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152 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
The Academy of Management Journal 1963 - 2015
The Journal of the Academy of Management 1958 - 1962
The Academy of Management Review 1976 - 2015
Acta Sociologica 1955 - 2017
Acta Turistica 1989 - 2021
Administrative Science Quarterly 1956 - 2017
Adoption & Culture 2007 - 2020
African Sociological Review / Revue Africaine de Sociologie 1997 - 2020
South African Sociological Review 1988 - 1995
The American Journal of Economics and Sociology 1941 - 2015
American Journal of Sociology 1895 - 2015
American Sociological Review 1936 - 2018
The American Sociologist 1965 - 2017
Análise Social 1963 - 2020
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales 1946 - 2015
Annales d'histoire sociale (1945) 1945
Mélanges d'histoire sociale 1942 - 1944
Annales d'histoire sociale (1939-1941) 1939 - 1941
Annales d'histoire économique et sociale 1929 - 1938
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 1890 - 2017
L'Année sociologique (1940/1948-) 1940 - 2017
Annales sociologiques. Série E. Morphologie sociale, langage, technologie, esthétique 1935 - 1942
Annales sociologiques. Série A. Sociologie générale 1934 - 1941
Annales sociologiques. Série B. Sociologie religieuse 1939 - 1940
Annales sociologiques. Série D. Sociologie économique 1934 - 1940
Annales sociologiques. Série C. Sociologie juridique et morale 1935 - 1938
L'Année sociologique (1896/1897-1924/1925) 1896 - 1924
Annual Review of Sociology 1975 - 2015
Archives de sciences sociales des religions 1973 - 2018
Archives de sociologie des religions 1956 - 1972
Armed Forces & Society 1974 - 2017
Asian Journal of Social Science 2001 - 2017
Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science 1973 - 2000
Southeast Asian Journal of Sociology 1968 - 1971
Berkeley Journal of Sociology 1959 - 2017
The Black Scholar 1969 - 2015
BMS: Bulletin of Sociological Methodology / Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique 1983 - 2017
British Journal of Educational Studies 1952 - 2013
The British Journal of Sociology 1950 - 1998
Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie 1946 - 2010
The Canadian Journal of Sociology / Cahiers canadiens de sociologie 1975 - 2018
Children, Youth and Environments 2003 - 2021
Children's Environments 1992 - 1995
Children's Environments Quarterly 1984 - 1991
Civilisations 1951 - 2018
Comparative Studies in Society and History 1958 - 2015
Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture 2006 - 2021
Contemporary Sociology 1972 - 2018
Contexts 2002 - 2018
Crime and Justice 1979 - 2015
Criminologie 1975 - 2018
Acta Criminologica 1968 - 1974
Critical Ethnic Studies 2015 - 2019
Critical Historical Studies 2014 - 2015
Culture, Health & Sexuality 1999 - 2013
Departures in Critical Qualitative Research 2014 - 2015
Qualitative Communication Research 2012 - 2013
DiGeSt. Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies 2014 - 2019
Durkheimian Studies / Études Durkheimiennes 1995 - 2017
Études Durkheimiennes / Durkheim Studies 1989 - 1994
Ecología Política 1992 - 2019
Environment and Society 2010 - 2018
Environmental Values 1992 - 2015
Estudios Sociológicos 1983 - 2021
Ethnicities 2001 - 2017
Ethnography 2000 - 2017
Ethnologie française 1971 - 2017
Arts et traditions populaires 1953 - 1970
Le Mois d'Ethnographie française 1947 - 1952
Annales de la Société d'ethnographie française 1950
Nouvelle revue des traditions populaires 1949 - 1950
Le Folklore vivant 1946
Folklore Paysan 1939
Études/Inuit/Studies 1977 - 2019
European Journal of Sociology / Archives Européennes de Sociologie / Europäisches Archiv für Soziologie 1960 - 2015
European Sociological Review 1985 - 2015
Family Relations 1980 - 2015
The Family Coordinator 1968 - 1979
The Family Life Coordinator 1959 - 1967
The Coordinator 1952 - 1959
French Politics, Culture & Society 1999 - 2017
French Politics and Society 1984 - 1999
Newsletter (Conference Group on French Politics and Society) 1983 - 1984
Gender and Society 1987 - 2017
Genèses 1990 - 2017
German Politics & Society 1986 - 2017
German Studies Newsletter 1983 - 1986
Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung 1979 - 2021
QUANTUM Information 1976 - 1979
Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung. Supplement 1988 - 2019
Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies 1960 - 2021
The Annals of the Hitotsubashi Academy 1950 - 1959
Horizontes Decoloniales / Decolonial Horizons 2015 - 2020
Human Ecology Review 1993 - 2019
Humboldt Journal of Social Relations 1973 - 2020
ILR Review 1947 - 2017
International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 1987 - 2015
State, Culture, and Society 1984 - 1985
The International Journal of Social Quality 2011 - 2017
The European Journal of Social Quality 1999 - 2006
International Journal of Sociology 1971 - 2013
International Journal of Sociology of the Family 1971 - 2017
International Review of Modern Sociology 1972 - 2017
International Review of Sociology 1971
International Review of Qualitative Research 2008 - 2017
International Social Science Review 1982 - 2016
Social Science 1925 - 1981
