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Books in JSTOR from University of Washington Press
931 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Activists in Office: Kurdish Politics and Protest in Turkey 2010
Adios to Tears: The Memoirs of a Japanese-Peruvian Internee in U.S. Concentration Camps 2000
Advanced Reader of Contemporary Chinese Short Stories: Reflections on Humanity 2003
The Adventures of Eddie Fung: Chinatown Kid, Texas Cowboy, Prisoner of War 2007
The Adventurous Traveler�s Guide to Health 2008
An Affair with Korea: Memories of South Korea in the 1960s 2014
Affect and Artificial Intelligence 2010
Afghanistan's Endless War: State Failure, Regional Politics, and the Rise of the Taliban 2001
After the Blast: The Ecological Recovery of Mount St. Helens 2020
The Afterlife of Sai Baba: Competing Visions of a Global Saint 2016
After-words: Post-Holocaust Struggles with Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Justice 2004
Agayuliyararput/Our Way of Making Prayer: Kegginaqut, Kangiit-llu/Yup'ik Masks and the Stories They Tell 1996
Agnon's Moonstruck Lovers: The Song of Songs in Israeli Culture 2013
Aiiieeeee!: An Anthology of Asian American Writers 2019
Alaska: An American Colony 2002
Alaska: An American Colony 2020
An Alaska Anthology: Interpreting the Past 1996
Alaska's Skyboys: Cowboy Pilots and the Myth of the Last Frontier 2015
All Russia Is Burning!: A Cultural History of Fire and Arson in Late Imperial Russia 2002
All the World's Reward: Folktales Told by Five Scandinavian Storytellers 1999
Altered Lives, Enduring Community: Japanese Americans Remember Their World War II Incarceration 2004
Amchitka and the Bomb: Nuclear Testing in Alaska 2002
Amelia: The Libretto 2009
America Is in the Heart: A Personal History 2014
American Indian Business: Principles and Practices 2017
American Knees 1995
American Sabor: Latinos and Latinas in US Popular Music / Latinos y latinas en la musica popular estadounidense 2018
Ancient Egypt and Early China: State, Society, and Culture 2021
Ancient Ink: The Archaeology of Tattooing 2017
And Justice for All: An Oral History of the Japanese American Detention Camps 1984
And the View from the Shore: Literary Traditions of Hawai'i 1991
Andean Waterways: Resource Politics in Highland Peru 2015
The Anguish of Surrender: Japanese POWs of World War II 2003
Answering Chief Seattle 1997
Anticipating Future Environments: Climate Change, Adaptive Restoration, and the Columbia River Basin 2020
Antitrust in Germany and Japan: The First Fifty Years, 1947-1998 2001
Arranged Companions: Marriage and Intimacy in Qing China 2021
Art and Intimacy: How the Arts Began 2000
Art by the Book: Painting Manuals and the Leisure Life in Late Ming China 2012
The Art of Resistance: Painting by Candlelight in Mao’s China 2017
Asian America: Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850 1988
Asian American Feminisms and Women of Color Politics 2018
Asians in Colorado: A History of Persecution and Perseverance in the Centennial State 2016
At the Forest's Edge: Memoir of a Physician-Naturalist 1985
Atomic Frontier Days: Hanford and the American West 2011
The Atomic West 1998
The Audio Dictionary: Third Edition, Revised and Expanded 2005
Autobiographical Jews: Essays in Jewish Self-Fashioning 2004
Axis of Hope: Iranian Women's Rights Activism across Borders 2019
B Street: The Notorious Playground of Coulee Dam 2008
Baleen Basketry of the North Alaskan Eskimo 1983
Banaras Reconstructed: Architecture and Sacred Space in a Hindu Holy City 2017
Bartering with the Bones of Their Dead: The Colville Confederated Tribes and Termination 2012
The Battle for Butte: Mining and Politics on the Northern Frontier, 1864–1906 1981
Beaten Down: A History of Interpersonal Violence in the West 2002
Becoming Big League: Seattle, the Pilots, and Stadium Politics 2013
Becoming Citizens: Family Life and the Politics of Disability 2005
Becoming Mary Sully: Toward an American Indian Abstract 2019
Becoming Nisei: Japanese American Urban Lives in Prewar Tacoma 2021
Becoming Tsimshian: The Social Life of Names 2008
Before Seattle Rocked: A City and Its Music 2011
Before Yellowstone: Native American Archaeology in the National Park 2018
Beginning to Remember: The Past in the Indonesian Present 2005
The Behavior and Ecology of Pacific Salmon and Trout 2018
Behind the Curve: Science and the Politics of Global Warming 2014
Being and Place among the Tlingit 2008
Being Cowlitz: How One Tribe Renewed and Sustained Its Identity 2014
A Best-Selling Hebrew Book of the Modern Era: The Book of the Covenant of Pinhas Hurwitz and Its Remarkable Legacy 2014
Better than the Best: Black Athletes Speak, 1920-2007 2010
Beyond Death: The Politics of Suicide and Martyrdom in Korea 2019
Bhakti and Power: Debating India's Religion of the Heart 2019
The Bible in Middle English Literature 1984
Bike Battles: A History of Sharing the American Road 2015
Bioart and the Vitality of Media 2010
The Birth of a Republic 2010
Bits of Life: Feminism at the Intersections of Media, Bioscience, and Technology 2008
Black Tigers: A Grammar of Chinese Rubbings 2008
Black Women in Sequence: Re-inking Comics, Graphic Novels, and Anime 2016
Bodies in Balance: The Art of Tibetan Medicine 2014
The Book of Men and Women: Poems 2009
Border Landscapes: The Politics of Akha Land Use in China and Thailand 2005
The Borders of AIDS: Race, Quarantine, and Resistance 2021
Boris Yeltsin and Russia’s Democratic Transformation 2006
Born in Seattle: The Campaign for Japanese American Redress 2001
Boundaries of Jewish Identity 2010
The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff: The Redemption of Herbert Nicholls Jr. 2013
Bracero Railroaders: The Forgotten World War II Story of Mexican Workers in the U.S. West 2016
Brazil's Indians and the Onslaught of Civilization: The Yanomami and the Kayapo 2004
The Bread of Salt and Other Stories 1993
