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University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Books in JSTOR from University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
89 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Adventures in Photography: Expeditions of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 2002
Agricultural Sustainability and Environmental Change at Ancient Gordion: Gordion Special Studies 8 2017
Aramaic Incantation Texts from Nippur 1913
The Archaeology of Cook Inlet, Alaska 1934
The Archaeology of Martin's Hundred: Part 1, Interpretive Studies; Part 2, Artifact Catalog 2001
The Archaeology of Midas and the Phrygians: Recent Work At Gordion 2005
The Archaeology of Phrygian Gordion, Royal City of Midas: Gordion Special Studies 7 2012
The Artifacts of Tikal--Utilitarian Artifacts and Unworked Material: Tikal Report 27B 2003
Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, Volume 2A: Background to the Study of the Metal Remains 2018
Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, Volume 2B: Metals and Related Evidence from Ban Chiang, Ban Tong, Ban Phak Top, and Don Klang 2018
Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, Volume 2C: The Metal Remains in Regional Context 2019
Botanical Aspects of Environment and Economy at Gordion, Turkey 2010
The Bronze Age Towers at Bat, Sultanate of Oman: Research by the Bat Archaeological Project, 2007-12 2016
Business Documents of Murashu Sons of Nippur: Dated in the Reign of Artaxerxes I (464-424 B.C.) 1898
Catalogue of the Etruscan Gallery of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 2005
A Central Asian Village at the Dawn of Civilization: Excavations at Anau, Turkmenistan 2003
The Ceramic Sequence of Tikal: Tikal Report 25B 2019
Classical Sculpture: Catalogue of the Cypriot, Greek, and Roman Stone Sculpture in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 2006
Clovis Revisited: New Perspectives on Paleoindian Adaptations from Blackwater Draw, New Mexico 1999
The Culture of the Babylonians: From Their Seals in the Collections of the Museum 1925
Drug Plants of Africa 1949
Dun Ailinne: Excavations at an Irish Royal Site, 1968-1975 2007
Early Babylonian Personal Names: From the Published Tablets of the so-called Hammurabi Dynasty (B.C. 2000) 1905
East African Archaeology: Foragers, Potters, Smiths, and Traders 2003
European Archaeology as Anthropology: Essays in Memory of Bernard Wailes 2017
Evolution of Mind, Brain, and Culture 2013
Excavations at Gilund: The Artifacts and Other Studies 2014
Excavations at Tepe Hissar, Damghan 1937
The Excavations in Assyria and Babylonia 1903
Excavations in Residential Areas of Tikal--Group 7F-1: Tikal Report 22 2015
Excavations in Residential Areas of Tikal--Nonelite Groups Without Shrines: Tikal Report 20A 2014
Excavations in Residential Areas of Tikal--Nonelite Groups Without Shrines: Tikal Report 20B 2014
Excavations in the West Plaza of Tikal: Tikal Report 17 2019
Experiencing Power, Generating Authority: Cosmos, Politics, and the Ideology of Kingship in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia 2013
The Extramural Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, Libya, Final Reports VIII: The Sanctuary's Imperial Architectural Development, Conflict with Christianity, and Final Days 2012
Globalization: The Crucial Phase 2015
The Golden Age of King Midas: Exhibition Catalogue 2016
The Graffiti of Tikal: Tikal Report 31 1983
Handbook of Paleolithic Typology: Lower and Middle Paleolithic of Europe 1994
Hasanlu V: The Late Bronze and Iron I Periods 2013
Historical Archaeology at Tikal, Guatemala: Tikal Report 37 2012
Incised Drawings from Early Phrygian Gordion: Gordion Special Studies IV 2009
Introduction to the Archaeology of Tikal, Guatemala: Tikal Report 12 1982
Iraq's Marsh Arabs in the Garden of Eden 2004
Italic Tomb-Groups in the University Museum 1942
Journey to the City: A Companion to the Middle East Galleries at the Penn Museum 2019
Landscapes of Movement: Trails, Paths, and Roads in Anthropological Perspective 2009
Letters to Cassite Kings from the Temple Archives of Nippur 1908
Literacy in the Persianate World: Writing and the Social Order 2012
Mapping Mongolia: Situating Mongolia in the World from Geologic Time to the Present 2011
Mathematical, Metrological, and Chronological Tablets from the Temple Library of Nippur 1906
Maya Folktales from the Alta Verapaz 2005
Mediterranean Archaeological Landscapes: Current Issues 2004
Memphis: The City of the White Wall 1956
Minoan Buildings in Areas B, C, D, and F 1999
Misadventures in Archaeology: The Life and Career of Charles Conrad Abbott 2020
Miscellaneous Investigations in Central Tikal--Great Temples III, IV, V, and VI: Tikal Report 23B 2017
Miscellaneous Investigations in Central Tikal--Structures in and Around the Lost World Plaza: Tikal Report 23D 2018
Miscellaneous Investigations in Central Tikal--The Plaza of the Seven Temples: Tikal Report 23C 2018
Mit Rahineh 1955 1959
The Monuments and Inscriptions of Tikal--The Carved Monuments: Tikal Report 33A 1982
A New Boundary Stone of Nebuchadrezzr I: From Nippur 1907
The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion 2011
The New Chronology of the Bronze Age Settlement of Tepe Hissar, Iran 2016
Origins of Agriculture in Western Central Asia: An Environmental-Archaeological Study 2010
The Origins of Maya States 2016
Peoples and Crafts in Period IVB at Hasanlu, Iran 2011
Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers of the Baikal Region, Siberia: Bioarchaeological Studies of Past Life Ways 2010
Pseira III: The Plateia Building 1998
Reconfiguring the Silk Road: New Research on East-West Exchange in Antiquity 2014
A Regional Survey and Analyses of the Vrokastro Area, Eastern Crete, Volume 1: Catalogue of Pottery from the Bronze and Early Iron Age 2002
The Roman Peasant Project 2009-2014: Excavating the Roman Rural Poor 2020
Santa Cruz Island Figure Sculpture and Its Social and Ritual Contexts 2005
The Sea Peoples and Their World: A Reassessment 2000
Selected Sumerian and Babylonian Texts 1919
Settlement Archaeology at Quirigua, Guatemala: Settlement Archaeology at Quirigua, Guatemala 2007
The Settlement Survey of Tikal: Tikal Report 13 1983
Sinop Landscapes: Exploring Connection in a Black Sea Hinterland 2004
Sotira: A Neolithic Settlement in Cyprus 1961
The Sphinx That Traveled to Philadelphia: The Story of the Colossal Sphinx in the Penn Museum 2015
Spirit Keepers of the North: Eskimos of Western Alaska 1983
The Sufi Journey of Baba Rexheb 2009
Sumerian Business and Administrative Documents from the Earliest Times to the Dynasty of Agade 1915
Sumerian Grammatical Texts 1917
The Sunshade Chapel of Meritaten from the House-of-Waenre of Akhenaten 2017
Sustainable Lifeways: Cultural Persistence in an Ever-Changing Environment 2011
The Symbolic Role of Animals in Archaeology 1995
The Thousand and One Churches 1909
Tikal Reports, Numbers 1-11: Facsimile Reissue of Original Reports Published 1958-1961 1986