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Political Science

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254 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Actuel Marx 1989 - 2017
African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review 2011 - 2021
African Journal of Political Science / Revue Africaine de Science Politique 1996 - 2004
African Journal of Political Economy / Revue Africaine d'Economie Politique 1986 - 1990
The African Review: A Journal of African Politics, Development and International Affairs 1971 - 2017
African Security 2008 - 2015
AJIL Unbound 2014 - 2017
Alternatives: Global, Local, Political 1990 - 2017
American Intelligence Journal 1977 - 2018
The American Journal of Comparative Law 1952 - 2017
The American Journal of International Law 1907 - 2017
American Journal of Political Science 1973 - 2019
Midwest Journal of Political Science 1957 - 1972
The American Political Science Review 1906 - 2015
Proceedings of the American Political Science Association 1904 - 1913
American Political Thought 2012 - 2015
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 1890 - 2017
The Anti-Union 1798 - 1799
AQ: Australian Quarterly 1997 - 2021
The Australian Quarterly 1929 - 1997
Armed Forces & Society 1974 - 2017
Arms Control Today 1974 - 2019
ACA Newsletter 1972 - 1973
Asia Policy 2006 - 2018
Asian Affairs: An American Review 1973 - 2013
Southeast Asian Perspectives 1971 - 1974
Vietnam Perspectives 1965 - 1967
Asian Journal of Social Science 2001 - 2017
Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science 1973 - 2000
Southeast Asian Journal of Sociology 1968 - 1971
Asian Perspective 1977 - 2015
Asian Survey 1961 - 2017
Far Eastern Survey 1935 - 1961
Memorandum (Institute of Pacific Relations, American Council) 1932 - 1934
Atlantisch Perspectief 1995 - 2020
Atlantisch Nieuws 1980 - 1991
Atlantische Tijdingen 1964 - 1978
The Black Scholar 1969 - 2015
British Journal of Political Science 1971 - 2015
The Brown Journal of World Affairs 1994 - 2015
The Brown Journal of Foreign Affairs 1993
Cahiers d'économie politique / Papers in Political Economy 1974 - 2017
The Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue canadienne d'Economique 1968 - 2017
The Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science / Revue canadienne d'Economique et de Science politique 1935 - 1967
Contributions to Canadian Economics 1928 - 1934
Canadian Journal of Political Science / Revue canadienne de science politique 1968 - 2015
The Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science / Revue canadienne d'Economique et de Science politique 1935 - 1967
Contributions to Canadian Economics 1928 - 1934
Chemical Corps Journal 1946 - 1948
China Perspectives 1995 - 2019
China Review 1991 - 2021
The Chinese Journal of International Politics 2006 - 2015
Chronology of International Events 1953 - 1955
Chronology of International Events and Documents 1945 - 1953
Communist and Post-Communist Studies 1993 - 2017
Studies in Comparative Communism 1968 - 1992
Communist Affairs 1962 - 1967
Comparative Politics 1968 - 2019
Conflict Management and Peace Science 1980 - 2017
Journal of Peace Science 1973 - 1980
Contemporary Arab Affairs 2008 - 2017
Contributions to the History of Concepts 2005 - 2017
Cooperation and Conflict 1965 - 2017
Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses 2011 - 2021
Critical Ethnic Studies 2015 - 2019
Critical Historical Studies 2014 - 2015
Critical Survey 1962 - 2017
Critique internationale 1998 - 2017
Cuadernos de Pensamiento Político 2003 - 2019
Cultures et Conflits 1990 - 2020
Current History 1941 - 2017
Current History & Forum 1940 - 1941
Current History (1916-1940) 1916 - 1940
The New York Times Current History of the European War 1915 - 1916
Current Research on Peace and Violence 1978 - 1990
Instant Research on Peace and Violence 1971 - 1977
DCIDOB 1988 - 2009
Dossier-CIDOB 1983 - 1988
Democracy and Security 2005 - 2015
Democratic Culture / תרבות דמוקרטית 1999 - 2017
Development in Practice 1991 - 2013
DiGeSt. Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies 2014 - 2019
Diplomatic History 1977 - 2015
