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Gender Studies

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956 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
50 Concepts for a Critical Phenomenology 2020
Abject Performances: Aesthetic Strategies in Latino Cultural Production 2018
Abjection Incorporated: Mediating the Politics of Pleasure and Violence 2020
Aborto y la autonomía sexual de las mujeres 2018
Accidental Feminism: Gender Parity and Selective Mobility among India???s Professional Elite 2021
Adam's Gift: A Memoir of a Pastor's Calling to Defy the Church's Persecution of Lesbians and Gays 2011
Affirmative Counseling and Psychological Practice With Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients 2017
Affirmative Reaction: New Formations of White Masculinity 2011
African Literature in the Digital Age: Class and Sexual Politics in New Writing from Nigeria and Kenya 2021
African Theatre 19: Opera & Music Theatre 2020
Afro-Fabulations: The Queer Drama of Black Life 2019
After Difference: Queer Activism in Italy and Anthropological Theory 2018
After Love: Queer Intimacy and Erotic Economies in Post-Soviet Cuba 2014
After Sex?: On Writing since Queer Theory 2011
After the Party: A Manifesto for Queer of Color Life 2018
Against Sex: Identities of Sexual Restraint in Early America 2021
Against the Grain: Couples, Gender, and the Reframing of Parenting 2010
AIDS and the Distribution of Crises 2020
ALT 36: Queer Theory in Film & Fiction: African Literature Today 2018
Alte neue Ungleichheiten?: Auflösungen und Neukonfigurationen von Erwerbs- und Familiensphäre OPEN ACCESS 2017
Alternative Medicine 2014
American Anatomies: Theorizing Race and Gender 1995
American Fatherhood: A History 2019
American Gold Digger: Marriage, Money, and the Law from the Ziegfeld Follies to Anna Nicole Smith 2020
American Paraliterature and Other Theories to Hijack Communication 2021
Anaesthetics of Existence: Essays on Experience at the Edge 2020
Angels on Earth: Mothering, Religion, and Spirituality 2016
Animacies: Biopolitics, Racial Mattering, and Queer Affect 2012
Animate Literacies: Literature, Affect, and the Politics of Humanism 2019
Animate Planet: Making Visceral Sense of Living in a High-Tech Ecologically Damaged World 2017
Aphrodite's Tortoise: The Veiled Woman of Ancient Greece 2003
An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures 2003
Archives of Conjure: Stories of the Dead in Afrolatinx Cultures 2020
Archiving Mexican Masculinities in Diaspora 2021
Are You Entertained?: Black Popular Culture in the Twenty-First Century 2020
Arresting Dress: Cross-Dressing, Law, and Fascination in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco 2015
The Art of Being Dangerous: Exploring Women and Danger through Creative Expression 2021
Articulating Dinosaurs: A Political Anthropology 2016
Asian Canadian Studies Reader 2017
The Asian Migrant's Body: Emotion, Gender and Sexuality 2020
Assuming the Ecosexual Position: The Earth as Lover 2021
Athena to Barbie: Bodies, Archetypes, and Women's Search for Self 2021
Atmospheres of Violence: Structuring Antagonism and the Trans/Queer Ungovernable 2021
Authoring Autism: On Rhetoric and Neurological Queerness 2018
Axis of Hope: Iranian Women's Rights Activism across Borders 2019
Bachelors of a different sort: Queer aesthetics, material culture and the modern interior in Britain 2014
Backward Glances: Contemporary Chinese Cultures and the Female Homoerotic Imaginary 2010
Barbie's Queer Accessories 1995
The Basque Seroras: Local Religion, Gender, and Power in Northern Iberia, 1550–1800 2020
Bathroom Battlegrounds: How Public Restrooms Shape the Gender Order 2020
Be a Perfect Man: Christian Masculinity and the Carolingian Aristocracy 2017
Beautiful Bottom, Beautiful Shame: Where “Black" Meets “Queer" 2006
Becoming a Calm Mom: How to Manage Stress and Enjoy the First Year of Motherhood 2009
Becoming a Visible Man: Second Edition 2020
Becoming Centaur: Eighteenth-Century Masculinity and English Horsemanship 2017
Becoming Men: Black masculinities in a South African township 2020
Becoming Reinaldo Arenas: Family, Sexuality, and The Cuban Revolution 2013
Before AIDS: Gay Health Politics in the 1970s 2018
Before Sexuality: The Construction of Erotic Experience in the Ancient Greek World 1990
Behind Closed Doors: Sex Education Transformed 2019
Being a Sperm Donor: Masculinity, Sexuality, and Biosociality in Denmark 2018