Israeli Sociology / סוציולוגיה ישראלית 1998 - 2021
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 1961 - 2015
Journal for the Study of Radicalism 2007 - 2021
Journal of Applied Social Science 2007 - 2017
Sociological Practice 1999 - 2006
Journal of Applied Sociology 1984 - 2006
Journal of Asian Sociology 2019 - 2021
Development and Society 1998 - 2018
Korea Journal of Population and Development 1990 - 1997
Bulletin of the Population and Development Studies Center 1972 - 1989
Journal of Black Studies 1970 - 2017
Journal of Haitian Studies 1995 - 2019
Journal of Health and Social Behavior 1967 - 2018
Journal of Health and Human Behavior 1960 - 1966
The Journal of Human Resources 1966 - 2015
Journal of Marriage and Family 1964 - 2015
Marriage and Family Living 1941 - 1963
Living 1939 - 1940
The Journal of Modern African Studies 1963 - 2015
Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research 2009 - 2019
Journal of Palestine Studies 1971 - 2016
Journal of Political & Military Sociology 1973 - 2016
The Journal of Sex Research 1965 - 2013
Advances in Sex Research 1963
Journal of the History of Sexuality 1990 - 2017
Language in Society 1972 - 2015
Law & Society Review 1966 - 2017
Leviathan 1973 - 2017
Max Weber Studies 2000 - 2021
Meridiana 1987 - 2021
Michigan Sociological Review 1978 - 2019
The Peninsular Papers 1977
Mientras Tanto 1979 - 2014
Materiales 1977
Le Mouvement social 1960 - 2017
L'Actualité de l'histoire 1953 - 1960
Bulletin annuel de l'Institut français d'histoire sociale 1951 - 1952
Nature and Culture 2006 - 2018
Philippine Sociological Review 1953 - 2020
Polish Sociological Review 1993 - 2018
The Polish Sociological Bulletin 1961 - 1993
Political Behavior 1979 - 2015
The Public Opinion Quarterly 1937 - 2015
QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking 2013 - 2021
Race, Gender & Class 1995 - 2017
Race, Sex & Class 1993 - 1994
Race, Poverty & the Environment 1990 - 2017
Regions & Cohesion / Regiones y Cohesión / Régions et Cohésion 2011 - 2017
Reis: Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 1978 - 2019
Revista española de la opinión pública 1965 - 1977
Review of Religious Research 1959 - 2017
Review of Social Economy 1942 - 2013
Revista Mexicana de Sociología 1939 - 2017
Revue européenne des sciences sociales 1972 - 2017
Cahiers Vilfredo Pareto 1963 - 1971
Revue française de sociologie 1960 - 2018
Revue française de sociologie (English Edition) 2012 - 2017
Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali 1934 - 2017
Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali e Discipline Ausiliarie 1893 - 1933
RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 2015 - 2021
Signs 1975 - 2015
Social Analysis: The International Journal of Anthropology 1979 - 2017
Social Choice and Welfare 1984 - 2017
Social Forces 1925 - 2017
The Journal of Social Forces 1922 - 1925
Social Indicators Research 1974 - 2015
Social Issues in Israel / סוגיות חברתיות בישראל 2006 - 2015
Social Problems 1953 - 2017
Social Psychology Quarterly 1979 - 2018
Social Psychology 1978
Sociometry 1937 - 1977
Social Research 1934 - 2015
Social Science History 1976 - 2017
Social Science Quarterly 1968 - 2015
The Southwestern Social Science Quarterly 1931 - 1968
The Southwestern Political and Social Science Quarterly 1923 - 1931
The Southwestern Political Science Quarterly 1920 - 1923
Social Scientist 1972 - 2019
Social Thought & Research 1997 - 2017
Mid-American Review of Sociology 1976 - 1996
The Kansas Journal of Sociology 1964 - 1975
Society and Economy 2002 - 2015
Társadalom és gazdaság Közép- és Kelet-Európában / Society and Economy in Central and Eastern Europe 1994 - 2001
Aula 1990 - 1994
Egyetemi Szemle 1979 - 1986
Sociological Bulletin 1952 - 2017
Sociological Focus 1967 - 2013
The Ohio Valley Sociologist 1938 - 1966
The Ohio Sociologist 1927 - 1938
Sociological Forum 1986 - 2017
Sociological Methodology 1969 - 2018
Sociological Perspectives 1983 - 2017
The Pacific Sociological Review 1958 - 1982
The Sociological Quarterly 1960 - 2013
The Midwest Sociologist 1939 - 1959
Sociological Theory 1983 - 2018
Sociologický Časopis / Czech Sociological Review 1965 - 2017
Czech Sociological Review 1993 - 2001
Czechoslovak Sociological Review 1992
Sociologie du Travail 1981 - 2014
Sociologisk Forskning 1964 - 2017
Sociologus 1951 - 2017
Sociology 1967 - 2017
Sociology of Development 2015
Sociology of Education 1963 - 2018
The Journal of Educational Sociology 1927 - 1963
Sociology of Religion 1993 - 2015
Sociological Analysis 1964 - 1992
The American Catholic Sociological Review 1940 - 1963
Soziale Welt 1949 - 2015
Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men 2012 - 2021
State & Society / מדינה וחברה 2001 - 2011
Studi di Sociologia 1963 - 2017
Studies in Popular Culture 1977 - 2019
Symbolic Interaction 1977 - 2017
Teaching Sociology 1973 - 2018
Theory and Society 1974 - 2017
Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 1990 - 2017
Weather, Climate, and Society 2009 - 2018
Work, Employment & Society 1987 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Soziologie 1972 - 2014
22393 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1 Way 2 C The World: Writings 1984-2006 2009