Breaking Ground: The Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe and the Unearthing of Tse-whit-zen Village 2009
Bringing Indians to the Book 2005
Bringing Whales Ashore: Oceans and the Environment of Early Modern Japan 2018
Broken Ground: A Novel 2010
Bronze and Stone: The Cult of Antiquity in Song Dynasty China 2019
The Buddha on Mecca’s Verandah: Encounters, Mobilities, and Histories Along the Malaysian-Thai border 2012
Buddhas and Ancestors: Religion and Wealth in Fourteenth-Century Korea 2018
Building a Sacred Mountain: The Buddhist Architecture of China's Mount Wutai 2014
Building a World Community: Globalisation and the Common Good 2001
Building New Pathways to Peace 2011
Building Reuse: Sustainability, Preservation, and the Value of Design 2018
Building Ships, Building a Nation: Korea's Democratic Unionism Under Park Chung Hee 2009
Building the Golden Gate Bridge: A Workers' Oral History 2015
Burning Bush: A Fire History of Australia 1991
Calamity: The Heppner Flood of 1903 2009
California through Native Eyes: Reclaiming History 2016
Calling in the Soul: Gender and the Cycle of Life in a Hmong Village 2004
Candles in the Dark: A New Spirit for a Plural World 2002
Captured in the Middle: Tradition and Experience in Contemporary Native American Writing 2000
Car Country: An Environmental History 2012
The Carbon Efficient City 2012
Caring for Glaciers: Land, Animals, and Humanity in the Himalayas 2018
Carl Maxey: A Fighting Life 2008
Carl Theodor Dreyer's Gertrud: The Moving Word 2008
The Centralia Tragedy of 1919: Elmer Smith and the Wobblies 1993
The Challenge of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Overcoming Secondary Disabilities 1997
Chang'an 26 BCE: An Augustan Age in China 2015
Chang'an Avenue and the Modernization of Chinese Architecture 2012
Change within Tradition among Jewish Women in Libya 1992
The Changing Presentation of the American Indian: Museums and Native Cultures 2000
Charming Gardeners 2013
A Chemehuevi Song: The Resilience of a Southern Paiute Tribe 2015
China and Iran: Ancient Partners in a Post-Imperial World 2006
China Gothic: The Bishop of Beijing and His Cathedral 2019
China Watcher: Confessions of a Peking Tom 2010
China's New Socialist Countryside: Modernity Arrives in the Nu River Valley OPEN ACCESS 2014
China's Transition to Modernity: The New Classical Vision of Dai Zhen 2015
Chinese Encounters in Southeast Asia: How People, Money, and Ideas from China Are Changing a Region 2017
Chinese Funerary Biographies: An Anthology of Remembered Lives 2019
Chinese Students Encounter America 2002
Chinese Village Life Today: Building Families in an Age of Transition 2021
Chinook Resilience: Heritage and Cultural Revitalization on the Lower Columbia River 2017
Christian Krohg's Naturalism 2017
Church Resistance to Nazism in Norway, 1940-1945 2014
Circulating the Code: Print Media and Legal Knowledge in Qing China 2020
Cities of Others: Reimagining Urban Spaces in Asian American Literature 2014
Cities That Think like Planets: Complexity, Resilience, and Innovation in Hybrid Ecosystems 2016
Citizens of Beauty: Drawing Democratic Dreams in Republican China 2020
The City Is More Than Human: An Animal History of Seattle 2016
City of Virtues: Nanjing in an Age of Utopian Visions 2015
Civil Society in Central Asia 1999
Classical Seattle: Maestros, Impresarios, Virtuosi, and Other Music Makers 2016
Climate Change and the Art of Devotion: Geoaesthetics in the Land of Krishna, 1550-1850 2019
The Clinic and Elsewhere: Addiction, Adolescents, and the Afterlife of Therapy 2013
Coffee and Coffeehouses: The Origins of a Social Beverage in the Medieval Near East 1985
Colonial Rule and Social Change in Korea, 1910-1945 2013
Color-Line to Borderlands: The Matrix of American Ethnic Studies 2001
Common Sense on Weapons of Mass Destruction 2004
Communist Multiculturalism: Ethnic Revival in Southwest China OPEN ACCESS 2009
Communist Pigs: An Animal History of East Germany's Rise and Fall 2020
Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest 2017
Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest 2003
Complicating Constructions: Race, Ethnicity, and Hybridity in American Texts 2007
Concrete Mama: Prison Profiles from Walla Walla 2018
Confederacy of Ambition: William Winlock Miller and the Making of Washington Territory 2014
Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites 2002
Confronting Memories of World War II: European and Asian Legacies 2014
Confucian Image Politics: Masculine Morality in Seventeenth-Century China 2017
Confucian Statecraft and Korean Institutions: Yu Hyongwon and the Late Choson Dynasty 1996
Conjuring Property: Speculation and Environmental Futures in the Brazilian Amazon 2015
Conservation in the Progressive Era: Classic Texts 2004
The Constitutional Case Law of Japan: Selected Supreme Court Decisions, 1961-70 1978
Consuming Ivory: Mercantile Legacies of East Africa and New England 2021
Contagion: Health, Fear, Sovereignty 2012
Containing Missile Proliferation: Strategic Technology, Security Regimes, and International Cooperation in Arms Control 2003
Cornerstones of Security: Arms Control Treaties in the Nuclear Era 2002
The Corpse Flower: New and Selected Poems 2007
Cosmopolitan Capitalists: Hong Kong and the Chinese Diaspora at the End of the Twentieth Century 1999
Cottonwood and the River of Time: On Trees, Evolution, and Society 2009
Counterpunch: The Cultural Battles over Heavyweight Prizefighting in the American West 2016
The Country in the City: The Greening of the San Francisco Bay Area 2007
Coyote Was Going There: Indian Literature of the Oregon Country 1977
Creating the Universe: Depictions of the Cosmos in Himalayan Buddhism 2018
Crime and Fantasy in Scandinavia: Fiction, Film and Social Change 2008
The Crown and the Capitalists: The Ethnic Chinese and the Founding of the Thai Nation 2019
Cultivating Nature: The Conservation of a Valencian Working Landscape 2018
