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Publisher Description

The University of Nebraska Press extends the University's mission of teaching, research, and service by promoting, publishing, and disseminating works of intellectual and cultural significance and enduring value. We primarily publish nonfiction books and scholarly journals, along with a few titles per season in contemporary and regional prose and poetry. On occasion, we reprint previously published fiction of established reputation, and we have several programs to publish literary works in translation. Through our paperback imprint, Bison Books, we publish reprints of classic books of myriad genres. Our primary mission, defined by the University through the Press Advisory Board of faculty members working in concert with the Press, is to find, evaluate, and publish in the best fashion possible, serious works of nonfiction..

Books in JSTOR from University of Nebraska Press
1176 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
101 Pat-Downs: An Undercover Look at Airport Security and the TSA 2021
The 1870 Ghost Dance 2007
501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read before They Die 2013
Abolishing Freedom: A Plea for a Contemporary Use of Fatalism 2016
Abraham Joshua Heschel: Mind, Heart, Soul 2019
Abuses of the Erotic: Militarizing Sexuality in the Post-Cold War United States 2019
Adventures in the West: Stories for Young Readers 2007
Affective Ecocriticism: Emotion, Embodiment, Environment 2018
Affective Narratology: The Emotional Structure of Stories 2011
African American Officers in Liberia: A Pestiferous Rotation, 1910–1942 2018
African Americans on the Great Plains: An Anthology 2009
After Combat: True War Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan 2018
Against Autobiography: Albert Memmi and the Production of Theory 2013
Age in Love: Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Court 2019
The Age of Jackson and the Art of American Power, 1815-1848 2013
The Age of Ruth and Landis: The Economics of Baseball during the Roaring Twenties 2018
The Aimless Life: Music, Mines, and Revolution from the Rocky Mountains to Mexico 2021
Air Mobility: A Brief History of the American Experience 2013
Akiva: Life, Legend, Legacy 2015
The Albert Memmi Reader 2020
Alcohol and Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Mexico 2015
Alexander P. de Seversky and the Quest for Air Power 2013
Alice in Jamesland: The Story of Alice Howe Gibbens James 2009
All My Relatives: Exploring Lakota Ontology, Belief, and Ritual 2018
All Our Stories Are Here: Critical Perspectives on Montana Literature 2009
All Souls Day: The World War II Battle and the Search for a Lost U.S. Battalion 2020
Alliance Rises in the West: Labor, Race, and Solidarity in Industrial California 2020
The Allotment Plot: Alice C. Fletcher, E. Jane Gay, and Nez Perce Survivance 2012
The Allure of Blackness among Mixed-Race Americans, 1862-1916 2019
The Alphabet Bomber: A Lone Wolf Terrorist Ahead of His Time 2019
America Ascendant: The Rise of American Exceptionalism 2019
American Anthropology and Company: Historical Explorations 2013
American Antiquities: Revisiting the Origins of American Archaeology 2015
American Detective: Behind the Scenes of Famous Criminal Investigations 2018
American Indians and State Law: Sovereignty, Race, and Citizenship, 1790-1880 2007
American Indians, the Irish, and Government Schooling: A Comparative Study 2007
American Journalists in the Great War: Rewriting the Rules of Reporting 2017
American Naval History, 1607-1865: Overcoming the Colonial Legacy 2012
American Silence 2007
An American Soldier in World War I 2006
America's Digital Army: Games at Work and War 2017
America's U-Boats: Terror Trophies of World War I 2014
Amiable Scoundrel: Simon Cameron, Lincoln's Scandalous Secretary of War 2016
Ancestral Mounds: Vitality and Volatility of Native America 2015
Andean Tragedy: Fighting the War of the Pacific, 1879-1884 2007
Animated Lands: Studies in Territoriology 2020
Anthropologists and Their Traditions across National Borders 2014
Anthropology Goes to the Fair: The 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition 2007
Anti-Judaism, Antisemitism, and Delegitimizing Israel 2016
Antisemitism and the Constitution of Sociology 2014
Antiwar Dissent and Peace Activism in World War I America: A Documentary Reader 2014
The Apache Indians: In Search of the Missing Tribe 2004
Apollo Pilot: The Memoir of Astronaut Donn Eisele 2017
Apostle of Progress: Modesto C. Rolland, Global Progressivism, and the Engineering of Revolutionary Mexico 2019
Apostles of Empire: The Jesuits and New France 2019
Apostles of Modernity: American Writers in the Age of Development 2008
Apple, Tree: Writers on Their Parents 2019
The Archaeology of the Caddo 2012
Arkography: A Grand Tour through the Taken-for-Granted 2020
An Army in Crisis: Social Conflict and the U.S. Army in Germany, 1968–1975 2019
Art Effects: Image, Agency, and Ritual in Amazonia 2020
Art from Trauma: Genocide and Healing beyond Rwanda 2019
Artifacts and Illuminations: Critical Essays on Loren Eiseley 2012
An Asian Frontier: American Anthropology and Korea, 1882–1945 2016
Asphalt: A History 2021
Assembling Moral Mobilities: Cycling, Cities, and the Common Good 2020
Assignment: Pentagon: How to Excel in a Bureaucracy 2020
At Home in the World: California Women and the Postwar Environmental Movement 2021
At the First Table: Food and Social Identity in Early Modern Spain 2017
Atlas of Nebraska 2017
Author Under Sail: The Imagination of Jack London, 1893-1902 2014
Author Under Sail: The Imagination of Jack London, 1902-1907 2021
The Awakening Coast: An Anthology of Moravian Writings from Mosquitia and Eastern Nicaragua, 1849-1899 2014
Axes: Willa Cather and William Faulkner 2007
Back to America: Identity, Political Culture, and the Tea Party Movement 2019
Backcountry Ghosts: California Homesteaders and the Making of a Dubious Dream 2021
Bad Fruits of the Civilized Tree: Alcohol and the Sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation 2008
The Banana: Empires, Trade Wars, and Globalization 2008
Bar Mitzvah, a History 2014
Baseball before We Knew It: A Search for the Roots of the Game 2005
Baseball Beyond Our Borders: An International Pastime 2017
Baseball without Borders: The International Pastime 2006
Baseball's Power Shift: How the Players Union, the Fans, and the Media Changed American Sports Culture 2016
Basket Diplomacy: Leadership, Alliance-Building, and Resilience among the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, 1884-1984 2020
The Battle for Paradise: Surfing, Tuna, and One Town's Quest to Save a Wave 2015
The Battle of Petersburg, June 15-18, 1864 2015
The Bear Doesn't Know: Life and Wonder in Bear Country 2021
The Bearer of This Letter: Language Ideologies, Literacy Practices, and the F 2009
Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West 2017
Beckoning Frontiers: The Memoir of a Wyoming Entrepreneur 2020
Becoming Melungeon: Making an Ethnic Identity in the Appalachian South 2013
Becoming Ronald Reagan: The Rise of a Conservative Icon 2019
Before Boas: The Genesis of Ethnography and Ethnology in the German Enlightenment 2015
Before Chappaquiddick: The Untold Story of Mary Jo Kopechne and the Kennedy Brothers 2020
Before Jackie Robinson: The Transcendent Role of Black Sporting Pioneers 2017
Before the West Was West: Critical Essays on Pre-1800 Literature of the American Frontiers 2014
Being Lakota: Identity and Tradition on Pine Ridge Reservation 2007
Bending Their Way Onward: Creek Indian Removal in Documents 2018
Beneficial Bombing: The Progressive Foundations of American Air Power, 1917-1945 2010
The Best of All Seasons: Fifty Years as a Montana Hunter 2007
The Better Angels: Five Women Who Changed Civil War America 2020
Beyond Blue Skies: The Rocket Plane Programs That Led to the Space Age 2020
Beyond the Fruited Plain: Food and Agriculture in U.S. Literature, 1850-1905 2014
The Bible on Location: Off the Beaten Path in Ancient and Modern Israel 2015
The Bible's Many Voices 2014
The Biblical Hero: Portraits in Nobility and Fallibility 2020
Bike Lanes Are White Lanes: Bicycle Advocacy and Urban Planning 2016
Birch Coulie: The Epic Battle of the Dakota War 2012
Bitterroot: A Salish Memoir of Transracial Adoption 2018
The Black Christ of Esquipulas: Religion and Identity in Guatemala 2016
Black Elk Speaks: The Complete Edition 2014
Black French Women and the Struggle for Equality, 1848-2016 2018
Black Mayors, White Majorities: The Balancing Act of Racial Politics 2013
The Black Migrant Athlete: Media, Race, and the Diaspora in Sports 2017
Black Montana: Settler Colonialism and the Erosion of the Racial Frontier, 1877-1930 2021
Black Officer in a Buffalo Soldier Regiment: The Military Career of Charles Young 2010
Black Print with a White Carnation: Mildred Brown and the Omaha Star Newspaper, 1938-1989 2013
Blaming China: It Might Feel Good but It Won't Fix America's Economy 2018
Blind Bombing: How Microwave Radar Brought the Allies to D-Day and Victory in World War II 2019
The Blind Man and the Loon: The Story of a Tale 2013
Blood in the Borderlands: Conflict, Kinship, and the Bent Family, 1821–1920 2020
Blood Will Tell: Native Americans and Assimilation Policy 2017
Bloody Bay: Grassroots Policing in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco 2020
Bloody Sixteen: The USS Oriskany and Air Wing 16 during the Vietnam War 2018
Blurring the Boundaries: Explorations to the Fringes of Nonfiction 2013
Bodies Built for Game: The Prairie Schooner Anthology of Contemporary Sports Writing 2019
Bodies of Truth: Personal Narratives on Illness, Disability, and Medicine 2019
Bold They Rise: The Space Shuttle Early Years, 1972-1986 2014
Book of the Sphinx 2004
Bootleggers and Borders: The Paradox of Prohibition on a Canada-U.S. Borderland 2014
Borderland Films: American Cinema, Mexico, and Canada during the Progressive Era 2015
The Borderland of Fear: Vincennes, Prophetstown, and the Invasion of the Miami Homeland 2016
Born in the Blood: On Native American Translation 2011
Bourbon and Bullets: True Stories of Whiskey, War, and Military Service 2018
Bourbon Justice: How Whiskey Law Shaped America 2018
Bouton: The Life of a Baseball Original 2020
Brand Jamaica: Reimagining a National Image and Identity 2019
A Bride for One Night: Talmud Tales 2014
Bright Epoch: Women and Coeducation in the American West 2008
Bringing the Dark Past to Light: The Reception of the Holocaust in Postcommunist Europe 2013
Broken Treaties: United States and Canadian Relations with the Lakotas and the Plains Cree, 1868-1885 2009
