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Publisher Description

Wits University Press was established in 1922 and is South Africa’s oldest university press. It has a long history of publishing in fields as diverse as politics, psychology, history, archeology and Rock Art, theatre and literary studies. We are known for the high quality and progressive content of our publications and are increasingly broadening our author base to include researchers from the African continent.

Wits University Press is strategically placed at the crossroads of African and global knowledge production and dissemination. We are committed to publishing well-researched innovative books for both academic and general readers. Our areas of focus include art and heritage, popular science, history and politics, biography, literary studies, women’s writing and select textbooks.

Books in JSTOR from Wits University Press
171 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Accented Futures: Language activism and the ending of apartheid 2013
Acts of Transgression: Contemporary Live Art in South Africa 2019
African Archaeology Without Frontiers: Papers from the 2014 PanAfrican Archaeological Association Congress OPEN ACCESS 2016
African Dream Machines: Style, Identity and Meaning of African Headrests 2007
The African National Congress and the Regeneration of Political Power OPEN ACCESS 2011
African-Language Literatures: Perspectives on isiZulu fiction and popular black television series 2012
Alexandra: A history 2008
And the Girls in their Sunday Dresses: Four Works 1993
And Wrote My Story Anyway: Black South African women’s novels as feminism 2020
Anxious Joburg: The inner lives of a global South city 2020
Apartheid and the Making of a Black Psychologist: A memoir 2016
Babel Unbound: Rage, reason and rethinking public life 2020
The Backroom Boy: Andrew Malengeni's Story 2017
Bafana Republic and Other Satires: A collection of monologues and revues 2020
Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto: A history of medical care 1941–1990 2013
Bats of Southern and Central Africa: A biogeographic and taxonomic synthesis, second edition 2020
Becoming Men: Black masculinities in a South African township 2020
Becoming Worthy Ancestors: Archive, public deliberation and identity in South Africa 2011
Being Black in the World 2019
Between Worlds: German missionaries and the transition from mission to Bantu Education in South Africa 2017
Bill Freund: An historian’s passage to Africa 2021
The Bram Fischer Waltz: A play 2016
Bury Me at the Marketplace: Es'kia Mphahlele and Company. Letters 1943-2006 2010
Bushman Letters: Interpreting |Xam Narrative 2010
Cape Radicals: Intellectual and political thought of the New Era Fellowship, 1930s-1960s 2019
Capitalism’s Crises: Class struggles in South Africa and the world 2015
Changing Space, Changing City: Johannesburg after apartheid - Open Access selection OPEN ACCESS 2014
Civilising Grass: The art of the lawn on the South African Highveld 2019
Climate Change: Briefings from Southern Africa 2015
The Climate Crisis: South African and Global Democratic Eco-Socialist Alternatives OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Colour of Our Future: Does race matter in post-apartheid South Africa? 2015
Competition Law and Economic Regulation in Southern Africa: Addressing Market Power in Southern Africa OPEN ACCESS 2017
Composing Apartheid: Music for and against apartheid 2008
Conspicuous Consumption in Africa 2019
Contradicting Maternity: HIV-positive motherhood in South Africa 2009
Conversations with Bourdieu: The Johannesburg Moment 2012
Cuba and Africa, 1959-1994: Writing an alternative Atlantic history 2020
Dance of the Dung Beetles: Their role in our changing world 2019
Death and Compassion: The Elephant in Southern African Literature 2018
Decolonisation in Universities: The politics of knowledge 2019
The Disorder of Things: A Foucauldian approach to the work of Nuruddin Farah 2013
Do South Africans Exist?: Nationalism, Democracy and the Identity of ‘the People’ 2007
Doing Plays for a Change: Five Works 2021
Dominance and Decline: The ANC in the time of Zuma 2015
Dorothea Bleek: A life of scholarship 2015
Dress as Social Relations: An interpretation of Bushman dress 2018
Eating from One Pot: The dynamics of survival in poor South African households 2011
