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Founded in 1936, University of Ottawa Press (UOP) is  Canada's oldest French-language university press and the only fully billingual university press in North America. As such UOP publishes in both official langugages and is committed to bilingualism and multicultralism. As a university press, our publishing program reflects and promotes critical thinking, first-class research, intellectual integrity, ethical judgment, social responsibility, and innovation.
Books in JSTOR from University of Ottawa Press
986 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The 1940 Under the Volcano: A Critical Edition 2015
The 1956 Hungarian Revolution: Hungarian and Canadian Perspectives 2010
1968 in Canada: A Year and Its Legacies 2021
1975 and 1978 Rescue Excavations at the Draper Site: Introduction and Settlement Patterns 1985
1978-1979 guide to departments of sociology, anthropology, archaelogy in universities and museums in Canada / Annuaire 1978-1979 des départements de sociologie, d'anthropologie, d'archéologie des universités et des musées au Canada 1978
1981-1982 guide to departments of sociology, anthropology and archaeology in universities and museums in Canada / Annuaire 1981-1982 des départements de sociologie, d'anthropologie et d'archéologie des universités et des musées du Canada 1982
Abenaki basketry 1982
Aberdeen Site, Keewatin District, Northwest Territories 1972
Aboriginal Canada Revisited 2008
Aboriginal People and Other Canadians: Shaping New Relationships 2001
The Academic Gateway: Understanding the Journey to Tenure 2017
Academic Writing for Military Personnel 2009
Acadissima 2021
Acaoohkiwina and Acimowina: Traditional narratives of the Rock Cree Indians 1989
Accessibilité et offre active: Santé et services sociaux en contexte linguistique minoritaire OPEN ACCESS 2017
Accessibility and Active Offer: Health Care and Social Services in Linguistic Minority Communities OPEN ACCESS 2017
Accounting for Culture: Thinking Through Cultural Citizenship OPEN ACCESS 2005
Acute Resuscitation and Crisis Management: Acute Critical Events Simulation (ACES) 2005
Air Board, Canadian Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force 1972
Alain Robbe-Grillet: Balises pour le XXIe siècle 2010
Alberta pottery industry, 1912-1990: A social and economic history 2001
Algonkians of Lake Nipigon: An Archaeological Survey 1975
Algonquin dialect relationships in Northwestern Quebec 1978
Algonquin ethnobotany: An interpretation of aboriginal adaptation in Southwestern Quebec 1980
Algonquins 1996
Alice Munro’s Miraculous Art: Critical Essays 2017
Amériques transculturelles - Transcultural Americas OPEN ACCESS 2010
Anahim Lake Archaeology and the Early Historic Chilcotin Indians — Vertebrate Faunal Remains from the Potlatch Site (FcSi-2) in South Central British Columbia 1978
Analyse linguistique et ethnocentrisme :essai sur la structure du mot en inuktitut 1981
Analysis of Artifacts from Four Duke Point Area Sites, Near Nanaimo, B.C.: An Example of Cultural Continuity in the Southern Gulf of Georgia Region 1982
Anne Hébert: Le secret de vie et de mort OPEN ACCESS 2000
Anthropocene Geopolitics: Globalization, Security, Sustainability 2020
Antonine Maillet : Les trésors cachés - Our Hidden Treasures: Les trésors cachés - Our Hidden Treasures 2017
Apperception, Knowledge, and Experience 1994
Apprendre à écouter et à parler: La déficience auditive chez l’enfant 2013
Approaches to native history in Canada: Papers of a conference held at the National Museum of Man, October 1975 1978
Archaeological Collections from Norutak Lake on the Kobuk-Alatna River Portage, Northwestern Alaska 1974
Archaeological Investigations at the Atigun Site, Central Brooks Range, Alaska 1978
Archaeological Investigations in the Hecate Strait, Milbanke South Area of British Columbia 1973
