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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

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69 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Ambio 1972 - 2017
Ambio Special Report 1972 - 1979
The American Midland Naturalist 1909 - 2017
The Midland Naturalist 1909
The American Naturalist 1867 - 2015
Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien. Serie B für Botanik und Zoologie 1980 - 2021
Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien 1886 - 1979
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 2003 - 2015
Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 1970 - 2002
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 1999 - 2013
Arctic and Alpine Research 1969 - 1998
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 1976 - 2017
Behaviour 1947 - 2017
Behaviour. Supplement 1950 - 1977
Biogeochemistry 1984 - 2015
Biotropica 1969 - 2015
Bulletin (Association for Tropical Biology) 1962 - 1967
Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 1917 - 2021
Caldasia 1940 - 2020
Community Ecology 2000 - 2015
Coenoses 1986 - 1999
Abstracta Botanica 1971 - 1998
Conservation Biology 1987 - 2015
Diversity and Distributions 1998 - 2021
Biodiversity Letters 1993 - 1996
Ecography 1992 - 2013
Holarctic Ecology 1978 - 1991
Ecología Política 1992 - 2019
Ecological Applications 1991 - 2018
Ecological Bulletins 1975 - 2013
Bulletins from the Ecological Research Committee/NFR 1970 - 1973
Ecological Monographs 1931 - 2018
Ecological Restoration 2000 - 2015
Ecological Restoration, North America 1999
Restoration & Management Notes 1981 - 1998
Ecology 1920 - 2018
The Plant World 1898 - 1919
The Asa Gray Bulletin 1893 - 1901
Bulletin of the Gray Memorial Botanical Chapter of the Agassiz Association 1893
Ecology and Society 2004 - 2019
Conservation Ecology 1997 - 2003
Ecology Law Quarterly 1971 - 2017
Écoscience 1994 - 2013
Ecosystems 1998 - 2015
Environmental History 1996 - 2015
Forest & Conservation History 1990 - 1995
Environmental History Review 1990 - 1995
Environmental Review: ER 1976 - 1989
Journal of Forest History 1974 - 1989
Forest History Newsletter 1957 - 1974
Environmental Values 1992 - 2015
Evolution 1947 - 2018
Florida Scientist 1973 - 2019
Quarterly Journal of the Florida Academy of Sciences 1945 - 1972
Proceedings of the Florida Academy of Sciences 1936 - 1944
Freshwater Science 2012 - 2015
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 1986 - 2011
Freshwater Invertebrate Biology 1982 - 1985
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2003 - 2018
Functional Ecology 1987 - 2015
Global Ecology and Biogeography 1999 - 2015
Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters 1991 - 1998
Great Plains Research 1991 - 2017
Human Ecology 1972 - 2017
Human Ecology Review 1993 - 2019
Human-Wildlife Interactions 2010 - 2013
Human-Wildlife Conflicts 2007 - 2009
Journal of Animal Ecology 1932 - 2015
Journal of Applied Ecology 1964 - 2015
Journal of Biogeography 1974 - 2015
Journal of Coastal Research 1985 - 2021
Litoralia 1984
Journal of Ecology 1913 - 2015
Journal of Mammalogy 1919 - 2017
Journal of Tropical Ecology 1985 - 2015
Limnology and Oceanography 1956 - 2017
Mammalian Species 1969 - 2017
Marine Ecology Progress Series 1979 - 2017
Microbial Ecology 1974 - 2015
Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist 2002 - 2017
Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs 1976 - 1992
Mountain Research and Development 1981 - 2021
New Zealand Journal of Ecology 1978 - 2021
Proceedings (New Zealand Ecological Society) 1953 - 1977
Northeastern Naturalist 1997 - 2017
Maine Naturalist 1993 - 1995
Northwestern Naturalist 1989 - 2017
The Murrelet 1920 - 1988
Oecologia 1968 - 2015
Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Ökologie der Tiere 1924 - 1967
Oikos 1949 - 2013
Paleobiology 1975 - 2015