Being at Genetic Risk: Toward a Rhetoric of Care 2018
Berättelser om det förbjudna: Begär mellan kvinnor i svensk litteratur 1900–1935 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Beside You in Time: Sense Methods and Queer Sociabilities in the American Nineteenth Century OPEN ACCESS 2019
Between You and Me: Queer Disclosures in the New York Art World, 1948–1963 2005
Bewegte Körper – bewegtes Geschlecht: Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf die Konstruktion von Geschlecht im Sport 2020
Beyond Gender Binaries: An Intersectional Orientation to Communication and Identities 2020
Beyond Shame: Creating a Healthy Sex Life on Your Own Terms 2020
Beyond the Crisis of Masculinity: A Transtheoretical Model for Male-Friendly Therapy 2010
Beyond the Politics of the Closet: Gay Rights and the American State Since the 1970s 2020
Bible Trouble: Queer Reading at the Boundaries of Biblical Scholarship 2011
Biblical Porn: Affect, Labor, and Pastor Mark Driscoll's Evangelical Empire 2018
Big Pharma, Women, and the Labour of Love 2015
The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging the Persistence of Patriarchy 2017
Birth Control Battles: How Race and Class Divided American Religion 2020
Birth…: Journey To the Wild Depths of Motherhood 2021
Bishkek Boys: Neighbourhood Youth and Urban Change in Kyrgyzstan’s Capital 2017
The Black Body in Ecstasy: Reading Race, Reading Pornography 2014
Black Empire: The Masculine Global Imaginary of Caribbean Intellectuals in the United States, 1914–1962 2005
Black Gathering: Art, Ecology, Ungiven Life 2021
Black Girl Magic Beyond the Hashtag: Twenty-First-Century Acts of Self-Definition 2019
Black Performance Theory 2014
Black Queer Flesh: Rejecting Subjectivity in the African American Novel 2020
Black Queer Freedom: Spaces of Injury and Paths of Desire 2020
Black Queer Studies: A Critical Anthology 2005
Black Sexual Economies: Race and Sex in a Culture of Capital 2019
The Black Shoals: Offshore Formations of Black and Native Studies 2019
Bloodflowers: Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Photography, and the 1980s 2019
The Blue Clerk: Ars Poetica in 59 Versos 2018
Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and the Digital Humanities OPEN ACCESS 2018
Bodies of Work: Civic Display and Labor in Industrial Pittsburgh 2008
Bodies That Still Matter: Resonances of the Work of Judith Butler 2021
Bodily interventions and intimate labour: Understanding bioprecarity 2020
Body Against Soul: Gender and Sowlehele in Middle English Allegory 2009
Body Battlegrounds: Transgressions, Tensions, and Transformations 2019
Body Stories: in and out and with and through fat 2020
A Body Worth Defending: Immunity, Biopolitics, and the Apotheosis of the Modern Body 2009
The Book of Daniel: Poems 2019
The Book of Womanhood 2015
The Borders of AIDS: Race, Quarantine, and Resistance 2021
Bound together: Leather, sex, archives, and contemporary art 2020
Bread and Roses: Gender and Class Under Capitalism 2021
Bread Winner: An Intimate History of the Victorian Economy 2020
Breasts Across Motherhood: Lived Experiences and Critical Examinations 2020
Brigid Brophy: Avant-Garde Writer, Critic, Activist 2020
Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure 2017
Buy It Now: Lessons from eBay 2012
Buzzword Digitalisierung: Relevanz von Geschlecht und Vielfalt in digitalen Gesellschaften 2021
Byzantine Intersectionality: Sexuality, Gender, and Race in the Middle Ages 2020
Camp: Queer Aesthetics and the Performing Subject: A Reader 1999
Camp TV: Trans Gender Queer Sitcom History 2019
Canoe and Canvas: Life at the Annual Encampments of the American Canoe Association, 1880−1910 2019
Care Ethics: The Introduction of Care as Political Category 2019
Care Work and Class: Domestic Workers’ Struggle for Equal Rights in Latin America 2012
Celibacies: American Modernism and Sexual Life 2013
Century of Struggle: The Woman's Rights Movement in the United States, Enlarged Edition 1996
Challenge and Conformity: The Religious Lives of Orthodox Jewish Women 2021
Changing Gender Norms in Islam Between Reason and Revelation OPEN ACCESS 2018
Changing Men and Masculinities in Latin America 2003
Changing Sex: Transsexualism, Technology, and the Idea of Gender 1995
Chaucer's Losers, Nintendo's Children, and Other Forays in Queer Ludonarratology 2019
Cherry Grove, Fire Island: Sixty Years in America's First Gay and Lesbian Town 2014
Chick Flicks: Theories and Memories of the Feminist Film Movement 1998
