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146 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
AJS Review 1976 - 2015
Aleph 2001 - 2021
American Catholic Studies 1999 - 2017
Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia 1884 - 1998
The American Catholic Historical Researches 1887 - 1912
Catholic Historical Researches 1885 - 1886
Historical Researches in Western Pennsylvania, Principally Catholic 1884 - 1885
American Jewish History 1978 - 2015
American Jewish Historical Quarterly 1961 - 1978
Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society 1893 - 1961
American Journal of Theology & Philosophy 1980 - 2021
American Religion 2019 - 2021
Anglican and Episcopal History 1987 - 2019
Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church 1932 - 1986
Antisemitism Studies 2017 - 2021
Archiv für Religionspsychologie / Archive for the Psychology of Religion 1914 - 2017
Archives de sciences sociales des religions 1973 - 2018
Archives de sociologie des religions 1956 - 1972
Archivum Historiae Pontificiae 1963 - 2013
Asian Ethnology 2008 - 2021
Asian Folklore Studies 1963 - 2007
Folklore Studies 1942 - 1962
Beit Mikra: Journal for the Study of the Bible and Its World / בית מקרא: כתב-עת לחקר המקרא ועולמו 1956 - 2018
Biblica 1920 - 2015
Buddhist-Christian Studies 1981 - 2017
Bulletin for Biblical Research 1991 - 2021
Bustan: The Middle East Book Review 2010 - 2021
BYU Studies Quarterly 2012 - 2017
Brigham Young University Studies 1959 - 2011
Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie 1985 - 2017
The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 1939 - 2015
The Catholic Historical Review 1915 - 2015
Christianity and Literature 1973 - 2015
Newsletter of the Conference on Christianity and Literature 1962 - 1973
Church History 1932 - 2015
Church History and Religious Culture 2006 - 2017
Nederlands archief voor kerkgeschiedenis / Dutch Review of Church History 1900 - 2005
Archief voor Nederlandsche kerkgeschiedenis 1885 - 1899
El Ciervo 1951 - 2017
Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture 2006 - 2021
Contemporary Jewry 1977 - 2017
Jewish Sociology and Social Research 1975 - 1976
CrossCurrents 1950 - 2019
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 1966 - 2021
DiGeSt. Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies 2014 - 2019
The Eastern Buddhist 1965 - 2017
Ecumenica 2008 - 2021
Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance 2004 - 2007
European Judaism: A Journal for the New Europe 1966 - 2017
Franciscan Studies 1924 - 2017
The Furrow 1950 - 2017
Gregorianum 1920 - 2015
The Harvard Theological Review 1908 - 2015
Hebrew Studies 1976 - 2020
Hebrew Abstracts 1954 - 1975
Hebrew Union College Annual 1924 - 2020
Journal of Jewish Lore and Philosophy 1919
Historia: Journal of the Historical Society of Israel / היסטוריה: כתב עת של החברה ההיסטורית הישראלית 1998 - 2015
History of Religions 1961 - 2015
Iggud: Selected Essays in Jewish Studies / איגוד: מבחר מאמרים במדעי היהדות 2005
Proceedings of the World Congress of Jewish Studies / דברי הקונגרס העולמי למדעי היהדות 1965 - 1997
Report (World Congress of Jewish Studies) / דין וחשבון - הקונגרס העולמי למדעי היהדות 1947 - 1961
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 1970 - 2015
International Journal of Hindu Studies 1997 - 2017
The Irish Church Quarterly 1908 - 1917
The Irish Monthly 1873 - 1954
Islamic Africa 2010 - 2017
Sudanic Africa 1990 - 2005
Islamic Law and Society 1994 - 2017
Islamic Studies 1962 - 2018
Islamophobia Studies Journal 2012 - 2021
Jahrbuch für Liturgik und Hymnologie 1955 - 2019
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 1974 - 2021
Contemporary Religions in Japan 1960 - 1970
Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought / מחקרי ירושלים במחשבת ישראל 1981 - 2017
Jewish History 1986 - 2015
