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University of Hawai'i Press

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Since its establishment in 1947, University of Hawai'i Press has published over 2,000 books and over 900 journal issues. Within the worldwide scholarly community, University of Hawai'i Press is recognized as a leading publisher of books and journals in Asian, Asian American, and Pacific studies. Disciplines covered include the arts, history, language, literature, natural science, philosophy, religion, and the social sciences. The University of Hawai'i Press also serves as a distributor for more than 140 scholarly publishers in North America, Asia, the Pacific, and elsewhere.
Journals in JSTOR from University of Hawai'i Press
15 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Asian Perspectives 1957 - 2017
Asian Theatre Journal 1984 - 2017
Biography 1978 - 2017
Buddhist-Christian Studies 1981 - 2017
China Review International 1994 - 2017
The Contemporary Pacific 1989 - 2017
Journal of World History 1990 - 2017
Korean Studies 1977 - 2017
Mānoa 1989 - 2017
Oceanic Linguistics 1962 - 2017
Oceanic Linguistics Special Publications 1966 - 2015
Philosophy East and West 1951 - 2017
Review of Japanese Culture and Society 1986 - 2016
U.S.-Japan Women's Journal 2003 - 2017
U.S.-Japan Women's Journal. English Supplement 1991 - 2002
Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 1935 - 2017
Books in JSTOR from University of Hawai'i Press
1290 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The 1.5 Generation: Becoming Korean American in Hawaii 2004
The 1728 Musin Rebellion: Politics and Plotting in Eighteenth-Century Korea 2016
ABC Dictionary of Chinese Proverbs (Yanyu) 2002
ABC Dictionary of Sino-Japanese Readings 2016
ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese 2007
Absolute Delusion, Perfect Buddhahood: The Rise and Fall of a Chinese Heresy 2001
Abundance and Resilience: Farming and Foraging in Ancient Kaua‘i 2015
Academies and Society in Southern Sung China 1999
Accounts and Images of Six Kannon in Japan 2016
Acting the Right Part: Political Theater and Popular Drama in Contemporary China 2002
Acts of Reading: Exploring Connections in Pedagogy of Japanese 2003
Adapted for the Screen: The Cultural Politics of Modern Chinese Fiction and Film 2010
Adventuring in Hawaii: Revised Edition 2003
The Aesthetics of Strangeness: Eccentricity and Madness in Early Modern Japan 2013
The Affect of Difference: Representations of Race in East Asian Empire 2016
After Confucius: Studies in Early Chinese Philosophy OPEN ACCESS 2005
After the New Order: Space, Politics, and Jakarta 2013
After the Tsunami: Disaster Narratives and the Remaking of Everyday Life in Aceh 2019
Agents of World Renewal: The Rise of Yonaoshi Gods in Japan 2019
Ainu Spirits Singing: The Living World of Chiri Yukie’s Ainu Shin’yōshū 2011
Akutō and Rural Conflict in Medieval Japan 2018
The Alien Within: Representations of the Exotic in Twentieth-Century Japanese Literature 2009
Allegorical Architecture: Living Myth and Architectonics in Southern China 2006
Allegories of Time and Space: Japanese Identity in Photography and Architecture 2015
Ambassadors from the Island of Immortals: China-Japan Relations in the Han-Tang Period 2005
Ambition and Identity: Chinese Merchant Elites in Colonial Manila, 1880–1916 2004
American Aloha: Cultural Tourism and the Negotiation of Tradition 2008
American Anthropology in Micronesia: An Assessment 1999
An American Girl in the Hawaiian Islands: Letters of Carrie Prudence Winter, 1890-1893 2012
Anatomia, 1838 (Hawaiian text with English translation) 2003
Anatomy of a Crisis: Education, Development, and the State in Cambodia, 1953-1998 2000
Ancestry of Experience: A Journey into Hawaiian Ways of Knowing 2012
Ancient Ryukyu: An Archaeological Study of Island Communities 2013
Ancient Tahitian Society OPEN ACCESS 1974
And the Sun Pursued the Moon: Symbolic Knowledge and Traditional Authority among the Makassar 2005
Androgyny in Late Ming and Early Qing Literature 2003
Angelwings: Contemporary Queer Fiction from Taiwan 2003
Animated Encounters: Transnational Movements of Chinese Animation, 1940s–1970s 2019
Anthropology's Global Histories: The Ethnographic Frontier in German New Guinea, 1870–1935 2009
The Anxieties of Mobility: Migration and Tourism in the Indonesian Borderlands 2009
Approaching the Land of Bliss: Religious Praxis in the Cult of Amitābha 2004
Arbiters of Patriotism: Right-Wing Scholars in Imperial Japan 2020
Archaeology of the Ryukyu Islands: A Regional Chronology from 3000 B.C. to the Historic Period OPEN ACCESS 1969
Architects of Buddhist Leisure: Socially Disengaged Buddhism in Asia’s Museums, Monuments, and Amusement Parks OPEN ACCESS 2017
Architecture and Urbanism in Modern Korea 2013
The Architecture of Life and Death in Borneo 2004
Art as Politics: Re-Crafting Identities, Tourism, and Power in Tana Toraja, Indonesia 2006
The Art of Censorship in Postwar Japan 2012
The Art of Persistence: Akamatsu Toshiko and the Visual Cultures of Transwar Japan 2020
Art, Religion, and Politics in Medieval China: The Dunhuang Cave of the Zhai Family 2004
Articulating Rapa Nui: Polynesian Cultural Politics in a Latin American Nation-State 2015
