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U of M Center for Japanese Studies

Books in JSTOR from U of M Center for Japanese Studies
38 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The American and Japanese Auto Industries in Transition: Report of the Joint U.S.–Japan Automotive Study OPEN ACCESS 1984
The American Automobile Industry: Rebirth or Requiem? OPEN ACCESS 1984
Automobiles and the Future: Competition, Cooperation, and Change OPEN ACCESS 1983
Black Eggs: Poems by Kurihara Sadako OPEN ACCESS 1994
Christian Converts and Social Protests in Meiji Japan OPEN ACCESS 1970
Collective Decision Making in Rural Japan OPEN ACCESS 1984
Conversations with Shotetsu OPEN ACCESS 1992
Daily Life and Demographics in Ancient Japan OPEN ACCESS 2009
Dances with Sheep: The Quest for Identity in the Fiction of Murakami Haruki OPEN ACCESS 2002
Essays on the Modern Japanese Church: Christianity in Meiji Japan OPEN ACCESS 1999
The Female as Subject: Reading and Writing in Early Modern Japan 2010
Going to Court to Change Japan: Social Movements and the Law in Contemporary Japan OPEN ACCESS 2014
The Grand Old Man and the Great Tradition: Essays on Tanizaki Jun’ichiro in Honor of Adriana Boscaro OPEN ACCESS 2009
A History of Japan’s Government-Business Relationship: The Passenger Car Industry OPEN ACCESS 1990
Imagination without Borders: Feminist Artist Tomiyama Taeko and Social Responsibility OPEN ACCESS 2010
Industry at the Crossroads OPEN ACCESS 1982
Japan in the World, the World in Japan: Fifty Years of Japanese Studies at Michigan OPEN ACCESS 2001
The Japanese Automotive Industry: Model and Challenge for the Future? OPEN ACCESS 1981
The Kagero Diary: A Woman’s Autobiographical Text from Tenth-Century Japan OPEN ACCESS 1997
The Linguistic Turn in Contemporary Japanese Literary Studies: Politics, Language, Textuality OPEN ACCESS 2010
Musashino in Tuscany: Japanese Overseas Travel Literature, 1860–1912 OPEN ACCESS 2004
Nowaki 2011
A Page of Madness: Cinema and Modernity in 1920s Japan 2008
Poems of the Five Mountains: An Introduction to the Literature of the Zen Monasteries OPEN ACCESS 1992
Political Leadership in Contemporary Japan OPEN ACCESS 1982
Protohistoric Yamato: Archaeology of the First Japanese State 1988
Research Guide to Japanese Film Studies 2009
“The Sting of Death" and Other Stories OPEN ACCESS 1985
Sukeroku’s Double Identity: The Dramatic Structure of Edo Kabuki OPEN ACCESS 1982
The Tale of Matsura: Fujiwara Teika’s Experiment in Fiction OPEN ACCESS 1992
Tales of Times Now Past: Sixty-Two Stories from a Medieval Japanese Collection OPEN ACCESS 1979
A Tanizaki Feast: The International Symposium in Venice OPEN ACCESS 1998
Television, Japan, and Globalization 2010
Transformations of Sensibility: The Phenomenology of Meiji Literature OPEN ACCESS 2002
The Wild Goose OPEN ACCESS 1995
Women and Public Life in Early Meiji Japan: The Development of the Feminist Movement OPEN ACCESS 2011
Writing and Renunciation in Medieval Japan: The Works of the Poet-Priest Kamo no Chomei OPEN ACCESS 1998
Yosano Akiko and <em>The Tale of Genji</em> OPEN ACCESS 2000