Cultural Encounters on China’s Ethnic Frontiers OPEN ACCESS 1995
Cultural Nationalism in Colonial Korea, 1920-1925 1988
Dagny: Dagny Juel Przybyszewska, the Woman and the Myth 1991
Dagur Kari's Noi the Albino 2010
Dance Lest We All Fall Down: Breaking Cycles of Poverty in Brazil and Beyond 2010
The Dance of Legislation: An Insider's Account of the Workings of the United States Senate 1973
Danish Folktales, Legends, and Other Stories 2013
The Dark Dove: The Sacred and Secular in Modern Literature 1975
Dark Rose: Organized Crime and Corruption in Portland 2011
Darwin's Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, and the Evolution of the Noosphere 2011
Daughter of Good Fortune: A Twentieth-Century Chinese Peasant Memoir 2015
The Dawn of Conservation Diplomacy: U.S.-Canadian Wildlife Protection Treaties in the Progressive Era 1998
Days of Defeat and Victory 1999
DDT, Silent Spring, and the Rise of Environmentalism: Classic Texts 2008
Death of Celilo Falls 2005
The Deepest Roots: Finding Food and Community on a Pacific Northwest Island 2016
Defending Giants: The Redwood Wars and the Transformation of American Environmental Politics 2017
Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese American Family 1982
Different Horrors, Same Hell: Gender and the Holocaust 2013
Disappearing Traces: Holocaust Testimonials, Ethics, and Aesthetics 2012
Disarmament Sketches: Three Decades of Arms Control and International Law 2002
Discovering Totem Poles: A Traveler's Guide 2012
Dismembered: Native Disenrollment and the Battle for Human Rights 2017
Displaying Time: The Many Temporalities of the Festival of India 2017
Disquiet 2015
Disturbed Forests, Fragmented Memories: Jarai and Other Lives in the Cambodian Highlands 2020
Divine, Demonic, and Disordered: Women without Men in Song Dynasty China 2021
Documenting China: A Reader in Seminal Twentieth-Century Texts 2011
Doing Business in Rural China: Liangshan's New Ethnic Entrepreneurs OPEN ACCESS 2007
Down with Traitors: Justice and Nationalism in Wartime China 2017
Dr. Sam, Soldier, Educator, Advocate, Friend: An Autobiography 2010
Drawing Back Culture: The Makah Struggle for Repatriation 2002
Drawing Lines in the Forest: Creating Wilderness Areas in the Pacific Northwest 2007
Dreaming of Money in Ho Chi Minh City 2013
Dreaming of Sheep in Navajo Country 2009
Dreamless and Possible: Poems New and Selected 2010
Driven Wild: How the Fight against Automobiles Launched the Modern Wilderness Movement 2002
The Drunken Man's Talk: Tales from Medieval China 2015
The Dry Years: Prohibition and Social Change in Washington 1988
During My Time: Florence Edenshaw Davidson, A Haida Woman 1982
Early Rock Art of the American West: The Geometric Enigma 2018
The Earth's Blanket: Traditional Teachings for Sustainable Living 2005
East Central Europe between the Two World Wars 1974
East Central Europe in the Middle Ages, 1000-1500 1994
Eat a Bowl of Tea 2020
Eat Everything Before You Die: A Chinaman in the Counterculture 2004
The Economic Contract Law of China: Legitimation and Contract Autonomy in the PRC 1992
The Edge of Knowing: Dreams, History, and Realism in Modern Chinese Literature 2017
Educating the Chinese Individual: Life in a Rural Boarding School 2015
Education at the Edge of Empire: Negotiating Pueblo Identity in New Mexico's Indian Boarding Schools 2015
Ellavut / Our Yup'ik World and Weather: Continuity and Change on the Bering Sea Coast 2012
Emerald Street: A History of Hip Hop in Seattle 2020
The Emergence of Genetic Rationality: Space, Time, and Information in American Biological Science, 1870-1920 2007
The Emotions of Justice: Gender, Status, and Legal Performance in Choson Korea 2015
Emperor Hirohito and the Pacific War 2015
Empire and Identity in Guizhou: Local Resistance to Qing Expansion OPEN ACCESS 2014
Empire Maker: Aleksandr Baranov and Russian Colonial Expansion into Alaska and Northern California 2015
Empire of Style: Silk and Fashion in Tang China 2019
The Empress in the Pepper Chamber: Zhao Feiyan in History and Fiction 2021
The <em>Zuo Tradition / Zuozhuan</em> Reader: Selections from China’s Earliest Narrative History 2020
Enclosed: Conservation, Cattle, and Commerce Among the Q’eqchi’ Maya Lowlanders 2012
Encountering the Stranger: A Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue 2012
Encounters in Avalanche Country: A History of Survival in the Mountain West, 1820-1920 2013
The Ends of Kinship: Connecting Himalayan Lives between Nepal and New York 2020
Enduring Conviction: Fred Korematsu and His Quest for Justice 2015
Enlightenment and Exploration in the North Pacific, 1741-1805 1997
Environmental Justice in Postwar America: A Documentary Reader 2018
The Environmental Moment: 1968-1972 2012
Eric Voegelin: Philosopher of History 1981
The Ernest Becker Reader 2005
Escape from Blood Pond Hell: The Tales of Mulian and Woman Huang 2011
Essential Outsiders: Chinese and Jews in the Modern Transformation of Southeast Asia and Central Europe 1997
The Establishment of the Balkan National States, 1804-1920 1977
Eulogy for Burying a Crane and the Art of Chinese Calligraphy 2019
Everyday Life and Consumer Culture in Eighteenth-Century Damascus 2007
The Everyday Life of the State: A State-in-Society Approach 2013
Everyday Modernity in China 2006
Excavating the Afterlife: The Archaeology of Early Chinese Religion 2015
Exemplary Figures / Fayan 2013
Exile from the Grasslands: Tibetan Herders and Chinese Development Projects 2020
Explaining Culture Scientifically 2008
Explorers and Scientists in China's Borderlands, 1880-1950 2011
Exploring Coast Salish Prehistory: The Archaeology of San Juan Island 2000
Face Off: China, the United States, and Taiwan’s Democratization 1997
Facing Death: Confronting Mortality in the Holocaust and Ourselves 2017
Fair Trade from the Ground Up: New Markets for Social Justice 2012