Artistic Detachment in Japan and the West: Psychic Distance in Comparative Aesthetics 2001
The Arts of Kingship: Hawaiian Art and National Culture of the Kalakaua Era 2009
Asian Culture and Psychotherapy: Implications for East and West 2005
Asian Settler Colonialism: From Local Governance to the Habits of Everyday Life in Hawai`i 2008
Asian Traditions of Meditation 2016
Asia's Orthographic Dilemma 1997
Aspiring to Enlightenment: Pure Land Buddhism in Silla Korea 2020
Astronomy's Limitless Journey: A Guide to Understanding the Universe 2015
At Home and in the Field: Ethnographic Encounters in Asia and the Pacific Islands 2015
At the Edge of the Nation: The Southern Kurils and the Search for Russia’s National Identity 2018
At the House of Gathered Leaves: Shorter Biographical and Autobiographical Narratives from Japanese Court Literature 2004
Attracting the Heart: Social Relations and the Aesthetics of Emotion in Sri Lankan Monastic Culture 2010
The Attractive Empire: Transnational Film Culture in Imperial Japan 2008
Back from the Dead: Wrongful Convictions and Criminal Justice in China 2016
Backstage in a Bureaucracy: Politics and Public Service 2011
Balancing the Tides: Marine Practices in American Sāmoa OPEN ACCESS 2020
Bandits, Eunuchs and the Son of Heaven: Rebellion and the Economy of Violence in Mid-Ming China 2001
Bangkok Utopia: Modern Architecture and Buddhist Felicities, 1910–1973 2021
Banished! 2009
Barons, Brokers, and Buyers: The Institutions and Cultures of Philippine Sugar 2003
Basho and the Dao: The Zhuangzi and the Transformation of Haikai 2005
Bayonets in Paradise: Martial Law in Hawai‘i during World War II 2016
Beautiful Town: Stories and Essays by Sato Haruo 1996
Becoming American?: The Art and Identity Crisis of Yasuo Kuniyoshi 2011
Becoming Landowners: Entanglements of Custom and Modernity in Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste 2017
Becoming One: Religion, Development, and Environmentalism in a Japanese NGO in Myanmar OPEN ACCESS 2019
A Beggar's Art: Scripting Modernity in Japanese Drama, 1900-1930 2010
Begin Here: Reading Asian North American Autobiographies of Childhood 2007
The Beginning of Heaven and Earth: The Sacred Book of Japan's Hidden Christians 1996
Behaving Badly in Early and Medieval China 2017
Beijing Opera Costumes: The Visual Communication of Character and Culture 2008
Being Benevolence: The Social Ethics of Engaged Buddhism 2005
Being Political: Leadership and Democracy in the Pacific Islands 2015
The Best Course Available: A Personal Account of the Secret U.S.-Japan Okinawa Reversion Negotiations 2002
Between the Folds: Stories of Cloth, Lives and Travels from Sumba 2001
Beyond Ainu Studies: Changing Academic and Public Perspectives 2014
Beyond Ethnicity: New Politics of Race in Hawai‘i 2018
Beyond the Bronze Pillars: Envoy Poetry and the Sino-Vietnamese Relationship 2005
Big Happiness: The Life and Death of a Modern Hawaiian Warrior 2011
Big-Men and Business: Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in the New Guinea Highlands OPEN ACCESS 1973
Bikol Dictionary OPEN ACCESS 1971
Bikol Grammar Notes OPEN ACCESS 1971
Bikol Text OPEN ACCESS 1971
The Binding Tie: Chinese Intergenerational Relations in Modern Singapore 2009
The Birth of the Japanese Labor Movement: Takano Fusatarō and the Rōdō Kumiai Kiseikai OPEN ACCESS 1989
Birthing in the Pacific: Beyond Tradition and Modernity? 2002
Bislama Reference Grammar 2004
The Blind Writer: Stories and a Novella 2015
Blood and History in China: The Donglin Faction and its Repression, 1620-1627 2002
Bodhisattvas of the Forest and the Formation of the Mahāyāna: A Study and Translation of the Rāṣṭrapālaparipṛcchā-sūtra 2008
Bodies of Evidence: Women, Society, and Detective Fiction in 1990s Japan 2004
Bones of Contention: Animals and Religion in Contemporary Japan 2012
Born Again: Evangelicalism in Korea 2010
Boundary Writing: An Exploration of Race, Culture, and Gender Binaries in Contemporary Australia 2006
Bounding the Mekong: The Asian Development Bank, China, and Thailand 2010
Branding Japanese Food: From Meibutsu to Washoku 2020
Breaking the Shell: Voyaging from Nuclear Refugees to People of the Sea in the Marshall Islands 2018
Bridges to the Ancestors: Music, Myth, and Cultural Politics at an Indonesian Festival 2006
Bridging Mental Boundaries in a Postcolonial Microcosm: Identity and Development in Vanuatu 1998
Bright Triumphs From Dark Hours: Turning Adversity into Success 2010
Bringing the World Home: Appropriating the West in Late Qing and Early Republican China OPEN ACCESS 2005
Bringing Zen Home: The Healing Heart of Japanese Women’s Rituals 2011
Broken Trust: Greed, Mismanagement & Political Manipulation at America’s Largest Charitable Trust OPEN ACCESS 2006
Broken Voices: Postcolonial Entanglements and the Preservation of Korea's Central Folksong Traditions OPEN ACCESS 2017
Brothers under a Same Sky 2013
The Buddha in Lanna: Art, Lineage, Power, and Place in Northern Thailand 2017
The Buddha Side: Gender, Power, and Buddhist Practice in Vietnam 2012
Buddhism after Mao: Negotiations, Continuities, and Reinventions 2019
Buddhism and Business: Merit, Material Wealth, and Morality in the Global Market Economy 2020
Buddhism and Modernity: Sources from Nineteenth-Century Japan 2021