The Jewish Quarterly Review 1888 - 2017
Jewish Social Studies 1939 - 2021
Jewish Studies / מדעי היהדות 1990 - 2019
Newsletter (World Union of Jewish Studies) / ידיעון - האיגוד העולמי למדעי היהדות 1970 - 1989
Jewish Studies Quarterly 1993 - 2015
The John Whitmer Historical Association Journal 1981 - 2018
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 1961 - 2015
Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters 2011 - 2020
Journal for the Study of Religion 1988 - 2019
Religion in Southern Africa 1980 - 1987
Journal of Africana Religions 2013 - 2021
Journal of Biblical Literature 1890 - 2021
Journal of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis 1881 - 1888
Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 2014 - 2021
Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture 2008 - 2013
Journal of Book of Mormon Studies (1992-2007) 1992 - 2007
Journal of Church and State 1959 - 2015
Journal of Education in Muslim Societies 2019 - 2021
Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 1985 - 2021
Journal of Indian Philosophy 1970 - 2017
Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies 2016 - 2020
Journal of Islamic Studies 1990 - 2015
Journal of Jewish Ethics 2015 - 2021
Journal of Korean Religions 2010 - 2019
Journal of Law and Religion 1983 - 2015
Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures 2010 - 2021
Mystics Quarterly 1984 - 2009
14th Century English Mystics Newsletter 1974 - 1983
Journal of Moravian History 2006 - 2021
Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society 1857 - 2000
Journal of Mormon History 1974 - 2021
The Journal of Presbyterian History (1997-) 1997 - 2019
American Presbyterians 1985 - 1996
Journal of Presbyterian History (1962-1985) 1962 - 1985
Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society (1943-1961) 1943 - 1961
Journal of the Department of History (The Presbyterian Historical Society) of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. 1930 - 1942
Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society (1901-1930) 1901 - 1930
Journal of Qur'anic Studies 1999 - 2015
The Journal of Religion 1921 - 2015
The American Journal of Theology 1897 - 1920
The Biblical World 1893 - 1920
The Old and New Testament Student 1889 - 1892
The Old Testament Student 1883 - 1889
The Hebrew Student 1882 - 1883
Journal of Religion and Health 1961 - 2017
Journal of Religion and Violence 2013 - 2018
Journal of Religion in Africa 1967 - 2017
The Journal of Religious Ethics 1973 - 2015
Journal of the American Academy of Religion 1967 - 2015
Journal of Bible and Religion 1937 - 1966
Journal of the National Association of Biblical Instructors 1933 - 1936
Journal of the International Qur'anic Studies Association 2016 - 2019
Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 2002 - 2018
The Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 1981 - 2001
Selected Papers from the Annual Meeting (Society of Christian Ethics) 1980
Selected Papers from the Annual Meeting (American Society of Christian Ethics) 1975 - 1979
Journal of Theological Interpretation 2007 - 2021
The Journal of Theological Studies 1899 - 2015
Journal of World Christianity 2008 - 2021
Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte 1988 - 2019
Literature and Theology 1987 - 2015
Newsletter (National Conference on Literature and Religion) 1983 - 1986
Meghillot: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls / מגילות: מחקרים במגילות מדבר יהודה 2003 - 2018
Method & Theory in the Study of Religion 1989 - 2017
Modern Judaism 1981 - 2015
Mormon Studies Review 2011 - 2021
The FARMS Review 2003 - 2010
FARMS Review of Books 1996 - 2002
Review of Books on the Book of Mormon 1989 - 1995
Near Eastern Archaeology 1998 - 2017
The Biblical Archaeologist 1938 - 1997
Neotestamentica 1967 - 2017
New Blackfriars 1964 - 2015