Diplomatie 2003 - 2021
Ecología Política 1992 - 2019
Economic and Political Weekly 1966 - 2015
Environmental Values 1992 - 2015
Esprit 1940 - 2017
Esprit et le Voltigeur 1939 - 1940
Esprit (1932-1939) 1932 - 1939
Estudios Internacionales 1967 - 2017
Ethnicities 2001 - 2017
European Review of International Studies 2014 - 2019
The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs 1989 - 2020
The Fletcher Forum 1978 - 1988
Foreign Affairs 1922 - 2017
The Journal of International Relations 1919 - 1922
The Journal of Race Development 1910 - 1919
Foreign Policy 1970 - 2017
Foreign Policy Analysis 2005 - 2015
Foro Internacional 1960 - 2021
Fortnight 1970 - 2021
French Politics, Culture & Society 1999 - 2017
French Politics and Society 1984 - 1999
Newsletter (Conference Group on French Politics and Society) 1983 - 1984
Die Friedens-Warte 1899 - 2017
Die Waffen nieder! 1892 - 1899
Genocide Studies International 2014 - 2017
Geopolitics, History, and International Relations 2009 - 2021
Georgetown Journal of International Affairs 2000 - 2018
German Politics & Society 1986 - 2017
German Studies Newsletter 1983 - 1986
Global Governance 1995 - 2017
The Global South 2007 - 2020
The Good Society 1995 - 2021
The Newsletter of PEGS 1991 - 1995
Government and Opposition 1965 - 2015
Great Decisions 1956 - 2018
Groundings: The Journal of The Walter Rodney Foundation 2018
Harvard International Review 1979 - 2020
Horizons: Journal of International Relations and Sustainable Development 2014 - 2021
Humanitäres Völkerrecht: Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict 2018
The Independent Review 1996 - 2019
India International Centre Quarterly 1974 - 2017
India Quarterly 1945 - 2017
Indian Foreign Affairs Journal 2006 - 2018
Indian Journal of Asian Affairs 1988 - 2020
The Indian Journal of Political Science 1939 - 2013
Inside Missile Defense 1995 - 2017
Inside the Air Force 1996 - 2017
Inside the Army 1992 - 2017
Inside the Navy 1998 - 2017
Inside the Pentagon 1987 - 2017
Insight Turkey 1997 - 2021
Integration 1978 - 2017
Informationen (Europäisches Parlament) 1967 - 1977
International Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affairs 1944-) 1944 - 2015
International Affairs Review Supplement 1940 - 1943
International Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affairs 1931-1939) 1931 - 1939
Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs 1926 - 1930
Journal of the British Institute of International Affairs 1922 - 1926
International Issues & Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs 2006 - 2019
Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs 2000 - 2005
Medzinárodné otázky 1992 - 2005
International Journal 1946 - 2017
International Journal of Peace Studies 1996 - 2013
International Journal of Political Economy 1987 - 2013
International Journal of Politics 1971 - 1986
International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 1987 - 2015
State, Culture, and Society 1984 - 1985
The International Journal of Social Quality 2011 - 2017
The European Journal of Social Quality 1999 - 2006
International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 1996 - 2017
International Journal on Group Rights 1993 - 1995
International Journal on World Peace 1984 - 2017
International Organization 1947 - 2017
International Political Science Review / Revue internationale de science politique 1980 - 2017
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific 2001 - 2015
International Security 1976 - 2015
International Social Science Review 1982 - 2016
Social Science 1925 - 1981
International Studies Perspectives 2000 - 2015
International Studies Notes 1974 - 1999
International Studies Quarterly 1967 - 2015
Background 1962 - 1966
Background on World Politics 1957 - 1961
International Studies Review 1999 - 2015
Irish Studies in International Affairs 1979 - 2021
Israel Studies Review 2011 - 2017
Israel Studies Forum 2001 - 2010
Israel Studies Bulletin 1992 - 2001
Newsletter (Association for Israel Studies) 1985 - 1991
Italian Politics 1986 - 2017
Jahrbuch Terrorismus 2006 - 2017
Jewish Political Studies Review 1989 - 2020
Journal for the Study of Radicalism 2007 - 2021