Buddhism and Taoism Face to Face: Scripture, Ritual, and Iconographic Exchange in Medieval China 2008
Buddhism and the Transformation of Old Age in Medieval Japan 2016
Buddhism in a Dark Age: Cambodian Monks under Pol Pot 2013
Buddhism in Taiwan: Religion and the State, 1660-1990 1999
The Buddhist Dead: Practices, Discourses, Representations 2007
Buddhist Healing in Medieval China and Japan 2020
Buddhist Law in Burma: A History of Dhammasattha Texts and Jurisprudence, 1250–1850 2018
Buddhist Missionaries in the Era of Globalization 2005
Buddhist Monks and Business Matters: Still More Papers on Monastic Buddhism in India 2004
Buddhist Nuns, Monks, and Other Worldly Matters: Recent Papers on Monastic Buddhism in India 2014
Buddhist Philosophy: A Historical Analysis 1976
The Buddhist Self: On Tathāgatagarbha and Ātman 2021
Buddhist Tourism in Asia 2020
Building a Heaven on Earth: Religion, Activism, and Protest in Japanese Occupied Korea 2015
The Bunraku Puppet Theatre: Honor, Vengeance, and Love in Four Plays of the 18th and 19th Centuries 2013
Burma at the Turn of the 21st Century 2005
Burning for the Buddha: Self-Immolation in Chinese Buddhism 2007
Burning Money: The Material Spirit of the Chinese Lifeworld 2011
Burnt by the Sun: The Koreans of the Russian Far East 2016
Caged in on the Outside: Moral Subjectivity, Selfhood, and Islam in Minangkabau, Indonesia 2014
Caging the Rainbow: Places Politics, and Aborigines in a North Australian Town 1998
California Dreaming: Movement and Place in the Asian American Imaginary 2020
Call Me Captain: A Memoir of a Woman at Sea 2014
Cambodge: The Cultivation of a Nation, 1860-1945 2007
Cambodian Buddhism: History and Practice 2005
Can Language be Planned?: Sociolinguistic Theory for Developing Nations OPEN ACCESS 1971
Capturing Contemporary Japan: Differentiation and Uncertainty 2014
Cargo, Cult, and Culture Critique 2004
Cargo Cult: Strange Stories of Desire from Melanesia and Beyond OPEN ACCESS 1993
Carolinian-English Dictionary OPEN ACCESS 1991
Catholics and Anti-Catholicism in Chosŏn Korea 2017
The Cavern-Mystery Transmission: A Taoist Ordination Rite of A.D. 711 OPEN ACCESS 1991
Cebuano for Beginners OPEN ACCESS 1971
Cebuano Grammar Notes OPEN ACCESS 1971
Celebrity Gods: New Religions, Media, and Authority in Occupied Japan 2012
Celluloid Comrades: Representations of Male Homosexuality in Contemporary Chinese Cinemas 2006
Chaiyo!: King Vajiravudh and the Development of Thai Nationalism OPEN ACCESS 1978
Challenging Past and Present: The Metamorphosis of Nineteenth-Century Japanese Art 2006
Challenging the Secular State: The Islamization of Law in Modern Indonesia 2008
Chan Before Chan: Meditation, Repentance, and Visionary Experience in Chinese Buddhism 2021
Chan Buddhism 2005
Changing Contexts, Shifting Meanings: Transformations of Cultural Traditions in Oceania 2011
Chaos and All That: An Irreverent Novel 1994
The Chaos and Cosmos of Kurosawa Tokiko: One Woman’s Transit from Tokugawa to Meiji Japan 2015
The Charm Buyers 2017
Child of War: A Memoir of World War II Internment in the Philippines 2011
Children in Chinese Art 2002
Children of Marx and Coca-Cola: Chinese Avant-garde Art and Independent Cinema 2010
China in the World: An Anthropology of Confucius Institutes, Soft Power, and Globalization 2019
China Off Center: Mapping the Margins of the Middle Kingdom 2002
China: Understanding Its Past 1997
China's Contested Capital: Architecture, Ritual, and Response in Nanjing 2013
China's Island Frontier: Studies in the Historical Geography of Taiwan OPEN ACCESS 1980
China’s Stefan Zweig: The Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Reception 2018
The Chinese Aesthetic Tradition 2010
Chinese Aesthetics: The Ordering of Literature, the Arts, and the Universe in the Six Dynasties 2004
Chinese Architecture and Metaphor: Song Culture in the Yingzao Fashi Building Manual 2012
Chinese Architecture and the Beaux-Arts 2011
Chinese Architecture in an Age of Turmoil, 200-600 2014
Chinese Buddhism: A Thematic History 2020
The Chinese Classic of Family Reverence: A Philosophical Translation of the Xiaojing 2009
Chinese Healing Exercises: The Tradition of Daoyin 2008
Chinese Modernity and Global Biopolitics: Studies in Literature and Visual Culture 2007
Chinese Pure Land Buddhism: Understanding a Tradition of Practice 2019
Chinese Romanization Self-Study Guide OPEN ACCESS 1975
Chinese Steles: Pre-Buddhist and Buddhist Use of a Symbolic Form 2004
A Chinese Traveler in Medieval Korea: Xu Jing’s Illustrated Account of the Xuanhe Embassy to Koryŏ 2016
Chinese Views of Childhood 1995
Chinese Writing and Calligraphy 2009
Christianity in Korea 2006
Christianity Made in Japan: A Study of Indigenous Movements 1998
The Chrysantheme Papers: The Pink Notebook of Madame Chrysantheme and Other Documents of French Japonsime 2010
Cinema Is a Cat: A Cat Lover’s Introduction to Film Studies 2019
Cinema, Space, and Polylocality in a Globalizing China 2010
Cities and Nationhood: American Imperialism and Urban Design in the Philippines, 1898–1916 2018
Citing China: Politics, Postmodernism, and World Cinema 2018
Citizen Designs: City-Making and Democracy in Northeastern Thailand 2021
City of Marvel and Transformation: Changan and Narratives of Experience in Tang Dynasty China 2015
The Clan Records: Five Stories of Korea 1995
