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193 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Acción colectiva, vida cotidiana y democracia OPEN ACCESS 1999
The Adventures of Sayf Ben Dhi Yazan: An Arab Folk Epic 1996
Amadís y sus libros: 500 años OPEN ACCESS 2009
Among the Bone Eaters: Encounters with Hyenas in Harar 2015
Aphrodite's Tortoise: The Veiled Woman of Ancient Greece 2003
Appetites: Food and Sex in Post-Socialist China 2002
Archives of Conjure: Stories of the Dead in Afrolatinx Cultures 2020
Aristomenes of Messene: Legends of Sparta's Nemesis 2004
Arts in Earnest: North Carolina Folklife 1990
Bajo un mismo techo: la familia tradicional en China y su crisis OPEN ACCESS 1993
Beowulf by All: Community Translation and Workbook OPEN ACCESS 2021
Beowulf 2017
Binding Earth and Heaven: Patriarchal Blessings in the Prophetic Development of Early Mormonism 2012
Bkejwanong Dbaajmowinan/Stories of Where the Waters Divide 2021
Blood Brothers and Peace Pipes: Performing the Wild West in German Festivals 2019
The Blood on Satan's Claw 2021
Bloodsucking Witchcraft: An Epistemological Study of Anthropomorphic Supernaturalism in Rural Tlaxcala 1993
Bubanj: The Eneolithic and the Early Bronze Age Tell in Southeastern Serbia. With contributions by Jelena Bulatović, Dragana Filipović, Aleksandar Kapuran, Josip Šarić, Marc Vander Linden and Selena Vitezović 2020
The Castle of Truth and Other Revolutionary Tales 2020
Chinese Christians in America: Conversion, Assimilation, and Adhesive Identities 1999
Chinese Diaspora Charity and the Cantonese Pacific, 1850–1949 2020
Chinese Folklore Studies Today: Discourse and Practice 2019
Civil War Ghost Stories & Legends 2019
Civilization and Monsters: Spirits of Modernity in Meiji Japan 1999
Clever Maids, Fearless Jacks, and a Cat: Fairy Tales from a Living Oral Tradition 2019
Coire Sois, The Cauldron of Knowledge: A Companion to Early Irish Saga 2014
Collecting Music in the Aran Islands: A Century of History and Practice 2021
Common Places: Mythologies of Everyday Life in Russia 1994
The Complete and Original Norwegian Folktales of Asbjørnsen and Moe 2019
The Complete Folktales of A. N. Afanas'ev, Volume III 2021
Confederate Exceptionalism: Civil War Myth and Memory in the Twenty-First Century 2019
Contemporary Gothic and Horror Film: Transnational Perspectives 2021
Conviction in an Optional Society: Pentecostal / Charismatic Christianity and Religious Pluralism 2020
Courting Desire: Litigating for Love in North India 2020
Creation Stories: Landscapes and the Human Imagination 2021
Dancing in the Street: Motown and the Cultural Politics of Detroit 1999
Dancing with the Dead: Memory, Performance, and Everyday Life in Postwar Okinawa 2008
The Dangers of Ritual: Between Early Medieval Texts and Social Scientific Theory 2001
The Dead as Ancestors, Martyrs, and Heroes in Timor-Leste 2020
Del gachupín al criollo: o de cómo los españoles de México dejaron de serlo OPEN ACCESS 1992
Der Heilige Gral: Geschichte und Legende 2019
Different Drummers: Military Culture and Its Discontents 2020
Dirty Jokes and Bawdy Songs: The Uncensored Life of Gershon Legman 2019
Divining the Self: A Study in Yoruba Myth and Human Consciousness 2012
Djur: Berörande möten och kulturella smärtpunkter OPEN ACCESS 2018
Downtown Mardi Gras: New Carnival Practices in Post-Katrina New Orleans 2019
Dracula: Leben und Legende 2011
Duel at Dawn: Heroes, Martyrs, and the Rise of Modern Mathematics 2010
E. T. A. Hoffmanns Märchenschaffen: Kaleidoskop der Verfremdung in seinen sieben Märchen OPEN ACCESS 1989
Eleusis: Archetypal Image of Mother and Daughter 1967
En muchos lugares y todos los días: vírgenes, santos y niños Dios : mística y religiosidad popular en Xochimilco OPEN ACCESS 1997
Encrucijadas chiapanecas: economía, religión e identidades OPEN ACCESS 2002
Estudios de folklore y literatura dedicados a Mercedes Díaz Roig OPEN ACCESS 1992
Euripides: The Children of Heracles 2001
The European Roots of Canadian Identity 2005
An Experts' Guide to International Protocol: Best Practice in Diplomatic and Corporate Relations 2021
Faces of Tradition in Chinese Performing Arts 2020
Fate Calculation Experts: Diviners Seeking Legitimation in Contemporary China 2019
Folk Literati, Contested Tradition, and Heritage in Contemporary China: Incense Is Kept Burning 2020
Folklore and Social Media 2020
Folklore Concepts: Histories and Critiques 2020
