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358 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Aboriginal History 1977 - 2020
Acadiensis 1971 - 2019
The Accounting Historians Journal 1974 - 2017
Aevum 1927 - 2017
African Economic History 1976 - 2015
African Economic History Review 1974 - 1975
Agricultural History 1927 - 2021
Agricultural History Society Papers 1921 - 1925
The Agricultural History Review 1953 - 2015
Air Power History 1989 - 2020
Aerospace Historian 1965 - 1988
The Air Power Historian 1954 - 1965
AJS Review 1976 - 2015
American Art 1991 - 2015
Smithsonian Studies in American Art 1987 - 1990
American Catholic Studies 1999 - 2017
Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia 1884 - 1998
The American Catholic Historical Researches 1887 - 1912
Catholic Historical Researches 1885 - 1886
Historical Researches in Western Pennsylvania, Principally Catholic 1884 - 1885
The American Historical Review 1895 - 2016
American Jewish History 1978 - 2015
American Jewish Historical Quarterly 1961 - 1978
Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society 1893 - 1961
The American Journal of Comparative Law 1952 - 2017
The American Journal of Legal History 1957 - 2015
American Periodicals 1991 - 2015
American Quarterly 1949 - 2015
American Studies 1971 - 2017
American Studies International 1975 - 2004
Midcontinent American Studies Journal 1962 - 1970
Journal of the Central Mississippi Valley American Studies Association 1960 - 1961
Amerikastudien / American Studies 1997 - 2017
Jahrbuch für Amerikastudien 1956 - 1973
AMP: American Music Perspectives 2020
Anabases 2005 - 2015
Analecta Hibernica 1930 - 2017
Anglican and Episcopal History 1987 - 2019
Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church 1932 - 1986
Anglo-Saxon England 1972 - 2014
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales 1946 - 2015
Annales d'histoire sociale (1945) 1945
Mélanges d'histoire sociale 1942 - 1944
Annales d'histoire sociale (1939-1941) 1939 - 1941
Annales d'histoire économique et sociale 1929 - 1938
Annales historiques de la Révolution française 1924 - 2017
Revue historique de la Révolution française 1910 - 1923
Annales révolutionnaires 1908 - 1923
Annals of the Association of American Geographers 1911 - 2015
Annuaire-Bulletin de la Société de l'histoire de France 1863 - 2015
Annuaire historique pour l'année ... 1837 - 1863
Bulletin de la Société de l'histoire de France 1834 - 1861
The Anti-Union 1798 - 1799
Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos 1974 - 2017
Appalachian Journal 1972 - 2017
Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte 1955 - 2017
Archivio Storico Italiano 1842 - 2017
Archivium Hibernicum 1912 - 2017
Archivum Historiae Pontificiae 1963 - 2013
The Arkansas Historical Quarterly 1942 - 2020
Army History 1989 - 2021
The Army Historian 1983 - 1988
Asia Major 1988 - 2017
Atlantis 1979 - 2018
Aufklärung 1986 - 2017
Aula-Historia Social 1998 - 2008
Australasian Journal of American Studies 1983 - 2021
AJAS 1980 - 1982
Austrian Studies 2003 - 2020
Ayer 1991 - 2015
"Before I Forget...": Journal of the Poyntzpass and District Local History Society 1987 - 2017
Bibliothèque de l'École des chartes 1839 - 2015
Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance 1941 - 2017
Humanisme et Renaissance 1934 - 1940
Revue du Seizième siècle 1913 - 1932
Biography 1978 - 2017
Black History Bulletin 2002 - 2021
Negro History Bulletin 1937 - 2001
Boom: A Journal of California 2011 - 2016
Bruniana & Campanelliana 1995 - 2015
Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1948 - 2015
Bulletin of the Asia Institute 1987 - 2014
Bulletin of the Committee on Canadian Labour History / Bulletin du Comité sur l'Histoire Ouvrière Canadienne 1976 - 1980
Bulletin of the Iranian Institute 1942 - 1946
Bulletin of the American Institute for Iranian Art and Archaeology 1937 - 1938
Bulletin of the American Institute for Persian Art and Archaeology 1931 - 1936
The Business History Review 1954 - 2015
Bulletin of the Business Historical Society 1926 - 1953
Cahiers du Centre Gustave Glotz 1991 - 2015
Cahiers du Monde russe 1994 - 2018
Cahiers du Monde russe et soviétique 1959 - 1993
California History 1978 - 2017
California Historical Quarterly 1971 - 1977
California Historical Society Quarterly 1922 - 1970
Cathedra: For the History of Eretz Israel and Its Yishuv / קתדרה: לתולדות ארץ ישראל ויישובה 1976 - 2013
The Catholic Historical Review 1915 - 2015
Central European History 1968 - 2017
Church History 1932 - 2015
Church History and Religious Culture 2006 - 2017
Nederlands archief voor kerkgeschiedenis / Dutch Review of Church History 1900 - 2005
Archief voor Nederlandsche kerkgeschiedenis 1885 - 1899
El Ciervo 1951 - 2017
Clio. Femmes, Genre, Histoire 1995 - 2017
Clio. Women, Gender, History 2013 - 2019
Clogher Record 1953 - 2016
Collectanea Hibernica 1958 - 2006
Communist and Post-Communist Studies 1993 - 2017
Studies in Comparative Communism 1968 - 1992
Communist Affairs 1962 - 1967
Comparative Studies in Society and History 1958 - 2015
Connecticut History Review 1974 - 2021
The Connecticut History Newsletter 1967 - 1974
Contemporanea 1998 - 2015
Contemporary European History 1992 - 2015
Contributions to the History of Concepts 2005 - 2017
Critical Historical Studies 2014 - 2015
Current History 1941 - 2017
Current History & Forum 1940 - 1941
Current History (1916-1940) 1916 - 1940
The New York Times Current History of the European War 1915 - 1916
Daedalus 1955 - 2021
Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1846 - 1958
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 1966 - 2021
Diplomatic History 1977 - 2015
Dublin Historical Record 1938 - 2017
The Dublin Penny Journal 1832 - 1836
Dumbarton Oaks Papers 1941 - 2020
Early American Studies 2003 - 2017
Explorations in Early American Culture 2000 - 2001
Early China 1975 - 2015
Economic Geography 1925 - 2013
The Economic History Review 1927 - 2015
Egitto e Vicino Oriente 1978 - 2019
The Eighteenth Century 1979 - 2017
Eighteenth-Century Ireland / Iris an dá chultúr 1986 - 2017
Eighteenth-Century Studies 1967 - 2015
The English Historical Review 1886 - 2015
Enterprise & Society 2000 - 2015
Business and Economic History 1975 - 1999
Proceedings of the Business History Conference 1973 - 1975
Papers of the Business History Conference 1969
Papers of the Annual Meeting of the Business History Conference 1968
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Business History Conference 1959 - 1967
Environmental History 1996 - 2015
Forest & Conservation History 1990 - 1995
Environmental History Review 1990 - 1995
Environmental Review: ER 1976 - 1989
Journal of Forest History 1974 - 1989
Forest History Newsletter 1957 - 1974
Eolas: The Journal of the American Society of Irish Medieval Studies 2006 - 2019
Ethnohistory 1954 - 1999
European Review of Economic History 1997 - 2015
Feminist Media Histories 2015
Fire!!! 2012 - 2020
The Florida Historical Quarterly 1937 - 2017
The Florida Historical Society Quarterly 1925 - 1937
Publications of the Florida Historical Society 1908 - 1924
French Colonial History 2002 - 2021
Proceedings of the Meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society 1976 - 1998
French Historical Studies 1958 - 1999
Gastronomica 2001 - 2017
Genèses 1990 - 2017
The Georgia Historical Quarterly 1917 - 2017