Journal of African Foreign Affairs 2014 - 2019
Journal of African Union Studies 2012 - 2019
The Journal of American-East Asian Relations 1992 - 2017
Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs 2014 - 2017
Journal of Baltic Studies 1972 - 2013
Bulletin of Baltic Studies 1970 - 1971
Journal of Civil and Human Rights 2015 - 2021
Journal of Cold War Studies 1999 - 2015
Journal of Conflict Archaeology 2005 - 2015
The Journal of Conflict Resolution 1957 - 2017
Conflict Resolution 1957
The Journal of East Asian Affairs 1981 - 2018
Journal of East Asian Studies 2001 - 2015
Journal of Global South Studies 2016 - 2017
Journal of Third World Studies 1984 - 2015
Journal of Haitian Studies 1995 - 2019
Journal of Information Policy 2011 - 2021
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (JITE) / Zeitschrift für die gesamte Staatswissenschaft 1986 - 2015
Zeitschrift für die gesamte Staatswissenschaft / Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 1844 - 1985
Journal of International Affairs 1952 - 2020
Columbia Journal of International Affairs 1947 - 1951
Journal of International and Area Studies 1997 - 2019
Asia Journal 1994 - 1996
The Journal of Intersectionality 2018 - 2019
Journal of Palestine Studies 1971 - 2016
Journal of Peace Research 1964 - 2017
Journal of Political & Military Sociology 1973 - 2016
The Journal of Politics 1939 - 2015
Proceedings of the Annual Session (Southern Political Science Association) 1933 - 1936
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory: J-PART 1991 - 2015
Journal of Religion and Violence 2013 - 2018
Journal of Southern African Studies 1974 - 2013
Journal of Strategic Security 2008 - 2021
Kritische Justiz 1968 - 2017
Law & Society Review 1966 - 2017
Legislative Studies Quarterly 1976 - 2015
Leviathan 1973 - 2017
Media, War & Conflict 2008 - 2017
Medicine, Conflict and Survival 1996 - 2015
Medicine and War 1985 - 1995
Meridiana 1987 - 2021
Mershon International Studies Review 1994 - 1998
Middle East Journal 1947 - 2017
Middle East Report 1988 - 2017
MERIP Middle East Report 1986 - 1988
MERIP Reports 1971 - 1985
Pakistan Forum 1970 - 1973
The Modern Law Review 1937 - 2015
National Civic Review 2016 - 2021
National Defense 2005 - 2018
Ordnance 1947 - 1970
The Common Defense 1947 - 1954
Logistics 1945 - 1947
Industrial Preparedness Bulletin 1946
Army Ordnance Bulletin 1940 - 1946
Army Ordnance Report 1943 - 1945
Army Ordnance 1920 - 1945
The National Interest 1985 - 2017
The New Atlantis 2003 - 2021
New Labor Forum 1997 - 2017
New Perspectives 2015 - 2017
Perspectives 1993 - 2014
New Zealand International Review 1976 - 2017
Nomos 1977 - 2018
North Korean Review 2005 - 2021
ORDO: Jahrbuch für die Ordnung von Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft 1948 - 2013
Osteuropa 1925 - 2017
Ost-Probleme 1949 - 1967
Pakistan Horizon 1948 - 2015
Peace Research 1969 - 2017
Perspectives Chinoises 1992 - 2019
Bulletin de Sinologie 1983 - 1992
Bulletin Mensuel (Antenne française de sinologie à Hong Kong) 1979 - 1983
Perspectives on Politics 2003 - 2015
Perspectives on Terrorism 2007 - 2021
Policy Perspectives 2004 - 2020
Policy Sciences 1970 - 2015
Politeja 2004 - 2020
Política Exterior 1987 - 2017
Political Analysis 1989 - 2017
Political Methodology 1974 - 1985
Political Behavior 1979 - 2015
Political Psychology 1979 - 2017
Political Research Quarterly 1993 - 2019
The Western Political Quarterly 1948 - 1992
Political Science Quarterly 1886 - 2015
Political Theory 1973 - 2017
Il Politico 1951 - 2014
Annali di scienze politiche 1928 - 1941
Politics and the Life Sciences 1982 - 2017
Politika: The Israeli Journal of Political Science & International Relations / פוליטיקה: כתב עת ישראלי למדע המדינה וליחסים בינלאומיים 1998 - 2021
Politique étrangère 1936 - 2017
Politique européenne 2000 - 2019
Politische Vierteljahresschrift 1960 - 2017
PVS-Literatur 1979 - 1987
Polity 1968 - 2015
Presidential Studies Quarterly 1974 - 2013
Center House Bulletin 1971 - 1974
PRISM 2009 - 2021
Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science 1928 - 1991
Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science in the City of New York 1910 - 1928