Clash of Spirits: The History of Power and Sugar Planter Hegemony on a Visayan Island 1998
Close-ups and Long Shots in Modern Chinese Cinemas 2021
Colonial Dis-Ease: U.S. Navy Health Policies and the Chamorros of Guam, 1898–1941 2004
Colonial Legacies: Economic and Social Development in East and Southeast Asia OPEN ACCESS 2007
Colonialism, Maasina Rule, and the Origins of MalaitanKastom 2013
Colonizing Madness: Asylum and Community in Fiji 2020
Colors of Veracity: A Quest for Truth in China and Beyond 2014
Combat Chaplain: The Personal Story of the WWII Chaplain of the Japanese American 100th Battalion 2006
Coming to Terms with Chinese Buddhism: A Reading of the Treasure Store Treatise 2002
Communist Takeover of Hangzhou: The Transformation of City and Cadre, 1949-1954 2004
Communities of Imagination: Contemporary Southeast Asian Theatres 2012
Community Music in Oceania: Many Voices, One Horizon 2018
Compassion and Moral Guidance 2013
Composing for the Revolution: Nie Er and China’s Sonic Nationalism 2021
Conceiving the Indian Buddhist Patriarchs in China 2015
The Confessions of a Number One Son: The Great Chinese American Novel 2015
Configurations of Comparative Poetics: Three Perspectives on Western and Chinese Literary Criticism 2002
Conflict in a Buddhist Society: Tibet under the Dalai Lamas 2021
Confluences of Medicine in Medieval Japan: Buddhist Healing, Chinese Knowledge, Islamic Formulas, and Wounds of War 2011
Confucianism and Deweyan Pragmatism: Resources for a New Geopolitics of Interdependence 2021
Confucianism: Its Roots and Global Significance OPEN ACCESS 2017
Confucianisms for a Changing World Cultural Order OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Congress of Micronesia: Development of the Legislative Process in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands OPEN ACCESS 1969
Conquer and Govern: Early Chinese Military Texts from the Yi Zhou shu 2012
Conquest and Pestilence in the Early Spanish Philippines 2009
Conservation of Pacific Sea Turtles 2011
Consuming Korean Tradition in Early and Late Modernity: Commodification, Tourism, and Performance 2011
Contact and Exchange in the Ancient World 2006
Contemporary Sino-French Cinemas: Absent Fathers, Banned Books, and Red Balloons 2016
Contexts and Dialogue: Yogacara Buddhism and Modern Psychology on the Subliminal Mind 2006
Controlling the Dragon: Confucian Engineers and the Yellow River in Late Imperial China 2001
Copying the Master and Stealing His Secrets: Talent and Training in Japanese Painting 2003
Coral and Concrete: Remembering Kwajalein Atoll between Japan, America, and the Marshall Islands 2018
Cosmopolitan Dreams: The Making of Modern Urdu Literary Culture in Colonial South Asia 2018
The Crab Cannery Ship: and Other Novels of Struggle 2013
Creating a Public: People and Press in Meiji Japan 1997
Creating the "New Man": From Enlightenment Ideals to Socialist Realities 2009
Creating the Nisei Market: Race and Citizenship in Hawai`i's Japanese American Consumer Culture 2010
Cries of Joy, Songs of Sorrow: Chinese Pop Music and Its Cultural Connotations 2010
Crisis in North Korea: The Failure of De-Stalinization, 1956 2005
Critical Perspectives on Classicism in Japanese Painting, 1600-1700 2004
Crossed Histories: Manchuria in the Age of Empire 2005
Crossing Empire's Edge: Foreign Ministry Police and Japanese Expansionism in Northeast Asia OPEN ACCESS 2009
Crowning the Nice Girl: Gender, Ethnicity, and Culture in Hawai‘i’s Cherry Blossom Festival 2006
Cult, Culture and Authority: Princess Lieu Hanh in Vietnamese History 2007
Cultivating Commons: Joint Ownership of Arable Land in Early Modern Japan 2011
Cultivating Femininity: Women and Tea Culture in Edo and Meiji Japan OPEN ACCESS 2018
Cultivating Original Enlightenment: Wonhyo’s Exposition of the Vajrasamadhi-Sutra (Kumgang Sammaegyong Non) 2007
Cultural Intersections in Later Chinese Buddhism 2001
Cultural Memory: Reconfiguring History and Identity in the Postcolonial Pacific 2001
Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Asia 2016
The Culture of Sex in Ancient China 2002
Cultures of Commemoration: The Politics of War, Memory, and History in the Mariana Islands 2011
A Cup of Aloha: The Kona Coffee Epic 2003
The Curious Casebook of Inspector Hanshichi: Detective Stories of Old Edo 2007
Currents and Countercurrents: Korean Influences on the East Asian Buddhist Traditions 2005
Custodians of the Sacred Mountains: Culture and Society in the Highlands of Bali 2002
The Dance of Identities: Korean Adoptees and Their Journey toward Empowerment 2011
Dance of Life: Popular Music and Politics in Southeast Asia 1998
Dancing from the Heart: Movement, Gender, and Sociality in the Cook Islands 2009
Daoist Identity: History, Lineage and Ritual 2002
Dark Writing: Geography, Performance, Design 2009
Darwin, Dharma, and the Divine: Evolutionary Theory and Religion in Modern Japan 2017
The Day the Sun Rose in the West: Bikini, the Lucky Dragon, and I 2011
Death and Taxes: Questions and Answers on Wills, Trusts, and Probate 2002
Death and the Afterlife in Japanese Buddhism 2009
Death, Mourning and the Afterlife in Korea: Ancient to Contemporary Times 2014
Defamiliarizing Japan’s Asia-Pacific War 2019
Democratizing Japan: The Allied Occupation OPEN ACCESS 1987