German Studies Review 1978 - 2015
Geschichte und Gesellschaft 1975 - 2019
Geschichte und Gesellschaft. Sonderheft 1975 - 2019
Global Environment 2008 - 2017
The Great Circle 1979 - 2019
Grial 1963 - 2015
Groundings: The Journal of The Walter Rodney Foundation 2018
Guerres mondiales et conflits contemporains 1987 - 2017
Revue d'histoire de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale et des conflits contemporains 1982 - 1986
Revue d'histoire de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale 1950 - 1981
Cahiers d'histoire de la guerre 1949 - 1950
Health and History 1998 - 2021
Hiperboreea 2012 - 2021
The Hispanic American Historical Review 1918 - 1999
Histoire, Économie et Société 1982 - 2017
Revue d'histoire économique et sociale 1913 - 1977
Revue d'histoire des doctrines économiques et sociales 1908 - 1912
Histoire & Mesure 1986 - 2018
Historia, Antropología y Fuentes Orales 1996 - 2011
Historia y Fuente Oral 1989 - 1995
Historia: Journal of the Historical Society of Israel / היסטוריה: כתב עת של החברה ההיסטורית הישראלית 1998 - 2015
Historia Mexicana 1951 - 2021
Historia Social 1988 - 2021
Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte 1950 - 2016
The Historian 1938 - 2013
Historic Gardens Review 1997 - 2018
European Gardens 1995 - 1996
The Historical Journal 1958 - 2015
The Cambridge Historical Journal 1923 - 1957
Historical Performance 2018 - 2019
Historical Reflections / Réflexions Historiques 1974 - 2017
Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung 1979 - 2021
QUANTUM Information 1976 - 1979
Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung. Supplement 1988 - 2019
Historische Zeitschrift 1859 - 2006
Historische Zeitschrift. Beihefte 1924 - 2006
History 1912 - 2015
History and Memory 1989 - 2021
History and Theory 1960 - 2016
History in Africa 1974 - 2015
History Ireland 1993 - 2020
History News 1949 - 2017
State and Local History News 1941 - 1949
History of Education Quarterly 1961 - 2015
History of Education Journal 1949 - 1959
History of Philosophy Quarterly 1984 - 2020
History of the Present 2011 - 2016
The History Teacher 1967 - 2018
History Workshop Journal 1995 - 2015
History Workshop 1976 - 1994
Horizontes Decoloniales / Decolonial Horizons 2015 - 2020
The Hungarian Historical Review 2012 - 2020
Acta Historica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 1951 - 1989
Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (HJEAS) 1995 - 2016
Hungarian Studies in English 1991 - 1992
Angol Filológiai Tanulmányok / Hungarian Studies in English 1936 - 1990
Hungarian Studies Review 2016 - 2021
Huntington Library Quarterly 1937 - 2017
The Huntington Library Bulletin 1931 - 1937
IJAS Online 2009 - 2018
Irish Journal of American Studies 1992 - 2004
Imago Mundi 1935 - 2013
Indiana Magazine of History 1913 - 2021
The Indiana Quarterly Magazine of History 1905 - 1913
Information & Culture 2012 - 2017
Libraries & the Cultural Record 2006 - 2011
Libraries & Culture 1988 - 2006
The Journal of Library History (1974-1987) 1974 - 1987
Journal of Library History, Philosophy, and Comparative Librarianship 1973
The Journal of Library History (1966-1972) 1966 - 1972
The International History Review 1979 - 2013
The International Journal of African Historical Studies 1972 - 2017
African Historical Studies 1968 - 1971
International Journal of Middle East Studies 1970 - 2015
International Labor and Working-Class History 1976 - 2015
Newsletter: European Labor and Working Class History 1972 - 1975
International Review of Social History 1956 - 2015
Bulletin of the International Institute of Social History 1937 - 1955
Irish Economic and Social History 1974 - 2017
Irish Historical Studies 1938 - 2015
The Irish Monthly 1873 - 1954
The Irish Penny Journal 1840 - 1841
Irish Studies in International Affairs 1979 - 2021
Irish University Review 1970 - 2015
University Review 1954 - 1968
Italian American Review 2011 - 2021
Italian Americana 1974 - 2017
Jahrbuch für Kommunikationsgeschichte 1999 - 2016
Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas 1936 - 2019
Jahrbücher für Kultur und Geschichte der Slaven 1924 - 1935
Jazz & Culture 2018 - 2021
International Jazz Archives Journal 1993 - 2012
Jewish Historical Studies 1982 - 2015
Transactions & Miscellanies (Jewish Historical Society of England) 1968 - 1981
Miscellanies (Jewish Historical Society of England) 1925 - 1962
Transactions (Jewish Historical Society of England) 1893 - 1962
Jewish History 1986 - 2015
The John Whitmer Historical Association Journal 1981 - 2018
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies 2001 - 2017
The Journal of African American History 2002 - 2017
The Journal of Negro History 1916 - 2001
The Journal of African History 1960 - 2015
Journal of American Ethnic History 1981 - 2021
The Journal of American History 1964 - 2015
The Mississippi Valley Historical Review 1914 - 1964
Journal of American Studies 1967 - 2015
Bulletin (British Association for American Studies) 1956 - 1966
Journal of Appalachian Studies 1995 - 2021
Journal of the Appalachian Studies Association 1989 - 1995
The Journal of Arizona History 1965 - 2017
Arizoniana 1960 - 1964
Journal of Asian History 1967 - 2021
Journal of Austrian-American History 2017 - 2020
Journal of Baltic Studies 1972 - 2013
Bulletin of Baltic Studies 1970 - 1971
Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 2014 - 2021
Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture 2008 - 2013
Journal of Book of Mormon Studies (1992-2007) 1992 - 2007
Journal of British Studies 1961 - 2016
Albion: A Quarterly Journal Concerned with British Studies 1969 - 2004
Journal of Cold War Studies 1999 - 2015
Journal of Contemporary History 1966 - 2017
The Journal of Economic History 1941 - 2015
Journal of Haitian Studies 1995 - 2019
The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 1970 - 2015
The Journal of Intersectionality 2018 - 2019
The Journal of Military History 1989 - 2007
Military Affairs 1941 - 1988
The Journal of the American Military Institute 1939 - 1940
The Journal of the American Military Foundation 1937 - 1938
Journal of Minority Achievement, Creativity, and Leadership 2020
The Journal of Modern African Studies 1963 - 2015
Journal of Modern European History / Zeitschrift für moderne europäische Geschichte / Revue d'histoire européenne contemporaine 2003 - 2017
The Journal of Modern History 1929 - 2015
Journal of Moravian History 2006 - 2021
Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society 1857 - 2000
Journal of Mormon History 1974 - 2021
Journal of Olympic Studies 2020 - 2021
The Journal of Pacific History 1966 - 2013
The Journal of Presbyterian History (1997-) 1997 - 2019
American Presbyterians 1985 - 1996
Journal of Presbyterian History (1962-1985) 1962 - 1985
Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society (1943-1961) 1943 - 1961
Journal of the Department of History (The Presbyterian Historical Society) of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. 1930 - 1942
Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society (1901-1930) 1901 - 1930
Journal of Social History 1967 - 2015
Journal of Song-Yuan Studies 1990 - 2017
Bulletin of Sung and Yüan Studies 1978 - 1989
Sung Studies Newsletter 1970 - 1977
Journal of Southern African Studies 1974 - 2013
The Journal of Southern History 1935 - 2015
Journal of Sport History 1974 - 2021
Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association 1987 - 2018
Papers of the Abraham Lincoln Association 1979 - 1986
Journal of the Civil War Era 2011 - 2019
Journal of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society 1970 - 2017
Journal of the County Louth Archaeological Society 1904 - 1969
Journal of the Early Republic 1981 - 2017
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 1957 - 2017
Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society 1900 - 2016
The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 2002 - 2015
Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria 1956 - 2018
Journal of the History of Ideas 1940 - 2017
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 1946 - 2015
Journal of the History of Sexuality 1990 - 2017
Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (1998-) 1998 - 2021
Illinois Historical Journal 1984 - 1998
Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (1908-1984) 1908 - 1984
Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1964 - 2015
Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1878 - 1988
Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1923 - 1963
Journal of the North Atlantic 2008 - 2017
The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 1890 - 2014
The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland 1870 - 1889
The Journal of the Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland 1868 - 1869
The Journal of the Kilkenny and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society 1856 - 1867
Proceedings and Transactions of the Kilkenny and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society 1854 - 1855
Transactions of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society 1849 - 1853
Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research 1921 - 2018
Journal of the Southwest 1987 - 2015
Arizona and the West 1959 - 1986
Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes 1939 - 2017
Journal of the Warburg Institute 1937 - 1939
Journal of West African History 2015 - 2021
Journal of World History 1990 - 2017
Journal of World Prehistory 1987 - 2017
Kronos 1979 - 2019
Labour History 1963 - 2016
Bulletin of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History 1962
Labour / Le Travail 1976 - 2019
Law and History Review 1983 - 2017
Law & Society Review 1966 - 2017
Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association 1960 - 2021
Massachusetts Historical Review (MHR) 1999 - 2018
Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society 1791 - 1997
Material Culture 1984 - 2017
Pioneer America 1969 - 1983
Mediaevistik 1988 - 2017
Medieval Prosopography 1980 - 2018
Medieval Warfare 2011 - 2017
Médiévales 1982 - 2018
Mediterranean Studies 1989 - 2021
Megamot / מגמות 1949 - 2015
Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1783 - 1957
Meridiana 1987 - 2021
Michigan Historical Review 1986 - 2020
The Great Lakes Review 1974 - 1985
Military Images 1979 - 2021
Minnesota History 1925 - 2021
Minnesota History Bulletin 1915 - 1924
Modern China 1975 - 2017
Montana The Magazine of Western History 1955 - 2017
The Montana Magazine of History 1951 - 1955
Le Mouvement social 1960 - 2017
L'Actualité de l'histoire 1953 - 1960
Bulletin annuel de l'Institut français d'histoire sociale 1951 - 1952
Naval War College Review 1952 - 2020
Naval War College Information Service for Officers 1948 - 1952
The New England Quarterly 1928 - 2017
New Hibernia Review / Iris Éireannach Nua 1997 - 2016
New York History 1932 - 2018
The Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association 1919 - 1931
Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association 1902 - 1919
Constitution and By-Laws, New York State Historical Association, with Proceedings of the Second Annual Meeting 1901
Nieuw archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis inzonderheid van Nederland 1852 - 1854
Nederlandsch archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis 1841 - 1849
Archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis, inzonderheid van Nederland 1829 - 1840
Nineteenth Century Studies 1987 - 2020
Nordic Irish Studies 2002 - 2019
The North Carolina Historical Review 1924 - 2017
North Irish Roots 1984 - 2017
Norwegian-American Studies 1962 - 2020
Norwegian-American Studies and Records 1931 - 1959
Studies and Records (Norwegian-American Historical Association) 1926 - 1930
OAH Magazine of History 1985 - 2013
On Point 1995 - 2018
Oral History 1972 - 2019
The Oral History Review 1973 - 2013
Oregon Historical Quarterly 1926 - 2021
The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society 1900 - 1926
Sources of the History of Oregon 1897 - 1899
Orientalia 1920 - 2015
Pacific Historical Review 1932 - 2017
The Pacific Northwest Quarterly 1936 - 2015
The Washington Historical Quarterly 1906 - 1935
Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies 2016 - 2020
Papers of the British School at Rome 1902 - 2017
Pasajes 1999 - 2017
The Past: The Organ of the Uí Cinsealaigh Historical Society 1920 - 2019
Past & Present 1952 - 2015
Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies 1934 - 2021
Pennsylvania Legacies 2001 - 2019
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 1877 - 2021
Phoenix 1946 - 2019
Polish American Studies 1944 - 2021
The Polish Review 1956 - 2021
Bulletin of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America 1942 - 1945
Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural 2012 - 2021
Print Quarterly 1984 - 2015
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 1838 - 2017
Proceedings of the Indian History Congress 1935 - 2017
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy: Archaeology, Culture, History, Literature 1902 - 2020
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1889-1901) 1889 - 1901
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Science 1870 - 1884
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Polite Literature and Antiquities 1879
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1836-1869) 1836 - 1866
The Public Historian 1978 - 2017
Quaderni storici 1970 - 2015
Quaderni storici delle Marche 1966 - 1969
Quaker History 1962 - 2017
Bulletin of Friends Historical Association 1924 - 1961
Bulletin of Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia 1906 - 1923
Railroad History 1972 - 2015
The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin 1921 - 1972
Records of the Academy (American Academy of Arts and Sciences) 1958 - 2003
Region 2012 - 2019
The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 1947 - 2017
Register of Kentucky State Historical Society 1903 - 1946
Renaissance Quarterly 1967 - 2017
Studies in the Renaissance 1954 - 1974
Renaissance News 1948 - 1966
Renaissance Studies 1987 - 2015
Reviews in American History 1973 - 2015
Revista de Historia de América 1938 - 2015
Revue des Deux Mondes 1982 - 2017
La Nouvelle Revue des Deux Mondes 1972 - 1982
Revue des Deux Mondes (1829-1971) 1829 - 1971
Hommes et mondes 1946 - 1956
Journal des voyages, découvertes et navigations modernes 1819 - 1829
Revue d'histoire du protestantisme 2016 - 2018
Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français (1903-2015) 1903 - 2015
Bulletin historique et littéraire (Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français) 1866 - 1902
Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français (1852-1865) 1852 - 1865
Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine (1954-) 1954 - 2017
Etudes d'histoire moderne et contemporaine 1947 - 1953
Revue d'histoire moderne 1926 - 1940
Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine (1899-1914) 1899 - 1914
Revue française d'études américaines 1976 - 2013
Revue Française d'Histoire des Idées Politiques 1995 - 2017
Revue Historique 1876 - 2017
Revue historique de droit français et étranger (1922-) 1922 - 2018
Nouvelle revue historique de droit français et étranger 1877 - 1921
Revue de législation ancienne & moderne française et étrangère 1870 - 1876
Revue historique de droit français et étranger (1855-1869) 1855 - 1869
Revue bibliographique et critique de droit français et étranger 1853 - 1855
Rivista di storia della Chiesa in Italia 2001 - 2017
Roczniki Filozoficzne / Annales de Philosophie / Annals of Philosophy 1948 - 2021
Russian History 1974 - 2017
The Russian Review 1941 - 2015
Saothar 1975 - 2014
Science & Society 1936 - 2015
The Scottish Historical Review 1903 - 2015
The Scottish Antiquary, or, Northern Notes and Queries 1890 - 1903
Northern Notes & Queries 1889 - 1890
Seanchas Ardmhacha: Journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society 1954 - 2017
Seizième Siècle 2005 - 2017
Nouvelle Revue du XVIe Siècle 1984 - 2004
The Sixteenth Century Journal 1972 - 2015
Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies 1970 - 1971
The Slavonic and East European Review 1928 - 2021
The Slavonic Review 1922 - 1927
Social History 1976 - 2013
Social Science History 1976 - 2017
The South Carolina Historical Magazine 1952 - 2018
The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine 1900 - 1951
Southern California Quarterly 1962 - 2017
The Historical Society of Southern California Quarterly 1949 - 1961
The Quarterly: Historical Society of Southern California 1936 - 1949
Quarterly Publication (Historical Society of Southern California) 1935
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California 1905 - 1934
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California and of the Pioneers of Los Angeles County 1902 - 1904
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California and Pioneer Register, Los Angeles 1897 - 1901
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles 1893 - 1896
Publications of the Historical Society of Southern California 1891
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California (1891) 1891
Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles (1890) 1890
Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California (1888) 1888
Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles 1884 - 1887
Southern Cultures 1993 - 2019
The Southwestern Historical Quarterly 1912 - 2017
The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association 1897 - 1912
Speculum 1926 - 2017
Studi Classici e Orientali 1951 - 2019
Studi Storici 1959 - 2015
Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur 1974 - 2015
Studies in American Humor 1974 - 2021
American Humor 1974 - 1983
Studies in the American Short Story 2020 - 2021
I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance 1985 - 2015
Teaching History 1969 - 2017
Tennessee Historical Quarterly 1942 - 2017
Tennessee Historical Magazine 1915 - 1937
The American Historical Magazine and Tennessee Historical Society Quarterly 1902 - 1904
The American Historical Magazine 1896 - 1902
Thornton Wilder Journal 2020 - 2021
Traditio 1943 - 2017
Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 1769 - 2017
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society 1872 - 2015
The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy 1787 - 1906
Transafrican Journal of History 1971 - 1995
Urban History 1992 - 2015
Urban History Yearbook 1974 - 1991
Urban History Review / Revue d'histoire urbaine 1972 - 2018
Urbanism Past & Present 1975 - 1983
U.S. Catholic Historian 1980 - 2015
Utah Historical Quarterly 1928 - 2021
Victorian Studies 1957 - 2021
Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte 1953 - 2006
View 2001 - 2019
Vingtième Siècle. Revue d'histoire 1984 - 2017
The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 1893 - 2021
Vivarium 1963 - 2017
VSWG: Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte 1972 - 2016
Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte 1903 - 1971
Zeitschrift für Social- und Wirthschaftsgeschichte 1893 - 1900
War in History 1994 - 2017
Washington History 1989 - 2021
Records of the Columbia Historical Society, Washington, D.C. 1897 - 1989
Wesley and Methodist Studies 2009 - 2021
West Virginia History 2007 - 2015
Western Historical Quarterly 1970 - 2015
The William and Mary Quarterly 1892 - 2021
Winterthur Portfolio 1964 - 2015
The Wisconsin Magazine of History 1917 - 2017
Zanj: The Journal of Critical Global South Studies 2018
Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins (1953-) 1953 - 2017
Beiträge zur biblischen Landes- und Altertumskunde 1949 - 1951
Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins (1878-1945) 1878 - 1945
Zeitschrift für Altorientalische und Biblische Rechtsgeschichte / Journal for Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Law 1995 - 2020
Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung 1974 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte / Journal of Business History 1977 - 2015
Tradition: Zeitschrift für Firmengeschichte und Unternehmerbiographie 1956 - 1976
Zion / ציון 1935 - 2015
Zion: Me'asef ha-Hevra ha-erets-yisre'elit le-Historyah ve-Etnografyah / ציון: מאסף החברה הא״י להיסטוריה ואתנוגרפיה 1925 - 1933
Zmanim: A Historical Quarterly / זמנים: רבעון להיסטוריה 1979 - 2019
38424 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
10. Ägyptologische Tempeltagung: Ägyptische Tempel zwischen Normierung und Individualität: München, 29.-31. August 2014 2016
100 Years of Women's Suffrage: A University of Illinois Press Anthology 2019
The "1007 Anonymous" and Papal Sovereignty: Jewish Perceptions of the Papacy and Papal Policy in the High Middle Ages 1984
101 African Americans Who Shaped South Carolina 2020
101 Women Who Shaped South Carolina 2020
1066: Der Kampf um Englands Krone 2016
1066: Englands Eroberung durch die Normannen 2016
1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed 2014
1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed 2014
1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed: Revised and Updated 2021
125 Years of the American Psychological Association 2018
13 conclusiones fundamentales sobre la guerra libertadora cubana de 1895 OPEN ACCESS 1945
1381: The Year of the Peasants' Revolt 2014
1500 California Place Names: Their Origin and Meaning, A Revised version of1000 California Place Namesby Erwin G. Gudde, Third edition 1998
1517: Weltgeschichte eines Jahres 2017
1587 A Year of No Significance: The Ming Dynasty in Decline 1981
1668: The Year of the Animal in France 2017
1688: The First Modern Revolution 2009
The 16th Michigan Infantry in the Civil War, Revised and Updated 2019
17. Juni 1953 2013
The 1728 Musin Rebellion: Politics and Plotting in Eighteenth-Century Korea 2016
18 años de gobiernos panistas en Jalisco: Siete ensayos académicos 2016
The 1812 Aponte Rebellion in Cuba and the Struggle against Atlantic Slavery 2006
1812: War and the Passions of Patriotism 2012