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology: Ecological and Evolutionary Approaches 1999 - 2015
Physiological Zoology 1928 - 1998
Plant Ecology 1997 - 2017
Vegetatio 1948 - 1996
The Quarterly Review of Biology 1926 - 2015
Rangeland Ecology & Management 2005 - 2013
Journal of Range Management 1948 - 2004
Records of the Auckland Museum 1998 - 2020
Records of the Auckland Institute and Museum 1930 - 1997
Southeastern Naturalist 2002 - 2017
The Southwestern Naturalist 1956 - 2017
Systematic Biology 1992 - 2017
Systematic Zoology 1952 - 1991
Transactions of the American Entomological Society (1890-) 1890 - 2019
Transactions of the American Entomological Society and Proceedings of the Entomological Section of the Academy of Natural Sciences 1878 - 1889
Transactions of the American Entomological Society (1867-1877) 1867 - 1877
Western North American Naturalist 2000 - 2017
The Great Basin Naturalist 1939 - 1999
Worldviews 1997 - 2017
1201 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
40 Years of Evolution: Darwin's Finches on Daphne Major Island 2014
The 7 Sexes: Biology of Sex Determination 2013
The Accidental Reef and Other Ecological Odysseys in the Great Lakes 2021
Accidental Wilderness: The Origins and Ecology of Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park 2020
Across the Ussuri Kray: Travels in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains 2016
Adaptation and Natural Selection: A Critique of Some Current Evolutionary Thought 1996
Adaptation and Natural Selection: A Critique of Some Current Evolutionary Thought 2019
Adaptive Diversification (MPB-48) 2011
Adaptive Geometry of Trees (MPB-3), Volume 3 1971
The Adélie Penguin: Bellwether of Climate Change 2002
Affect and Attention After Deleuze and Whitehead: Ecological Attunement 2021
Affective Ecocriticism: Emotion, Embodiment, Environment 2018
Affective Ecologies: Empathy, Emotion, and Environmental Narrative 2017
After Eden: The Evolution of Human Domination 2006
After the Blast: The Ecological Recovery of Mount St. Helens 2020
After the Wildfire: Ten Years of Recovery from the Willow Fire 2017
Against Sustainability: Reading Nineteenth-Century America in the Age of Climate Crisis 2020
Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States 2017
Agrofuels: Big Profits, Ruined Lives and Ecological Destruction 2010
Al otro lado del río: Situaciones socio ambientales en la vereda La Voragine, corregimiento de Pance, zona rural del municipio de Cali 2015
All Creatures: Naturalists, Collectors, and Biodiversity, 1850-1950 2006
All the Trees of the Forest: Israel's Woodlands from the Bible to the Present 2013
All Things Harmless, Useful, and Ornamental: Environmental Transformation through Species Acclimatization, from Colonial Australia to the World 2019
Altered Environments: The Outer Banks of North Carolina 2010
Alternativas para el manejo de residuos sólidos y su integración en el montaje de una huerta agroecológica 2019
The Altruism Equation: Seven Scientists Search for the Origins of Goodness 2006
American Lucifers: The Dark History of Artificial Light, 1750–1865 2019
American Tropics: The Caribbean Roots of Biodiversity Science 2017
America's Founding Fruit: The Cranberry in a New Environment 2014
Among the Bone Eaters: Encounters with Hyenas in Harar 2015
Ancestral Images: The Iconography of Human Origins 1998
The Ancient Origins of Consciousness: How the Brain Created Experience 2016
Anfibios y reptiles de Santa Marta y sus alrededores Colombia 2016
Animal Kingdoms 2012
Animal Passions and Beastly Virtues: Reflections on Redecorating Nature 2006
Animal Species and Their Evolution 1993
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects OPEN ACCESS 2012
Animate Planet: Making Visceral Sense of Living in a High-Tech Ecologically Damaged World 2017
The Anthropology of Extinction: Essays on Culture and Species Death 2012
Antropología en perspectiva ambiental 2008
Apes and Human Evolution 2014
