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Sydney University Press

Publisher Description

Sydney University Press is a not-for-profit, quality scholarly publisher.

Since 2005, Sydney University Press has published over 200 new research titles in the fields of Australian literature, history, biography, public health, urban planning, social work, education, healthy ageing, Indigenous issues, and copyright. SUP is overseen by the SUP Advisory Board, chaired by the Provost. SUP's publishing program is overseen by the SUP Editorial Advisory Board.

Books in JSTOR from Sydney University Press
103 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Alex Miller: The Ruin of Time 2014
Ambivalent Macbeth 2018
Animal bones in Australian Archaeology: a field guide to common native and introduces species 2015
Animal Death OPEN ACCESS 2013
Animal Dreams 2021
Animal welfare in Australia: Politics and policy 2016
Animal Welfare in China: Culture, Politics and Crisis 2021
Animals in the anthropocene: critical perspectives on non-human futures 2015
Archibald Liversidge, FRS: Imperial Science under the Southern Cross 2009
The Art of Living in Australia 2016
Australia and the Wider World: Selected Essays of Neville Meaney 2013
Australia and the World: A Festschrift for Neville Meaney 2013
Australian Books and Authors in the American Marketplace 1840s–1940s 2018
Australian Made: A Multicultural Reader 2010
Australian Social Attitudes IV: The Age of Insecurity 2018
Australian urban land use planning: Principles, systems and practice, 2nd edition 2011
Between the Murray and the Sea: Aboriginal Archaeology in South-eastern Australia 2017
Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: The Twentieth Century 1912–2000 (Chinese edition) 2016
Biography of a Book: Henry Lawson's While the Billy Boils 2013
The Broad Arrow: Being Passages from the History of Maida Gwynnham, a Lifer 2019
Camouflage Australia: Art, Nature, Science and War 2011
Camouflage cultures: beyond the art of disappearance 2015
Cane Toads: A Tale of Sugar, Politics and Flawed Science 2013
Casino Clubs NSW: Profits, Tax, Sport and Politics 2009
Christina Stead and the Matter of America 2019
The Commonwealth Block, Melbourne: A Historical Archaeology 2019
Community-Led Research: Walking New Pathways Together OPEN ACCESS 2021
Comparative Urban Land Use Planning: Best Practice 2017
Contemporary Australian Literature: A World Not Yet Dead OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Cost of War: War, Return and the Re-Shaping of Australian Culture 2020
Crafting Country: Aboriginal Archaeology in the Eastern Chichester Ranges, Northwest Australia 2020
Dingo Bold: The Life and Death of K’gari Dingoes 2021
Diversity: The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2019 2020
Djalkiri: Yolŋu Art, Collaborations and Collections 2021
The Ebb and Flow of the Ghūrid Empire 2018
Educating for Business, Public Service and the Social Sciences: A History of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sydney 1920-1999 2009
Eliza Hamilton Dunlop: Writing from the Colonial Frontier 2021
Elizabeth Harrower: Critical Essays 2017
The Enchantment of English: Professing English Literatures in Australian Universities 2012
Engaging with animals: Interpretations of a shared existence 2014
Enter the Animal: Cross-species perspectives on grief and spirituality 2021
Fallen Among Reformers: Miles Franklin, Modernity and the New Woman 2020
Fiction of Tim Winton: Earthed and Sacred 2016
Fighting nature: Travelling menageries, animal acts and war shows OPEN ACCESS 2016
Flashy, Fun and Functional: How Things Helped to Invent Melbourne’s Gold Rush Mayor 2018
The Flight of Birds: A Novel in Twelve Stories 2019
Flora of the Sydney Region: Fifth Edition 2009