1816: America Rising 2003
1816: El terror y la sangre sublime 2016
1819: historia Narrativa de la campaña de la nueva granada 2019
1819 y construcción del Estado-Nación en Colombia 2019
1820: Disorder and stability in the United Kingdom 2013
The 1870 Ghost Dance 2007
1891 Historia naval de la Guerra Civil 2019
1895: Drama, Disaster and Disgrace in Late Victorian Britain 2011
1914: Austria-Hungary, the Origins, and the First Year of World War I OPEN ACCESS 2014
1915 Diary of S. An-sky: A Russian Jewish Writer at the Eastern Front 2016
1916 in 1966: Commemorating the Easter Rising 2014
1916 Portraits and Lives 2015
1920 Diary 1995
The 1926/27 Soviet Polar Census Expeditions 2011
1927 and the Rise of Modern America 2010
The 1929 Bunion Derby: Johnny Salo and the Great Footrace across America 2014
1929: Mapping the Jewish World 2013
The 1929 Sino-Soviet War: The War Nobody Knew 2017
The 1933 Chicago World's Fair: A Century of Progress 2008
1939: l'alliance de la dernière chance. Une réinterprétation des origines de la Seconde Guerre mondiale: Une réinterprétation des origines de la Seconde Guerre mondiale 2001
The 1945 Burma Campaign and the Transformation of the British Indian Army 2020
1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War 2008
The 1956 Hungarian Revolution: A History in Documents 2002
The 1956 Hungarian Revolution: Hungarian and Canadian Perspectives 2010
1964 - das Jahr, mit dem "68" begann OPEN ACCESS 2014
1968 in Canada: A Year and Its Legacies 2021
1968. La escuela y los estudiantes 2015
1968 Mexico: Constellations of Freedom and Democracy 2018
The 1970s: A New Global History from Civil Rights to Economic Inequality 2012
1971: A Global History of the Creation of Bangladesh 2013
The 1972 Munich Olympics and the Making of Modern Germany 2010
1989: The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe 2009
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AFSCME's Philadelphia Story: Municipal Workers and Urban Power in the Twentieth Century 2011
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Afterglow of Empire: Egypt from the Fall of the New Kingdom to the Saite Renaissance 2012
The Afterlife of Austria-Hungary: The Image of the Habsburg Monarchy in Interwar Europe 2013
The Afterlife of Greek and Roman Sculpture: Late Antique Responses and Practices 2016
The Afterlife of Images: Translating the Pathological Body between China and the West 2008
The Afterlife of Pope Joan: Deploying the Popess Legend in Early Modern England 2006
The Afterlife of Sai Baba: Competing Visions of a Global Saint 2016
Afterlives of Confinement: Spatial Transitions in Postdictatorship Latin America 2012
The Afterlives of Specimens: Science, Mourning, and Whitman's Civil War 2017
Afterlives: The Return of the Dead in the Middle Ages 2016
Aftermath of Revolt: India 1857-1970 1964
Aftermaths: Exile, Migration, and Diaspora Reconsidered 2009
AfterThe History of Sexuality: German Genealogies with and Beyond Foucault 2012
The Aga Khan Case: Religion and Identity in Colonial India 2012
Against a Hindu God: Buddhist Philosophy of Religion in India 2009
Against a Sharp White Background: Infrastructures of African American Print 2019
Against Demagogues: What Aristophanes Can Teach Us about the Perils of Populism and the Fate of Democracy, New Translations of the Acharnians and the Knights 2020
Against Immediate Evil: American Internationalists and the Four Freedoms on the Eve of World War II 2014
Against Labor: How U.S. Employers Organized to Defeat Union Activism 2017
Against Massacre: Humanitarian Interventions in the Ottoman Empire, 1815-1914 2012
Against Popery: Britain, Empire, and Anti-Catholicism 2020
Against Reform 2010
Against Self-Reliance: The Arts of Dependence in the Early United States 2015
Against Sex: Identities of Sexual Restraint in Early America 2021
Against Sustainability: Reading Nineteenth-Century America in the Age of Climate Crisis 2020
Against the Academics: St. Augustine's Cassiciacum Dialogues, Volume 1 2019
Against the Draft: Essays on Conscientious Objection from the Radical Reformation to the Second World War 2006
Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States 2017
Against the Grain: Jewish Intellectuals in Hard Times 2014
Against the Hounds of Hell: A Life of Howard Thurman 2021
Against the Odds: The Public Life and Times of Louis Rasminsky 1999
Against the Profit Motive: The Salary Revolution in American Government, 1780-1940 2013
Against the Tide: One Woman's Political Struggle 2004
Against Their Wil: The History and Geography of Forced Migrations in the USSR 2004
Against War and Empire: Geneva, Britain, and France in the Eighteenth Century 2012
Against Wind and Tide: The African American Struggle Against the Colonization Movement 2014
Age in America: The Colonial Era to the Present 2015
The Age of Adversity: The Fourteenth Century 1968
The Age of Aryamer: Late Pahlavi Iran and Its Global Entanglements 2018
The Age of Beloveds: Love and the Beloved in Early-Modern Ottoman and European Culture and Society 2005
Age of Coexistence: The Ecumenical Frame and the Making of the Modern Arab World 2019
The Age of Confucian Rule: The Song Transformation of China 2009
The Age of Criticism: The Late Renaissance in Italy 1962
Age of Delirium: The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union 1996
The Age of Doubt: Tracing the Roots of Our Religious Uncertainty 2011
The Age of Empires: Mesopotamia in the first millennium BC 2004
Age of Empires: The History and Administration of Judah in the 8th–2nd Centuries BCE in Light of the Storage-Jar Stamp Impressions 2021
Age of Entanglement: German and Indian Intellectuals across Empire 2014
The Age of Equality: The Twentieth Century in Economic Perspective 2011
Age of Fracture 2011
The Age of Garvey: How a Jamaican Activist Created a Mass Movement and Changed Global Black Politics 2014
The Age of Grace: Charis in Early Greek Poetry: Charis in Early Greek Poetry 1993
The Age of Hiroshima 2020
The Age of Independence: Interracial Unions, Same-Sex Unions, and the Changing American Family 2007
An Age of Infidels: The Politics of Religious Controversy in the Early United States 2013
The age of internationalism and Belgium, 1880–1930: Peace, progress and prestige 2013
The Age of Irreverence: A New History of Laughter in China 2015
The Age of Jackson and the Art of American Power, 1815-1848 2013
The Age of Johnson: A Scholarly Annual (Volume 24) 2021
The Age of Light, Soap, and Water: Moral Reform in English Canada, 1885-1925 2008
The Age of Machinery: Engineering the Industrial Revolution, 1770-1850 2018
The Age of Noise in Britain: Hearing Modernity 2017
The Age of Openness: China before Mao 2008
An Age of Progress?: Clashing Twentieth-Century Global Forces 2008
The Age of Questions: Or, A First Attempt at an Aggregate History of the Eastern, Social, Woman, American, Jewish, Polish, Bullion, Tuberculosis, and Many Other Questions over the Nineteenth Century, and Beyond 2018
The Age of Recovery: The Fifteenth Century 1970
The Age of Reform, 1250-1550: An Intellectual and Religious History of Late Medieval and Reformation Europe 2020
The Age of Reform, 1250-1550: An Intellectual and Religious History of Late Medieval and Reformation Europe 1980
The Age of Reformation 1955
An Age of Risk: Politics and Economy in Early Modern Britain 2016