Apostles of the Alps: Mountaineering and Nation Building in Germany and Austria, 1860-1939 2016
Appalachian Tectonics 1967
Applying Nature's Design: Corridors as a Strategy for Biodiversity Conservation 2006
The Arctic Frontier 1966
Arctic Shorebirds in North America: A Decade of Monitoring 2012
The Arid Lands: History, Power, Knowledge 2016
Aristotle's Ladder, Darwin's Tree: The Evolution of Visual Metaphors for Biological Order 2014
An Arkansas Florilegium: The Atlas of Botanist Edwin Smith Illustrated by Naturalist Kent Bonar 2017
Arqueología, historia y medio ambiente. Visiones cruzadas 2019
Arthropod Brains: Evolution, Functional Elegance, and Historical Significance 2012
At the Desert's Green Edge: An Ethnobotany of the Gila River Pima 1997
Atacama : desierto de la discordia: minería y política internacional en Bolivia, Chile y Perú OPEN ACCESS 1992
The Atmospheric Environment: A Study of Comfort and Performance 1972
The Avian Migrant: The Biology of Bird Migration 2013
The Balance of Nature: Ecology's Enduring Myth 2009
The Banana Tree at the Gate: A History of Marginal Peoples and Global Markets in Borneo 2011
Banned: A History of Pesticides and the Science of Toxicology 2014
The Bare Bones: An Unconventional Evolutionary History of the Skeleton 2016
Basin Futures: Water reform in the Murray-Darling Basin OPEN ACCESS 2011
Battle Against Extinction: Native Fish Management in the American West 1991
The Battle for Paradise: Surfing, Tuna, and One Town's Quest to Save a Wave 2015
The Battle for the Buffalo River: The Story of America's First National River 1992
Bayesian Models: A Statistical Primer for Ecologists 2015
Beasts of Eden: Walking Whales, Dawn Horses, and Other Enigmas of Mammal Evolution 2004
Beauté oblige. Écologie et dignité. Manifeste 2018
Becoming Creole: Nature and Race in Belize 2019
Becoming Native To This Place 1994
Becoming Neanderthals: Becoming Neanderthals 2011
Becoming Undone: Darwinian Reflections on Life, Politics, and Art 2011
The Beginnings of Plant Hybridization 1935
Behavioral Ecology and the Transition to Agriculture 2006
Being-in-Creation: Human Responsibility in an Endangered World 2015
Between the Rocks and the Stars: Narratives in Natural History 2020
Between Urban and Wild: Reflections from Colorado 2013
Beyond Biofatalism: Human Nature for an Evolving World 2015
Beyond Cladistics: The Branching of a Paradigm 2010
Beyond Sun and Sand: Caribbean Environmentalisms 2006
Beyond the Brain: How Body and Environment Shape Animal and Human Minds 2011
Beyond the Mountains: Commodifying Appalachian Environments 2018
Big Ecology: The Emergence of Ecosystem Science 2010
The Big Sandy 1979
Biodiversidad, conservación y desarrollo 2012
Biodiversidad y politicas públicas: coaliciones de causa en las politicas de acceso a los recursos genéticos en Colombia 2016
Biodiversity Conservation in Costa Rica: Learning the Lessons in a Seasonal Dry Forest 2004
Biodiversity Dynamics: Turnover of Populations, Taxa, and Communities 1998
Biología de hongos 2012
The Biology and Ecology of Giant Kelp Forests 2015
Biology and the Mechanics of the Wave-Swept Environment 1988
Biology at Work: Rethinking Sexual Equality 2002
Biology of the Sauropod Dinosaurs: Understanding the Life of Giants 2011
Birds and Animals of Australia's Top End: Darwin, Kakadu, Katherine, and Kununurra 2015
Birds in Winter: Surviving the Most Challenging Season 2019
The Bird's Nest Fungi 1975
Birds of Botswana 2016
Birthright: People and Nature in the Modern World 2012
Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors 2014
Blue Legalities: The Life and Laws of the Sea 2020
Bluegrass Land and Life: Land Character, Plants, and Animals of the Inner Bluegrass Region of Kentucky: Past, Present, and Future 1991
The Brain: Big Bangs, Behaviors, and Beliefs 2012
Brave New Arctic: The Untold Story of the Melting North 2018
Breaking Through: Essays, Journals, and Travelogues of Edward F. Ricketts 2006
