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Military Studies

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30 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Air Power History 1989 - 2020
Aerospace Historian 1965 - 1988
The Air Power Historian 1954 - 1965
American Intelligence Journal 1977 - 2018
Armed Forces & Society 1974 - 2017
Army History 1989 - 2021
The Army Historian 1983 - 1988
Chemical Corps Journal 1946 - 1948
Connections 2002 - 2020
The Cyber Defense Review 2016 - 2021
Defense Transportation Journal 1967 - 2019
National Defense Transportation Journal 1949 - 1967
Army Transportation Journal 1945 - 1949
Inside Missile Defense 1995 - 2017
Inside the Air Force 1996 - 2017
Inside the Army 1992 - 2017
Inside the Navy 1998 - 2017
Inside the Pentagon 1987 - 2017
Journal of Conflict & Security Law 2000 - 2015
Journal of Armed Conflict Law 1996 - 1999
International Law and Armed Conflict Commentary 1994 - 1995
The Journal of East Asian Affairs 1981 - 2018
Journal of Political & Military Sociology 1973 - 2016
Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research 1921 - 2018
Medieval Warfare 2011 - 2017
The Military Engineer 1920 - 2021
Professional Memoirs, Corps of Engineers, United States Army, and Engineer Department at Large 1909 - 1919
Military Images 1979 - 2021
Military Operations Research 1994 - 2021
National Defense 2005 - 2018
Ordnance 1947 - 1970
The Common Defense 1947 - 1954
Logistics 1945 - 1947
Industrial Preparedness Bulletin 1946
Army Ordnance Bulletin 1940 - 1946
Army Ordnance Report 1943 - 1945
Army Ordnance 1920 - 1945
Naval War College Review 1952 - 2020
Naval War College Information Service for Officers 1948 - 1952
On Point 1995 - 2018
Phalanx 1966 - 2021
PRISM 2009 - 2021
Security Challenges 2005 - 2020
Strategic Studies Quarterly 2007 - 2021
War in History 1994 - 2017
Warship International 1964 - 2018
645 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
100 Years of Peace Through Law: Past and Future. 2015
1066: Der Kampf um Englands Krone 2016
1066: Englands Eroberung durch die Normannen 2016
1891 Historia naval de la Guerra Civil 2019
1914: Austria-Hungary, the Origins, and the First Year of World War I OPEN ACCESS 2014
The 1945 Burma Campaign and the Transformation of the British Indian Army 2020
The 4th Marine Brigade at Belleau Wood and Soissons: History and Battlefield Guide 2020
Aberration of Mind: Suicide and Suffering in the Civil War–Era South OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Abongo Abroad: Military-Sponsored Travel in Ghana, the United States, and the World, 1959-1992 2017
Accursed Tower: The Crusaders' Last Battle for the Holy Land 2019
Acht Tage im Mai: Die letzte Woche des Dritten Reiches 2020
Across Cultures and Empires: An Immigrant's Odyssey from the Soviet Army to the US War in Iraq and American Citizenship 2021
De acusados a acusadores: Una historia de los Consejos de Guerra Verbales en Colombia, 1969-1982 2020
Adolf Hitler: Biographie eines Diktators 2018
Afghan Napoleon: The Life of Ahmad Shah Massoud 2021
African Military Geosciences: Military History and the Physical Environment 2018
The Age of Hiroshima 2020
Air Officer Commanding: Hugh Dowding, Architect of the Battle of Britain 2018
Albania at War 1939-1945 1999
The Aljubarrota Battle and Its Contemporary Heritage 2020
All Souls Day: The World War II Battle and the Search for a Lost U.S. Battalion 2020
Allies in Air Power: A History of Multinational Air Operations 2020
All-Out for Victory!: Magazine Advertising and the World War II Home Front 2009
America Ascendant: The Rise of American Exceptionalism 2019
The American bomb in Britain: US Air Forces' strategic presence, 1946–64 2016
American Datu: John J. Pershing and Counterinsurgency Warfare in the Muslim Philippines, 1899-1913 2020
America's First Battles, 1776-1965 1986