Faith, Food, and Family in a Yupik Whaling Community 2002
Faith in Nature: Environmentalism as Religious Quest 2004
Familiar Strangers: A History of Muslims in Northwest China OPEN ACCESS 1997
A Family History of Illness: Memory as Medicine 2018
Family Revolution: Marital Strife in Contemporary Chinese Literature and Visual Culture 2014
Fascism and Modernist Literature in Norway 2017
A Fashionable Century: Textile Artistry and Commerce in the Late Qing 2020
Fear No Man: Don James, the '91 Huskies, and the Seven-year Quest for a National Football Championship 2021
Fearful Symmetry: India-Pakistan Crises in the Shadow of Nuclear Weapons 2005
Febris Erotica: Lovesickness in the Russian Literary Imagination 2009
Fieldwork Connections: The Fabric of Ethnographic Collaboration in China and America 2007
Fifth Chinese Daughter 2019
Fighting for the Enemy: Koreans in Japan's War, 1937-1945 2013
Figuring the Population Bomb: Gender and Demography in the Mid-Twentieth Century 2017
The Final Forest: Big Trees, Forks, and the Pacific Northwest 1992
Fir and Empire: The Transformation of Forests in Early Modern China 2020
Fire: A Brief History 2019
Fire: A Brief History 2001
Fire in America: A Cultural History of Wildland and Rural Fire 1982
Fire in the Ashes: God, Evil, and the Holocaust 2005
Fire on the Rim: A Firefighter's Season at the Grand Canyon 1989
Firebrand Feminism: The Radical Lives of Ti-Grace Atkinson, Kathie Sarachild, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, and Dana Densmore 2018
The Fishermen's Frontier: People and Salmon in Southeast Alaska 2008
Flora of the Pacific Northwest: An Illustrated Manual 2018
Flowering Plums and Curio Cabinets: The Culture of Objects in Late Chosŏn Korean Art 2018
Footbinding as Fashion: Ethnicity, Labor, and Status in Traditional China 2018
Footprints of War: Militarized Landscapes in Vietnam OPEN ACCESS 2018
For The Century's End: Poems 1990-1999 2001
Forbidden Games and Video Poems: The Poetry of Yang Mu and Lo Ch'ing 1993
Forest Dreams, Forest Nightmares: The Paradox of Old Growth in the Inland West 1995
Forest Guardians, Forest Destroyers: The Politics of Environmental Knowledge in Northern Thailand 2008
Forest Under Story: Creative Inquiry in an Old-Growth Forest 2016
Forests Are Gold: Trees, People, and Environmental Rule in Vietnam 2016
Forests of Belonging: Identities, Ethnicities, and Stereotypes in the Congo River Basin 2011
Forgery and Impersonation in Imperial China: Popular Deceptions and the High Qing State 2016
The Forging of a Black Community: Seattle’s Central District from 1870 through the Civil Rights Era 1994
Form and Transformation in Asian American Literature 2005
Forming the Early Chinese Court: Rituals, Spaces, Roles 2017
The Found Generation: Chinese Communists in Europe during the Twenties 1993
Four Thousand Hooks: A True Story of Fishing and Coming of Age on the High Seas of Alaska 2012
Free Boy: A True Story of Slave and Master 2013
From a Three-Cornered World 1997
From Enslavement to Environmentalism: Politics on a Southern African Frontier 2006
Frontier Livelihoods: Hmong in the Sino-Vietnamese Borderlands 2015
Further Adventures on the Journey to the West: Master of Silent Whistle Studio 2020
Gandhi’s Search for the Perfect Diet: Eating with the World in Mind 2019
Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest 2019
Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest: Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged 1996
Gardens of Gold: Place-Making in Papua New Guinea 2020
Gathering Leaves and Lifting Words: Histories of Buddhist Monastic Education in Laos and Thailand 2008
Gay Seattle: Stories of Exile and Belonging 2003
Gender and Assimilation in Modern Jewish History: The Roles and Representation of Women 1995
Gender and Chinese History: Transformative Encounters 2015
Gender before Birth: Sex Selection in a Transnational Context 2018
The Gender of Caste: Representing Dalits in Print 2016
Generating Bodies and Gendered Selves: The Rhetoric of Reproduction in Early Modern England 2007
The Geology of Washington and Beyond: From Laurentia to Cascadia 2016
George Perkins Marsh: Prophet of Conservation 2000
A Gift of Barbed Wire: America's Allies Abandoned in South Vietnam 2014
The Gift of Knowledge / Ttnuwit Atawish Nch’inch’imamí: Reflections on Sahaptin Ways 2017
God's Little Daughters: Catholic Women in Nineteenth-Century Manchuria 2015
Gold Rush Manliness: Race and Gender on the Pacific Slope 2018
Governing China's Multiethnic Frontiers OPEN ACCESS 2004
The Great Columbia Plain: A Historical Geography, 1805-1910 1995
The Great Ming Code / Da Ming lu 2005
The Great Quake Debate: The Crusader, the Skeptic, and the Rise of Modern Seismology 2020
Greening East Asia: The Rise of the Eco-developmental State 2020
The Grief of a Happy Life 2019
The Grizzlies of Mount McKinley 1981
The Grizzly in the Driveway: The Return of Bears to a Crowded American West 2020
Growing Up Brown: Memoirs of a Filipino American 2006
Guest People: Hakka Identity in China and Abroad OPEN ACCESS 1996
Gyppo Logger 2002
Haboo: Native American Stories from Puget Sound 2020
The Han: China's Diverse Majority OPEN ACCESS 2015
Hard Times in Paradise: Coos Bay, Oregon 2006
Hatched: Dispatches from the Backyard Chicken Movement 2021
Hazel Wolf: Fighting the Establishment 2002
Healing with Poisons: Potent Medicines in Medieval China 2021
The Heart of Hyacinth 2000
Heaven in Conflict: Franciscans and the Boxer Uprising in Shanxi 2015
Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse 1992
Henry M. Jackson: A Life in Politics 2000
Heritage Management in Korea and Japan: The Politics of Antiquity and Identity 2013
Heroes, Hacks, and Fools: Memoirs from the Political Inside 2007
Heroines of Jiangyong: Chinese Narrative Ballads in Women’s Script 2009
Heroines of the Qing: Exemplary Women Tell Their Stories 2016
Herring and People of the North Pacific: Sustaining a Keystone Species 2021
