Chimaeras of California 2003
Shenoute of Atripe and the Uses of Poverty: Rural Patronage, Religious Conflict, and Monasticism in Late Antique Egypt 2013
Sherpas: Reflections on Change in Himalayan Nepal 1990
Shifting the Meaning of Democracy: Race, Politics, and Culture in the United States and Brazil 2019
Shorebird Ecology, Conservation, and Management 2010
Shoshaman: A Tale of Corporate Japan 1991
Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train: Errant Economists, Shameful Spenders, and a Plan to Stop them All 2000
Shush! Growing Up Jewish under Stalin: A Memoir 2008
Sick To Death and Not Going to Take It Anymore!: Reforming Health Care for the Last Years of Life 2004
Sidewalking: Coming to Terms with Los Angeles 2015
Siegfried Kracauer's American Writings: Essays on Film and Popular Culture 2012
Sight Map: Poems 2009
Signing the Body Poetic: Essays on American Sign Language Literature 2006
Signs of the Times: The Visual Politics of Jim Crow 2010
Silence and Sacrifice: Family Stories of Care and the Limits of Love in Vietnam 2021
Silence at Boalt Hall: The Dismantling of Affirmative Action 2002
Silk, Slaves, and Stupas: Material Culture of the Silk Road 2018
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Sing with the Heart of a Bear: Fusions of Native and American Poetry, 1890-1999 2000
The Sinister Way: The Divine and the Demonic in Chinese Religious Culture 2004
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Sites of Violence: Gender and Conflict Zones 2004
Six Acres and a Third: The Classic Nineteenth-Century Novel about Colonial India 2005
Skeptic Among Scholars: August Frugé on University Publishing 1993
Skiing into Modernity: A Cultural and Environmental History 2015
Skills of the "Unskilled": Work and Mobility among Mexican Migrants 2015
Skin: A Natural History 2006
Skin: A Natural History 2013
Sky Blue Stone: The Turquoise Trade in World History 2014
The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today 2009
The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today 2009
Sleeping with the Dictionary 2002
Slide Mountain: Or, The Folly of Owning Nature 1995
Slow Fade to Black: The Decline of RKO Radio Pictures 2016
Slum Health: From the Cell to the Street 2016
Slum Travelers: Ladies and London Poverty, 1860-1920 2007
Smart Girls: Success, School, and the Myth of Post-Feminism 2017
Smoke but No Fire: Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened 2020
Smutty Little Movies: The Creation and Regulation of Adult Video 2016
The Snow Lion and the Dragon: China, Tibet, and the Dalai Lama 1997
So How’s the Family?: And Other Essays 2013
Soccer Empire: The World Cup and the Future of France 2010
Social Collateral: Women and Microfinance in Paraguay’s Smuggling Economy 2015
The Social Life of Forensic Evidence 2016
Social Movements: The Structure of Collective Mobilization 2019
Social Paralysis and Social Change: British Working-Class Education in the Nineteenth Century 1991
The Social Question in the Twenty-First Century: A Global View OPEN ACCESS 2019
A Social Revolution: Politics and the Welfare State in Iran 2017
The Social Sciences in Modern Japan: The Marxian and Modernist Traditions 2004
The Social Space of Language: Vernacular Culture in British Colonial Punjab 2010
Society and Individual in Renaissance Florence 2002
Society of Others: Kinship and Mourning in a West Papuan Place 2009
Society of the Dead: Quita Manaquita and Palo Praise in Cuba 2010
The Sociology of Development Handbook 2016
The Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter 2014
Solar Power: Innovation, Sustainability, and Environmental Justice 2019
Soldiering through Empire: Race and the Making of the Decolonizing Pacific 2018
Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice, A new direction for labor by two of its leading activist intellectuals 2008
Solitary: The Inside Story of Supermax Isolation and How We Can Abolish It 2017
Some Trouble with Cows: Making Sense of Social Conflict 1994
Someplace Like America: Tales from the New Great Depression 2011
Someplace Like America: Tales from the New Great Depression 2013
Son of the Cypresses: Memories, Reflections, and Regrets from a Political Life 2007
Song Loves the Masses: Herder on Music and Nationalism 2017
Songs of Experience: Modern American and European Variations on a Universal Theme 2005