PS: Political Science and Politics 1988 - 2015
PS 1968 - 1987
Public Choice 1968 - 2015
Papers on Non-Market Decision Making 1966 - 1967
The Public Opinion Quarterly 1937 - 2015
Publius 1971 - 2015
Regions & Cohesion / Regiones y Cohesión / Régions et Cohésion 2011 - 2017
Reis: Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 1978 - 2019
Revista española de la opinión pública 1965 - 1977
Review of International Studies 1981 - 2015
British Journal of International Studies 1975 - 1980
The Review of Politics 1939 - 2017
Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals 1992 - 2019
Afers Internacionals 1982 - 1985
La Revue administrative 1948 - 2009
Revue française de science politique 1951 - 2017
Revue française de science politique (English Edition) 2010 - 2017
Revue Française d'Histoire des Idées Politiques 1995 - 2017
Rivista di Studi Politici Internazionali 1934 - 2018
RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 2015 - 2021
The SAIS Review of International Affairs 2004 - 2015
SAIS Review (1989-2003) 1989 - 2003
SAIS Review (1956-1989) 1956 - 1989
Sartre Studies International 1995 - 2017
Security Challenges 2005 - 2020
Security Dialogue 1992 - 2017
Bulletin of Peace Proposals 1970 - 1992
SEER: Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe 1998 - 2017
Sicherheit und Frieden (S+F) / Security and Peace 1983 - 2017
Social Justice 1988 - 2018
Crime and Social Justice 1974 - 1987
Contemporary Marxism 1980 - 1986
Synthesis 1976 - 1979
Issues in Criminology 1965 - 1975
Social Research 1934 - 2015
Social Science History 1976 - 2017
Social Science Quarterly 1968 - 2015
The Southwestern Social Science Quarterly 1931 - 1968
The Southwestern Political and Social Science Quarterly 1923 - 1931
The Southwestern Political Science Quarterly 1920 - 1923
South East Asia Research 1993 - 2014
Sozialer Fortschritt 1952 - 2017
St Antony's International Review 2005 - 2018
Der Staat 1962 - 2017
State & Society / מדינה וחברה 2001 - 2011
State Crime Journal 2012 - 2021
State & Local Government Review 1976 - 2017
Georgia Government Review 1968 - 1975
State Politics & Policy Quarterly 2001 - 2017
Stato e mercato 1981 - 2015
Strategic Studies 1977 - 2019
Strategic Studies Quarterly 2007 - 2021
Studia Diplomatica 1974 - 2017
Chronique de politique étrangère 1948 - 1974
The Supreme Court Review 1960 - 2015
Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory 1947 - 2017
Third World Quarterly 1979 - 2013
Tumultes 1992 - 2015
UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs 1996 - 2018
Uluslararası İlişkiler / International Relations 2004 - 2021
Ventunesimo Secolo 2002 - 2015
Vereinte Nationen: German Review on the United Nations 1962 - 2017
Verfassung und Recht in Übersee / Law and Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America 1968 - 2017
Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 1990 - 2017
The Wilson Quarterly (1976-) 1976 - 2014
World Affairs 1932 - 2018
Advocate of Peace through Justice 1920 - 1932
The Advocate of Peace (1894-1920) 1894 - 1920
American Advocate of Peace (1892-1893) 1892 - 1893
The American Advocate of Peace and Arbitration 1889 - 1892
Advocate of Peace (1847-1884) 1847 - 1884
The Advocate of Peace and Universal Brotherhood 1846
The Advocate of Peace (1837-1845) 1837 - 1845
American Advocate of Peace (1834-1836) 1834 - 1836
World Affairs: The Journal of International Issues 1990 - 2019
World Policy Journal 1983 - 2015
World Politics 1948 - 2015
The World Today 1945 - 2017
Bulletin of International News 1925 - 1945
Zanj: The Journal of Critical Global South Studies 2018
Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung 2012 - 2018
Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen 1994 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen 1969 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Politik 1908 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Politikberatung (ZPB) / Policy Advice and Political Consulting 2008 - 2016
Zeitschrift für Staats- und Europawissenschaften (ZSE) / Journal for Comparative Government and European Policy 2003 - 2017
17888 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
