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59 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
American Journal of Mathematics 1878 - 2015
The American Mathematical Monthly 1894 - 2017
The Annals of Applied Statistics 2007 - 2017
Annals of Economics and Statistics 2009 - 2021
Annales d'Économie et de Statistique 1986 - 2008
Annales de l'inséé 1969 - 1985
Cahiers du Séminaire d'Économétrie 1951 - 1985
Annals of Mathematics 1884 - 2021
The Analyst 1874 - 1883
Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics 2007 - 2020
Publikacije Elektrotehničkog fakulteta. Serija Matematika 1990 - 2007
Publikacije Elektrotehničkog fakulteta. Serija Matematika i fizika 1956 - 1982
Archive for History of Exact Sciences 1960 - 2017
Bernoulli 1995 - 2015
Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 1993 - 2021
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section B: Biological, Geological, and Chemical Science 1902 - 1992
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1889-1901) 1889 - 1901
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Science 1870 - 1884
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Polite Literature and Antiquities 1879
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1836-1869) 1836 - 1866
Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics 1987 - 2017
Buletin ştiinţific - Institutul de Învăţământ Superior din Baia Mare. Seria B, Matematică, fizică-chimie, biologie-geologie 1980
Buletin ştiinţific - Institutul Pedagogic din Baia Mare. Seria B, Matematică, fizică-chimie, biologie 1969 - 1972
Bulletin (Académie serbe des sciences et des arts. Classe des sciences mathématiques et naturelles. Sciences mathématiques) 1952 - 2019
Bulletin mathématique de la Société des Sciences Mathématiques de Roumanie 1989 - 2017
Bulletin mathématique de la Société des Sciences Mathématiques de la République Socialiste de Roumanie 1964 - 1989
Bulletin mathématique de la Société des Sciences Mathématiques et Physiques de la République Populaire Roumaine 1957 - 1964
Bulletin mathématique de la Société Roumaine des Sciences 1926 - 1947
Buletinul de științe matematice pure și aplicate / Bulletin des sciences mathématiques pures et appliquées 1923 - 1926
Buletinul Societății Române de Științe București-România / Bulletin de la Société Roumaine des Sciences Bucarest-Roumanie 1911 - 1922
Buletinul Societății de Științe din București-România / Bulletin de la Société des Sciences de Bucarest-Roumanie 1897 - 1910
Buletinul Societățiĭ de Sciințe Fizice din Bucurescĭ-România 1892 - 1896
The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 1995 - 2021
Carpathian Journal of Mathematics 2003 - 2020
Buletinul ştiinţific al Universitatii Baia Mare, Seria B, Fascicola matematică-informatică 1991 - 2002
The College Mathematics Journal 1984 - 2017
The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal 1970 - 1983
Econometrica 1933 - 2018
Educational Studies in Mathematics 1968 - 2017
Filomat 1993 - 2017
Zbornik radova Filozofskog fakulteta u Nišu. Serija Matematika 1987 - 1992
For the Learning of Mathematics 1980 - 2018
Indiana University Mathematics Journal 1970 - 2017
Journal of Mathematics and Mechanics 1957 - 1970
Journal of Rational Mechanics and Analysis 1952 - 1956
Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux 1993 - 2021
Séminaire de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux 1976 - 1992
Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 1970 - 2020
Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. Monograph 1985 - 2008
Journal of Commutative Algebra 2009 - 2015
Journal of Computational Mathematics 1983 - 2015
The Journal of Integral Equations and Applications 1988 - 2015
Journal of Integral Equations 1979 - 1985
Journal of Operator Theory 1979 - 2015
The Journal of Symbolic Logic 1936 - 2016
Journal of the American Mathematical Society 1988 - 2015
Lecture Notes-Monograph Series 1982 - 2009
Lecture Notes Series 1981
Math Horizons 1993 - 2017
Mathematica Scandinavica 1953 - 2015
Matematisk Tidsskrift. B 1919 - 1952
Nyt tidsskrift for matematik 1890 - 1918
Tidsskrift for mathematik 1865 - 1888
Mathematisk Tidsskrift 1859 - 1864
The Mathematical Gazette 1894 - 2015
General Report (Association for the Improvement of Geometrical Teaching) 1878 - 1893
Annual Report (Association for the Improvement of Geometrical Teaching) 1871 - 1875
Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 1998 - 2021