Demonic Warfare: Daoism, Territorial Networks, and the History of a Ming Novel 2015
Demythologizing Pure Land Buddhism: Yasuda Rijin and the Shin Buddhist Tradition 2016
Desire, Divine and Demonic: Balinese Mysticism in the Paintings of I Ketut Budiana and I Gusti Nyoman Mirdiana 2005
Desire, Obligation, and Familial Love: Mothers, Daughters, and Communication Technology in the Tongan Diaspora 2020
Destiny: The Secret Operations of the Yodogō Exiles 2017
Destiny's Landfall: A History of Guam 1995
Destiny's Landfall: A History of Guam, Revised Edition 2011
Developing a Dream Destination: Tourism and Tourism Policy Planning in Hawaii 2008
Developing Zeami: The Noh Actor's Attunement in Practice 2005
Developments in Polynesian Ethnology OPEN ACCESS 1989
Dharma 2010
Diaspora and Identity: Japanese Brazilians in Brazil and Japan 2018
Diaspora and Nation in the Indian Ocean: Transnational Histories of Race and Urban Space in Tanzania 2015
A Dictionary of Mah Meri as Spoken at Bukit Bangkong 2010
Dilemmas of Adulthood: Japanese Women and the Nuances of Long-Term Resistance OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Diplomacy of Nationalism: The Six Companies and China’s Policy toward Exclusion 2009
Dismembering Lahui: A History of the Hawaiian Nation to 1887 2002
Displacing Desire: Travel and Popular Culture in China 2006
A Distant and Beautiful Place 2003
The Distorting Mirror: Visual Modernity in China 2007
Disturbing History: Resistance in Early Colonial Fiji 2011
Diversity in Diaspora: Hmong Americans in the Twenty-First Century 2013
Diversity in the Great Unity: Regional Yuan Architecture 2019
Divided by a Common Language: Factional Conflict in Late Northern Song China 2008
Divided Lenses: Screen Memories of War in East Asia 2016
The Divine Eye and the Diaspora: Vietnamese Syncretism Becomes Transpacific Caodaism 2015
Divisions of Labor: Globality, Ideology, and War in the Shaping of the Japanese Labor Movement 2005
Divorce in South Korea: Doing Gender and the Dynamics of Relationship Breakdown 2020
Divorce with Decency: The Complete How-To Handbook and Survivor's Guide to the Legal, Emotional, Economic, and Social Issues. Third Edition 2008
Doctrine and Practice in Medieval Korean Buddhism: The Collected Works of Ŭich’ŏn 2017
The Dog Shogun: The Personality and Policies of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi 2006
Doing Business with Japan: Successful Strategies for Intercultural Communication 2000
Doing Fieldwork in Japan 2003
Domesticating the Dharma: Buddhist Cults and the Hwaom Synthesis in Silla Korea 2008
Domination and Resistance: The United States and the Marshall Islands during the Cold War 2016
Donors of Longmen: Faith, Politics, and Patronage in Medieval Chinese Buddhist Sculpture 2007
Down and Out in Late Meiji Japan 2018
Drawing Boundaries: Architectural Images in Qing China 2004
Drawing on Tradition: Manga, Anime, and Religion in Contemporary Japan 2012
The Dreaming Mind and the End of the Ming World OPEN ACCESS 2019
Drinking Smoke: The Tobacco Syndemic in Oceania 2013
Dubious Gastronomy: The Cultural Politics of Eating Asian in the USA 2014
DV-Made China: Digital Subjects and Social Transformations after Independent Film 2015
The Dwarf 2006
Dying in a Strange Land 2008
Eastern Learning and the Heavenly Way: The Tonghak and Chondogyo Movements and the Twilight of Korean Independence 2014
East-West Montage: Reflections on Asian Bodies in Diaspora 2007
Eating Identities: Reading Food in Asian American Literature OPEN ACCESS 2008
Eating Korean in America: Gastronomic Ethnography of Authenticity 2015
An Edo Anthology: Literature from Japan's Mega-City, 1750-1850 2013
Edo Culture: Daily Life and Diversions in Urban Japan, 1600-1868 1997
Educating Monks: Minority Buddhism on China’s Southwest Border 2017
Education Fever: Society, Politics, and the Pursuit of Schooling in South Korea 2002
Efficacious Underworld: The Evolution of Ten Kings Paintings in Medieval China and Korea 2019
El Filibusterismo 2007
Elusive Belonging: Marriage Immigrants and “Multiculturalism" in Rural South Korea 2018
Elusive Destiny: The Internationalist Movement in Modern Hawaii OPEN ACCESS 1980
Embodied Modernities: Corporeality, Representation, and Chinese Cultures 2006
Embodied Nation: Sport, Masculinity, and the Making of Modern Laos 2015
Embodying Belonging: Racializing Okinawan Diaspora in Bolivia and Japan 2010
Embodying Morality: Growing Up in Rural Northern Vietnam 2003
Embracing the Firebird: Yosano Akiko and the Birth of the Female Voice in Modern Japanese Poetry 2002
Eminent Nuns: Women Chan Masters of Seventeenth-Century China 2009
Empire of Emptiness: Buddhist Art and Political Authority in Qing China 2003
Emplaced Myth: Space, Narrative, and Knowledge in Aboriginal Australia and Papua New Guinea 2001
Encountering Modernity: Christianity in East Asia and Asian America 2014
Encounters Old and New in World History: Essays Inspired by Jerry H. Bentley 2017
The Encyclopedia of Daily Life: A Woman's Guide to Living in Late-Chosŏn Korea 2021
Ending the LDP Hegemony: Party Cooperation in Japan 2000
Enduring Identities: The Guise of Shinto in Contemporary Japan 2000
Entrys 2005
Envisioning Eternal Empire: Chinese Political Thought of the Warring States Era 2009