Buffalo Nation: American Indian Efforts to Restore the Bison 2007
Building the Nation: Missed Opportunities in Iraq and Afghanistan 2018
The Bungling Host: The Nature of Indigenous Oral Literature 2018
Burning Japan: Air Force Bombing Strategy Change in the Pacific 2015
Burning the Breeze: Three Generations of Women in the American West 2021
Burst of Breath: Indigenous Ritual Wind Instruments in Lowland South America 2011
The Business of Leisure: Tourism History in Latin America and the Caribbean 2021
Busy in the Cause: Iowa, the Free-State Struggle in the West, and the Prelude to the Civil War 2014
Buying into Change: Mass Consumption, Dictatorship, and Democratization in Franco's Spain, 1939-1982 2021
Cain v. Abel: A Jewish Courtroom Drama 2020
California and Hawai'i Bound: U.S. Settler Colonialism and the Pacific West, 1848-1959 2021
California Women and Politics: From the Gold Rush to the Great Depression 2011
Call for Change: The Medicine Way of American Indian History, Ethos, and Reality 2013
Call Me Commander: A Former Intelligence Officer and the Journalists Who Uncovered His Scheme to Fleece America 2021
The Called Shot: Babe Ruth, the Chicago Cubs, and the Unforgettable Major League Baseball Season of 1932 2020
The Canadian Sioux, Second Edition 2014
Capitalist Family Values: Gender, Work, and Corporate Culture at Boeing 2015
Captivating Westerns: The Middle East in the American West 2015
Captives: How Stolen People Changed the World 2016
Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Indigenous Histories, Memories, and Reclamations 2016
The Case of Rose Bird: Gender, Politics, and the California Courts 2016
Cashing In on Cyberpower: How Interdependent Actors Seek Economic Outcomes in a Digital World 2018
Cather Studies, Volume 10: Willa Cather and the Nineteenth Century 2015
Cather Studies, Volume 11: Willa Cather at the Modernist Crux 2017
Cather Studies, Volume 12: Willa Cather and the Arts 2020
Cather Studies, Volume 13: Willa Cather's Pittsburgh 2021
Cather Studies, Volume 7: Willa Cather as Cultural Icon 2007
Cather Studies, Volume 9: Willa Cather and Modern Cultures 2011
Catholic Borderlands: Mapping Catholicism onto American Empire, 1905-1935 2014
The Catholic Church and the Jews: Argentina, 1933-1945 2008
Cattle Country: Livestock in the Cultural Imagination 2021
Caught between the Lines: Captives, Frontiers, and National Identity in Argentine Literature and Art 2019
Celebrating Insurrection: The Commemoration and Representation of the Nineteenth-Century Mexican Pronunciamiento 2012
Centering the Margins of Anthropology's History: Histories of Anthropology Annual, Volume 14 2021
Champion of Choice: The Life and Legacy of Women's Advocate Nafis Sadik 2013
Changing the Rules of Engagement: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Leadership from Women in the Military 2021
Chanting the Hebrew Bible, Second, Expanded Edition: The Art of Cantillation 2017
Chaucer's Losers, Nintendo's Children, and Other Forays in Queer Ludonarratology 2019
Cheated: The UNC Scandal, the Education of Athletes, and the Future of Big-Time College Sports 2015
Chehalis Stories 2018
Cherokee Sister: The Collected Writings of Catharine Brown, 1818-1823 2014
Chinese Nuclear Proliferation: How Global Politics Is Transforming China's Weapons Buildup and Modernization 2016
Chiricahua and Janos: Communities of Violence in the Southwestern Borderlands, 1680-1880 2012
Choctaw Resurgence in Mississippi: Race, Class, and Nation Building in the Jim Crow South, 1830-1977 2014
Choosing to Care: A Century of Childcare and Social Reform in San Diego, 1850-1950 2019
Christine: Or Woman's Trials and Triumphs 2010
Chuck Hagel: Moving Forward 2006
Citizens More than Soldiers: The Kentucky Militia and Society in the Early Republic 2007
City Indian: Native American Activism in Chicago, 1893-1934 2015
A Civil Society: The Public Space of Freemason Women in France, 1744-1944 OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory 2015
A Civil War Round Table Quiz Book 2013
Civil War Washington: History, Place, and Digital Scholarship 2015
The Civilizing Machine: A Cultural History of Mexican Railroads, 1876-1910 2013
Clackamas Chinook Performance Art: Verse Form Interpretations 2021
Clean Bombs and Dirty Wars: Air Power in Kosovo and Libya 2015
Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories: Language, Archaeology, and Ethnography 2019
Coaching Winning Model United Nations Teams: A Teacher's Guide 2013
Coastal Encounters: The Transformation of the Gulf South in the Eighteenth Century 2007
Coincidence and Counterfactuality: Plotting Time and Space in Narrative Fiction 2008
Cold War Resistance: The International Struggle over Antibiotics 2020
Cold War Spy Stories from Eastern Europe 2019
Collage of Myself: Walt Whitman and the Making of Leaves of Grass 2010
Colonial Mediascapes: Sensory Worlds of the Early Americas 2014
Colonial Metropolis: The Urban Grounds of Anti-Imperialism and Feminism in Interwar Paris 2010
Colonial Suspects: Suspicion, Imperial Rule, and Colonial Society in Interwar French West Africa 2018
Colonized through Art: American Indian Schools and Art Education, 1889-1915 2017
Colorado Politics and Policy: Governing a Purple State 2012
Comanche Ethnography: Field Notes of E. Adamson Hoebel, Waldo R. Wedel, Gustav G. Carlson, and Robert H. Lowie 2008
Come Fly with Us: NASA's Payload Specialist Program 2019
Coming Full Circle: Spirituality and Wellness among Native Communities in the Pacific Northwest 2013
The Coming Man from Canton: Chinese Experience in Montana, 1862–1943 2017
Coming of Age in Chicago: The 1893 World's Fair and the Coalescence of American Anthropology 2016
Coming to Terms with America: Essays on Jewish History, Religion, and Culture 2021
The Commentators' Bible: Deuteronomy: The Rubin JPS Miqra'ot Gedolot 2015
The Commentators' Bible: Genesis: The Rubin JPS Miqra'ot Gedolot 2018
Companion to James Welch's The Heartsong of Charging Elk 2015
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1878-1880: Volume 1 2014
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1878-1880: Volume 2 2015
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1880–1883: Volume 1 2016
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1880-1883: Volume 2 2017
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1883-1884: Volume 1 2018
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1883–1884: Volume 2 2019
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1884–1886: Volume 1 2020
The Complete Seymour: Colville Storyteller 2015
Confederate Exodus: Social and Environmental Forces in the Migration of U.S. Southerners to Brazil 2021
Conjuring the Real: The Role of Architecture in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Fiction 2011
Connie Mack and the Early Years of Baseball 2012
Conquering Sickness: Race, Health, and Colonization in the Texas Borderlands 2016
Conspiracy of Silence: Sportswriters and the Long Campaign to Desegregate Baseball 2012
Containment in the Middle East 2019
Contemporary Comics Storytelling 2013
Contested Utopia: Jewish Dreams and Israeli Realities 2021
Contesting French West Africa: Battles over Schools and the Colonial Order, 1900–1950 2017
Contra Instrumentalism: A Translation Polemic 2019
Cora Du Bois: Anthropologist, Diplomat, Agent 2015
Corridor Talk to Culture History: Public Anthropology and Its Consequences 2015
Counter-Thrust: From the Peninsula to the Antietam 2007
Courage and Grief: Women and Sweden's Thirty Years' War 2018
The Cowboy Girl: The Life of Caroline Lockhart 2007
The Craft of Political Analysis for Diplomats 2011
Crafting a Republic for the World: Scientific, Geographic, and Historiographic Inventions of Colombia 2018
Crisis and Opportunity: Sustainability in American Agriculture 2008
A Critical Friendship: Donald Justice and Richard Stern, 1946-1961 2013
Crossing the River Kabul: An Afghan Family Odyssey 2017
Croswell Bowen: A Writer's Life, a Daughter's Portrait 2014
Crude Nation: How Oil Riches Ruined Venezuela 2016
The Cruft of Fiction: Mega-Novels and the Science of Paying Attention 2017
The Cult of the Modern: Trans-Mediterranean France and the Construction of French Modernity 2017
Cultural Construction of Empire: The U.S. Army in Arizona and New Mexico 2012
Cultural Negotiations: The Role of Women in the Founding of Americanist Archaeology 2013
Culture on Two Wheels: The Bicycle in Literature and Film 2016
Curious Unions: Mexican American Workers and Resistance in Oxnard, California, 1898-1961 2012
Cyberpower and National Security 2009
A Cycle of the West, Bison Classic Annotated Edition: The Song of Three Friends, The Song of Hugh Glass, The Song of Jed Smith, The Song of the Indian Wars, The Song of the Messiah 1991
Daddy's War: Greek American Stories 2009
The Dakota Sioux Experience at Flandreau and Pipestone Indian Schools 2019
Dakota: The Story of the Northern Plains 2012
Daughters of 1968: Redefining French Feminism and the Women's Liberation Movement 2018
Daviborshch's Cart: Narrating the Holocaust in Australian War Crimes Trials 2010
Dawnland Voices: An Anthology of Indigenous Writing from New England 2014
Death at the Edges of Empire: Fallen Soldiers, Cultural Memory, and the Making of an American Nation, 1863-1921 2020
Death Is All around Us: Corpses, Chaos, and Public Health in Porfirian Mexico City 2019
Death of the Senate: My Front Row Seat to the Demise of the World's Greatest Deliberative Body 2021
Death Zones and Darling Spies: Seven Years of Vietnam War Reporting 2013
Declarations of Dependence: Money, Aesthetics, and the Politics of Care 2018
Declared Defective: Native Americans, Eugenics, and the Myth of Nam Hollow 2018
Deco Body, Deco City: Female Spectacle and Modernity in Mexico City, 1900–1939 2016
Deconstructing Dr. Strangelove: The Secret History of Nuclear War Films 2020
Deep Map Country: Literary Cartography of the Great Plains 2014
Deep Waters: The Textual Continuum in American Indian Literature 2010
Defending Whose Country?: Indigenous Soldiers in the Pacific War 2012
Defying Maliseet Language Death: Emergent Vitalities of Language, Culture, and Identity in Eastern Canada 2011
Delaware Politics and Government 2009
Delaware Tribe in a Cherokee Nation 2009
Descendants of Cyrus: Travels through Everyday Iran 2019
A Description of New Netherland 2008
Desert Diplomat: Inside Saudi Arabia Following 9/11 2015
Deterrence through Strength: British Naval Power and Foreign Policy under Pax Britannica 2011
The Devil's Garden: A War Crimes Investigator's Story 2013
Deza and Its Moriscos: Religion and Community in Early Modern Spain 2020