High: Drugs, Desire, and a Nation of Users 2017
High-Tech Housewives: Indian IT Workers, Gendered Labor, and Transmigration 2018
Hiking Washington's History 2021
Hiking Washington's History 2010
History and Collective Memory in South Asia, 1200–2000 2019
HIV Interventions: Biomedicine and the Traffic between Information and Flesh 2009
The Holding Hours 2015
Holy Science: The Biopolitics of Hindu Nationalism 2019
A Home for Every Child: The Washington Children's Home Society in the Progressive Era 2010
Homebase: A Novel 1979
Homewaters: A Human and Natural History of Puget Sound 2021
Homo Aestheticus: Where Art Comes From and Why 1995
How Many Machine Guns Does It Take to Cook One Meal?: The Seattle and San Francisco General Strikes 2008
How to Read the American West: A Field Guide 2014
How to Work in Someone Else's Country 2011
Humanizing the Sacred: Sisters in Islam and the Struggle for Gender Justice in Malaysia 2016
Hungarian Rhapsodies: Essays on Ethnicity, Identity, and Culture 1997
I. L. Peretz and the Making of Modern Jewish Culture 1991
The Ice: A Journey to Antarctica 1986
Ice Bear: The Cultural History of an Arctic Icon 2017
Iceland Imagined: Nature, Culture, and Storytelling in the North Atlantic 2011
Icons of Danish Modernity: Georg Brandes and Asta Nielsen 2012
Idaho's Place: A New History of the Gem State 2014
Idle Talk under the Bean Arbor: A Seventeenth-Century Chinese Story Collection 2017
I'm No Hero: Journeys of a Holocaust Survivor 1999
Image Problems: The Origin and Development of the Buddha's Image in Early South Asia 2015
Imagining Russian Jewry: Memory, History, Identity 1999
Immigrants in Courts 1999
Imperial Bandits: Outlaws and Rebels in the China-Vietnam Borderlands 2017
Imperial Illusions: Crossing Pictorial Boundaries in the Qing Palaces 2015
Imperial Rulership and Cultural Change in Traditional China 1994
Imprisoned Apart: The World War II Correspondence of an Issei Couple 1997
Improvised City: Architecture and Governance in Shanghai, 1843-1937 2019
In Confidence: Moscow’s Ambassador to Six Cold War Presidents 1995
In Defense of Wyam: Native-White Alliances and the Struggle for Celilo Village 2018
In Pursuit of Alaska: An Anthology of Travelers' Tales, 1879-1909 2013
In the Circle of White Stones: Moving through Seasons with Nomads of Eastern Tibet 2017
In the Land of the Eastern Queendom: The Politics of Gender and Ethnicity on the Sino-Tibetan Border OPEN ACCESS 2014
Indian Blood: HIV and Colonial Trauma in San Francisco's Two-Spirit Community 2016
Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau 1992
Information Ethics: Privacy, Property, and Power 2005
The Informed Gardener Blooms Again 2010
The Informed Gardener 2008
Ingmar Bergman's The Silence: Pictures in the Typewriter, Writings on the Screen 2010
International Impact of Colonial Rule in Korea, 1910-1945 2019
The Interweaving of Rituals: Funerals in the Cultural Exchange between China and Europe 2008
Intimate Citizenship: Private Decisions and Public Dialogues 2003
Introduction to the Primates 1998
Inventions of the Imagination: Romanticism and Beyond 2011
Ipse Dixit: How the World Looks to a Federal Judge 2007
Iran and the Surrounding World: Interactions in Culture and Cultural Politics 2002
The Ironies of Freedom: Sex, Culture, and Neoliberal Governance in Vietnam 2008
Irony and the Discourse of Modernity 1990
Irrigated Eden: The Making of an Agricultural Landscape in the American West 1999
Is It a House?: Archaeological Excavations at English Camp, San Juan Island, Washington 2011
Islamist Mobilization in Turkey: A Study in Vernacular Politics 2002
Island Year 1972
Jack Ward Thomas: The Journals of a Forest Service Chief 2004
Jade Mountains and Cinnabar Pools: The History of Travel Literature in Imperial China 2018
Japanese American Ethnicity: The Persistence of Community 1991
Japanese Americans: From Relocation to Redress 1991
Japanese Assimilation Policies in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945 2009
Japanese Prostitutes in the North American West, 1887-1920 2016
Japan's Commission on the Constitution: The Final Report 1980
Jesuits and Matriarchs: Domestic Worship in Early Modern China OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Jewish Bible: A Material History 2017
The Jewish Life Cycle: Rites of Passage from Biblical to Modern Times 2004
Jewish Philanthropy and Enlightenment in Late-Tsarist Russia 2009
Jews and Muslims: Images of Sephardi and Eastern Jewries in Modern Times 2003
Joel-Francois Durand in the Mirror Land 2005
John Okada: The Life and Rediscovered Work of the Author of No-No Boy 2018
Judaism and Hellenism in Antiquity: Conflict or Confluence? 1998
Judgment Without Trial: Japanese American Imprisonment During World War II 2003
Keeping It Living: Traditions of Plant Use and Cultivation on the Northwest Coast of North America 2005
The Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan: Adaptation to Closed Frontiers and War 2002
Kirtland Cutter: Architect in the Land of Promise 1998
Knowing Southeast Asian Subjects 2007
Knut Hamsun: The Dark Side of Literary Brilliance (New Directions in Scandinavian Studies) 2009
Koizumi Diplomacy: Japan's Kantei Approach to Foreign and Defense Affairs 2007
The Kongs of Qufu: The Descendants of Confucius in Late Imperial China 2019
Korean Skilled Workers: Toward a Labor Aristocracy 2020
Korea's Future and the Great Powers 2001
The Kuhls of Kangra: Community-Managed Irrigation in the Western Himalaya 2005
The Lady of Linshui Pacifies Demons: A Seventeenth-Century Novel 2021
Land in the American West: Private Claims and the Common Good 2000
Land Use, Environment, and Social Change: The Shaping of Island County, Washington 1980
The Lands of Partitioned Poland, 1795-1918 1974
The Landscape of Stalinism: The Art and Ideology of Soviet Space 2003
A Landscape of Travel: The Work of Tourism in Rural Ethnic China OPEN ACCESS 2014