Envisioning Religion, Race, and Asian Americans 2020
Essential Trade: Vietnamese Women in a Changing Marketplace 2014
Establishing a Pure Land on Earth: The Foguang Buddhist Perspective on Modernization and Globalization 2004
Ethnobotany of Pohnpei: Plants, People, and Island Culture 2009
Ethnoburb: The New Ethnic Community in Urban America 2009
Evaluating Evidence: A Positivist Approach to Reading Sources on Modern Japan 2008
Everything Ancient Was Once New: Indigenous Persistence from Hawaiʻi to Kahiki 2021
Excursions in Identity: Travel and the Intersection of Place, Gender, and Status in Edo Japan 2008
Exhibiting the Past: Historical Memory and the Politics of Museums in Postsocialist China 2014
Exile in Colonial Asia: Kings, Convicts, Commemoration 2016
Exiles and Migrants in Oceania OPEN ACCESS 1977
Experimental Buddhism: Innovation and Activism in Contemporary Japan 2013
Explaining Pictures: Buddhist Propaganda and Etoki Storytelling in Japan 2006
Expressive Japanese: A Reference Guide for Sharing Emotion and Empathy 2005
Extraordinary Child: Poems from a South Indian Devotional Genre 1997
The Eyes of Power: Art and Early Tokugawa Authority 1999
Facing the Pacific: Polynesia and the U.S. Imperial Imagination 2007
Facing the Spears of Change: The Life and Legacy of John Papa `Ī`ī 2016
Fairness, Globalization, and Public Institutions: East Asia and Beyond OPEN ACCESS 2006
Faith and Power in Japanese Buddhist Art, 1600–2005 2007
Falling in Love: Stories from Ming China 2006
Falling into the Lesbi World: Desire and Difference in Indonesia 2010
Familial Properties: Gender, State, and Society in Early Modern Vietnam, 1463–1778 2018
Familiar Medicine: Everyday Health Knowledge and Practice in Today's Vietnam 2002
Family Catastrophe: A Modernist Novel by Wang Wen-hsing 1995
Family Lineage Organization and Social Change in Ming and Qing Fujian 2001
Family Matters in Indian Buddhist Monasticisms 2014
The Fantastic Life of Walter Murray Gibson: Hawaii's Minister of Everything OPEN ACCESS 1986
A Faraway, Familiar Place: An Anthropologist Returns to Papua New Guinea 2013
Farmers in the Forest: Economic Development and Marginal Agriculture in Northern Thailand OPEN ACCESS 1978
The Father-Daughter Plot: Japanese Literary Women and the Law of the Father 2001
Feasting in Southeast Asia 2016
Fenjia: Household Division and Inheritance in Qing & Republican China 1998
Fertile Disorder: Spirit Possession and Its Provocation of the Modern 2013
Fertility and Pleasure: Ritual and Sexual Values in Tokugawa Japan 2007
Fictions of Desire: Narrative Forms in the Novels of Nagai Kafu 2000
Fields of the Lord: Animism, Christian Minorities and State Development in Indonesia 2000
Fighting for Breath: Living Morally and Dying of Cancer in a Chinese Village 2013
Fighting in Paradise: Labor Unions, Racism, and Communists in the Making of Modern Hawai`i 2011
Fighting Tradition: A Marine's Journey to Justice 2003
Figments and Fragments of Mahayana Buddhism in India: More Collected Papers 2005
Figures of Buddhist Modernity in Asia 2016
Figures of Southeast Asian Modernity 2014
Filipino Piecemeal Sugar Strike of 1924-1925 1996
Filipinos in Rural Hawaii OPEN ACCESS 1984
Final Days: Japanese Culture and Choice at the End of Life 2005
First Fieldwork: Pacific Anthropology, 1960–1985 2018
Five Faces of Japanese Feminism: Crimson and Other Works 2016
The Flaming Womb: Repositioning Women in Early Modern Southeast Asia 2006
A Flock of Swirling Crows: and Other Proletarian Writings 2006
Fluid Iron: State Formation in Southeast Asia 2002
The Fluid Pantheon: Gods of Medieval Japan, Volume 1 2016
Focusing the Familiar: A Translation and Philosophical Interpretation of the Zhongyong 2001
Food and Power in Hawai‘i: Visions of Food Democracy 2016
Food Safety after Fukushima: Scientific Citizenship and the Politics of Risk 2019
For a Song 2016
Foreign Flowers: Institutional Transfer and Good Governance in the Pacific Islands 2005
The Foresight of Dark Knowing: Chŏng Kam nok and Insurrectionary Prognostication in Pre-Modern Korea 2018
Forest of Struggle: Moralities of Remembrance in Upland Cambodia 2013
Forest Recollections: Wandering Monks in Twentieth-Century Thailand 1997
Forging Islamic Power and Place: The Legacy of Shaykh Daud bin ‘Abd Allah al-Fatani in Mecca and Southeast Asia 2016
Formosa: Licensed Revolution and the Home Rule Movement, 1895–1945 OPEN ACCESS 1974
Found in Translation: Many Meanings on a North Australian Mission 2018
Foundations of Confucian Thought: Intellectual Life in the Chunqiu period, 722-453 B.C.E. 2002
The Foundations of Mao Zedong's Political Thought, 1917–1935 OPEN ACCESS 1982
The Fountainhead of Chinese Erotica: The Lord of Perfect Satisfaction (Ruyijun zhuan), with a Translation and Critical Edition 2003
The Four Great Temples: Buddhist Art, Archaeology, and Icons of Seventy-Century Japan 2009
A Foxhole View: Personal Accounts of Hawaii's Korean War Veterans 2002
The Fractal Self: Science, Philosophy, and the Evolution of Human Cooperation 2017
Fragrant Orchid: The Story of My Early Life 2015
Freedom without Justice: The Prison Memoirs of Chol Soo Lee 2017
From Comrades to Bodhisattvas: Moral Dimensions of Lay Buddhist Practice in Contemporary China 2014
From Fu Manchu to Kung Fu Panda: Images of China in American Film 2014
