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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for its Department of Romance Studies

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The Department of Romance Studies maintains three internationally recognized publications. The oldest of these is the monograph series, North Carolina Studies in Romance Languages and Literatures, founded in 1940 by Professor Sturgis E. Leavitt. The book series is now headed by Professor Frank A. Domínguez. Currently over 300 titles have been published.

The second publication is Romance Notes, founded in 1959 by Professor Urban Tigner Holmes, Jr., and now led by Professor Oswaldo Estrada. The journal welcomes submissions of innovative, interdisciplinary articles on Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian literature and culture. Currently over fifty annual volumes have been published.

The third publication is Hispanófila, originally founded by Professor Alva V. Ebersole and brought to the Department in 1968. The journal accepts essays on literary, linguistic, or cultural topics within the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds. Professor Juan Carlos González Espitia is the current editor and over 170 issues have been published.

Journals in JSTOR from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for its Department of Romance Studies
2 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Hispanófila 1957 - 2017
Romance Notes 1959 - 2017
Books in JSTOR from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for its Department of Romance Studies
306 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Abysmal Games in the Novels of Samuel Beckett 1982
Academias y Sociedades Literarias de México 1951
Adenet le Roi's Berte aus grans piés: Edited with Introduction, Variants, and Glossary 1946
The Aesthetics of Artifice: Villiers’s L’Ève future 1996
The Allegorical Impulse in the Works of Julien Gracq: History as Rhetorical Enactment in Le Rivage des Syrtes and Un balcon en forêt 1995
An Anatomy of Poesis: The Prose Poems of Stéphane Mallarmé 1976
Antonio de Guevara Una Década de Césares 1966
The Architecture of Imagery in Alberto Moravia's Fiction 1993
Artful Eloquence: Jean Lemaire de Belges and the Rhetorical Tradition 1980
Arthur de Gobineau and the Short Story 1969
The Artificial Paradises in French Literature 1969
Artus Désiré: Priest and Pamphleteer of the Sixteenth Century 1973
The Auto Sacramental and the Parable in Spanish Golden Age Literature 1973
A Bahian Heritage: An Ethnolinguistic Study of African Influences on Bahian Portuguese 1978
Bajo el Cielo Peruano: The Devout World of Peralta Barnuevo 2008
Baroque Fiction-Making: A Study of Gomberville's Polexandre 1978
Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle Nouveaux Dialogues des Morts 1965
Blas de Otero en su poesía 1977
The Book of the Wiles of Women 1956
A Brief Description of Middle French Syntax 1958
The Broken Angel: Myth and Method in Valéry 1984
Bucolic Metaphors: History, Subjectivity, and Gender in the Early Modern Spanish Pastoral 2006
C.-A. Sainte-Beuve: Chateaubriand et son groupe littéraire sous l'empire 1973
Calisto's Dream and the Celestinesque Tradition: A Rereading of Celestina 1995
Camus' Hellenic Sources 1972
The Catholic Naturalism of Pardo Bazán 1957
Cecco Angiolieri: A Study 1979
Charles d'Orléans and the Allegorical Mode 1975
Charles Nodier: His Life and Works 1971
The Charm of Catastrophe: A Study of Rabelais's Quart Livre 2000
Chrétien's Jewish Grail: A New Investigation of the Imagery and Significance of Chrétien de Troyes's Grail Episode Based on Medieval Hebraic Sources 1976
Clown at the Altar: The Religious Poetry of Max Jacob 1978
A Concordance to the Roman de la rose of Guillaume de Lorris 1975
Converting Fiction: Counter Reformational Closure in the Secular Literature of Golden Age Spain 1998
The Cort d'Amor: A Thirteenth-Century Allegorical Art of Love 1977
A Critical and Annotated Edition of Lope de Vega's Las almenas de Toro 1971