A Brief Natural History of Civilization: Why a Balance Between Cooperation & Competition Is Vital to Humanity 2020
Bringing Conservation to Cities: Lessons from Building the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge 2014
Bringing Fossils to Life: An Introduction to Paleobiology 2013
Bringing Whales Ashore: Oceans and the Environment of Early Modern Japan 2018
Britain's Ferns: A Field Guide to the Clubmosses, Quillworts, Horsetails and Ferns of Great Britain and Ireland 2020
Britain's Habitats: A Field Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Great Britain and Ireland - Fully Revised and Updated Second Edition 2020
Britain's Habitats: A Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Britain and Ireland 2015
Britain's Sea Mammals: Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, and Seals and Where to Find Them 2012
British Columbia: Studies in Canadian Geography 1972
Building a Sustainable and Desirable Economy-in-Society-in-Nature OPEN ACCESS 2013
Built for Speed: A Year in the Life of Pronghorn 2003
Butterfly Gardening: The North American Butterfly Association Guide 2018
Caddisflies: The Underwater Architects 2004
The Caddisfly Family Phryganeidae (Trichoptera) 1998
The Calculus of Selfishness: 2010
Calgary: City of Animals 2017
Cambiar las empresas desde adentro : la guía de una ecologista para trabajar en corporaciones 2019
Cambio climático, cambio civilizatorio: aproximaciones teóricas 2012
Cambio Climático. Lecciones de y para ciudades de América latina 2016
Campesinos de los Andes caucanos: Campesinos de los andes caucanos entre > y > en El Roble, Timbío 2021
Capitalismo e colapso ambiental 2018
Capturing Wealth from Tuna: Case Studies from the Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2007
Carboniferous Giants and Mass Extinction: The Late Paleozoic Ice Age World 2018
Carnivore Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution 1996
Carnivore Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution 1989
Carolina Bays: Wild, Mysterious, and Majestic Landforms 2020
The Carpathians: Discovering the Highlands of Poland and Ukraine 2021
Cash For Your Trash: Scrap Recycling in America 2005
Caste and Ecology in the Social Insects. (MPB-12), Volume 12 1978
The Cat: A Natural and Cultural History 2020
Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer 2016
Cataclysms: A New Geology for the Twenty-First Century 2017
Cats and Conservationists: The Debate Over Who Owns the Outdoors 2020
Cattle Colonialism: An Environmental History of the Conquest of California and Hawai'i 2015
A Celebration of the World's Barrier Islands 2003
Cells and Societies 1955
Cells to Civilizations: The Principles of Change That Shape Life 2012
The Century of the Gene 2000
The Cerrados of Brazil: Ecology and Natural History of a Neotropical Savanna 2002
Changing Perceptions of Nature 2016
Chaos and Cosmos: Literary Roots of Modern Ecology in the British Nineteenth Century 2014
Chaos and Life: Complexity and Order in Evolution and Thought 2003
Charles Darwin 2008
Chattahoochee River User's Guide 2014
Chattooga: Descending into the Myth of Deliverance River 2004
The Cheating Cell: How Evolution Helps Us Understand and Treat Cancer 2020
Checking the Pulse of Lake Erie 2008
Chemical Biomarkers in Aquatic Ecosystems 2011
Chicano Culture, Ecology, Politics: Subversive Kin 1998
China and Charles Darwin 1983
The Cicindelidae of Canada 1961
Ciencia, ambiente y academia: Aportes de la formación en investigación en Ingeniería Ambiental para el desarrollo sostenible 2017-2018 2020
The Cinematic Footprint: Lights, Camera, Natural Resources 2012
The Cinematic Life of the Gene 2010
Cities That Think like Planets: Complexity, Resilience, and Innovation in Hybrid Ecosystems 2016
Civic Ecology: Adaptation and Transformation from the Ground Up 2015
Civilizing Thoreau: Human Ecology and the Emerging Social Sciences in the Major Works 2016