Diabetes in Native Chicago: An Ethnography of Identity, Community, and Care 2021
Dictionary of the Ponca People 2019
A Different Manifest Destiny: U.S. Southern Identity and Citizenship in Nineteenth-Century South America 2020
Different Strokes: Serena, Venus, and the Unfinished Black Tennis Revolution 2020
Dirty Wars: Landscape, Power, and Waste in Western American Literature 2009
Dirty Words in Deadwood: Literature and the Postwestern 2013
Disability Studies and the Environmental Humanities: Toward an Eco-Crip Theory 2017
Discovering Second Temple Literature: The Scriptures and Stories That Shaped Early Judaism 2018
Disruptive Voices and the Singularity of Histories 2019
Diversifying Diplomacy: My Journey from Roxbury to Dakar 2017
A Doctor among the Oglala Sioux Tribe: The Letters of Robert H. Ruby, 1953-1954 2010
Docu-Fictions of War: U.S. Interventionism in Film and Literature 2019
Downwind: A People's History of the Nuclear West 2014
The Dream of a Broken Field 2011
Dressing for the Culture Wars: Style and the Politics of Self-Presentation in the 1960s and 1970s 2015
Drunk in China: Baijiu and the World's Oldest Drinking Culture 2019
The Dust Rose Like Smoke: The Subjugation of the Zulu and the Sioux, Second Edition 2016
Eagle Voice Remembers: An Authentic Tale of the Old Sioux World 2021
Early Modern Trauma: Europe and the Atlantic World 2021
Echo of Its Time: The History of the Federal District Court of Nebraska, 1867-1933 2019
Ecology and Ethnogenesis: An Environmental History of the Wind River Shoshones, 1000–1868 2019
Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, and the Place of Culture 2019
Editing Eden: A Reconsideration of Identity, Politics, and Place in Amazonia 2010
Educated Tastes: Food, Drink, and Connoisseur Culture 2011
Education beyond the Mesas: Hopi Students at Sherman Institute, 1902-1929 2010
Eight Questions of Faith: Biblical Challenges That Guide and Ground Our Lives 2015
Elder Northfield's Home: or, Sacrificed on the Mormon Altar 2015
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps: Selected Tales, Essays, and Poems 2014
Ellen Browning Scripps: New Money and American Philanthropy 2017
The Emergence of Mind: Representations of Consciousness in Narrative Discourse in English 2011
Emergency War Plan: The American Doomsday Machine, 1945–1960 2021
Emily Hamilton and Other Writings 2009
Empire and Catastrophe: Decolonization and Environmental Disaster in North Africa and Mediterranean France since 1954 OPEN ACCESS 2020
Empire Builder: John D. Spreckels and the Making of San Diego 2020
Empire of Infields: Baseball in Taiwan and Cultural Identity, 1895-1968 2019
Empire of Terror: Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps 2021
Empowerment of North American Indian Girls: Ritual Expressions at Puberty 2008
Empress San Francisco: The Pacific Rim, the Great West, and California at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition 2014
Endgame 1758: The Promise, the Glory, and the Despair of Louisbourg's Last Decade 2007
Enemies among Us: The Relocation, Internment, and Repatriation of German, Italian, and Japanese Americans during the Second World War 2021
Engendering Islands: Sexuality, Reproduction, and Violence in the Early French Caribbean 2021
The Enigma of Max Gluckman: The Ethnographic Life of a "Luckyman" in Africa 2018
The Enigma Woman: The Death Sentence of Nellie May Madison 2007
Enjoying What We Don't Have: The Political Project of Psychoanalysis 2013
Enrique Martínez Celaya: Collected Writings and Interviews, 2010-2017 2020
The Entire Earth and Sky: Views on Antarctica 2008
Epidemics and Enslavement: Biological Catastrophe in the Native Southeast, 1492-1715 2007
Epistolophilia: Writing the Life of Ona Simaite 2012
The Estrada Plot: How the FBI Captured a Secret Army and Stopped the Invasion of Mexico 2020
Ethnicity and Equality: France in the Balance 2007
Ethos and Narrative Interpretation: The Negotiation of Values in Fiction 2014
European Air Power: Challenges and Opportunities 2014
The European Union, Antisemitism, and the Politics of Denial 2014
The Event: Literature and Theory 2015
The Everyday Nation-State: Community and Ethnicity in Nineteenth-Century Nicaragua 2007
The Evolution of Cyber War: International Norms for Emerging-Technology Weapons 2015
Excavating Nauvoo: The Mormons and the Rise of Historical Archaeology in America 2010
Exceptional Mountains: A Cultural History of the Pacific Northwest Volcanoes 2016
Exiled: From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to California and Back 2018
Exiles in Sepharad: The Jewish Millennium in Spain 2015
Extraordinary Anthropology: Transformations in the Field 2007
Eyeing the Red Storm: Eisenhower and the First Attempt to Build a Spy Satellite 2016
Eyewitness to Chaos: Personal Accounts of the Intervention in Haiti, 1994 2016
Falafel Nation: Cuisine and the Making of National Identity in Israel 2015
Fall of the Double Eagle: The Battle for Galicia and the Demise of Austria-Hungary 2015
Fallen Astronauts: Heroes Who Died Reaching for the Moon, Revised Edition 2016
Family Trouble: Memoirists on the Hazards and Rewards of Revealing Family 2013
A Far Corner: Life and Art with the Open Circle Tribe 2015
The Fast Runner: Filming the Legend of Atanarjuat 2010
The Fault Lines of Farm Policy: A Legislative and Political History of the Farm Bill 2018
Fermented Landscapes: Lively Processes of Socio-environmental Transformation 2020
Fictional Dialogue: Speech and Conversation in the Modern and Postmodern Novel 2012
Fight for Old DC: George Preston Marshall, the Integration of the Washington Redskins, and the Rise of a New NFL 2016
Film and Everyday Eco-disasters 2014
Finding a New Midwestern History 2018
Finding Oil: The Nature of Petroleum Geology, 1859-1920 2011
Finding the Woman Who Didn't Exist: The Curious Life of Gisèle d'Estoc 2013
First Nations, Identity, and Reserve Life: The Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia 2011
The First We Can Remember: Colorado Pioneer Women Tell Their Stories 2011
Fit for the Presidency?: Winners, Losers, What-Ifs, and Also-Rans 2017
The Five-Ton Life: Carbon, America, and the Culture That May Save Us 2018
Fluent Selves: Autobiography, Person, and History in Lowland South America 2014
For Home and Country: World War I Propaganda on the Home Front 2010
For the Love of Wine: My Odyssey through the World's Most Ancient Wine Culture 2016
Foragers of the Terminal Pleistocene in North America 2007
Forbidden Memory: Tibet during the Cultural Revolution 2006
Forceful Negotiations: The Origins of the Pronunciamiento in Nineteenth-Century Mexico 2010
Fort Marion Prisoners and the Trauma of Native Education 2014
Forty Years a Forester 2019
Franco-America in the Making: The Creole Nation Within 2018
Franz Boas: The Emergence of the Anthropologist 2019
The French Army and Its African Soldiers: The Years of Decolonization 2017
French Mediterraneans: Transnational and Imperial Histories 2016
French St. Louis: Landscape, Contexts, and Legacy 2021
Freshwater Passages: The Trade and Travels of Peter Pond 2014
Friendly Enemies: Soldier Fraternization throughout the American Civil War 2020
From Ambivalence to Betrayal: The Left, the Jews, and Israel 2012
From Angel to Office Worker: Middle-Class Identity and Female Consciousness in Mexico, 1890–1950 2018
From Back Alley to the Border: Criminal Abortion in California, 1920-1969 2020
From Chernobyl with Love: Reporting from the Ruins of the Soviet Union 2019
From Colony to Nation: Women Activists and the Gendering of Politics in Belize, 1912-1982 2007
From Fort Marion to Fort Sill: A Documentary History of the Chiricahua Apache Prisoners of War, 1886-1913 2013
From Francophonie to World Literature in French: Ethics, Poetics, and Politics 2013
From Homeland to New Land: A History of the Mahican Indians, 1600-1830 2013
From Hope to Horror: Diplomacy and the Making of the Rwanda Genocide 2020
From Idols to Antiquity: Forging the National Museum of Mexico 2017
From Jack Johnson to LeBron James: Sports, Media, and the Color Line 2016
From Miniskirt to Hijab: A Girl in Revolutionary Iran 2018
From Rails to Trails: The Making of America's Active Transportation Network 2021
From Sadat to Saddam: The Decline of American Diplomacy in the Middle East 2019
From Stray Dog to World War I Hero: The Paris Terrier Who Joined the First Division 2015
From the Garden Club: Rural Women Writing Community 2006
Fruit, Fiber, and Fire: A History of Modern Agriculture in New Mexico 2021
Fu-go: The Curious History of Japan's Balloon Bomb Attack on America 2014
A Fur Trader on the Upper Missouri: The Journal and Description of Jean-Baptiste Truteau, 1794–1796 2017
Galvanized: The Odyssey of a Reluctant Carolina Confederate 2020
Game Faces: Five Early American Champions and the Sports They Changed 2012
Games' Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Players, Pawns, and Power-Ups 2013
Gardens of Hell: Battles of the Gallipoli Campaign 2014
Gender and the Negotiation of Daily Life in Mexico, 1750-1856 2012
Gendering Radicalism: Women and Communism in Twentieth-Century California 2015
The General Who Wore Six Stars: The Inside Story of John C. H. Lee 2018
A Generation Removed: The Fostering and Adoption of Indigenous Children in the Postwar World 2014
Geographic Personas: Self-Transformation and Performance in the American West 2021
Geographies of Urban Female Labor and Nationhood in Spanish Culture, 1880–1975 2020
George H. W. Bush: Character at the Core 2014
George Sword's Warrior Narratives: Compositional Processes in Lakota Oral Tradition 2016
Gifted Greek: The Enigma of Andreas Papandreou 2021
Gifts from the Thunder Beings: Indigenous Archery and European Firearms in the Northern Plains and Central Subarctic, 1670-1870 2014
Give the Word: Responses to Werner Hamacher's "95 Theses on Philology" 2019
Global Jewish Foodways: A History 2018
The Global Spread of Islamism and the Consequences for Terrorism 2021
Globalizing Borderlands Studies in Europe and North America 2016
Glory, Trouble, and Renaissance at the Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology 2018
Go, Flight!: The Unsung Heroes of Mission Control, 1965–1992 2015
The Gods Are Broken!: The Hidden Legacy of Abraham 2013
The Golden Fleece: High-Risk Adventure at West Point 2017
Good Neighbors, Bad Times: Echoes of My Father's German Village 2008
Good Neighbors, Bad Times Revisited: New Echoes of My Father's German Village 2021
Gothic Queer Culture: Marginalized Communities and the Ghosts of Insidious Trauma 2019
Governing Affect: Neoliberalism and Disaster Reconstruction 2017
A Grammar of Creek (Muskogee) 2011
A Grammar of Patwin 2021
A Grammar of Southern Pomo 2020