100 Jahre Weimarer und Wiener Republik – Avantgarde der Pluralismustheorie. 2018
100 Years of Permanent Revolution: Results and Prospects 2006
The $13 Trillion Question: How America Manages Its Debt 2016
14 Days: Making the Conservative Movement in Canada 2014
15 Jahre deutsche Einheit.: Deutsch-deutsche Begegnungen, deutsch-deutsche Beziehungen. 2006
1587 A Year of No Significance: The Ming Dynasty in Decline 1981
The 1728 Musin Rebellion: Politics and Plotting in Eighteenth-Century Korea 2016
18 años de gobiernos panistas en Jalisco: Siete ensayos académicos 2016
1912-2012 El siglo de los comunistas chilenos 2012
1916 in 1966: Commemorating the Easter Rising 2014
1916: Ireland’s Revolutionary Tradition 2016
1968. La escuela y los estudiantes 2015
The 1970s: A New Global History from Civil Rights to Economic Inequality 2012
The 1989 Revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe: From Communism to Pluralism 2013
20 Fragen an Europa: Anleitung zu einer demokratischen Selbstbefragung 2007
20 Jahre Asylkompromiss: Bilanz und Perspektiven OPEN ACCESS 2014
20 Jahre Deutsche Einheit: Erfolge, Ambivalenzen, Probleme 2010
20 Years of South African Democracy: So Where to now? 2015
The 2000 Prune Book: How to Succeed in Washington's Top Jobs 2000
The 2004 PRUNE Book: Top Management Challenges for Presidential Appointees 2005
The 2006 Military Takeover in Fiji: A Coup to End All Coups? OPEN ACCESS 2009
The 21st Century at Work: Forces Shaping the Future Workforce and Workplace in the United States OPEN ACCESS 2004
22 Ideas to Fix the World: Conversations with the World's Foremost Thinkers 2013
32 Counties: The Failure of Partition and the Case for a United Ireland 2021
33 Lessons on Capital: Reading Marx Politically 2019
40 Jahre innerdeutsche Beziehungen.: (Jahrbuch 1989). 1990
41: Inside the Presidency of George H. W. Bush 2014
42: Inside the Presidency of Bill Clinton 2016
50 ans de construction des administrations publiques: Regards croisés entre la France et le Québec 2016
50 Jahre Bundesrepublik Deutschland. 1999
The $650 Billion Bargain: The Case for Modest Growth in America's Defense Budget 2016
Aaron Henry of Mississippi: Inside Agitator 2015
A.B. Mitford and the Birth of Japan as a Modern State: Letters Home 2017
Abandoning historical conflict?: Former political prisoners and reconciliation in Northern Ireland 2010
Abbott's Gambit: The 2013 Australian Federal Election OPEN ACCESS 2015
The ABCs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach 2014
Abdelkébir Khatibi: Postcolonialism, Transnationalism, and Culture in the Maghreb and Beyond 2020
The Abe Experiment and the Future of Japan: Don't Repeat History 2016
Abe's Youth: Shaping the Future President 2019
Abiding by Sri Lanka: On Peace, Place, and Postcolonality 2005
The Abolition of Slavery and the Aftermath of Emancipation in Brazil 1988
The Abolition of the Slave Trade in Southeastern Nigeria, 1885-1950 2006
The Abolition of White Democracy 2004
Abolitionist Socialist Feminism: Radicalizing the Next Revolution 2019
Abolition’s Public Sphere 2003
The Abongo Abroad: Military-Sponsored Travel in Ghana, the United States, and the World, 1959-1992 2017
Aboriginal Canada Revisited 2008
Aboriginal Populations in the Mind: Race and Primitivity in Psychoanalysis 2003
Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies 2014
Abortion Pills, Test Tube Babies, and Sex Toys: Emerging Sexual and Reproductive Technologies in the Middle East and North Africa 2016
The Abortive Revolution: China Under Nationalist Rule, 1927–1937 1974
Abraham Lincoln and Liberal Democracy 2016
Abraham Lincoln and White America 2012
Absent the Archive: Cultural Traces of a Massacre in Paris, 17 October 1961 2020
Absentee Landowning and Exploitation in West Virginia, 1760-1920 1994
Absentees: On Variously Missing Persons 2021
The Absolute Violation: Why Torture Must Be Prohibited 2008
Abuse of Power: How Cold War Surveillance and Secrecy Policy Shaped the Response to 9/11 2011
Abuse of the Elderly: Issues and Annotated Bibliography 1988
Academic and Entrepreneurial Research: Consequences of Diversity in Federal Evaluation Studies 1975