Chinese Christians in America: Conversion, Assimilation, and Adhesive Identities 1999
Chinese Men’s Practices of Intimacy, Embodiment and Kinship: Crafting Elastic Masculinity 2021
Chocolate and Other Writings on Male Homoeroticism 2009
Chosen among Women: Mary and Fatima in Medieval Christianity and Shi`ite Islam 2007
#ChurchToo: How Purity Culture Upholds Abuse and How to Find Healing 2021
Claiming Union Widowhood: Race, Respectability, and Poverty in the Post-Emancipation South 2020
The Cleveland Heights LGBTQ Sci-Fi and Fantasy Role Playing Club 2021
Clinical Encounters in Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Practice and Queer Theory OPEN ACCESS 2017
Clinical Labor: Tissue Donors and Research Subjects in the Global Bioeconomy 2014
Cold War Femme: Lesbianism, National Identity, and Hollywood Cinema 2011
Comfort Measures Only: New and Selected Poems, 1994–2016 2018
The Comics of Alison Bechdel: From the Outside In 2020
Coming Out to the Streets: LGBTQ Youth Experiencing Homelessness 2020
Communities and Place: A Thematic Approach to the Histories of LGBTQ Communities in the United States 2020
The Computer's Voice: From Star Trek to Siri 2020
Conceiving Agency: Reproductive Authority among Haredi Women 2020
Conditionally Accepted: Christians' Perspectives on Sexuality and Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights 2020
Confessions of a Gay Priest: A Memoir of Sex, Love, Abuse, and Scandal in the Catholic Seminary 2020
Conscripts of Migration: Neoliberal Globalization, Nationalism, and the Literature of New African Diasporas 2019
Construcción de la ciudadanía de las mujeres en Colombia: cuatro acontecimientos históricos 2019
Constructing the Black Masculine: Identity and Ideality in African American Men’s Literature and Culture, 1775–1995 2002
Contested Selves: Life Writing and German Culture 2021
Contingent Figure: Chronic Pain and Queer Embodiment 2021
Contours of the Nation: Making Obesity and Imagining Canada, 1945–1970 2017
A Convert’s Tale: Art, Crime, and Jewish Apostasy in Renaissance Italy 2019
Counterproductive: Time Management in the Knowledge Economy 2018
Critical Perspectives on 21st Century Friendship: Polyamory, Polygamy, and Platonic Affinity 2019
The Critical Surf Studies Reader 2017
Critically Sovereign: Indigenous Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies 2017
Crossings and Encounters: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Atlantic World 2020
Cruising for Conspirators: How a New Orleans DA Prosecuted the Kennedy Assassination as a Sex Crime 2021
Curative Violence: Rehabilitating Disability, Gender, and Sexuality in Modern Korea 2017
Cursed Legacy: The Tragic Life of Klaus Mann 2016
Cutting Cosmos: Masculinity and Spectacular Events among the Bugkalot 2018
Cybersexualities: A Reader in Feminist Theory, Cyborgs and Cyberspace 1999
Damaged Goods?: Women Living With Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2008
Dance and Gender: An Evidence-Based Approach 2017
Dancing Boys: High School Males in Dance 2016
Dangerous Masculinity: Fatherhood, Race, and Security Inside America's Prisons 2019
Darger's Resources 2012
Daughters of the Mountain: Women Coal Miners in Central Appalachia 2006
Debatir la sociología 2020
Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities 2020
The Deconstruction of Sex 2021
Deepening Group Psychotherapy With Men: Stories and Insights for the Journey 2019
Defining Girlhood in India: A Transnational History of Sexual Maturity Laws 2019
Deleuze and Feminist Theory 2000
Depression: A Public Feeling 2012
Der Islam und die Frauen 2011
Desenfrenada lujuria: Una historia de la sodomía a finales del periodo colonial 2020
Designing Parental Leave Policy: The Norway Model and the Changing Face of Fatherhood 2020
Desire After Dark: Contemporary Queer Cultures and Occultly Marvelous Media 2021
Desire Work: Ex-Gay and Pentecostal Masculinity in South Africa 2018
Destape: Sex, Democracy, and Freedom in Postdictatorial Argentina 2019
Deuda Natal 2021
Devenir trans: Relatos biográficos del tercer sexo en Popayán 2019
Deviant Opera: Sex, Power, and Perversion on Stage 2020
Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader 2011
The Devil's Wheels: Men and Motorcycling in the Weimar Republic 2019
Die soziale Konstruktion von Männlichkeit: Hegemoniale und marginalisierte Männlichkeiten in Deutschland 2008
Digitalisierung, Medizin, Geschlecht: Interdisziplinäre Zugänge 2020