A Grammar of Upper Tanana, Volume 1: Phonology, Lexical Classes, Morphology 2020
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Grave Injustice: Unearthing Wrongful Executions 2013
The Great Eight: The 1975 Cincinnati Reds 2014
The Great Kosher Meat War of 1902: Immigrant Housewives and the Riots That Shook New York City 2020
The Great Oklahoma Swindle: Race, Religion, and Lies in America's Weirdest State 2020
Great Plains Birds 2019
Great Plains Bison 2017
Great Plains Geology 2017
Great Plains Indians 2016
Great Plains Literature 2018
Great Plains Politics 2018
Great Plains Weather 2019
The Greater Plains: Rethinking a Region's Environmental Histories 2021
Greatness in the Shadows: Larry Doby and the Integration of the American League 2016
Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism 2012
Green Plans, Revised Ed: Blueprint for a Sustainable Earth 2008
A Grizzly in the Mail and Other Adventures in American History 2014
Grizzly West: A Failed Attempt to Reintroduce Grizzly Bears in the Mountain West 2015
Growing Local: Case Studies on Local Food Supply Chains 2014
Haig's Coup: How Richard Nixon's Closest Aide Forced Him from Office 2019
The Hamiltonian Vision, 1789-1800: The Art of American Power During the Early Republic 2012
Hamlin Garland: A Life 2008
Handbook of Narrative Analysis 2019
Harry and Arthur: Truman, Vandenberg, and the Partnership That Created the Free World 2016
Haters: Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online 2016
Hawaiian by Birth: Missionary Children, Bicultural Identity, and U.S. Colonialism in the Pacific 2017
Hearing Voices: Aurality and New Spanish Sound Culture in Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 2019
The Heart in the Glass Jar: Love Letters, Bodies, and the Law in Mexico 2015
The Heart of California: Exploring the San Joaquin Valley 2020
The Heart of the Matter: Studies in Jewish Mysticism and Theology 2015
The Heart of Torah, Volume 1: Essays on the Weekly Torah Portion: Genesis and Exodus 2017
The Heart of Torah, Volume 2: Essays on the Weekly Torah Portion: Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy 2017
Hearts of Lions: The History of American Bicycle Racing 2020
Hemispheric Indigeneities: Native Identity and Agency in Mesoamerica, the Andes, and Canada 2018
Hercules and the King of Portugal: Icons of Masculinity and Nation in Calderón's Spain 2019
Here You Have My Story: Eyewitness Accounts of the Nineteenth-Century Cent 2009
Hero of the Crossing: How Anwar Sadat and the 1973 War Changed the World 2016
Heroic Hearts: Sentiment, Saints, and Authority in Modern France 2021
Herta Müller: Politics and Aesthetics 2013
The Hidden Language of Baseball: How Signs and Sign-Stealing Have Influenced the Course of Our National Pastime 2019
Historical Archaeology Through a Western Lens 2017
Historicizing Theories, Identities, and Nations 2017
History of Nebraska, Fourth Edition 2014
History on the Margins: People and Places in the Emergence of Modern France 2018
Hoarding Memory: Covering the Wounds of the Algerian War 2020
Ho-Chunk Powwows and the Politics of Tradition 2016
Holding On: African American Women Surviving HIV/AIDS 2016
Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story 2008
Homesteading the Plains: Toward a New History 2017
Homo Imperii: A History of Physical Anthropology in Russia 2013
Hopi Katsina Songs 2015
Horace Poolaw, Photographer of American Indian Modernity 2016
Horrible Mothers: Representations across Francophone North America 2019
A Horse's Tale 2020
Hostages of Empire: Colonial Prisoners of War in Vichy France 2021
Houses of Study: A Jewish Woman among Books 2007
How China Sees the World: Han-Centrism and the Balance of Power in International Politics 2018
How the West Was Drawn: Mapping, Indians, and the Construction of the Trans-Mississippi West 2018
How to Reach Japan by Subway: America's Fascination with Japanese Culture, 1945–1965 2018
How Was It Possible?: A Holocaust Reader 2015
How We Won and Lost the War in Afghanistan: Two Years in the Pashtun Homeland 2017
The Hunt for Jimmie Browne: An MIA Pilot in World War II China 2020
Hunting Caribou: Subsistence Hunting along the Northern Edge of the Boreal Forest 2015
Hurricane Katrina: America's Unnatural Disaster 2009
Hybrid Anxieties: Queering the French-Algerian War and Its Postcolonial Legacies 2020
I Held Lincoln: A Union Sailor's Journey Home 2018
The I-35W Bridge Collapse: A Survivor's Account of America's Crumbling Infrastructure 2018
Idaho Politics and Government: Culture Clash and Conflicting Values in the Gem State 2019
Illicit Love: Interracial Sex and Marriage in the United States and Australia 2015
I'm Not Like Everybody Else: Biopolitics, Neoliberalism, and American Popular Music 2018
The Image of Elizabeth I in Early Modern Spain 2019
Imaginary Neighbors: Mediating Polish-Jewish Relations after the Holocaust 2007
The Imagined Underworld: Sex, Crime, and Vice in Porfirian Mexico City 2007
Imagining Kashmir: Emplotment and Colonialism 2016
Imagining Seattle: Social Values in Urban Governance 2019
Imperfect Compromise: A New Consensus among Israelis and Palestinians 2013
Imperial Designs: War, Humiliation & the Making of History 2013
The Importance of British Material Culture to Historical Archaeologies of the Nineteenth Century 2015
In Command: Theodore Roosevelt and the American Military 2018
In Defense of Farmers: The Future of Agriculture in the Shadow of Corporate Power 2019
In Defense of Loose Translations: An Indian Life in an Academic World 2018
In Food We Trust: The Politics of Purity in American Food Regulation 2014
In Praise of Flattery 2007
In the Lands of Fire and Sun: Resistance and Accommodation in the Huichol Sierra, 1723–1930 2018
In the Mean Time: Temporal Colonization and the Mexican American Literary Tradition 2020
In the Shadow of the Moon: A Challenging Journey to Tranquility, 1965-1969 2007
In the Trenches: A Russian Woman Soldier's Story of World War I 2020
In This Hour: Heschel's Writings in Nazi Germany and London Exile 2019
An Incipient Mutiny: The Story of the U.S. Army Signal Corps Pilot Revolt 2020
Independent Mexico: The Pronunciamiento in the Age of Santa Anna, 1821–1858 2016
Indian Play: Indigenous Identities at Bacone College 2013
Indian Soldiers in World War I: Race and Representation in an Imperial War 2021
Indians in the United States and Canada: A Comparative History, Second Edition 2018
Indigenous Cities: Urban Indian Fiction and the Histories of Relocation 2017
Indigenous Languages and the Promise of Archives 2021
Indigenous Media and Political Imaginaries in Contemporary Bolivia 2017
The Indigenous Paleolithic of the Western Hemisphere 2021
The Inevitable Bandstand: The State Band of Oaxaca and the Politics of Sound 2015
Infinity Beckoned: Adventuring Through the Inner Solar System, 1969–1989 2016
Infractions: Rule Violations, Unethical Conduct, and Enforcement in the NCAA 2019
Innovating in a Secret World: The Future of National Security and Global Leadership 2019
Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work, All-New Third Edition of the Essential Guide to the Foreign Service 2011
Inside Dazzling Mountains: Southwest Native Verbal Arts 2012
Inside the Hot Zone: A Soldier on the Front Lines of Biological Warfare 2020
Intermarriage from Central Europe to Central Asia: Mixed Families in the Age of Extremes 2020
Intersectionality: Origins, Contestations, Horizons 2016
Into That Silent Sea: Trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961-1965 2007
The Investigator: Demons of the Balkan War 2017
Invisible Men: Life in Baseball's Negro Leagues 2020
Invisible Reality: Storytellers, Storytakers, and the Supernatural World of the Blackfeet 2017
Iroquois Journey: An Anthropologist Remembers 2007
Irwin Klein and the New Settlers: Photographs of Counterculture in New Mexico 2016
Isabel “Lefty" Alvarez: The Improbable Life of a Cuban American Baseball Star 2020
Island in the City: A Memoir 2018
Issei Baseball: The Story of the First Japanese American Ballplayers 2020
It's My Country Too: Women's Military Stories from the American Revolution to Afghanistan 2017
James T. Farrell and Baseball: Dreams and Realism on Chicago's South Side 2019
Jeb Stuart and the Confederate Defeat at Gettysburg 2007
JewAsian: Race, Religion, and Identity for America's Newest Jews 2016
Jewish Bible Translations: Personalities, Passions, Politics, Progress 2020
Jewish Meaning in a World of Choice: Studies in Tradition and Modernity 2014
Jewish Sports Legends: The International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame 2020
Jewish Voices in Feminism: Transnational Perspectives 2015
Jews and Genes: The Genetic Future in Contemporary Jewish Thought 2015
Jews and Germans: Promise, Tragedy, and the Search for Normalcy 2020
The Jews Should Keep Quiet: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, and the Holocaust 2019
Jonah and the Meaning of Our Lives: A Verse-by-Verse Contemporary Commentary 2016
Joseph: Portraits through the Ages 2016
The Journey of Liu Xiaobo: From Dark Horse to Nobel Laureate 2017
Journeys West: Jane and Julian Steward and Their Guides 2010
The JPS Bible Commentary: Song of Songs 2015
JPS B'nai Mitzvah Torah Commentary 2017
The JPS Jewish Heritage Torah Commentary 2021
The JPS Rashi Discussion Torah Commentary 2017
Judaism's Great Debates: Timeless Controversies from Abraham to Herzl 2012
Justice for All: How the Jewish Bible Revolutionized Ethics 2017
Justice in Plain Sight: How a Small-Town Newspaper and Its Unlikely Lawyer Opened America's Courtrooms 2019
A Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism Reader 2016
Kansas Politics and Government: The Clash of Political Cultures 2010
Katie Gale: A Coast Salish Woman's Life on Oyster Bay 2013
Kayaking Alone: Nine Hundred Miles from Idaho's Mountains to the Pacific Ocean 2008
Keeping the Campfires Going: Native Women's Activism in Urban Communities 2009
The Kennedys in the World: How Jack, Bobby, and Ted Remade America's Empire 2021
The Killing of Chief Crazy Horse, Bison Classic Edition 1976
Killing without Heart: Limits on Robotic Warfare in an Age of Persistent Conflict 2013
A Kingdom of Water: Adaptation and Survival in the Houma Nation 2020
Kiowa Belief and Ritual 2017
Kiowa Humanity and the Invasion of the State 2008
Knowing Native Arts 2020
Laboratory for World Destruction: Germans and Jews in Central Europe 2007
The Lady in White 2014
The Lakota Ghost Dance of 1890 2008
Lakota Texts: Narratives of Lakota Life and Culture in the Twentieth Century 2021
Lakotas, Black Robes, and Holy Women: German Reports from the Indian Missions in South Dakota, 1886-1900 2007