Ekurhuleni: The making of an urban region 2012
Elephant management: A Scientific Assessment for South Africa 2008
English-isiZulu / isiZulu-English Dictionary: Fourth Edition 2014
Entanglement: Literary and cultural reflections on post-apartheid 2009
Falling Monuments, Reluctant Ruins: The persistence of the past in the architecture of apartheid 2021
Fees Must Fall: Student revolt, decolonisation and governance in South Africa 2016
Fight for Democracy: The ANC and the media in South Africa 2012
The First Ethiopians: The image of Africa and Africans in the early Mediterranean world 2009
Five Hundred Years Rediscovered: Southern African precedents and prospects 2008
Fools, Bells and the Habit of Eating: Three Satires 2002
Forgotten World: The Stone-Walled Settlements of the Mpumalanga Escarpment 2014
From Tools to Symbols: From Early Hominids to Modern Humans 2005
Fundamentals of Human Embryology: Student Manual (second edition) 2010
Gaze Regimes: Film and feminisms in Africa OPEN ACCESS 2015
Go Home or Die Here: Violence, Xenophobia and the Reinvention of Difference in South Africa 2008
Governance and the postcolony: Views from Africa 2019
Healing the Exposed Being: The Ngoma healing tradition in South Africa 2017
Hidden Histories of Gordonia: Land dispossession and resistance in the Northern Cape, 1800–1990 2016
How I Lost My Mother: A story of life, care and dying 2021
I Want to Go Home Forever: Stories of becoming and belonging in South Africa’s great metropolis 2018
In India and East Africa E-Indiya nase East Africa: A travelogue in isiXhosa and English 2020
In the Shadow of Policy: Everyday Practices in South Africa's Land and Agrarian Reform 2013
Labour Beyond Cosatu: Mapping the rupture in South Africa’s labour landscape 2017
Land, Chiefs, Mining: South Africa's North West Province since 1840 2014
Land, Law and Chiefs in Rural South Africa: Contested histories and current struggles 2021
Lie on your wounds: The prison correspondence of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe 2019
Like Family: Domestic workers in South African history and literature 2019
A Long Way Home: Migrant worker worlds 1800–2014 2014
Losing the Plot: Crime, reality and fiction in postapartheid South African writing 2016
Love, Crime and Johannesburg: A Musical 2000
Lover of His People: A biography of Sol Plaatje 2012
Mapungubwe: Ancient African Civilisation on the Limpopo 2005
Marxisms in the 21st Century: Crisis, critique and struggle 2013
Mbeki and After: Reflections on the Legacy of Thabo Mbeki 2010
Memory Against Forgetting: Memoir of a Time in South African Politics 1938 - 1964 2017
Metal that Will not Bend: The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, 1980-1995 2011
Mfecane Aftermath: Reconstructive Debates in Southern African History 1995
Missing: A play 2015
Molecular Medicine for Clinicians 2009
Monarchs, Missionaries and African Intellectuals: African Theatre and the Unmaking of Colonial Marginality 2021
Mooi Street and Other Moves 2017
Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication: A South African perspective 2017
The Musical Instruments of the Indigenous People of South Africa 2013
My Life and Valley Song: Two Plays 1996
Nations's Bounty: The Xhosa Poetry of Nontsizi Mgqwetho 2007
Natures of Africa: Ecocriticism and animal studies in contemporary cultural forms 2016
New South African Review 1: 2010: Development or decline? 2010
New South African Review 2: New paths, old compromises? 2011
New South African Review 3: The second phase – Tragedy or farce? 2013
New South African Review 4: A fragile democracy – Twenty years on 2014
New South African Review 5: Beyond Marikana 2015
New South African Review 6: The Crisis of Inequality 2018
Nothing but the Truth: A play 2002
One Hundred Years of the ANC: Debating liberation histories today 2012
Organise or Die?: Democracy and Leadership in South Africa’s National Union of Mineworkers 2017
The Origins of Non-Racialism: White opposition to apartheid in the 1950s 2009
Orlando West, Soweto: An illustrated history 2012
Our Changing World-View: Ten Lectures on Recent Movements of Thought in Science, Economics, Education, Literature and Philosophy 2021
Our Lady of Benoni: A play 2012
Parrots of Africa, Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands: Biology, ecology and conservation 2012