America's Miracle Man in Vietnam: Ngo Dinh Diem, Religion, Race, and U.S. Intervention in Southeast Asia 2004
America's Use of Terror: From Colonial Times to the A-bomb 2019
Analogies at War: Korea, Munich, Dien Bien Phu, and the Vietnam Decisions of 1965 1992
Anarchism, 1914–18: Internationalism, anti-militarism and war 2017
Anthropological Intelligence: The Deployment and Neglect of American Anthropology in the Second World War 2008
Anxious Days and Tearful Nights: Canadian War Wives During the Great War 2020
Apocalypse Undone: My Survival of Japanese Imprisonment During World War II 1990
Arizona Goes to War: The Home Front and the Front Lines during World War II 2003
Arkansas Made, Volume 1: A Survey of the Decorative, Mechanical, and Fine Arts Produced in Arkansas through 1950 2021
The Arming of Europe and the Making of the First World War 1996
Arms and Influence 2020
Arms and Letters: Military Life Writing in Early Modern Spain 2020
An Army in Crisis: Social Conflict and the U.S. Army in Germany, 1968–1975 2019
Army of Francis Joseph 1976
Army of the Roman Emperors: Archaeology and History 2014
The Art of Persistence: Akamatsu Toshiko and the Visual Cultures of Transwar Japan 2020
The Art of Siege Warfare and Military Architecture from the Classical World to the Middle Ages 2021
Athen oder Sparta: Die Geschichte des Peloponnesischen Krieges 2019
Attila: Der Schrecken der Welt 2016
Auf Messers Schneide: Wie das Deutsche Reich den Ersten Weltkrieg verlor 2018
Ausnahmezustand: Reisen in eine beunruhigte Welt 2013
The Axis Alliance and Japanese-American Relations, 1941 1958
Babad Dipanagara: A Surakarta Court Poet’s Account of the Outbreak of the Java War (1825-30) OPEN ACCESS 2019
Balkan Anschluss: The Annexation of Montenegro and the Creation of the Common South Slavic State 2008
Barbarossa: The Axis and the Allies 1994
Battle for Malaya: The Indian Army in Defeat, 1941–1942 2019
The Battle for Syria: International Rivalry in the New Middle East 2016
Bayonets in Paradise: Martial Law in Hawai‘i during World War II 2016
Behavioral Economics and Nuclear Weapons 2019
Behind enemy lines: Gender, passing and the Special Operations Executive in the Second World War 2007
Beirut 1958: How America's Wars in the Middle East Began 2020
Besieged: Early Modern British Siege Literature, 1642-1722 2021
Better Safe Than Sorry: The Ironies of Living with the Bomb 2009
Between Empire and Continent: British Foreign Policy before the First World War 2019
Beyond Inclusion and Exclusion: Jewish Experiences of the First World War in Central Europe 2019
Beyond Pearl Harbor: A Pacific History 2019
Beyond Terror and Martyrdom: The Future of the Middle East 2008
The Bible and Crusade Narrative in the Twelfth Century 2020
Blacks and the Military 1982
Bletchley Park and D-Day: The Untold Story of How the Battle for Normandy Was Won 2019
Blind Bombing: How Microwave Radar Brought the Allies to D-Day and Victory in World War II 2019
Bodies in Blue: Disability in the Civil War North 2019
The Book of Geoffroi de Charny: with the Livre Charny 2021
The Book of Lord Shang: Apologetics of State Power in Early China 2019
Borderland Generation: Soviet and Polish Jews under Hitler 2020
Borders on the Move: Territorial Change and Forced Migration in the Hungarian-Slovak Borderlands, 1938-1948 2020
Böse Jahre, gute Jahre: Ein Leben 1931 ff. 2011
Boy on the Bridge: The Story of John Shalikashvili's American Success 2019
Breaking the Silence: Redress and Japanese American Ethnicity 1995
Britain’s ‘brown babies’: The stories of children born to black GIs and white women in the Second World War 2019
Britain’s Departure from Aden and South Arabia: Without Glory but Without Disaster 2020
British Imperial Air Power: The Royal Air Forces and the Defense of Australia and New Zealand Between the World Wars 2020