Climate and Ecosystems 2013
Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Cities: A Guidebook for Citizens, Public Officials and Planners OPEN ACCESS 2021
Climate Stewardship: Taking Collective Action to Protect California 2021
Coastal Lives: Nature, Capital, and the Struggle for Artisanal Fisheries in Peru 2019
Coastal Marshes: Ecology and Wildlife Management 1988
Colombia Pacífico: Una visión sobre su biodiversidad marina 2011
Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope, Fourth Edition A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants 2012
Colorado Flora: Western Slope, Fourth Edition A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants 2012
Comeuppance: Costly Signaling, Altruistic Punishment, and Other Biological Components of Fiction 2007
Coming to Pass: Florida's Coastal Islands in a Gulf of Change 2015
Common Nymphs of Eastern North America: A Primer for Flyfishers and Flytiers 2011
The Commons in History: Culture, Conflict, and Ecology 2014
Comparing Futures for the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta 2010
Competition and the Structure of Bird Communities. (MPB-7), Volume 7 1974
Complex Science for a Complex World: Exploring Human Ecosystems with Agents OPEN ACCESS 2006
Computing Skills for Biologists: A Toolbox 2019
Concealing Coloration in Animals 2013
Concrete Jungle: New York City and Our Last Best Hope for a Sustainable Future 2014
Confluence: The Nature of Technology and the Remaking of the Rhône 2011
Conquering the Highlands: A history of the afforestation of the Scottish uplands OPEN ACCESS 2013
Conservation Genetics in the Age of Genomics 2009
Conservation: Linking Ecology, Economics, and Culture 2005
Contested Waters: An Environmental History of the Colorado River 2013
Convergent Evolution: Limited Forms Most Beautiful 2011
Cooperation and Its Evolution 2013
Cooperative Evolution: Reclaiming Darwin's Vision OPEN ACCESS 2021
A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution 2011
Cooperatives, Grassroots Development, and Social Change: Experiences from Rural Latin America 2017
Coral Empire: Underwater Oceans, Colonial Tropics, Visual Modernity 2019
Coral Reefs: A Natural History 2021
Coral Reefs: Majestic Realms under the Sea 2021
Country, Native Title and Ecology OPEN ACCESS 2012
Crabgrass Crucible: Suburban Nature and the Rise of Environmentalism in Twentieth-Century America 2012
Crafting Wounaan Landscapes: Identity, Art, and Environmental Governance in Panama’s Darién 2017
Creatures of Cain: The Hunt for Human Nature in Cold War America 2019
Cricket Radio: Tuning In the Night-Singing Insects 2011
Crisis and Opportunity: Sustainability in American Agriculture 2008
Crisis del agua en Monterrey, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí, León y la ciudad de México: (1950-2010) 2012
Critical Transitions in Nature and Society 2009
Cuaderno de un viaje: Exploraciones del espacio 1945-2008 2009
Cuerpos inadecuados: El desafío transhumanista a la filosofía 2021
Cultivating Arctic Landscapes: Knowing and Managing Animals in the Circumpolar North 2004
Cultural Transmission and Evolution (MPB-16), Volume 16: A Quantitative Approach. (MPB-16) 1981
The Custom-Made Brain: Cerebral Plasticity, Regeneration, and Enhancement 2014
The Cutting Edge: Conserving Wildlife in Logged Tropical Forests 2001
Dancing with the River: People and Life on the Chars of South Asia 2013
Darwin and Design: Does Evolution Have a Purpose? 2003
Darwin and International Relations: On the Evolutionary Origins of War and Ethnic Conflict 2004
Darwin, Dharma, and the Divine: Evolutionary Theory and Religion in Modern Japan 2017
Darwin: El descubrimiento del árbol de la vida 2009
Darwinian Agriculture: How Understanding Evolution Can Improve Agriculture 2012
Darwinian Dynamics: Evolutionary Transitions in Fitness and Individuality 1999
Darwinismo, biología y sociedad 2014
Darwin's On the Origin of Species: A Modern Rendition 2014