Songs of Seoul: An Ethnography of Voice and Voicing in Christian South Korea 2014
Songs without Music: Aesthetic Dimensions of Law and Justice 2000
Sons of Hellenism, Fathers of the Church: Emperor Julian, Gregory of Nazianzus, and the Vision of Rome 2012
Sophisticated Giant: The Life and Legacy of Dexter Gordon 2018
Soul Hunters: Hunting, Animism, and Personhood among the Siberian Yukaghirs 2007
Sounding Islam: Voice, Media, and Sonic Atmospheres in an Indian Ocean World OPEN ACCESS 2018
Sounding New Media: Immersion and Embodiment in the Arts and Culture 2009
Sounding Race in Rap Songs 2015
Sounds: The Ambient Humanities 2015
Source: Music of the Avant-garde, 1966–1973 2011
Sources of Western Zhou History: Inscribed Bronze Vessels 1991
South Bronx Battles: Stories of Resistance, Resilience, and Renewal 2019
Sovereign Attachments: Masculinity, Muslimness, and Affective Politics in Pakistan 2021
Sovereign Feminine: Music and Gender in Eighteenth-Century Germany 2013
Spacefaring: The Human Dimension 2001
Spaces of Conflict, Sounds of Solidarity: Music, Race, and Spatial Entitlement in Los Angeles 2013
Spanish Legacies: The Coming of Age of the Second Generation 2016
Speak, Bird, Speak Again: Palestinian Arab Folktales 1989
Speaking of Jews: Rabbis, Intellectuals, and the Creation of an American Public Identity 2009
Speaking the Unspeakable: Religion, Misogyny, and the Uncanny Mother in Freud's Cultural Texts 2001
Speaking to History: The Story of King Goujian in Twentieth-Century China 2009
Speaking Truth to Power: Confidential Informants and Police Investigations 2016
Speaking Truths with Film: Evidence, Ethics, Politics in Documentary 2016
Specialization, Speciation, and Radiation: The Evolutionary Biology of Herbivorous Insects 2008
Species: A History of the Idea 2009
Spectacle of Deformity: Freak Shows and Modern British Culture 2010
The Spectacular Favela: Violence in Modern Brazil 2015
The Specter of the Jews: Emperor Julian and the Rhetoric of Ethnicity in Syrian Antioch 2018
Spider Eaters: A Memoir 2013
Spirits of Protestantism: Medicine, Healing, and Liberal Christianity 2011
Spoken Word: Postwar American Phonograph Cultures 2011
Sporting Blackness: Race, Embodiment, and Critical Muscle Memory on Screen 2020
The Sportsworld of the Hanshin Tigers: Professional Baseball in Modern Japan 2019
Staged Narrative: Poetics and the Messenger in Greek Tragedy 2002
Standing Ground: Yurok Indian Spirituality, 1850–1990 2002
Star Trek and American Television 2014
The State and Labor in Modern Japan 1987
State and Peasant in Contemporary China: The Political Economy of Village Government 1989
The State Must Be Our Master of Fire: How Peasants Craft Culturally Sustainable Development in Senegal 2004
The State of China Atlas: Mapping the World's Fastest-Growing Economy 2009
State of Health: Pleasure and Politics in Venezuelan Health Care under Chávez 2019
A State of Mixture: Christians, Zoroastrians, and Iranian Political Culture in Late Antiquity 2015
States of Delinquency: Race and Science in the Making of California's Juvenile Justice System 2012
States of Disease: Political Environments and Human Health 2017
States of Separation: Transfer, Partition, and the Making of the Modern Middle East 2017
Static in the System: Noise and the Soundscape of American Cinema Culture 2019
Stat-Spotting: A Field Guide to Identifying Dubious Data 2013
Stat-Spotting: A Field Guide to Identifying Dubious Data 2008
Stealing the Show: African American Performers and Audiences in 1930s Hollywood 2016
Steeltown, USSR: Soviet Society in the Gorbachev Era 1991
Steep: The Precipitous Rise of the Tea Party 2012
Steward’s Fork: A Sustainable Future for the Klamath Mountains 2007
Stick Together and Come Back Home: Racial Sorting and the Spillover of Carceral Identity 2018
The Stickup Kids: Race, Drugs, Violence, and the American Dream 2013
Stories in the Time of Cholera: Racial Profiling during a Medical Nightmare 2003
Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics 2007
Straight to Jesus: Sexual and Christian Conversions in the Ex-Gay Movement 2006
Strange Harvest: Organ Transplants, Denatured Bodies, and the Transformed Self 2006
The Stranger at the Feast: Prohibition and Mediation in an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Community OPEN ACCESS 2018
Stranger Intimacy: Contesting Race, Sexuality and the Law in the North American West 2011