10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 2013
100 Jahre Fachbereichstag Soziale Arbeit: Vergangenheit deuten, Gegenwart verstehen, Zukunft gestalten 2017
100 to Dinner: Better Cooking for camps, clubs, resorts, schools, institutions, industrial plants, offices, and public dining rooms 1960
100 Years of Permanent Revolution: Results and Prospects 2006
101 Best Australian Beaches 2012
101 reasons for a Citizen's Income: Arguments for giving everyone some money 2015
12 Tiny Things: Simple Ways to Live a More Intentional Life 2021
The 1.5 Generation: Becoming Korean American in Hawaii 2004
The 1870 Ghost Dance 2007
The 1926/27 Soviet Polar Census Expeditions 2011
1927 and the Rise of Modern America 2010
The 1929 Bunion Derby: Johnny Salo and the Great Footrace across America 2014
1960s Gay Pulp Fiction: The Misplaced Heritage 2013
1978-1979 guide to departments of sociology, anthropology, archaelogy in universities and museums in Canada / Annuaire 1978-1979 des départements de sociologie, d'anthropologie, d'archéologie des universités et des musées au Canada 1978
1981-1982 guide to departments of sociology, anthropology and archaeology in universities and museums in Canada / Annuaire 1981-1982 des départements de sociologie, d'anthropologie et d'archéologie des universités et des musées du Canada 1982
19S Nueva sacudida, nuevas interrogantes 2018
2020 (antes y después).: Persistencia de las desigualdades; fragilidad de las libertades. 2020
2020s Foresight: Three Vital Practices for Thriving in a Decade of Accelerating Change 2020
21 Lektionen für das 21. Jahrhundert 2018
{#289-128}: Poems 2020
3.11: Disaster and Change in Japan 2013
40 ideas para la práctica de la justicia restaurativa en la jurisdicción penal 2017
The 4-H Harvest: Sexuality and the State in Rural America 2016
The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking 2012
5 Grams: Crack Cocaine, Rap Music, and the War on Drugs 2012
50 Concepts for a Critical Phenomenology 2020
50 Jahre Grundgesetz und Schulverfassung. 2000
501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read before They Die 2013
7 Myths about Women and Work 2012
9 razones para des(confiar) de las luchas por los derechos humanos 2017
9/11 and the Visual Culture of Disaster 2015
The 9/11 Generation: Youth, Rights, and Solidarity in the War on Terror 2016
Aaron Henry of Mississippi: Inside Agitator 2015
Abandoned Families: Social Isolation in the Twenty-First Century 2017
Abandoned Tracks: The Underground Railroad in Washington County, Pennsylvania 2018
Abandoning the Black Hero: Sympathy and Privacy in the Postwar African American White-Life Novel 2013
ABC Sports: The Rise and Fall of Network Sports Television 2018
Abenaki basketry 1982
Abenaki Daring: The Life and Writings of Noel Annance, 1792-1869 2016
Abenteuer, Erlebnisse und die Pädagogik: Kulturkritische und modernisierungstheoretische Blicke auf die Erlebnispädagogik 2007
Abidjan USA: Music, Dance, and Mobility in the Lives of Four Ivorian Immigrants 2016
Abismos temporales: Feminismo, estéticas travestis y teoría queer 2018
Ableism in Academia: Theorising experiences of disabilities and chronic illnesses in higher education OPEN ACCESS 2020
Abnormality and Normality: The Mothering of Thalidomide Children 1972
The Abolition of Slavery in Ottoman Tunisia 2013
An Abolitionist Abroad: Sarah Parker Remond in Cosmopolitan Europe 2016
Abolitionist Geographies 2014
The Abolitionist Imagination 2012
The Abolitionist Sisterhood: Women's Political Culture in Antebellum America 1994
The Abolitionists and the South, 1831-1861 1995
Abolitionists Remember: Antislavery Autobiographies and the Unfinished Work of Emancipation 2008
Abolitions as a Global Experience 2016
Aboriginal Canada Revisited 2008
Aboriginal Music in Contemporary: Echoes and Exchanges 2012
Aboriginal People and Other Canadians: Shaping New Relationships 2001
Aboriginal Peoples and Government Responsibility: Exploring Federal and Provincial Roles 1995
Aboriginal Peoples and the Law 1985
Aboriginal Population Profiles for Development Planning in the Northern East Kimberley OPEN ACCESS 2004
Aboriginal Populations in the Mind: Race and Primitivity in Psychoanalysis 2003
Aboriginal Relationships between Culture and Plant Life in the Upper Great Lakes Region 1964
Aboriginal Rights and Self-Government: The Canadian and Mexican Experience in North American Perspective 2000
Abortion after Roe: Abortion after Legalization 2015
Abortion and Moral Theory 1981
Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood 1984
Abortion in Early Modern Italy 2021
Abortion in Post-revolutionary Tunisia: Politics, Medicine and Morality 2020
Abortion in the American Imagination: Before Life and Choice, 1880-1940 2014
Abortion Pills, Test Tube Babies, and Sex Toys: Emerging Sexual and Reproductive Technologies in the Middle East and North Africa 2016
Abortion wars: The fight for reproductive rights 2017
Aborto y la autonomía sexual de las mujeres 2018
About Faces: Physiognomy in Nineteenth-Century Britain 2010
About Three Bricks Shy: And The Load Filled Up 2004
Above the Death Pits, Beneath the Flag: Youth Voyages to Poland and the Performance of Israeli National Identity 2008