Archaeological Material from Creswell Bay, Northwest Territories, Canada 1979
Archaeological Reconnaissance at Great Bear Lake 1987
Archaeological Reconnaissance in Northern Interior District of Mackenzie: 1969, 1970 and 1972 1974
Archaeological Research at Calling Lake, Northern Alberta 1980
Archaeological Research in the Lesser Slave Lake Region: A Contribution to the Pre-Contact History of the Boreal Forest of Alberta 2004
Archaeological Salvage Projects 1972 1974
Archaeological Salvage Projects 1973 1974
Archaeological Salvage Projects, 1974 1975
Archaeological Survey Between Cape Parry and Cambridge Bay, Northwest Territories, Canada in 1963 1972
Archaeological Survey of Canada: Annual Review 1972 1973
Archaeological Survey of Canada: Annual Review 1973 1974
Archaeological Survey of Canada Annual Review 1974 1975
Archaeological Survey of Canada: Annual Review 1975 and 1976 1977
Archaeological Survey of Canada Annual Review 1980-1981 / Commission archéologique du Canada, rapports annuels 1980-1981 1983
Archaeological Survey of Canada Annual Reviews, 1977-1979 1980
Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Arrow Lakes, Southeastern British Columbia 1977
Archaeology and Prehistory of Southern Alberta as Reflected by Ceramics: Volume 1 1973
Archaeology and Prehistory of Southern Alberta as Reflected by Ceramics: Volume 2 1973
Archaeology and Prehistory of Southern Alberta as Reflected by Ceramics: Volume 3 1973
Archaeology of the Lake Harbour District, Baffin Island 1973
Archaic Sequence from the Strait of Belle Isle, Labrador 1975
Around and about Marius Barbeau: Modelling twentieth-century culture 2008
Artifacts from "A coat of many colours :two centuries of Jewish life in Canada" / Objets de l'exposition "La tunique aux couleurs multiples : deux siècles de présence juive au Canada" 1990
Artifacts from the CCFCS collections: Sampling # 1 1973
Artisans de la modernité: Les centres culturels en Ontario français 1996
As it comes: Folk fiddling in Prince George, British Columbia 1982
Ashore and Afloat: The British Navy and the Halifax Naval Yard Before 1820 2004
Aspects of Inuit value socialization 1979
Assisted Suicide: Canadian Perspectives 2000
At the Speed of Light There is Only Illumination: A Reappraisal of Marshall McLuhan 2004
Athapaskan women: Lives and legends 1979
Atlas de neuroanatomie fonctionnelle: Première édition française 2013
Atlas historique des pratiques religieuses: Le Sud-Ouest du Québec au XIXe siècle 1998
Au fil des ans: L'Union catholique des fermières de la province d'Ontario de 1936 à 1945 2000
Au service du Canada: Histoire du Royal Military College depuis la Deuxième Guerre mondiale 1992
Au temps de la « révolution acadienne »: Les marxistes-léninistes en Acadie 2019
Aux origines de l'identité franco-ontarienne: Éducation, culture, économie OPEN ACCESS 1993
A basketful of Indian culture change 1975
Batza Tena, Trail to Obsidian: Archaeology at an Alaskan Obsidian Source 1993
Beaches: A Multi-Component Habitation Site in Bonavista Bay 1975
Beads of life: Eastern and Southern African beadwork from Canadian collections 2005
Bear Lake Athapaskan kinship and task group formation 1984
Beckstead Site - 1977 1984
Bekevar: Working papers on a Canadian prairie community 1979
Bella Coola ceremony and art 1975
Bella Coola Indian music: A study of the interaction between Northwest Coast Indian structures and their functional contex 1982
Bella Coola language 1984
Bella Coola Valley: Harlan I. Smith's fieldwork photographs, 1920-1924 1991
Belly River: Prehistoric Population Dynamics in a Northwestern Plains Transitional Zone 1974
Beluga Hunters: An Archaeological Reconstruction of the History and Culture of the Mackenzie Delta Kittegaryumiut 1974
Beothuck Archaeology in Bonavista Bay 1977
Beothuk bark canoes: An analysis and comparative study 1985
Between Actor and Presence: The European Union and the Future for the Transatlantic Relationship 2001