Gail Jones: Word, Image, Ethics 2020
Game Drives of the Aralo-Caspian Region 2019
Gerald Murnane: Another World in This One 2020
Global social work: Crossing borders, blurring boundaries OPEN ACCESS 2014
Globalisation, the state and regional Australia 2018
The Good Mother: Contemporary Motherhoods in Australia 2010
The Government and copyright: the Government as proprietor, preserver and user of copyright material under the Copyright Act 1968 2015
A Land in Between: The Orontes Valley in the Early Urban Age 2020
Letters to Australia, Volume 1: Essays from the 1940s 2014
Letters to Australia, Volume 2: Essays from the 1940s 2014
Letters to Australia, Volume 3: Essays from 1950–1951 2019
Letters to Australia, Volume 4: Essays from 1952–1953 2019
Letters to Australia, Volume 5: Essays from 1954–1955 2019
Letters to Australia, Volume 6: Essays from 1956–1972 2019
Lifestyle-Integrated Functional Exercise (LiFE) Program to Prevent Falls [Participant's Manual] OPEN ACCESS 2014
Lifestyle-Integrated Functional Exercise (LiFE) Program to Prevent Falls [Trainer's Manual] 2014
Made to Matter: White Fathers, Stolen Generations OPEN ACCESS 2013
Markets, rights and power in Australian social policy OPEN ACCESS 2015
Meatsplaining: The Animal Agriculture Industry and the Rhetoric of Denial 2020
Memory and Foresight in the Celtic World: Perspectives from the Late Medieval through Modern Periods 2020
Migration and Cultural Contact: Germany and Australia 2009
Mutiny, Mayhem, Mythology: Bounty's Enigmatic Journey 2018
Norman Haire and the Study of Sex 2012
Obaysch: A Hippopotamus in Victorian London 2019
One Planet, One Health OPEN ACCESS 2019
Patrick White Within the Western Literary Tradition 2010
Plumes from Paradise: Trade Cycles in Outer Southeast Asia and their Impact on New Guinea and Nearby Islands Until 1920 2019
The Poison of Polygamy: A Social Novel 2019
Politics and Religion in the New Century: Philosophical Reflections 2009
Power: The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2018 2019
Practices, Profession and Pedagogy in Accounting: Essays in Honour of Bill Birkett 2009
Prophecy, Fate and Memory in the Early Medieval Celtic World 2020
Reading Aboriginal Women's Life Stories 2015
The Reality and the Rhetoric: Organisational Sustainability Reporting 2013
Recording Kastom: Alfred Haddon's Journals from the Torres Strait and New Guinea, 1888 and 1898 2020
Reflections and Voices: Exploring the Music of Yothu Yindi with Mandawuy Yunupingu 2009
Removing the Emperor's Clothes: Australia and Tobacco Plain Packaging 2014
Republics of Letters: Literary Communities in Australia 2012
Research, records and responsibility: ten years of PARADISEC 2015
Richard Flanagan: Critical Essays 2018
Risking together: How finance is dominating everyday life in Australia 2018
Shirley Hazzard: New Critical Essays 2014
Singing Bones: Ancestral Creativity and Collaboration 2020
Sir Frank Packer: A Biography 2014
Smoke Signals: Selected Writing OPEN ACCESS 2016
Social Work Education: Voices from the Asia Pacific 2013
Social Work Field Education and Supervision Across Asia Pacific 2011
Songs from the Stations: Wajarra as Performed by Ronnie Wavehill Wirrpnga, Topsy Dodd Ngarnjal and Dandy Danbayarri at Kalkaringi 2019
The state of the art: teaching drama in the 21st century 2015
Stepping On: Building Confidence and Reducing Falls 2019
The Tolpuddle Martyrs: Injustice Within the Law 2009
Transition to Retirement: A Guide to Inclusive Practice 2013
Tribute and Trade: China and Global Modernity, 1784–1935 2020
The Two Romanticisms and other essays: Mystery and Interpretation in Romantic Literature 2016
An Unlikely Leader: The Life and Times of Captain John Hunter 2009
Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Communicated Disease OPEN ACCESS 2017