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1902 - 1997
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1889-1901) 1889 - 1901
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Science 1870 - 1884
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Polite Literature and Antiquities 1879
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1836-1869) 1836 - 1866
Mathematics in School 1971 - 2015
Mathematics Magazine 1947 - 2017
National Mathematics Magazine 1934 - 1945
Mathematics News Letter 1926 - 1934
Mathematics of Computation 1960 - 2015
Mathematical Tables and Other Aids to Computation 1943 - 1959
Mathematics of Operations Research 1976 - 2015
The Mathematics Teacher 1908 - 2020
Teaching Children Mathematics 1994 - 2019
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 1994 - 2019
The Arithmetic Teacher 1954 - 1994
Mathematics Teacher Educator 2012 - 2020
Nordisk Matematisk Tidskrift 1953 - 1978
Matematisk Tidsskrift. A 1919 - 1952
Nyt tidsskrift for matematik 1890 - 1918
Tidsskrift for mathematik 1865 - 1888
Mathematisk Tidsskrift 1859 - 1864
NSF-CBMS Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statistics 1990 - 2018
Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statistics 1989
Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 1996 - 2017
Philosophical Transactions: Physical Sciences and Engineering 1990 - 1995
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1934 - 1990
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Containing Papers of a Mathematical or Physical Character 1896 - 1934
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. A 1887 - 1895
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 1776 - 1886
Philosophical Transactions (1683-1775) 1683 - 1775
Philosophical Transactions (1665-1678) 1665 - 1677
Pi Mu Epsilon Journal 1949 - 2015
Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 1996 - 2017
Proceedings: Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1990 - 1995
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1934 - 1990
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Containing Papers of a Mathematical and Physical Character 1905 - 1934
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 1854 - 1904
Abstracts of the Papers Communicated to the Royal Society of London 1843 - 1850
Abstracts of the Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 1800 - 1837
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 1950 - 2015
Publicacions Matemàtiques 1988 - 2016
Publicacions de la Secció de Matemàtiques 1976 - 1987
Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 1943 - 2015
Real Analysis Exchange 1976 - 2020
The Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics 1971 - 2015
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 1966 - 2015
Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 1953 - 1965
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 1966 - 2015
Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics: Series B, Numerical Analysis 1964 - 1965
SIAM Review 1959 - 2015
Statistica Sinica 1991 - 2019
Studia Logica: An International Journal for Symbolic Logic 1953 - 2017
Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics 1997 - 2019
Chinese Journal of Mathematics 1973 - 1996
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 1900 - 2015
Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics 1977 - 2015
Science Reports of the Tokyo Kyoiku Daigaku, Section A 1954 - 1977
Science Reports of the Tokyo Bunrika Daigaku, Section A 1930 - 1953
981 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
101 Careers in Mathematics 2014
99 Variations on a Proof 2019
Abelian Varieties with Complex Multiplication and Modular Functions: (PMS-46) 1998
Abraham Robinson: The Creation of Nonstandard Analysis, A Personal and Mathematical Odyssey 1995
Across the Board: The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems 2004
The Action Principle and Partial Differential Equations. (AM-146) 2000
Action-minimizing Methods in Hamiltonian Dynamics: An Introduction to Aubry-Mather Theory 2015
Adaptive Control of Parabolic PDEs 2010
Adaptive Control Processes: A Guided Tour 1961
The Admissible Dual of GL(N) via Compact Open Subgroups. (AM-129) 1993
Advanced Problems in Mathematics: Preparing for University OPEN ACCESS 2016
Advances in Analysis: The Legacy of Elias M. Stein 2014
Advances in Game Theory. (AM-52) 1964
Advances in the Theory of Riemann Surfaces. (AM-66) 1971