Between Ports Alberni and Renfrew: Notes on West Coast peoples 1991
Beyond the Academic Gateway: Looking back on the Tenure-Track Journey 2020
Bible and the plough: The lives of a Hutterite minister and a Mennonite farmer 1981
A bibliography of the Athapaskan languages 1974
Biological Relationships of Southern Ontario Woodland Peoples: The Evidence of Discontinuous Cranial Morphology 1983
The Black Hole of Public Administration 2010
Black Pentecostal music in Windsor 1976
A Blanket Against Darkness 2019
Bliss Carman: A Reappraisal 1990
The Blue Shirts: Adrien Arcand and Fascist Anti-Semitism in Canada 2017
Boat building in Winterton, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland 2006
Boat building in Winterton, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland 1982
The Bold and the Brave: A History of Women in Science and Engineering 2009
Bolder Flights: Essays on the Canadian Long Poem 1998
Bones of the Ancestors: The Archaeology and Osteobiography of the Moatfield Ossuary 2003
Borderlands: Comparing Border Security in North America and Europe OPEN ACCESS 2007
Borders, Culture, and Globalization: A Canadian Perspective 2021
Boys Site and the Early Ontario Iroquois Tradition 1975
Braaaiiinnnsss!: From Academics to Zombies 2011
Bruner-Colasanti Site: An Early Late Woodland Component, Essex County, Ontario 1982
Building New Bridges - Bâtir de nouveaux ponts: Sources, Methods and Interdisciplinarity - Sources, méthodes et interdisciplinarité OPEN ACCESS 2005
Business and Government in Canada 2007
Cabinetmaker's art in Ontario, c. 1850-1900 1979
Cactus Flower Site in Southeastern Alberta: 1972-1974 Excavations 1975
Cadzow Lake Site (Mjvi 1): A Multi-Component Historic Kutchin Camp 1972
Cahiers Charlevoix 10: Études franco-ontariennes 2014
Cahiers Charlevoix 11: Études franco-ontariennes 2016
Cahiers Charlevoix 12: Études franco-ontariennes 2018
Cahiers Charlevoix 13: Études franco-ontariennes 2020
Cahiers Charlevoix 8: Études franco-ontariennes 2010
Cahiers Charlevoix 9: Études franco-ontariennes 2012
Calabrese folklore 1985
Calling for Change: Women, Law, and the Legal Profession 2006
Calvert Site: An Interpretive Framework for the Early Iroquoian Village 1997
Canada and Aboriginal Canada Today - Le Canada et le Canada autochtone aujourd’hui: Changing the Course of History - Changer le cours de l’histoire 2014
Canada and the Challenges of International Development and Globalization 2018
Canada's Fluid Borders: Trade, Investment, Travel, Migration 2021
Canada’s Official Languages: Policy Versus Work Practice in the Federal Public Service 2019
Canada's Religions: An Historical Introduction 2004
Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Dates 1978
Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies annual review 1972 1973
Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies annual review 1973 1974
Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies annual review 1974 1975
The Canadian City: St. John's to Victoria: A Critical Commentary 1989
Canadian craft and museum practice, 1900-1950 2001
The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century - La distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe siecle OPEN ACCESS 2003
Canadian Ethnology Service: Annual review 1974 1975
Canadian Ethnology Society: Papers from the fifth annual congress, 1978 1980
Canadian Ethnology Society: Papers from the fourth annual congress, 1977 1978
Canadian Ethnology Society: Papers from the sixth annual congress, 1979 1981
Canadian Inuit literature: The development of a tradition 1984
Canadian Migration Patterns from Britain and North America 2004
The Canadian Modernists Meet 2005
Canadian Perspectives on Community Development 2020
Canadian War Museum: annual review 1972 1973
Canadian War Museum: annual review 1973 1974
Canadian War Museum: annual review 1974 1975