Landscape Traveled by Coyote and Crane: The World of the Schitsu'umsh 2001
Landscapes of Conflict: The Oregon Story, 1940-2000 2004
Landscapes of Promise: The Oregon Story, 1800-1940 1997
Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest 1999
Language and Human Behavior 1995
The Last Wilderness: A History of the Olympic Peninsula 2019
Latinx Photography in the United States: A Visual History 2021
Law and Politics in China's Foreign Trade 1977
Law in Japan: A Turning Point 2007
A Lawyer in Indian Country: A Memoir 2009
Legal Reform in Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Rule, 1895-1945: The Reception of Western Law 2000
Lelooska: The Life of a Northwest Coast Artist 2003
Lessons in Being Chinese: Minority Education and Ethnic Identity in Southwest China OPEN ACCESS 1999
The Letter to Ren An and Sima Qian’s Legacy 2016
Letters and Epistolary Culture in Early Medieval China 2013
Letters from the 442nd: The World War II Correspondence of a Japanese American Medic 2008
Letters from Vladivostock, 1894-1930 2013
The Life and Times of John Trevisa, Medieval Scholar 1995
Life as Surplus: Biotechnology and Capitalism in the Neoliberal Era 2008
A Life Disturbed: My Pacific War Revisited 2005
Light's Ladder 2004
Lijiang Stories: Shamans, Taxi Drivers, and Runaway Brides in Reform-Era China 2012
The Limits of the Rule of Law in China 2000
The Linguistics of Lying And Other Essays 2005
Literati Storytelling in Late Medieval China 2015
The Little Everyman: Stature and Masculinity in Eighteenth-Century English Literature 2011
The Lives of the Saints 2002
Living Sharia: Law and Practice in Malaysia 2017
Living Together, Living Apart: Mixed Status Families and US Immigration Policy 2015
Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs: A Book for Sibs 1996
Living with Oil and Coal: Resource Politics and Militarization in Northeast India 2019
Lone Scherfig's Italian for Beginners 2010
Looking for Betty MacDonald: The Egg, the Plague, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and I 2016
Los Angeles--Struggles toward Multiethnic Community: Asian American, African American, and Latino Perspectives 1994
Losing Trust in the World: Holocaust Scholars Confront Torture 2017
The Lost Wolves of Japan 2005
Love for Liberation: African Independence, Black Power, and a Diaspora Underground 2021
The Love Israel Family: Urban Commune, Rural Commune 2009
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Native Seattle: Histories from the Crossing-Over Place 2017
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No-No Boy 1976
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Personal Information Management 2007
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Political Leadership in Korea 1976
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Proving Grounds: Militarized Landscapes, Weapons Testing, and the Environmental Impact of U.S. Bases 2015
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Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon 2012
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Pushed Out: Contested Development and Rural Gentrification in the US West 2021
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The Quick 2005
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Racial Ecologies 2018
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Radical Theatrics: Put-Ons, Politics, and the Sixties 2014
Raven's Cry 1966
Razor Clams: Buried Treasure of the Pacific Northwest 2017
Reading for Form 2006
Reading Orientalism: Said and the Unsaid 2007
Reading Orientalism: Said and the Unsaid 2007
Reading Portland: The City in Prose 2006
Reading Seattle: The City in Prose 2004
Reading the Fire: The Traditional Indian Literatures of America 1999
Ready All! George Yeoman Pocock and Crew Racing 1987
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Recent Archaeological Discoveries and Biblical Research 1990
Reclaimers 2015
Reclaiming the Reservation: Histories of Indian Sovereignty Suppressed and Renewed 2019
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Reel Nature: America's Romance with Wildlife on Film 1999
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Reproductive Politics and the Making of Modern India OPEN ACCESS 2021
Republic Café 2018
The Republic of Nature: An Environmental History of the United States 2012
Resisting Disappearance: Military Occupation and Women's Activism in Kashmir 2019
Resuscitate!: How Your Community Can Improve Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest 2013
Rethinking Modernity and National Identity in Turkey 1997
The Retirement Association at the University of Washington: A History 1990
The Reverend Mark Matthews: An Activist in the Progressive Era 2001
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Rhetoric and the Discourses of Power in Court Culture: China, Europe, and Japan 2005
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Risky Bodies & Techno-Intimacy: Reflections on Sexuality, Media, Science, Finance 2016
Rites of Passage: A Memoir of the Sixties in Seattle 1995
The River That Made Seattle: A Human and Natural History of the Duwamish 2020
Robert B. Heilman: His Life in Letters 2009
Robert Cantwell and the Literary Left: A Northwest Writer Reworks American Fiction 2014
Roots and Reflections: South Asians in the Pacific Northwest 2013
Roses from Kenya: Labor, Environment, and the Global Trade in Cut Flowers 2019
Roy Andersson’s “Songs from the Second Floor": Contemplating the Art of Existence 2016
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Rural Origins, City Lives: Class and Place in Contemporary China 2017
Sacred Cows and Chicken Manchurian: The Everyday Politics of Eating Meat in India 2020
Sacred to the Touch: Nordic and Baltic Religious Wood Carving 2018
Sámi Media and Indigenous Agency in the Arctic North 2020
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Saving the Reservation: Joe Garry and the Battle to Be Indian 2001