A Critical Edition of La Passion Nostre Seigneur: From Manuscript 1131 from the Bibliothèque Saint-Geneviève, Paris 1976
A Critical Edition of Le Régime tresutile et tresproufitable pour conserver et garder la santé du corps humain: With the commentary of Arnoul de Villeneuve, corrected by the “docteurs regens" of Montpellier, 1480, Lyon, 1491 1976
A Critical Edition of Lope de Vega's Las paces de los reyes y judía de Toledo 1962
A Critical Edition of the Old Provençal Epic Daurel et Beton: With Notes and Prolegomena 1971
Critical Reactions and the Christian Element in the Poetry of Pierre de Ronsard 1971
Cuba's Romantic Poet: The Story of Plácido 1964
Cyclopean Song: Melancholy and Aestheticism in Góngora's Fábula de Polifemo y Galatea 1990
A Dante Symposium in Commemoration of the 700th Anniversary of the Poet's Birth (1265-1965) 1965
Deffensa de la poesia: A 17th Century Anonymous Spanish Translation of Philip Sidney's Defence of Poesie 1977
Del escenario a la pantalla 2000
The Development of the Tragédie Nationale in France from 1552-1800 1964
Discovering the Comic in Don Quixote 1993
Dislocations of Desire: Gender, Identity and Strategy in La Regenta 1998
Dissonances of Modernity: Music, Text, and Performance in Modern Spain 2021
Distance and Control in Don Quixote: A Study in Narrative Technique 1975
Documents of the Spanish Vanguard 1969
Don Manuel Cañete, cronista literario del romanticismo y del posromanticismo en España 1972
Don Quijote (1894-1970): A Selective Annotated Bibliography, Volume 1 1974
The Drama of Self in Guillaume Apollinaire's Alcools 1976
The Dramatic Works of Álvaro Cubillo de Aragón 1975
"Dueñas" and "Doncellas": A Study of the "Doña Rodríguez" Episode in Don Quijote 1979
An Early Bourgeois Literature in Golden Age Spain: Lazarillo de Tormes, Guzmán de Alfarache and Baltasar Gracián 2003
The Early Cuadro de costumbres in Colombia 1956
An Edition of the First Italian Translation of the Celestina 1973
El Ángel del Hogar: Galdós and the Ideology of Domesticity in Spain 1991
El círculo y la flecha: Principio y fin, triunfo y fracaso del Persiles 1996
El cronista Pedro de Escavias: Una vida del siglo XV 1972
El tiempo y los márgenes: Europa como utopía y como amenaza en la literatura española 1996
Encounters with Bergson(ism) in Spain: Reconciling Philosophy, Literature, Film and Urban Space 2010
Erotic Mysticism: Subversion and Transcendence in Latin American Modernista Prose 2016
Escape from the Prison of Love: Caloric Identities and Writing Subjects in Fifteenth-Century Spain 2009
Essays in Honor of Louis Francis Solano 1970
Estudios de literatura hispanoamericana en honor a José J. Arrom 1974
Etnografía, política y poder a finales del siglo XIX: José Martí y la cuestión indígena 2013
The Evolution of the Latin /b/-/ṷ/ Merger: A Quantitative and Comparative Analysis of the B-V Alternation in Latin Inscriptions 1978
Fashioned Texts and Painted Books: Nineteenth-Century French Fan Poetry 2017
The Fictions of the Self: The Early Works of Maurice Barrès 1979
Figures of Repetition in the Old Provençal Lyric: A Study in the Style of the Troubadours 1976
Fire and Ice: The Poetry of Xavier Villaurrutia 1976
Forged Genealogies: Saint-John Perse's Conversations with Culture 2001
Formulaic Diction and Thematic Composition in the Chanson de Roland 1961
The Four Interpolated Stories in the Roman Comique: Their Sources and Unifying Function 1971
Francis Petrarch, Six Centuries Later: A Symposium 1975
Francisco de Osuna and the Spirit of the Letter 1973
Francisco Rodrigues Lobo: Dialogue and Courtly Lore in Renaissance Portugal 1971
From Vulgar Latin to Old Provençal 1972
Galdós's Segunda Manera: Rhetorical Strategies and Affective Response 1998
Gaston d'Orléans et sa cour: étude litteraire 1964
Gendered Geographies in Puerto Rican Culture: Spaces, Sexualities, Solidarities 2015
Germain Nouveau dit Humilis: Étude Biographique 1983
Gide's Art of the Fugue: A Thematic Study of "Les Faux-Monnayeurs" 1974
Gil Vicente and the Development of the Comedia 1988
Gil Vicente's Floresta de enganos: A Critical Edition with Introduction and Notes 1972