The Land of Truth: Talmud Tales, Timeless Teachings 2018
Landscapes of Inequity: Environmental Justice in the Andes-Amazon Region 2020
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il: The North Korean Threat in a Changing Era 2013
The Last Days of the Rainbelt 2013
Late Westerns: The Persistence of a Genre 2018
Latin America in the Post-Chavez Era: The Security Threat to the United States 2013
Latinx Writing Los Angeles: Nonfiction Dispatches from a Decolonial Rebellion 2018
Lavi: The United States, Israel, and a Controversial Fighter Jet 2016
Law and Order in Buffalo Bill's Country: Legal Culture and Community on the Great Plains, 1867-1910 2007
A Law Unto Herself 2014
The Lawyer of the Church: Bishop Clemente de Jesús Munguía and the Clerical Response to the Mexican Liberal Reforma 2015
Le Football: A History of American Football in France 2016
Leaves of Grass: The Sesquicentennial Essays 2007
Left Handed, Son of Old Man Hat, Bison Classic Edition: A Navajo Autobiography 1966
Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream: The Bargain That Broke Adolf Hitler and Saved My Mother 2018
Legacies of Dust: Land Use and Labor on the Colorado Plains 2019
Legumes of the Great Plains: An Illustrated Guide 2021
A Lenape among the Quakers: The Life of Hannah Freeman 2014
Lev Shternberg: Anthropologist, Russian Socialist, Jewish Activist 2009
Leveraging an Empire: Settler Colonialism and the Legalities of Citizenship in the Pacific Northwest 2021
The Lewis and Clark Expedition Day by Day 2018
Life among the Indians: First Fieldwork among the Sioux and Omahas 2013
The Life and Poetry of Ted Kooser 2013
The Life of Hon. William F. Cody, Known as Buffalo Bill 2011
The Life of Jews in Poland before the Holocaust: A Memoir 2007
The Life of Ten Bears: Comanche Historical Narratives 2016
The Life of the Afterlife in the Big Sky State: A History of Montana's Cemeteries 2021
Life of the Indigenous Mind: Vine Deloria Jr. and the Birth of the Red Power Movement 2019
The Limits of Liberty: Mobility and the Making of the Eastern U.S.-Mexico Border 2018
A Listening Wind: Native Literature from the Southeast 2016
Living Blue in the Red States 2007
Living the California Dream: African American Leisure Sites during the Jim Crow Era 2020
Living with Koryak Traditions: Playing with Culture in Siberia 2011
Llewellyn Castle: A Worker's Cooperative on the Great Plains 2013
Local Knowledge, Global Stage 2016
Lonesome Dreamer: The Life of John G. Neihardt 2016
Looking at the Stars: Black Celebrity Journalism in Jim Crow America 2019
Lost Creeks: Collected Journals 2009
The Lost Journalism of Ring Lardner 2017
The Lost Matriarch: Finding Leah in the Bible and Midrash 2014
Louise Pound: Scholar, Athlete, Feminist Pioneer 2009
Love, Power, and Gender in Seventeenth-Century French Fairy Tales 2020
Loving and Leaving Washington: Reflections on Public Service 2016
Madah-Sartre 2007
Maestro: André Tchelistcheff and the Rebirth of Napa Valley 2021
Maimonides and the Book That Changed Judaism: Secrets of The Guide for the Perplexed 2015
Maine Politics and Government, Second Edition 2009
Malcontents, Rebels, and Pronunciados: The Politics of Insurrection in Nineteenth-Century Mexico 2012
The Man in the Arena: The Life and Times of U.S. Senator Gale McGee 2018
The Man with the Strange Head and Other Early Science Fiction Stories 2008
Manassas: A Battlefield Guide 2014
Manifest Destiny 2.0: Genre Trouble in Game Worlds 2021
Mapping Beyond Measure: Art, Cartography, and the Space of Global Modernity 2019
Mapping the Mississippian Shatter Zone: The Colonial Indian Slave Trade and Regional Insta 2009
Married or Single? 2015
Maryland, My Maryland: Music and Patriotism during the American Civil War 2019
Maryland Politics and Government: Democratic Dominance 2012
Mass Murder in California's Empty Quarter: A Tale of Tribal Treachery at the Cedarville Rancheria 2020
Massacre in Norway: The 2011 Terror Attacks on Oslo and the Utøya Youth Camp 2014
Mastering the Marketplace: Popular Literature in Nineteenth-Century France 2017
Matters of Justice: Pueblos, the Judiciary, and Agrarian Reform in Revolutionary Mexico 2020
The Mayans Among Us: Migrant Women and Meatpacking on the Great Plains 2016
Mayor Helen Boosalis: My Mother's Life in Politics 2008
Medical Imperialism in French North Africa: Regenerating the Jewish Community of Colonial Tunis 2017
Medicine Bags and Dog Tags: American Indian Veterans from Colonial Times to the Second Iraq War 2008
Megaquake: How Japan and the World Should Respond 2015
The Melancholy Void: Lyric and Masculinity in the Age of Góngora 2021
Memories of Jewish Life: From Italy to Jerusalem, 1918-1960 2008
Men in Eden: William Drummond Stewart and Same-Sex Desire in the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade 2012
The Meskwaki and Anthropologists: Action Anthropology Reconsidered 2008
Messianic Fulfillments: Staging Indigenous Salvation in America 2019
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Mexicans in Alaska: An Ethnography of Mobility, Place, and Transnational Life 2018
Mexicans in Revolution, 1910-1946: An Introduction 2009
Mexico, la patria: Propaganda and Production during World War II 2009
Mexico's Crucial Century, 1810-1910: An Introduction 2010
Michael Collins and the Anglo-Irish War: Britain's Counterinsurgency Failure 2011
Microfictions 2009
The Migrant Canon in Twenty-First-Century France 2018
Millennial Cervantes: New Currents in Cervantes Studies 2020
A Mind Like This 2012
The Miracle of American Independence: Twenty Ways Things Could Have Turned Out Differently 2015
Misanthropoetics: Social Flight and Literary Form in Early Modern England 2021
The Missouri River Journals of John James Audubon 2016
Modern Conservative Judaism: Evolving Thought and Practice 2018
Modern Orthodox Judaism: A Documentary History 2016
Modernism and Mildred Walker 2008
Modernity and Its Other: The Encounter with North American Indians in the Eighteenth Century 2017
Modernity through Letter Writing: Cherokee and Seneca Political Representations in Response to Removal, 1830–1857 2020
The Modoc War: A Story of Genocide at the Dawn of America's Gilded Age 2017
Moments of Impact: Injury, Racialized Memory, and Reconciliation in College Football 2016
Monstrous Nature: Environment and Horror on the Big Screen 2016
The Moravian Springplace Mission to the Cherokees, Abridged Edition 2010
More in Time: A Tribute to Ted Kooser 2021
More Stories from Langley: Another Glimpse inside the CIA 2020
More Than a Doctrine: The Eisenhower Era in the Middle East 2018
More Than Things 2013
Morta Las Vegas: CSI and the Problem of the West 2017
Moshkeleh the Thief: A Rediscovered Novel 2021
Murder, Inc.: The CIA under John F. Kennedy 2019
Murder State: California's Native American Genocide, 1846-1873 2012
Murdering the President: Alexander Graham Bell and the Race to Save James Garfield 2016
Murrow's Cold War: Public Diplomacy for the Kennedy Administration 2016
Muscogee Daughter: My Sojourn to the Miss America Pageant 2010
Music Along the Rapidan: Civil War Soldiers, Music, and Community during Winter Quarters, Virginia 2014
Mussolini's Children: Race and Elementary Education in Fascist Italy 2018
My Dear Boy: A World War II Story of Escape, Exile, and Revelation 2019
My First Booke of My Life 2014
"My Heart Became Attached": The Strange Journey of John Walker Lindh 2003
The Mysteries of Haditha: A Memoir 2020
Mysteries of the Jaguar Shamans of the Northwest Amazon 2013
The Mysterious Sofía: One Woman's Mission to Save Catholicism in Twentieth-Century Mexico 2019
Nanoweapons: A Growing Threat to Humanity 2017
Narrative Beginnings: Theories and Practices 2008
Narrative Complexity: Cognition, Embodiment, Evolution 2019
The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca 2003
Natalie Curtis Burlin: A Life in Native and African American Music 2010
The National Grasslands: A Guide to America's Undiscovered Treasures 2006
National Pastimes: Cinema, Sports, and Nation 2020
National Races: Transnational Power Struggles in the Sciences and Politics of Human Diversity, 1840–1945 2019
Native Acts: Indian Performance, 1603-1832 2011
Native American Freemasonry: Associationalism and Performance in America 2011
Native Diasporas: Indigenous Identities and Settler Colonialism in the Americas 2014
Native Liberty: Natural Reason and Cultural Survivance 2009
Native Provenance: The Betrayal of Cultural Creativity 2019
Native Providence: Memory, Community, and Survivance in the Northeast 2020
The Native South: New Histories and Enduring Legacies 2017
Native Storiers: Five Selections 2009
Navajo Talking Picture: Cinema on Native Ground 2012
Nebraska during the New Deal: The Federal Writers' Project in the Cornhusker State 2019
Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, Volume 52: Modeling Complex Systems 2007
The Nebraska-Kansas Act of 1854 2008
Nebraska's Cowboy Trail: A User's Guide 2008
Neither Victor Nor Vanquished: America in the War of 1812 2013
Nepantla Squared: Transgender Mestiz@ Histories in Times of Global Shift 2020
Never Caught Twice: Horse Stealing in Western Nebraska, 1850–1890 2020
A New Hasidism: Branches 2019
A New Hasidism: Roots 2019
New Life for Archaeological Collections 2019
New Narratives: Stories and Storytelling in the Digital Age 2011
New Principles of War: Enduring Truths with Timeless Examples 2021
New Voices for Old Words: Algonquian Oral Literatures 2015
The New White Race: Settler Colonialism and the Press in French Algeria, 1860-1914 2021
The Newspaper Warrior: Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins's Campaign for American Indian Rights, 1864-1891 2015
Nez Perce Country 2007
Nomad's Land: Pastoralism and French Environmental Policy in the Nineteenth-Century Mediterranean World 2019
North American Indians in the Great War 2007
North American Wildland Plants, Second Edition: A Field Guide 2011
North American Wildland Plants, Third Edition: A Field Guide 2017
Northern Cheyenne Ledger Art by Fort Robinson Breakout Survivors 2020
Not a Big Deal: Narrating to Unsettle 2021
Not a Choice Not a Job 2013
Not by Bread Alone: Russian Foreign Policy under Putin 2016
The NYPD's First Fifty Years: Politicians, Police Commissioners, and Patrolmen 2014
Observations on the Real Rights of Women and Other Writings 2011
Of Duty Well and Faithfully Done: A History of the Regular Army in the Civil War 2011
Of Love and Loathing: Marital Life, Strife, and Intimacy in the Colonial Andes, 1750–1825 2015
Of One Mind and Of One Government: The Rise and Fall of the Creek Nation in the Early Republic 2018
Ogallala, Third Edition: Water for a Dry Land 2018