Agent_Zero: Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science: Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science 2013
Aha! Solutions 2009
Alan Turing: The Enigma: The Book That Inspired the Film The Imitation Game - Updated Edition 2014
Algebra and Tiling: Homomorphisms in the Service of Geometry 1994
Álgebra e introducción al cálculo 2015
Álgebra lineal 2012
Algebraic Curves over a Finite Field 2008
Algebraic Geometry and Topology: A Symposium in Honor of Solomon Lefschetz 1957
Algebraic Geometry in Coding Theory and Cryptography 2009
Algebraic Geometry 1953
Algebraic Structures of Symmetric Domains 1980
Algebraic Theory of Numbers. (AM-1) 1968
Algebraic Topology and Algebraic K-Theory (AM-113): Proceedings of a Symposium in Honor of John C. Moore. (AM-113) 1987
Algorithms for Worst-Case Design and Applications to Risk Management 2002
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: 150th Anniversary Edition 2015
Alocações, estabilidade e otimização: uma introdução passo a passo OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Ambient Metric (AM-178) 2012
The American and Japanese Auto Industries in Transition: Report of the Joint U.S.–Japan Automotive Study OPEN ACCESS 1984
Análisis exploratoria de datos: Una introducción a la estadística descriptiva y probabilidad 2017
Análisis numérico. Notas de clase 2008
Analysis of Evolutionary Processes: The Adaptive Dynamics Approach and Its Applications: The Adaptive Dynamics Approach and Its Applications 2008
Analysis of Heat Equations on Domains. (LMS-31) 2005
Analytic Functions 1960
Analytic Functions of a Complex Variable 1926
Analytic Pseudodifferential Operators for the Heisenberg Group and Local Solvability. (MN-37): 1990
Analytic Theory of Global Bifurcation: An Introduction 2003
Anillos y Cuerpos 2018
Aplicación de procesamiento cuántico de señales teoría wavelet 2018
Aplicaciones de las funciones algebraicas 2018
The Applicability of Mathematics as a Philosophical Problem 1998
Applications of Mathematics in Economics 2013
Approximating Perfection: A Mathematician's Journey into the World of Mechanics 2004
Approximations for Digital Computers 1955
Aprendizaje de las matemáticas escolares desde un enfoque comunicacional 2008
Apuntes de algoritmia 2018
Archimedes 1987
Arguing with Numbers: The Intersections of Rhetoric and Mathematics 2021
Arithmetic and Geometry: Ten Years in Alpbach (AMS-202) 2019
Arithmetic Compactifications of PEL-Type Shimura Varieties 2013
Arithmetic Moduli of Elliptic Curves. (AM-108) 1985
The Arithmetic Theory of Quadratic Forms 1950
Arithmetical Wonderland 2015
ARITMÉTICA PITAGÓRICA Y EL TRIÁNGULO DE PASCAL: Una iniciación al pensamiento recursivo 2018
Arnold Diffusion for Smooth Systems of Two and a Half Degrees of Freedom: (AMS-208) 2020
The Arrow Impossibility Theorem 2014
Asymptotic Differential Algebra and Model Theory of Transseries: (AMS-195) 2017
Automorphic Forms on Adele Groups. (AM-83) 1975
Automorphic Representation of Unitary Groups in Three Variables. (AM-123) 1990
Aux sciences, citoyens!: Expériences et méthodes de consultation sur les enjeux scientifiques de notre temps 2009
Auxiliary Signal Design for Failure Detection 2004
Beautiful Game Theory: How Soccer Can Help Economics 2014
Beautiful Geometry 2014
Beautiful Mathematics 2011
The Beauty of Fractals: Six Different Views 2010
Beijing Lectures in Harmonic Analysis. (AM-112) 1986
Benford's Law: Theory and Applications 2015
Benjamin Franklin's Numbers: An Unsung Mathematical Odyssey 2008
Berkeley Lectures on p-adic Geometry: (AMS-207) 2020
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2010 2011
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2011 2011
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012 2012
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2013 2014
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2014 2015
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2015 2016
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2016 2017
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2017 2018
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2018 2019
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2019 2019
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2020 2020
Beyond Individual Choice: Teams and Frames in Game Theory 2006
Beyond the Quadratic Formula 2013
Bibliography and Research Manual of the History of Mathematics 1973