Giordano Bruno's The Heroic Frenzies: A Translation with Introduction and Notes 1966
God, The Quest, The Hero: Thematic Structures in Beckett's Fiction 1988
Golden Age Drama in Spain: General Consideration and Unusual Features 1972
The Goldfinch and the Hawk: A Study of Lope de Vega's Tragedy, El caballero de olmedo 1966
Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés: An Annotated Bibliography 1966
Hacia una poética del relato didáctico: ocho estudios sobre El Conde Lucanor 1988
Half-Told Tales: Dilemmas of Meaning in Three French Novels 1987
Higher, Hidden Order: Design and Meaning in the Odes of Malherbe 1972
Hispanic Studies in Honor of Nicholson B. Adams 1966
The Hispano-Portuguese Cancioneiro of the Hispanic Society of America: Edition and Notes 1974
Histéresis creativa: La injusticia distributiva en el origen de la cultura espectacular de la corte barroca, el entremés nuevo y la estética picaresca 2015
Historia y bibliografía de la crítica sobre el Poema de mío Cid (1750-1971) 1976
A History of the Useless Precaution Plot in Spanish and French Literature 1964
Home Away from Home: Immigrant Narratives, Domesticity, and Coloniality in Contemporary Spanish Culture 2018
The "I" of History: Self-Fashioning and National Consciousness in Jules Michelet 2006
Ilusión áulica e imaginación caballeresca en El Cortesano de Luis Milán 2013
Images in Mind: Lovesickness, Spanish Sentimental Fiction, and Don Quijote 2002
Imperial Stagings: Empire and Ideology in Transatlantic Theater of Early Modern Spain and the New World 2013
Impermanent Structures: Semiotic Readings of Nelson Rodrigues' Vestido de noiva, Álbum de família, and Anjo negro 1991
In the Presence of Mystery: Modernist Fiction and the Occult 1992
Indiscernible Counterparts: The Invention of the Text in French Classical Drama 2002
An Inquiry into Local Variations in Vulgar Latin: As Reflected in the Vocalism of Christian Inscriptions 1968
Instable Puente: La construcción del letrado criollo en la obra de Juan de Espinosa Medrano 2013
The Instructions of Saint Louis: A Critical Text 1979
The Invention of the Eyewitness: Witnessing and Testimony in Early Modern France 2004
The Italian Questione della Lingua: An Interpretative Essay 1942
The Italian Verb: A Morphological Study 1971
Itinerario di amore: dialettica di amore e morte nella Vita Nuova 1973
Jacques de la Taille's La Manière: A Critical Edition 1970
Jacques Roubaud and the Invention of Memory 2006
Jardín de nobles donzellas by Fray Martín de Córdoba: A Critical Edition and Study 1974
Jean de la Mote: Le Parfait du paon: Edition critique 1972
Jehan de Lanson, Chanson de Geste of the XIII Century: Edited after the Manuscripts of Paris and Bern with Introduction, Notes, Table of Proper Names, and Glossary 1965
Jorge Luis Borges and His Predecessors: Notes Towards a Materialist History of Linguistic Idealism 1993
La abolición del tormento: El inédito Discurso sobre la injusticia del apremio judicial (c. 1795), de Pedro García del Cañuelo 2018
La anatomía de El diablo cojuelo: Deslindes del género anatomístico 1977
La Chançun de Willame: With an Etymological Glossary 1966
La Chanson de Willame: A Critical Study 1966
La coronica troyana: A Medieval Spanish Translation of Guido de Colonna's Historia destructionis Troiae 1970
La madre muerta: El mito matricida en la literatura y el cine españoles 2016
La modernidad insufrible: Roberto Bolaño en los límites de la literatura latinoamericana contemporánea 2015
De la natural hystoria de las Indias 1969
La Querelle de la rose: Letters and Documents 1978
L'amour lointain de Jaufré Rudel et le sens de la poésie des troubadours 1944
Language in Giovanni Verga's Early Novels 1977
Las Memorias de Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo: Volumen I 1974
Las Memorias de Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo: Volumen II 1974
Laurent de Premierfait's Des Cas des nobles hommes et femmes 1968
The Lay of Guingamor: A Study 1968
Le Chastoiement d'un père à son fils: A Critical Edition 1971
Le Livre du Roy Rambaux de Frise 1967
Le Rommant de Guy de Warwik et de Herolt d’Ardenne 1971