The British Navy in the Caribbean 2021
Broadway Goes to War: American Theater during World War II 2021
Brokering the Good Friday Agreement: The untold story 2019
Bullets Not Ballots: Success in Counterinsurgency Warfare 2021
Bureaucracy, Work and Violence: The Reich Ministry of Labour in Nazi Germany, 1933–1945 2020
Camouflage Australia: Art, Nature, Science and War 2011
The Campaign for the Sugar Islands, 1759: A Study of Amphibious Warfare 1955
Can You Beat Churchill?: Teaching History through Simulations 2021
Canada's Navy, 2nd Edition: The First Century 2010
Caricature and National Character: The United States at War 2021
Carnage and Care on the Eastern Front: The War Diaries of Bernhard Bardach, 1914-1918 2018
Changing the Rules of Engagement: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Leadership from Women in the Military 2021
Charlemagne’s Defeat in the Pyrenees: The Battle of Rencesvals 2021
Chasing Ghosts: A Memoir of a Father, Gone to War 2016
Cheerio and Best Wishes: Letters from a World War II Hoosier Pilot 2013
Child Soldiers: From Violence to Protection 2006
Children born of war in the twentieth century 2017
Chile, the CIA and the Cold War: A Transatlantic Perspective 2019
China's Muslims and Japan's Empire: Centering Islam in World War II 2020
Chivalry and the Perfect Prince: Tournaments, Art, and Armor at the Spanish Habsburg Court 2008
Chivalry and Violence in Late Medieval Castile 2020
Christianity and War in Medieval East Central Europe and Scandinavia 2021
Cinemas and cinemagoing in wartime Britain, 1939–45: The utility dream palace 2016
Cities at War: Global Insecurity and Urban Resistance 2020
Citizens and Soldiers: The Dilemmas of Military Service 1985
Civil War Monuments and the Militarization of America 2019
Civilian Specialists at War: Britain's Transport Experts and the First World War OPEN ACCESS 2020
Civilians and Military Supply in Early Modern Finland OPEN ACCESS 2021
Civilians at the Sharp End: First Canadian Army Civil Affairs in Northwest Europe 2021
The Clandestine Lives of Colonel David Smiley: Code Name 'Grin' 2019
The Coalition Crumbles, Napoleon Returns: The 1799 Campaign in Italy and Switzerland, Volume 2 2021
Collaboration: Japanese agents and local elites in wartime China 2005
Colorado Women in World War II 2020
Combat Reporter: Don Whitehead's World War II Diary and Memoirs 2006
Compensation in Practice: The Foundation 'Remembrance, Responsibility and Future' and the Legacy of Forced Labour during the Third Reich 2017
Comrades Betrayed: Jewish World War I Veterans under Hitler 2020
The Confederate Battle Flag: America's Most Embattled Emblem 2005
Confrontación armada entre las Fuerzas Armadas colombianas y FARC-EP: Un análisis de sus acciones de guerra 2006-2014 2019
Conquering Peace: From Enlightenment to the European Union 2021
Conquests in Eleventh-Century England: 1016, 1066 2020
Constructing Allied Cooperation: Diplomacy, Payments, and Power in Multilateral Military Coalitions 2019
Contagions of Empire: Scientific Racism, Sexuality, and Black Military Workers Abroad, 1898–1948 2020
Contemporary Military Geosciences in South Africa 2019
Cosmopolitan dystopia: International intervention and the failure of the West 2020
Countdown in Korea: Der gefährlichste Konflikt der Welt und seine Hintergründe 2017
Cristeros y agraristas en Jalisco: Tomo 1 OPEN ACCESS 2000
Cristeros y agraristas en Jalisco: Tomo 2 OPEN ACCESS 2001
Cristeros y agraristas en Jalisco: Tomo 3 OPEN ACCESS 2003
Cristeros y agraristas en Jalisco: Tomo 4 OPEN ACCESS 2003
Cristeros y agraristas en Jalisco: Tomo 5 OPEN ACCESS 2003
Crossing the Pomerium: The Boundaries of Political, Religious, and Military Institutions from Caesar to Constantine 2020
The Crown and the Capitalists: The Ethnic Chinese and the Founding of the Thai Nation 2019