Bioéthique: Méthode et complexité 2001
A Biologist's Guide to Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Evolution 2007
Biomolecular Feedback Systems 2015
The Birth of Model Theory: Lowenheim's Theorem in the Frame of the Theory of Relatives 2004
The Blind Spot: Science and the Crisis of Uncertainty 2011
Blow-up Theory for Elliptic PDEs in Riemannian Geometry (MN-45): 2004
Borges and Mathematics 2012
Boundary Behavior of Holomorphic Functions of Several Complex Variables. (MN-11) 1972
The Bounds of Reason: Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences 2009
The Bounds of Reason: Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences 2009
Braids, Links, and Mapping Class Groups. (AM-82) 1974
The Calculi of Lambda Conversion. (AM-6) 1941
Cálculo de variable compleja 2014
Calculus: An Active Approach with Projects 2010
Calculus and Its Origins 2012
Calculus for Cranks 2021
The Calculus Gallery: Masterpieces from Newton to Lebesgue 2005
The Calculus Gallery: Masterpieces from Newton to Lebesgue 2018
The Calculus Lifesaver: All the Tools You Need to Excel at Calculus 2007
Calculus Mysteries and Thrillers 1998
The Calculus of Friendship: What a Teacher and a Student Learned about Life while Corresponding about Math 2009
The Calculus of Happiness: How a Mathematical Approach to Life Adds Up to Health, Wealth, and Love 2017
The Calculus of Selfishness: 2010
Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control Theory: A Concise Introduction 2012
Calculus of Variations 1925
Calculus on Heisenberg Manifolds. (AM-119) 1988
Calculus Reordered: A History of the Big Ideas 2019
Calculus Simplified 2019
C*-Algebra Extensions and K-Homology. (AM-95) 1980
Cameos for Calculus: Visualization in the First-Year Course 2015
Capture Dynamics and Chaotic Motions in Celestial Mechanics: With Applications to the Construction of Low Energy Transfers 2004
Casson's Invariant for Oriented Homology Three-Spheres: An Exposition. (MN-36): An Exposition. (MN-36) 1990
Causal Inference: The Mixtape 2021
Celestial Encounters: The Origins of Chaos and Stability 1996
Celestial Mechanics 1976
A Century of Advancing Mathematics 2015
A Certain Ambiguity: A Mathematical Novel 2007
Chance and Chaos 1991
Chaos and Dynamical Systems 2019
Chaos 1986
Chaotic Transitions in Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamical Systems: Applications of Melnikov Processes in Engineering, Physics, and Neuroscience 2002
Characteristic Classes. (AM-76) 1974
Characters of Reductive Groups over a Finite Field. (AM-107) 1984
Charming Proofs: A Journey into Elegant Mathematics 2010
Chases and Escapes: The Mathematics of Pursuit and Evasion 2007
Chow Rings, Decomposition of the Diagonal, and the Topology of Families 2014
Circles Disturbed: The Interplay of Mathematics and Narrative 2012
Classical and Celestial Mechanics: The Recife Lectures 2002
Classical and Nonclassical Logics: An Introduction to the Mathematics of Propositions 2005
The Classical and Quantum 6j-symbols. (MN-43), Volume 43 1995
The Classical Groups: Their Invariants and Representations 1966
Classical Mathematical Logic: The Semantic Foundations of Logic 2011
Classification of Pseudo-reductive Groups (AM-191) 2016
Classifying Spaces for Surgery and Corbordism of Manifolds. (AM-92) 1979
Classifying Spaces of Degenerating Polarized Hodge Structures. (AM-169) 2009
Cohomological Induction and Unitary Representations (PMS-45) 1955
Cohomology of Quotients in Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry. (MN-31), Volume 31 1984
Cohomology Operations (AM-50): Lectures by N.E. Steenrod. (AM-50) 1962
The Collected Papers of Alfred Young 1873–1940 1977
Combinatorial Group Theory and Topology. (AM-111) 1987
Combinatorial Mathematics 1963
Combinatorics of Train Tracks. (AM-125) 1922
Commensurabilities among Lattices in PU (1,n). (AM-132) 1993
Complex Adaptive Systems: An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life: An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life 2007
Complex Analysis: The Geometric Viewpoint 2004
Complex Ball Quotients and Line Arrangements in the Projective Plane 2016
Complex Dynamics and Renormalization (AM-135) 1994
Complexities: Women in Mathematics 2005
Comportamiento de los Agentes Económicos y Funcionamiento de los Mercados: Manual de ejercicios 2012
Composition Methods in Homotopy Groups of Spheres. (AM-49), Volume 49 1962