Le vain siecle Guerpir: A Literary Approach to Sainthood through Old French Hagiography of the Twelfth Century 1979
The Legend of the Siete infantes de Lara 1971
The Leper in Blue: Coercive Performance and the Contemporary Latin American Theater 2000
Les enchantemenz de Bretaigne: An Extract from a Thirteenth Century Prose Romance La Suite du Merlin 1977
Li Romans de Witasse le Moine: Roman du reiziéme siécle 1972
The Libro de Alexandre: Medieval Epic and Silver Latin 1993
The Life and Works of Luis Carlos López 1977
Lima fundada by Pedro de Peralta Barnuevo: A Critical Edition 2016
L'Imagination poétique chez Du Bartas: Élements de sensibilité baroque dans la Création du monde 1973
The Literary Perspectivism of Ramón Pérez de Ayala 1966
Literature through Art: A New Approach to French Literature 1952
Liturgy and Allegory in Chrétien's Perceval 1951
Lope de Vega, El Peregrino en Su Patria 1971
Lope de Vega's Lo que pasa en una tarde: A Critical, Annotated Edition of the Autograph Manuscript 1971
Los espíritus de la ciencia ficción: Espiritismo, periodismo y cultura popular en las novelas de Eduardo Holmberg, Francisco Miralles y Pedro Castera 2017
Los pre-textos de La Florida del Inca: Edición crítica, estudio preliminar y notas de José Miguel Martínez Torrejón 2020
Los Sonetos de Calderón en sus obras dramáticos: Estudio y edición 1974
Los 'Trionfi' de Petrarca comentados en catalán: una edición de los manuscritos 534 de la biblioteca nacional de París y del Ateneu de Barcelona 2009
Luis de Lucena Repetición de Amores 1954
Luis Vélez de Guevara: A Critical Bibliography 1975
The Lyric Poems of Jehan Froissart: A Critical Edition 1975
The Major Themes of Existentialism in the Work of José Ortega y Gasset 1970
Malesherbes: Mémoires sur la librairie et sur la liberté de la presse 1979
Mannerism and Baroque in Seventeeth-Century French Poetry: The Example of Tristan L'Hermite 2001
Mapping the Landscape, Remapping the Text: Spanish Poetry from Antonio Machado's Campos de Castilla to the First Avant-Garde (1909-1925) 2014
Mapping the Social Body: Urbanisation, the Gaze, and the Novels of Galdós 2010
Marcel Proust's Grasset Proofs: Commentary and Variants 1978
The Marguerite Poetry of Guillaume de Machaut 1970
Martorell's Tirant lo Blanch: A Program for Military and Social Reform in Fifteenth-Century Christendom 1985
Materia médica: Rareza, singularidad y accidente en la España temprano-moderna 2016
Maurice Scève: Concordance de la Délie 1976
Medieval Latin and French Bestiaries 1962
Medieval Man: His Understanding of Himself, His Society, and the World 1980
Medieval Manuscripts and Textual Criticism 1976
A Medieval Pilgrim's Companion: Reassessing El libro de los huespedes (Escorial MS.h.I.13) 1998
Medieval Studies in Honor of Urban Tigner Holmes, Jr. 1965
Metafact: Essayistic Science in Eighteenth-Century France 2004
Metaphoric Narration: The Structure and Function of Metaphors in A la recherché du temps perdu 1978
Moderating Masculinity in Early Modern Culture 2006
Molière Mocked: Three Contemporary Hostile Comedies 1973
Molière: Traditions in Criticism, 1900-1970 1974
Molière's Tartuffe and the Traditions of Roman Satire 1977
Monstruos que hablan: El discurso de la monstruosidad en Cervantes 2007
Montaigne and Feminism 1977
Mujeres en tránsito: Viaje, identidad y escritura en Sudamérica (1830-1910) 2017
Mystification et Créativité dans l'oeuvre romanesque de Marguerite Yourcenar: Cinq lectures génétiques 1994
The Myth of Paraguay in the Fiction of Augusto Roa Bastos 1969
Mythe et Psychologie chez Marie de France dans Guigemar 1975
The Name Game: Writing/Fading Writer in De donde son los cantantes 1988
Narradores hispanoamericanos de hoy: Simposio 1973
Narrating Desire: Moral Consolation and Sentimental Fiction in Fifteenth-Century Spain 2019
Narrative Perspective in the Post-Civil War Novels of Francisco Ayala: Muertes de perro and El fondo del vaso 1979
Narrative Technique in the Lais of Marie de France: Themes and Variations 1974
Natural History of the West Indies 1959
A New Interpretation of Chrétien's Conte del Graal 1948