Life of the Spirit (1946-1964) 1946 - 1964
Blackfriars 1921 - 1964
The Life of the Spirit (1944-1946) 1944 - 1946
Nieuw archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis inzonderheid van Nederland 1852 - 1854
Nederlandsch archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis 1841 - 1849
Archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis, inzonderheid van Nederland 1829 - 1840
Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions 1997 - 2017
Novum Testamentum 1956 - 2017
Numen 1954 - 2017
Oriens 1948 - 2017
Pe'amim: Studies in Oriental Jewry / פעמים: רבעון לחקר קהילות ישראל במזרח 1979 - 2013
Philosophia Africana: Analysis of Philosophy and Issues in Africa and the Black Diaspora 2001 - 2021
Philosophy East and West 1951 - 2017
Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural 2012 - 2021
Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research 1928 - 1997
Process Studies 1971 - 2021
Quaker History 1962 - 2017
Bulletin of Friends Historical Association 1924 - 1961
Bulletin of Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia 1906 - 1923
Recherches de théologie et philosophie médiévales 1997 - 2015
Recherches de théologie ancienne et médiévale 1929 - 1996
Bulletin de théologie ancienne et médiévale 1929 - 1996
Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation 1991 - 2015
Religion & Literature 1984 - 2017
Notre Dame English Journal 1965 - 1983
Religious Studies 1965 - 2015
Review of Religious Research 1959 - 2017
Revue Biblique (1946-) 1946 - 2015
Vivre et Penser 1941 - 1943
Revue Biblique (1892-1940) 1892 - 1940
Revue de l'histoire des religions 1880 - 2017
Revue de Qumrân 1958 - 2015
Revue de Théologie et de Philosophie 1913 - 2015
Revue de Théologie et de Philosophie et Compte-rendu des Principales Publications Scientifiques 1873 - 1911
Théologie et Philosophie 1868 - 1872
Revue des Sciences philosophiques et théologiques 1907 - 2017
Revue d'histoire du protestantisme 2016 - 2018
Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français (1903-2015) 1903 - 2015
Bulletin historique et littéraire (Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français) 1866 - 1902
Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français (1852-1865) 1852 - 1865
Rivista di storia della Chiesa in Italia 2001 - 2017
Sefunot: Studies and Sources on the History of the Jewish Communities in the East / ספונות: מחקרים ומקורות לתולדות קהילות ישראל במזרח 1956 - 2003
Shnaton: An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies / שנתון לחקר המקרא והמזרח הקדום 1975 - 2017
Sociology of Religion 1993 - 2015
Sociological Analysis 1964 - 1992
The American Catholic Sociological Review 1940 - 1963
Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal 1968 - 2021
The Christian Scholar 1953 - 1967
Christian Education 1919 - 1952
The American College Bulletin 1917 - 1919
Studia Islamica 1953 - 2017
Studia Rosenthaliana 1967 - 2012
Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review 1912 - 2021
Tarbiẕ / תרביץ 1929 - 2019
Theologische Rundschau 1898 - 2015
Deutsche Theologie 1933 - 1943
The Torah U-Madda Journal 1989 - 2016
Traditio 1943 - 2017
Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought 1958 - 2017
Transformation 1984 - 2017
U.S. Catholic Historian 1980 - 2015
Vetus Testamentum 1951 - 2017
Vigiliae Christianae 1947 - 2017
Die Welt des Islams 1913 - 2017
Wesley and Methodist Studies 2009 - 2021
Worldviews 1997 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Altorientalische und Biblische Rechtsgeschichte / Journal for Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Law 1995 - 2020
Zeitschrift für katholische Theologie 1877 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte 1948 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Theologie und Kirche 1891 - 2015