Canadian War Museum: annual review 1975 1976
Canadians and their environment 1983
Canoe construction in a Cree cultural tradition 1980
Caribou Hunters in the Western Arctic: Zooarchaeology of the Rita-Claire and Bison Skull Sites 1997
Caring and Curing: Historical Perspectives on Women and Healing in Canada OPEN ACCESS 1994
Carnets du rang 5: Fragments d’un enracinement. Fragments d’un parcours. 2021
Carson Site and the Late Ceramic Period in Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick 1987
Case and context in Inuktitut (Eskimo) 1979
The Case for Centralized Federalism 2010
The Case for Decentralized Federalism 2010
CCFCS collection of musical instruments: Volume 1: Aerophones 1982
CCFCS collection of musical instruments: Volume 2: Idiophones and membranophones 1983
CCFCS collection of musical instruments: Volume 3: Cordophones 1984
Ce que la rivière nous procurait: Archéologie et histoire du réservoir de l’Eastmain-1 2015
Chairing Successful Meetings: Lespérance Code 2021
Changing economic roles for Micmac men and women: An ethnohistorical analysis 1981
Changing the Terms: Translating in the Postcolonial Era OPEN ACCESS 2000
Charcot in Morocco 2012
Charles-François Lirette: Pélerin-photographe d'Amérique 1985
Charting the Future of Translation History OPEN ACCESS 2006
Checklist of Toronto cabinet and chair makers, 1800-1865 1975
Chemical Analysis of Prehistoric Human Bone from Five Temporally Distinct Populations in Southern Ontario 1984
Chercheurs de dieux dans l'espace public - Frontier Religions in Public Space OPEN ACCESS 2001
The Chevalier de Montmagny: First Governor of New France 2005
The China Challenge: Sino-Canadian Relations in the 21st Century OPEN ACCESS 2011
Chipewyan marriage 1979
Choosing Buddhism: The Life Stories of Eight Canadians 2016
Chronology of Canadian military aviation 1975
Cities in the west: Papers of the Western Canada Urban History Conference, University of Winnipeg, October 1974 1975
Clifton Royal: The Wetmores and village life in nineteenth-century New Brunswick 2004
Climate, Culture, Change: Inuit and Western Dialogues with a Warming North 2010
Cloudburst: An Anthology of Hispanic Canadian Short Stories 2013
Clyde Inuit adaptation and ecology :the organization of subsistence 1981
Coast Salish gambling games 1984
The Collected Poems of Miriam Waddington: A Critical Edition Volume 2 2014
Colonial Systems of Control: Criminal Justice in Nigeria OPEN ACCESS 2008
Commission archéologique du Canada, rapports annuels, 1977-1979 1980
Common ground: Contemporary craft, architecture and the decorative arts 1999
Communications Division: annual review, 1972-73 1973
Communications Division: annual review, 1973 1974
Communications Division: annual review, 1974 1975
The Complete Poems of Emile Nelligan 1983
Computer-Aided Translation Technology: A Practical Introduction 2002
A computer-generated dictionary of proto-Algonquian 1993
A concise Nuxalk-English dictionary 1990
Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China: Chinese and Canadian Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2009
Conscience et enquête: L'ethnologie des réalités canadiennes 1983
Conscience subalterne, conscience identitaire: La voix des femmes assistées au sein des organisations féministes et communautaires 2005
Consciousness and inquiry: Ethnology and Canadian realities 1983
Constructions identitaires et pratiques sociales 2002
Contact in the 16th Century: Networks Among Fishers, Foragers and Farmers 2016
Contemporary Criminological Issues: Moving Beyond Insecurity and Exclusion 2020
Contes indiens de la basse côte nord du Saint Laurent Rémi Savard. 1979
Context North America: Canadian-U.S. Literary Relations 1994
Context of the informant narrative performance: From sociolinguistics to ethnolinguistics at Fort Chipewyan, Alberta 1979
Contextual studies of material culture 1978
A contextual study of the Caribou Eskimo kayak 1975