The Crusader Strategy: Defending the Holy Land 2020
The Crusades: Islamic Perspectives 1999
The Damned and the Dead: The Eastern Front through the Eyes of the Soviet and Russian Novelists 2011
Dancing in the English style: Consumption, Americanisation and national identity in Britain, 1918–50 2017
Dangerous Energy: The archaeology of gunpowder and military explosives manufacture 2000
Das Dritte Reich: Geschichte einer Diktatur 2016
Das Kriegsende in Sachsen 1945. 2018
Das preußische Kriegsspiel 2019
Das Warschauer Getto: Alltag und Widerstand im Angesicht der Vernichtung 2013
A Date Which Will Live: Pearl Harbor in American Memory 2003
The Day After: Why America Wins the War but Loses the Peace 2019
The Debate on the Crusades, 1099–2010 2011
The Decline of Bismarck's European Order: Franco-Russian Relations 1875-1890 1979
Defamiliarizing Japan’s Asia-Pacific War 2019
Defence Diplomacy and National Security Strategy: Views from the Global South 2020
Defending America: Military Culture and the Cold War Court-Martial 2005
Defending the Conquest: Bernardo de Vargas Machuca's Defense and Discourse of the Western Conquests 2010
Defense Engagement since 1900: Global Lessons in Soft Power 2020
Deployment Psychology: Evidence-Based Strategies to Promote Mental Health in the Military 2011
Der Bauernjörg: Feldherr im Bauernkrieg 2015
Der Erste Weltkrieg in der deutschen und britischen Erinnerungskultur - The First World War in British and German Commemorative Culture. 2017
Der Erste Weltkrieg und seine Folgen für das Zusammenleben der Völker in Mittel- und Ostmitteleuropa.: Teil 1. 2017
Der Erste Weltkrieg und seine Folgen für das Zusammenleben der Völker in Mittel- und Ostmitteleuropa.: Teil 2. 2019
Der Gallische Krieg: Geschichte und Täuschung in Caesars Meisterwerk 2016
Der gewaltsame Lehrer: Europas Kriege in der Moderne 2019
Der Kalte Krieg 2003
Der Kern des Holocaust: Belzec, Sobibór, Treblinka und die Aktion Reinhardt 2017
Der Mord an den europäischen Juden: Ursachen, Ereignisse, Dimensionen 2017
Der Morgen der Welt: Geschichte der Renaissance 2017
Der Nahostkonflikt: Geschichte, Positionen, Perspektiven 2016
Der Peloponnesische Krieg 2007
Der Preis des Ruhms: Eine Weltgeschichte des Siebenjährigen Krieges 2019
Der überforderte Frieden: Versailles und die Welt 1918-1923 2018
Der Untergang des Abendlandes: Umrisse einer Morphologie der Weltgeschichte 1923
Der vergessene Sieg: Der Polnisch-Sowjetische Krieg 1919/1921 und die Entstehung des modernen Osteuropa 2019
Der verhängnisvolle Irrtum.: Zur Analyse von Fehlleistungen in politisch-militärischen Kontexten. 2014
Des Kaisers Piraten in der Südsee und im Südatlantik: Der Einsatz deutscher Hilfskreuzer in der ersten Phase des Ersten Weltkrieges 2018
Desert Redleg: Artillery Warfare in the First Gulf War 2020
Deserter Country: Civil War Opposition in the Pennsylvania Appalachians 2009
Desertion: Trust and Mistrust in Civil Wars 2020
Diagnosing Dissent: Hysterics, Deserters, and Conscientious Objectors in Germany during World War One 2020
The Diary of Prisoner 17326: A Boy's Life in a Japanese Labor Camp 2010
Diary of the 1914-1918 War 2015
Die 101 wichtigsten Fragen - Das Dritte Reich 2006
Die 101 wichtigsten Fragen - Der Erste Weltkrieg 2014
Die 101 wichtigsten Fragen: Hitler 2019
Die Assassinen: Geschichte eines islamischen Geheimbundes 2017
Die brennende Kathedrale: Eine Geschichte aus dem Ersten Weltkrieg 2018
Die Büchse der Pandora: Geschichte des Ersten Weltkriegs 2014
Die erste Weltwirtschaftskrise: Eine kleine Geschichte der großen Depression 2013
Die Frankfurter Judengasse: Katalog zur Dauerausstellung des Jüdischen Museums Frankfurt 2016
Die Französische Revolution 1988
Die Julikrise: Europas Weg in den Ersten Weltkrieg 2014
Die Karte des Piri Re'is: Das vergessene Wissen der Araber und die Entdeckung Amerikas 2017