Patrick van Rensburg: Rebel, visionary and radical educationist, a biography 2020
Penny Siopis: Time and Again 2014
The People’s Paper: A centenary history and anthology of Abantu-Batho 2012
Picturing Change: Curating visual culture at post-apartheid universities 2013
Place of Thorns: Black political protest in Kroonstad since 1976 2015
Politics and Community-Based Research: Perspectives from Yeoville Studio, Johannesburg 2019
Popular Politics and Resistance Movements in South Africa 2010
Power and Loss in South African Journalism: News in the age of social media 2020
Power in Action: Democracy, citizenship and social justice 2018
Practical Anatomy: The human body dissected, second edition 2020
Precarious Power: Compliance and discontent under Ramaphosa’s ANC 2021
Prickly Pear: A Social History of a Plant in the Eastern Cape 2011
Print, Text and Book Cultures in South Africa 2012
Prisoners of the Past: South African democracy and the legacy of minority rule 2021
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in South Africa: Contexts, theories and applications 2013
Psychological Assessment in South Africa: Research and applications OPEN ACCESS 2013
Public Intellectuals in South Africa: Critical voices from the past 2021
Race Otherwise: Forging a new humanism for South Africa 2017
Racism After Apartheid: Challenges for Marxism and Anti-Racism OPEN ACCESS 2019
Regarding Muslims: From slavery to post-apartheid 2014
Remains of the Social: Desiring the Post-Apartheid OPEN ACCESS 2017
Richard Rive: A partial biography 2013
Riding High: Horses, Humans and History in South Africa 2010
San Elders Speak: Ancestral knowledge of the Kalahari San 2021
A Search for Origins: Science, history and South Africa's 'Cradle of Humankind' 2007
Seeing and Knowing: Rock art with and without ethnography 2010
Seeking Sanctuary: Stories of Sexuality, Faith and Migration 2021
Shadow of Liberation: Contestation and Compromise in the Economic and Social Policy of the African National Congress, 1943-1996 2019
Shadow State: The Politics of State Capture 2018
Shakespeare and the Coconuts: On post-apartheid South African culture 2012
The Social and Political Thought of Archie Mafeje 2020
Sol Plaatje's Native Life in South Africa: Past and present 2016
Somewhere on the Border: A play 2012
Sophiatown: A play 1988
South Africa and India: Shaping the Global South 2011
South Africa's Suspended Revolution: Hopes and prospects 2013
The State of Secularism: Religion, Tradition and Democracy in South Africa 2017
Stopping the Spies: Constructing and resisting the surveillance state in South Africa 2018
Stranger at Home: The Praise Poet in Apartheid South Africa 2011
Structure, Meaning and Ritual in the Narratives of the Southern San 1986
Students Must Rise: Youth struggle in South Africa before and beyond Soweto '76 2016
Suddenly the Storm: A play 2017
Surfacing: On being black and feminist in South Africa 2021
Tell Our Story: Multiplying voices in the news media 2020
Termites of the Gods: San cosmology in southern African rock art 2015
Thinking Freedom in Africa: Toward a theory of emancipatory politics 2016
Ties that Bind: Race and the politics of friendship in South Africa 2016
Tin Bucket Drum: A play 2016
Transforming Research Methods in the Social Sciences: Case Studies from South Africa OPEN ACCESS 2019
Traumatic Stress in South Africa OPEN ACCESS 2010
Troubling Images: Visual Culture and the Politics of Afrikaner Nationalism 2020
Tshepang: The Third Testament 2005
Ulwembu: A play 2018
The Unresolved National Question in South Africa: Left thought under apartheid and beyond 2017
Violence, Slavery and Freedom between Hegel and Fanon 2020
Visionary Animal: Rock art from southern Africa 2018
War Against Ourselves: Nature, Power and Justice 2007
We, the People: Insights of an activist judge 2016
We Write What We Like: Celebrating Steve Biko 2007
What is Slavery to Me?: Postcolonial/Slave Memory in post-apartheid South Africa 2010
Working with Rock Art: Recording, presenting and understanding rock art using indigenous knowledge 2012
The World Looks Like This From Here: Thoughts on African Psychology 2019
Writing the Ancestral River: A biography of the Kowie 2018
You Strike a Woman, You Strike a Rock / Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokotho: A play 2021

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