The Noble Merchant: Problems of Genre and Lineage in Hervis de Mes 1993
Novel Lives: The Fictional Autobiographies of Guillermo Cabrera Infante and Mario Vargos Llosa 1986
The Novels and Travels of Camilo José Cela 1963
The Novels of Mme Riccoboni 1976
Objective Methods for Testing Authenticity and the Study of Ten Doubtful Comedias Attributed to Lope de Vega 1971
Octavien de Saint-Gelais: Le Séjour d'honneur 1977
The Old Portuguese Vida de Sam Bernardo: Edited from Alcobaça Manuscript CCXCI/200 1971
Orientaciones transpacíficas: la modernidad mexicana y el espectro de Asia 2019
The Origins of the Baroque Concept of Peregrinatio 1973
Other Voices: A Study of the Late Poetry of Luis Cernuda 1969
Paris en 1830: Journal de Juste Olivier 1951
The Peregrine Muse: Studies in Comparative Renaissance Literature 1959
The Peregrine Muse: Studies in Comparative Renaissance Literature 1969
The Periphrastic Futures Formed by the Romance Reflexes of Vado (ad) Plus Infinitive 1978
The Phonological History of Vegliote 1965
Phytonymic Derivational Systems in the Romance Languages: Studies in their Origin and Development 1978
Pierre Bayle and Spain 1958
Pierre Boaistuau's Histoires tragiques: A Study of Narrative Form and Tragic Vision 1979
Pierre Gringore's Les Fantasies de Mère Sote 1962
Platonism in Desportes 1954
The Poetic Art of Juan del Valle Caviedes 1964
The Poetics and the Poetry of René Char 1968
A Poetics of Art Criticism: The Case of Baudelaire 1988
The Poetics of Inconstancy: Etienne Durand and the End of Renaissance Verse 1998
Poetry and Antipoetry: A Study of Selected Aspects of Max Jacob's Poetic Style 1976
The Poetry of Change: A Study of the Surrealistic Works of Benjamin Péret 1979
The Poetry of Inspiration: Agrippa d'Aubigné's Les tragiques 1970
The Politics of Farce in Contemporary Spanish American Theatre 2006
Politiques de l'écriture, Bataille / Derrida: le sens du sacré dans la pensée française du surréalisme à nos jours 1987
Pontus de Tyard, Modèles de phrases suivis d'un recueil de modèles de lettres d'amour: Edition critique avec introduction et commentaire 1967
Pornoboscodidascalus Latinus (1624): Kaspar Barth's Neo-Latin Translation of Celestina 2006
The Portuguese Book of Joseph of Arimathaea 1967
Proper Names in the Lyrics of the Troubadours 1971
Pueblos Enfermos: The Discourse of Illness in the Turn-of-the-Century Spanish and Latin American Essay 1999
Puerto Rican Cultural Identity and the Work of Luis Rafael Sánchez 2000
Putting Monet and Rembrandt into Words: Pierre Loti's Recreation and Theorization of Claude Monet's Impressionism and Rembrandt's Landscapes in Literature 2013
A Quantitative and Comparative Study of the Vocalism of the Latin Inscriptions of North Africa, Britain, Dalmatia, and the Balkans 1977
Questioning Racinian Tragedy 2005
Rabelais: Homo Logos 1979
Racine and Seneca 1971
Raimon Vidal, Poetry and Prose: Volume II: Abrile issia 1971
The Ravishment of Persephone: Epistolary Lyric in the Siecle des Lumieres 1998
Raza, Género e Hibridez en El Lazarillo de ciegos caminantes 1999
Reading, Performing, and Imagining the Libro del Arcipreste 2016
Reading the Exemplum Right: Fixing the Meaning of El Conde Lucanor 2007
Reading Voltaire's Contes: A Semiotics of Philosophical Narration 1985
Reality and Expression in the Poetry of Carlos Pellicer 1979
The Reappearing Characters in Balzac's Comédie Humaine 1961
Reclaiming the Body: María de Zayas's Early Modern Feminism 2001
Religious Elements in the Secular Lyrics of the Troubadours 1971
Renaissance and Other Studies in Honor of William Leon Wiley 1968
Resonant Themes: Literature, History, and the Arts in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Europe 1999
The Rev. John Bowle: The Genesis of Cervantean Criticism 1971
Richard sans Peur: Edited from Le Romant de Richart and from Gilles Corrozet’s Richart sans Peour 1977
The Romance of Floire and Blanchefleur: A French Idyllic Poem of the Twelfth Century 1966
Romance Studies Presented to William Morton Dey on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday by His Colleagues and Former Students 1950