Die Kreuzzüge 2004
Die Kuba-Krise: Die Welt an der Schwelle zum Atomkrieg 2015
Die Mauer: Geschichte einer Teilung 2009
Die Reiter der Apokalypse: Geschichte des Dreißigjährigen Krieges 2018
Die Salier: Das erste deutsche Königshaus 2006
Die Schatten des Imperiums: Russland seit 1991 2019
Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald: Arminius, Varus und das römische Germanien 2008
Die Söhne des Mars: Eine Geschichte des Krieges von der Steinzeit bis zum Ende der Antike 2015
Die Templer 2009
Die Varusschlacht 2010
Die vergessene Römerschlacht: Der sensationelle Fund am Harzhorn 2018
'Dieser Krieg ist der große Rassenkrieg': Krieg und Holocaust in Europa 2018
Diplomat in Khaki: Major General Frank Ross McCoy and American Foreign Policy, 18981949 OPEN ACCESS 1989
The Disparity of Sacrifice: Irish Recruitment to the British Armed Forces, 1914-1918 2020
Divided Armies: Inequality and Battlefield Performance in Modern War 2020
The Divo and the Duce: Promoting Film Stardom and Political Leadership in 1920s America OPEN ACCESS 2019
Dragonslayer: The Legend of Erich Ludendorff in the Weimar Republic and Third Reich 2021
Drone Art: The Everywhere War as Medium 2020
Drunk on Genocide: Alcohol and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany 2021
Dying for the nation: Death, grief and bereavement in Second World War Britain 2020
Dying to Learn: Wartime Lessons from the Western Front 2021
The Eagle on My Arm: How the Wilderness and Birds of Prey Saved a Veteran's Life 2020
Early modern war narratives and the Revolt in the Low Countries 2020
Ecclesiastical Knights: The Military Orders in Castile, 1150-1330 2015
Educating Air Forces: Global Perspectives on Airpower Learning 2020
Edward M. Almond and the US Army: From the 92nd Infantry Division to the X Corps 2019
El conflicto en contexto (3): Un análisis de Arauca (región Orinoquia) y Norte de Santander (región Andina), 1982-2018 2020
El ejército mexicano: 100 años de historia OPEN ACCESS 2014
El nazismo y el tercer Reich 2019
El santuario: historia global de una batalla 2015
Embers of Empire: Continuity and Rupture in the Habsburg Successor States after 1918 2019
Emergency War Plan: The American Doomsday Machine, 1945–1960 2021
Empire and enterprise: Money, power and the Adventurers for Irish land during the British Civil Wars 2020
Empires in World History: Power and the Politics of Difference 2010
Ends of War: The Unfinished Fight of Lee's Army after Appomattox 2021
Enemies among Us: The Relocation, Internment, and Repatriation of German, Italian, and Japanese Americans during the Second World War 2021
English Mercuries: Soldier Poets in the Age of Shakespeare 2009
Enlisting Faith: How the Military Chaplaincy Shaped Religion and State in Modern America 2017
Epic Journey: The Life and Times of Wasyl Kushnir 2020
Establecimiento y pérdida del Septentrión de Nueva España OPEN ACCESS 1997
Ethnic Chrysalis: China’s Orochen People and the Legacy of Qing Borderland Administration 2019
Europe on the move: Refugees in the era of the Great War 2017
Every Home a Fortress: Cold War Fatherhood and the Family Fallout Shelter 2020
Experiment in Occupation: Witness to the Turnabout: Anti-Nazi War to Cold War, 1944–1946 2004
Extraordinary Justice: Law, Politics, and the Khmer Rouge Tribunals 2020
Fallen Tigers: The Fate of America's Missing Airmen in China during World War II 2021
Famine Relief in Warlord China 2019
Fearing the Worst: How Korea Transformed the Cold War 2020
Feeding Victory: Innovative Military Logistics from Lake George to Khe Sanh 2020
Fetch the Devil: The Sierra Diablo Murders and Nazi Espionage in America 2014
Feuersturm: Eine Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkriegs 2019
A Few Planes for China: The Birth of the Flying Tigers 2017