Darwin's Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, and the Evolution of the Noosphere 2011
Darwin's Pictures: Views of Evolutionary Theory, 1837-1874 2010
Darwin's Spectre: Evolutionary Biology in the Modern World 1998
Darwin's Unfinished Symphony: How Culture Made the Human Mind 2017
Dazzled and Deceived 2009
DDT and the American Century: Global Health, Environmental Politics, and the Pesticide That Changed the World 2011
DDT: Scientists, Citizens, and Public Policy 1981
Death and Compassion: The Elephant in Southern African Literature 2018
Death of a Science in Russia: The Fate of Genetics as Described in "Pravda" and Elsewhere 1949
Deep Cuba: The Inside Story of an American Oceanographic Expedition 2002
Deep Time, Dark Times: On Being Geologically Human 2019
Deep'n as It Come: The 1927 Mississippi River Flood 1996
Defendiendo territorio y dignidad: emociones y cambio cultural en las luchas contra represas en España y México 2017
Delicious: The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human 2021
Der letzte Herr des Waldes: Ein Indianerkrieger aus dem Amazonas erzählt vom Kampf gegen die Zerstörung seiner Heimat und von den Geistern des Urwalds 2018
Der stumme Frühling 1963
Der Ursprung der Schönheit: Darwins größtes Dilemma 2011
The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex 1981
Describing Species: Practical Taxonomic Procedure for Biologists 1999
The Desert Year 1952
Designing Gardens with Flora of the American East 2010
D’espoir et d’environnement ? Nouvelles ruralités et mise en valeur de la nature au Bas-Saint-Laurent 2020
Destruir la naturaleza para rediseñar el territorio: el caso del valle geográfico del río Cauca, Colombia 2020
Die 101 wichtigsten Fragen - Evolution 2011
Die Alpen: Geschichte und Zukunft einer europäischen Kulturlandschaft 2015
Die Evolution des Menschen 2006
Die Evolution des Menschen 2006
Die Frühzeit des Menschen: Der Weg zum Homo sapiens 1997
A Different Kind of Animal: How Culture Transformed Our Species 2018
Dignity: The Essential Role It Plays in Resolving Conflict 2011
Dinosaurs and Other Reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico 2014
Diplomacy on Ice: Energy and the Environment in the Arctic and Antarctic 2015
Dirty Water: One Man's Fight to Clean Up One of the World's Most Polluted Bays 2010
Discontinuities in Ecosystems and Other Complex Systems 2008
The Disposition of Nature: Environmental Crisis and World Literature 2020
Diverting the Gila: The Pima Indians and the Florence-Casa Grande Project, 1916–1928 2021
DNA: A Graphic Guide to the Molecule that Shook the World 2011
Do Elephants Have Knees?: And Other Stories of Darwinian Origins 2016
The Dodo and the Solitaire: A Natural History 2013
The Dog: A Natural History 2018
Dogs: Their Fossil Relatives and Evolutionary History 2008
Dolly Mixtures: The Remaking of Genealogy 2007
Domination of Nature 1994
Down the Wild Cape Fear: A River Journey through the Heart of North Carolina 2013
Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book: everything you need to know about surf, sand and rips 2010
Drawing the Sea Near: Satoumi and Coral Reef Conservation in Okinawa 2020
Drifting into Darien: A Personal and Natural History of the Altamaha River 2011
The Drunken Monkey: Why We Drink and Abuse Alcohol 2014
Dung Beetle Ecology 1991
Dwelling in Resistance: Living with Alternative Technologies in America 2017
Dynamical Evolution of Globular Clusters 1987
The Dynamics of Arthopod Predator-Prey Systems. (MPB-13), Volume 13 1978
Dynamics of Cancer: Incidence, Inheritance, and Evolution 2007
The Earliest Europeans: A Year in the Life: Survival Strategies in the Lower Palaeolithic 2020
Early Modern Écologies: Beyond English Ecocriticism 2020
Earth in Our Care: Ecology, Economy, and Sustainability 2009
Earth, Life, and System: Evolution and Ecology on a Gaian Planet 2015
Eastern Alpine Guide: Natural History and Conservation of Mountain Tundra East of the Rockies 2012