Ogimaag: Anishinaabeg Leadership, 1760-1845 2010
Ojibwe Discourse Markers 2016
The Ojibwe Journals of Edmund F. Ely, 1833-1849 2012
Ojibwe Stories from the Upper Berens River: A. Irving Hallowell and Adam Bigmouth in Conversation 2018
Okanagan Grouse Woman: Upper Nicola Narratives 2016
The Omaha Language and the Omaha Way: An Introduction to Omaha Language and Culture 2018
On Distant Service: The Life of the First U.S. Foreign Service Officer to Be Assassinated 2020
On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story 2015
On Records: Delaware Indians, Colonists, and the Media of History and Memory 2012
On the Divide: The Many Lives of Willa Cather 2008
On the Edge of Purgatory: An Archaeology of Place in Hispanic Colorado 2011
On the Sidelines: Gendered Neoliberalism and the American Female Sportscaster 2021
On the Trail of the Yellow Tiger: War, Trauma, and Social Dislocation in Southwest China during the Ming-Qing Transition 2018
One Nation Under Baseball: How the 1960s Collided with the National Pastime 2017
One Size Fits None: A Farm Girl's Search for the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture 2019
Opening Acts: Narrative Beginnings in Twentieth-Century Feminist Fiction 2015
Operation Kinetic: Stabilizing Kosovo 2018
Operation Rising Sun: The Sinking of Japan's Secret Submarine I-52 2020
Opposing Jim Crow: African Americans and the Soviet Indictment of U.S. Racism, 1928-1937 2012
Optional-Narrator Theory: Principles, Perspectives, Proposals 2021
Orchestrating the Instruments of Power: A Critical Examination of the U.S. National Security System 2015
The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut 2015
Organized Crime in Mexico: Assessing the Threat to North American Economies 2014
The Other Book: Bewilderments of Fiction 2011
The Other Exchange: Women, Servants, and the Urban Underclass in Early Modern English Literature 2017
Our American Story: The Search for a Shared National Narrative 2019
Ours to Explore: Privilege, Power, and the Paradox of Voluntourism 2021
Out of the Crazywoods 2020
Out of Uniform, Second Edition: Your Guide to a Successful Military-to-Civilian Career Transition 2018
Out of Uniform: Your Guide to a Successful Military-to-Civilian Career Transition 2012
Outposts on the Frontier: A Fifty-Year History of Space Stations 2017
Outsourcing Security: Private Military Contractors and U.S. Foreign Policy 2015
Pacific Lady: The First Woman to Sail Solo across the World's Largest Ocean 2008
Pacifist Prophet: Papunhank and the Quest for Peace in Early America 2020
Packing for India: A Life of Action in Global Finance and Diplomacy 2014
Paradise Destroyed: Catastrophe and Citizenship in the French Caribbean 2017
Paradoxes of Stasis: Literature, Politics, and Thought in Francoist Spain 2019
Pastime Lost: The Humble, Original, and Now Completely Forgotten Game of English Baseball 2019
Path of the Prophets: The Ethics-Driven Life 2018
Pathologies of Love: Medicine and the Woman Question in Early Modern France 2019
Patriotic Murder: A World War I Hate Crime for Uncle Sam 2018
Pauline Frederick Reporting: A Pioneering Broadcaster Covers the Cold War 2014
The Pedagogical Imagination: The Republican Legacy in Twenty-First-Century French Literature and Film 2014
The Peninsula and Seven Days: A Battlefield Guide 2007
The People Are Missing: Minor Literature Today 2021
People of the Saltwater: An Ethnography of Git lax m'oon 2016
Performing Indigeneity: Global Histories and Contemporary Experiences 2014
Perishing Heathens: Stories of Protestant Missionaries and Christian Indians in Antebellum America 2017
Phantom Past, Indigenous Presence: Native Ghosts in North American Culture and History 2011
Phoebe Apperson Hearst: A Life of Power and Politics 2018
Picture This: World War I Posters and Visual Culture 2009
Picturing Indians: Native Americans in Film, 1941-1960 2020
Pioneering History on Two Continents: An Autobiography 2014
Pirates, Prisoners, and Lepers: Lessons from Life Outside the Law 2015
Pistoleros and Popular Movements: The Politics of State Formation in Postrevolutionary Oaxaca 2009
Pitch Woman and Other Stories: The Oral Traditions of Coquelle Thompson, Upper Coquille Athabaskan Indian 2007
The Pitcher and the Dictator: Satchel Paige's Unlikely Season in the Dominican Republic 2018
Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism: Pakistani Women's Literary and Cinematic Fictions 2019
A Place More Void 2021
The Plan de San Diego: Tejano Rebellion, Mexican Intrigue 2013
Playing at Monarchy: Sport as Metaphor in Nineteenth-Century France 2008
Playing in Isolation: A History of Baseball in Taiwan 2007
Playing War: Wargaming and U.S. Navy Preparations for World War II 2016
Playing with the Big Boys: Basketball, American Imperialism, and Subaltern Discourse in the Philippines 2015
Plotting Justice: Narrative Ethics and Literary Culture after 9/11 2012
Plotting to Kill the President: Assassination Attempts from Washington to Hoover 2017
The Pluralist Imagination from East to West in American Literature 2014
Poland's Threatening Other: The Image of the Jew from 1880 to the Present 2006
Policing Sex and Marriage in the American Military: The Court-Martial and the Construction of Gender and Sexual Deviance, 1950–2000 2018
Política: Nuevomexicanos and American Political Incorporation, 1821–1910 2016
Political Culture in Spanish America, 1500–1830 2017
Political Godmother: Nackey Scripps Loeb and the Newspaper That Shook the Republican Party 2020
The Politics of Female Alliance in Early Modern England 2017
Portrait of an Island: The Architecture and Material Culture of Gorée, Sénégal, 1758–1837 2015
Positive Pollutions and Cultural Toxins: Waste and Contamination in Contemporary U.S. Ethnic Literatures 2012
Possible Worlds Theory and Contemporary Narratology 2019
Postcolonial Hauntologies: African Women's Discourses of the Female Body 2019
Postscripts: Retrospections on Time and Place 2012
The Postwar Yankees: Baseball's Golden Age Revisited 2008
Postwestern Cultures: Literature, Theory, Space 2007
Post-Westerns: Cinema, Region, West 2013
Power and Complacency: American Survival in an Age of International Competition 2021
A Powerful Mind: The Self-Education of George Washington 2015
Power-Lined: Electricity, Landscape, and the American Mind 2019
Powhatan's Mantle: Indians in the Colonial Southeast, Revised and Expanded Edition 2006
Practiced Citizenship: Women, Gender, and the State in Modern France 2019
Prairie Forge: The Extraordinary Story of the Nebraska Scrap Metal Drive of World War II 2014
Predators: The CIA's Drone War on al Qaeda 2013
Predictable Pleasures: Food and the Pursuit of Balance in Rural Yucatán 2020
The Presidential Fringe: Questing and Jesting for the Oval Office 2020
The Presidents and the Pastime: The History of Baseball and the White House 2018
Problematic: How Toxic Callout Culture Is Destroying Feminism 2018
Producing Early Modern London: A Comedy of Urban Space, 1598–1616 2018
Producing Predators: Wolves, Work, and Conquest in the Northern Rockies 2016
The Prometheus Bomb: The Manhattan Project and Government in the Dark 2016
Proof of Guilt: Barbara Graham and the Politics of Executing Women in America 2013
Pseudo-Memoirs: Life and Its Imitation in Modern Fiction 2021
Psychoanalysis and the GlObal 2018
Psychology Gets in the Game: Sport, Mind, and Behavior, 1880-1960 2009
Public Privates: Feminist Geographies of Mediated Spaces 2018
Publisher for the Masses, Emanuel Haldeman-Julius 2017
Pulp Writer: Twenty Years in the American Grub Street 2007
Put Your Hands on Your Hips and Act Like a Woman: Black History and Poetics in Performance 2020
Queer Embodiment: Monstrosity, Medical Violence, and Intersex Experience 2019
Queer Lives: Men's Autobiographies from Nineteenth-Century France 2007
Queering Kansas City Jazz: Gender, Performance, and the History of a Scene 2018
Race Experts: Sculpture, Anthropology, and the American Public in Malvina Hoffman's Races of Mankind 2018
Racial Science in Hitler's New Europe, 1938-1945 2013
Radiance: Creative Mitzvah Living 2020
Radio in Revolution: Wireless Technology and State Power in Mexico, 1897–1938 2016
Rage: Narcissism, Patriarchy, and the Culture of Terrorism 2020
Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves: Labor, Culture, and Politics in Southeast Alaska Canneries 2021
A Raid on the Red Sea: The Israeli Capture of the Karine A 2021
Railroad Radicals in Cold War Mexico: Gender, Class, and Memory 2013
Rails of War: Supplying the Americans and Their Allies in China-Burma-India 2017
Raising the Flag: America's First Envoys in Faraway Lands 2018
Range Wars: The Environmental Contest for White Sands Missile Range 2014
Reading for Liberalism: The Overland Monthly and the Writing of the Modern American West 2013
Reading Unruly: Interpretation and Its Ethical Demands 2014
Realizing Tomorrow: The Path to Private Spaceflight 2011
The Rebounders: A Division I Basketball Journey 2018
Rebuilding Shattered Worlds: Creating Community by Voicing the Past 2016
Reclaiming 42: Public Memory and the Reframing of Jackie Robinson's Radical Legacy 2019
Recognizing Heritage: The Politics of Multiculturalism in New Mexico 2013
Recovering Native American Writings in the Boarding School Press 2017
Recovering Our Ancestors' Gardens: Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness 2020
The Red Road and Other Narratives of the Dakota Sioux 2020
Red, White, and True: Stories from Veterans and Families, World War II to Present 2014
Redeeming the Revolution: The State and Organized Labor in Post-Tlatelolco Mexico 2017
Redskins: Insult and Brand 2016
A Reference Grammar of Kotiria (Wanano) 2013
Refiguring Minds in Narrative Media 2015
Regeneration through Empire: French Pronatalists and Colonial Settlement in the Third Republic 2015
Regionalism and the Humanities 2008
Relativization in Ojibwe 2020
Religious, Feminist, Activist: Cosmologies of Interconnection 2018
Religious Revitalization among the Kiowas: The Ghost Dance, Peyote, and Christianity 2018
Remembering America: How We Have Told Our Past 2015
Remembering French Algeria: Pieds-Noirs, Identity, and Exile 2015
Remembering World War I in America 2018
Rescue and Flight: American Relief Workers Who Defied the Nazis 2010
Reservation Reelism: Redfacing, Visual Sovereignty, and Representations of Native Americans in Film 2010
Return to Zion: The History of Modern Israel 2015
A Revolution Unfinished: The Chegomista Rebellion and the Limits of Revolutionary Democracy in Juchitán, Oaxaca 2018
Rez Metal: Inside the Navajo Nation Heavy Metal Scene 2020
The Rhizomatic West: Representing the American West in a Transnational, Global, Media Age 2008