Abrazando el Espíritu: Bracero Families Confront the US-Mexico Border 2014
Abrégé sur les méthodes de recherche et la recherche expérimentale 2005
Abriendo caminos en la prospectiva para el desarrollo de América Latina 2020
Absent Citizens: Disability Politics and Policy in Canada 2009
Absent Mothers 2017
An Absent Presence: Japanese Americans in Postwar American Culture, 1945–1960 2001
Absentees: On Variously Missing Persons 2021
Absolute poverty in Europe: Interdisciplinary perspectives on a hidden phenomenon 2019
Abstinence Cinema: Virginity and the Rhetoric of Sexual Purity in Contemporary Film 2016
Abstractionist Aesthetics: Artistic Form and Social Critique in African American Culture 2015
Abundance and Resilience: Farming and Foraging in Ancient Kaua‘i 2015
Abundance: The Archaeology of Plenitude 2017
Abuse of the Elderly: Issues and Annotated Bibliography 1988
Abuses of the Erotic: Militarizing Sexuality in the Post-Cold War United States 2019
Abusing Religion: Literary Persecution, Sex Scandals, and American Minority Religions 2020
Abusive Endings: Separation and Divorce Violence against Women 2017
Abusive Policies: How the American Child Welfare System Lost Its Way 2020
Academia and the Luster of Capital 1993
Academias asediadas: convicciones y conveniencias ante la precarización OPEN ACCESS 2019
Academic and Entrepreneurial Research: Consequences of Diversity in Federal Evaluation Studies 1975
Academic Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family 2012
Academic Profiling: Latinos, Asian Americans, and the Achievement Gap 2013
An Academic Skating on Thin Ice 2008
Academics in Action!: A Model for Community-Engaged Research, Teaching, and Service 2016
Acadie de 1686 a 1784: Contexte d'une histoire 1997
Acaoohkiwina and Acimowina: Traditional narratives of the Rock Cree Indians 1989
Acaparamiento territorial: Impactos socioespaciales 2018
Accelerating Democracy: Transforming Governance Through Technology 2013
Acceptability and Use of Cereal-Based Foods in Refugee Camps 1998
Access to Health and Education Services in Ethiopia: Supply, Demand, and Government Policy 2001
Access to justice for disadvantaged communities 2014
Access to Power: Politics and the Urban Poor in Developing Nations 1979
Accessible Citizenships: Disability, Nation, and the Cultural Politics of Greater Mexico 2014
The Accidental Capitalist: A People's Story of the New China 2012
Accidental Feminism: Gender Parity and Selective Mobility among India???s Professional Elite 2021
Accidental Immigrants and the Search for Home: Women, Cultural Identity, and Community 2013
The Accidental Slaveowner: Revisiting a Myth of Race and Finding an American Family 2011
The Accidental Teacher: Life Lessons from My Silent Son 2009
Accidental Wilderness: The Origins and Ecology of Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park 2020
Acción colectiva. gestión territorial y gobernanza democrática en Bogotá 2015
Acción colectiva, vida cotidiana y democracia OPEN ACCESS 1999
Acción colectiva y redes transnacionales: La lucha por los derechos humanos del movimiento afrocolombiano 2002-2010 2019
Acción, ética, política: Nuevos parámetros de reflexión en las ciencias sociales 2014
Acción para la conciencia colectiva: La defensa de los derechos humanos y las luchas por la configuración de la justicia en Colombia, 1970-1991 2021
The Accokeek Creek Site: A Middle Atlantic Seaboard Culture Sequence 1963
The Accommodated Jew: English Antisemitism from Bede to Milton 2016
Accompagner le projet de formation pratique en travail social: Complexité - enjeux - défis 2017
Accompagner les ados à l’ère du numérique 2019
According to Our Hearts: Rhinelander v. Rhinelander and the Law of the Multiracial Family 2013
Accountability for Criminal Justice: Selected Essays 1995
Accountable Aid: Local Participation in Major Projects 1998
Accounting for Tastes 1996
Accounts of China and India 2017
Accumulating Insecurity: Violence and Dispossession in the Making of Everyday Life 2011
Achievement-Related Motives in Children 1959
Achieving Access: Professional Movements and the Politics of Health Universalism 2017
Achieving an AIDS Transition: Preventing Infections to Sustain Treatment 2011
Achieving Anew: How New Immigrants Do in American Schools, Jobs, and Neighborhoods 2009
Achieving Blackness: Race, Black Nationalism, and Afrocentrism in the Twentieth Century 2006
Achieving Implementation and Exchange: The science of delivering evidence based practices to at-risk youth 2019
Achieving Permanence for Older Children and Youth in Foster Care 2009
Achieving Procreation: Childlessness and IVF in Turkey 2015
Acid Hype: American News Media and the Psychedelic Experience 2015
Acompañamiento de jóvenes ante situaciones de riesgo: Manual para profesores 2016
Acordeones, cumbiamba y vallenato en el Magdalena Grande: Una historia cultural, económica y política, 1870 - 1960 2018
Acoso escolar y habilidades sociales. 2018
Acoso laboral o mobbing 2018
Acoustic Properties: Radio, Narrative, and the New Neighborhood of the Americas 2017
Acquisition and Loss of Nationality|Volume 1: Comparative Analyses: Policies and Trends in 15 European Countries OPEN ACCESS 2006