Diners, Dudes, and Diets: How Gender and Power Collide in Food Media and Culture 2020
A Dirty South Manifesto: Sexual Resistance and Imagination in the New South 2020
Disappearing in Reverse 2020
Discourses on LGBT asylum in the UK: Constructing a queer haven 2017
Diskursanalytische Geschlechterforschung in der Erziehungswissenschaft 2021
Dissense über sexuelle Differenz in Serbien und Kroatien: Eine qualitative Dispositivanalyse postjugoslawischer Massenmedien (2009–2013) und quantitative Sekundärdatenauswertung der European Values Study (2008) zu Homophobie im Westbalkan 2017
Dissidências sexuais e de gênero 2016
Distributing Condoms and Hope: The Racialized Politics of Youth Sexual Health 2020
Disturbing Attachments: Genet, Modern Pederasty, and Queer History 2017
Disziplingeschichte der Erziehungswissenschaft als Geschlechtergeschichte OPEN ACCESS 2009
Diversity Management und seine Kontexte: Celebrate Diversity?! 2020
Divine Enjoyment: A Theology of Passion and Exuberance 2015
Divorce in South Korea: Doing Gender and the Dynamics of Relationship Breakdown 2020
Documenting Death: Maternal Mortality and the Ethics of Care in Tanzania OPEN ACCESS 2020
DR SAD: a month and a day 2020
Egalite femme-homme et genre: Approches theologiques et bibliques 2020
Elite Malay Polygamy: Wives, Wealth and Woes in Malaysia 2018
Elizabeth Bishop and the Literary Archive OPEN ACCESS 2019
Elizabeth Bishop: Her Poetics of Loss 1994
Elusive Justice: Women, Land Rights, and Colombia's Transition to Peace 2019
Embodied Resistance: Challenging the Norms, Breaking the Rules 2011
Encanto de erizo: Feminidad en la hystoria 2016
Engendering Islands: Sexuality, Reproduction, and Violence in the Early French Caribbean 2021
Enjaular los cuerpos: normativas decimonónicas y feminidad en México OPEN ACCESS 2008
¿Entiendes?: Queer Readings, Hispanic Writings 1995
Erotic Islands: Art and Activism in the Queer Caribbean 2018
The Erotics of Grief: Emotions and the Construction of Privilege in the Medieval Mediterranean 2021
Essential Dads: The Inequalities and Politics of Fathering 2020
Estudios sobre las mujeres y las relaciones de género en México: aportes desde diversas disciplinas OPEN ACCESS 2002
"Ethel's Love-Life" and Other Writings 2020
Ethereal Queer: Television, Historicity, Desire 2014
Every Home a Fortress: Cold War Fatherhood and the Family Fallout Shelter 2020
Every Woman's Guide to Diabetes: What You Need to Know to Lower Your Risk and Beat the Odds 2007
Everyday Conversions: Islam, Domestic Work, and South Asian Migrant Women in Kuwait 2017
Everyday Masculinities in 21st-Century China: The Making of Able-Responsible Men 2020
Everyday Revolutions: Remaking Gender, Sexuality and Culture in 1970s Australia OPEN ACCESS 2019
Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation 2009
Exile within Exiles: Herbert Daniel, Gay Brazilian Revolutionary 2018
Expanding the Gaze: Gender and the Politics of Surveillance 2016
Expecting Wonder: The Transformative Experience of Becoming a Mother 2000
Experiments in Skin: Race and Beauty in the Shadows of Vietnam 2021
Exploring Gender Diversity in the Ancient World 2020
The Extractive Zone: Social Ecologies and Decolonial Perspectives 2017
Fair Sex, Savage Dreams: Race, Psychoanalysis, Sexual Difference 2001
Faith and the Pursuit of Health: Cardiometabolic Disorders in Samoa 2019
False Summit: Gender in Mountaineering Nonfiction 2021
Family Secrets: Risking Reproduction in Central Mozambique 2010
Fantasies of Gender and the Witch in Feminist Theory and Literature 2008
Fanvids: Television, Women, and Home Media Re-Use 2020
Fashioning Diaspora: Beauty, Femininity, and South Asian American Culture 2016
The Fate of the New Man: Representing and Reconstructing Masculinity in Soviet Visual Culture, 1945–1965 2018
Feeling Like a State: Desire, Denial, and the Recasting of Authority 2019
The Feeling of Kinship: Queer Liberalism and the Racialization of Intimacy 2010
Feeling Photography 2014
Feeling Women's Liberation 2013
Female Masculinity 1998
Female Masculinity 1998
Female Social Entrepreneurship: Challenging boundaries and reframing gender and economic structures 2021
Feminism, Violence, and Representation in Modern Italy: "We are Witnesses, Not Victims" 2019
Feminismos jurídicos: Interpelaciones y debates 2021
Feminismos y sistema penal: Retos contemporáneos para una legitimación del sistema penal 2018
The Feminist Bookstore Movement: Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability 2016