Strangers at the Gates: New Immigrants in Urban America 2001
Strategic Communication for Organizations 2020
Strategies of Segregation: Race, Residence, and the Struggle for Educational Equality 2018
Stravinsky in the Americas: Transatlantic Tours and Domestic Excursions from Wartime Los Angeles (1925-1945) 2019
Street Meeting: Multiethnic Neighborhoods in Early Twentieth-Century Los Angeles 2005
The Street Stops Here: A Year at a Catholic High School in Harlem 2008
The Streets Are Talking to Me: Affective Fragments in Sisi's Egypt 2019
Struggle and Survival in Palestine/Israel 2012
Struggles for Recognition: Melodrama and Visibility in Latin American Silent Film 2021
Struggling to Define a Nation: American Music and the Twentieth Century 2008
Stuck with Tourism: Space, Power, and Labor in Contemporary Yucatan 2020
The Student Loan Mess: How Good Intentions Created a Trillion-Dollar Problem 2014
Studying Global Pentecostalism: Theories and Methods 2010
The Stuff of Spectatorship: Material Cultures of Film and Television 2021
Subjectivity: Ethnographic Investigations 2007
Subtle Bodies: Representing Angels in Byzantium 2001
The Succeeders: How Immigrant Youth Are Transforming What It Means to Belong in America 2021
Suffering and Sentiment: Exploring the Vicissitudes of Experience and Pain in Yap 2010
Suisun Marsh: Ecological History and Possible Futures 2014
Sundance to Sarajevo: Film Festivals and the World They Made 2002
Sunset Boulevard 1999
Sunshine Was Never Enough: Los Angeles Workers, 1880–2010 2012
Surf, Sand, and Stone: How Waves, Earthquakes, and Other Forces Shape the Southern California Coast 2015
Surfaces: A History 2013
Surfing about Music 2014
Surgeon General's Warning: How Politics Crippled the Nation's Doctor 2014
Surrogate Motherhood and the Politics of Reproduction 2007
Survival by Hunting: Prehistoric Human Predators and Animal Prey 2004
Surviving Freedom: After the Gulag 2003
Surviving Through the Days: Translations of Native California Stories and Songs, A California Indian Reader 2002
Sustainability through Soccer: An Unexpected Approach to Saving Our World 2016
Sustainable Water: Challenges and Solutions from California 2015
Sustaining Conflict: Apathy and Domination in Israel-Palestine 2016
Symposium of the Whole: A Range of Discourse Toward an Ethnopoetics 1983
Symptoms of Modernity: Jews and Queers in Late-Twentieth-Century Vienna 2004
Syncopations: Beats, New Yorkers, and Writers in the Dark 2008
Syndicate Women: Gender and Networks in Chicago Organized Crime 2019
Taiko Boom: Japanese Drumming in Place and Motion 2012
Taiwan and China: Fitful Embrace OPEN ACCESS 2017
Taking Baby Steps: How Patients and Fertility Clinics Collaborate in Conception 2018
Taking Charge of Breast Cancer 2008
Taking Children: A History of American Terror 2020
Tales of High Priests and Taxes: The Books of the Maccabees and the Judean Rebellion against Antiochos IV 2014
Tales of the Ex-Apes: How We Think about Human Evolution 2015
Tales of the Neighborhood: Jewish Narrative Dialogues in Late Antiquity 2003
Taming the Elephant: Politics, Government, and Law in Pioneer California 2003
Tantra: Sex, Secrecy, Politics, and Power in the Study of Religion 2003
Targeting Autism: What We Know, Don't Know, and Can Do to Help Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders 2007
The Taste of Place: A Cultural Journey into Terroir 2008
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Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City 2013
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They Leave Their Kidneys in the Fields: Illness, Injury, and Illegality among U.S. Farmworkers 2016
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This Land: A Guide to Eastern National Forests 2006
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The Thought of Music 2016
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Ties That Bind: The Story of an Afro-Cherokee Family in Slavery and Freedom 2015
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Time Series Analysis in the Social Sciences: The Fundamentals 2017
Tiny Game Hunting: Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap and Kill the Pests in Your House and Garden 2001
Tiny You: A Western History of the Anti-Abortion Movement 2020