10122 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1 & 2 Kings: Continental Commentaries 2003
1 and 2 Corinthians: Texts @ Contexts series 2013
1 Chronicles 2006
1 Corinthians: A Commentary on the First Epistle to the Corinthians 1975
1 Enoch 1: A Commentary on the Book of 1 Enoch, Chapters 1-36; 81-108 2001
1 Enoch 2: A Commentary on the Book of 1 Enoch, Chapters 37-82 2012
1 Enoch: The Hermeneia Translation 2012
1 Peter: A Commentary on First Peter 1996
1 Timothy: A New Covenant Commentary 2013
100 Years of African Missions: Essays in Honor of Wendell Broom OPEN ACCESS 2001
The "1007 Anonymous" and Papal Sovereignty: Jewish Perceptions of the Papacy and Papal Policy in the High Middle Ages 1984
1-2 Thessalonians: A New Covenant Commentary 2016
1-3 John: Worship by Loving God and One Another to Live Eternally 2015
150 Years of Pyrmont Peninsula: The Catholic Community of St. Bede 1867-2017 2017
1517: Weltgeschichte eines Jahres 2017
2 Chronicles: A Commentary 2012
2 Corinthians 8 and 9: A Commentary on Two Administrative Letters of the Apostle Paul 1985
2 Corinthians: A Short Exegetical and Pastoral Commentary 2019
2 Maccabees: A Critical Commentary 2012
2 Timothy and Titus Reconsidered: Der 2. Timotheus- und der Titusbrief in neuem Licht 2018
The 2015 Synod. The Crucial Questions: Divorce and Homosexuality: The Crucial Questions: Divorce and Homosexuality 2015
2020s Foresight: Three Vital Practices for Thriving in a Decade of Accelerating Change 2020
3000 Miles to Jesus: Pilgrimage as a Way of Life for Spiritual Seekers 2021
30-Day Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer 2019
30-Day Journey with Dorothy Day 2019
30-Day Journey with Emily Dickinson 2020
30-Day Journey with Jane Austen 2020
30-Day Journey with Julian of Norwich 2021
30-Day Journey with Martin Luther King Jr. 2019
30-Day Journey with St. Hildegard of Bingen 2019
32 Counties: The Failure of Partition and the Case for a United Ireland 2021
4 Ezra and 2 Baruch: Translations, Introductions, and Notes 2013
4QInstruction 2013
500 años de la reforma. Un asunto para América Latina 2019
51% Christian: Finding Faith after Certainty 2015
The A to Z of People of Faith and Science: Short Biographies 2018
A.B. Simpson and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism 2019
Abandoned to Lust: Sexual Slander and Ancient Christianity 2006
The ABC of Sunday Matters: Reflections on the Lectionary Readings for Year A, B, and C 2013
Abducted in Iraq: A Priest in Baghdad 2017
The Abduction of Dinah: Genesis 28:10-35:15 as a Votive Narrative 2013
Abiding Faith: Christianity Beyond Certainty, Anxiety, and Violence 2009
Abiding Words: The Use of Scripture in the Gospel of John 2015
Abortion and Unborn Human Life, Second Edition 2010
Abortion in the Early Middle Ages, c.500-900 2015
Abraham in the Works of John Chrysostom 2014
Abraham Joshua Heschel and the Sources of Wonder 2016
Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Call of Transcendence 2013
Abraham on Trial: The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth 1998
Abraham Our Father: Paul and the Ancestors in Postcolonial Africa 2013
Abraham's Children: Liberty and Tolerance in an Age of Religious Conflict 2012
The Absence of God in Biblical Rape Narratives 2017
Absence of Mind: The Dispelling of Inwardness from the Modern Myth of the Self 2010
Absolute Delusion, Perfect Buddhahood: The Rise and Fall of a Chinese Heresy 2001
Absorbing Perfections: Kabbalah and Interpretation 2002
Abu Zayd AlBalkhi’s Sustenance of the Soul: The Cognitive Behavior Therapy of A Ninth Century Physican OPEN ACCESS 2013
Abundance: Creating a Culture of Generosity 2020
Abusing Religion: Literary Persecution, Sex Scandals, and American Minority Religions 2020
The Academic Sermons (The Fathers of the Church, Mediaeval Continuation, Volume 11) 2010
Acces au Christ 2020