Ecocide: A Short History of the Mass Extinction of Species 2002
Eco-evolutionary Dynamics 2017
Ecología de comunidades 2007
Ecología de la familia: Herramientas para fundar, cuidar, desarrollar y restaurar las relaciones familiares 2018
Ecología industrial: Calidad ambiental en el ambiente operativo y en el entorno inmediato de los centros industriales 2020
Ecological Changes in the Zambezi River Basin 2021
Ecological Communities: Conceptual Issues and the Evidence: Conceptual Issues and the Evidence 1984
Ecological Debt: Global Warming and the Wealth of Nations 2009
The Ecological Detective: Confronting Models with Data (MPB-28) 1997
Ecological Forecasting 2017
Ecological Form: System and Aesthetics in the Age of Empire 2019
Ecological Mechanics: Principles of Life's Physical Interactions 2016
Ecological Models and Data in R 2008
Ecological Niches and Geographic Distributions (MPB-49) 2011
The Ecological Other: Environmental Exclusion in American Culture 2013
Ecological Restoration in the Midwest: Past, Present, and Future 2018
The Ecological Rift: Capitalisms War on the Earth 2010
Ecology: A Pocket Guide, Revised and Expanded 2008
Ecology and Evolution of Darwin's Finches (Princeton Science Library Edition): Princeton Science Library Edition 1986
The Ecology and Evolution of Inducible Defenses 1999
Ecology, Conservation, and Restoration of Tidal Marshes: The San Francisco Estuary 2012
Ecology of Climate Change: The Importance of Biotic Interactions 2013
The Ecology of Finnegans Wake 2015
Ecology of Freshwater and Estuarine Wetlands 2014
Ecology of Freshwater and Estuarine Wetlands 2006
Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes 2013
The Ecology of the Cambrian Radiation 2001
The Ecology of the Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Northern Florida 2021
Economía para no morir 2018
The Ecosystem Approach: Complexity, Uncertainty, and Managing for Sustainability 2008
Ecosystems of California 2016
Edge Effects: Notes From An Oregon Forest 1993
Edible Insects and Human Evolution 2018
Educación ambiental en la primera infancia: Una mirada en Latinoamérica 2018
El derecho de la naturaleza: Una aproximación interdisciplinaria a los estudios ambientales 2019
El legado de Darwin: Qué significa la evolución hoy 2006
El Pensamiento de Darwin en las teorías evolutivas 2009
Elementos para la comprensión de los servicios ambientales en la gestión integral del agua:: una mirada desde Bogotá 2011
Elephant management: A Scientific Assessment for South Africa 2008
Elevations: A Personal Exploration of the Arkansas River 2018
Emerald Labyrinth: A Scientist's Adventures in the Jungles of the Congo 2018
Emulating Natural Forest Landscape Disturbances: Concepts and Applications 2004
En diálogo con la tierra. Por una Colombia sostenible 2017
En las regiones de Colombia: La Universidad del Rosario piensa el país 2021
Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions 2011
Encyclopedia of Islands 2009
Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology 2012
The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction 2016
The End of Sustainability: Resilience and the Future of Environmental Governance in the Anthropocene 2017
Endless Novelties of Extraordinary Interest: The Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger and the Birth of Modern Oceanography 2019
Enduring Roots: Encounters with Trees, History, and the American Landscape 1999
Energie rinnovabili & diritti umani: Verso un nuovo futuro 2020
The Engine of Complexity: Evolution as Computation 2013
Engineering Animals: How Life Works 2011
Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making Better People 2007
The Entire Earth and Sky: Views on Antarctica 2008
Ents, Elves, and Eriador: The Environmental Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien 2006
The Environment in the Age of the Internet: Activists, Communication, and the Digital Landscape OPEN ACCESS 2016