Contrats de mariage à Québec, 1790-1812 1980
Contributions to Anthropology: The Interior Peoples of Northern Alaska 1976
Contributions to Canadian ethnology, 1975 1975
Contributions to Canadian linguistics 1979
Contributions to kayak studies 1991
Contributions to Physical Anthropology, 1978-1980 1981
Contributions to the Later Prehistory of Kodiak Island, Alaska 1974
Contributions to the Study of the Dorset Palaeo-Eskimos 2005
Conversations with Trotsky: Earle Birney and the Radical 1930s 2017
Copper and Caribou Inuit skin clothing production 1991
The Copyright Pentalogy: How the Supreme Court of Canada Shook the Foundations of Canadian Copyright Law OPEN ACCESS 2013
Country post: Rural postal service in Canada, 1880 to 1945 2003
Courrier est arrivé: La poste rurale au Canada de 1880 à 1945 2003
Cow Point: An Archaic Cemetery in New Brunswick 1973
Crafting new traditions: Canadian innovators and influences 2008
Crane Site and the Palaeoeskimo Period in the Western Canadian Arctic 1994
Crippling Epistemologies and Governance Failures: A Plea for Experimentalism 2009
Croix de chemin: Au-delà du signe 1981
Crowsnest Pass Archaeological Project: 1972 Salvage Excavations and Survey Paper No. 1: Preliminary Report 1974
Crowsnest Pass Archaeological Project: 1973 Salvage Excavations and Survey Paper No. 2: Preliminary Report 1974
Cultural Policy: Origins, Evolution, and Implementation in Canada's Provinces and Territories 2021
Culture History of Kirkland Lake District, Northeastern Ontario 1976
Cyberidentities: Canadian and European Presence in Cyberspace OPEN ACCESS 1999
Dakah De’nin’s Village and the Dixthada Site: A Contribution to Northern Athapaskan Prehistory 1979
DanceHall: From Slave Ship to Ghetto 2010
Dans tous les sens du terme 2013
Danse, enfermement et corps résilients | Dance, Confinement and Resilient Bodies 2019
Dear Marian, Dear Hugh: The Maclennan-Engel Correspondence 1995
Death Sentences 2014
DeBlicquy: A Thule Culture Site on Bathurst Island, Northwest Territories, Canada 1981
Décrocher son diplôme (et l’emploi de ses rêves!): Comment maîtriser les compétences essentielles menant au succès à l’école, au travail et dans la vie OPEN ACCESS 2018
Deep Cultural Diversity: A Governance Challenge 2008
Defending a Contested Ideal: Merit and the Public Service Commission, 1908–2008 OPEN ACCESS 2008
Démocratie, idéologie, socialité: Autour de l'oeuvre de Roberto Miguelez 2007
The Demons of Leonard Cohen 2020
Dene spruce root basketry / Dene ts'ukegháí tene rahesi: Revival of a tradition 2002
Dérives: Une histoire sensible des parcours psychiatriques en Ontario français 2021
Des Écoles en mouvement: Inclusion d'élèves en situation de handicap ou éprouvant des difficultés à l'école 2010
Des outils pour le changement: Une approche critique en études du développement OPEN ACCESS 2015
Detailed inventory of the Barbeau Northwest Coast Files 1985
Deux grandes dames: Bertha Wilson et Claire L’Heureux-Dubé à la Cour suprême du Canada 2019
Development and Distribution of Discontinuous Morphological Variation of the Human Infracranial Skeleton 1977
Development of Caribou Eskimo Culture 1977
Diachronic Study of Dental Palaeopathology and Attritional Status of Prehistoric Ontario Pre-Iroquois and Iroquois Populations 1984
Diamond Jenness Collections from Bering Strait 1991
The Diary of Abraham Ulrikab: Text and Context 2005
Dictionnaire des écrits de l'Ontario français: 1613-1993 2010
Didactique du français en contextes minoritaires: Entre normes scolaires et plurilinguismes 2020
Dit des signes: Répertoire de signes graphiques dans les cultures et les arts africains 1996
Divided Highways: Road Narrative and Nationhood in Canada 2019
Dominant Impressions: Essays on the Canadian Short Story 1999
Donc je suis 2018
The Doom Loop in the Financial Sector: And Other Black Holes of Risk 2010
Dorset Occupations in the Vicinity of Port Refuge, High Arctic Canada 1981