Academic Freedom: The Global Challenge 2018
The Academic Mind and Reform: The Influence of Richard T. Ely in American Life 1966
The Academy of Fisticuffs: Political Economy and Commercial Society in Enlightenment Italy 2018
Accelerating Democracy: Transforming Governance Through Technology 2013
Acceptable Risks: Politics, Policy, and Risky Technologies 1997
Acceso, democracia y comunidades virtuales: apropiación de tecnologías digitales desde el Cono Sur OPEN ACCESS 2020
Access to Energy: 2000 and After 1979
Access to justice for disadvantaged communities 2014
Access to Power: Politics and the Urban Poor in Developing Nations 1979
Accessibilité et offre active: Santé et services sociaux en contexte linguistique minoritaire OPEN ACCESS 2017
Accessibility and Active Offer: Health Care and Social Services in Linguistic Minority Communities OPEN ACCESS 2017
Accidental Activists: Victim Movements and Government Accountability in Japan and South Korea 2016
The Accidental Capitalist: A People's Story of the New China 2012
Accidental occidental: Economics and Culture of Transition in Mitteleuropa, the Baltic and the Balkan Area 2013
Acción colectiva. gestión territorial y gobernanza democrática en Bogotá 2015
Acción colectiva, vida cotidiana y democracia OPEN ACCESS 1999
Accion Democratica: Evolution of a Modern Political Party in Venezuela 1966
Acción, ética, política: Nuevos parámetros de reflexión en las ciencias sociales 2014
Acción internacional de los gobiernos locales O nuevas formas de diplomacia.: Una mirada a la experiencia latinoamericana 2016
Acción Nacional: el apetito y las responsabilidades del triunfo OPEN ACCESS 2010
Accommodating difference: Evaluating supported housing for vulnerable people 2015
Accountability and Responsiveness at the Municipal Level: Views from Canada 2018
Accountability social extraviada en lo local. Estudio de caso.: usaquen, chapinero y usme 2018
Accountability social y democracia: El caso de la red Latinoamericana por ciudades justas, democráticas y sustentables 2013
The Accountability State: US Federal Inspectors General and the Pursuit of Democratic Integrity 2017
Accounting for Culture: Thinking Through Cultural Citizenship OPEN ACCESS 2005
Accounting for Horror: Post-Genocide Debates in Rwanda 2004
Accounting for Services: The Economic Development of the Indonesian Service Sector, ca 1900-2000 2009
Accumulating Insecurity: Violence and Dispossession in the Making of Everyday Life 2011
The Achievement of American Liberalism: The New Deal and Its Legacies 2003
Achieving environmental justice: A cross-national analysis 2014
Achieving Peace in Northern Mali: Past Agreements, Local Conflicts, and the Prospects for a Durable Settlement OPEN ACCESS 2015
Achieving Regulatory Excellence 2017
Achieving Workers' Rights in the Global Economy 2016
Acordos comerciais internacionais: o Brasil nas negociações do setor de serviços financeiros 2009
Across Boundaries: Essays in Honour of Robert A.Young 2021
Across the Aisle 2010
Across the Aisle: Opposition in Canadian Politics 2013
Across the Copperbelt: Urban & Social Change in Central Africa's Borderland Communities OPEN ACCESS 2021
Across the Lines of Conflict: Facilitating Cooperation to Build Peace 2015
Across the Margins: Cultural Identity and Change in the Atlantic Archipelago 2002
Acting in Time on Energy Policy 2009
Activating Democracy in Brazil: Popular Participation, Social Justice, and Interlocking Institutions 2015
The activation dilemma: Reconciling the fairness and effectiveness of minimum income schemes in Europe 2008
Active Citizenship: What Could it Achieve and How? 2010
Active Defense: China's Military Strategy since 1949 2019
Active Social Capital: Tracing the Roots of Development and Democracy 2002
Activist Faith: Grassroots Women in Democratic Brazil and Chile 2005
Activists and the Surveillance State: Learning from Repression 2019
Activists beyond Borders: Advocacy Networks in International Politics 1998
Activists in City Hall: The Progressive Response to the Reagan Era in Boston and Chicago 2010
Activists in Office: Kurdish Politics and Protest in Turkey 2010