Accessing Alcuin: A Master Bibliography for 'Alcuin: His Life and Legacy' and 'Alcuin: Theology and Thought' 2013
Accommodation and Acceptance: An Exploration in Interfaith Relations 2015
Accounts and Images of Six Kannon in Japan 2016
The Achievement of Hans Urs von Balthasar 2019
Acknowledging the Divine Benefactor: The Second Letter of Peter 2014
Across God's Frontiers: Catholic Sisters in the American West, 1850-1920 2012
Actes de Vatopedi. III: De 1377 a 1500 2019
Acting for Others: Trinitarian Communion and Christological Agency 2017
The Acting Person and Christian Moral Life 2011
Action (1893): Essay on a Critique of Life and a Science of Practice 1950
Action and Conduct: Thomas Aquinas and the Theory of Action 2021
Activist Faith: Grassroots Women in Democratic Brazil and Chile 2005
Activist Theology 2019
Acts: A Commentary 2009
Acts of Conscience: Christian Nonviolence and Modern American Democracy 2009
Acts of Faith: Explaining the Human Side of Religion 2000
The Acts of Paul: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary 2014
Acts of the Apostles: Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentaries 2013
Acts of the Apostles 1987
Actualization (Taf’il) of the Higher Purposes (Maqasid) of Shariah OPEN ACCESS 2020
Adam and Eve in the Armenian Traditions, Fifth through Seventeenth Centuries 2013
Adam as Israel: Genesis 1u3 as the Introduction to the Torah and Tanakh 2011
Adam's Gift: A Memoir of a Pastor's Calling to Defy the Church's Persecution of Lesbians and Gays 2011
Addiction and Recovery: A Spiritual Pilgrimage 2019
Addressing Contextual Misleading Theologies in Africa Today 2020
The Administration of Justice in Medieval Egypt: From the 7th to the 12th Century 2020
Adolf Keller: Ecumenist, World Citizen, Philanthropist 2013
Adopting the Stranger as Kindred in Deuteronomy 2018
Adoration: The Deconstruction of Christianity II 2013
Adoring the Saints: Fiestas in Central Mexico 2009
The Advent Project: The Later Seventh-Century Creation of the Roman Mass Proper 2000
Adventures in Yiddishland: Postvernacular Language and Culture 2006
Adventures of the Mind: The Memoirs of Natalie Clifford Barney 1992
Advice for Callow Jurists and Gullible Mendicants on Befriending Emirs 2017
Aesthetic Revelation: Reading Ancient and Medieval Texts after Hans Urs von Balthasar 2011
Aesthetic Theology and Its Enemies: Judaism in Christian Painting, Poetry, and Politics 2015
Aesthetics and Analysis in Writing on Religion: Modern Fascinations 2003
The Aesthetics of Atheism: Theology and Imagination in Contemporary Culture 2019
The Aesthetics of Solidarity: Our Lady of Guadalupe and American Democracy 2021
Afganistán: la revolución islámica frente al mundo occidental OPEN ACCESS 2001
Afghanistan's Islam: From Conversion to the Taliban OPEN ACCESS 2017
African American Religious History: A Documentary Witness 1999
African Catholic: Decolonization and the Transformation of the Church 2019
African Christianity: The Stranger Within 2012
African Church Fathers - Ancient and Modern: A Reading of Origen and John S. Mbiti 2020
African Healing Shrines and Cultural Psychologies 2020
The Africana Bible: Reading Israel's Scriptures from Africa and the African Diaspora 2010
Africa’s Ogun, Second, Expanded Edition: Old World and New 1997
Afro-Caribbean Religions: An Introduction to Their Historical, Cultural, and Sacred Traditions 2010
Afro-Catholic Festivals in the Americas: Performance, Representation, and the Making of Black Atlantic Tradition 2019
Afro-Creole: Power, Opposition, and Play in the Caribbean 1997
Afro-Pentecostalism: Black Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in History and Culture 2011
After Appropriation: Explorations in Intercultural Philosophy and Religion 2011
After Christianity 2002
After Cloven Tongues of Fire: Protestant Liberalism in Modern American History 2013