From Indra’s Net to Internet: Communication, Technology, and the Evolution of Buddhist Ideas 2018
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Shinra Myōjin and Buddhist Networks of the East Asian “Mediterranean" 2020
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Shipped but Not Sold: Material Culture and the Social Protocols of Trade during Yemen’s Age of Coffee 2017
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Shore Fishes of Easter Island 2011
Siam's New Detectives: Visualizing Crime and Conspiracy in Modern Thailand 2016
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Socially Engaged Buddhism 2009
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Southeast Asia’s Cold War: An Interpretive History 2018
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Sovereign Sugar: Industry and Environment in Hawai'i 2014
Sovereignty: Frontiers of Possibility 2013
Sparrows, Bedbugs, and Body Shadows: A Memoir 2005
A Special Relationship: The United States and Military Government in Thailand, 1947-1958 1997
The Spectacle of Japanese American Trauma: Racial Performativity and World War II 2008
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Specters of Violence in a Colonial Context: New Caledonia, 1917 2012
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Summoning the Powers Beyond: Traditional Religions in Micronesia 2011
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Tang China in Multi-Polar Asia: A History of Diplomacy and War 2013
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Theater of the Dead: A Social Turn in Chinese Funerary Art, 1000-1400 2016
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Thinking Like an Island: Navigating a Sustainable Future in Hawai`i 2015
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This Isn't a Picture I'm Holding: Kuan Yin 2004
The Thought War: Japanese Imperial Propaganda 2006
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Tourism and the Economy: Understanding the Economics of Tourism 2004
Tourism, Ethnicity and the State in Asian and Pacific Societies 1997
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Traces of the Sage: Monument, Materiality, and the First Temple of Confucius 2016
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Tracing the Itinerant Path: Jishū Nuns of Medieval Japan 2016
Tracking the Banished Immortal: The Poetry of Li Bo and Its Critical Reception 2003
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Tradition, Revolution, and Market Economy in a North Vietnamese Village, 1925-2006 2010
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Transforming the Ivory Tower: Challenging Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in the Academy 2012
Translating China as Cross-Identity Performance 2018
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Transnational Japan in the Global Environmental Movement OPEN ACCESS 2017
Transpacific Articulations: Student Migration and the Remaking of Asian America 2013
Trans-Pacific Japanese American Studies: Conversations on Race and Racializations 2016
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A Treatise on Efficacy: Between Western and Chinese Thinking 2004
Trees on a Slope 2005
Troubled Natures: Waste, Environment, Japan 2011
Tsai Ming-Liang and a Cinema of Slowness 2014
Tsunami Man: Learning about Killer Waves with Walter Dudley 2002
Tsunami!: Second Edition 1998
Turbulent Decade: A History of the Cultural Revolution 1996
Turning Pages: Reading and Writing Women’s Magazines in Interwar Japan 2006
Turning toward Edification: Foreigners in Chosŏn Korea OPEN ACCESS 2020
Twelve Days at Nuku Hiva: Russian Encounters and Mutiny in the South Pacific 2010
Twilight Over Burma: My Life As a Shan Princess 1994
Two Cakes Fit for a King: Folktales from Vietnam 2003
Two Homelands 2008
Two-World Literature: Kazuo Ishiguro’s Early Novels 2020
The Typhoon of War: Micronesian Experiences of the Pacific War 2001
The ‘Ukulele: A History 2012
Unbending Cane: Pablo Manlapit, a Filipino Labor Leader in Hawaii 2002
Unbounded Loyalty: Frontier Crossings in Liao China 2007
Uncultural Behavior: An Anthropological Investigation of Suicide in the Southern Philippines 2007
Under an Imperial Sun: Japanese Colonial Literature of Taiwan and the South 2003
Under Construction: The Gendering of Modernity, Class, and Consumption in the Republic of Korea 2002
Under the Shadow of Nationalism: Politics and Poetics of Rural Japanese Women 1998
Unearthing the Polynesian Past: Explorations and Adventures of an Island Archaeologist 2015
Uneven Modernity: Literature, Film, and Intellectual Discourse in Postsocialist China 2012
Unfolding the Moon: Enacting Women's "Kastom" in Vanuatu 2003
Unlikely Liberators: The Men of the 100th and 442nd 1987
An Unlikely Revolutionary: Matsuo Takabuki and the Making of Modern Hawai`i 1998
Unruly Gods: Divinity and Society in China 1996
Unspeakable Acts: The Avant-Garde Theatre of Terayama Shuji and Postwar Japan 2005
Unstable Images: Colonial Discourse on New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, 1875-1935 2005
Upon a Stone Altar: A History of the Island of Pohnpei to 1890 OPEN ACCESS 1988
The Upright Brush: Yan Zhenqing's Calligraphy and Song Literati Politics 1998