Feminist Parenting: Perspectives from Africa and Beyond 2020
Feminist Perspectives on Young Mothers, and Young Mothering 2019
Feminist Surveillance Studies 2015
The Feminist War on Crime: The Unexpected Role of Women's Liberation in Mass Incarceration 2020
Fertile Bonds: Bedouin Class, Kinship, and Gender in the Bekaa Valley 2013
Fighting for Recognition: Identity, Masculinity, and the Act of Violence in Professional Wrestling 2014
Figurations of the Feminine in the Early French Women’s Press, 1758–1848 2019
Figuring Faith and Female Power in the Art of Rubens 2020
The Filipino Migration Experience: Global Agents of Change 2021
Finding the Movement: Sexuality, Contested Space, and Feminist Activism 2007
Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority, and Lived Experience 2008
Flaming Souls: Homosexuality, Homophobia, and Social Change in Barbados 2012
Flirtations: Rhetoric and Aesthetics This Side of Seduction 2015
The Flower and the Scorpion: Sexuality and Ritual in Early Nahua Culture 2011
For the Record: On Sexuality and the Colonial Archive in India 2009
Forced to Care: Coercion and Caregiving in America 2010
Form and Foreskin: Medieval Narratives of Circumcision 2021
Foucault's Strange Eros 2020
Foundlings: Lesbian and Gay Historical Emotion before Stonewall 2001
Framtidens kvinnor: Mognad och medborgarskap i svenska flickböcker 1832–1921 OPEN ACCESS 2020
Freedom with Violence: Race, Sexuality, and the US State 2011
From Band-Aids to Scalpels: Motherhood Experiences in/of Medicine 2021
From Hysteria to Hormones: A Rhetorical History 2018
The Fruit Machine: Twenty Years of Writings on Queer Cinema 2000
Fugitive Life: The Queer Politics of the Prison State 2018
Furious: Technological Feminism and Digital Futures 2020
Gamelan Girls: Gender, Childhood, and Politics in Balinese Music Ensembles 2019
Gaslighted: How the Oil and Gas Industry Shortchanges Women Scientists 2021
Gay Fandom and Crossover Stardom: James Dean, Mel Gibson, and Keanu Reeves 2001
Gay Latino Studies: A Critical Reader 2011
Gay Priori: A Queer Critical Legal Studies Approach to Law Reform 2018
Gay Rebel of the Harlem Renaissance: Selections from the Work of Richard Bruce Nugent 2002
The Gender Affirmative Model: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Children 2018
Gender and American Jews: Patterns in Work, Education, and Family in Contemporary Life 2009
Gender and Diversity Studies: European Perspectives 2019
Gender and Justice in Family Law Disputes: Women, Mediation, and Religious Arbitration 2017
Gender and Politics: The State of the Discipline OPEN ACCESS 2012
Gender and Slave Emancipation in the Atlantic World 2005
Gender, Discourse and the Self in the Literature: Issues in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong 2010
Gender, Governance and Islam 2019
Gender in Georgia: Feminist Perspectives on Culture, Nation, and History in the South Caucasus 2018
The Gender of Modernity 1995
Gender, Pleasure, and Violence: The Construction of Expert Knowledge of Sexuality in Poland 2020
The Gender Trap: Parents and the Pitfalls of Raising Boys and Girls 2012
Gender Typing of Children's Toys: How Early Play Experiences Impact Development 2018
Gender und Diversity im Unternehmen: Transformatives Organisationales Lernen als Strategie OPEN ACCESS 2017
Gender Violence, 3rd Edition: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2020
Gender, Violence, Refugees 2019
Gendered Trajectories: Women, Work, and Social Change in Japan and Taiwan 2009
Gendering the Nation: Studies in Modern Scottish Literature 1995
Gendering the Recession: Media and Culture in an Age of Austerity 2014
The Generic Closet: Black Gayness and the Black-Cast Sitcom 2021
Género, sexualidad e izquierdas latinoamericanas: el reclamo de derechos durante la marea rosa OPEN ACCESS 2020
Gênero, sexualidades e diferenças: categorias de análise, (des)territórios de disputas 2019
Género y cultura en América Latina: Volumen I OPEN ACCESS 1998
Género y cultura en América Latina: Volumen II : Arte, historia y estudios de género OPEN ACCESS 2003
Género y poder: Discursos de rebeldía sobre feminidades y masculinidades 2019
German, Jew, Muslim, Gay: The Life and Times of Hugo Marcus 2020
Gertrude Stein and the Essence of What Happens 2005
Geschlecht – Sozialisation – Transformationen OPEN ACCESS 2015
Geschlechterbewusste Pädagogik in der Praxis: Eine wissenssoziologische Rekonstruktion diskursiver Deutungsmuster 2021