Acquisition and Loss of Nationality|Volume 2: Country Analyses: Policies and Trends in 15 European Countries OPEN ACCESS 2006
A.C.R. Grønland 2009
Across a Great Divide: Continuity and Change in Native North American Societies, 1400-1900 2010
Across Generations: Immigrant Families in America 2009
Across Oceans of Law: The Komagata Maru and Jurisdiction in the Time of Empire 2018
Across The Red Line: Stories From The Surgical Life 2002
Across the Waves: How the United States and France Shaped the International Age of Radio 2017
Act of Justice: Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the Law of War 2007
The Act of Living: Street Life, Marginality, and Development in Urban Ethiopia 2019
Acting 2015
Active ageing: Voluntary work by older people in Europe OPEN ACCESS 2014
Active Social Capital: Tracing the Roots of Development and Democracy 2002
Activism and the Olympics: Dissent at the Games in Vancouver and London 2014
Activismo burocrático: La construcción cotidiana del principio de legalidad 2015
Activismo de datos y cambio social: Alianzas, mapas, plataformas y acción para un mundo mejor 2020
Activist Archives: Youth Culture and the Political Past in Indonesia 2016
Activist Faith: Grassroots Women in Democratic Brazil and Chile 2005
Activist Leaders of San José: En sus propias voces 2020
Activists and the Surveillance State: Learning from Repression 2019
Activist's Handbook: Winning Social Change in the 21st Century 2013
Actores no estatales y responsabilidad internacional del Estado 2016
Acts of Authority/Acts of Resistance: Theater and Politics in Colonial and Postcolonial India 2004
Acts of Compassion: Caring for Others and Helping Ourselves 1991
Acts of Conspicuous Compassion: Performance Culture and American Charity Practices 2013
Acts of Gaiety: LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure 2012
Adaptation in the Age of Media Convergence 2019
Addicted to Profit: Reclaiming Our Lives from the Free Market 2012
Addicted to Rehab: Race, Gender, and Drugs in the Era of Mass Incarceration 2017
Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas 2012
Addiction: Entries and Exits 1999
Additive Schooling in Subtractive Times: Bilingual Education and Dominican Immigrant Youth in the Heights 2011
Addressing Cultural Complexities in Practice: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Therapy 2016
Addressing Rape Reform in Law and Practice 2009
Addressing the Letter: Italian Women Writers' Epistolary 2010
Adelaide 2011
Adiós Niño: The Gangs of Guatemala City and the Politics of Death 2013
Adios to Tears: The Memoirs of a Japanese-Peruvian Internee in U.S. Concentration Camps 2000
Adjusting the contrast: British television and constructs of race 2017
Adjusting the Lens: Community and Collaborative Video in Mexico 2017
Administraciones públicas: vías de hecho y violación de Derechos Fundamentales 2016
Administrando justicia al margen del Estado: las rondas campesinas de Cajamarca 2013
The Administration of Rural Production in an Early Mesopotamian Town 1969
Administrative Burden: Policymaking by Other Means 2018
Administrative Justice: Advocacy and Change in a Government Agency 1969
Adolescence and Youth in Early Modern England 1994
Adolescencias, recorridos y contextos: Una historia de sus concepciones psicoanalíticas 2015
Adolescente. Libre, pero nunca solo 2019
Adolescentes anorexiques: Plaidoyer pour une approche clinique humaine 2011
Adolescents in Public Housing: Addressing Psychological and Behavioral Health 2015
Adolescent-to-parent abuse: Current understandings in research, policy and practice 2013
Adolph Rupp and the Rise of Kentucky Basketball 2019
Adophobie: Le piège des images 2016
Adoption from Care: International Perspectives on Children’s Rights, Family Preservation and State Intervention OPEN ACCESS 2021
Adoption, Identity, and Kinship: The Debate over Sealed Birth Records 1997
Adoption in America: Historical Perspectives 2002
Adoptive Migration: Raising Latinos in Spain 2013
Adorno and Democracy: The American Years 2016
Adrián Lajous Martínez.: Desarrollo, deuda y comercio: un testimonio histórico sobre la crisis económica mexicana y el ajuste, 1983-1993 2013
Adult Literacy: A handbook for development workers 1995
Adult lives: A life course perspective 2012
Adult Supervision Required: Private Freedom and Public Constraints for Parents and Children 2011
Adults Newly Exposed to "Know the Signs" Campaign Report Greater Gains in Confidence to Intervene with Those Who Might Be at Risk for Suicide Than Those Unexposed to the Campaign OPEN ACCESS 2015
Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice: Relational Principles and Techniques 2009
Advanced Reader of Contemporary Chinese Short Stories: Reflections on Humanity 2003
Advances in Titicaca Basin Archaeology–III 2012
Advancing Democracy: African Americans and the Struggle for Access and Equity in Higher Education in Texas 2004
Advancing Equity Planning Now OPEN ACCESS 2018
Advancing Refugee Protection in South Africa 2011
Adventures in Aidland: The Anthropology of Professionals in International Development 2011
Adventures in Eating: Anthropological Experiences in Dining from Around the World 2010