Double-Takes: Intersections between Canadian Literature and Film 2013
Double-Voicing the Canadian Short Story 2016
Droits et voix - Rights and Voices: La criminologie à l'Université d'Ottawa - Criminology at the University of Ottawa OPEN ACCESS 2010
Drugs and Crime: A Complex Relationship. Third revised and expanded edition 2018
Dry Water: A Novel by Robert J.C. Stead 2008
Du coq à l’âme: L’art populaire au Québec 2014
Du corps des femmes: Contrôles, surveillances et résistances 2000
D'un islam textuel vers un islam contextuel: La traduction du Coran et la construction de l'image de la femme 2009
The Duncan Campbell Scott Symposium 1980
D'une écriture à l'autre: Les femmes et la traduction sous l'Ancien Régime 2004
Dynamics of outport furniture design: Adaptation and culture 2002
eAccess to Justice OPEN ACCESS 2016
Early Kachemak Phase on Kodiak Island at Old Kiavak 1997
Early Paleo-Indian Site Near Parkhill, Ontario 2000
Echoing Silence: Essays on Arctic Narrative 1997
Edward Sapir's correspondence: An alphabetical and chronological inventory, 1910-1925 1984
Effects of acculturation on Eskimo music of Cumberland Peninsula 1978
eGirls, eCitizens: Putting Technology, Theory and Policy into Dialogue with Girls’ and Young Women’s Voices OPEN ACCESS 2015
E-Government in Canada: Transformation for the Digital Age 2006
Eight Inuit myths / Inuit unipkaaqtuat pingasuniarvinilit 1979
Eight Men Speak: A Play by Oscar Ryan et al. 2012
Eighteenth-Century Western Cree and Their Neighbours 1991
The E.J. Pratt Symposium 1977
The Elective Mind: Philosophy and the Undergraduate Degree 2021
The End of Iceland's Innocence: The Image of Iceland in the Foreign Media during the Financial Crisis 2010
Enduring hardship: The Chinese laundry in Canada 2003
Engendering Genre: The Works of Margaret Atwood 2009
Enjeux contemporains de l'éducation scientifique et technologique 2010
Enjeux criminologiques contemporains: Au-delà de l’insécurité et de l’exclusion 2020
Enjeux et défis du développement international: Acteurs et champs d'action. Édition nouvelle et actualisée 2019
Enjeux et défis du développement international 2014
Enjeux interculturels des médias: Altérités, transferts et violences 2011
Enseignement de la traduction et traduction dans l'enseignement OPEN ACCESS 1998
Entre lieux et mémoire: L'inscription de la francophonie canadienne dans la durée 2009
Errances: Comment se pensent le Nous et le Moi dans l'espace mythique des nomades septentrionaux sekani 2005
Erving Goffman et le travail social 2017
Eskimo economics: An aspect of culture change at Rankin Inlet 1979
Eskimo music by region: A comparative circumpolar study 1976
Esthétique et recyclages culturels: Explorations de la culture contemporaine OPEN ACCESS 2004
Estuary Bison Pound Site in Southwestern Saskatchewan 1977
The Ethel Wilson Symposium 1982
Ethical Deliberation in Multiprofessional Health Care Teams 2001
Éthiques de l’hospitalité, du don et du care: Actualité, regards croisés 2020
Ethnobotany of the Blackfoot Indians 1974
Ethnobotany of the Gitksan Indians of British Columbia 1997
Ethnohistoric study of eastern James Bay Cree social organization, 1700-1850 1983
Ethnolinguistic profile of the Canadian Metis 1985
Ethnology Division: Annual review 1972 1973
Ethnology Division: Annual review 1974 1974
Étude archéologique de sites Eskimo aux îles Belcher, T.N.O. 1978
Études sur la traduction de l'anglais 2009
Europe et traduction 1998
Evaluative ethno-historical bibliography of the Malecite Indians 1974
The Evolved Self: Mapping an Understanding of Who We Are 2020
The Evolving Physiology of Government: Canadian Public Administration in Transition 2009
Examination of Prehistoric Copper Technology and Copper Sources in Western Arctic and Subarctic North America 1981
Excavation of Water-Saturated Archaeological Sites (Wet Sites) on the Northwest Coast of North America 1976