Romance Trends in 7th and 8th Century Latin Documents 1953
The Romantic Imagination in the Works of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer 1993
Ronsard's Contentious Sisters: The Paragone between Poetry and Painting in the Works of Pierre de Ronsard 1998
Rousseau and His Reader: The Rhetorical Situation of the Major Works 1969
Rutebeuf and Louis IX 1962
Samuel Beckett: The Art of Rhetoric 1976
Samuel Pepys in Paris and Other Essays 1954
Santiago F. Puglia, An Early Philadelphia Propagandist for Spanish American Independence 1977
Savage Sight/Constructed Noise: Poetic Adaptations of Painterly Techniques in the French and American Avant-Gardes 2003
Sermon Joyeux and Polemic: Two Sixteenth-Century Applications of the Legend of the Fifteen Signs 1968
The Significance of Diderot's Essai sur le mérite et la vertu 1971
Social Drama in Nineteenth-Century Spain 1964
Social Realism in the Argentine Narrative 1986
The Songs of Bernart de Ventadorn 1965
Spanish Life in the Late Middle Ages: Selected and Translated 1965
The Status of the Reading Subject in the Libro de Buen Amor 1985
Structure and Ideology in Boiardo's Orlando innamorato 1972
The Structure of Realism: The Novelas Contemporáneas of Benito Pérez Galdós 1977
Studies in Honor of Alfred G. Engstrom 1972
Studies in Honor of Mario A. Pei 1972
Studies in Romance Lexicology, Based on a Collection of Late Latin Documents from Ravenna (A.D. 445-700) 1965
Studies in Romance Philology and Literature 1966
Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures: Raeto-Romance Bibliography; De Passione Judas, an Anglo-Norman Poem; and Seth, an Anglo-Norman Poem 1941
Studies in Tirso: The Dramatist and His Competitors, 1620-26 1974
Studies on the Cancionero de Baena 1966
A Study of Nominal Inflection in Latin Inscriptions: A Morpho-Syntactic Analysis 1977
Style and Structure in Gracián's El Criticón 1976
Subject to Change: The Lessons of Latin American Women's Testimonio for Truth, Fiction, and Theory 2005
The "Synthesis" Novel in Latin America: A Study on João Guimarães Rosa's Grande Sertão: Veredas 1983
The Teachings of Saint Louis: A Critical Text 1971
Techniques of Irony in Anatole France: Essay on Les sept femmes de la Barbe-Bleue 1978
Text As Topos in Religious Literature of the Spanish Golden Age 1995
The Theater of Arthur Adamov 1975
Traditionalism in the Works of Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas 1970
The Tragic Fall: Don Álvaro de Luna and Other Favorites in Spanish Golden Age Drama 1978
Tragic Theory and the Eighteenth-Century French Critics 1967
Transposing Art into Texts in French Romantic Literature 2002
The Triumph of Brazilian Modernism: The Metanarrative of Emancipation and Counter-Narratives 2013
Two Against Time: A Study of the Very Present Worlds of Paul Claudel and Charles Péguy 1978
Ugo Foscolo's Ultime Lettere di Jacopo Ortis: A Translation 1970
Un tríptico del Perú virreinal: El virrey Amat, El marqués de Soto Florido y La Perricholi 1976
Una armonía de caprichos: El discurso de respuesta en la prosa de Rubén Darío 2007
The Vibrant Silence in Jorge Guillén's Aire nuestro 1974
Victor Hugo: A Select and Critical Bibliography 1967
Vida u obra de Petrarca: Volumen I: Lectura del Sectretum 1974
The Vie de Saint Alexis in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries: An Edition and Commentary 1983
Visiones de Estereoscopio: Paradigma de hibridación en la ficción y el arte de la vanguardia española 2001
Visual Variety and Spatial Grandeur: A Study of the Transition from the Sixteenth to the Seventeenth Century in France 1974
Vital d'Audiguier and the Early Seventeenth-Century French Novel 1964
Void and Voice: Questioning Narrative Conventions in André Gide's Major First-Person Narratives 1996
Voltaire and the French Academy 1975
The War of the Mice and the Crabs 1976
The "Wisdom" of Pierre Charron: An Original and Orthodox Code of Morality 1961
Word Mingas: Oralitegraphies and Mirrored Visions on Oralitures and Indigenous Contemporary Literatures 2021

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