Fields of Combat: Understanding PTSD among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan 2011
Fifty Years in the Karen Revolution in Burma: The Soldier and the Teacher 2019
Fighters across frontiers: Transnational resistance in Europe, 1936–48 2020
Fighting for Citizenship: Black Northerners and the Debate over Military Service in the Civil War 2020
Fighting for Credibility: US Reputation and International Politics 2017
Fighting the Great War: A Global History 2005
Finding Solace in the Soil: An Archaeology of Gardens and Gardeners at Amache 2020
The First Vietnam War: Colonial Conflict and Cold War Crisis 2007
The First World Oil War 2016
Fishermen, the Fishing Industry and the Great War at Sea: A Forgotten History? 2019
Flucht und Vertreibung der Deutschen: Voraussetzungen, Verlauf, Folgen 2011
Flying Blind: The Politics of the U.S. Strategic Bomber Program 1992
Footprints of War: Militarized Landscapes in Vietnam OPEN ACCESS 2018
For Might and Right: Cold War Defense Spending and the Remaking of American Democracy 2020
Forced Out: A Nikkei Woman’s Search for a Home in America 2020
Forest Brothers: The Account of an Anti-Soviet Lithuanian Freedom Fighter, 1944–1948 2009
Forging Global Fordism: Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and the Contest over the Industrial Order 2020
Four Decades On: Vietnam, the United States, and the Legacies of the Second Indochina War 2013
French and Germans, Germans and French: A Personal Interpretation of France under Two Occupations, 1914–1918/1940–1944 1983
The French army 1750–1820: Careers, talent, merit 2002
Friends and enemies: The Allies and neutral Ireland in the Second World War 2021
From Boston to Berlin: A Journey Through World War II in Images and Words 2001
From Empire to Republic: Post-World War I Austria OPEN ACCESS 2010
From Hot War to Cold: The U.S. Navy and National Security Affairs, 1945-1955 2009
From Quills to Tweets: How America Communicates about War and Revolution 2019
Für, gegen und ohne Kommunismus: Erinnerungen 2019
Fürsten im Fadenkreuz: Geheimoperationen im Zeitalter der Ritter 1100-1550 2020
Galeazzo Ciano: The Fascist Pretender 2021
General de Kalb, Lafayette's Mentor OPEN ACCESS 1966
The Generalship of Muhammad: Battles and Campaigns of the Prophet of Allah 2012
German Railroads, Jewish Souls: The Reichsbahn, Bureaucracy, and the Final Solution 2020
German War, Russian Peace: The Hungarian Tragedy 2014
Geschichte des Koreakriegs: Schlachtfeld der Supermächte und ungelöster Konflikt 2013
Geschichte des Vietnamkriegs: Die Tragödie in Asien und das Ende des amerikanischen Traums 1998
Ghost Riders of Baghdad: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge 2015
Ghosts of the Somme: Commemoration and Culture War in Northern Ireland 2018
Global Development: A Cold War History 2019
Governing the Dead: Martyrs, Memorials, and Necrocitizenship in Modern China 2021
Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich: Supreme Commander of the Russian Army 2016
The Great Siege of Malta: The Epic Battle between the Ottoman Empire and the Knights of St. John 2015
Greek Warfare beyond the Polis: Defense, Strategy, and the Making of Ancient Federal States 2020
Grey Wars: A Contemporary History of U.S. Special Operations 2021
The Guerrilla Legacy of the Cuban Revolution 2019
The Gunpowder Age: China, Military Innovation, and the Rise of the West in World History 2016
The Hanford Plaintiffs: Voices from the Fight for Atomic Justice 2020
Harvest of Despair: Life and Death in Ukraine under Nazi Rule 2004
Hiroshima: Geschichte und Nachgeschichte 2010
Historical Archaeology of the Revolutionary War Encampments of Washington’s Army 2019
History and Strategy 1991
A History of the World in Sixteen Shipwrecks 2015
Hitler Youth 2004
Hitler’s Northern Utopia: Building the New Order in Occupied Norway 2020