The Existence of the External World: The Pascal-Hume Principle 2000
Experimental Study of Microwear Formation on Endscrapers 1978
Explorer la capitale: Guide architectural de la région d'Ottawa-Gatineau 2017
Factors influencing kamik production in Arctic Bay, Northwest Territories 1987
The Fallacy of Race and the Shoah 1998
Famille et fragmentation 2000
Family origin histories: The whaling indians: West Coast legends and stories — Part 11 of the Sapir-Thomas Nootka texts 2009
Fascinating challenges: Studying material culture with Dorothy Burnham 2001
The Fate of Bonté III 2015
Faunal Remains from the Nodwell Site (Bchi-3) and from Four Other Sites in Bruce County, Ontario 1974
Feminist Success Stories - Célébrons nos réussites féministes OPEN ACCESS 1999
Femmes de carrière, carrières de femmes: Étude des trajectoires familiales, scolaires et professionnelles des gestionnaires québecoises et on 1999
Femmes et politiques: L'état en mutation 2005
Femmes francophones et pluralisme en milieu minoritaire OPEN ACCESS 1996
The Fictions of John Fowles: Power, Creativity, Femininity 1991
Fiddle music in the Ottawa Valley: Dawson Girdwood 1985
Financement de la santé et efficacité de l’aide internationale: Enjeux, défis et perspectives 2015
Finnish sauna in Manitoba 1977
Flora Lyndsay; or, Passages in an Eventful Life: A Novel by Susanna Moodie 2014
Folk fiddling in Canada: A sampling 1981
Folk music in a Newfoundland outport 1980
Folk music of Canada's oldest Polish community / La musique traditionnelle de la plus ancienne communauté polonaise du Canada 1980
Folk narrative among Ukrainian-Canadians in western Canada 1973
Fondements des pratiques professionnelles des enseignants 2011
Forest and Other Gleanings: The Fugitive Writings of Catharine Parr Traill 1994
Forgeron de campagne: Un inventaire d'outils 1975
The Forgotten Peace: Mediation at Niagara Falls OPEN ACCESS 2009
The Forgotten Songs of the Newfoundland Outports: As Taken from Kenneth Peacock’s Newfoundland Field Collection, 1951–1961 2016
Fort Reliance, Yukon: An Archaeological Assessment 1995
Foucault and the Indefinite Work of Freedom 2012
Fournil: Un rite saisonnier 1976
De France en Nouvelle-France: Société fondatrice et société nouvelle 1994
Francophonie, minorités et pédagogie 2008
Franklin Era in Canadian Arctic History, 1845-1859 1985
Freedom, Nature, and World 2007
From Arabye to Engelond: Medieval Studies in Honour of Mahmoud Manzalaoui 1999
From boxkite to jet: The memoirs of an aeronautical engineer 1972
From chantre to djak: Cantorial traditions in Canada 2000
From Cognition to Being: Prolegomena for Teachers OPEN ACCESS 1999
From Subjects to Citizens: A Hundred Years of Citizenship in Australia and Canada 2004
From the earth to beyond the sky: An ethnographic approach to four Longhouse Iroquois speech events 1974
From the Heart of the Heartland: The Fiction of Sinclair Ross 1992
Future Indicative: Literary Theory and Canadian Literature 1987
Gambling music of the Coast Salish Indians 1972
The Gay[Grey Moose: Essays on the Ecologies and Mythologies of Canadian Poetry 1690-1990 1992
Gender and Modernity in Central Europe: The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Its Legacy 2010
Genealogica & Heraldica: Ottawa 1996 1998
Genre, féminismes et développement: Une trilogie en construction 2019
Germaine Guèvremont: La tentation autobiographique 1998
Gilles Paquet: Homo hereticus 2009
Glass manufacturing in Canada: A survey of pressed glass patterns 1982
Glenbrook Village Site: A Late St. Lawrence Iroquoian Component in Glengarry County, Ontario 1981
Glenrose Cannery Site 1976
God and Argument - Dieu et l'argumentation philosophique 1999
God and the Grounding of Morality 1991
The God of Gods: A Canadian Play: A Critical Edition 2016
Gomery's Blinders and Canadian Federalism 2007
Gouvernance et appropriation locale du développement: Au-delà des modèles importés 2010