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The Scholar and the State: Fiction as Political Discourse in Late Imperial China 2015
School Photos in Liquid Time: Reframing Difference 2020
Scientific Uncertainty and the Politics of Whaling 2006
Sculpture on a Grand Scale: Jack Christiansen’s Thin Shell Modernism 2019
The Seattle General Strike 2018
Seattle in Black and White: The Congress of Racial Equality and the Fight for Equal Opportunity 2011
Seattle, Past to Present 1976
Seattle Walks: Discovering History and Nature in the City 2017
Seawomen of Iceland: Survival on the Edge 2016
Second Nature 2008
Secrets of the Snow: Visual Clues to Avalanche and Ski Conditions 2001
A Secular Need: Islamic Law and State Governance in Contemporary India 2020
Seeds of Control: Japan’s Empire of Forestry in Colonial Korea 2020
Seeing Culture Everywhere: From Genocide to Consumer Habits 2009
Seeking El Dorado: African Americans in California 2001
Seeking Refuge: Birds and Landscapes of the Pacific Flyway 2010
Seeking Salaam: Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Somalis in the Pacific Northwest 2011
Seismic City: An Environmental History of San Francisco's 1906 Earthquake 2017
Selected Letters of A. M. A. Blanchet: Bishop of Walla Walla and Nesqualy (1846-1879) 2013
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Semiotic Flesh: Information and the Human Body 2002
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Serbia Since 1989: Politics and Society under Milosevic and After 2005
Sexuality in China: Histories of Power and Pleasure 2018
Shadow Tribe: The Making of Columbia River Indian Identity 2010
The Shadows of Owls: A Novel 2013
The Shaman's Wages: Trading in Ritual on Cheju Island 2019
Shanghai Sacred: The Religious Landscape of a Global City 2018
Shapes of Native Nonfiction: Collected Essays by Contemporary Writers 2019
Shaping Seattle Architecture: A Historical Guide to the Architects, Second Edition 2014
Shaping the Shoreline: Fisheries and Tourism on the Monterey Coast 2008
Shifting Grounds: Landscape in Contemporary Native American Art 2019
Shifting Livelihoods: Gold Mining and Subsistence in the Chocó, Colombia 2020
Shiraz in the Age of Hafez: The Glory of a Medieval Persian City 2004
Shopping at Giant Foods: Chinese American Supermarkets in Northern California 2003
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Sine Die: A Guide to the Washington State Legislative Process 1997
Skid Road: An Informal Portrait of Seattle 2018
Skookum Summer: A Novel of the Pacific Northwest 2014
Sky Train: Tibetan Women on the Edge of History 2009
Slapping the Table in Amazement: A Ming Dynasty Story Collection 2018
Slavery and Abolition in the Ottoman Middle East 1998
Slavery and the Post-Black Imagination 2020
Small States in International Relations 2006
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Southeastern Europe under Ottoman Rule, 1354-1804 1977
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Spectacle 2016
Spirits of our Whaling Ancestors: Revitalizing Makah and Nuu-chah-nulth Traditions 2010
The Spokane River 2018
Spy Satellites and Other Intelligence Technologies that Changed History 2007
Stars for Freedom: Hollywood, Black Celebrities, and the Civil Rights Movement 2015
State and Evolution: Russia's Search for a Free Market 2003
State Power in China, 900-1325 2016
Staying Healthy Abroad: A Global Traveler's Guide 2018
Stirring Up Seattle: Allied Arts in the Civic Landscape 2014
Storied Lives: Japanese American Students and World War II 1999
A Storied Wilderness: Rewilding the Apostle Islands 2011
Stories in Stone: Travels through Urban Geology 2009
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Stories to Caution the World: A Ming Dynasty Collection, Volume 2 2005
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Studying the Jewish Future 2004
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The Tanoak Tree: An Environmental History of a Pacific Coast Hardwood 2015
The Tao of Raven: An Alaska Native Memoir 2017
Tao Yuanming and Manuscript Culture: The Record of a Dusty Table 2005
Tasting Paradise on Earth: Jiangnan Foodways 2019
Tea and Solidarity: Tamil Women and Work in Postwar Sri Lanka 2019
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Temple Grove: A Novel 2013
Testimony, Tensions, and Tikkun: Teaching the Holocaust in Colleges and Universities 2007
Text and Ritual in Early China 2005
Theater of Acculturation: The Roman Ghetto in the Sixteenth Century 2001
Thomas Vinterberg's Festen (The Celebration) 2013
Timber and Forestry in Qing China: Sustaining the Market 2021
A Time to Rise: Collective Memoirs of the Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP) 2017
To Sing with Pigs Is Human: The Concept of Person in Papua New Guinea 1995
Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle’s Topography 2015
The Tooth That Nibbles at the Soul: Essays on Music and Poetry 2010
Top-Down Democracy in South Korea 2019
Torture: Power, Democracy, and the Human Body 2011
Toward a Global PhD?: Forces and Forms in Doctoral Education Worldwide 2008
Toward a Sustainable Whaling Regime 2001
Toxic Archipelago: A History of Industrial Disease in Japan 2010
Tracing Autism: Uncertainty, Ambiguity, and the Affective Labor of Neuroscience 2017
The Transformation of Islamic Art during the Sunni Revival 2001
Transforming Monkey: Adaptation and Representation of a Chinese Epic 2018
Transforming Patriarchy: Chinese Families in the Twenty-First Century 2017
Transnational Testimonios: The Politics of Collective Knowledge Production 2018
The Transparent Body: A Cultural Analysis of Medical Imaging 2005
Travels Among the Dena: Exploring Alaska's Yukon Valley 2000
Treatises of the Supervisor and Guardian of the Cinnamon Sea: The Natural World and Material Culture of Twelfth-Century China 2010