Rights Remembered: A Salish Grandmother Speaks on American Indian History and the Future 2016
Rising from the Ashes: Survival, Sovereignty, and Native America 2020
Risking Immeasurable Harm: Immigration Restriction and U.S.-Mexican Diplomatic Relations, 1924–1932 2020
River in Ruin: The Story of the Carmel River 2012
Rivers of Sand: Creek Indian Emigration, Relocation, and Ethnic Cleansing in the American South 2016
Rockets and Revolution: A Cultural History of Early Spaceflight 2014
The Rocky Road to the Great War: The Evolution of Trench Warfare to 1914 2013
The Roger Kahn Reader: Six Decades of Sportswriting 2018
The Role and Limitations of Technology in U.S. Counterinsurgency Warfare 2015
Romance with Voluptuousness: Caribbean Women and Thick Bodies in the United States 2016
Ronald Reagan: An Intellectual Biography 2018
Roots of Change: Nebraska's New Agriculture 2007
Routes of Compromise: Building Roads and Shaping the Nation in Mexico, 1917-1952 2017
Run to Glory and Profits: The Economic Rise of the NFL during the 1950s 2013
Russian Colonization of Alaska: Baranov's Era, 1799–1818 2020
Russian Colonization of Alaska: Preconditions, Discovery, and Initial Development, 1741-1799 2018
Russia's Dead End: An Insider's Testimony from Gorbachev to Putin 2017
Sabotaged: Dreams of Utopia in Texas 2020
SABR 50 at 50: The Society for American Baseball Research's Fifty Most Essential Contributions to the Game 2020
A Sacred Feast: Reflections on Sacred Harp Singing and Dinner on the Ground 2008
Sacred Seeds: New World Plants in Early Modern English Literature 2019
Salish Blankets: Robes of Protection and Transformation, Symbols of Wealth 2017
Salvific Manhood: James Baldwin's Novelization of Male Intimacy 2019
San Francisco's Queen of Vice: The Strange Career of Abortionist Inez Brown Burns 2017
San Miguel de Allende: Mexicans, Foreigners, and the Making of a World Heritage Site 2017
Sanctified Sex: The Two-Thousand-Year Jewish Debate on Marital Intimacy 2021
Sandoz Studies, Volume 1: Women in the Writings of Mari Sandoz 2019
Santa Anna of Mexico 2007
Saving One's Own: Jewish Rescuers during the Holocaust 2017
Scarlet Experiment: Birds and Humans in America 2016
Scars of Partition: Postcolonial Legacies in French and British Borderlands 2014
Science, Sexuality, and Race in the United States and Australia, 1780–1940, Revised Edition 2017
A Scientific Way of War: Antebellum Military Science, West Point, and the Origins of American Military Thought 2015
Screening Integration: Recasting Maghrebi Immigration in Contemporary France 2011
Screening the System: Exposing Security Clearance Dangers 2017
Sea Otters: A History 2018
The Search for the Japanese Fleet: USS Nautilus and the Battle of Midway 2015
Searching for My Destiny 2009
Searching for Tamsen Donner 2009
The Second Creek War: Interethnic Conflict and Collusion on a Collapsing Frontier 2010
The Securitization of Memorial Space: Rhetoric and Public Memory 2019
Seen and Heard in Mexico: Children and Revolutionary Cultural Nationalism 2014
Selected Writings of Victoria Woodhull: Suffrage, Free Love, and Eugenics 2010
Selections from Eliza Leslie 2011
Selling the Congo: A History of European Pro-Empire Propaganda and the Making of Belgian Imperialism 2011
Selling War: A Critical Look at the Military's PR Machine 2016
Separation Scenes: Domestic Drama in Early Modern England 2017
Sex Crimes under the Wehrmacht 2007
Shades of Gray: Writing the New American Multiracialism 2018
Shape Shifters: Journeys across Terrains of Race and Identity 2020
Sharing Our Knowledge: The Tlingit and Their Coastal Neighbors 2015
The Sharpshooters: A History of the Ninth New Jersey Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War 2017
Shattered Dreams: The Lost and Canceled Space Missions 2019
Shattered Minds: How the Pentagon Fails Our Troops with Faulty Helmets 2019
She Can Bring Us Home: Dr. Dorothy Boulding Ferebee, Civil Rights Pioneer 2015
Shenandoah: A Story of Conservation and Betrayal 2014
Shenandoah Summer: The 1864 Valley Campaign 2007
Sick Justice: Inside the American Gulag 2013
Sight Unseen: How Frémont's First Expedition Changed the American Landscape 2012
Silence Is Death: The Life and Work of Tahar Djaout 2007
Silver Veins, Dusty Lungs: Mining, Water, and Public Health in Zacatecas, 1835-1946 2020
Situational Identities along the Raiding Frontier of Colonial New Mexico 2017
Sky Loom: Native American Myth, Story, and Song 2014
Skylark Meets Meadowlark: Reimagining the Bird in British Romantic and Contemporary Native American Literature 2009
Slipping Backward: A History of the Nebraska Supreme Court 2007
Smoke Signals: Native Cinema Rising 2012
Smoke the Donkey: A Marine's Unlikely Friend 2016
The Snatch Racket: The Kidnapping Epidemic That Terrorized 1930s America 2021
So Close to Freedom: A World War II Story of Peril and Betrayal in the Pyrenees 2019
The Socialist Party of America: A Complete History 2015
Soldier of Change: From the Closet to the Forefront of the Gay Rights Movement 2014
Soldiers of the Nation: Military Service and Modern Puerto Rico, 1868-1952 2018
Song of Dewey Beard: Last Survivor of the Little Bighorn 2014
The Song of the Lark 2012
Song of the Oktahutche: Collected Poems 2008
Songs of Profit, Songs of Loss: Private Equity, Wealth, and Inequality 2019
The Soul of the Indian: An Interpretation 2020
South African Jews in Israel: Assimilation in Multigenerational Perspective 2015
The Southern Exodus to Mexico: Migration across the Borderlands after the American Civil War 2015
The Sovereign Colony: Olympic Sport, National Identity, and International Politics in Puerto Rico 2016
Sovereign Schools: How Shoshones and Arapahos Created a High School on the Wind River Reservation 2019
Sovereign Screens: Aboriginal Media on the Canadian West Coast 2013
Sovereignty and Sustainability: Indigenous Literary Stewardship in New England 2020
Sovereignty Matters: Locations of Contestation and Possibility in Indigenous Struggles for Self-Determination 2005
The Spanish Caribbean and the Atlantic World in the Long Sixteenth Century 2019
The Spanish Craze: America's Fascination with the Hispanic World, 1779–1939 2019
The Speed Game: My Fast Times in Basketball 2020
Speed: The Life of a Test Pilot and Birth of an American Icon 2021
Spies, Lies, and Citizenship: The Hunt for Nazi Criminals 2017
The Spirit and the Sky: Lakota Visions of the Cosmos 2017
Sport, Philosophy, and Good Lives 2013
Sporting Realities: Critical Readings of the Sports Documentary 2020
Sports Journalism: A History of Glory, Fame, and Technology 2020
Spring 1865: The Closing Campaigns of the Civil War 2015
Spymaster's Prism: The Fight against Russian Aggression 2021
Staging Family: Domestic Deceptions of Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Actresses 2018
Standing Up to Colonial Power: The Lives of Henry Roe and Elizabeth Bender Cloud 2018
The Star and the Scepter: A Diplomatic History of Israel 2020
Starring Red Wing!: The Incredible Career of Lilian M. St. Cyr, the First Native American Film Star 2019
The State, the Nation, and the Jews: Liberalism and the Antisemitism Dispute in Bismarck's Germany 2008
Stolen Words: The Nazi Plunder of Jewish Books 2016
The Storied Landscape of Iroquoia: History, Conquest, and Memory in the Native Northeast 2020
Stories and Minds: Cognitive Approaches to Literary Narrative 2013
Stories from Langley: A Glimpse Inside the CIA 2014
The Story of "Me": Contemporary American Autofiction 2018
Storying Domestic Violence: Constructions and Stereotypes of Abuse in the Discourse of General Practitioners 2007
The Storyworld Accord: Econarratology and Postcolonial Narratives 2015
Storyworlds across Media: Toward a Media-Conscious Narratology 2014
A Strange and Formidable Weapon: British Responses to World War I Poison Gas 2008
Strange Narrators in Contemporary Fiction: Explorations in Readers' Engagement with Characters 2016
Strategic Thinking in 3D: A Guide for National Security, Foreign Policy, and Business Professionals 2013
Street Democracy: Vendors, Violence, and Public Space in Late Twentieth-Century Mexico 2017
Striking Distance: Bruce Lee and the Dawn of Martial Arts in America 2016
The Struggle for Iraq: A View from the Ground Up 2017
The Struggle in Black and Brown: African American and Mexican American Relations during the Civil Rights Era 2011
Such Splendid Prisons: Diplomatic Detainment in America during World War II 2020
Summer Baseball Nation: Nine Days in the Wood Bat Leagues 2020
Sunflower Justice: A New History of the Kansas Supreme Court 2014
The Sunni-Shi'a Divide: Islam's Internal Divisions and Their Global Consequences 2013
The Supernatural Sublime: The Wondrous Ineffability of the Everyday in Films from Mexico and Spain 2019
Surrealist Ghostliness 2013
Sustainable Compromises: A Yurt, a Straw Bale House, and Ecological Living 2014
Taking Assimilation to Heart: Marriages of White Women and Indigenous Men in the United States and Australia, 1887-1937 2006
Taking Science to the People: A Communication Primer for Scientists and Engineers 2010
Tales of the Old Indian Territory and Essays on the Indian Condition 2012
Talking Books with Mario Vargas Llosa: A Retrospective 2020
The Talmud of Relationships, Volume 1: God, Self, and Family 2018
The Talmud of Relationships, Volume 2: The Jewish Community and Beyond 2018
Tarnished: Toxic Leadership in the U.S. Military 2015
Teaching Western American Literature 2020
Tears of Repentance: Christian Indian Identity and Community in Colonial Southern New England 2013
Telling Children's Stories: Narrative Theory and Children's Literature 2010
Telltale Women: Chronicling Gender in Early Modern Historiography 2021
Tenacious of Life: The Quadruped Essays of John James Audubon and John Bachman 2021
Terrorism, Betrayal, and Resilience: My Story of the 1998 U.S. Embassy Bombings 2018
Terrorizing Gender: Transgender Visibility and the Surveillance Practices of the U.S. Security State 2019
Test Ride on the Sunnyland Bus: A Daughter's Civil Rights Journey 2010
Textual and Visual Selves: Photography, Film, and Comic Art in French Autobiography 2011
The Texture of Contact: European and Indian Settler Communities on the Fro 2009
That Dream Shall Have a Name: Native Americans Rewriting America 2013
That's All Folks?: Ecocritical Readings of American Animated Features 2011
Theodore E. White and the Development of Zooarchaeology in North America 2016
Theodore Roosevelt, Naturalist in the Arena 2020
Thinking about God: Jewish Views 2020
Thinking about Good and Evil: Jewish Views from Antiquity to Modernity 2021
Thinking about the Prophets: A Philosopher Reads the Bible 2020