Geschlechterforschung in der Kritik OPEN ACCESS 2005
Geschlechtertypisierungen im Kontext von Familie und Schule OPEN ACCESS 2006
Geschlechtlicher Neuanfang: Narrative Wirklichkeiten junger divers* und trans*geschlechtlicher Menschen 2021
Getting Medieval: Sexualities and Communities, Pre- and Postmodern 1999
Getting Screwed: Sex Workers and the Law 2015
Ghostly Desires: Queer Sexuality and Vernacular Buddhism in Contemporary Thai Cinema 2016
Girl Head: Feminism and Film Materiality 2021
Girl of New Zealand: Colonial Optics in Aotearoa 2020
Given to the Goddess: South Indian Devadasis and the Sexuality of Religion 2014
Gleichstellungsorientierte Männerpolitik unter Legitimationsdruck: Eine wissenssoziologische Diskursanalyse in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz 2019
Glikl: Memoirs 1691-1719 2019
Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora 2003
Global Fluids: The Cultural Politics of Reproductive Waste and Value 2018
Global Perspectives on Motherhood, Mothering and Masculinities 2021
Going Stealth: Transgender Politics and U.S. Surveillance Practices 2019
Gone the Hard Road: A Memoir 2021
Gothic Architecture and Sexuality in the Circle of Horace Walpole 2020
Gothic Queer Culture: Marginalized Communities and the Ghosts of Insidious Trauma 2019
Grant Wood’s Secrets 2020
Gridiron Gourmet: Gender and Food at the Football Tailgate 2019
Grossières indécences: Pratiques et identités homosexuelles à Montréal, 1880-1929 2020
Growing Up Queer: Kids and the Remaking of LGBTQ Identity 2019
Gumbo Ya Ya: Poems 2021
GUYnecology: The Missing Science of Men's Reproductive Health 2020
The Handbook of Research on Black Males: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Multidisciplinary 2019
Handbook of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in Counseling and Psychotherapy 2017
Has Feminism Changed Science? 1999
Hidden Histories of Gender and the State in Latin America 2000
Hidden Mercy: AIDS, Catholics, and the Untold Stories of Compassion in the Face of Fear 2021
Hidden: Reflections on Gay Life, AIDS, and Spiritual Desire 2012
Hierarchy, Commerce, and Fraud in Bourbon Spanish America: A Postal Inspector's Expose 2005
High Contrast: Race and Gender in Contemporary Hollywood Films 1997
Hijras, Lovers, Brothers: Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India 2021
The history of marriage equality in Ireland: A social revolution begins 2020
Hold It Against Me: Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art 2013
Hold On to Your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973-1992 2009
Holding On: Family and Fatherhood during Incarceration and Reentry 2019
Hollow Men: Writing, Objects, and Public Image in Renaissance Italy 2013
Homintern: How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World 2016
Homo Psyche: On Queer Theory and Erotophobia 2021
Homos 1995
Homosexuality in Cold War America: Resistance and the Crisis of Masculinity 1997
Homosexuality, Transidentity, and Islam: A Study of Scripture Confronting the Politics of Gender and Sexuality 2020
Honeypot: Black Southern Women Who Love Women 2019
A House on Stilts: Mothering in the Age of Opioid Addiction 2019
How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States 2002
How Soon Is Now?: Medieval Texts, Amateur Readers, and the Queerness of Time 2012
The Human Drama of Abortion: A Global Search for Consensus 2006
Hungry Translations: Relearning the World through Radical Vulnerability 2019
Hybrid Anxieties: Queering the French-Algerian War and Its Postcolonial Legacies 2020
I Confess!: Constructing the Sexual Self in the Internet Age 2019
"I wish to keep a record": Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick Women Diarists and Their World 2017
Identities and Place: Changing Labels and Intersectional Communities of LGBTQ and Two-Spirit People in the United States 2020
Identity and Networks: Fashioning Gender and Ethnicity Across Cultures 2007
Ideología o perspectiva de género en la Justicia transicional? 2019
Ideology: Structurring Identities in Contemporary 2003
Imagining Care: Responsibility, Dependency, and Canadian Literature 2016
Imagining Queer Methods 2019
Imagining Transgender: An Ethnography of a Category 2007
Imperial Blues: Geographies of Race and Sex in Jazz Age New York 2014
Impossible Desires: Queer Diasporas and South Asian Public Cultures 2005
Impossible Purities: Blackness, Femininity, and Victorian Culture 1998