Adventures in Paranormal Investigation 2007
The Adventures of Eddie Fung: Chinatown Kid, Texas Cowboy, Prisoner of War 2007
Adverse Events: Race, Inequality, and the Testing of New Pharmaceuticals 2020
Advice and Consent: The Development of the Policy Sciences 1988
Advocating for Children in Foster and Kinship Care: A Guide to Getting the Best out of the System for Caregivers and Practitioners 2010
Aesop's Fables: With a Life of Aesop 1993
Aesthetic Nervousness: Disability and the Crisis of Representation 2007
The Aesthetic of Play 2015
The Aesthetics of Survival: A Composer's View of Twentieth-Century Music 2004
The Aesthetics of the Greek Banquet: Images of Wine and Ritual 1990
Affect and Power: Essays on Sex, Slavery, Race, and Religion 2005
The Affect of Difference: Representations of Race in East Asian Empire 2016
Affective Ecocriticism: Emotion, Embodiment, Environment 2018
The Affective Turn: Theorizing the Social 2007
The Affinity of the Eye: Writing Nikkei in Peru 2013
Affirmative Action and Minority Enrollments in Medical and Law Schools 1998
The Affirmative Action Empire: Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939 2001
Affirmative Action in Medicine: Improving Health Care for Everyone 2003
Affluence and Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America 2012
Affluence and the French Worker in the Fourth Republic 1967
Afghanistan Declassified: A Guide to America's Longest War 2012
Afghanistan Remembers: Gendered Narrations of Violence and Culinary Practices 2014
Afghanistan's Endless War: State Failure, Regional Politics, and the Rise of the Taliban 2001
Africa after Apartheid: South Africa, Race, and Nation in Tanzania 2012
Africa and France: Postcolonial Cultures, Migration, and Racism 2013
Africa and the Challenges of the Twenty-first Century: Keynote Addresses delivered at the 13th General Assembly of CODESRIA 2015
Africa and the Disruptions of the Twenty-first Century 2021
Africa at a Crossroads: Future Prospects for Africa after 50 Years of the Organisation of African Unity/African Union 2018
Africa at the Crossroads: Theorising Fundamentalisms in the 21st Century 2017
Africa: Beyond Recovery 2015
África, Iberoamérica y Europa: Intercambios culturales desde una perspectiva multidisciplinar 2021
Africa in the American Imagination: Popular Culture, Radicalized Identities, and African Visual Culture 2012
África: inventando el futuro OPEN ACCESS 1992
Africa Must Be Modern: A Manifesto 2014
África: Perspectivas sobre su cultura e historia. Tomo 1 OPEN ACCESS 2009
África: Perspectivas sobre su cultura e historia. Tomo 2 OPEN ACCESS 2009
Africa Reunite or Perish 2015
Africa Speaks, America Answers: Modern Jazz in Revolutionary Times 2012
Africa Through Structuration Theory: Outline of the FS (Fear and Self-scrutiny) Methodology of Ubuntu 2016
African American Arts: Activism, Aesthetics, and Futurity 2020
African American Children and Families in Child Welfare: Cultural Adaptation of Services 2013
African American Environmental Thought: Foundations 2007
The African American Experience in Cyberspace: A Resource Guide to the Best Web Sites on Black Culture and History 2004
African American Females: Addressing Challenges and Nurturing the Future 2013
African American Fraternities and Sororities: The Legacy and the Vision 2012
African American Fraternities and Sororities: The Legacy and the Vision 2005
African American Jeremiad Rev: Appeals For Justice In America 2005
African American Legislators in the American States 2001
African American Life in the Georgia Lowcountry: The Atlantic World and the Gullah Geechee 2010
African American Officers in Liberia: A Pestiferous Rotation, 1910–1942 2018
African American Perspectives on Political Science 2007
African American Pioneers of Sociology: A Critical History 2009
African American Preachers and Politics: The Careys of Chicago 2010
African American Religion and the Civil Rights Movement in Arkansas 2003
The African American Roots of Modernism: From Reconstruction to the Harlem Renaissance 2011
African & American: West Africans in Post-Civil Rights America 2014
African Americans and Africa: A New History 2019
African Americans in U.S. Foreign Policy: From the Era of Frederick Douglass to the Age of Obama 2015
African Americans in White Suburbia: Social Networks and Political Behavior 2017
African Americans on the Great Plains: An Anthology 2009
African Appropriations: Cultural Difference, Mimesis, and Media 2015
The African Burial Ground in New York City: Memory, Spirituality, and Space 2015
The African Canadian Legal Odyssey: Historical Essays 2012
African Cherokees in Indian Territory: From Chattel to Citizens 2008
The African Colonial State in Comparative Perspective 1994
The African Conundrum: Rethinking the Trajectories of Historical, Cultural, Philosophical and Developmental Experiences of Africa 2017
The African Diaspora: A History Through Culture 2009
The African Diaspora in Canada: Negotiating Identity and Belonging 2005
African Dominion: A New History of Empire in Early and Medieval West Africa 2018
African Feminism: The Politics of Survival in Sub-Saharan Africa 1997
African Film and Literature: Adapting Violence to the Screen 2009