After Emancipation: Jewish Religious Responses to Modernity 2004
After Evangelicalism: The Sixties and the United Church of Canada 2013
After Identity: Mennonite Writing in North America 2015
After Imperialism: Christian Identity in China and the Global Evangelical Movement 2011
After One-Hundred-and-Twenty: Reflecting on Death, Mourning, and the Afterlife in the Jewish Tradition 2016
After Pluralism: Reimagining Religious Engagement 2010
After Representation?: The Holocaust, Literature, and Culture 2010
After Secular Law 2011
"After Ten Years": Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Our Times 2017
After the Baby Boomers: How Twenty- and Thirty-Somethings Are Shaping the Future of American Religion 2007
After the Corinthian Women Prophets: Reimagining Rhetoric and Power 2021
After the Death of God 2007
After the Monkey Trial: Evangelical Scientists and a New Creationism 2014
After the New Atheist Debate 2014
After the Revival: Pentecostalism and the Making of a Canadian Church 2020
After War, Is Faith Possible: An Anthology 2008
Afterglow of Empire: Egypt from the Fall of the New Kingdom to the Saite Renaissance 2012
The Afterlife of Sai Baba: Competing Visions of a Global Saint 2016
Afterlives: The Return of the Dead in the Middle Ages 2016
The Aga Khan Case: Religion and Identity in Colonial India 2012
Against a Hindu God: Buddhist Philosophy of Religion in India 2009
Against All Odds: The Struggle for Racial Integration in Religious Organizations 2005
Against Dogmatism: Dwelling in Faith and Doubt 2013
Against Eunomius 2011
Against Julian (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 35) 1957
Against Marcellus and on Ecclesiastical Theology 2017
Against Political Equality: The Confucian Case 2020
Against the Academics: St. Augustine's Cassiciacum Dialogues, Volume 1 2019
Against the Inveterate Obduracy of the Jews 2013
Against War: Views from the Underside of Modernity 2008
Agape: An Ethical Analysis 1972
Age of Coexistence: The Ecumenical Frame and the Making of the Modern Arab World 2019
The Age of Confucian Rule: The Song Transformation of China 2009
The Age of Doubt: Tracing the Roots of Our Religious Uncertainty 2011
The Age of Reform, 1250-1550: An Intellectual and Religious History of Late Medieval and Reformation Europe 2020
The Age of Reformation 1955
The Age of the Gods 1928
The Age of the Sages: The Axial Age in Asia and the Near East 2013
Agents of World Renewal: The Rise of Yonaoshi Gods in Japan 2019
The Aggada of the Bavli and Its Cultural World 2018
Aging and Loving: Christian Love and Sexuality in Later Life 2021
Agony in the Pulpit: Jewish Preaching in Response to Nazi Persecution and Mass Murder 1933-1945 2018
Ägypten und der Christliche Orient: Peter Nagel zum 80. Geburtstag 2018
The Ahmadis and the Politics of Religious Exclusion in Pakistan 2014
Ahmadis: Community, Gender, and Politics in a Muslim Society 2004
The Ahmadiyya in the Gold Coast: Muslim Cosmopolitans in the British Empire 2017
AI and IA: Utopia or Extinction? 2018
Aids as an Apocalyptic Metaphor in North America 1997
Aimee Semple McPherson and the Resurrection of Christian America 2007
Ain't I a Womanist, Too?: Third Wave Womanist Religious Thought 2013
Aisha’s Cushion: Religious Art, Perception, and Practice in Islam 2012
The Akhenaten Colossi of Karnak 2010
Akiva: Life, Legend, Legacy 2015
Al Tawhid: Its Implications for Thought and life 2000
al-Andalus: Geschichte des islamischen Spanien 2019
Albert Schweitzer: 1875-1965 2009
Albert Schweitzer in Thought and Action: A Life in Parts 2016
Albertus Magnus, Super Iohannem (Ioh. 1, 1-18) 2019
Alchemical Belief: Occultism in the Religious Culture of Early Modern England 2011
Alcuin II: Theology and Thought 2013
Alef Is for Allah: Childhood, Emotion, and Visual Culture in Islamic Societies 2018