Environment, labour and capitalism at sea: Working the ground' in Scotland 2017
Environment, Power, and Society for the Twenty-First Century: The Hierarchy of Energy 2007
Environmental Anthropology Engaging Ecotopia: Bioregionalism, Permaculture, and Ecovillages 2013
Environmental Archaeology in Ireland 2007
The Environmental Endgame: Mainstream Economics, Ecological Disaster, and Human Survival 2006
Environmental Ethics, Ecological Theology, and Natural Selection 2003
Environmental Flows: Saving Rivers in the Third Millennium 2012
Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger 2020
The Environmental Legacy of the UC Natural Reserve System 2013
Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Cosmos 2005
Epigenetic Landscapes: Drawings as Metaphor 2017
Epigenetics: Linking Genotype and Phenotype in Development and Evolution 2011
The Epigenetics Revolution: How Modern Biology Is Rewriting Our Understanding of Genetics, Disease, and Inheritance 2012
Epistemología naturalizada: Hacia una versión alternativa y moderada 2021
Especies comunes del bosque seco en el campus de la Universidad del Magdalena 2019
Essays on Life Itself 2000
The Essential Guide to Beachcombing and the Strandline 2015
The Essential Guide to Rockpooling 2019
Eternal Ephemera: Adaptation and the Origin of Species from the Nineteenth Century Through Punctuated Equilibria and Beyond 2015
The Ethical Project 2011
Ética de la ecología integral 2021
Europe's Sea Mammals Including the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde: A field guide to the whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals 2019
Evaluación de la contaminación en Ecosistemas Acuáticos: Un estudio de caso en la laguna de Sonso, cuenca alta del Río Cauca 2012
Evaluación Ecológica de un Fragmento Urbano de Bosque Seco 2019
Evolução: o sentido da biologia 2005
Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior 2013
Evolution and the Emergent Self: The Rise of Complexity and Behavioral Versatility in Nature 2012
Evolution and the Founders of Pragmatism 1972
The Evolution Controversy in America 1994
Evolution, Games, and God: The Principle of Cooperation 2013
Evolution in Changing Environments: Some Theoretical Explorations. (MPB-2) 1968
Evolution: Its Science and Doctrine 1960
The Evolution of Animal Communication: Reliability and Deception in Signaling Systems: Reliability and Deception in Signaling Systems 2005
The Evolution of Canada's Flora 1966
The Evolution of Childhood: Relationships, Emotion, Mind 2010
The Evolution of Complexity by Means of Natural Selection 1988
The Evolution of Culture in Animals 1980
The Evolution of Parental Care 1991
The Evolution of Phylogenetic Systematics 2014
The Evolution of the Human Head 2011
Evolution: The First Four Billion Years 2009
Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters 2007
Evolutionary Biogeography: An Integrative Approach with Case Studies 2009
The Evolutionary Biology of Flies 2005
Evolutionary Biology of Parasites. (MPB-15), Volume 15 1980
Evolutionary Community Ecology 2017
Evolutionary Dynamics: Exploring the Equations of Life 2006
Evolutionary Ecology across Three Trophic Levels: Goldenrods, Gallmakers, and Natural Enemies (MPB-29) 1997
Evolutionary Ecology of Parasites: (Second Edition) 2007
Evolutionary Paleoecology: The Ecological Context of Macroevolutionary Change 2001
Evolutionary Perspectives on Pregnancy 2013
The Evolution-Creation Struggle 2005
Evolution's Bite: A Story of Teeth, Diet, and Human Origins 2017
Evolution's Eye: A Systems View of the Biology-Culture Divide 2000
Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People 2013
Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People 2009
Evolution's Wedge: Competition and the Origins of Diversity 2012
The Evolved Apprentice: How Evolution Made Humans Unique 2012
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