In a New Light: Histories of Women and Energy 2021
In Search of Self in India and Japan: Toward a Cross-Cultural Psychology 1988
In the Land of the Eastern Queendom: The Politics of Gender and Ethnicity on the Sino-Tibetan Border OPEN ACCESS 2014
In the Shadow of the Epidemic: Being HIV-Negative in the Age of AIDS 1995
In the Wake of Medea: Neoclassical Theater and the Arts of Destruction 2020
Inappropriate Bodies: Art, Design, and Maternity 2019
Inceptions: Literary Beginnings and Contingencies of Form 2021
Indian Sex Life: Sexuality and the Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought 2020
Information Activism: A Queer History of Lesbian Media Technologies 2020
Institutionalizing Gender: Madness, the Family, and Psychiatric Power in Nineteenth-Century France OPEN ACCESS 2020
Insult and the Making of the Gay Self 2004
Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Geschlechterforschung: Repräsentationen, Positionen, Perspektiven 2021
Intermarriage from Central Europe to Central Asia: Mixed Families in the Age of Extremes 2020
Intersectionality in Digital Humanities 2019
Intimacy and mobility in an era of hardening borders: Gender, reproduction, regulation 2021
Intimate Activism: The Struggle for Sexual Rights in Postrevolutionary Nicaragua 2013
Irish women and the creation of modern Catholicism, 1850–1950 2019
Is Philosophy Androcentric? 2006
Isherwood in Transit 2020
Islamizing Intimacies: Youth, Sexuality, and Gender in Contemporary Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 2019
Islands of Love, Islands of Risk: Culture and HIV in the Trobriands 2012
Israel/Palestine and the Queer International 2012
The Italian Novella and Shakespeare’s Comic Heroines 2019
James Baldwin's Turkish Decade: Erotics of Exile 2009
Jesuits and Matriarchs: Domestic Worship in Early Modern China OPEN ACCESS 2018
A Jewish Woman of Distinction: The Life and Diaries of Zinaida Poliakova 2019
The Journalist of Castro Street: The Life of Randy Shilts 2019
Just Get on the Pill: The Uneven Burden of Reproductive Politics 2021
Just the Usual Work: The Social Worlds of Ida Martin, Working-Class Diarist 2021
Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue: A Life's Work Fighting for a More Perfect Union 2021
A Kaleidoscope of Pieces: Anglican Essays on Sexuality, Ecclesiology and Theology 2016
Katie's Canon: Womanism and the Soul of the Black Community, Revised and Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition 2021
Keith Haring's Line: Race and the Performance of Desire 2020
Kenyan, Christian, Queer: Religion, LGBT Activism, and Arts of Resistance in Africa 2019
Kinder und ihr Geschlecht OPEN ACCESS 2008
Kinship Across the Black Atlantic: Writing Diasporic Relations 2019
Knowing Otherwise: Race, Gender, and Implicit Understanding 2011
Kubrick's Men 2021
Kurdish Women's Stories 2021
Kwaito Bodies: Remastering Space and Subjectivity in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2020
La contraception: Prévalence, prévention et enjeux de société 2011
La filiación en las parejas homoparentales 2020
La identidad se forja en el tablón: masculinidad, etnicidad y discriminación en los cantos de las hinchadas argentinas OPEN ACCESS 2020
La partición: narrativas históricas y literarias OPEN ACCESS 2005
La régulation sociale des minorités sexuelles: L'inquiétude de la différence 2011
La trata de mujeres con fines de explotación sexual: Una aproximación político-criminal y de género 2013
Latter-day Screens: Gender, Sexuality, and Mediated Mormonism OPEN ACCESS 2019
A Legal History of Adoption in Ontario, 1921-2015 2016
Legislating Gender and Sexuality in Africa: Human Rights, Society, and the State 2020
Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story 2019
Lesbian Rule: Cultural Criticism and the Value of Desire 2003
Lesbians in Early Modern Spain 2011
The Lexington Six: Lesbian and Gay Resistance in 1970s America 2020
LGBTQ Film Festivals: Curating Queerness 2020
LGBTQ Mental Health: International Perspectives and Experiences 2020
Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor, 1980–1983 2016
The Life and Work of Rosalba Carriera (1673-1757): The Queen of Pastel 2020
The Light of the Home: An Intimate View of the Lives of Women in Victorian America 1983
Like a Lake: A Story of Uneasy Love and Photography 2020
Like Any Other Woman: The Lived Experience of Gynaecological Cancer OPEN ACCESS 2019