Age of Rogues: Rebels, Revolutionaries and Racketeers at the Frontiers of Empires 2021
The Age of Smoke: Environmental Policy in Germany and the United States, 1880-1970 2009
The Age of Social Democracy: Norway and Sweden in the Twentieth Century 2011
The Age of the Bachelor: Creating an American Subculture 1999
The Age of the Crisis of Man: Thought and Fiction in America, 1933-1973 2015
The Age of the Democratic Revolution: A Political History of Europe and America, 1760-1800 2014
Age of the Democratic Revolution: A Political History of Europe and America, 1760-1800, Volume 1: The Challenge 1959
Age of the Democratic Revolution: A Political History of Europe and America, 1760-1800, Volume 2: The Struggle 1964
The Age of the Gods 1928
The Age of the Vikings 2014
The Age of Uncertainty: The U.S.-China-Japan Triangle from Tiananmen (1989) to 9/11 (2001) 2004
The Age of Visions and Arguments: Parliamentarianism and the National Public Sphere in Early Meiji Japan 2007
The Age of Youth in Argentina: Culture, Politics, and Sexuality from Perón to Videla 2014
Age Relations and Cultural Change in Eighteenth-Century England 2020
Agent Orange: History, Science, and the Politics of Uncertainty 2012
Agents and Victims in South China: Accomplices in Rural Revolution 1989
Agents of Apocalypse: Epidemic Disease in the Colonial Philippines 1995
Agents of Bioterrorism: Pathogens and Their Weaponization 2005
Agents of Disorder: Inside China’s Cultural Revolution 2019
Agents of Empire: British Female Migration to Canada and Australia, 1860-1930 2007
Agents of Empire: Spanish Ambassadors in Sixteenth-Century Italy 2005
Agents of World Renewal: The Rise of Yonaoshi Gods in Japan 2019
The Ages of Globalization: Geography, Technology, and Institutions 2020
Aggressive in Pursuit: The Life of Justice Emmett Hall 2004
Aging Gracefully in the Renaissance: Stories of Later Life from Petrarch to Montaigne OPEN ACCESS 2013
Aging in Twentieth-Century Britain 2018
Agnes Repplier: Lady of Letters 1949
Agnes: The Biography of Lady Macdonald 1990
Agnès Varda 2015
Agnon's Moonstruck Lovers: The Song of Songs in Israeli Culture 2013
The Agony of Greek Jews, 1940–1945 2009
The Agony of the Russian Idea 1996
Agrarian Crossings: Reformers and the Remaking of the US and Mexican Countryside 2017
The Agrarian Dispute: The Expropriation of American-Owned Rural Land in Postrevolutionary Mexico 2008
Agrarian Elites and Italian Fascism: The Province of Bologna, 1901-1926 1982
Agrarian Kentucky 1977
Agrarian Policies of Mainland China: A Documentary Study, 1949–1956 1957
An Agrarian Republic: Commercial Agriculture and the Politics of Peasant Communities in El Salvador, 1823–1914 1999
Agrarian Revolt in the Sierra of Chihuahua, 1959–1965 2019
The Agrarian Revolt in Western Canada: A Survey Showing American Parallels 1948
Agrarianism and Capitalism in early Georgia (1732-1743) 1949
An Agricultural History of the Genesee Valley, 1790-1860 1952
Agricultural Sustainability and Environmental Change at Ancient Gordion: Gordion Special Studies 8 2017
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Agriculture and Industry in South-Eastern Roman Britain 2017
Agriculture in the Middle Ages: Technology, Practice, and Representation 1995
Agrotropolis: Youth, Street, and Nation in the New Urban Guatemala 2021
De agua 2018
Aguirre o la posteridad arbitraria.: La rebelión del conquistador vasco Lope de Aguirre en historiografía y ficción histórica (1561-1992) 2011
Agustín Nieto Caballero y el proceso de apropiación del pensamiento pedagógico y filosófico de John Dewey 2007
Ägyptische Alabastergefäße aus Assur 2010
Ägyptische Erzählungen oder Über die Vorsehung OPEN ACCESS 2012
Ägyptische Magie und ihre Umwelt 2015
The Ahmadis and the Politics of Religious Exclusion in Pakistan 2014
The Ahmadiyya in the Gold Coast: Muslim Cosmopolitans in the British Empire 2017
Ai Ssu-ch’i’s Contribution to the Development of Chinese Marxism 1987
Aid Dependence in Cambodia: How Foreign Assistance Undermines Democracy 2013
Aid Under Fire: Nation Building and the Vietnam War 2016
AIDS and Social Policy in China 2006
Aids as an Apocalyptic Metaphor in North America 1997
Ailing, Aging, Addicted: Studies of Compromised Leadership 1993
The Ailing City: Health, Tuberculosis, and Culture in Buenos Aires, 1870–1950 2011
Aimee Semple McPherson and the Resurrection of Christian America 2007
Aiming for Pensacola: Fugitive Slaves on the Atlantic and Southern Frontiers 2015
The Aimless Life: Music, Mines, and Revolution from the Rocky Mountains to Mexico 2021
Aimlessness 2021
'Ain el-Gedida: 2006-2008 Excavations of a Late Antique Site in Egypt's Western Desert (Amheida IV) 2018
Ain’t Got No Home: America's Great Migrations and the Making of an Interracial Left 2014
Ain't Scared of Your Jail: Arrest, Imprisonment, and the Civil Rights Movement 2013
Air Attack Against Wildfires: Understanding U.S. Forest Service Requirements for Large Aircraft OPEN ACCESS 2012
Air Board, Canadian Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force 1972
Air Castle of the South: WSM and the Making of Music City 2007
Air Disaster Canberra: The plane crash that destroyed a government 2013
Air Force Major Defense Acquisition Program Cost Growth Is Driven by Three Space Programs and the F-35A: Fiscal Year 2013 President's Budget Selected Acquisition Reports OPEN ACCESS 2014
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Air Mobility: A Brief History of the American Experience 2013
Air Officer Commanding: Hugh Dowding, Architect of the Battle of Britain 2018
Air Operations in Israel's War Against Hezbollah: Learning from Lebanon and Getting It Right in Gaza OPEN ACCESS 2011
Air Pollutant Deposition and Its Effects on Natural Resources in New York State 2015
Aire dividido: crítica a la política del aire en el Valle de México, 1979-1996 OPEN ACCESS 2000
Airlines and Air Mail: The Post Office and the Birth of the Commercial Aviation Industry 2002
Airman and Family Resilience: Lessons from the Scientific Literature OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Akhenaten Colossi of Karnak 2010
Akiva: Life, Legend, Legacy 2015
An Akkadian Handbook: Helps, Paradigms, Glossary, Logograms, and Sign List 2014
The Akkadian Verb and Its Semitic Background 2010
Akrotiri, Thera: An Architecture of Affluence 3,500 Years Old 2005
Aksum and Nubia: Warfare, Commerce, and Political Fictions in Ancient Northeast Africa 2013
Akutō and Rural Conflict in Medieval Japan 2018
Al margen de lo bello: Sobre la atracción por el teatro en la historia contemporánea 2020
Al Qaeda Declares War: The African Embassy Bombings and America’s Search for Justice 2014
Al Qaeda in Its Third Decade: Irreversible Decline or Imminent Victory? OPEN ACCESS 2012
Al servicio de la República: Diplomáticos y guerra civil 2010
Al sur de Tarifa: Marruecos-España: un malentendido histórico 2001
Alabama Getaway: The Political Imaginary and the Heart of Dixie 2011
Alabama in Africa: Booker T. Washington, the German Empire, and the Globalization of the New South 2010
Alabama Women: Their Lives and Times 2017
Alabama's Frontiers and the Rise of the Old South 2018
Alabaster Cities: Urban U.S. since 1950 2006
Alalakh and its Neighbours: Proceedings of the 15th Anniversary Symposium at the New Hatay Archaeology Museum, 10-12 June 2015 2020
Alameda entre Lira y Portugal: Casi todo lo que ha pasado en la UC 2010
