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US-Korea Institute at SAIS

Publisher Description

The US-Korea Institute (USKI) was founded in 2006 to make the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), a hub of Korea-related education, research and policy discourse in Washington, DC. USKI was established under Don Oberdorfer, former Washington Post correspondent and author of The Two Koreas, and is now chaired by Robert L. Gallucci, former US Ambassador and Dean of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. USKI strives to provide strategic insights and policy solutions for US relations with the Korean Peninsula. Its staff and network of affiliated scholars conduct research and analysis and develop innovative initiatives that are forward thinking and anticipate change.
Research Reports in JSTOR from US-Korea Institute at SAIS
49 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
2010 Nuclear Security Summit National Commitment Implementation:: Steps in the Fight Against Nuclear Terrorism 2012
The 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit and HEU Minimization 2012
Abe Plays the North Korea Card 2014
Alliance Military Strategy in the Shadow of North Korea’s Nuclear Futures 2015
Building a Better International Nuclear Security Standard 2012
Dependence and Mistrust:: North Korea’s Relations with Moscow and the Evolution of Juche 2008
Ending the Korean War:: Considerations on the Role of History 2008
Ensuring the Security of Radioactive Sources:: National and Global Responsibilities 2012
Flood Across the Border:: China’s Disaster Relief Operations and Potential Response to a North Korean Refugee Crisis 2009
Foreign Assistance:: Different Strokes for Different Folks 2011
The Forgotten War’s POW Saint 2013
Future Directions in the DPRK’s Nuclear Weapons Program:: Three Scenarios for 2020 2015
The Future Impact of North Korea’s Emerging Nuclear Deterrent on Nuclear Nonproliferation 2015
The Future of North Korean Nuclear Delivery Systems 2015
Growth and Geography of Markets in North Korea: New Evidence from Satellite Imagery 2015
How Korea Could Become a Regional Power in Northeast Asia:: Building a Northeast Asian Triad 2008
Implications for US Extended Deterrence and Assurance in East Asia 2015
Japan and North Korea:: The Long and Twisted Path towards Normalcy 2008
The Korean Wave in American Politics 2015
MacArthur Document Reports Imperial Japanese Military’s “Sanction” of Comfort Women Brothels 2013
Maintaining High-Level Focus on Nuclear Security 2012
Mapping Multiple Histories of Korean American Transnational Adoption 2009
Modernity, the South Korean Path 2015
Necessary Enemies:: Anti-Americanism, Juche Ideology, and the Torturous Path to Normalization 2008
NORTH KOREA AND IRAN:: Drawing Comparative Lessons 2011
North Korea’s Development of a Nuclear Weapons Strategy 2015
North Korea’s Evolving Nuclear Strategy 2015
North Korea’s Nuclear Futures:: Technology and Strategy 2015
Northeast Asia in Afghanistan:: Whose Silk Road? 2011
Nuclear North Korea:: How Will It Behave? 2015
Nuclear Safety and Security at the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012
Nuclear Security:: Seoul, the Netherlands, and Beyond 2013
Nuclear Security Governance for the 21st Century:: Assessment and Action Plan 2012
The Nuclear Security Summit:: Progress Report 2013
The Origins of Korean Adoption:: Cold War Geopolitics and Intimate Diplomacy 2009
Populist Challenge and Its Backlash 2009
Positive Economic Inducements in Future Nuclear Negotiations with North Korea 2015
Post‐Unification Korean National Identity 2009
PURSUING PEACE WHILE ADVANCING RIGHTS:: The Untried Approach to North Korea 2010
Road to the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012
Silent Partners:: Chinese Joint Ventures in North Korea 2011
State Over Society:: Science and Technology Policy in North Korea 2009
Strategic Opportunities for South Korean Development of Energy Resources in Central Asia 2009
Teddy Roosevelt and the Taft-Katsura Agreement 2013
Tumen Triangle Tribulations: The Unfulfilled Promise of Chinese, Russian and North Korean Cooperation 2015
U.S. STRATEGY TOWARDS NORTH KOREA:: Rebuilding Dialogue and Engagement 2009
USKI Congressional Scorecard: 111th United States Congress 2009