The African Food System and Its Interactions with Human Health and Nutrition 2010
African Hosts and their Guests: Cultural Dynamics of Tourism 2012
African Intimacies: Race, Homosexuality, and Globalization 2007
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Afrotopia 2019
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Against Security: How We Go Wrong at Airports, Subways, and Other Sites of Ambiguous Danger 2012
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Aging Across the United States: Matching Needs to States’ Differing Opportunities and Services 2010
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Babel of the Atlantic 2019
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Back to the Dance Itself: Phenomenologies of the Body in Performance 2018
Back Yonder: An Ozark Chronicle 2016
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Bail support schemes for adults 2011
BAILARINES EN EL DESIERTO: Tres sociedades de bailes 2018
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Baking Powder Wars: The Cutthroat Food Fight that Revolutionized Cooking 2017
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Balancing the Tides: Marine Practices in American Sāmoa OPEN ACCESS 2020
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Balkan Village 1949
Ball Hawks: The Arrival and Departure of the NBA in Iowa 2018
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Ballad of the Bullet: Gangs, Drill Music, and the Power of Online Infamy 2020
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Baltimore Sports: Stories from Charm City 2016
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Bandage, Sort, and Hustle: Ambulance Crews on the Front Lines of Urban Suffering 2020
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Banished to the Great Northern Wilderness: Political Exile and Re-education in Mao’s China 2017
Banished to the Homeland: Dominican Deportees and Their Stories of Exile 2011
The Bank War and the Partisan Press: Newspapers, Financial Institutions, and the Post Office in Jacksonian America 2019
Banking on Freedom: Black Women in U.S. Finance Before the New Deal 2019
Banking on the Body: The Market in Blood, Milk, and Sperm in Modern America 2014
The Banks Did It: An Anatomy of the Financial Crisis 2021
Banned in Berlin: Literary Censorship in Imperial Germany, 1871-1918 2009
The Banquet: Dining in the Great Courts of Late Renaissance Europe 2007
Bans, Walls, Raids, Sanctuary: Understanding U.S. Immigration for the Twenty-First Century 2020
The Banshees: A Literary History of Irish American Women Writers 2013
Baptized in PCBs: Race, Pollution, and Justice in an All-American Town 2014
Baptized in Tear Gas: From White Moderate to Abolitionist 2021
Bar Mitzvah, a History 2014
Bar Yarns and Manic-Depressive Mixtapes: Jim Walsh on Music from Minneapolis to the Outer Limits 2016
Barack Obama's America: How New Conceptions of Race, Family, and Religion Ended the Reagan Era OPEN ACCESS 2009
Barbaric Civilization: A Critical Sociology of Genocide 2011
The Barbershop Singer: Inside the Social World of a Musical Hobby 1996
Barbershops, Bibles, and BET: Everyday Talk and Black Political Thought 2004
Bargaining for Women's Rights: Activism in an Aspiring Muslim Democracy 2015
Bargaining with the Machine: Technology, Surveillence, and the Social Contract 2020
Baring Witness: 36 Mormon Women Talk Candidly about Love, Sex, and Marriage 2016
Barney Frank: The Story of America's Only LeftHanded, Gay, Jewish Congressman 2009
Barolo and Barbaresco: The King and Queen of Italian Wine 2014
The Barren Sacrifice: An Essay on Political Violence 2015
Barriers to Reentry?: The Labor Market for Released Prisoners in Post-Industrial America 2007
Barrio Dreams: Puerto Ricans, Latinos, and the Neoliberal City 2004
Barrios to Burbs: The Making of the Mexican American Middle Class 2012
Baseball: A History of America's Game 2018
Baseball Beyond Our Borders: An International Pastime 2017
Baseball on the Border: A Tale of Two Laredos 1997
Baseball without Borders: The International Pastime 2006
Baseball's All-Time Best Sluggers: Adjusted Batting Performance from Strikeouts to Home Runs 2005
Baseball's Greatest Series: Yankees, Mariners, and the 1995 Matchup That Changed History 2010
Baseball's Pivotal Era, 1945-1951 1999
Baseball's Power Shift: How the Players Union, the Fans, and the Media Changed American Sports Culture 2016
Bases de entrenamiento deportivo para adultos mayores: procedimientos de evaluación 2018
Basic Issues in Coordinating Family and Child Welfare Programs 1964
Basic K'ichee' Grammar: 38 Lessons, Revised Edition 2017
Basic Neuroanatomy 1961
Basic Pirqe Avoth: A philological commentary 1968
Basket Weavers for the California Curio Trade: Elizabeth and Louise Hickox 1997
A basketful of Indian culture change 1975
Bastard or Playmate?: Adapting Theatre, Mutating Media and Contemporary Performing Arts OPEN ACCESS 2012
Bathroom Battlegrounds: How Public Restrooms Shape the Gender Order 2020
Battering States: The Politics of Domestic Violence in Israel 2017
Battle Cries: Black Women and Intimate Partner Abuse 2008
The Battle for Paradise: Surfing, Tuna, and One Town's Quest to Save a Wave 2015