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Alan Brinkley: A Life in History 2019
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Alan 'The Red Fox' Reid: Pressman Par Excellence 2010
Alan Turing: The Enigma: The Book That Inspired the Film The Imitation Game - Updated Edition 2014
al-Andalus: Geschichte des islamischen Spanien 2019
Alaska: An American Colony 2002
Alaska: An American Colony 2020
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Alaska's Daughter: An Eskimo Memoir of the Early Twentieth Century OPEN ACCESS 2004
Alaska's Skyboys: Cowboy Pilots and the Myth of the Last Frontier 2015
Alatzomouri Pefka: A Middle Minoan IIB Workshop Making Organic Dyes 2020
The Alatzomouri Rock Shelter: An Early Minoan III Deposit in Eastern Crete 2017
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Albania at War 1939-1945 1999
Albanian Escape: The True Story of U.S. Army Nurses Behind Enemy Lines 1999
The Albanian National Awakening 1967
Alben Barkley: A Life in Politics 2016
Albert A. Peña Jr.: Dean of Chicano Politics 2017
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Alberto Magno en Los Andes: La escultura de Gerhard Marcks 2018
Albion Fellows Bacon: Indiana's Municipal Housekeeper 2000
The Album of the World Emperor: Cross-Cultural Collecting and the Art of Album-Making in Seventeenth-Century Istanbul 2019
Alcatraz: The Gangster Years 2009
Alchemical Belief: Occultism in the Religious Culture of Early Modern England 2011
alcides lanza: Portrait of a Composer 2007
Alcohol: A History 2014
Alcohol and Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Mexico 2015
Alcohol in Latin America: A Social and Cultural History 2014
Alcohol, Violence, and Disorder in Traditional Europe 2009
Alcott in Her Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of Her LIfe, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, Friends, and Associates 2005
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Alec Wilder 2013
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Alert and Ready: An Organizational Design Assessment of Marine Corps Intelligence OPEN ACCESS 2011
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Alexander der Grosse 1996
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Alexander von Humboldt 2019
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Alexander Yakovlev: The Man Whose Ideas Delivered Russia from Communism 2016
Alexander’s Veterans and the Early Wars of the Successors 2012
Alexandra: A history 2008
Alexandria Still: Forster, Durrell, and Cavafy 1977
Alexandrian Cosmopolitanism: An Archive 2013
Alexis de Tocqueville's journey in Ireland, July-August, 1835 1990
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Alfonso X of Castile-León: Royal Patronage, Self-Promotion and Manuscripts in Thirteenth-century Spain 2019
Alfonso X, the Justinian of His Age: Law and Justice in Thirteenth-Century Castile 2019
Alfred Bester 2016
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Alfred Kazin's Journals 2011
Alfred Stieglitz: Taking Pictures, Making Painters 2019
Alfred the Great 2017
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Alfred von Reumont (1808–1887) – Ein Diplomat als kultureller Mittler. 2015
Alger Hiss and the Battle for History 2009
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Algerian Chronicles 2002
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Algernon Sidney and the Republican Heritage in England and America 1991
An Algonquin Maiden: A Romance of the Early Days of Upper Canada 1973
Alibis of Empire: Henry Maine and the Ends of Liberal Imperialism 2010
Alice Faye: A Life Beyond the Silver Screen 2002
Alice in Jamesland: The Story of Alice Howe Gibbens James 2009
Alice Morse Earle and the Domestic History of Early America 2013
Alice Paul and the American Suffrage Campaign 2008
Alice Street: A Memoir 2010
The 'Alids: The First Family of Islam, 750-1200 2013
Alien Albion: Literature and Immigration in Early Modern England 2014
'An Alien Ideology': Cold War Perceptions of the Irish Republican Left 2019
Alien Nation: Chinese Migration in the Americas from the Coolie Era through World War II 2014
The Alienated Academy: Culture and Politics in Republican China, 1919–1937 2000
Alienated Affections: Divorce and Separation in Scotland 1684-1830 1998
Alienating Labour: Workers on the Road from Socialism to Capitalism in East Germany and Hungary 2013
Aliens in the East: A New History of Japan's Foreign Intercourse 1937
Alignment of Political Groups in Canada 1841-67 1962
Alimentacion e identidades en el Nuevo Reino de Granada, siglos XVI y XVII 2011
Alimentary Tracts: Appetites, Aversions, and the Postcolonial 2010
Alive Inside the Wreck: A Biography of Nathanael West 2011
The Aljubarrota Battle and Its Contemporary Heritage 2020
All Around the Town: Amazing Manhattan Facts and Curiosities, Second Edition: Amazing Manhattan Facts and Curiosities, Second Edition 2011
All Bound Up Together: The Woman Question in African American Public Culture, 1830-1900 2007
All Can Be Saved: Religious Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World 2008
All Dressed Up: Modern Irish Historical Pageantry 2014
All for Civil Rights: African American Lawyers in South Carolina, 1868–1968 2017
All Future Plunges to the Past: James Joyce in Russian Literature 2021
All Glory Is Fleeting: Insights from the Second Lebanon War OPEN ACCESS 2012
All Good Books Are Catholic Books: Print Culture, Censorship, and Modernity in Twentieth-Century America 2013
All on a Mardi Gras Day: Episodes in the History of New Orleans Carnival 1995
All or None: Cooperation and Sustainability in Italy's Red Belt 2018
All Russia Is Burning!: A Cultural History of Fire and Arson in Late Imperial Russia 2002
All Shook Up: The Shifting Soviet Response to Catastrophes, 1917-1991 2017
All Souls Day: The World War II Battle and the Search for a Lost U.S. Battalion 2020
All the Art That's Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn't): Inside The New York Times Op-Ed Page 2009
All the Boundaries of the Land: The Promised Land in Biblical Thought in Light of the Ancient Near East 2013
All the Missing Souls: A Personal History of the War Crimes Tribunals 2012
All the Pasha’s Men: Mehmed Ali, His Army and the Making of Modern Egypt 1997
All the Trees of the Forest: Israel's Woodlands from the Bible to the Present 2013
All They Will Call You 2017
All Things Arabia: Arabian Identity and Material Culture OPEN ACCESS 2021
All Things Are Possible: The Healing and Charismatic Revivals in Modern America 1975
All Things Harmless, Useful, and Ornamental: Environmental Transformation through Species Acclimatization, from Colonial Australia to the World 2019
All Things in Common: A Canadian Family and Its Island Utopia 2021
All This Hell: U.S. Nurses Imprisoned by the Japanese 2003
All Together Different: Yiddish Socialists, Garment Workers, and the Labor Roots of Multiculturalism 2011
All under Heaven: The Tianxia System for a Possible World Order 2021
All Will Yet Be Well: The Diary of Sarah Gillespie Huftalen, 1873-1952 1993
All You Need Is Love: The Peace Corps and the Spirit of the 1960s 1998
An All-Consuming Century: Why Commercialism Won in Modern America 2000
Allegany To Appomattox: The Life and Letters of Private William Whitlock of the 188th New York Volunteers 2013
The Allegheny Frontier: West Virginia Beginnings, 1730--1830 1970