Ho Chi Minh: Der geheimnisvolle Revolutionär 2011
The Holocaust in Bohemia and Moravia: Czech Initiatives, German Policies, Jewish Responses 2019
Home Front: North Carolina during World War II 2017
Homecomings: Returning POWs and the Legacies of Defeat in Postwar Germany 2006
Hostages of Empire: Colonial Prisoners of War in Vichy France 2021
The Household Knights of Edward III: Warfare, Politics and Kingship in Fourteenth-Century England 2021
How White Men Won the Culture Wars: A History of Veteran America 2021
Human Shields: A History of People in the Line of Fire 2020
The Hundred Day Winter War: Finland's Gallant Stand against the Soviet Army 2013
Hungary in World War II: Caught in the Cauldron 2011
The Hunt for Jimmie Browne: An MIA Pilot in World War II China 2020
Ike's Letters to a Friend, 19411958 OPEN ACCESS 2021
Ill Starred General: Braddock of the Coldstream Guards 1958
The Imperial Russian Army in Peace, War, and Revolution, 1856-1917 2019
Imperiale Gewalt und mobilisierte Nation: Europa 1914-1945 2011
In Different Times: The War for Southern Africa 1966-1989 2019
In from the Cold: Reflections on Australia’s Korean War OPEN ACCESS 2020
In the Manner of the Franks: Hunting, Kingship, and Masculinity in Early Medieval Europe 2020
In the Trenches: A Russian Woman Soldier's Story of World War I 2020
Incarceration and Regime Change: European Prisons during and after the Second World War 2017
An Incipient Mutiny: The Story of the U.S. Army Signal Corps Pilot Revolt 2020
Indian Soldiers in World War I: Race and Representation in an Imperial War 2021
The Indoctrination of the Wehrmacht: Nazi Ideology and the War Crimes of the German Military 2019
Inferno in Chechnya: The Russian-Chechen Wars, the Al Qaeda Myth, and the Boston Marathon Bombings 2015
Information Technology and Military Power 2020
Inside the Hot Zone: A Soldier on the Front Lines of Biological Warfare 2020
Instruments of Empire: Filipino Musicians, Black Soldiers, and Military Band Music during US Colonization of the Philippines 2021
Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Iraq 2006
International Intervention and the Problem of Legitimacy: Encounters in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina 2020
Intervention Narratives: Afghanistan, the United States, and the Global War on Terror 2020
Invading Colombia: Spanish Accounts of the Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada Expedition of Conquest 2007
Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions 2010
Iranian Women and Gender in the Iran-Iraq War 2021
The Irish amateur military tradition in the British Army, 1854–1992 2016
The Jacobite Wars: Scotland and the Military Campaigns of 1715 and 1745 2002
Japanese Reflections on World War II and the American Occupation OPEN ACCESS 2017
Jean de Bueil: Le Jouvencel 2020
Jemen: Der vergessene Krieg 2019
The Jet Makers: The Aerospace Industry from 1945 to 1972 OPEN ACCESS 2020
Jewish Partisans of the Soviet Union during World War II 2021
John J. Pershing and the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I, 1917-1919: April 7-September 30, 1917 2021
The Johnson Years, Volume Two: Vietnam, the Environment, and Science OPEN ACCESS 1987
Josephus's The Jewish War: A Biography 2019
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume XIX 2021
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume XVIII 2020
The Judengasse in Frankfurt: Catalog of the permanent exhibition of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt 2016
Kalifen und Assassinen: Ägypten und der Vordere Orient zur Zeit der ersten Kreuzzüge 1074-1171 2014
Katyn 1940: Geschichte eines Verbrechens 2015
Katyn: Stalin’s Massacre and the Triumph of Truth 2010
Kazakhstan in World War II: Mobilization and Ethnicity in the Soviet Empire 2019
Keenie Meenie: The British Mercenaries Who Got Away with War Crimes 2020