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Prácticas otras de conocimiento(s): Entre crisis, entre guerras. Tomo II OPEN ACCESS 2018
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The Rest of It: Hustlers, Cocaine, Depression, and Then Some, 1976–1988 2018
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Rethinking the Medieval Legacy for Contemporary Theology 2014
The Revolution Has Come: Black Power, Gender, and the Black Panther Party in Oakland 2016
The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex 2007
Rewriting Language: How Literary Texts Can Promote Inclusive Language Use OPEN ACCESS 2020
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The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability 2017
The Rise of the Diva on the Sixteenth-Century Commedia dell'Arte Stage 2015
Riskante Leben? Geschlechterordnungen in der Reflexiven Moderne OPEN ACCESS 2012
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The Secret: Love, Marriage, and HIV 2009
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Sharing Milk: Intimacy, Materiality and Bio-Communities of Practice 2020
Shimmering Images: Trans Cinema, Embodiment, and the Aesthetics of Change 2019
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Slavery, Fatherhood, and Paternal Duty in African American Communities over the Long Nineteenth Century 2020
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Solidarity and Defiant Spirituality: Africana Lessons on Religion, Racism, and Ending Gender Violence 2019
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South Asian Filmscapes: Transregional Encounters 2020
Southern History across the Color Line, Second Edition 2021
Sovereign Attachments: Masculinity, Muslimness, and Affective Politics in Pakistan 2021
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Space-Time Colonialism: Alaska's Indigenous and Asian Entanglements 2021
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Sporting Blackness: Race, Embodiment, and Critical Muscle Memory on Screen 2020
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Surfacing: On being black and feminist in South Africa 2021
Surrogate Humanity: Race, Robots, and the Politics of Technological Futures 2019
Surviving State Terror: Women’s Testimonies of Repression and Resistance in Argentina 2018
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Tell: Love, Defiance, and the Military Trial at the Tipping Point for Gay Rights 2017
Templates for Authorship: American Women's Literary Autobiography of the 1930s 2021
Tendencies 1993
Tending the Student Body: Youth, Health, and the Modern University 2015
Teoría literaria: Postulados, debates y confluencias 2019
Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times 2017
Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times 2007
Terrorizing Gender: Transgender Visibility and the Surveillance Practices of the U.S. Security State 2019
Textual Masculinity and the Exchange of Women in Renaissance Venice 2015
Thiefing Sugar: Eroticism between Women in Caribbean Literature 2010
Thinking Woman: A Philosophical Approach to the Quandary of Gender 2015
Third Sex, Third Gender: Beyond Sexual Dimorphism in Culture and History 1993
This Life I’ve Bled: A Memoir 2021
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Time Binds: Queer Temporalities, Queer Histories 2010
Tinker Belles and Evil Queens: The Walt Disney Company from the Inside Out 2000
Tiny You: A Western History of the Anti-Abortion Movement 2020
To Write as if Already Dead 2021
The Tolls of Uncertainty: How Privilege and the Guilt Gap Shape Unemployment in America 2021
Tortilleras Negotiating Intimacy: Love, Friendship, and Sex in Queer Mexico City 2020
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Tough Choices: Bearing an Illegitimate Child in Japan 2009
Tough Love: Amazon Encounters in the English Renaissance 2000
Toward a Feminist Ethics of Nonviolence 2021
Toward a Theology of Eros: Transfiguring Passion at the Limits of Discipline 2006
Toxic Masculinity: Mapping the Monstrous in Our Heroes 2020
Trabajo, poder y sexualidad OPEN ACCESS 1989
Tradition in the Frame: Photography, Power, and Imagination in Sfakia, Crete 2019
Traffic in Asian Women 2020
Trans and Genderqueer Subjects in Medieval Hagiography 2021
Trans Care 2020
Trans Exploits: Trans of Color Cultures and Technologies in Movement 2019
The Trans Generation: How Trans Kids (and Their Parents) are Creating a Gender Revolution 2018
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