Tribes and Empire on the Margins of Nineteenth-Century Iran 2009
The Tropics and the Traveling Gaze: India, Landscape, and Science, 1800-1856 2006
Trout Culture: How Fly Fishing Forever Changed the Rocky Mountain West 2015
True Crimes in Eighteenth-Century China: Twenty Case Histories 2009
Tulalip, From My Heart: An Autobiographical Account of a Reservation Community 2013
Two Centuries of Manchu Women Poets: An Anthology 2017
Two Kinds of Time 1950
Underdog: Poems 2011
Unending Crisis: National Security Policy After 9/11 2012
Unlikely Alliances: Native Nations and White Communities Join to Defend Rural Lands 2017
Unpleasantries: Considerations of Difficult Questions 2016
Unruly Figures: Queerness, Sex Work, and the Politics of Sexuality in Kerala 2019
Unsettling Native Art Histories on the Northwest Coast 2020
The Unsung Great: Stories of Extraordinary Japanese Americans 2020
Uplake: Restless Essays of Coming and Going 2018
Urbanization in Early and Medieval China: Gazetteers for the City of Suzhou 2015
The Uses of Ecology: Lake Washington and Beyond 1991
Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915 1995
Vacationland: Tourism and Environment in the Colorado High Country 2013
Vagabond Life: The Caucasus Journals of George Kennan 2003
Vagrants & Accidentals 2017
Verse Going Viral: China's New Media Scenes 2014
Vestal Fire: An Environmental History, Told through Fire, of Europe and Europe's Encounter with the World 1997
Vigilant Things: On Thieves, Yoruba Anti-Aesthetics, and The Strange Fates of Ordinary Objects in Nigeria 2011
Vigilante Newspapers: Tales of sex, religion, and murder in the northwest 2005
Vignettes from the Late Ming: A Hsiao-p’in Anthology 1998
Village “Contracts" in Tokugawa Japan: Fifty Specimens with English Translations and Comments 1975
Voice, Text, Hypertext: Emerging Practices in Textual Studies 2004
Voices from the Camps: Vietnamese Children Seeking Asylum 2003
Walking the High Desert: Encounters with Rural America along the Oregon Desert Trail 2020
Walking Washington's History: Ten Cities 2016
War and Politics by Other Means: A Journalist's Memoir 2000
War Baby / Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art 2013
Warnings against Myself: Meditations on a Life in Climbing 2016
Warren G. Magnuson and the Shaping of Twentieth-Century America 1997
Warship under Sail: The USS Decatur in the Pacific West 2009
The Way of the Barbarians: Redrawing Ethnic Boundaries in Tang and Song China 2019
Ways of Being Ethnic in Southwest China OPEN ACCESS 2001
We Are Dancing for You: Native Feminisms and the Revitalization of Women’s Coming-of-Age Ceremonies 2018
A Wealth of Thought: Franz Boas on Native American Art 1995
The Weather of the Pacific Northwest 2008
Wetlands in a Dry Land: More-Than-Human Histories of Australia's Murray-Darling Basin 2021
The Whale and the Cupcake: Stories of Subsistence, Longing, and Community in Alaska 2019
Whales and Nations: Environmental Diplomacy on the High Seas 2013
What Is Art For? 1988
What the Emperor Built: Architecture and Empire in the Early Ming 2020
What We Talk about When We Talk about Hebrew (and What It Means to Americans) 2018
Where Dragon Veins Meet: The Kangxi Emperor and His Estate at Rehe 2020
Where Land and Water Meet: A Western Landscape Transformed 2003
Where Outside the Body Is the Soul Today 2017
Where the Salmon Run: The Life and Legacy of Bill Frank Jr. 2012
White Grizzly Bear's Legacy: Learning to Be Indian 2002
The White Lotus War: Rebellion and Suppression in Late Imperial China 2019
The Wicked Wine of Democracy: A Memoir of a Political Junkie, 1948-1995 2008
Wild Civility 2003
Wild Sardinia: Indigeneity and the Global Dreamtimes of Environmentalism 2010
Wilderburbs: Communities on Nature's Edge 2014
Wilderness Forever: Howard Zahniser and the Path to the Wilderness Act 2005
Wilderness in National Parks: Playground or Preserve 2009
The Wilderness Writings of Howard Zahniser 2014
Windshield Wilderness: Cars, Roads, and Nature in Washington's National Parks 2006
Winning the Math Wars: No Teacher Left Behind 2010
Winning the West for Women: The Life of Suffragist Emma Smith DeVoe 2011
Wiyaxayxt / Wiyaakaa'awn / As Days Go By: Our History, Our Land, Our People -- The Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla 2006
Woke Gaming: Digital Challenges to Oppression and Social Injustice 2018
The Wolves of Mount McKinley 1985
Women in Pacific Northwest History: Revised Edition 1988
The Women on the Island 2000
Women Playing Men: Yue Opera and Social Change in Twentieth-Century Shanghai 2009
Women’s Poetry of Late Imperial China: Transforming the Inner Chambers 2012
The Work of Print: Authorship and the EnglishText Trades, 1660-1760 2007
Working with the Ancestors: Mana and Place in the Marquesas Islands 2019
World Fire: The Culture of Fire on Earth 1997
The World of a Tiny Insect: A Memoir of the Taiping Rebellion and Its Aftermath 2013
World Order after Leninism 2006
Writing and Law in Late Imperial China: Crime, Conflict, and Judgment 2007
Writing and Literacy in Early China: Studies from the Columbia Early China Seminar 2011
Writing in Tongues: Translating Yiddish in the Twentieth Century 2013
Writing Off the Hyphen: New Critical Perspectives on the Literature of the Puerto Rican Diaspora 2008
Writing the South Seas: Imagining the Nanyang in Chinese and Southeast Asian Postcolonial Literature 2015
Wrongful Deaths: Selected Inquest Records from Nineteenth-Century Korea 2014
Xinjiang and the Modern Chinese State OPEN ACCESS 2016
A Year in Lapland: Guest of the Reindeer Herders 2001
A Year in the Life of a Shinto Shrine 1996
A Year Right Here: Adventures with Food and Family in the Great Nearby 2017
Yellowfish: A Novel 2008
Yokohama, California 2015
Yumeji Modern: Designing the Everyday in Twentieth-Century Japan 2020
Zakhor: Jewish History and Jewish Memory 1996
Zuo Tradition / Zuozhuan: Commentary on the "Spring and Autumn Annals" 2016