Folklore in the United States and Canada: An Institutional History 2020
The Folklorist in the Marketplace: Conversations at the Crossroads of Vernacular Culture and Economics 2019
The Frank C. Brown Collection of NC Folklore: Vol. V: The Music of the Folk Songs 1962
The Frank C. Brown Collection of NC Folklore: Vol. VII: Popular Beliefs and Superstitions from North Carolina, pt. 2 1964
From Ritual to Romance 1993
From Storeroom to Stage: Romanian Attire and the Politics of Folklore 2019
Fundamentals of Chinese Culture 2021
Género y cultura en América Latina: Volumen I OPEN ACCESS 1998
Género y cultura en América Latina: Volumen II : Arte, historia y estudios de género OPEN ACCESS 2003
George MacDonald's Children's Fantasies and the Divine Imagination 2019
Ghosts of the Carolinas 2019
Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia 2019
God Head 2012
Grassroots Economies: Living with Austerity in Southern Europe 2020
A Guide to Sky Monsters: Thunderbirds, the Jersey Devil, Mothman, and Other Flying Cryptids 2021
Handwritten Newspapers: An Alternative Medium during the Early Modern and Modern Periods OPEN ACCESS 2019
The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam 2019
Herakles and Hercules: Exploring a Graeco-Roman Divinity 2005
Home Away from Home: Japanese Corporate Wives in the United States 2005
Honour and Violence: Gender, Power and Law in Southern Pakistan 2016
Household Horror: Cinematic Fear and the Secret Life of Everyday Objects 2020
How Materials Matter: Design, Innovation and Materiality in the Pacific 2019
How the Gospels Became History: Jesus and Mediterranean Myths 2019
Huichol Mythology 2004
Hunting & Home in the Southern Heartland: The Best of Archibald Ruthledge 1992
Huon of Bordeaux 2020
In Quest of the Hero: (Mythos Series) 1990
Interpreting Greek Tragedy: Myth, Poetry, Text OPEN ACCESS 1986
Interweaving myths in Shakespeare and his contemporaries 2017
Introducción a la historia de la vida cotidiana OPEN ACCESS 2006
Islam: religión y estado OPEN ACCESS 1996
The Island of Happiness: Tales of Madame d'Aulnoy 2021
Ithaca Forever: Penelope Speaks, A Novel 2019
Japanese Tales of Lafcadio Hearn 2019
Jumping the Broom: The Surprising Multicultural Origins of a Black Wedding Ritual 2020
King Rother OPEN ACCESS 1962
Kinship, Islam, and the Politics of Marriage in Jordan: Affection and Mercy 2021
The Kiss of Death: Contagion, Contamination, and Folklore 2019
Knowledge Evolution and Societal Transformations: Action Theory to Solve Adaptive Problems 2020
The Legend of Bigfoot: Leaving His Mark on the World 2020
Legend Tripping: A Contemporary Legend Casebook 2018
Les mythes du deluge de l'Inde ancienne: Histoire d'un comparatisme semitico-indien 2019
Love, Power, and Gender in Seventeenth-Century French Fairy Tales 2020
Lyra minima: del cancionero medieval al cancionero tradicional moderno OPEN ACCESS 2010
The Making and Unmaking of the Haya Lived World: Consumption, Commoditization, and Everyday Practice 1996
The Many-Minded Man: The "Odyssey," Psychology, and the Therapy of Epic 2020
Marriage in Past, Present and Future Tense OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Marvellous and the Miraculous in María de Zayas 2019
Medieval Mythography, Volume 3: The Emergence of Italian Humanism, 1321-1475 2015
The Medieval Saga OPEN ACCESS 1982
Medievalism in A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones 2018
Mexican Folk Tales 1977
The Michiana Potters: Art, Community, and Collaboration in the Midwest 2020
Mimesis and Pacific Transcultural Encounters: Making Likenesses in Time, Trade, and Ritual Reconfigurations 2017
Mitos e outras narrativas Kamayura OPEN ACCESS 2009
Moshkeleh the Thief: A Rediscovered Novel 2021
A Motif-Index of Traditional Polynesian Narratives OPEN ACCESS 1971
Mountain Witches: Yamauba 2021
Mountains and Trees, Rivers and Springs: Animistic Beliefs and Practices in ancient Mesopotamian Religion 2019
The Mute Immortals Speak: Pre-Islamic Poetry and the Poetics of Ritual 1993
The Mwindo Epic from the Banyanga 2021
Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization 1946
Negros azules: Presencia y representaciones visuales de los negros azules de Carreto del Carnaval de Barranquilla 2019
Non-Humans in Amerindian South America: Ethnographies of Indigenous Cosmologies, Rituals and Songs 2019
North Carolina Ghosts and Legends 2019
Oedipus; or, The Legend of a Conqueror 2020