Thinking about the Torah: A Philosopher Reads the Bible 2016
Thinking Big Data in Geography: New Regimes, New Research 2018
Thinking Continental: Writing the Planet One Place at a Time 2017
The Third Degree: The Triple Murder That Shook Washington and Changed American Criminal Justice 2018
The Thirty Years' War and German Memory in the Nineteenth Century 2007
Three Fires Unity: The Anishnaabeg of the Lake Huron Borderlands 2011
Three Seconds in Munich: The Controversial 1972 Olympic Basketball Final 2019
A Thrilling Narrative of Indian Captivity: Dispatches from the Dakota War 2012
To a Distant Day: The Rocket Pioneers 2008
To Come to a Better Understanding: Medicine Men and Clergy Meetings on the Rosebud Reservation, 1973–1978 2016
Tony Lazzeri: Yankees Legend and Baseball Pioneer 2021
Too Strong to Be Broken: The Life of Edward J. Driving Hawk 2020
Topic and Discourse Structure in West Greenlandic Agreement Constructions 2011
Topoi/Graphein: Mapping the Middle in Spatial Thought 2018
A Totem Pole History: The Work of Lummi Carver Joe Hillaire 2013
Touched with Fire: Morris B. Abram and the Battle against Racial and Religious Discrimination 2019
Tough Sell: Fighting the Media War in Iraq 2017
Toward an Anthropology of Nation Building and Unbuilding in Israel 2015
Tracking Anthropological Engagements 2018
Tragically Speaking: On the Use and Abuse of Theory for Life 2012
Transatlantic Voices: Interpretations of Native North American Literatures 2007
Transforming the Fisheries: Neoliberalism, Nature, and the Commons 2016
Transmedial Narratology and Contemporary Media Culture 2016
The Trans-Mississippi and International Expositions of 1898–1899: Art, Anthropology, and Popular Culture at the Fin de Siècle 2018
Transmovimientos: Latinx Queer Migrations, Bodies, and Spaces 2021
Transnational Crossroads: Remapping the Americas and the Pacific 2012
Travel and Travail: Early Modern Women, English Drama, and the Wider World 2019
Traveling the Power Line: From the Mojave Desert to the Bay of Fundy 2013
Travels with Frances Densmore: Her Life, Work, and Legacy in Native American Studies 2015
Treacherous Passage: Germany's Secret Plot against the United States in Mexico during World War I 2017
Trial by Gas: The British Army at the Second Battle of Ypres 2014
Tribal Theory in Native American Literature: Dakota and Haudenosaunee Writing and Indigenous Worldviews 2008
Turning Points in Jewish History 2018
The Turtle's Beating Heart: One Family's Story of Lenape Survival 2017
Two Men 2008
The Ugly Wife Is a Treasure at Home: True Stories of Love and Marriage in Communist China 2014
The Ultimate Engineer: The Remarkable Life of NASA's Visionary Leader George M. Low 2019
Unbinding Isaac: The Significance of the Akedah for Modern Jewish Thought 2020
Under Postcolonial Eyes: Figuring the "jew" in Contemporary British Writing 2012
Under the Boards: The Cultural Revolution in Basketball 2007
Undesirable Practices: Women, Children, and the Politics of the Body in Northern Ghana, 1930–1972 2016
Unfair Labor?: American Indians and the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago 2019
Unforgotten in the Gulf of Tonkin: A Story of the U.S. Military's Commitment to Leave No One Behind 2020
An Unladylike Profession: American Women War Correspondents in World War I 2020
Unlearning to Fly 2007
Unlikely Heroes: The Place of Holocaust Rescuers in Research and Teaching 2019
Unnatural Narrative: Impossible Worlds in Fiction and Drama 2016
Unpopular Sovereignty: Mormons and the Federal Management of Early Utah Territory 2017
Unprecedented: A Simple Guide to the Crimes of the Trump Campaign and Presidency 2020
Unsung Hero of Gettysburg: The Story of Union General David McMurtrie Gregg 2021
The Untouched Minutes 2004
Upper Perené Arawak Narratives of History, Landscape, and Ritual 2014
Upstairs at the Roosevelts': Growing Up with Franklin and Eleanor 2017
Upton Sinclair: California Socialist, Celebrity Intellectual 2013
Upward, Not Sunwise: Resonant Rupture in Navajo Neo-Pentecostalism 2016
Useful Fictions: Evolution, Anxiety, and the Origins of Literature 2010
Uses of Plants by the Hidatsas of the Northern Plains 2014
Utah Politics and Government: American Democracy among a Unique Electorate 2018
Ute Land Religion in the American West, 1879–2009 2017
Valor, Guts, and Luck: A B-17 Tailgunner's Survival Story during World War II 2014
¡Vamos a avanzar!: The Chaco War and Bolivia's Political Transformation, 1899–1952 2021
Vanished in Hiawatha: The Story of the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians 2016
Venezuelan Bust, Baseball Boom: Andrés Reiner and Scouting on the New Frontier 2008
The Veteran's Survival Guide: How to File and Collect on VA Claims, Second Edition 2006
Vice Capades: Sex, Drugs, and Bowling from the Pilgrims to the Present 2017
Vietnam and the Colonial Condition of French Literature 2014
Views from the Margins: Creating Identities in Modern France 2008
Violence in Capitalism: Devaluing Life in an Age of Responsibility 2016
Violence in Francophone African and Caribbean Women's Literature 2009
Violent Affect: Literature, Cinema, and Critique after Representation 2007
Virginia City: Secrets of a Western Past 2012
Walk of Ages: Edward Payson Weston's Extraordinary 1909 Trek Across America 2015
Walking to Magdalena: Personhood and Place in Tohono O'odham Songs, Sticks, and Stories 2019
Walks on the Ground: A Tribal History of the Ponca Nation 2020
Walter Harper, Alaska Native Son 2017
The War Against the Vets: The World War I Bonus Army during the Great Depression 2018
War at the Speed of Light: Directed-Energy Weapons and the Future of Twenty-First-Century Warfare 2021
War by Numbers: Understanding Conventional Combat 2017
War Crimes in Japan-Occupied Indonesia: A Case of Murder by Medicine 2015
The War Criminal's Son: The Civil War Saga of William A. Winder 2019
War Flower: My Life after Iraq 2019
War on the Silver Screen: Shaping America's Perception of History 2014
A Warning for Fair Women: Adultery and Murder in Shakespeare's Theater 2021
Warrior Diplomat: A Green Beret's Battles from Washington to Afghanistan 2014
Wartime Basketball: The Emergence of a National Sport during World War II 2016
Washington Merry-Go-Round: The Drew Pearson Diaries, 1960-1969 2015
Washington's Dark Secret: The Real Truth about Terrorism and Islamic Extremism 2018
The Wax Pack: On the Open Road in Search of Baseball's Afterlife 2020
We Average Unbeautiful Watchers: Fan Narratives and the Reading of American Sports 2019
We Who Work the West: Class, Labor, and Space in Western American Literature 2020
We Will Dance Our Truth: Yaqui History in Yoeme Performances 2009
Weak Nationalisms: Affect and Nonfiction in Postwar America 2019
Weird Westerns: Race, Gender, Genre 2020
Welcome to the Oglala Nation: A Documentary Reader in Oglala Lakota Political History 2015
West Virginia Politics and Government, Second Edition 2008
Westerns: A Women's History 2016
The Wheeling Year: A Poet's Field Book 2014
When Baseball Went White: Reconstruction, Reconciliation, and Dreams of a National Pastime 2014
When Dream Bear Sings: Native Literatures of the Southern Plains 2018
When Sunflowers Bloomed Red: Kansas and the Rise of Socialism in America 2020
The White Earth Nation: Ratification of a Native Democratic Constitution 2012
White Gold: Stories of Breast Milk Sharing 2017
Who Invented Oscar Wilde?: The Photograph at the Center of Modern American Copyright 2020
Why Globalization Works for America: How Nationalist Trade Policies Are Destroying Our Country 2020
Why Nation-Building Matters: Political Consolidation, Building Security Forces, and Economic Development in Failed and Fragile States 2020
Why Sacagawea Deserves the Day Off and Other Lessons from the Lewis and Clark Trail 2008
Why She Plays: The World of Women's Basketball 2008
Wild Idea: Buffalo and Family in a Difficult Land 2014
Wilderness of Hope: Fly Fishing and Public Lands in the American West 2019
Wildlife of Nebraska: A Natural History 2020
William W. Warren: The Life, Letters, and Times of an Ojibwe Leader 2007
Winnie Davis: Daughter of the Lost Cause 2014
Winning Wars amongst the People: Case Studies in Asymmetric Conflict 2014
Wins, Losses, and Empty Seats: How Baseball Outlasted the Great Depression 2011
Wolford's Cavalry: The Colonel, the War in the West, and the Emancipation Question in Kentucky 2016
The Woman Who Fought an Empire: Sarah Aaronsohn and Her Nili Spy Ring 2018
The Woman Who Loved Mankind: The Life of a Twentieth-Century Crow Elder 2012
Women and Children First: Nineteenth-Century Sea Narratives and American Identity 2007
Women and Community in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia 2020
Women Elders' Life Stories of the Omaha Tribe: Macy, Nebraska, 2004-2005 2009
Women Made Visible: Feminist Art and Media in Post-1968 Mexico City 2019
Women on the Move: The Forgotten Era of Women's Bicycle Racing 2018
Women Who Kill Men: California Courts, Gender, and the Press 2009
Women's Life Writing and Early Modern Ireland 2019
Words Like Birds: Sakha Language Discourses and Practices in the City 2019
Words Like Daggers: Violent Female Speech in Early Modern England 2015
Working in the Killing Fields: Forensic Science in Bosnia 2015
Working Women, Entrepreneurs, and the Mexican Revolution: The Coffee Culture of Córdoba, Veracruz 2013
A Workman Is Worthy of His Meat: Food and Colonialism in the Gabon Estuary 2007
A World Made for Money: Economy, Geography, and the Way We Live Today 2015
World-Making Stories: Maidu Language and Community Renewal on a Shared California Landscape 2017
Wrapped in the Flag of Israel: Mizrahi Single Mothers and Bureaucratic Torture, Revised Edition 2014
Writing Anthropologists, Sounding Primitives: The Poetry and Scholarship of Edward Sapir, Margaret Mead, and Ruth Benedict 2021
Writing at the Limit: The Novel in the New Media Ecology 2012
Writing Indian, Native Conversations 2009
The X-15 Rocket Plane: Flying the First Wings into Space 2013
Xurt'an: The End of the World and Other Myths, Songs, Charms, and Chants by the Northern Lacandones of Naha' 2019
The Yamasee Indians: From Florida to South Carolina 2018
The Yamasee War: A Study of Culture, Economy, and Conflict in the Colonial South 2008
A Year with Mordecai Kaplan: Wisdom on the Weekly Torah Portion 2019
A Year with the Sages: Wisdom on the Weekly Torah Portion 2019
Yearning to Labor: Youth, Unemployment, and Social Destiny in Urban France 2017
Yuchi Indian Histories Before the Removal Era 2012
The Zionist Ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland—Then, Now, Tomorrow 2018

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