Activists in Transition: Progressive Politics in Democratic Indonesia 2019
Actores no estatales: Grupos al márgen de la ley, movimientos sociales y partidos políticos. 2017
Actores políticos y desajustes sociales OPEN ACCESS 1992
Actores prácticas y sentidos de la participación local en Bogotá 2011
Acts of Conscience: Christian Nonviolence and Modern American Democracy 2009
Acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático e instrumentos conexos: ¿Pueden quitarnos la venda de los ojos? 2018
De acusados a acusadores: Una historia de los Consejos de Guerra Verbales en Colombia, 1969-1982 2020
Adam Ferguson in the Scottish Enlightenment: The Roman Past and Europe's Future 2013
Adam Smith: His Life, Thought, and Legacy 2016
Adam Smith's Pluralism: Rationality, Education, and the Moral Sentiments 2013
The Adams-Jefferson Letters: The Complete Correspondence Between Thomas Jefferson and Abigail and John Adams 1987
Adaptation aux changements climatiques en zones côtières: Politiques publiques et indicateurs de suivi des progrès dans sept pays occidentaux 2015
Adapting to a Changing Colorado River: Making Future Water Deliveries More Reliable Through Robust Management Strategies OPEN ACCESS 2013
Adapting to Win: How Insurgents Fight and Defeat Foreign States in War 2015
Adaptive Governance: Integrating Science, Policy, and Decision Making 2005
Addiction: Entries and Exits 1999
Additional Letters: Volume 32 1991
Addressing Climate Change in Local Water Agency Plans: Demonstrating a Simplified Robust Decision Making Approach in the California Sierra Foothills OPEN ACCESS 2013
Adiós Muchachos: A Memoir of the Sandinista Revolution 2012
Adjusting to Global Economic Change: The Dangerous Road Ahead OPEN ACCESS 2009
Administering Danger in the Workplace: The Law and Politics of Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Ontario 1850–1914 1990
Administering Interpretation: Derrida, Agamben, and the Political Theology of Law 2019
Administering welfare reform: International transformations in welfare governance 2006
Administration of Torture: A Documentary Record from Washington to Abu Ghraib and Beyond 2007
Administrative Burden: Policymaking by Other Means 2018
Administrative Districts and Field Offices of the Minnesota State Government 1943
Administrative Justice: Advocacy and Change in a Government Agency 1969
Administrators in Action, Vol. 2 1965
Admirals, Generals, and American Foreign Policy, 1898-1914 1973
Adolescents in Public Housing: Addressing Psychological and Behavioral Health 2015
Adolfo Suárez y la transición política 2017
Adorno and Democracy: The American Years 2016
Adorno, Politics, and the Aesthetic Animal 2021
Advancing Equality: How Constitutional Rights Can Make a Difference Worldwide OPEN ACCESS 2020
Advancing Equity Planning Now OPEN ACCESS 2018
Advancing the Rule of Law Abroad: Next Generation Reform 2012
Adventures of the Symbolic: Post-marxism and Radical Democracy 2013
Advice and Consent: The Development of the Policy Sciences 1988
Advice and Dissent: The Struggle to Shape the Federal Judiciary 2009
Advising in austerity: Reflections on challenging times for advice agencies OPEN ACCESS 2017
Advising Nixon: The White House Memos of Patrick J. Buchanan 2019
Advising the Command: Best Practices from the Special Operations Advisory Experience in Afghanistan OPEN ACCESS 2015
Advising the President: Attorney General Robert H. Jackson and Franklin D. Roosevelt 2018
Advocating Dignity: Human Rights Mobilizations in Global Politics 2009
The Aesthetics of Gyorgy Lukacs 1975
The Affect of Difference: Representations of Race in East Asian Empire 2016
Affective Communities: Anticolonial Thought, Fin-de-Siècle Radicalism, and the Politics of Friendship 2006
Affective States: Entanglements, Suspensions, Suspicions 2018
Affirmative Action and Justice: A Philosophical and Constitutional Inquiry 1991
Affirmative Action and Minority Enrollments in Medical and Law Schools 1998
Affirmative Action Around the World: An Empirical Study 2004
The Affirmative Action Empire: Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939 2001