Governance Through Social Learning OPEN ACCESS 1999
The Governor General’s Literary Awards of Canada: A Bibliography 2018
Gowen Sites: Cultural Responses to Climatic Warming on the Northern Plains (7500-5000 B.C.) 1992
A grammar of Akwesasne Mohawk 1973
Grant Lake Site, Keewatin District, Northwest Territories 1975
Greeks of Vancouver: A study in the preservation of ethnicity 1976
Greenville Burial Ground: Human Remains and Mortuary Elements in British Columbia Coast Prehistory 1992
The Grove Symposium 1974
Hahanudan Lake: An Ipiutak-Related Occupation of Western Interior Alaska 1977
Haida Burial Practices: Three Archaeological Examples / The Gust Island Burial Shelter: Physical Anthropology: Three Archaeological Examples; The Gust Island Burial Shelter, The Skungo Cave North Island, Mass Burials from Tan 1973
Haïti aujourd'hui, Haïti demain: Regards croisés 2011
Harder Site: A Middle Period Bison Hunters’ Campsite in the Northern Great Plains 1977
Hare Indians and their world 1980
The Helping Relationship: Healing and Change in Community Context 2010
The Hermes Complex: Philosophical Reflections on Translation 2012
Histoires de Kanatha - Histories of Kanatha: Vues et contées - Seen and Told 2008
Historique du nouvel emplacement du Musée national de l'Homme à Hull 1984
History Division: annual review, 1972 1973
History Division: annual review, 1973 1974
History Division: annual review, 1974 1975
History museum as an effective educational institution 1976
History of Atlantic Canada: Museum interpretations 1981
History of the Jews in Quebec 2021
History of the Native People of Canada: Volume I (10,000-1,000 B.C.) 1995
History of the Native People of Canada: Volume II (1,000 B.C. – A.D. 500) 1999
History of the Native People of Canada, Volume III (A.D. 500 – European Contact): Part 1: Maritime Algonquian, St. Lawrence Iroquois, Ontario Iroquois, Glen Meyer/Western Basin, and Northern Algonquian Cultures 2004
Hockey and Philosophy 2009
Hockey: Challenging Canada’s Game – Au-delà du sport national 2018
Home Ground and Foreign Territory: Essays on Early Canadian Literature 2014
Homelessness & Health in Canada OPEN ACCESS 2014
Home-Work: Postcolonialism, Pedagogy, and Canadian Literature OPEN ACCESS 2004
Homo Interrogans: Questioning and the Intentional Structure of Cognition 2001
The Hood Site: A Historical Neutral Town of 1640 A.D. / The Bogle I and Bogle II Sites: Historic Neutral Hamlets of the Northern Tier: A Historic Neutral Town of 1640 A.D. 1984
Hooper Bay kayak construction 1979
How to Write a Précis 1988
Hugh Garner's Best Stories: A Critical Edition 2015
Husserl and the Sciences: Selected Perspectives 2004
Icelandic-Canadian memory lore 1992
Icelandic-Canadian oral narratives 1991
Icelandic-Canadian popular verse 1994
Icon in Canada: Recent findings from the Canadian Museum of Civilization 1996
Ideal world of Mrs. Widder's soirée musicale: Music and difference in nineteenth-century Ontario 2004
Identity of the Saint Francis Indians 1981
Identity Theft and Fraud: Evaluating and Managing Risk 2012
Iglulualumiut Prehistory: The Lost Inuit of Franklin Bay 1990
Images of Canadianness: Visions on Canada's Politics, Culture, and Economics OPEN ACCESS 1998
Implements of golf: A Canadian perspective 2001
In an Iron Glove: An Autobiography 2006
In Ballast to the White Sea 2014
In memoriam: Peter Lewis Paul, 1902-1989 1993
In the shadow of the sun: Perspectives on contemporary native art 1993
Indices de manifestations culturelles de l'archaique: La région de Trois-Rivières 1975
Individual in northern Dene thought and communication: A study in sharing and diversity 1977
INKONZE: Magico-religious beliefs of contact-traditional Chipewan trading at Fort Resolution, NWT, Canada 1973
Innovating South-South Cooperation: Policies, Challenges and Prospects 2019
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