Computational Aspects of Modular Forms and Galois Representations: How One Can Compute in Polynomial Time the Value of Ramanujan's Tau at a Prime (AM-176) 2011
Computer-Aided Verification of Coordinating Processes: The Automata-Theoretic Approach 1994
Computers, Rigidity, and Moduli: The Large-Scale Fractal Geometry of Riemannian Moduli Space 2005
Concepts of Mass in Contemporary Physics and Philosophy 2000
Connectivity in Graphs 1966
Consistency of the Continuum Hypothesis. (AM-3) 1968
Contest Problem Book I: Annual High School Mathematics Examinations 1950-1960 1961
Contest Problem Book II: Annual High School Mathematics Examinations 1961-1965 1966
Contest Problem Book III: Annual High School Mathematics Examinations 1966-1972 1973
Contest Problem Book IV: Annual High School Mathematics Examinations 1973-1982 1982
The Contest Problem Book IX: American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 12), 2001–2007 Contests 2008
The Contest Problem Book V: American High School Mathematics Examinations and American Invitational Mathematics Examinations 1983–1988 1997
The Contest Problem Book VI: American High School Mathematics Examinations 1989–1994 2000
The Contest Problem Book VII: American Mathematics Competitions, 1995-2000 Contests 2006
The Contest Problem Book VIII: American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 10), 2000–2007 Contests 2008
Continued Fractions 1963
Continuous Geometry 1988
Continuous Model Theory. (AM-58) 1966
Contributions to Fourier Analysis. (AM-25) 1950
Contributions to the Theory of Games (AM-24), Volume I 1952
Contributions to the Theory of Games (AM-28), Volume II 1953
Contributions to the Theory of Games (AM-39), Volume III 1957
Contributions to the Theory of Games (AM-40), Volume IV 1959
Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-20), Volume I 1950
Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-29), Volume II 1952
Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-36), Volume III 1956
Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-41), Volume IV 1958
Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-45), Volume V 1960
Contributions to the Theory of Partial Differential Equations. (AM-33) 1954
Contributions to the Theory of Riemann Surfaces. (AM-30) 1953
Control automático aplicado. Prácticas de laboratorio 2da. Edición 2014
Control Theoretic Splines: Optimal Control, Statistics, and Path Planning 2010
Convergence and Uniformity in Topology. (AM-2) 1940
Convex Analysis: (PMS-28) 1970
Convolution and Equidistribution: Sato-Tate Theorems for Finite-Field Mellin Transforms (AM-180) 2012
A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution 2011
Cosmology in (2 + 1) -Dimensions, Cyclic Models, and Deformations of M2,1. (AM-121) 1989
Count Like an Egyptian: A Hands-on Introduction to Ancient Mathematics 2014
Counterexamples in Calculus 2010
A Course on Surgery Theory: (AMS-211) 2021
Creating Symmetry: The Artful Mathematics of Wallpaper Patterns 2015
Creative Mathematics 2006
The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics (Third Edition) 2011
Cuaderno de un viaje: Exploraciones del espacio 1945-2008 2009
The Cult of Pythagoras: Math and Myths 2012
Current Practices in Quantitative Literacy 2006
Curvature and Betti Numbers. (AM-32) 1953
Curves for the Mathematically Curious: An Anthology of the Unpredictable, Historical, Beautiful, and Romantic 2019
Cycles, Transfers, and Motivic Homology Theories. (AM-143) 2000
The Decomposition of Global Conformal Invariants (AM-182) 2012
Dedekind Sums 1972
Degenerate Diffusion Operators Arising in Population Biology (AM-185) 2013
Degree of Approximation by Polynomials in the Complex Domain. (AM-9) 1942
Degrees of Unsolvability. (AM-55) 1966
Delay-Adaptive Linear Control 2020
Derrida on Being as Presence: Questions and Quests OPEN ACCESS 2017
Descent in Buildings (AM-190), Volume I 2015
Detection Theory: (A Rand Study) 1965
Developing the Higher Education Curriculum: Research-Based Education in Practice OPEN ACCESS 2017
Die Große Arithmetik aus dem Codex Vind. phil. gr. 65: Eine anonyme Algorismusschrift aus der Endzeit des Byzantinischen Reiches 2014
Differential and Combinatorial Topology: A Symposium in Honor of Marston Morse 1965
Differential Equations on Fractals: A Tutorial 2006
Differential Geometry 1959
Differential Geometry of Complex Vector Bundles 1987
Differential Systems and Isometric Embeddings.(AM-114) 1987
Diffusion, Quantum Theory, and Radically Elementary Mathematics. (MN-47) 2006