The Origins and History of Consciousness 1954
Otto Wood, the Bandit: The Freighthopping Thief, Bootlegger, and Convicted Murderer behind the Appalachian Ballads 2021
Ours Once More: Folklore, Ideology, and the Making of Modern Greece 2020
Overthrowing the Queen: Telling Stories of Welfare in America 2020
Ozark Country 2021
Pennsylvania Songs and Legends 1949
Performing Environmentalisms: Expressive Culture and Ecological Change 2021
Plan de Buen Vivir de Las Brisas: Consejo Comunitario de Las Brisas, Suárez, Cauca, Centro de Pensamiento Latinoamericano RaizAL; Alhena Caicedo (coordinación y compilación) 2018
Plato and the Mythic Tradition in Political Thought 2020
Playas en la costa caribeña colombiana. Visiones y mutaciones 2020
The Politics of Memory: Native Historical Interpretation in the Colombian Andes 1998
Polynesia, 900–1600 2021
The Pomegranates and Other Modern Italian Fairy Tales 2021
Posthuman Folklore 2019
The Practice of Folklore: Essays toward a Theory of Tradition 2019
The Productions of Time: A Study of the Human Imagination 2021
Prometheus: Archetypal Image of Human Existence 1991
Raccomandazione: Clientelism and Connections in Italy 2019
Race and Nation in Puerto Rican Folklore: Franz Boas and John Alden Mason in Porto Rico 2020
Reciprocal Ethnography and the Power of Women's Narratives 2019
Rediasporization: African-Guyanese Kweh-Kweh 2020
Religious Excitement in Ancient Anatolia: Cult and Devotional Forms for Solar and Lunar Gods 2019
Religious Parenting: Transmitting Faith and Values in Contemporary America 2020
Retelling Trickster in Naapi's Language 2019
Returning Life: Language, Life Force and History in Kilimanjaro 2018
Rightness and Reasons: Interpretation in Cultural Practices 1993
Robin Hood: Legend and Reality 2020
Rome: Day One 2011
Rooted Resistance: Agrarian Myth in Modern America 2020
Rough Beasts: The Monstrous in Irish Fiction, 1800–2000 2019
San Elders Speak: Ancestral knowledge of the Kalahari San 2021
Serious Nonsense: Groundhog Lodges, Versammlinge, and Pennsylvania German Heritage 2016
Sexualidades en México: algunas aproximaciones desde la perspectiva de las ciencias sociales OPEN ACCESS 1998
Shakespeare and the Folktale: An Anthology of Stories 2019
Siegfrieds Tod: Nibelungenlied 2007
Signs of the Spirit: Music and the Experience of Meaning in Ndau Ceremonial Life 2020
Situating the Andean Colonial Experience: Ayllu Tales of History and Hagiography in the Time of the Spanish 2020
South Carolina Ghosts: From the Coast to the Mountains 2019
Spenserian Moments 2019
Star Stories: Constellations and People 2019
Star Tales 2018
Synkretistische Glaubensvorstellungen in den Volksliedern der Südslawen 2018
The Tensions between Culture and Human Rights: Emancipatory Social Work and Afrocentricity in a Global World 2021
This Is Not Normal: The Politics of Everyday Expectations 2021
Till Death Do Us Part: American Ethnic Cemeteries as Borders Uncrossed 2020
Tradiciones y conflictos: historias de la vida cotidiana en México e Hispanoamérica OPEN ACCESS 2007
Tradition in the Frame: Photography, Power, and Imagination in Sfakia, Crete 2019
Tuning the Kingdom: Kawuugulu Musical Performance, Politics, and Storytelling in Buganda 2018
Ukraine, the Middle East, and the West 2021
Unlearning: Rethinking Poetics, Pandemics, and the Politics of Knowledge 2021
Unruly Audience: Folk Interventions in Popular Media 2020
Unveiling Traditions: Postcolonial Islam in a Polycentric World 2000
The Vampire: Origins of a European Myth 2019
Violence, Custom and Law: The Anglo-Scottish Border Lands in the Later Middle Ages 1998
Volcanoes in Old Norse Mythology: Myth and Environment in Early Iceland 2021
We Remember, We Love, We Grieve: Mortuary and Memorial Practice in Contemporary Russia 2021
Werewolves, Witches, and Wandering Spirits: Traditional Belief and Folklore in Early Modern Europe 2002
Whispers on the Color Line: Rumor and Race in America 2001
Why I Like This Story 2019
The Wisdom of the Serpent: The Myths of Death, Rebirth, and Resurrection. 1990
The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present 2017
Witches and Demons: A Comparative Perspective on Witchcraft and Satanism 2016
Women of Discriminating Taste: White Sororities and the Making of American Ladyhood 2020
Women's Dress in the Ancient Greek World 2002
Words: Religious Language Matters 2016
Worshipping Virtues: Personification and the divine in Ancient Greece 2000