The Battle for Yellowstone: Morality and the Sacred Roots of Environmental Conflict 2015
The battle of Britishness: Migrant journeys, 1685 to the present 2012
The Battle over Marriage: Gay Rights Activism through the Media 2013
Battling Siki: A Tale of Ring Fixes, Race, and Murder in the 1920s 2006
Battling the Plantation Mentality: Memphis and the Black Freedom Struggle 2007
Bauhaus Weaving Theory: From Feminine Craft to Mode of Design 2014
Bauman and contemporary sociology: A critical analysis 2017
Bauman, Elias and Latour on Modernity and Its Alternatives: Three Contemporary Sociological Theorists on Modernity and Other Options 2020
Be a Good Soldier: Children's Grief in English Modernist Novels 2011
Be Not Deceived: The Sacred and Sexual Struggles of Gay and Ex-gay Christian Men 2006
Be Opened! The Catholic Church and Deaf Culture 2021
Beads of life: Eastern and Southern African beadwork from Canadian collections 2005
Bear Island: The War at Sugar Point 2002
Bear Lake Athapaskan kinship and task group formation 1984
Bearing the Weight of the World: Exploring Maternal Embodiment 2018
Bearing Witness: Memories of Arkansas Slavery 2003
Bearing Witness: Women and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa 2003
Beasley's Guide to Library Research 2000
Beastly Possessions: Animals in Victorian Consumer Culture 2015
Beasts and Beauties: Animals, Gender, and Domestication in the Italian Renaissance 2010
Beasts of the Deep: Sea Creatures and Popular Culture 2018
The Beat: Go-Go Music from Washington, D.C. 2009
Beating Hearts: Abortion and Animal Rights 2016
The Beatles: Image and the Media 2007
Beau Sauvage et autres contes de la Mauricie 1990
Beautiful Circuits: Modernism and the Mediated Life 2010
The Beautiful Country: Tourism and the Impossible State of Destination Italy 2015
Beautiful Rising: Creative Resistance From The Global South 2017
A Beautiful Sickness: Reflections on the Sweet Science 2001
Beautiful Terrible Ruins: Detroit and the Anxiety of Decline 2015
Beautiful Wasteland: The Rise of Detroit as America's Postindustrial Frontier 2016
Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West 2017
The Beauty and the Book: Women and Fiction in Nineteenth-Century China 2006
Beauty Is the Beast: Appearance-Impaired Children in America 1990
The Beauty of Birds: From "Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience": From "Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience" 2009
Beauty without the Breast 2012
Beautyscapes: Mapping cosmetic surgery tourism 2019
Beauvoir and Her Sisters: The Politics of Women's Bodies in France 2011
Beaver Bites Back? 1993
Becoming a Calm Mom: How to Manage Stress and Enjoy the First Year of Motherhood 2009
Becoming a Mighty Voice 1989
Becoming African Americans: Black Public Life in Harlem, 1919–1939 2009
Becoming American Becoming Ethnic 1996
Becoming American, Being Indian: An Immigrant Community in New York City 2002
Becoming American?: The Art and Identity Crisis of Yasuo Kuniyoshi 2011
Becoming – An Anthropological Approach to Understandings of the Person in Java 2012
Becoming Arab in London: Performativity and the Undoing of Identity 2015
Becoming Better Muslims: Religious Authority and Ethical Improvement in Aceh, Indonesia 2018
Becoming Big League: Seattle, the Pilots, and Stadium Politics 2013
Becoming Black Political Subjects: Movements and Ethno-Racial Rights in Colombia and Brazil 2016
Becoming Bourgeois: Love, Kinship, and Power in Provincial France, 1670–1880 2015
Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children 2016
Becoming Brothertown: Native American Ethnogenesis and Endurance in the Modern World 2013
Becoming Citizens: The Emergence and Development of the California Women's Movement, 1880-1911 2000
Becoming Creole: Nature and Race in Belize 2019
Becoming Dr. Q: My Journey from Migrant Farm Worker to Brain Surgeon 2011
Becoming Hopi: A History 2021
Becoming Human Again: An Oral History of the Rwanda Genocide against the Tutsi 2020
Becoming Human: The Matter of the Medieval Child 2014
Becoming Israeli: National Ideals and Everyday Life in the 1950s 2014
Becoming King: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Making of a National Leader 2008
Becoming Mary Sully: Toward an American Indian Abstract 2019
Becoming Melungeon: Making an Ethnic Identity in the Appalachian South 2013
Becoming Mexipino: Multiethnic Identities and Communities in San Diego 2012
Becoming New Yorkers: Ethnographies of the New Second Generation 2004
Becoming Rasta: Origins of Rastafari Identity in Jamaica 2009
Becoming Refugee American: The Politics of Rescue in Little Saigon 2017
Becoming Right: How Campuses Shape Young Conservatives 2013
Becoming Rwandan: Education, Reconciliation, and the Making of a Post-Genocide Citizen 2020
Becoming the News: How Ordinary People Respond to the Media Spotlight 2018
Becoming the Second City: Chicago's Mass News Media, 1833-1898 2010
Becoming Transnational Youth Workers: Independent Mexican Teenage Migrants and Pathways of Survival and Social Mobility 2019
Becoming Villagers: Comparing Early Village Societies 2010
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