Digital Dice: Computational Solutions to Practical Probability Problems 2008
Digital Dice: Computational Solutions to Practical Probability Problems 2008
Dimension Theory (PMS-4) 1941
Discontinuous Automatic Control 1953
Discontinuous Groups and Riemann Surfaces (AM-79): Proceedings of the 1973 Conference at the University of Maryland. (AM-79) 1974
The Discrete Charm of the Machine: Why the World Became Digital 2019
Discrete Orthogonal Polynomials. (AM-164): Asymptotics and Applications (AM-164) 2007
Discrete Series of GLn Over a Finite Field. (AM-81) 1974
Disquisitiones Arithmeticae 1965
Distributed Control of Robotic Networks: A Mathematical Approach to Motion Coordination Algorithms 2009
D-Modules and Spherical Representations. (MN-39): 1990
Do Not Erase: Mathematicians and Their Chalkboards 2021
The Doctrine of Triangles: A History of Modern Trigonometry 2021
Doing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics 2015
Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula: Cures Many Mathematical Ills 2006
Duel at Dawn: Heroes, Martyrs, and the Rise of Modern Mathematics 2010
Duelling Idiots and Other Probability Puzzlers 2000
Dynamic Programming 2010
A Dynamical Systems Theory of Thermodynamics 2019
Dynamics in One Complex Variable. (AM-160): Third Edition. (AM-160) 2006
"e": The Story of a Number 1994
Economía matemática 2001
Economics of J S Mill 1985
Eisenstein Cohomology for GLN and the Special Values of Rankin-Selberg L-Functions: (AMS-203) 2020
El legado matemático de Juan Bautista Sancho Guimerá 2016
El problema de complementariedad No lineal: Teoría, aplicaciones y nuevos algoritmos para su solución 2019
El razonamiento lógico en el lenguaje simbólico y en el lenguaje natural 2020
Elementary Differential Topology. (AM-54) 1966
Elementary Set Theory, Part I 1979
Elementary Set Theory, Part I/II 1967
Elementos de análisis funcional 2010
Éléments d'analyse complexe 1988
Elements of Mathematics: From Euclid to Gödel 2016
Elliptic Curves. (MN-40), Volume 40 1992
Elliptic Partial Differential Equations and Quasiconformal Mappings in the Plane (PMS-48) 2009
Elliptic Tales: Curves, Counting, and Number Theory 2012
Éloge du flou. Aux frontières des mathématiques et de l'intelligence artificielle: Aux frontières des mathématiques et de l'intelligence artificielle 2001
Encounters with Euclid: How an Ancient Greek Geometry Text Shaped the World 2021
The Enjoyment of Math 1957
Enjoyment of Mathematics: Selections from Mathematics for the Amateur 1994
Enlightening Symbols: A Short History of Mathematical Notation and Its Hidden Powers 2014
Enseñanza y aprendizaje de la estadística y la probabilidad.: Propuesta de intervención para el aula 2019
Entire Holomorphic Mappings in One and Several Complex Variables. (AM-85) 1976
Entropy 2003
Episodes from the Early History of Mathematics 1998
Episodes in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Euclidean Geometry 1995
Équations différentielles: 2e édition revue et augmentée 2016
The Ergodic Theory of Lattice Subgroups (AM-172) 2010
Ergodic Theory of Numbers 2002
Espresso mit Archimedes: Unglaubliche Geschichten aus der Welt der Mathematik 2019
Essays after Wittgenstein 1973
Essays in Mathematical Economics, in Honor of Oskar Morgenstern 1967
Essays on Fourier Analysis in Honor of Elias M. Stein (PMS-42) 1995
The Essential John Nash 2002
Estadística descriptiva y probabilidades 2013
Estadística inferencial aplicada 2019
Estimates of the Neumann Problem. (MN-19) 1977
Estructura Matemática para la evaluación de proyectos 2019
Etale Cohomology (PMS-33) 1980
Etale Homotopy of Simplicial Schemes. (AM-104) 1982
Euclidean Geometry in Mathematical Olympiads 2016
Euler Systems. (AM-147) 2000
Euler's Gem: The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology 2008
Euler's Gem: The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology 2008
Everyday Calculus: Discovering the Hidden Math All around Us 2014
Everyday Calculus: Discovering the Hidden Math All around Us 2014
The Evolution of Animal Communication: Reliability and Deception in Signaling Systems: Reliability and Deception in Signaling Systems 2005
An Evolutionary Model of Industry Transformation and the Political Sustainability of Emission Control Policies OPEN ACCESS 2013
Excursions in Classical Analysis: Pathways to Advanced Problem Solving and Undergraduate Research 2010
Exercices corrigés d'équations différentielles 2012