Affluence and Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America 2012
Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Health System 2013
Afghan Endgames: Strategy and Policy Choices for America's Longest War 2012
Afghan Lessons: Culture, Diplomacy, and Counterinsurgency 2013
Afghan Modern: The History of a Global Nation 2015
Afghan Peace Talks: A Primer OPEN ACCESS 2011
Afghanistan: A Cultural and Political History 2010
Afghanistan: How the West Lost Its Way 2011
Afghanistan's Local War: Building Local Defense Forces OPEN ACCESS 2010
Africa and France: Postcolonial Cultures, Migration, and Racism 2013
Africa in the Colonial Ages of Empire: Slavery, Capitalism, Racism, Colonialism, Decolonization, Independence as Recolonizati 2018
Africa in the World: Capitalism, Empire, Nation-State 2014
Africa: The Political Pattern 1961
Africa through an Economic Lens 2018
Africa-centred Knowledges: Crossing Fields and Worlds 2014
African, American and European Trajectories of Modernity: Past Oppression, Future Justice? 2015
African American Environmental Thought: Foundations 2007
African American Legislators in the American States 2001
African American Perspectives on Political Science 2007
African Americans in U.S. Foreign Policy: From the Era of Frederick Douglass to the Age of Obama 2015
African Americans in White Suburbia: Social Networks and Political Behavior 2017
African Asylum at a Crossroads: Activism, Expert Testimony, and Refugee Rights OPEN ACCESS 2015
African Catholic: Decolonization and the Transformation of the Church 2019
African Cinema and Human Rights 2019
African Constitutionalism and the Role of Islam 2006
African Crossroads: Intersections between History and Anthropology in Cameroon 1996
The African Garrison State: Human Rights and Political Development in Eritrea 2014
African Intellectuals and Decolonization 2012
African Migration Narratives: Politics, Race, and Space 2018
African Migrations: Patterns and Perspectives 2013
The African National Congress and the Regeneration of Political Power OPEN ACCESS 2011
African perspectives in international investment law 2020
African Political Parties: Evolution, Institutionalisation and Governance 2003
The African presence: Representations of Africa in the construction of Britishness 2013
The African Renaissance and the Afro-Arab Spring: A Season of Rebirth? 2015
African security in the twenty-first century: Challenges and opportunities 2018
African States since Independence: Order, Development, and Democracy 2019
The African Union's Africa: New Pan-African Initiatives in Global Governance 2014
African Women in the Atlantic World: Property, Vulnerability & Mobility, 1660-1880 2019
Africans in Exile: Mobility, Law, and Identity 2018
Africa’s First Democrats: Somalia’s Aden A. Osman and Abdirazak H. Hussen 2016
Africa's Land Rush: Rural Livelihoods and Agrarian Change 2015
Africa's Last Colonial Currency: The CFA Franc Story 2020
Africa's Lions: Growth Traps and Opportunities for Six African Economies OPEN ACCESS 2016
Afro-Dog: Blackness and the Animal Question 2018
Afro-European Trade in the Atlantic World: The Western Slave Coast, c. 1550- c. 1885 2015
Afro-Politics and Civil Society in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil 2016
AFSCME's Philadelphia Story: Municipal Workers and Urban Power in the Twentieth Century 2011
After 9/11: Leading Political Thinkers about the World, the U.S. and Themselves: 17 Conversations 2011
After Adam Smith: A Century of Transformation in Politics and Political Economy 2009
After Anarchy: Legitimacy and Power in the United Nations Security Council 2007
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Against Security: How We Go Wrong at Airports, Subways, and Other Sites of Ambiguous Danger 2012
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Arming without Aiming: India's Military Modernization 2010
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Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India 2010
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Battleground Alaska: Fighting Federal Power in America's Last Wilderness 2016
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