Allegorical Bodies: Power and Gender in Late Medieval France 2015
Allegories of America: Narratives, Metaphysics, Politics OPEN ACCESS 1994
Allegories of Encounter: Colonial Literacy and Indian Captivities 2019
Allegories of Time and Space: Japanese Identity in Photography and Architecture 2015
Allegories of Underdevelopment: Aesthetics and Politics in Modern Brazilian Cinema 1997
The Allegory of Female Authority: Christine de Pizan's "Cité des Dames" 1991
The Allegory of the Church: Romanesque Portals and Their Verse Inscriptions 1998
Allen Tate - American Writers 39: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1964
The All-Encompassing Eye of Ukraine: Ivan Nechui-Levyts'kyi's Realist Prose 2015
Allende’s Chile and the Inter-American Cold War 2011
Alliance Rises in the West: Labor, Race, and Solidarity in Industrial California 2020
Alliances et traités avec les peuples autochtones du Québec. L’histoire de la première nation Wolastoqiyik Wahsipekuk. La nation malécite du Saint-Laurent 2021
Allied Encounters: The Gendered Redemption of World War II Italy 2019
Allied Power: Mobilizing Hydro-electricity during Canada's Second World War 2015
Allies against the Rising Sun: The United States, the British Nations, and the Defeat of Imperial Japan 2009
Alliterative Proverbs in Medieval England: Language Choice and Literary Meaning 2016
Allocating Marine Expeditionary Unit Equipment and Personnel to Minimize Shortfalls: Second Edition OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Allotment Movement in England, 1793-1873 2002
The Allotment Plot: Alice C. Fletcher, E. Jane Gay, and Nez Perce Survivance 2012
All-Out for Victory!: Magazine Advertising and the World War II Home Front 2009
The Allure of Blackness among Mixed-Race Americans, 1862-1916 2019
The Allure of Labor: Workers, Race, and the Making of the Peruvian State 2011
The Allure of Sports in Western Culture 2019
The Allure of the Archives 2013
Alma Mahler-Werfel: Muse, Gattin, Witwe 2014
Al-Ma'mun, the Inquisition, and the Quest for Caliphal Authority 2015
Almanac of World War I 1998
Almohad Movement in North Africa in the 12th and 13th Centuries 1969
The Almoravid and Almohad Empires 2016
Almost Chosen People: Oblique Biographies in the American Grain 1993
Almost Free: A Story about Family and Race in Antebellum Virginia 2012
Almost Hemingway: The Adventures of Negley Farson, Foreign Correspondent 2021
Almost nothing: Observations on precarious practices in contemporary art 2017
Almost Worthy: The Poor, Paupers, and the Science of Charity in America, 1877-1917 2013
Almshouses in Early Modern England: Charitable Housing in the Mixed Economy of Welfare, 1550-1725 2017
Aloha America: Hula Circuits through the U.S. Empire 2012
Aloha Betrayed: Native Hawaiian Resistance to American Colonialism 2004
Alone among the Living: A Memoir of the Floyd Hoard Murder 1994
Alone at the Altar: Single Women and Devotion in Guatemala, 1670-1870 2018
Alone atop the Hill: The Autobiography of Alice Dunnigan, Pioneer of the National Black Press 2015
Alone Before God: The Religious Origins of Modernity in Mexico 2002
Alone in a Crowd: Women in the Trades Tell Their Stories OPEN ACCESS 1985
Alone in America: The Stories That Matter 2013
Along Freedom Road: Hyde County, North Carolina, and the Fate of Black Schools in the South 1994
Along Navajo Trails: Recollections of a Trader 1898-1948 OPEN ACCESS 2005
Along the Archival Grain: Epistemic Anxieties and Colonial Common Sense 2009
Along the Hudson and Mohawk: The 1790 Journey of Count Paolo Andreani 2006
Along the Silk Roads in Mongol Eurasia: Generals, Merchants, and Intellectuals 2020
Along the Streets of Bronzeville: Black Chicago's Literary Landscape 2013
Along Ukraine's River: A Social and Environmental History of the Dnipro (Dnieper) 2018
The Alphabet Bomber: A Lone Wolf Terrorist Ahead of His Time 2019
Al-Riddah and the Muslim Conquest of Arabia 1973
Als unsere Welt christlich wurde: Aufstieg einer Sekte zur Weltmacht 2008
Alsace to the Alsatians?: Visions and Divisions of Alsatian Regionalism, 1870-1939 2014
Also Innovators: How one computer salesman contributed to the digital revolution OPEN ACCESS 2019
Altera Roma: Art and Empire from Merida to Mexico 2016
Alterations of State: Sacred Kingship in the English Reformation 2002
Altered Pasts: Counterfactuals in History 2013
Alternative Exchanges: Second-Hand Circulations from the Sixteenth Century to the Present 2008
Alternative Globalizations: Eastern Europe and the Postcolonial World 2020
Alternative Histories of Urban Consumption: Alternative Geschichten urbanen Konsums 2008
Alternatives to Lean Production: Work Organization in the Swedish Auto Industry 1992
Alteuropa – Vormoderne – Neue Zeit.: Epochen und Dynamiken der europäischen Geschichte (1200–1800). 2012
The Altruistic Imagination: A History of Social Work and Social Policy in the United States 1985
Alva Ixtlilxochitl's Native Archive and the Circulation of Knowledge in Colonial Mexico 2016
Alva Vanderbilt Belmont: Unlikely Champion of Women's Rights 2012
The Alvarez Generation: Thom Gunn, Geoffrey Hill, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and Peter Porter 2015
The Alvarez Generation: Thom Gunn, Geoffrey Hill, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and Peter Porter 2020
Alvin York: A New Biography of the Hero of the Argonne 2014
Always a Cowboy: Judge Wilson McCarthy and the Rescue of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad 2008
Always an Adventure: An Autobiography 2011
Am Anfang war das Korn: Eine andere Geschichte der Menschheit 2012
Am Rande der Fotografie: Eine Medialitätsgeschichte des Fotogramms im 19. Jahrhundert OPEN ACCESS 2019
Amady Aly Dieng Memoires d’un Etudiant Africain Volume 1: De l'École Regionale de Diourbel a l'Universite de Paris (1945-1960) 2011
Amady Aly Dieng Memoires d’un Etudiant Africain Volume II: De l’Universite de Paris a mon retour au Senegal (1960-1967) 2011
Amakomiti: Grassroots Democracy in South African Shack Settlements 2021
Amakudari: The Hidden Fabric of Japan's Economy 2003
Amalasuintha: The Transformation of Queenship in the Post-Roman World 2017
Amar Akbar Anthony: Bollywood, Brotherhood, and the Nation 2016
Amarna Sunrise: Egypt from Golden Age to Age of Heresy 2014
Amarna Sunset: Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Ay, Horemheb, and the Egyptian Counter-Reformation 2009
The Amazing Adventures of Bob Brown: A Real-Life Zelig Who Wrote His Way Through the 20th Century 2016
The Amazing Jimmi Mayes: Sideman to the Stars 2014
Amazon Town TV: An Audience Ethnography in Gurupá, Brazil 2013
Amazonas de la libertad: Mujeres liberales contra Fernando VII 2014
Amazonian Routes: Indigenous Mobility and Colonial Communities in Northern Brazil 2014
The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World 2014
Amazons, Wives, Nuns, and Witches: Women and the Catholic Church in Colonial Brazil, 1500-1822 2013
Ambassador MacVeagh Reports: Greece, 1933-1947 1980
Ambassadors from the Island of Immortals: China-Japan Relations in the Han-Tang Period 2005
Ambassadors of Realpolitik: Sweden, the CSCE and the Cold War 2017
Ambassadors of the Working Class: Argentina's International Labor Activists and Cold War Democracy in the Americas 2017
The Ambiguity of Play 1997
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