Existence and Regularity of Minimal Surfaces on Riemannian Manifolds. (MN-27): 1981
Existence Theorems in Partial Differential Equations. (AM-23) 1950
Explorations in Complex Analysis 2012
Exploring Advanced Euclidean Geometry with GeoGebra 2013
Exponential Sums and Differential Equations. (AM-124) 1990
An Extension of Casson's Invariant. (AM-126) 1992
Fascinating Mathematical People: Interviews and Memoirs 2011
The Fascinating World of Graph Theory 2015
Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe 2016
Fearless Symmetry: Exposing the Hidden Patterns of Numbers (New Edition) 2006
Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers 2008
Field Effect in Semiconductor-Electrolyte Interfaces: Application to Investigations of Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Surfaces 2006
Field Theory and its Classical Problems 1975
Finding Fibonacci: The Quest to Rediscover the Forgotten Mathematical Genius Who Changed the World 2017
Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces. (AM-7) 1947
First Concepts of Topology: The Geometry of Mappings of Segments, Curves, Circles, and Disks 1966
A First Course in Functional Analysis: Theory and Applications 2013
First Steps for Math Olympians: Using the American Mathematics Competitions 2006
Five Hundred Mathematical Challenges 1995
Fixing Frege 2005
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions 1991
Flight Dynamics 2004
Flows in Networks 1962
Flows on Homogeneous Spaces. (AM-53) 1963
Fluid Mechanics and Statistical Methods in Engineering 1941
Formal Verification of Control System Software 2019
Forward-Looking Decision Making: Dynamic Programming Models Applied to Health, Risk, Employment, and Financial Stability 2010
Foundational Essays on Topological Manifolds, Smoothings, and Triangulations. (AM-88) 1977
Foundations of Algebraic Analysis (PMS-37) 1986
Foundations of Algebraic Topology 1952
The Foundations of Geometry 1959
Foundations of Geometry: Selected proceedings of a conference 1976
Fourier Analysis on Local Fields. (MN-15) 1975
Fourier Restriction for Hypersurfaces in Three Dimensions and Newton Polyhedra (AM-194) 2016
Fourier Series and Orthogonal Polynomials 1941
Fourier Series 2005
Fourier Transforms. (AM-19) 1949
Fractals in the Natural Sciences 1989
Frechet Differentiability of Lipschitz Functions and Porous Sets in Banach Spaces (AM-179) 2012
Frege in Perspective 1990
A Fresh Start for Collegiate Mathematics 2006
A Friendly Mathematics Competition: 35 Years of Teamwork in Indiana 2003
From Calculus to Computers 2005
From Error-Correcting Codes Through Sphere Packings to Simple Groups 1983
From Pythagoras to Einstein 1965
From the Calculus to Set Theory 1630-1910: An Introductory History 1980
Frontiers in Complex Dynamics: In Celebration of John Milnor's 80th Birthday 2014
Functional Analysis: Introduction to Further Topics in Analysis 2011
Functional Integration and Partial Differential Equations. (AM-109) 1985
Functional Operators (AM-21), Volume 1: Measures and Integrals. (AM-21) 1950
Functional Operators (AM-22), Volume 2: The Geometry of Orthogonal Spaces. (AM-22) 1950
Functionals of Finite Riemann Surfaces 1954
Fundamental Papers in Wavelet Theory 2006
Galileo's Muse: Renaissance Mathematics and the Arts 2011
Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict 1991
Game Theory and Canadian Politics 1998
Game Theory and Strategy 1993
Game Theory Evolving: A Problem-Centered Introduction to Modeling Strategic Interaction - Second Edition 2009
Game Theory in Action: An Introduction to Classical and Evolutionary Models 2016
Game Theory Through Examples 2014
Games for Your Mind: The History and Future of Logic Puzzles 2020
Gamma: Exploring Euler's Constant 2003
A Garden of Integrals 2007
Gauss Sums, Kloosterman Sums, and Monodromy Groups. (AM-116) 1988
General Theory of Algebraic Equations 2006
General Topology: (Mathematical Expositions No. 7) 1956
Generalized Feynman Amplitudes. (AM-62) 1969
The Generalized Riemann Integral 1980
Generative Social Science: Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling: Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling 2006
Genomic Signal Processing 2007
A Gentle Introduction to the American Invitational Mathematics Exam 2015
The Geographic Spread of Infectious Diseases: Models and Applications: Models and Applications 2009
Geometría para diseño gráfico 2017
Geometría plana: un espacio de aprendizaje 2013
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