The Uprooted: Race, Children, and Imperialism in French Indochina, 1890–1980 2016
Urban Reinventions: San Francisco’s Treasure Island 2017
Urbanizing China in War and Peace: The Case of Wuxi County 2015
Value and Values: Economics and Justice in an Age of Global Interdependence 2015
The Value of Hawai'i 2: Ancestral Roots, Oceanic Visions 2014
The Value of Hawaiʻi 3: Hulihia, the Turning OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Value of Hawai`i: Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future 2010
Vamping the Stage: Female Voices of Asian Modernities 2017
Vanished Islands and Hidden Continents of the Pacific 2009
The Victim as Hero: Ideologies of Peace and National Identity in Postwar Japan 2001
Vietnamese Pronunciation OPEN ACCESS 1970
Village on the Edge: Changing Times in Papua New Guinea 2002
Violence and Colonial Dialogue: The Australian-Pacific Indentured Labor Trade 2007
Violence and Serenity: Late Buddhist Sculpture from Indonesia 2007
Virgin Widows 1996
Visions of Ryukyu: Identity and Ideology in Early-Modern Thought and Politics 1999
Voices from the Straw Mat: Toward an Ethnography of Korean Story Singing 2003
Voices in Revolution: Poetry and the Auditory Imagination in Modern China 2009
The Voyage of Contemporary Japanese Theatre 1997
A Voyage Round the World, 2 vols. 2000
Voyages and Beaches: Pacific Encounters, 1769-1840 1999
Voyages to Hawaiʻi Before 1860: A Record, Based on Historical Narratives in the Libraries of the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society and The Hawaiian Historical Society, Extended to March 1860 OPEN ACCESS 1974
Wahine Volleyball: 40 Years Coaching Hawaiʻi`s Team 2014
Waikiki: A History of Forgetting and Remembering 2006
Watching Your Back: Chinese Martial Arts and Traditional Medicine 2005
Water and the Law in Hawaii 2004
Water, Snow, Water: Constructive Living for Mental Health 2013
The Watersmart Garden: 100 Great Plants for the Tropical Xeriscape 2014
Waves of Resistance: Surfing and History in Twentieth-Century Hawai`i 2011
The Way of the Cross: Suffering Selfhoods in the Roman Catholic Philippines 2019
We Are the Ocean: Selected Works 2008
We Fought the Navy and Won: Guam's Quest for Democracy 2008
Weaving and Binding: Immigrants Gods and Female Immortals in Ancient Japan 2009
Westlake: Poems by Wayne Kaumualii Westlake (1947–1984) 2009
What Is Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics?: Reading the New Testament 2008
What's the Use of Art?: Asian Visual and Material Culture in Context 2008
When Tengu Talk: Hirata Atsutane's Ethnography of the Other World 2009
When the Shark Bites 2002
The White Pacific: U.S. Imperalism and Black Slavery in the South Seas after the Civil War 2007
The White Plum: A Biography of Ume Tsuda, Pioneer of Women's Higher Education in Japan 2015
Who Owns the Crown Lands of Hawai`i? 2008
Who's Who in Pacific Navigation OPEN ACCESS 1991
Wild Articulations: Environmentalism and Indigeneity in Northern Australia 2017
A Wild Deer amid Soaring Phoenixes: The Opposition Poetics of Wang Ji 2003
Wild Man from Borneo: A Cultural History of the Orangutan 2014
William J. Gedney’s Comparative Tai Source Book 2008
William J. Gedney's Concise Saek-English, English-Saek Lexicon 2010
Woleaian Reference Grammar OPEN ACCESS 1975
Woleaian-English Dictionary OPEN ACCESS 1976
Woman Critiqued: Translated Essays on Japanese Women's Writing 2006
Women and Buddhist Philosophy: Engaging Zen Master Kim Iryŏp 2017
Women of the Conquest Dynasties: Gender and Identity in Liao and Jin China 2011
Women Pre-scripted: Forging Modern Roles through Korean Print 2015
Women Through the Lens: Gender and Nation in a Century of Chinese Cinema 2003
Women's Movements and "the Filipina": 1986-2008: 1986–2008 2012
Wonhyo's Philosophy of Mind 2012
Words Matter: Conversations with Asian American Writers 2000
Working towards the Monarchy: The Politics of Space in Downtown Bangkok 2016
Worldly Saviors and Imperial Authority in Medieval Chinese Buddhism 2021
The Writ of the Three Sovereigns: From Local Lore to Institutional Daoism 2019
Writers of the Winter Republic: Literature and Resistance in Park Chung Hee’s Korea 2016
Writing from These Roots: Literacy in a Hmong-American Community 2007
Writing Pregnancy in Low-Fertility Japan 2017
Writing Women in Korea: Translation and Feminism in the Early Twentieth Century 2004
Xu Fuguan in the Context of East Asian Confucianisms 2009
Yangzhou, A Place in Literature: The Local in Chinese Cultural History 2015
Yapese Reference Grammar OPEN ACCESS 1977
Yasukuni Fundamentalism: Japanese Religions and the Politics of Restoration 2021
Yasukuni Shrine: History, Memory, and Japan’s Unending Postwar 2015
Yellow Perils: China Narratives in the Contemporary World 2018
Youth for Nation: Culture and Protest in Cold War South Korea 2017
The Youth of Things: Life and Death in the Age of Kajii Motojiro 2014
Zen and Philosophy: An Intellectual Biography of Nishida Kitaro 2002
Zen and the Modern World: A Third Sequel to Zen and Western Thought 2003
Zen in Brazil: The Quest for Cosmopolitan Modernity 2006
Zen Koans 2014
Zen Sand: The Book of Capping Phrases for Koan Practice 2003
Zhuangzi and the Happy Fish 2015
The Zoomorphic Imagination in Chinese Art and Culture 2016

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