Alef, Mem, Tau: Kabbalistic Musings on Time, Truth, and Death 2006
Alexander to Constantine: Archaeology of the Land of the Bible, Volume III 2012
Alexander VI. Borgia: Der unheimliche Papst 2011
Alexei Khomiakov: The Mystery of Sobornost' 2019
Alfred Loisy and Modern Biblical Studies 2019
The 'Alids: The First Family of Islam, 750-1200 2013
Aliens and Sojourners: Self as Other in Early Christianity 2009
Al-Jahiz: In Praise of Books 2013
All Abraham's Children: Changing Mormon Conceptions of Race and Lineage 2003
All According to God's Plan: Southern Baptist Missions and Race, 1945-1970 2005
All Are Called: Mission Strategies for Home 2019
All Can Be Saved: Religious Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World 2008
All God's Animals: A Catholic Theological Framework for Animal Ethics 2019
All Good Books Are Catholic Books: Print Culture, Censorship, and Modernity in Twentieth-Century America 2013
All in Sync: How Music and Art Are Revitalizing American Religion 2003
All Saints Sisters of the Poor: An Anglican Sisterhood in the Nineteenth Century 2001
All Shall be Well: Explorations in Universal Salvation and Christian Theology, from Origen to Moltmann 2011
All the Beautiful Things: Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness in a Fractured Church 2020
All Things Are Possible: The Healing and Charismatic Revivals in Modern America 1975
All Things Human: Henry Codman Potter and the Social Gospel in the Episcopal Church 2004
All Things in Common: A Canadian Family and Its Island Utopia 2021
All Things New: The Trinitarian Nature of the Human Calling in Maximus the Confessor and Jurgen Moltmann 2014
All Who Are Weary: Easing the Burden on the Walk with Mental Illness 2021
All Wonders in One Sight: The Christ Child among the Elizabethan and Stuart Poets 2021
All You That Labor: Religion and Ethics in the Living Wage Movement 2011
Allah: God in the Qur'an 2020
Allegories of Desire: Esoteric Literary Commentaries of Medieval Japan 2002
Allegorizing History: The Venerable Bede, Figural Exegesis and Historical Theory 2013
Alleluia!: A Gedenkschaft in Thanksgiving for the Life of Walter R. Bouman 2015
Allies for Armageddon 2007
Allusive Soundplay in the Hebrew Bible 2016
Alma e festa de uma cidade: devoção e construção na Colina do Bonfim 2009
Al-Ma'mun, the Inquisition, and the Quest for Caliphal Authority 2015
Almighty God Created the Races: Christianity, Interracial Marriage, and American Law 2009
Almohad Movement in North Africa in the 12th and 13th Centuries 1969
Alone Before God: The Religious Origins of Modernity in Mexico 2002
Alpha (1): Studies in Early Christianity 2017
Al-Riddah and the Muslim Conquest of Arabia 1973
Als unsere Welt christlich wurde: Aufstieg einer Sekte zur Weltmacht 2008
Al-Shura: The Qur’anic Principle of Consultation OPEN ACCESS 2011
Alternative Sociologies of Religion: Through Non-Western Eyes 2017
Altogether Lovely: A Thematic and Intertextual Reading of the Song of Songs 2018
Amar Akbar Anthony: Bollywood, Brotherhood, and the Nation 2016
Amarna Sunrise: Egypt from Golden Age to Age of Heresy 2014
Amarna Sunset: Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Ay, Horemheb, and the Egyptian Counter-Reformation 2009
The Ambiguity of Play 1997
Ambiguous Antidotes: Virtue as Vaccine for Vice in Early Modern Spain 2017
Ambivalent Embrace: Jewish Upward Mobility in Postwar America 2017
Ambrose of Milan: Church and Court in a Christian Capital 1994
Ambrosiaster's Commentary on the Pauline Epistles: Romans 2017
Amen 2018
America and the Challenges of Religious Diversity 2005
American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism 2014
American Catholic: The Politics of Faith During the Cold War 2020
American Catholics: A History 2020
American Christianities: A History of Dominance and Diversity 2011