Kentuckians and Pearl Harbor: Stories from the Day of Infamy 2020
The Knights Templar 2021
The Korean War in Britain: Citizenship, selfhood and forgetting 2018
The Koreas: The Birth of Two Nations Divided 2020
Labour, British radicalism and the First World War 2018
Las armas, las letras y el compás en Milicia y descripción de las Indias: La construcción del caudillo colonial a finales del siglo XVI y principios del XVII 2018
The Last Battleground: The Civil War Comes to North Carolina 2019
The Last Muslim Conquest: The Ottoman Empire and Its Wars in Europe 2021
Laying Down the Law: The American Legal Revolutions in Occupied Germany and Japan 2019
Life after Tragedy: Essays on Faith and the First World War Evoked by Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy 2017
Life and Death in the Third Reich 2008
The Life and World of Francis Rodd, Lord Rennell (1895-1978): Geography, Money and War 2021
A Life of Albert Pike 1997
The Life of Alcibiades: Dangerous Ambition and the Betrayal of Athens 2019
The Limits of Safety: Organizations, Accidents, and Nuclear Weapons 1993
Living by the Sword: Weapons and Material Culture in France and Britain, 600–1600 2020
The London Cage: The Secret History of Britain's World War II Interrogation Centre 2017
Lone Wolf Terror and the Rise of Leaderless Resistance 2012
The Los Alamos Primer: The First Lectures on How to Build an Atomic Bomb, Updated with a New Introduction by Richard Rhodes 2020
Losing Control: Global Security in the Twenty-first Century 2021
Love and Terror in the Third Reich: A Tale of Broken Integrity 2019
The Making of the Modern Chinese Navy: Special Historical Characteristics 2019
Making Patton: A Classic War Film's Epic Journey to the Silver Screen 2012
Making the Forever War: Marilyn B. Young on the Culture and Politics of American Militarism 2021
The Manhattan Project 2020
Manhood, Morality & the Transformation of Angolan Society: MPLA Veterans & Post-war Dynamics 2020
Manpower and the Armies of the British Empire in the Two World Wars 2021
Martial masculinities: Experiencing and imagining the military in the long nineteenth century 2019
Martin Monath: A Jewish Resistance Fighter Among Nazi Soldiers 2019
Meade at Gettysburg: A Study in Command 2021
Mediating War and Identity: Figures of Transgression in 20th- and 21st-century War Representation 2020
Medicine, health and Irish experiences of conflict, 1914–45 2017
The Medieval Military Engineer: From the Roman Empire to the Sixteenth Century 2018
The Medieval Tournament as Spectacle: Tourneys, Jousts and Pas d'Armes, 1100-1600 2020
Memoria sobre la Primera Escuadra Nacional: Por Antonio García Reyes 1846. 2018
Men Under Fire: Motivation, Morale, and Masculinity among Czech Soldiers in the Great War, 1914–1918 2020
Merry Hell: The Story of the 25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Regiment), Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919 2013
México al tiempo de su guerra con Estados Unidos (1846-1848) OPEN ACCESS 1998
MI9: A History of the Secret Service for Escape and Evasion in World War Two 2020
Militarized Maternity: Experiencing Pregnancy in the U.S. Armed Forces 2021
Military Agility: Ensuring Rapid and Effective Transition from Peace to War 2020
The Military Art of People's War: Selected Writings of General Vo Nguyen Giap 1970
Military Cultures and Martial Enterprises in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honour of Richard P. Abels 2020
A Military History of India since 1972: Full Spectrum Operations and the Changing Contours of Modern Conflict 2021
Military Society and the Court of Chivalry in the Age of the Hundred Years War 2019
Military Strategy: A Global History 2020
Millions Like Us?: British Culture in the Second World War 1999
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