To Be Cared For: The Power of Conversion and Foreignness of Belonging in an Indian Slum 2016
To Know Where He Lies: DNA Technology and the Search for Srebrenica’s Missing 2008
To Life!: Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet 2012
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Total Confinement: Madness and Reason in the Maximum Security Prison 2004
The Totality for Kids 2006
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Trans: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variability 2018
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Trapped in a Maze: How Social Control Institutions Drive Family Poverty and Inequality 2021
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Tupai: A Field Study of Bornean Treeshrews 2000
Turkey: A Past Against History 2021
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Twelve Weeks to Change a Life: At-Risk Youth in a Fractured State 2019
Twenty Million Angry Men: The Case for Including Convicted Felons in Our Jury System 2021
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Twice Dead: Organ Transplants and the Reinvention of Death 2002
The Twilight of Cutting: African Activism and Life after NGOs 2017
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Twilight People: One Man's Journey To Find His Roots 2006
Twilight Policing: Private Security and Violence in Urban South Africa 2016
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Uberland: How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work 2018
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Ultimate Price: The Value We Place on Life 2020
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An Uncommon Friendship: From Opposite Sides of the Holocaust 2001
Uncorking the Past: The Quest for Wine, Beer, and Other Alcoholic Beverages 2009
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Understanding Jihad 2005
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Unprepared: Global Health in a Time of Emergency 2017
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Unsettled: Denial and Belonging Among White Kenyans 2016
Unsettled Minds: Psychology and the American Search for Spiritual Assurance, 1830-1940 2009
Unsettled Waters: Rights, Law, and Identity in the American West 2019
Unsung Heroines: Single Mothers and the American Dream 2006
The Untold History of Ramen: How Political Crisis in Japan Spawned a Global Food Craze 2014
The Unvarnished Truth: Personal Narratives in Nineteenth-Century America 2000
The Upper Limit: How Low-Wage Work Defines Punishment and Welfare 2019
Urban Bird Ecology and Conservation 2012
Uruguay, 1968: Student Activism from Global Counterculture to Molotov Cocktails 2017
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Usable Social Science 2012
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The Variae: The Complete Translation 2019
Veering Right: How the Bush Administration Subverts the Law for Conservative Causes 2004
The Veil: Women Writers on Its History, Lore, and Politics 2008
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Venice Incognito: Masks in the Serene Republic 2011
Venice, the Tourist Maze: A Cultural Critique of the World’s Most Touristed City 2004
Vicarious Language: Gender and Linguistic Modernity in Japan 2006
Video Surveillance of Nesting Birds 2012
Videoland: Movie Culture at the American Video Store 2014
Vietnam 1946: How the War Began 2010
Vietnam: State, War, and Revolution (1945–1946) 2013
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Vietnamese Tradition on Trial, 1920-1945 1981
The View from Bald Hill: Thirty Years in an Arizona Grassland 2000
The View from Vesuvius: Italian Culture and the Southern Question 2002
A Vineyard in My Glass 2011
A Vineyard in Napa 2012
Violence in the City of Women: Police and Batterers in Bahia, Brazil 2007
Violence Workers: Police Torturers and Murderers Reconstruct Brazilian Atrocities 2002
Violette Nozière: A Story of Murder in 1930s Paris 2011
Virgil and the Mountain Cat: Poems 2009
Virtuous Waters: Mineral Springs, Bathing, and Infrastructure in Mexico OPEN ACCESS 2018
Vision and Place: John Wesley Powell and Reimagining the Colorado River Basin 2020
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Visual Power in Ancient Greece and Rome: Between Art and Social Reality 2018
Visuality and Identity: Sinophone Articulations across the Pacific 2007