The American Constitution and Religion 2013
American Covenant: A History of Civil Religion from the Puritans to the Present 2017
American Covenant: A History of Civil Religion from the Puritans to the Present 2017
American Democratic Socialism: History, Politics, Religion, and Theory 2021
American Dharma: Buddhism Beyond Modernity 2019
American Evangelicalism: George Marsden and the State of American Religious History 2014
American Evangelicals in Egypt: Missionary Encounters in an Age of Empire 2008
American Heathens: The Politics of Identity in a Pagan Religious Movement 2015
American Immanence: Democracy for an Uncertain World 2018
American Jesuits and the World: How an Embattled Religious Order Made Modern Catholicism Global 2016
American JewBu: Jews, Buddhists, and Religious Change 2019
American Jewish Identity Politics 2008
The American Jewish Philanthropic Complex: The History of a Multibillion-Dollar Institution 2020
American Jewish Thought Since 1934: Writings on Identity, Engagement, and Belief 2020
American Judaism: A History 2004
American Judaism: A History, Second Edition 2019
American Klezmer: Its Roots and Offshoots 2002
American Misfits and the Making of Middle-Class Respectability 2017
American Missionaries in China: Papers from Harvard Seminars 1966
An American Missionary Community in China, 1895–1905 1971
American Muslim Women, Religious Authority, and Activism 2012
American Parishes: Remaking Local Catholicism 2019
American Post-Judaism: Identity and Renewal in a Postethnic Society 2013
American Prophets: Seven Religious Radicals and Their Struggle for Social and Political Justice 2016
American Protestant Theology: A Historical Sketch 2013
American Religion: Contemporary Trends 2017
American Religion: Contemporary Trends 2011
American Religions and the Family: How Faith Traditions Cope with Modernization and Democracy 2007
American Religious Liberalism 2012
American Secularism: Cultural Contours of Nonreligious Belief Systems 2015
The American Soul Rush: Esalen and the Rise of Spiritual Privilege 2012
American Universities and the Birth of Modern Mormonism, 1867–1940 2016
American Zion: The Old Testament as a Political Text from the Revolution to the Civil War 2013
America's Dark Theologian: The Religious Imagination of Stephen King 2018
America’s Most Famous Catholic (According to Himself): Stephen Colbert and American Religion in the Twenty-First Century 2019
America's Religions: From Their Origins to the Twenty-first Century 2015
America’s Religious Wars: The Embattled Heart of Our Public Life 2019
America's Teilhard 2019
An Amish Patchwork: Indiana's Old Orders in the Modern World 2005
Among Herders of Inner Mongolia: The Haslund-Christensen Collection at the National Museum of Denmark 2017
Among the Gentiles: Greco-Roman Religion and Christianity 2009
Amor conyugal y nulidad del matrimonio canónico. 2020
Amoris Laetitia: Exhortación Apostólica De S.S Francisco 2016
Amos: A Commentary on the Book of Amos 1991
Amos: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary 2017
Ampliar la razón con simpatía crítica: Artículos escogidos 1995-2012 2014
Amplifying that still, small voice: A Collection of Essays 2015
Amsterdam's People of the Book: Jewish Society and the Turn to Scripture in the Seventeenth Century 2020
The Analects: Conclusions and Conversations of Confucius 2020
The Analects of Confucius 2007
Analogies of Transcendence 2016
Analyse de la reponse du lecteur aux origines de Jesus en Matthieu 1-2 2019
An Analysis of Vatican 30 1973
Anarchy and the Kingdom of God: From Eschatology to Orthodox Political Theology and Back 2021
Anatheism: Returning to God After God 2010
Anatomy of the New Testament, 8th Edition 2019
Anatomy of the New Testament: Seventh Edition 2013
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